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Clothes For Chihuahua Do It Yourself Sewing Patterns

A mini-dog for daily walks will need

  • Warm jumpsuit with a hood for frosty days; a warm vest or sweater for the Chihuahua in the off-season; a cape. a raincoat when it is damp and cloudy; light T-shirts (for a boy) or dresses (for a girl) in the heat; knitted hats or sewn caps, socks or comfortable “shoes”, etc.

There are designers who dictate fashion for four-legged friends, followed by adherents of this breed. Need a little experience in sewing. for yourself or dolls. If you know how to hold a needle in your hands, it is worth deciding on a “dog studio”. A hobby will become an exciting hobby or additional income. this is how all the masters of the industry began.

  • Tip: Try to sew carefully, little experience. practice on old things. It won’t work. it’s not a pity to throw it away. Further it will turn out better if you try for your pet.

Sometimes it is useful to rip one product at the seams in order to cut several others on it, having considered how the craftsmen sewed it. We suggest using a master class for motivation. Now we will tell you how to knit a sweater or jumpsuit for your little friend.

We knit a sweater for a Chihuahua on our own according to patterns

As you know, only jersey made of natural yarn or mixed yarn warms:
natural wool; mohair or dog down (after molting and combing out); acrylic wool (has similar properties); cotton, rayon or linen base.

Synthetic jersey will not be warming, but it is suitable for cool environments and fall days. It is better to choose the color of the yarn in a calm, natural range. Knitting patterns. smooth hosiery, alternating with pigtails and a simple elastic band that does not hinder movement. You can make leather and fur inserts, it looks expensive and elegant.

If there are items to dissolve, new bobbins and skeins are not worth buying. Pom poms, tassels and laces will go for strings and decor. Two types of yarn are suitable for stripes and combined parts. From an old downy hat with a lapel, a pullover or a knitted suit for a baby will come out, as in the photo.

A warm jumpsuit for a Chihuahua is easy to knit, if you have experience, no patterns are needed:
We knit the upper part according to the measure of the volume of the body, leaving rounded slots for the legs. We tie the neck with an elastic band, leaving it wide, it should not interfere with the swallowing functions. From the finished top with completed short sleeves, we collect a row and knit towards the tail and hind legs.

From the back, dial in addition under each hind leg, knit with decreasing. cones under the hind legs. Next, we make out the cutout under the belly with an elastic band, so that it turns out neatly, as in the photo.

Knitting clothes for a Chihuahua is a pleasure, no special skills are needed, after the first thing you will want to add new ones. The most convenient is the twisted yarn of medium thickness for handwork and knitting needles No.3 or a crochet with the same number. Each needlewoman decides for herself regarding the decor for knitwear.

Interesting ideas are selected in our gallery.

How much clothes do you need

The culture of keeping pets in the city involves walking at least 3 times a day. This is necessary for the administration of natural needs, non-verbal communication with wildlife and the development of the emotional component of the character of animals. But the weather is changeable, you have to adapt to it, choosing capes, overalls and sweaters for the Chihuahua for the season, as in the photo.

If a small dog has grown up in an enclosed space without a collar or harness, is not used to dog clothes and shoes, it may for some time resist the owner’s desire to wear him. This is a matter of habit, the “” pet will be warm and comfortable in frosty and rainy weather under the vestments.

The first steps of a furry in wool socks or leather slippers will be awkward. Do not back down to adapt it to dog shoes.

It is much easier to teach puppies to costumes than grown-up individuals. But they will not immediately “appreciate” the desire of the owners to shelter the trembling creatures from the weather. The adaptation of a miniature creature to a harness, blanket or rain cape goes well. They do not impede movement during departure, they are needed, protecting the coat from getting wet.

A small Chihuahua is considered “glamorous”, it is advisable to dress up according to the style of its owner. Looks good if in some elements the appearance of a cute pet imitates the girl who walks it.

The sporty style or color of the jacket, the hem of the hood, pebbles or sequins in the trim can be repeated. Decorating is not for everyone, the dog should look stricter, and the girl should be more romantic than her mistress.

How to knit a chihuahua sweater. How to choose the style and shade of the kit depends on the season and the taste of the owners. There are practical robes for slush and lush vestments for going out and on special occasions.

