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Can I leave my dog ​​at home during the day?

The easiest option

If you have a car, you can organize a funeral outside the city. There are two options here.

  • Choose a place in the forest belt.
  • Buy a place in a special cemetery.

But not every city has resting places for animals. Therefore, most of all people decide to take the animal out of the city. This choice has its pros and cons. Of the pluses, we can note some intimacy of experiences. After all, it is outside the city that you can find a place that will carefully preserve your memories of your pet. Usually, for this, memorable places are selected where you taught the pet the basics of burrow hunting, apporting. Such burial does not require material costs.

leave, home

It can be very difficult to survive the death of a pet. This is especially true for single and elderly people, for whom the animal was more than a friend. Psychologists give some tips on how to alleviate the pain of loss:

  • If the dog lived with a family, you can arrange an evening of memories where everyone can talk and share their emotions.
  • Dishes, toys, leash. all this needs to be sent to the pantry. It is important that while these things do not catch your eye.
  • Create a photo album of your pet.

After the loss, you can take a new pet. But it is not recommended to rush things. First, the pain of losing your first friend must subside. There is good advice: take not one, but two animals, with an interval of 3.5 years. By the time the old friend is ready to leave you, there will be a second pet at home, young and full of energy. So it will be much easier to return home than if the house is completely empty.

Released term

Probably, every owner wants to know when his pet’s life will come to an end in order to morally tune in and come to terms with the inevitable. But this indicator depends on the breed and individual characteristics. For example, lapdogs live for 20 years, they are real centenarians among pets. But Irish wolfhounds and bulldogs live a little over 6 years. Of course, a lot depends on proper care. And yet you still have to face loss. How to give your pet the last honors and how to bury a dog so as not to break the law will be discussed today.

Disputes of interest

When a dear and close creature dies, few people remember that there are legislative norms that regulate the disposal of biological waste. No matter how bitter it is to realize, after death, your pet will be treated in this way. But ignorance of the law does not exempt from responsibility.

Since many people prefer to bury a dog near their home, you need to know that Russian law prohibits doing this. An animal cannot be interred in the city. Departure from this norm is interpreted as an administrative offense and is punishable by a fine. Of course, the owner can be immensely indignant. But what will happen if everyone begins to bury the corpses of dogs and cats, ferrets and other animals in yards and parks??

If a villager makes a grave for his pet in the forest, then no one will notice. And quite another matter. it is a metropolis. Such actions can lead to a deterioration of the ecological situation, poisoning with cadaveric poison of the earth and groundwater. Of course, it seems to everyone that this is only his particular situation. But in total in Russia there are about 40 million dogs and cats, and these are only those who are registered in the district veterinary clinics. Therefore, when thinking about how to bury a dog, you need to take into account not only your feelings, but also the interests of society.

Cons of suburban burial

This choice may be the only one if you live in a city. But in this case, you need to think about how to properly bury a dog in the forest. The fact is that visiting your friend’s grave, and sometimes even just finding it, will not be easy. The ashes of an animal can be disturbed by animals. Therefore, you need to choose a fairly familiar place and fence it in accessible ways.

At the same time, it is not recommended to erect noticeable monuments. Make it a simple stone that you paint brightly on. Most often, suburban graves quickly become abandoned. The owners have no time to visit them, and the forces of nature quickly erase all signs.

Elemental cemeteries

Are dogs buried in human cemeteries? Yes, there is such a practice. Of course, animal graves are not located on the territory itself, but in its immediate vicinity. Here, for a certain fee, a grave can be dug for your pet, which can be very important for the winter period. But as much as we love the animal, we must respect the feelings of other people. Not everyone can accept a sign with the name of an animal near the grave of a loved one.

Now about spontaneous cemeteries. It’s okay if they are organized in the forest. Nature will find a way to recycle biological remains. And crosses and tablets with epitaphs next to memorial sites or churches look completely different. For the same reason, it is possible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether it is possible to bury a dog in the courtyard of a high-rise building. Of course not, it’s at least disrespectful to everyone else. It is better to use this place for playgrounds, flower beds, even parking for cars. Find a quieter place for burial.

