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Can guinea pigs be kept together

Gender group models

To start a heterosexual couple, if breeding is not planned, is not worth it. When living together, animals experience stress. The female does not like the persistent attention of the male, and he does not like the constant refusals. Uncontrolled mating depletes the girl’s body. Keeping a male and a female together is only possible if the male is castrated.

Two female guinea pigs converge more easily on the same territory. Terrain struggles between girls rarely end in injuries. This pair is optimal for a novice breeder.

Boys are zealous for their territory. Competition for the lady may erupt between them. Two males do not get along well together. Vigilance is always required with them, even friendly rodents can suddenly start a fight. You can only make friends with two males if they do not smell the female.

To maintain order in the group, it is necessary to provide pets with toys and entertainment, plenty of hay, food and space. A cage for a pair of guinea pigs must be at least one meter in length.

Relationships in a flock of three or more animals develop according to the same patterns. Among the three, there may be an unspoken conspiracy of two pigs against a third. Therefore, it is optimal to group animals in colonies of 4-5 individuals.

Pair selection

The owners are worried about the likely fight of the guinea pigs. It is easier to prevent conflict between pets if you deliberately select suitable individuals. It is better to purchase a guinea pig from a trusted breeder. From him you can get information about the nature of each animal and its position in the flock.

Important factors when choosing a pet mate:

  • the sex of the animals;
  • age;
  • status in the pack;
  • accommodations.

Young animals develop relationships with each other more easily than adults. It is best to have two cubs at once that have grown together. In this case, the struggle for leadership is easier, or not required at all. The new tenant must be younger, or equal in age, to the permanent tenant.

If one or two individuals are approaching the age of 3-5 months, it is better to postpone the acquaintance. During this period, guinea pigs master the role of an adult rodent and jealously defend their boundaries.

The settler who dominated the previous flock will aggressively defend their positions in the new place. The owner will not tolerate this and the rodents will begin to conflict. Therefore, for sharing, it is better to choose a non-ambitious individual.

How to keep two guinea pigs together avoiding fights and conflicts

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In nature, animals from the mumps family live in colonies. In a group, rodents find it easier to escape from predators and get food. At home, the guinea pig is not threatened by an attack of animals and hunger. The presence of associates is not required, but the animal is more comfortable in the company.

Making friends between two guinea pigs is not difficult. By their nature, they are disposed to communication and it is more fun for two pets. Thanks to active games, animals move more, which has a positive effect on their physical fitness and health.

Sharing rules

The new tenant must definitely spend two weeks in a separate cage so that the owner is sure that the rodent is healthy. After quarantine, you can introduce the guinea pigs to each other. Before trying, you need to make sure that both rodents are full and in good spirits. It is better to introduce guinea pigs in neutral territory.

  • new to both rodents, not marked by odors;
  • protected by high bumpers, or located closer to the floor;
  • spacious so that there is enough space for chase and flight;
  • equipped with end-to-end shelters for passive individuals.

Competition for food is not peculiar to the species, so while the animals get to know each other, you can try to defuse the situation with the help of a treat. During the procedure, you need to be vigilant, since a hassle may arise for the attention of the owner, or simply from the principle.

When joining a group, it is recommended that a beginner be rubbed from behind with sawdust from a common cage. Smelling the familiar smell of the flock will accept the guest more loyal.

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After several meetings in neutral territory, if the pigs are calm, you can put them in one cage. Before that, you should thoroughly wash it and change the location of the accessories. For each individual, you need to install a separate feeder and drinker on different sides of the cage. The room will look unusual for both pigs, which will allow rodents to live in the territory on equal terms.

Actions during a fight

Guinea pigs fight violently and can harm each other and the owner. During acquaintance and settlement, a person should prepare a towel in case he has to separate the rodents. It is absolutely impossible to interfere with bare hands, animals react aggressively to humans.

Can Male Guinea Pigs Live Together?

The chattering of teeth, tousled fur, chases and pursuits should not be stopped. The pigs define the hierarchy in a pair. Until the animals figure out who is in charge, they will not be able to find a common language.

At the beginning of dating, the pigs must establish a hierarchy.

  • you can loudly knock near the cage so that the sharp sound distracts the animals;
  • helps to sprinkle a ball from a spray bottle with warm water;
  • separate by hand, through a dense fabric, or in coarse mittens.

After the conflict, the pigs should be resettled for several weeks in different rooms. Attempts to make friends with pets will have to start over. After acquaintance in neutral territory, it is recommended to settle the rodents through the lattice close to each other. This will allow the animals to get used to the presence of a safe neighbor.

How guinea pigs behave?

These animals are cute and interesting pets, and it is a pleasure to watch how they behave. By the behavior of the guinea pig, you can understand in what mood it is, how it feels; determine if she is hungry. If a person who has a guinea pig already has such animals, he will quickly be able to distinguish between their characters.

For example, one pig is calm, another is active, the third is timid.