How to knit a jumpsuit and sweater for a Chihuahua

Skeptics question the need for a seasonal wardrobe for purebred dogs and indoor keeping. But shivering fluffy Chihuahua puppies always evoke the intent to keep them warm. So let’s see how to knit a fashionable jumpsuit or a cute sweater for a Chihuahua and not only protect it from cloudy weather, but also please yourself with a bright and original costume for your pet.

The proposal to protect little four-legged friends from the cold and rain came from the breeders of this breed. Buy, knit or sew a do-it-yourself jumpsuit or sweater for a Chihuahua, as well as patterns and patterns, fabrics and yarn. all of these are of interest to those who have recently acquired a miniature four-legged friend.

What to make a wardrobe or a sweater for a Chihuahua

You can knit a sweater for your Chihuahua from old knitwear, not knowing how to knit. A good slip-on vest for a puppy is made from a hand-woven sock (thick twisted yarn). It remains to add cutouts for the paws, and decorate the edges of the product.

You don’t have to buy new yarns or fabrics. A warm vest or overalls will come out of the sleeves of an old mistress’s jacket, and an elegant dress will come out of a T-shirt. The things that are marked out for the dog’s “cut” must be washed, ironed and ripped at the seams. This will be the basis on which the patterns are transferred, as in the photo. an example.

Basic measurements are taken with an elastic measuring tape:
neck volume (at the base in a wide area); paws length (from base to first pad); body volume (under the front legs); back length (from the root of the tail to the first cervical vertebra); waist circumference (belly at the hind legs).

It is not necessary to tinker “for growth”, all clothes are sewn for the season. They should be close to the body, but loose and quite comfortable. A lot of design details will burden the dog.

It is easy to use ready-made drawings, but they always have to be adjusted to your own measurements, taking into account the various characteristics of the type of breed for your Chihuahua:
floor; age; body features (stocky, thin).

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Patterns for girls and boys (any breed) differ in the depth of the cutout for the urethra. Using ready-made patterns for the Chihuahua, specify where the top (to the neck) and back (to the tail) are. On the belly for the dog, they sew with a cutout so as not to get dirty when he urinates.

How to knit a chihuahua jumpsuit yourself

Warm vestments from head to tail will be needed for winter walks. It seems that it is more difficult to sew it than a summer one. because of the edge, lining and fastening. But their patterns are almost the same. To make an unlined garment, it is recommended that you choose double-sided faux fur.

Tip: Neatly seamed denim seams or neat edging will eliminate the need for lining.

Please note that in jeans and jackets, a placket is sewn under zippers. This is more important for dogs than for people. the fur will not fall into the “teeth”.

To knit a warm chihuahua overalls you will need:
pattern. a scheme (ready-made or independently built); thick or washable fabric; strong thread # 40 (standard for sewing); a sewing machine or needle for sewing with your own hands; scissors, square, chalk or thin remnant for cutting; fastener. zipper, Velcro and buttons.

Recall that the pattern is transferred to the fabric, leaving allowances for the seams. Before sewing, it is recommended to baste the product so that the seams lie flat and the details match. The main thing is to carefully process the edges.

If conceived, pull a lace along the edge, sew on a fur trim and decor. Ready-made examples and explanations on how to knit a jumpsuit or a Chihuahua sweater with your own hands will help you figure out how to make adjustments to the measurements.

Chihuahua clothes, even with their own hands, are not so complicated, for an easier process, a master class:

Dog Clothes Patterns

Almost every piece needs its own pattern. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the details, so we offer a more versatile version of a jumpsuit with a. The main thing to do is to adapt it to the parameters of your dog.

For those who are trying to sew something with their own hands for the first time and are worried that they will not be able to calculate the correct size of the pattern, we suggest using the simplest pattern. To do this, you need to take the following measurements from your dog:

  • Back length;
  • Chest circumference.

Divide the back length by ten to get the side of the square. Use this to create your own pattern. It is better to do it on a piece of paper and first draw a grid. Only then proceed to drawing dots. Please note that the back should be in two pieces and the fabric for the belly should be one piece.

The following patterns are great for small dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and others.

Knitted clothes for dogs

Beautiful and functional clothes for a dog can not only be sewn, but also knitted with your own hands. It will be a little more difficult to do this, but the result is worth it.

