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DIY automatic drinker for cats

How to make a drinker with your own hands: instructions

From various trim materials of furniture structures, include the following parts for creating a do-it-yourself drink:

  • Robust and stable platform.
  • Rack.
  • Stable support bottle.

To support the bottle, you will need to cut a groove in the shape of a rectangle, which then expands under a cone. Such an element delivers complete stability in an overturned state. All prepared parts are fastened with PVA glue. After the work done, you need to pour clean water there. Cover the neck with a stopper or finger. Tilt the container and place it in the drinker above the bowl, then open the hole and the water will start pouring out on its own for a certain amount.

Automatic drinkers for cats

Pets such as cats have a special dietary need. If suddenly there is a violation of nutrition or drinking regimen, then this can result in very serious problems for your beloved animal.

In addition to a balanced diet, care must be taken to ensure that the cat has clean drinking water at all times. Many felines have a wayward character and disposition, thereby demonstrating their behavior in an unusual way, since they can drink water from the tap, from the bathroom, there have been cases that they even drank from the toilet.

Automatic Pet Waterer

automatic, drinker, cats

Automatic drinkers for cats

But thereby they completely refuse to drink water from their own bowl and simply ignore all the actions of the owner, which are aimed at teaching to normally drink water, that is, to establish a full-fledged regime.

To avoid such situations, busy owners who cannot find the time to wash and update the water bowl, then an automatic water fountain for cats can help you. It filters and enriches the container with oxygen in a timely manner.

Automatic drinkers for cats

If you do not have the funds to purchase such a fountain, then in this case you just need to find time to wash the bowls, and 2-3 times at knocks.

The quality of an automatic drinker does not directly depend on the price indicated at the time of purchase, it must have the following criteria:

  • Work must take place without unnecessary noise.
  • Robust design.
  • Using only safe materials when crafting this item.
  • Using a specific filtering scheme.
  • Full compliance with quality standards.

Automatic drinkers for cats

Automatic fountains for cats

An automatic drinker is a fountain that is arranged in such a way that the water there is supplied according to a certain principle established by the invention. Thus, the pet likes the process of this mechanism of work, and it contributes to the habituation of drinking water in the right amount necessary for the animal.

In order for such a drinking bowl to work correctly during operation, you will need to periodically clean it of dirt and fill it with clean water.

If you follow all the recommendations, then such a drinker will be able to bring the consumer as many benefits as possible, here are some of them:

  • Easy to use automatic drinker.
  • Water replenishment weekly.
  • Simple maintenance, which will consist in cleaning the container and rinsing the filter.

Automatic fountains for cats

Customer Reviews

Marina: The other day I decided to buy an automatic drinker of the DrinkWell Oridginal brand. Well, what can I say, she worked very quietly for two days, and now she began to make a loud noise, which is very disturbing. I had to completely disassemble and reassemble it. The amount of water in the container is normal, but the noise has not stopped. I no longer know what to do in such a situation. Of course, I was very upset. And my cat is also not very happy about such a change in such a short time.

Anton: I think such a fountain is an excellent purchase, now my cat has begun to drink water normally. And then he put him an ordinary bowl of water, but he turned his nose up and did not want to drink. It’s good that there are bowls of this type helped a lot. Still, this greatly affects the health of the animal if he does not drink water.

Mikhail: I bought many different fountains for my cat. But I decided to stop my taste for Lucky Kitty. Such a drinking bowl is perfectly cleaned, operates quietly and is economical to use. So now my cat has a choice, how now? she’s better off drinking water. Thank you for creating such a unique piece.


There are quite a few disadvantages, but still they are:

  • in the event of a power outage, the cat runs the risk of being left without water, since in such situations the drinking bowl turns off and no longer replenishes the amount of liquid in the tank;
  • filters need to be changed quite often. about twice a month, and this is an additional expense;
  • for some cat owners, a significant disadvantage may be the high cost of such sippy cups.

And remember that no matter what drinker you choose for your cat, it should always be clean. If you notice that your pet began to drink noticeably less water, then this is a reason to show it to the veterinarian.

And for those who want to make a drinker for a cat with their own hands, we suggest watching the following video.

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  • The cat has constant access to clean drinking water.
  • The device stimulates low drinkers pets to consume enough liquid.
  • Automatic drinkers are easy to maintain, safe and easy to use.
  • Thanks to the special design, the drinking fountains attract even the most fearful kittens, and at the same time, many devices have several drinking points, and therefore are suitable for animals of all ages and sizes.
  • If the tank runs out of water, the drinker turns off immediately, which allows it to be protected from overheating and burnout.
  • Some devices have a pressure regulator that helps to adapt the drinker to each individual pet.
  • Automatic cat drinkers constantly oxygenate the water.
  • There is no need to change the water after each pet’s approach to the tank, since the filters independently remove hair and food debris from it. Thus, the owner only needs to pour fresh water once a day.