Types of cremation

It can be general or individual. If an animal dies in a veterinary clinic, then specialists will offer their help in organizing this procedure. They always have a connection with a special service. Here the owner has only one choice to make. If he agrees to a general cremation, then the ashes are not returned to him. It is disposed of by the power of the service itself.

Individual cremation. this is a different procedure. In this case, the owner can be present at it, and he also receives an urn with ashes. Then he can dispose of it at his own discretion:

  • Bury her outside the city or in a special cemetery.
  • Store at home.
  • Scatter over the river.

If the animal dies at home, call any veterinary clinic and ask to put you in touch with a company that provides such services.

What do we know about dogs?

Dogs are social animals and they bond very strongly to their owners. Dogs don’t just tolerate the human presence, they actively seek it out. It is safe to say that companion dogs need social closeness with humans, and the deprivation of this contact leads to health problems. Many dogs get stressed when left alone. The level of cortisol in the blood increases significantly during the period when the dog is left alone.

Dogs certainly experience loneliness, and this loneliness is akin to illness for a dog. Ideally, we shouldn’t leave our dogs alone at all.

However, there is some consensus among trainers and veterinarians that about 4 hours a day is an acceptable period for an adult dog. Puppies, of course, should only be kept for short periods or as long as they can hold their bladder. Older dogs that are less active or more independent may feel comfortable on their own for longer periods of time.

Is it possible to leave the dog alone at home for 13 hours?

Probably it is better for mom to take it away when it is like this. Imagine you don’t go to the toilet for 13 hours o_O

Better, of course, to my mother. or hire a trusted person to go out during the day. the cost is 150 rubles. at one o’clock.

I don’t know (try once it doesn’t die, only a puddle can do nothing terrible, well, if you stay at home for 5 hours, I think 13 will survive if the apartment doesn’t ditch))

Food, water, a full walk before leaving and a full walk after arrival, without undressing. In the evening, there must be a game with the dog. Any play or pruritus.

the dog needs to be walked regularly, but in general one will survive, will not die. Especially persistent pooch.

I also worked for some time for 12 hours. My dog ​​was left alone for 14 hours. And survived nothing. It all depends on the particular dog: how strong his bladder is. But if there is a possibility that someone walked her at least once, then it is better not to torture the dog.

It is necessary to walk before leaving and after coming, then after (or during a walk, play a little) give food, drink before leaving, say something like I will be back soon and then the dog will gradually get used to the fact that you return and do not leave him.

only in the remaining time it is necessary to walk the dog well, otherwise, from an excess of energy, the whole apartment will be blown away, there is nowhere to throw it out!

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I agree with everyone. The answers complemented each other perfectly. ALL of the above is a must if you still decide to leave your dog at home alone. And personally, I would still take him to my mother.

My 10 hours sits at home once every 3 days, when my husband is at work, and I am at work. He copes like that himself))) In the morning we took a good walk, fed them, threw toys with bones for leisure and for work. In the evening we came, the dog is good for a walk and then a lot of communication with it and everything will be fine.

good walking. and be sure to leave him toys and some bones. so that he can play and gnaw a treat, and not furniture with household appliances. the more such yum yum the better.

before leaving for work is better, of course. walk the dog for a long time, so that there are no “surprises” upon returning from work. True, due to the fact that she is used to spending a lot of time with her. changes in her behavior are possible. Therefore, the best option is to take her to her mother, or, as described above, to find walking services, etc. with dogs

What to do?

Unfortunately, it is likely that many dogs stay at home alone for much longer than four hours a day. Again, we don’t have enough research on what periods of isolation in a companion house are actually acceptable, but many dog ​​owners work full-time, have families, and maybe even ski on weekends. A survey of British dog owners showed that more than a quarter of owners find it normal and perfectly acceptable to leave their dog at home alone for 6-10 hours a day.

Therefore, before starting a dog, you should think carefully about how much time you can actually devote to it and how long it will leave it locked up alone. Remember that a dog is not only a loyal friend, but also a full member of your family.

How long can a dog stay at home alone??

Not so long ago, in a conversation with a friend, we talked about how pets affect our lives. She confessed to me that she loves her dog Hattie very much and does not leave her feeling of guilt when she has to leave the dog at home alone. My friend’s family lives a full and active life and does not miss the opportunity to ski almost every weekend in winter and spring.