Experts recommend using knitted clothes in the fall season, and in the winter season, just put them on under a non-blown jumpsuit. Also pay attention to the quality of the threads, as they should protect from the cold and not interfere with the absorption of sweat. It is very important for your dog’s health and comfort.

There are many different varieties of knitted clothing for dogs. We have selected several ideas for you, among which you can find something suitable for your pet.

How to make clothes for dogs with your own hands?

Before adopting a dog, be sure to think about whether you are ready to provide it with proper care. This applies not only to food, walks and visits to the veterinarian, but also to the purchase of special clothing. Indeed, in the modern world, it is considered an indispensable element of keeping a dog. However, even with minimal sewing or knitting skills, you can make such clothes yourself.

DIY clothes for small dogs

Sewing clothes for small dogs can be a little tricky as there will be small details. But nevertheless, if done correctly, the result will be worthwhile.

Dachshund blanket

Despite the fact that dachshunds are hunting dogs, they definitely need clothes. Especially in cold and rainy weather, the lower torso freezes very quickly. Therefore, the blanket is an ideal option that does not hinder movement. Even if your dog is not accustomed to clothes, putting on this product will be very simple and quick.

Yorkshire terrier jumpsuit

To create a cute jumpsuit for your dog, find the right quality material and measure it. This type of clothing is best for cool weather.

Note that the pattern has four pieces. Their sizes will depend on the measurements of your terrier. So shoot them properly. It is also worth noting that the jumpsuit has a zipper on the back. This option is great for this breed, as dogs are often very playful and sometimes even capricious.

Jumpsuit for chihuahua

The cute, playful Chihuahua dogs especially need the right clothing for the fall / winter season. Therefore, for this breed, it is better to make several options. One of the most necessary will be a warmed overalls. You can even make a model with a hood if you want. Thanks to this, the dog will be able to walk longer and will be protected from gusts of wind.

How to take measurements and choose the right material?

The choice of material depends on what kind of weather you are going to make clothes for. For example, for walking, it is very important to choose fabrics that are easy to clean and wash. Due to this, its service life will be significantly longer.

For the fall season, it is better to look at a single layer material that will protect the wool from slush and dirt. This is especially true for dogs with long hair or dwarf.

In the winter season, the task of clothing is somewhat different. Therefore, it must necessarily have insulation. For example, synthetic winterizer, synthetic winterizer or fleece. Such products are in demand among owners of small and smooth-haired dogs.

In general, it is believed that it is better to choose cotton from natural fabrics, and from artificial microfiber, polyester and viscose. Satin and silk are suitable as a lining, as they do not allow wool to tangle.

As for the measurements, in fact it is not difficult to do this. The main thing is that the animal is in a standing position and only on a flat surface. Also, for sewing products, you may need different measurements, so pay attention to the photo.

The meaning of all measurements shown in the picture:

  • Back length is the distance from the withers to the base of the tail.
  • Neck girth suggests that you need to measure at the widest point on the neck. This can be done simply by measuring the collar.
  • Chest circumference is also measured at its widest point.
  • Waist.
  • Belly length for bitches.
  • Chest width (distance between the bases of the humerus).
  • The length of the front legs is measured exclusively from the base.
  • The length of the hind legs should be measured according to the same principle.
  • Belly length for males.
  • The distance between the ears for sewing headgear.
  • Head circumference.
  • Muzzle circumference.

The subtleties of creating clothes for dogs

When choosing a non-elastic material for sewing, be sure to add a few centimeters on each side of the garment. This is necessary so that clothes do not hinder movement, especially in the throat and chest.

Also, various fasteners and Velcro are best placed on the back. This is necessary not only for the dog, but also for you, as the dressing process will be much easier and more comfortable. In addition, if your pet is long-haired, then make sure that the fasteners do not catch. If desired, you can sew on buttons or baby liposki.

Of course, the process of sewing clothes for a dog is very laborious. But at the same time, thanks to this, you can significantly save money and purchase another toy for your pet.

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Sewing instructions

It should be noted that the models for boys and girls differ according to the anatomical features: in chish girls, the abdomen is completely closed, in boys it is open to the beginning of the chest. That allows girls to keep warm, and boys not to get their clothes dirty.

In males, a large leg width is designed for unhindered lifting of the paw. Zippers and fasteners are best placed on the back, so it’s easier to dress and undress your pet.

