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Black and white cat came to the house

White cat came to the house

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Dream interpretation. Cat

White cat in a dream. a sign that a close friend will change.

If you dreamed about a black cat, a woman will betray you.

Seeing a cat fight in a dream. warning of a possible night robbery.

If you saw your wife’s transformation into a cat in a dream, the dream warns you about her frivolous behavior.

Dream interpretation. Cats

These cute animals do not dream well. They are. harbingers of deception and betrayal.

If a girl dreamed of a cat. it means that her chosen one is cunning and unreliable.

A cat or a cat, dreamed of by a young man, will also not bring him happiness. The girl he loves will become a real shrew in the future and will not bring him to good.

It is bad when cats come to a merchant in a dream. it means that his servants are worthless, they are deceitful and stealing.

You can also use a combined dream book.

A large family is promised to you by a dream about a feline family. But at the same time your life will be empty and vain.

A dream in which you kill a cat means that soon you will reveal the nefarious designs of your enemies.

Dream interpretation. Cats

Saw a cat in a dream and did not drive it away. expect trouble.

If the cat rushed at you and scratched you, enemies will appear who will do anything to denigrate your name, to deprive you of your property. But if you chased the cat away, you will overcome all obstacles.

A skinny, pitiful and dirty cat dreams of bad news: one of your friends will get sick. I managed to drive the cat away. my friend will recover.

The screeching and meowing of cats means that your false friend is doing everything to harm you.

If a young woman sees in a dream that she is holding a cat or kitten in her arms, then she will be involved in some unseemly deeds.

A pure white cat portends confusion and uncertainty.

Have you ever had prophetic dreams?


An animal that came along with the fall protects from negative surroundings and bad thoughts. It carries the need for cleansing, getting rid of unnecessary things and bad mood.


Means the approach of happiness and good luck, as well as unexpected profits. White color has a beneficial effect on health, red. brings prosperity to the family, black. scares away evil spirits.

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Deceased (comes in a dream)

If you dreamed of a living dead cat, according to the dream book, a person who causes psychological discomfort will leave this life. Also, a dream can be a signal of impending danger, a warning from a pet.

The meaning of the color of the coat

The color of a stray cat is of fundamental importance and carries information about the purpose of its appearance.


In the midst of spring, the cat will give you fresh strength and energy. The animal promises success in work and study to a person who lets him into the house, an active lifestyle will bring career and relationships to a new level.

The guest takes care of the welfare, warns of possible theft or robbery, protects against rash spending and unsuccessful investments.

The cat helps to relax mentally and physically, to restore strength, braves unpleasant people.

Appearing at the height of summer, the tramp brings comfort to life and to the apartment, has a beneficial effect on the energy of things, heals the body and soul of the new owners.

Unfavorable signs

The cat is able to warn about tragic events. A cat lying on the dining table foreshadows an imminent funeral. The pet rolls under the table, does not leave a single step from the sick owner, or has completely left. the person is destined to die in the near future. If a cat that comes to the house dies in it. signs speak of an impending disaster.


The cat protects the family from danger, warns of the need to revise the immediate environment.

Interpretation by month

Trying to understand what a cat that comes to a house or yard promises, you should pay attention to the month in which the guest came.

What does omen mean

A strayed cat in all cases without exception, according to the beliefs of many peoples, is considered a positive sign.

Someone else’s cat came into the house: what does this sign mean for household members

Having found an unfamiliar cat in your house, you should not rush to chase it away: according to the omen, such an unexpected guest comes not just like that, but certainly to help the owner.

Black and White cat Came to the house

In a house where someone is sick, a cat comes to help him.

However, it is also worth doing with the animal accordingly. feeding and sheltering. In this case, this sign speaks of a quick recovery of the patient.

In the beliefs of the eastern peoples, in particular, India, an unfamiliar cat that comes to the house portends a wedding or an imminent replenishment in the family.

If a cat comes to a house where someone has recently died, it is believed that in this way the soul of the deceased reminds of itself. If you shelter a fluffy animal, it will bring consolation to relatives, relieve them of sadness and longing for the deceased person.