Here’s her usual weekend routine: wake up at 5 a.m. to walk Hattie, then the family head out to the mountains (2 hour trip). Hattie climbs into her basket when they leave and sits in it until the dog sitter quits at noon and takes her out for a walk again. Upon returning, Hattie goes back to her basket again. During this time, the family enjoys a ski holiday all day long.

While a friend described her day to me, I tried to count the total number of hours the dog spent alone. I counted 14 hours a day. My friend is very nice and fits the rank of “responsible dog owner”, but I found her story disturbing.

Is it cruel to leave a dog at home alone??

It seems to me that keeping a dog alone for so long is very cruel. Due to the fact that Hattie sits in her basket almost all the time, she barely has enough room to turn around and is physically very uncomfortable. But what really bothered me was Hattie’s psychological discomfort. She must have been very bored and, above all, lonely.

I think leaving the dog alone in the basket for 14 hours a day is too much. But what are the experts saying? The fact is that there is no consensus on this issue. In search queries, more and more often, dog owners are looking for an answer to the question “How long can I leave my dog ​​alone?” While search engines return a wide range of responses, none of them are based on empirical evidence that correlates time with loneliness, stress, or your dog’s well-being.

Is it possible to leave the dog alone at home for a week?

and you put yourself in her place, closed in 4 walls, while not seeing friends and eating every other day

NOT. dies of boredom. but I wouldn’t leave.

And he will walk on the floor or he will suffer for 5 days?

It is possible if it is properly cared for.

for this in the United States there is criminal responsibility (mockery of an animal)

One? not! And to feed, to drink? He will chew everything for you there! they are afraid alone.

Of course not! She needs to be fed, watered every day, and not every other day. Still need to walk. Better to find a person. which will take on overexposure for a week. And there are also hotels for dogs, if there are such in your city.

You still need to walk her = (how is it to sit in a hut for 7 days = (((

at my employee’s work, my daughter left for the session and she goes to the doggie once a day (usually at lunchtime) feeds, walks and back, everything is fine, of course the dog is bored, bad alone, but nothing can be done about it, suffers, even speaks to me does not want to let go, hides shoes, jacket, so funny

don’t you feel sorry for her? in one day. this is very rare. I came to my friend’s cat every other day. she rushed to me almost with tears) in addition to feeding and drinking, you still need to walk, talk, iron with her. toy terriers. Well these are crumbs with the eyes of a deer, the soul of a child.

And when you bought a dog, did you not think about possible situations? This is not a flower that is enough to water, the dog needs communication, this is a living creature with its own feelings and experiences.

for 2-3 days still all right, but no more. break her psyche.

If you are confident in your neighbors, then of course you can. This will only benefit the dog. To get bored, when they meet, she will screech, jump, or maybe, what good, for joy she will say something !! ! Yes, leave her favorite toys in an accessible place and put away anything that she can chew on. Fair. I would be oooooooooooooooochen, well ooooooooooooooooooo depressing, in the place of a dog. I would end my life by overeating.

No nonsense! Who will walk with the dog and feed it every other day! Drink several times a day, feed every day!

The cat is allowed, provided that she will be visited, but I would not leave the dog. Then a hotel for animals is better.

for information: the dog will last 7 days without water, about 30 without food.

Is it possible to leave the dog at home for 2 days alone. toy terrier breed

Of course not! and a small child you would leave at home alone for 2 days?

you can of course leave food and water. but the poor little animal will be so frightened. will howl and make a joke!

I think you can only ask your neighbors not to forget to ask how 2 days went

Dogs Left Alone // How Long is TOO Long?

Do not leave! These dogs are very vulnerable. Die does not die, but it can get sick.

A pitiful animal. But if the circumstances force him to be left alone, then make sure that he has enough food and water. However, if there is an option that someone can visit him, then the archer will use it. Your pet may have behavioral changes from the stress of loneliness, for example, it may start to crap, or will follow you on your heels. The result of such confinement is unpredictable. Although I had a case when I left my dog ​​for a day alone, but she was very well trained, did not even shit anywhere, but when I arrived, she flew out like a bullet.