Guinea pigs, or cavias, are inherently social and friendly animals. They are not characterized by bouts of aggression and other habits that are seen for other rodents.

They are distinguished by poor tolerance of loneliness, a high need for daily communication with the owner and movement around the apartment.

People who give birth to such an animal for the first time note that over time, the behavior of the animal changes. If the owners do not have time to communicate with the pet, the animal will get bored, become lethargic, lose appetite, its skin will start to itch and hair will fall out.

To eliminate all the complications in the animal’s well-being, it needs to purchase a pair. The second guinea pig may be of the opposite sex. Also, two females will be able to get along well together, but two males will get along in the same house. it depends on the breed of acquired pets.

If the animal is not the only pet, this is not a problem. He will easily make friends with the rest of the house. Pigs have good bonds with rabbits, hamsters, dogs, cats and even birds.

The main dangers to guinea pigs are large differences in nutrition with other animals and possible infections.

Their owners also note that animals quite often lick the hands of the owner. Sometimes this is due to the fact that the hands have a specific smell, and in other cases such an action of the animal is gratitude for the attention received. The guinea pig, licking the hands of the owner, can express his devotion to him.

Making friends with two pigs is pretty easy. By their own natural qualities, they are communicative, and living together is not only more convenient for them, but also more fun. Thanks to active games, they are in motion most of the time, which has a positive effect on their physical shape and health.

How to keep two guinea pigs together, avoiding their fights and conflicts

Guinea pigs belong to the rodent family and are considered one of the most popular pets. Their living in an apartment is somewhat similar to m decorative rabbits.

Specialists in the field of zoology are working on breeding new types of pigs. with different colors, patterns and coat lengths.

We select a pair

The owners are worried about possible fights between animals. It is easier to avoid contradictions between pets if you choose suitable breeds for each other. It is necessary to buy an animal from trusted breeders. They can also provide you with the information you need about the temper of any pig.

Young individuals build relationships much faster than adults. Experts recommend having two small pigs that grow up together. Their struggle for primacy will take place in a lightweight form or not at all.

The new tenant’s age must be less than or equal to the age of his sibling. Experts recommend postponing the introduction of animals if the age of one of them is approaching 5 months. This is due to the fact that the animal turns into an adult pig and will zealously defend its comfort zone. A rodent that was just acquired at that age will defend its position in a new house with particular aggressiveness. Accordingly, a pet already living in the house will not tolerate this, and a conflict will occur between the animals. It is worth choosing less ambitious individuals for settling.

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In the wild, guinea pigs live in a group that includes male, female and offspring. One group contains up to 15 female gilts. In the process of growth and development of offspring, young males strive to knock out two or three females from a mature male and form their own group. Young individuals do not succeed immediately, and they continue to live in a group consisting of males until they can win females for themselves.

Domestic guinea pig breeds have the same needs as their wild relatives. These needs include proper nutrition, the required amount of space and the presence of another animal of the same breed.

First meeting

If you place two unfamiliar animals in one dwelling, a rite of acquaintance and rank establishment will take place between them. In this ritual, sniffing and attempting to jump on each other’s backs are standard actions. Guinea pigs chatter and try to run into each other. Do not create obstacles to their acquaintance. Only patience is required of the animal owner.

Establishment of rank often lasts several days, after which the animals behave peacefully.

Due to the fact that pigs also have their own personality traits and antipathies, before purchasing a new pet, you need to carefully see if it fits your group.

Expert advice: before placing a new animal in a cage with a group, you need to rub against the back of its body with filler that is already in the cage in which you want to define it. As a rule, after this, the animals accept the newcomer as their own. This method helps with the first acquaintance on a neutral site.

During this period, the cage should be washed and filled with the necessary accessories. It is necessary to make a small rearrangement of the housing of the animals. The group housing should be able to accommodate each pig’s house. In the first few weeks, food should be scattered throughout the cage to eliminate possible conflicts between pets.

If the breeder sees that the rodents are fighting, the following measures must be taken:

  • Knock loudly near the cage. Unexpected harsh sound distracts animals.
  • Spray animals with warm water.
  • Try to manually separate them by wearing rough mittens.
  • The conflict is over. Now, for some time, the pigs need to be moved to different rooms. And start their acquaintance with each other again.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude:

  • Castration of the male is required. This will help blunt the animal’s protective instincts. The process of sterilizing females is more difficult.
  • It is recommended to purchase gilts as cubs. For example, take a young animal of the same sex as an adult.
  • It is worth raising two individuals together from an early age, so you will exclude the incompatibility of animals.
  • The guinea pig is a small but strong animal. If the animal is angry, you need to take it carefully so as not to get a scratch.
  • The animal can be aggressive, in the process of a fight, it is able to bite through the skin of another pig.
  • Do not add an unsterilized male to a female. These animals reproduce quickly.