A cat that comes to the house is able to save the owner of the house from troubles that could happen to him in the near future. Chasing a cat out of his home, the owner is able to incur the trouble hanging over him.

A cat, as a rule, chooses its own owner: it is he who will change for the better in the near future.

The animal brings good luck and STIHL to its new home.

Cats are not only very good at feeling negative energy, but also able to get rid of it. Therefore, it is highly likely that the animal came with a specific purpose. to clean the house of negativity.

How cat color affects

Particular attention should be paid to the color of the purr nailed to the threshold. By the color of the animal, you can say for sure what awaits the owner of the dwelling.

The black cat is especially closely associated with occult forces, so it will protect people in their home from the evil eye and damage, ward off misfortunes, and also endow them with wisdom and prudence when solving everyday problems. In addition, a black cat is able to bring good luck in his endeavors to his master, at an energetic level, help him in the fulfillment of plans and find success in financial affairs.

A ginger cat will bring a sunny mood and good luck in financial matters to your home. Such a guest is considered a particularly good sign for a man living in this house. It is believed that a ginger cat is able to protect a home from the arrival of robbers.

A white cat has the ability to heal its owners from ailments: if an animal of this color comes into the house, this will positively affect the well-being of its inhabitants, help maintain health and recover faster in case of illness.

The gray color of the strayed animal indicates that STIHL and harmony in relationships, a cozy family atmosphere await the inhabitants of the house.

A tricolor cat will bring happiness to the house, and luck will await the owner in all areas, from family to material well-being.

Amazing abilities of cats

Man has the most accurate forecasters of earthquakes and other natural disasters. It has long been noticed that a cat has a presentiment of an impending disaster, be it a volcanic eruption, a tsunami or tremors. With such a threat, the animal’s behavior changes dramatically. The cat begins to rush, meow, if she has a kitten, then she tries to hide it, and, if possible, leaves herself. When the trouble passes, the beast comes home again, even if it walks for several months. This feature of animals is well known and appreciated in earthquake-prone places where people live. In Japan, a cat is often kept at home in order to be aware of the threat of an earthquake in time. In general, the animal world signals trouble not only through cats. Today they talk a lot about the energy that surrounds a person.

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The black cat has a special gift in this regard. It is believed that she senses negative bioenergetic fields and is able to neutralize them. So, if the owner is sick, then the cat can come and lie on the sore spot, alleviating the suffering of the person.

In general, a cat or a cat lays down only in areas with negative energy, taking it over. If a cat lays down next to a sick person, be sure that she will take over his illness. Everyone knows they have the power of healing. You have probably noticed that these animals are drawn to the sore spot, as if they are trying to warm it, and, as surprising as it may be, it actually works.

Let’s talk about color

A cat came into the house. a good sign. Its value can be specified by the color of the coat. It is believed that a red color promises wealth and prosperity, a white cat brings good luck, a black cat will protect you from thieves and give you health, but, if a tricolor cat lives in your home, happiness is guaranteed in it.

However, in different countries and among different peoples, opinions on this issue differ. Sometimes, a white cat is considered a herald of misfortune, but there is no need to talk about blacks. Below we will figure out how color is most often interpreted.

  • Black is associated with witchcraft, with occult powers, with protection. If we discard all superstitions, then with full confidence it can be argued that it is such animals that rid all household members of the negativity in the house, giving them wisdom, as well as giving them insight. It is a well-known fact that the British, for example, idolize this animal: if a black cat is in their house, it is considered a great joy. It is important to remember that if a stranger cat from the street has come to your house already “in position”, you need to keep only a black kitten, and it is advisable to give the rest to other people. Someone else’s cat can become your real friend later.
  • If ginger cats and cats have appeared in your house, remember that their energy is exclusively masculine, they are awarded with Solar power. You are lucky if you are the owner of such a cat, because he will bring prosperity and prosperity to the house.
  • But gray cats. they are gentle by nature and will give you only joy and good luck. In Thailand, there is even a special tradition. such kittens are presented as a gift to brides for a wedding, as a symbol of great love and tenderness.
  • Rejoice if at the moment when someone is sick in your house, a white cat wanders into you, because such representatives have incredible healing power. If you do not have enough energy or want to relieve tension, just put such a pussy next to it. it will provide you with a good mood. Americans are sure that this is the kindest sign if such a “beauty” entered the house.
  • A tricolor cat will bring you real happiness, there is no need to doubt it. In addition, such representatives are also considered excellent hunters, and therefore your house will be in “reliable paws”.