DIY Drinking Bowl for Cats and Small Dogs. DIY Community on DRIVE2

For me, a solution was found. a homemade drinker.

Cutter 2. Drill or screwdriver (you can just use a heated awl or screwdriver, but not so neatly)

A feather on wood (it was just convenient for me to make a hole for the garden adapter, this is not necessary).

Aquarium sponge, garden adapter and hose

Let’s start, first we heat the cutter on the gas stove, and then carefully cut a hole for the sponge in our “trash can”.

Then, heating the drill, we make four holes for the suction cups from the bottom of our “trash can”, it is desirable that the diameter of the hole is slightly less than the suction cups themselves.

Using a wood pen, we will make a hole and mount the garden adapter (it has only an aesthetic function and it is convenient to guide the hose).

At the end, we will drill a small hole in the lid of the “trash can” and bring the wire out (the plug from the pump must be cut off, threaded into the drilled hole and then connected to a new plug).

Then we collect everything in a heap, the “trash can” in a plastic trough (suction cups are needed so as not to slip), we put a hose on the pump and bring it out through the garden adapter (there is a little trick, if the hose is made very short, then the water will gurgle, I like the silence. so I dipped it into the water itself).

Clean enough once a week, you only need to top up the water for a week and preferably use boiled or bottled water (then bacterial plaque will not form on the walls of the drinker like in aquariums). You can also connect to a timer and set the time for turning on and off the drinker (for example, it does not turn on at all at night).

Timer, the simplest, mechanical, hour works, hour is off, in summer it is on 24/7

From myself I want to add that outwardly the structure looks so-so, many guests ask what kind of bucket (((But on the other hand, the price comes out very reasonable ( 10 for everything), many materials were at home, I bought only a pump and a “trash can.” For a rented apartment, balcony or summer cottage (summer option) it is very convenient and budgetary. Thank you all for your attention! Best regards, Alexey

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Auto drinker for a cat or dog with your own hands

The idea of ​​an autodrinker is not new, but it needs to be made reliable and convenient. Using the trimmings of planed boards and a bottle of wine, it was possible to make an autodrinker. What happened, see below.

Cat’s House. All About Cats

Criterias of choice

In general, a high-quality drinking bowl for a cat must meet such requirements as quiet operation, reliability, a decent filtration system and full compliance with all quality standards in force today. over, the amount on the price tag should not depend on these criteria.

On a note! The automatic feeder should not scare away the cat either by foreign odors or high noise levels. A really high-quality device will allow you to quickly accustom even the most capricious animal to comply with the optimal drinking regimen!

Main types

There are many models of automatic cat drinkers. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of them:

    Drinking bowl. This is ideal for cats of any age and even small kittens will be very comfortable to drink from such a device. Water in these models either falls freely into the reservoir in a thin stream, or flows down the gutter in a stream. Such drinking bowls for cats are small and relatively light. Special non-slip feet prevent the device from shifting and tipping over.

Some models may have a jet pressure regulator

Drinking bowl for a cat for two bowls. The upper bowl is smaller in volume and size than the lower one, and at the same time has several depressions along the perimeter, through which water enters the lower level. In such devices, the sediments, as a rule, are completely immersed in water, and therefore practically do not make noise. These models are noticeably larger than the previous ones and have more drinking points, which makes them suitable for a large group of furry pets.

Such drinking bowls hold a large volume of water, and therefore the owner can be sure that none of his pet will be thirsty even on the hottest day.

Fountain-drinker for cats with a dome. In this device, the pump pushes the water out, after which it is on the dome, through which it flows down. Animals can lick liquid directly from this dome or drink from the reservoir located at the bottom of the structure.

Dome fountains are convenient in that they give the pet the opportunity to choose exactly how to drink water.

Drinking bowl for cats: an overview of popular models

The drinking bowl for cats, with constantly circulating water, has become a real salvation for those owners of fluffy pets, whose charges in most cases prefer to quench their thirst with tap water or even from the toilet. At the same time, the liquid, carefully poured into the bowl, remains intact, and it is simply impossible to convince the animal not to drink water of dubious quality. Such devices are also saved in other situations when the cat is a low drinker and does not want to consume the required amount of liquid.

Several options for how to make an automatic chicken feeder

Not all poultry farmers have the opportunity to constantly care for poultry, and if, for example, you breed chickens in the country, arriving once every few days, then it is advisable to automate the processes of supplying water and food as much as possible. A good solution to such problems would be an automatic drinker or a self-assembled feeder, and you can use improvised items to implement this venture. How to make a feeder correctly and what options for its creation exist. more on that later.