Toychiks are very affectionate dogs, and suffer if they do not see the owner for a long time. Mine, for example, being alone at home, will not even touch food or water until someone from the family comes home. Leave the toy alone for two days. it means giving him a lot of stress. Ask a friend or neighbor whom the dog knows well to come to your house periodically and calm the dog down. And it’s best to take the toy with you.

Of course not. How will he go to the toilet !? And how to feed !? Suma got off chtol! A dog is like a child, you would also leave the child for two days alone!?

No no no! You were told everything right here. have pity on the dog. waiting for the owner

You can, nothing terrible will happen in 2 days. over, if the dog is accustomed to being alone. But it is better, of course, for someone to visit 2 times a day. I have 2 dogs. French and Chihuahua. there was a situation when they had to leave them for 2 days (urgent business trip). I have, though a friend came in 2 times a day to walk and feed. nothing happened, I didn’t notice much stress when I arrived. met two sleepy pugs.

Is it okay to leave the dog at home alone?

I will confess to my beloved readers: the reason for writing this article was the situation in the neighboring apartment. Our neighbors are an average Russian family: husband, wife, two-year-old child and a small dog, a Pomeranian. People are good, relations between us have always been good. Actually, they remain so to this day. It all started a week ago, when from their apartment, from eight in the morning to seven in the evening, almost without a break, a plaintive dog whining began to be heard, turning into a howl.

Why did we devote so much space and time to an absolutely ordinary situation? Yes, all because we are not alone. Many dog ​​owners, when leaving for work, lock their pets in their apartments. The principle is: “And after us. even a flood.” And then a surprised-indignant look: “How, you do not like animals?”

Let’s take a deeper look at the problem and ask for the opinion of authoritative experts. Is loneliness bad for dogs? For how long a dog is allowed to be left at home alone?

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Let’s be honest. there are as many experts as there are opinions. One gets the feeling that some colleagues at home have a situation similar to ours.!

And yet we managed to collect something. You can leave your pet. In general, prepared animals wait for the owners of the house without problems for eight hours or so. Prepared. means “trained” dogs, trained by their owners not to cause problems to others. Pets need to leave a supply of fresh water. Among other things, it is desirable that the dog has the opportunity and was trained to relieve extreme need at home. this also happens.

The duration of loneliness in dogs is highly dependent on age. Very small puppies, as a rule, cannot stand loneliness at all, they are like small children. If absolutely necessary, a two month old puppy can be left for a maximum of two hours. The same period should be followed until the pet reaches six months of age.

Puppies over six months, in principle, normally tolerate loneliness up to six hours (but this is the “extreme” limit).

The “risk group” also includes rather elderly animals, aged 8 years and older. They may be alone at home, but: they should be given the opportunity to go to the toilet every 2-6 hours (depending on age and health status).

The “patience” of dogs, about which legends are made, is still not unlimited. And your pet may well make a puddle without waiting for the owner. And it’s not his fault! Are “accidents” in your home frequent? Then it’s time to take serious action.

Much depends on the breed. Our readers know that dog breeds vary greatly in temperament and degree of activity. Some dogs do not think of themselves without vigorous activity, physical work! So, do not even try to lock the border collie at home, if you want to find the apartment in the same form on your return from work as you left it.

Some dogs, on the contrary, do not mind being alone. they will find something to entertain themselves with. Most likely, they will just take a nap in silence. Greyhound is a typical example.

The owners of private houses are a little more fortunate. as a rule, they all have personal plots with lawns or a garden. You can let the dog go there, especially if the site is fenced off with a reliable fence.

In the city, the owners of large apartments get a serious advantage: pets have a place to exercise, walk around, let off steam.

Some owners leave their pets in a special crate when leaving. Make sure your dog has a decent supply of water. The best solution is a sippy bottle that fits directly to the wall.

It happens that a particular dog does not tolerate loneliness at all. It is especially difficult for animals that are accustomed to society! In our case, we pin all our hopes on the grandmother, who is somewhere on the way. But not everyone has grandmothers! Therefore, it makes sense to ask friends, retired neighbors who could walk with your dog. In extreme cases. to the services of a company offering the services of pet sitters or dog walkers. In a word, professionals in their field! And a small request: respect those who are nearby, listen to their requests and wishes!