The experience of the old days

If this happened in Egypt during the time of the pharaohs, the owner would have decided that it was a blessing of the gods. If a cat or a cat came to the house, they were greeted with honor. The same honors awaited such guests in ancient Greece. The Romans considered cats to be a symbol of freedom. A white cat came. the helper of the gods came, the Celts thought.

In Russia, the signs associated with such guests made a good sense. If the cat comes into the house, expect good luck, happy news, profit. Opinions differed only regarding blacks in color. There was a belief: if a cat came in a black suit, expect trouble. However, in other places it was believed that he was protecting the house from thieves.

There are many signs and beliefs about the visit of cats. In order not to discourage good luck and prosperity, never kick out a cat that itself came to your house. The most correct decision is to shelter the animal, feed it, caress it, and gratitude will not be long in coming. “I am welcome here and I will stay for a couple of months, or maybe more”. the guest decides.

Why does a cat come to the house

The modern world is drowning in the novelties of technical progress, in a hurry, not noticing the change of seasons. Space is getting closer and more understandable, relationships are becoming more pragmatic, friendship and letters are becoming more virtual. The news that a cat has come into the house can take you by surprise. What our ancestors connected with this incident?

Recognizing guest behavior

If a stray cat appears in the apartment, you should monitor its behavior. There are signs about where he will lie down, about whom he will fondle, purr or “wash” guests. If there is a replenishment in the family and the cat rubs against the legs of the pregnant woman, then this suggests that she will soon give birth. If the cat came on the eve of the wedding, and even sneezed near the bride, this means that the union will be happy. Signs of cats sleeping on the table warn that the family will soon bury the deceased.

The cat loves the house, his arrival means that he made a choice of his own. Perhaps you are lucky, he came to improve the energy and it means that everything will work out, so the mustachioed striped man who left home is a very bad folk omen. Most likely, some kind of evil force threatens the person. The guest has black or tricolor wool. it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that he likes your life.

Sign “The cat came to the house

What to do if a tailed fluffy suddenly appears on your doorstep? Most people immediately feel that if a cat comes into the house, then this is a great omen. And they are right!

It is believed that if a cat comes to you of its own free will, it will soon bring happiness, prosperity and prosperity to your home. Special luck awaits you if it is a black or tricolor cat.

If a cat has wandered over to you, wait for a profit or even replenishment in the family, an early pregnancy is possible.

Sometimes a cat appears if some life ordeal awaits you. In this case, the cat is able to ward off negativity from you. Unfortunately, sometimes she does it at the cost of her own life. Why this happens is unknown, but the ability of cats to neutralize bad energy, remove spoilage and the evil eye from people is truly amazing. Sometimes after a cat that has come to your house fulfills its “mission”, it simply leaves without being noticed where it is. Also, the cat can leave, taking troubles away from your home. Do not forget to thank her after leaving your heart.!

Of course, many people are not at all happy if an animal comes to their house. And there can be many good reasons for this. But you shouldn’t kick the cat out of the house, especially if she is pregnant. Open the door, let her leave on her own. It is also recommended to do, for example, with a bird that has flown through the window. If the cat does not want to leave, listen to your intuition. maybe you should still leave her? After all, many people from their own experience were convinced of the meaning of this good omen.

Interpretation by month

In addition to the color of the cat, you need to pay attention to the season, as well as the month when the intruder visited you. The meaning of the four-legged visit is broken down by month.