Taking measurements

For products that are planned to be made, measurements are taken:

  • Neck girth;
  • Back length;
  • Chest girth;
  • Hind leg girth.

Leave 3-5 cm for allowances and a loose fit. To measure the girth of the neck, put on a collar without tightening it tightly. The length of the back is marked from the collar to the base of the tail. The ribcage is measured behind the elbows. Hind leg circumference is calculated over the widest part of the thigh, with allowance for free movement.

For simple knits, such as a sweater, two measurements are enough. the girth of the neck and the depth of the chest (by Magic Family).


To make a jumpsuit for a mini Chihuahua, a life-size pattern is first made on paper. It is better for beginners to take a ready-made pattern.

  • We make additional measurements: paws length, wrist and waist circumference.
  • We clarify the parameters of our dog, transfer to paper.

Necessary materials

  • Indoors, a Chihuahua is put on a T-shirt or robe made of thin stretchy fabric, for example, knitted. This achieves two goals. hair does not fall off the dog, and it does not freeze.
  • For walking, it is preferable to choose a jumpsuit (for winter time) or a raincoat (for off-season slush). It is more convenient if the sleeves are long, reaching the wrist joint. The advantages of such clothes are that it is easier for the owner to remove and wash street clothes than to wash and dry the dog’s paws and belly.
  • For a winter suit, take a dense, water-repellent fabric so that the dried dirt can be easily shaken off with a brush. As a heater, a synthetic winterizer is needed that is suitable in thickness. For the lining, a soft fabric such as a bike is chosen, or, which is better for long-haired dogs, who roll their own fur in a jumpsuit. a sliding fabric such as silk or satin.
  • Summer jumpsuit can be made of lightweight fabric that is breathable, but protects from dust. The fabric of the raincoat should be lightweight, water-repellent, easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • In dry, cold weather, the Chihuahua can be dressed in knitted clothes: sweater, blouse, dress and hat with or without ear holes. Knitting yarn should be soft, allergy-free, such as mohair. Can be knitted or crocheted.
  • Modern dogs also wear shoes. The presence of this accessory is especially important in megalopolises, where snow and ice are abundantly filled with reagents. In other weather conditions, limb protection is a great time saver. It is much easier to wipe the soles of sandals than to thoroughly rinse and dry the feet.

Schemes and patterns. Knitted sweater

Knits in the same way as a blouse, but it is possible from one piece. round. On the lower back, you can lengthen the product by continuing the rows.

How to sew and knit clothes for a Chihuahua with your own hands?


  • We cast on the needles 10 loops, we knit several rows.
  • We measure the area of ​​the resulting probe with a ruler. According to the measurements of the dog, we calculate the number of neck loops.
  • For a better fit, it is better to knit the neck with an elastic band (two purl loops, two front loops).
  • We knit up to shoulder level, add the required number of loops with a crochet, remove the loops on the back, so as not to get a “hump”.
  • We form slots for paws, closing symmetrically the required number of loops.
  • It is better to make the hole larger, as too narrow a hole will cause constrained movements and rub the skin of the armpits.
  • We knit from the armhole so that the body area to the groin fold is covered.
  • Finishing the blouse with a viscous “elastic band”.
  • We knit a bar, taking into account the slots for the buttons. A detailed knitting pattern for a blouse or sweater is shown in the photo below.

Do-it-yourself knitted clothes for dogs: patterns, where to start

To knit clothes for small dogs, you first need to decide on a pattern and pattern. Most often, jumpsuit or blankets are knitted on small dogs. Knitting technology for dachshunds and chihuahuas is simple, but you need to know at least a little how to crochet or knit. Knitting patterns for dogs can be found on the Internet and in specialized knitting literature, for example, in magazines for those who knit. To knit clothes for a dachshund or toy terrier, you need to prepare everything you need for knitting.

