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Can I feed my dog ​​with mixed food?

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What food is best to feed animals?

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No matter how much you answer this main question of feeding, it will constantly be asked. And, in spite of everything, dogs and cats will continue to be fed to everyone! Vet Answer 40.00: 35 Is it possible to mix natural and dry food? 00: 40 Is it possible to feed a dog with food during the day and give meat with vegetables in the evening 00:59 How and how much to give tablets for worms? 01: 50 Pug poops in a cage. 02: 22 Yorkie has allergies, we can’t identify the cause, is it atopy? 02:44 The cat bites and scratches. 03:20 The cat has different pupil sizes. The cat has become lethargic, has stopped drinking a lot and eating little. : 33 How do the British endure the road? 07: 11 A cat asks for a cat after giving birth 07:27 A dog has bleeding from his teeth 09:04 When can you get vaccinated after an antihelminthic treatment? open their eyes? _Our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sovetveterinara._Our VK group https://vk.com/lina_vet._Our articles on Yandex https://zen.yandex.ru/ID/5ad4fdf358166926c28e1ca1._LinaVet Clinic : https: //linavet.ru._ Advice of the veterinarian Polina Platonova on the channel Lina Vet.See also: Tips for care and maintenance https : //www.YouTube.com/playlist? list = PLsf-ypZcGNOwi1jm4H1Nnm2jCNO6y4Kr0 Practical Tips https://www.YouTube.com/playlist?list=PLsf-ypZcGNOxNUOTYgf3jKiJouJUthQt ? list = PLsf-ypZcGNOytuDGPfcP4SAOrMr3DwM8M. Answers to questions https://www.YouTube.com/playlist?list=PLsf-ypZcGNOyCATvxKeKGJ76dwQfrkIWE.poListOnlineProducts for animals from China?.Vet.News https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=OdBvzlojDD8list=PLsf-ypZcGNOyN3Pejop32ErqQQABJCiBZ._Remember: 5 doctors 6 opinions._ # veterinarian # veterinarian advice # lynvet # dog food

The answer is unambiguous: feeding the dog with natural food and dry food in one meal is categorically not recommended. It is worthwhile to figure out in detail whether it is still possible to feed the dog with dry food and natural food at the same time. Dry food or homemade food. what is the best way to feed a cat and can they be combined? What are the pros and cons of each type of feeding? Can you mix dry and wet food? Can you feed your dog with a mixed meal? Mixed dog food.

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Is it possible to feed a cat with dry food and natural food at the same time: the pros and cons, which is better For many years, heated debates between supporters and opponents of dry food and natural nutrition have not subsided. is it possible to feed a British kitten with mixed food Evgenia Shestaeva 10/29/2017 10:36 10/29/2017 0 Kotovasia Online magazine about pets. Can I feed a cat with mixed food? I feed dry food and give beef twice a week.

Doctors advise against giving fish, from it only diseases. Is it possible to give kittens dry food? Features of different classes of food, an overview of popular types of dry food for kittens. Dry food training.

Reviews. Vera, can you please tell me if it is possible to feed a kitten with dry and wet food from one company? The fact is that the kitten is small 1.5 months old, eats Pro Plan paste and goat’s milk. Can you feed your dog food and natural food at the same time? This is one of the hottest dog feeding questions today.

Mixed food The cat is fed with a mixture of dry and wet foods. Find out how this diet affects the health of the animal and when to start introducing it. is it possible to feed a British kitten with mixed food Yegor Samorodov 03/05/2018 13:43 Feeding kittens up to 1.5 months.

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Is it possible to feed a dog with a mixed diet

On a note

When introducing wet food into the animal’s diet, one must also remember that even high-quality, but unusual food can cause digestive upset. Therefore, you need to switch to mixed feeding gradually, adding wet food while reducing the portion of dry food for several days, or vice versa, if your pet previously ate only canned food.

Can I mix other stuff with my dog’s kibble

Do not get carried away with wet food for the owners of fastidious animals. Most often this applies to cat owners, as well as decorative and dwarf breeds. If you offer your pet both dry and wet food at the same time, the pet will almost certainly prefer canned food, since their texture and flavor are more attractive.