  • January: At this time, they come to lonely people who need warmth and care, but they do not notice this, immersed in themselves. If someone else’s cat came to you in cold January, it’s time to call old friends and make an appointment. Do not forget to save the traveler from the cold by sheltering.
  • February: The visit heralds imminent change. Cats, and especially kittens, bring them into your life as early as possible at this time. Soon you will change your image, make a rearrangement or go on an unplanned trip.
  • March: This month, March cats come along with whirlwind romances to all lonely people. If the four-legged came to visit you in the first month of spring, the relationship is inevitable. Such a guest can bring passion and new colors to an existing relationship.
  • April: the cat that came in April is full of strength and energy, so he will nourish you with his vitality, inspire you to new achievements and successes. Despite the possible difficulties, vigorous activity will certainly bring good luck.
  • May: this month, cats are the guardians of your financial condition. Their appearance indicates a loss of money, theft, an unsuccessful contract, a scam.
  • June: the appearance of someone else’s cat at this time indicates the need for rest after a difficult school, working year. Fluffy will help to restore physical and moral strength, and in addition to this, it will relieve you of the acquaintances that weigh you down.
  • July: according to the sign, July cats are a medicine for the soul. Depression, illness will disappear with the advent of the four-legged. The kittens that came to you in July will favorably affect the energy of your things, create comfort in your home.
  • August: the cat that nailed to you at the end of summer will protect you from unclean forces, save your family from possible bad weather, preserve the atmosphere of comfort and well-being.
  • September: the cat that came at the beginning of autumn will be your protector not only from the negative environment, but also from yourself (fluffy will help drive away bad thoughts, self-doubt, stiffness, add courage). The arrival of such a guest speaks of the need to cleanse your home of unnecessary things, and consciousness. from the thoughts that burden you.
  • October: a kitten or cat that came with the onset of the first cold weather wants to save your family from danger. The appearance of a stranger speaks of the need to reconsider your immediate environment, to determine who values ​​you and who uses you for personal, selfish purposes. It is better to postpone making important financial decisions (signing a contract, applying for a loan, changing jobs) to another month.
  • November: Pay attention to your significant other. The appearance of a cat speaks of possible difficulties in your personal life, try to devote more time to your partner in order to secure your relationship.
  • December: Pay attention to your relatives. They are in danger from the authorities or all kinds of groups.
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In January, cats come to lonely people

Sign value depending on color

In order to more accurately interpret the reason for the arrival of the cat, it is important to pay attention to the color of its coat. It has long been believed that each color has a certain energy: positive or negative.

  • The black. All dark colors, and especially black, are directly related to occult forces, protection. Putting aside various superstitions, it is worth noting that black cats protect their owners from negativity, endow them with wisdom and attentiveness to important trifles. The British are sure that the presence of such an animal in the house is Honor and luxury. If a black pregnant cat has nailed to your doorstep, leave one kitten of the same color, and give the rest to good hands.
  • Red-haired cats carry male energy, so a casual acquaintance with a red-haired cat can bring you prosperity and material prosperity. The color of the four-legged symbolizes imminent changes for the better.
  • Gray fur symbolizes joy, good luck, harmony with your inner world. In Thailand, there is an ancient tradition according to which a young bride is presented with such a kitten as a sign of sincere love and tenderness.
  • According to the omen, white cats symbolize purity and health, therefore, if an uninvited guest comes during an illness, this is a direct sign of a speedy recovery. The owners of white cats note that they fill them with vital energy, help to part with moral stress after prolonged stress.
  • Cats with fur of three or more colors are recognized as hunters, so they will catch your happiness and will hold it tightly in their paws.

Signs of a cat that came to the house

From time immemorial, cats have accompanied humans. People believed that they have a special connection with the other world, so they can warn of impending danger, natural disasters, setbacks, or bring happiness. This applies not only to pets who have already become family members. The case when someone else’s cat came into the house, signs and superstitions are also interpreted as an important event.