You also need to brush up on basic crochet or knitting skills. Someone likes to crochet more, while others, on the contrary, prefer knitting. The main thing is to knit with soul, then it will be quite easy to knit elegant overalls. It doesn’t matter what to choose, knitting needles or a hook. The one who is better at knitting needles should choose knitting needles, and vice versa. For knitting you will need:

  • Knitting needles or crochet hook. It all depends on what kind of knitting tool the owner of the dog prefers;
  • Yarn. It must be remembered that, in addition to performing a purely decorative function, costumes for small dogs must necessarily protect the animal from cold, wind, rain. At the same time, small dogs do not always have perfect thermoregulation mechanisms, so they should not be overheated. In this regard, it is better to choose natural, dense enough yarn, and synthetics are best avoided so that the animal does not sweat;
  • Knitting pattern, provided with a detailed description, photos, step by step instructions;
  • Decor elements. The hostess can decorate the outfits for small dogs to her taste. Appliques and large crocheted decorative elements, such as flowers, will do. Attention: it is strictly forbidden to use such elements as small beads, beads, sequins in the decor of dog clothes, because the dog can tear them off with his teeth and swallow or accidentally inhale, and this is fraught with tragedy. Therefore, the choice of decor must be taken very carefully.

Stages of work

In order to knit beautiful clothes for decorative dogs, you need to start by choosing patterns and patterns. You can find all the materials on the Internet, or you can borrow models of original overalls and blouses in magazines on the topic of children’s clothing. The main thing is to adapt children’s models to the physiological and anatomical features of the body of a small dog. Having decided on the pattern and pattern, you can get to work. The work consists of the following stages:

  • Take measurements from your pet. You can take measurements with a tape-centimeter. This should only be done if the little dog is calm. If the dog spins, jumps, then the measurement results may be unreliable, therefore, in this case, taking measurements should be postponed until a more convenient occasion;
  • If a decision is made to sew clothes for a pet, the pattern must be transferred to the fabric. If you decide to knit the outfit, you need to prepare a diagram and carefully study it, having dealt with all the symbols. For convenience, the diagram can be enlarged on a computer and printed on thick paper in an enlarged form;
  • Next, you should start the most important work. sewing or knitting. In any case, both when sewing and when knitting, it is necessary to take into account seam allowances so that there are no surprises and mismatches in size when the individual parts of the suit are sewn into one piece;
  • And finally, the most interesting stage of the work is decorating smart clothes. Here the hostess can use all her imagination. You can decorate clothes for dogs with embroidery, appliqué, the only condition: the decor should not have small details that the dog can easily bite off, and there should not be long ribbons in which the animal can get entangled and inadvertently get injured. In short, when decorating dog clothes, you need to follow the same rules as when decorating clothes for small children.
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When making costumes, be sure to keep in mind that dog suits should be comfortable and not hinder the pet’s movements. In a suit, the dog should feel as comfortable as possible. If a smart jumpsuit prevents your little one from running, jumping, digging holes and other ways to have fun on a walk, it may be better to give up pretty clothes in favor of a simpler but more comfortable option. There is a simple rule to follow: clothes for a dog, not a dog for clothes.

Practical advice

Clothes for small dogs are not easy to knit, but for protection from cold and wind. Therefore, it is better to knit it from warm wool. It is necessary to ensure that the knitting density is the same all the time, then the knitting will turn out beautiful. When a novice craftswoman knits clothes for a dog, she should focus on the pattern, then it will be easier to knit.

When making clothes for dogs, attention should be paid primarily to comfort and warmth, and decorative functions can fade into the background. For a walk, you can dress a small dog in such a way that it is convenient for her to show her dog’s joy: to jump, run, have fun. In addition, in no case should you overheat the dog, because it can get heatstroke. It is necessary to dress the dog just before the walk, because if you dress it in advance, the animal will sweat and can easily catch a cold after going outside.

Clothes for a dog should be smart and beautiful, and the animal must like it. If the hostess notices that the dog, after dressing, shows pronounced anxiety, whines, spins, as if she is pressing something, perhaps the clothes do not fit in size or are made of the wrong material. This must be taken into account, because if the dog does not like the clothes, in no case should the animal be forced to wear the wrong suit.

DIY dog clothes for beginners # 129373; cut suits for small dogs boys and girls

Recently, such a hobby as making clothes for small dogs (for example, for a Chihuahua) with their own hands has become increasingly popular. Small dogs (toy terriers, chihuahuas and other breeds) are happy to wear knitted clothes that their mistresses have tied with their own hands (knitting needles or crocheting) according to a ready-made pattern or pattern. Small dogs are happy to wear blankets, knitted or crocheted, as well as overalls and other types of clothing.