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Is It Safe To Mix Kibble And Raw Meat?

If the animal does not eat dry food well, daily use of wet food will lead to the fact that the pet may eventually abandon the pellets altogether. You will have to spend time and effort on re-accustoming to dry food. True, this rarely happens with Acana and Orijen foods, high meat is attractive to any pet, and both cats and dogs willingly eat our diets.

Pros and cons of dry food

Before choosing a particular type of pet feeding, the owner should know the positive and negative aspects of concentrated nutrition. The advantages of dry food are:

How To Improve Your Dog’s Kibble (10 Easy Ways)

  • No need for heat treatment, which significantly saves the owner’s time.
  • Ease of use when traveling, traveling.
  • In the line of manufacturers there are different foods for any age, breed, physiological state of the pet. There is a wide selection of medicinal mixtures.
  • Dry food is easier to dose, since the rate is indicated on the package.
  • Industrial mixtures are balanced in terms of energy and nutrients.
  • Cheaper than natural feed.

Dry mixes also have negative sides:

  • An animal often has an allergic reaction to individual components of the feed.
  • Cheap mass-market products are made from low-quality raw materials and lead to metabolic disorders and diseases of the digestive system.
  • Non-compliance with the drinking regime leads to serious pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

The owner should decide on the transfer of the dog to dry food, taking into account the taste preferences of the pet and his capabilities.

We recommend reading about salmonellosis in dogs. You will learn about the sources of infection, symptoms of the disease, necessary diagnostic measures, treatment. And here is more about the causes of constipation in dogs.

Proper nutrition of a four-legged friend is a diet balanced in terms of energy and nutrients. To maintain a healthy digestive system, the owner should adhere to the feeding regimen recommended by veterinarians and experienced dog breeders.

The specificity of feeding puppies, adults and elderly pets is dictated by physiological characteristics. Before transferring a dog to dry food, it is necessary to carefully study the positive and negative aspects of such nutrition.

For a puppy

As a rule, a puppy appears in the house at the age of 2 months. By this time, the responsible breeder had taught the baby to eat on his own. At the age of 2. 4 months, the animal should receive food at least 5 times a day. Taking into account the physiological characteristics, the pet’s diet during this period should consist of 50% dairy products (milk, cottage cheese, kefir). The source of protein for the puppy should be meat. raw beef or boiled chicken.

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At the age of 4-6 months, veterinarians recommend feeding the pet 3-4 times. Gradually, the structure of the diet should change. The share of dairy products decreases to 20. 30%, meat increases to 50. 70%. At the age of 4 months, the puppy can begin to give boiled offal.

When a dog reaches 6. 10 months of age, experienced dog breeders recommend feeding a young animal three times. Veterinarians do not recommend using industrial feed earlier than 10. 12 months.

When is mixed feeding of dogs acceptable?

Veterinarians do not like combining different types of diets. However, they indicate when mixed feeding of dogs is acceptable.

  • Feeding puppies in kennels. Cottage cheese, meat products are added to dry granules so that the digestive tract adapts to natural food. Breeders do this because they do not know what diet the future owner will instill.
  • large, hunting breeds, working or sporting dogs. These animals require the additional inclusion of protein foods. raw meat, fish and offal.
  • Providing complete nutrition for a puppy or breeding cable before mating. These conditions require a balanced and varied diet with maximum concentrations of nutrients. They are better absorbed in their natural form.
  • Supplement for fastidious dogs or small dogs. Sometimes the pet eats only meat from meat porridge, ignoring cereals or vegetables. The addition of dry granules will make it possible to replenish the missing amounts of dietary fiber, carbohydrates, and other components.
  • Incorporation of natural foods as a treat. Sometimes it is allowed to give your pet pieces of vegetables, fruits or herbs, but only as a snack.
  • Feeding while traveling, on vacation. At these moments, there is usually no desire and opportunity to cook natural food for the pet, so ready-made food will be an excellent helper.

The listed situations allow the simultaneous use of dry and natural products. However, this must be done correctly. The main recommendation is not to give different types of food in one meal.

Remember! Dry granules undergo a swelling stage in the stomach before being digested. If the pet eats them with regular foods, it will slow down the digestion process, cause gastrointestinal upset.