Decoding signs

Often people on their doorstep meet a lost cat and do not know how to understand this sign of fate. According to the beliefs of the ancient Slavs, the appearance of a cat on the threshold of a dwelling means the following:

  • positive changes that will bring good luck: you cannot drive the cat away, so you can scare off luck;
  • if a cat accidentally ran into your apartment, in the near future you should expect an improvement in financial situation or replenishment in the family;
  • there is another interpretation, which says that the mission of a cat is to save a person from impending disaster or even death: according to legend, cats have the ability to divert death from a person, sacrificing their lives.

Signs associated with cats originate in antiquity, the interpretation of their meanings depends on certain factors, therefore, if a cat has nailed to you, pay attention to what time the four-legged came, since the meaning of a sign is determined by months.

Remember to keep your attention on coat color.

Interpretation by month

In addition to the color of the coat, in the interpretation of the appearance of an animal in the house, the month of its arrival also matters. In Slavic culture, it was customary to name stray cats in accordance with it.

  • January. The owner should wait for new acquaintances. This is a sign that a person is too much closed in himself and it is time for him to open up to people again. These animals help build social contacts and heal mental wounds.
  • February. This is a time of change. The pet brings with it a new view of the world. This may affect the owner by a desire to change the interior of the house or even change the country. Often the appearance of a cat in February heralds a wedding or a new addition to the family.
  • March. It’s time for love. Such cats predict new mutual love. This is a fleeting romance or a strong new union. But what is important is that this event will bring a lot of new emotions and allow you to reconsider your life. In established couples, such a pet also brings positive changes, and soon the partners will have the opportunity to open new exciting feelings and emotions to each other.
  • April. This is an energetic month. The animal that came at this time will fill its owner with the energy of Mars. It is a flow of power that patronizes trade and new discoveries. Human life after the arrival of such a cat will radically change for the better.
  • May. May cat rescues the inhabitants of the house. She comes to take on some of the troubles and warn of the danger. When such a pet appears, you need to completely revise your lifestyle, special attention should be paid to finances, property issues and safety. To reduce monetary losses, you need to rub your wallet on the fur of the animal.
  • June. Such cats come to those in whose close circle ill-wishers have started. When an animal appears, they can disappear on their own, but you should not let everything go by itself. It is important to reconsider the existing relationship and limit communication with toxic people, then new acquaintances will not keep you waiting.
  • July. Healing month. July cats treat mental and physical illnesses, help to get out of depression. To get rid of bad thoughts, you should allow the animal to sleep more often on its things.
  • August. Animals of this month come to remove the evil eye or damage from a person. Subsequently, with good treatment, the pet will become a talisman against evil forces and magic.
  • September. A cat saves a person from his own thoughts, often they are the source of most of the troubles. Animals wandering around this month are usually good rat-catchers, a manifestation of their mental ability to catch bad dreams. For their owner, they are source of mental strength.
  • October. Having a pet this month is a sign that it’s time to rethink your life. You need to pay attention to your personal relationships and daily routine. The animal hints that a person’s life is wasted. With its appearance, it attracts big changes to the house and provokes the departure of everything that is obsolete and unnecessary.
  • November. The November cat comes to those whom they want to bewitch. It removes bad influence and gets rid of temptations. For married couples, she brings revival of feelings. This is especially true of black November cats, such an animal should be carefully protected, it is able to save even a falling apart marriage.
  • December. The animal comes to rid a person of someone else’s influence. Too many imposed stereotypes have accumulated in the head of the owners of the house, without getting rid of which, they can deprive themselves of happiness for a long time. It is important to reconsider your actions and understand what you want yourself, and what is done out of a sense of duty.

If a stray animal is offended, all the positive force of its arrival will dissipate. Even if there is no way to keep him with you, you need to make the meeting pleasant: feed the cat well and caress.

General interpretation

The positive meaning of the omen is associated with the ancient belief that a cat never enters rooms with poor energy. The most fortunate sign is the situation when the animal chooses its own owner. This means that such a person has some outstanding quality that distinguishes him from others.