The main reasons why you can’t be a dog, even for parenting purposes

There is an opinion that in order for the dog to obey the owner, he needs to show strength. Can you beat a dog for parenting purposes? Dog handler’s advice on this matter.

What consequences can you expect? What discipline measures work and do not injure the animal?

Constructive dog training methods

In cynology, there are several ways to educate dogs, they are all humane and effective:

  • The mechanical method implies some kind of influence, for example, to practice the command “Sit”, the owner presses his palm on the dog’s rump. Over time, this turns into a conditioned reflex. The leash pull works in the same way. The plus of such training is a strong reinforcement of behavior.
  • Food method. For executing the command, the dog turns out a delicacy. Taste encouragement is easy to use at home and on a walk, this method arouses great interest in the animal, strengthens the contact between the trainer and the ward, evokes only positive emotions.
  • The imitative method is used as an educational aid, more often for puppies. Good for practicing Voice commands.

The best result is obtained by a combination of all training methods. If you stop controlling the pet, he begins to growl, show his dominant, you need to give a strict rebuff. It is allowed to hit the dog on the nose, a slight click will be unpleasant and painful, but will not entail serious consequences. For small breeds, turning the animal onto its back or side is suitable.

What will be the consequences if you constantly beat the dog?

There are different opinions “strength is good” or “enough a spank, the main thing is to show the dog your superiority.” Still others say: “You can hit, the main thing is not with your hand, but with an object (with a newspaper or a small stick).” What consequences from violence to expect?

  • The animal will lose confidence in you, the expression “a dog is man’s best friend” will no longer be applicable in practice.
  • There will be a connection “my master is pain”. The pet will run away or snap at you.
  • A memory of the approaching hand or body of a person may remain in the memory, if a passer-by or a guest accidentally repeats similar movements, the dog is able to pounce. She becomes unpredictable.
  • Light spanking can feel like play. The dog evaluates this behavior as a signal that he can “play” with you: bite, grab.

How to properly punish a dog for misconduct?

The methods of raising an animal are based on two principles: a positive experience, when a reward and a negative experience are obtained for a good deed, the pet is in pain. In the professional world of dog handlers, both options are used. You can beat a dog for educational purposes, if the situation requires it, you know exactly how to calculate the strength. On rare occasions, trainers use special batons and never hit the dog with their hand. Straight collars are used more often for physical pressure.

At home, you can show strength if the dog showed aggression, growled at one of the family members. In this case, you can hit him (having correctly calculated the force), knock him down on his back and hold him in this state for several seconds. You show your headship. In all other situations, you cannot beat a dog for disobedience.

Adequate punishment is a demonstration of your dissatisfaction, lack of rewards. If your pet misbehaves:

  • scold him in a stern tone (at the time of the offense);
  • ignore the dog, do not play with it, do not caress;
  • go outside only to the toilet, on a short leash;
  • temporarily cancel any goodies.

Can you beat your dog for parenting purposes??

Until a few decades ago, it was believed that it was permissible to beat a dog for the purpose of education. The training methods were based on physical dominance over the animal. Cynologists believed that according to this principle, a leader is chosen in a pack, a dog is a gregarious animal, it is possible to achieve his obedience only in this way.

Subsequently, humanity and the study of psychology gave new methods of training. Systematic violence has been shown to trigger an uncontrollable response. Fear appears, the instinct of self-preservation is activated, the pet begins to defend itself and show aggression. In contrast, training based on motivation and reward is more effective and safer for pets.

Useful tips from a dog handler

Why it is impossible to beat a dog for misconduct, we found out, considered the correct methods of education. Some little things will also help to facilitate training, advice from professionals:

  • Punishment or rewards should always occur at the moment of the action itself; dogs do not have a causal relationship. If you came home from work and scolded the dog for the sneakers that he chewed 4 hours ago, he will not understand that the reason is in them.
  • During the period of interaction with the animal, be calm, excessive anger and aggression can scare him and cause a response.
  • Physical impact is an extreme measure, it cannot be used for minor offenses.
  • If you think you can hit a dog in the butt, never do it with your hand. Newspaper or special whip is used to control complex animals.
  • You need to start education from the moment the puppy appears in your house. At the same time, the prohibitions must be unshakable, only then the pet will fulfill them.
  • If the dog is punished, then all family members should understand this. If someone starts to feel sorry for or protect the animal, it will not learn the lesson, and the one who scolded it will become “bad”.