Principle of operation

Plastic products from bottles or pipes sometimes negatively affect the appearance of the chicken coop, and although this factor does not play a very important role in poultry breeding, some poultry breeders want to eliminate it.

This can be done with the help of an ordinary wooden automatic feeder (the grain enters the lower tray as soon as there is space in it) or you can go the more complicated way and make a wooden feeder with a pedal: the feed cell will open only after the chicken steps on the appropriate platform pedal.

With proper wood processing, wooden feeders can be installed in the yard without fear of precipitation.

Wooden feeder

Wooden automatic feeders are the most complex products of all the proposed options. You can get a high-quality and functional feed supply system only by accurately calculating all the sizes of individual parts of the wooden structure. The task is compounded by the need to work with wood and saw.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of such a feeder is extremely simple: the poultry farmer pours feed into the pipe through the upper opening, after which the grain enters the knee. As soon as the chickens peck a certain amount of food, another portion will appear from the pipe.

Principle of operation

Bunker feeder is a closed vertical container with a tray connected to it, where feed is poured in small portions. To prevent the chicken from getting inside and scattering food, the transition from the main part to the tray is intentionally made narrow, and the grain is poured as needed. Below we will consider several options for making such a dining room for birds, but in any of them it is important to properly fix the feeder so that it does not turn over and can be regularly removed for cleaning.

How to make

In each of these cases, you will need boards or thick plywood, screws and a screwdriver, but the complexity of the task will be different. Consider each of the options for creating a wooden car feeder.

Pipe feeder

Ordinary plastic water pipes of various diameters can also be considered a good material for making an automatic feeder. over, special connecting elements (for example, a knee) can be selected for them, which will only facilitate the process of creating.

Drinkwell D 360SS-EU-45

The device is made of stainless steel, the volume of the internal tank is 3.8 liters.

The device is equipped with two types of filters. Coal is designed to eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors, made of foam. retains any debris that gets into the water. wool, pieces of food.

Their purpose is to keep the fluid and pump clean. They need to be changed once or twice a month. If there are a lot of animals or some of the pets have copious salivation, then it is better to do it more often.

It is a large bowl with a central cone that closes the pump. Details are made of stainless steel. There are five special spout rings that fit on a cone and simulate a stream of water from a faucet.

Double bowl drinker

Represents two containers located one above the other. The small top bowl has holes through which the liquid flows freely into the large bottom.

The pump is used submersible, the device works silently. Such a drinking bowl is convenient when there are kittens in the house or many pets live, since the large volume and stability of the device allows everyone to drink at once.

Drinking bowl

This is an ordinary deep cup, where a stream of water freely falls from a height or flows down a special trough. Typically, the flow rate of the supplied fluid can be adjusted. These drinkers are convenient when there are one or two pets in the house.

Drinker selection criteria

When choosing an automatic device for providing animals with water, the following criteria must be followed:

Sititek Pets Uni


The uniqueness of the device is that it is equipped with a drinking bowl with a capacity of 1.8 liters and a tank for dry food, designed for 800 grams of mixture.

The manufacturer assures that pets quickly get used to this model and prefer to eat and drink only from it.

Replaceable double filters are provided, which are easy to install yourself. Usually, their average life is two months, but this indicator depends on the quality of the water.

A special pump allows you to regulate the pressure of the supplied fluid. This device is not silent, you can hear the murmur of water. Some animals are attracted to this sound and whet their appetite.

The case is durable, made of eco-friendly plastic, but only weighs 105 grams. That is, the weight of a fully filled device will be about 2.5 kilograms.

If there are several animals in the house, they will be able to move it, but they are unlikely to overturn.

Bottle and bowl model

For the simplest model, you will need a plastic bottle, a metal bowl and wooden planks.

A platform, a holder for a container with water and a support are made of wood. The hole in the support is cut in such a way that the neck of the bottle is firmly fixed.

All wooden blanks have grooves and tenons cut with a jigsaw. Then they are assembled into a single structure and fastened together with PVA glue. Then water is poured into a clean bottle, closed with a lid and placed upside down in a support above a metal bowl. For rigidity of the structure, the bottle is fixed to the holders with an elastic band.

The lid is opened, part of the water is immediately poured into the bowl. As the liquid in it runs out, it gradually enters the container from the bottle.

Mister Cat recommends: DIY cat drinker

In order not to spend money on purchasing an expensive device, you can easily make a drinking bowl for a cat with your own hands.

Drinkwell platinum

This device costs 6,000 rubles. The volume of the internal tank is large. 5 liters. Suitable for multiple pets.

The device is equipped with carbon filters for liquid purification, a silent pump for regulating the jet pressure. Water moves along a special gutter with a quiet murmur, attracting the attention of animals, and flows out of a special spout that imitates a water tap.