According to the beliefs of different peoples, the appearance of a cat in the house is interpreted in different ways. Common values:

  • The appearance of cats in the house brings financial well-being and good luck to its owners.
  • The animal does not come just like that, but to ward off trouble from the residents. By adopting a pet, a person saves himself from adverse events. If you are affectionate with an animal, it will remain and will continue to protect its owner from ill-wishers.
  • If the strayed cat leaves again after a while, it takes death with it from home.
  • If there is a sick person in the house where the cat came, you must definitely feed the purr deliciously, then she will heal the ailment with her presence.
  • The appearance of a pet after the death of one of the family members is a message from the deceased. He gives his relatives a sign that he has rested in peace and nothing else holds him.
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It is not difficult to determine which of the family members the cat has chosen as its owner. It is necessary to observe whose room she will choose. If several people live in the bedroom, you should trace on whose bed she prefers to sleep. The new owner needs to wait for big changes in his life.

Pregnant cat

A pregnant cat is a gift from higher powers and at the same time a test. If a person can take care of an animal, success and well-being await him. An animal will never come to give birth to a place where energetic chaos reigns. Therefore, the arrival of a pregnant cat should also be taken as a hint that people are doing everything right and soon they will be happy.

Little kitty

Signs of stray kittens do not have any meaning that differs from the classic beliefs. Their appearance should be interpreted in the same way as an adult cat. In Scandinavian mythology, there is a belief that a kitten that has independently come into a family where there are no children, and people really want them, is a test of higher powers. If they can take care of the baby, the deities will help conceive a child.

In Slavic mythology, there is a sign that a kitten who comes to the house becomes an assistant to the brownie. Together they monitor the energy of the house and protect the family from troubles.

The value of coat color

To determine which areas of life the change will affect, you should pay attention to the feline color. The behavior of the animal is of particular importance. If it is sick and needs help, then it took over most of the problems of the new family. It is important to help her and get rid of them with good care and treatment.

Interpretation of the appearance of a cat in the house by the color of the coat:

  • Black represents good news and great joy. Something unexpected, but very pleasant, is about to happen. Animals with this color protect the home from harm, damage and the evil eye. If the pet arrives on the eve of an important event or at the beginning of a project, everything will be completed successfully. Black cats also attract money to the house.
  • A ginger cat is a symbol of the sun and family happiness. Such animals protect the house from thieves and attract new friends. Perhaps a promotion or a radical change of profession. In Slavic mythology, a red cat symbolizes the patronage and help of ancestors.
  • The gray animal is a symbol of tenderness and mutual love. Therefore, a kitten of this color promises future owners a new relationship or good luck to an already existing union. Gray cats prevent evil people from entering the house. If the animal is wary of the guest, bites him and hunts, you should think about the ulterior motives of this person.
  • The white cat is the talisman of success. The appearance of such a guest is a great joy, he will bring his owner success in all endeavors and will protect financial well-being. These cats heal diseases and fill their owners with vital energy to achieve new goals. If a person feels a lack of energy, you should lie down next to the kitten and allow him to sit on himself. This will help restore strength. These animals do not tolerate chaos, therefore, so that the pet does not leave again, taking good luck with it, you need to become more organized.
  • Tricolor pets are a symbol of happiness. They bring a good mood. Such cats help their owner to reach new heights in spiritual development, it is easier to learn life lessons with them.

Cats of other colors do not have a definite meaning. You just need to perceive them as a home amulet and they will take care of the energy of your home.

For an animal to truly protect your family from harm, you need to properly care for and be very affectionate. Otherwise, it will go away. Cats who run away from abusive owners take some of their luck with them.

Black and white cat came to the house

There is a sign that if a cat comes into the house, you should expect pleasant changes. However, in order to realize the prophecy, it is necessary to be very careful with the guest and in no case offend her. It is believed that these animals never come just like that. Depending on the appearance of the animal, you can determine which areas of life will be affected by the changes. This applies not only to color, but also to the behavior of a strayed cat. The best omen is the appearance of a pregnant white cat on the doorstep.