Now you know if you can beat a dog while training. Pain is a last resort and should only be used by professionals. If you correctly apply all permissible measures of influence, the dog will obey you, without experiencing fear.

Leave the oven on for 2 days!

their hearts are weak. can not stand it. thinks they left him.

I also think that he simply will not stand it, for them a couple of hours of flour, but three days. Think of who will live with him for three days, otherwise you will be left without him

Damn, you are generally chtoli crazy who writes “first they start and then throw.”. Is she constantly leaving chtoli !? if such a situation once !? Let’s say, one of the relatives died and you have to fly to the funeral (mmm of course) and there are three dogs and five cats or a child with severe allergies ?! everything happens! The author, it’s okay. will be sad but will not die, the main thing is that the friend does not disappoint and be sure to make sure that there is clean water, food and a tray. I have a sneeze, I would really care if I had to leave him like that, but I think it’s better at home than in a zoological hotel.

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About a child with allergies. Agree. It is tearful to ask relatives or very close friends to shelter. I gave the cat to my parents for a couple of days, but I provided food, sand, toys, and they also love it. But don’t leave him alone!

you people are strange! “Get a dog, and now you’re throwing it.” Circumstances are different and sometimes you have to leave the animals. It’s only 3 days. Yes, the doggie will be bored, but he will immediately forget everything when he sees you. Buy him a drug for boredom, I do not remember the name, ask in the veterinary pharmacy. And do not bother, do not humanize the animal, it will survive.

A drug for boredom? LSD or what? Oh well. Buy, author. Then you will run with the dog to the vet. Yorkies are sooo sensitive. They often have allergies, dermatitis. Leave the dog alone and it’s not just stress, it’s panic and hysterical where the owner disappeared. A dog is not a cat. She can stop eating and drinking. And 3 days is critical for a small breed, and no tasty treats will help. This is not “humanization”, but an elementary responsibility.

I have York, and nothing, we leave. I know what I’m talking about. the first time yes, I missed, then the rules. I wonder how, with your logic, to go to work? with dog? It’s impossible to be with a dog all the time.

A cat can be left alone on such conditions, a dog. not! Look for an opportunity, maybe someone can live with you for three days or give someone for three days or not go or take it with you. How many irresponsible and stupid people who, without thinking over their lifestyle, get themselves a toy. a living being, and then it interferes with him. A dog needs to be started when and only when there is a large family, relatives are nearby, so that someone familiar to the dog can take care of it.

We sat with the dog normally for a week, nothing happened to it. in the morning and in the evening they fed and walked

I have York, and nothing, we leave. I know what I’m talking about. the first time yes, I missed, then the rules. I wonder how, with your logic, to go to work? with dog? It is impossible to be with a dog all the time. [/ Quote]

How to Leave Your Puppy Home Alone | Chewy

3 days is not 8-10 hours. I also know what I’m talking about. Have you seen animals with neurosis? And with obsessive (stereotypical) movements? And with depression or self-trauma? And I saw! Only here it is all attributed to the bad nature of the animal, but it needs to be treated. Therefore, I am totally against when the owners leave the animal at home alone. The author, decide for yourself. Leave the dog anyway, that’s understandable.

their hearts are weak. can not stand it. thinks they left him.

I have a Chihuahua, we are also leaving for May. A friend will come to us, walk with her and feed her 2 times a day. Before that, they also left it. Nothing wrong. But we really have a cat, they were not bored together)

you deserve to be killed against the wall. Fiends. My bobblehead (toyka) suma went out of boredom. and he is already 7 years old.

I am the author. Anyone who brought panic here and condemned. come to your senses, this is firstly, and secondly, this is the first time in 8 years

How I Trained My Dog to be LEFT ALONE in the House!

I don’t understand how you can leave a cat alone? And who will change the tray? It seems to me that it is better to give the dog to a friend, otherwise he will die of melancholy.