What I am a master at is talking incessantly about hamsters. I have three hamsters at home, and my husband has a pet rat. So we live, eat with six, sleep with six 🙂

How to choose a company

You need to be guided by the fact that like rodents get along together. Do not be nervous that the animals will begin to compete, because they are easy to make friends. A large cage, toys for both, and separate bowls will help avoid conflicts between rodents. It should be remembered that you cannot settle a male with a female, since the inevitable mating will only interfere, especially at a young age, there is a risk of death. Even if the birth is successful, the animal will need rest for about 3-4 months, and the male will not stop, which can cause the next pregnancy.

Can Boy & Girl Guinea Pigs Live TOGETHER?

Couple for the animal

Two guinea pigs in the same cage are definitely good, but you need to know that some couples do not get along well together:

  • Different-sex animals;
  • several males;
  • Separated Cavia Girls.

It must be borne in mind that once a male and a female are together, they will certainly begin to breed. But at a young age, the ligaments are harmful, they can even lead to death.

Two male guinea pigs in the same cage can start competing and fighting over time. Two girls who grew up together get along well.

How many animals to keep

It is better to keep the rodents not alone, having added at least another animal to the pet. However, the number of animals must meet the minimum area for them. In this case, 225-320 sq. cm suitable for 2 pets.

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Can an animal exist only with its owner?

To figure out whether a pet can live alone, you need to consider its behavior in the wild. In their natural environment, animals live in groups. They live together, hide from adversity, take care of each other. In the company, they feel safe and happy. Therefore, the statement that a guinea pig can live alone is a delusion.

Most owners say that the pet is happy with the presence of the owner and playing together. If the rodent feels good next to the owner, this does not mean that he does not want a friend to live next to him, who will lie with him, eat and clean the fur. And we must not forget that the owner does not have the opportunity to constantly be near his pet.

It is not advised to keep a pet with other rodents, but a rabbit, hamster, rat will become a good companion. It should be borne in mind that they can harm each other, so it is better to plant them separately, but so that they can see each other.

Is it possible to keep a guinea pig alone and what could be the consequences

Many novice breeders are interested in whether it is possible to keep one guinea pig, whether it needs society. There is no consensus on this topic, but there is experience of living with and without neighbors. In this article, you will learn how your pet is better: alone or in a company.

Is it possible to keep a guinea pig alone

Before you get a four-legged pet, you need to find out:

  • company or loneliness is preferable to him;
  • who will be his best companion;
  • how many animals can you keep together.

Can a guinea pig live alone?

In freedom, these rodents live in flocks. There are cases when they at home without communication got sick from melancholy and died.

Hence the conclusion: keeping a guinea pig alone is risky.

But a person can replace her communication with representatives of his family.

It is necessary to talk with the animal, take it in your arms, let it run for a short time in the aviary or on the street. You need to watch him so that he does not get scared, does not run away.

When keeping a guinea pig alone, you need to devote a lot of time

For those who spend a lot of time outside the house and cannot devote enough time to their pet in the evenings, it is recommended to put the cage where the whole family gathers. Observing people, feeling them near, he is no longer so lonely.

Rabbit, hamster, rat will be good companions for the guinea pig. But even a small dzhungarik can injure her. Therefore, the best option would be to plant the animals separately, but so that the animals can see each other.

Keeping a guinea pig with other rodent species is not recommended

Does a guinea pig need a couple

Some owners think that the easiest way is to get a pair of guinea pigs.

But you need to know that they cannot be together:

Males, being next to the female, will surely cover her. For young individuals, such mating is undesirable, early childbirth can lead to death.

Also, having given birth to offspring, the female needs rest for 3-4 months.

Males will eventually start to fight, compete.

Important! Only sisters who spent their childhood next to each other get along well.

How many guinea pigs are best to keep

When keeping several animals together, the minimum area norm should be taken into account.

Are hereditary diseases possible in pigs?

Hereditary diseases are as common in pigs as in humans. But they can manifest themselves after several generations without affecting direct descendants.

Regarding mating: the pig takes care of the pig in every possible way, “sucks up” to her, and she squeals as if she were being cut.

The courtship process in pigs is not always smooth. First, the female refuses the courtship of the partner. Then he agrees. If the pig does not stop chasing the male away, then most likely she is either mated or not in estrus.

What age is optimal for breeding pigs?

Females. from 5-6 months, males. from 4-5-7 months, depending on the condition of the animal.

How to determine by the type of mumps whether she is healthy?

Signs that your guinea pig is unwell:

  • indigestion
  • excessive salivation
  • uncharacteristic behavior for these animals
  • shortness of breath, rapidity, cough, runny nose
  • thirst (difficult to determine, since pigs are usually not given water in the markets)
  • trembling (possibly the animal is scared)
  • festering, sticky eyes, inflamed, cloudy
  • scratching, ulcers and other disorders of the skin and coat
  • non-shiny dirty wool
  • diarrhea
  • a sick animal hides in a far corner in an attempt to retire, hide in the darkness.

For more information, see the Signs of the disease section.