Is it worth keeping for yourself and what to do if it is impossible to leave

According to legends, a cat that comes into the house should not be chased away. If there is no way to keep her, you need to take care of her well-being. During the entire time of the animal’s stay in the house, it is important to feed it well and not offend it, and then find new owners for it.

If you rudely drive away a stray cat, she will get angry, and the troubles from which she tried to protect the household will hit them with greater force. Therefore, even if there is no way to let the animal into the house, it should at least be treated with something tasty and caressed.

The feline family has been endowed with mystical power at all times. They were idolized, sometimes feared, but never remained indifferent. In the modern world, they also have not lost their special significance. It is scientifically proven that observing purrs alone reduces the risk of stroke. Therefore, in no case should you offend these animals, regardless of the person’s personal attitude towards them.

Dream interpretation. Cat as a symbol

According to Indian myths, a cat is an animal that belongs to the great goddess, the guardian of all newborns.

Usually this goddess is depicted galloping on a cat, therefore in India she is revered as a sacred animal.

According to the beliefs of the ancient Germans, a person who loves cats will be happy in marriage, the one who disgusts cats will marry a grumpy and angry woman. In any case, he will not have children.

In all fairy tales, myths and legends, cats accompany witches, goddesses and fairies.

The cat personifies the femininity, softness and charm.

However, later (in the Middle Ages) this animal began to be considered a companion of witches, so cats were persecuted.

In dreams, a cat symbolizes feminine attractiveness, magnetism and sensuality.

In Indian mythology, and in the tales of different peoples of the world, the forest is the habitat of the creator god.

In Vishnuism and Krishnaism, the world is a “forest of eternal joys”, a place of mystical experience.

Symbols have a similar interpretation in dreams.

Look into any dream book. the forest has many meanings, but we are interested in a different interpretation.

There are many dangers in the forest, but one who passes it to the end can know sensual joys, love and desire.

Dream interpretation. Cats

Saw a cat in a dream and did not drive it away. expect trouble.

If the cat rushed at you and scratched you, enemies will appear who will do anything to denigrate your name, to deprive you of your property. But if you chased the cat away, you will overcome all obstacles.

A skinny, pitiful and dirty cat dreams of bad news: one of your friends will get sick. I managed to drive the cat away. my friend will recover.

Wilfred Warrior part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

The screeching and meowing of cats means that your false friend is doing everything to harm you.

If a young woman sees in a dream that she is holding a cat or kitten in her arms, then she will be involved in some unseemly deeds.

A pure white cat portends confusion and uncertainty.

Dream interpretation. Cat

To see a cat in a dream is unfavorable, even if it is white; a sign of anxious activity of the “anticipatory” organs of the soul.

A cat is walking towards you, running across the road. a meeting with the enemy, a fake person; adultery, debauchery and bad consequences from them.

A caressing cat (cat). an insidious temptress (seducer) and her intrigues; misfortune in the cat owner’s house.

She meows hysterically. a request for help that will be difficult to fulfill; your soul, exhausted by all sorts of attractions.

To hear the meow of a cat, but not to see it is a deception.

Being bitten or scratched by a cat is a disease; slander; evil intrigues or resentment of its owners against you.

To see how it happened to another is to experience a slight malaise; be offended by this person.

Catching a cat is the source of gossip to discover.

Cat games. damage from debauchery; reveal the intrigues of intruders. Cat fight. mental suffering from conflicting and unbridled aspirations.

To see a frightening or unnatural color of a cat or a cat. false ideas about oneself, perverted self-knowledge; slutty personality.

Black cat. evil from an unknown enemy; any evil acting from the outside as a result of weakness and disharmony of mental life; evil spell, in the power of which is a person, demonic personality.

The black cat is something personified: a hole in being, behaving like a person; the dark double of a person, with decisive cruelty opposing his self.

Dead cat. removal of an unpleasant personality.

Strangled. bad consequences of your lifestyle, fateful future.

To hurt, hurt a cat is to have an unclean conscience.