It is quite easy to knit clothes for small dachshuas, Chihuahuas and other dogs, the main thing is to choose the simplest scheme and pattern and master class step by step. And then crocheting or knitting will turn into pleasure. It is very interesting to knit blankets and overalls for small dogs according to a ready-made pattern or pattern. A dachshund or a toy terrier will certainly be delighted with a new blanket or smart jumpsuit crocheted or knitted with your own hands. If you knit clothes such as a jumpsuit or blanket for a dog with your own hands, the dog will definitely not freeze on the street. Therefore, knitting on small dogs is undoubtedly worth it. A jumpsuit, dress or coat will decorate your puppy and keep him warm.

Useful Tips

To make the clothes for the dog look beautiful, elegant, comfortable, it is recommended to look for models on specialized Internet sites dedicated to decorative small dogs. Also, before you sew clothes for your baby, it is recommended to show the dog to the veterinarian and ask what clothes the doctor will recommend for her. The veterinarian will certainly give recommendations on how to dress the animal during the cold period, and will tell you how to prevent overheating or, conversely, hypothermia.

To knit it was easy, convenient, interesting, you must definitely choose a suitable pattern, in accordance with the level of training of the needlewoman. If something does not work out, it is better to choose a simpler pattern or pattern. In general, clothes for decorative dogs are not difficult to manufacture and are fairly uniform.

A costume for a decorative dog is not a luxury, but a necessity, because without warm clothes, a dog can easily catch a cold in winter. They are as gentle and sensitive as small children, so you must make sure that your pet is always dressed in appropriate clothing for the occasion and the weather. Correct clothing is the key to the health and long life of a small animal, the well-being of which is entirely in the hands of the owner. This is the reason for the growing popularity of elegant clothes for small pets.

Purpose of clothing for dogs

The outfit for a four-legged friend is not only a touching product that is created for beauty. It should be understood that dogs, like humans, are sensitive to hypothermia. To protect your pet’s health, you should get a wardrobe for him to dress him up. Paw pads are also sensitive, so knitted socks will not interfere.

Chihuahua clothing is distinguished by its sophistication and cute appearance due to its small size. Buying doggie products can be expensive, so you can sew the outfits yourself. With ready-made patterns, everything is very simple. Decorating ready-made clothes will be a real holiday of fantasy.

You can come up with an individual style for the dog. over, each outfit will be a real exclusive. Rest assured that your pet will become a fashion icon with just a little effort.

Chihuahua clothing sewing patterns

All lovers of small four-footed pets know about the Chihuahua breed. These are the cutest tiny-sized dogs that have managed to become the most outstanding of their kind. the most dwarf breed.

Beautiful creatures are very sensitive to cold, so caring owners are in a hurry to dress their pets in warm outfits. It sounds funny, but now there is even a dog fashion! Famous designers create unique clothing models for the Chihuahua, in which the dogs look simply unique.

What to sew?

What to sew to your Chihuahua, first of all? If the tailed model has nothing in her wardrobe yet, you should immediately start working on warm clothes. Then the dog will not be afraid of the cold. Winter overalls for the Chihuahua are popular. They fit snugly to the body and do not let the wind and coolness pass through. Also, pants and a sweatshirt for walking in the autumn and winter park will not interfere.

For vestments to be truly warming, you need to think carefully about the fabric. The material should be pleasing to the dog so that he does not give up later on new outfits.

Fleece, synthetic winterizer and plush are perfect. They are pleasant to the touch and very warm. From them, it will just turn out to create excellent clothes for the cold weather. Coats and fur coats will also delight the tailed pet. Even hats will come in handy.

For a summer wardrobe, crochet openwork things are suitable. Bright colors will be harmonious for the warm season.

It will take about a couple of hours to create one blouse or pants. Let your Chihuahua baby inspire creative exploits!

Determining the size of the dog

To create outfits for the Chihuahua, you need to determine the size of the dog. You should not sew products “by eye”: if the clothes are not in size, they will not sit nicely on the figure. The dog will not look like this. There is a special algorithm for determining the size: it is necessary to measure, first of all, the length of the back. This is a key parameter when creating overalls.

For blouses, you should focus on chest volume and neck coverage. A special table of clothing sizes for the Chihuahua is presented below:

Sometimes there are non-standard shapes. In this case, pattern patterns should be individual, so that the thing is suitable for your dog.