I am the author. Something the nickname is not printed.) Girls, thank you very much for your participation and advice, I know that many people leave at the zoological hotel, but I’m afraid my dog ​​will be shocked at all)) he is also tame, I still don’t let go of my house at all and when I wander around the city on unimportant matters, he sleeps with me in the car, is too attached (all night I was thinking what to do, I’ll probably ask the housekeeper to live with us for these 3 days with the dog, as all the members leave for May holidays families.Girls who wrote that they left the dogs, and what kind of breeds are they? Yorkies with a fine mental organization)) thanks again girls

I work full time. Can i have a dog??

Many dream about a dog However, they abandon this idea, once again rethinking their own way of life. To work. early in the morning, eight hours in the office, and there the insidious boss asks to stay overtime, plus the road. an hour there, an hour back, but through traffic jams! I want to cry! Let’s read a new article from our British colleagues. they tried to analyze the situation in detail.

Trying to choose a suitable breed of puppy. Well, we are faced with a difficult task. Life circumstances are not very conducive to the establishment of a dog and full care of it. So, we will choose from breeds whose representatives tolerate loneliness well and know how to entertain themselves.

Of course, we will not choose dogs of mobile, energetic breeds, in need of constant physical and mental exercise, thirsty for constant ebullient activity. Therefore, we will sweep aside Siberian huskies, beagles and the like! Although there were exceptions!

Thinking about age. Perhaps there is a direct reason to bring home an adult dog. it will much more easily adapt to all the vicissitudes of both yours and your future life. The animal is already completely independent and will definitely not need petty care. But what to do if you really want a puppy?

Puppies, especially purebred ones, are not recommended to be separated from their mothers before the age of twelve weeks. In your situation, the age threshold needs to be raised even more. up to fifteen weeks. Only then can you count on success.!

Small puppies experience loneliness very hard, they cannot stand even a couple of hours in four walls, being left to themselves. In this regard, grown-up puppies are definitely preferable.

You brought the puppy home. The best thing you can do is take a couple of weeks of vacation so that your little one will somehow adapt to his new home. During this time, you need to do a lot. Most importantly, start accustoming your puppy to the idea that soon he will have to be alone. Move gradually. first leave the puppy for a short period of time, then gradually increase it. Remember to reward your baby.

Use this period wisely. And act with an eye to the fact that you will soon be at work. do not spend this time playing, having fun, hugging and kissing. After all, one morning you will close the door and leave, but how to explain to the puppy that the time of long loneliness is coming? So we suggest that you devote this time to simple, but important things: show the puppy his place, where there are bowls of food and water, toys and other available entertainment.

How long can the puppy be left alone? Leading experts agree that even an adult dog should not be left alone for more than four hours. What can we say about a puppy with a fragile psyche!

Of course, it is better to honestly explain the circumstances to the management or colleagues. Perhaps you work close to home, can be absent for ten to fifteen minutes during the day to visit a small pet and take a walk with him. If this is not possible, ask someone from close friends and acquaintances, as an option, contact a specialized agency. Using the services of a specially trained employee is perhaps the most suitable idea! Explain what you need. check whether your four-legged friend is full and walk with him for half an hour at lunch. We will not advise you to change your place of work and find something closer to home! Everyone has their own reasons. But if you have already decided to have a dog, think about how best to adapt to the changed circumstances.

It may be that not everything is so bad! Do you have unemployed relatives or are you friends with a retired neighbor who will respond to your requests? Work through and use all the options, stop at the most appropriate!

Entertaining the puppy. During these two weeks, try to figure out and understand what gives your little pet pleasure. Shop for a variety of toys, from the simplest plastic balls and bones to the latest interactive ones. See for yourself how it works and train your puppy. these toys will become his best friends. Choose those that are guaranteed to keep your baby out of boredom.

Potential problems. Be prepared for the fact that you will surely face problems, you cannot get away from them in your situation. Do not be surprised if, after returning from work, you find the apartment completely destroyed. Do not punish your puppy when he goes to the toilet where the need is. Resign yourself if your young friend is showing concern and anxiety. On the contrary, it will be strange if you do not face all this. The recipes are the same. time and patience. Use the weekend to your advantage, teach your friend new and useful things. Is it really bad? Take the rest of the vacation days, ask again for help. from family, friends or neighbors. Yes, all this is very difficult, but there are no unsolvable problems.!