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Has several modes of operation, quickly and easily disassembled, all parts can be washed in a dishwasher.

When arranging a drinking regime for poultry, it is necessary to take into account that the made sippy cups are convenient for all ages of chickens and chickens.

Tools and necessary materials to be used:

  • Shallow plastic bowl for chickens to drink freely.
  • Screwdriver.
  • With screws.
  • Cutting tool.

How is a do-it-yourself drinking bowl for chickens made from a plastic bottle? Take a plastic bottle with a volume of 2.5 liters, stepping back 15 cm from the neck of the flask, make a puncture with an awl to make a through hole. Cut the bottom of the flask with a sharp knife, then you can pour water into it here.

Attach the bottle cap with a fastener to the bottom of the bowl. Pour water into a bottle, now water will begin to flow from the punctured holes into the bowl. When the liquid reaches the edge of the bowl, the water stops pouring out. A fly-board should be placed in front of the bottle for the chicks to drink from the bowl.

Drinking bowl made of plastic pipes

This do-it-yourself chickens drinker is on the construction and repair portal. As a rule, all ingenious inventions are distinguished by their simplicity. This can also be said about the use of plastic pipes for the manufacture of drinking bowls. There are many advantages of such drinking bowls for chickens. first of all, it is the simplicity of the design, the cheapness of materials and reliability. Consider the step-by-step process of making a drinker from plastic pipes.

You will need a plastic pipe for the drinker. In this case, a 1.5-meter pipe is used, the diameter of which is 15 cm. A plug is installed at one end, and a bend at the other. Using a building level, draw a straight line on the pipe (on both sides of the level) with a marker.

Next, you will need a small rectangular block. Use it to make marks for future holes, as shown in the figure. Mark with a cross those parts that do not need to be cut, or vice versa, so as not to make a mistake and not ruin the pipe.

Marks for future holes Use a drill or screwdriver to make small holes around the edges of the marked rectangle. To prevent the drill from jumping off, you can first make a small indentation with a nail or awl.

Drilling holes according to the markings.

After making the holes, use a jigsaw to cut the desired shape on the surface of the pipe. All the resulting irregularities at the cut site must be sanded.

Using a jigsaw for cutting.

After cutting out all the necessary holes, install special latches or latches, which then attach to a wooden stand. It is not worth saving on these elements, so that later you do not have to pay twice. After that, the finished structure can be placed on the ground, and water can be added through the bend.

Simple do-it-yourself drinking bowl for chickens from a bucket

If you do not want to bother too much about making a drinker or spend money on special devices, then a do-it-yourself drinking bowl for chickens is made from an old bucket (necessarily whole).

Holes are cut at the bottom of the bucket

Then such a cover is screwed on

There are certain guidelines that must be followed to protect the structure from contamination. First of all, when making a drinker and choosing materials, make sure that the upper edge of the structure is level with the back of the reared chickens. It is also possible to connect two structural members using aluminum wire or strong rope for convenience.

On a note! Depending on the temperature in the hen house or the feed used, the dimensions of the drinker may differ. For example, if the temperature in the room does not drop below 18 degrees, then the volume of water in the device should not exceed 300 ml. Based on this, you can decide what size drinker you need.

Homemade drinker for chickens do it yourself from a can.

You can also make a simple drinker in another way. To do this, take a paint bucket and a tray from a flower pot. You just need to make sure that the size of the pallet is larger than the bucket itself. At a distance of about 1 cm from the lid in the container and its rim, you need to make a small hole.

After that, pour some water into the bucket and close the lid. Then carefully, placing the tray with the inside on the lid, turn the bucket of water over. Gradually, water will accumulate in the pan from the two holes made. Once the liquid level reaches the holes, no water will flow out. When the birds drink water from the drinker, the sump will be refilled again.

DIY siphon drinker for chickens

Siphon water supply. Where there are few chickens and chickens (about 10), it is very beneficial to use a siphon drinker. For its manufacture, a siphon system is needed. To make such a structure you will need:

  • Shallow Rimmed Plastic Bowl.
  • 5 liter plastic flask.

Take a bottle and drill at the very bottom. The hole in the bottle should not be higher than the rim of the bowl so that it does not overflow. Put the flask in the prepared bowl, and with the hole closed with your finger, pour water to the top. Water will suddenly gush out from the opening of the flask, but its flow will stop at a certain level of the sides of the bowl. When the space between the sides of the bowl and container is full, the water level will remain above the holes.

After the chickens start drinking water, the liquid in the bowl will decrease, the hole in the wall of the flask will begin to fill with air, the air pressure will change, and the bowl will be replenished with water. Five liters of water for 10 chickens is enough per day.

The liquid will drain from the bowl, and the bowl will gradually begin to fill from the punctures. The design of the siphon liquid supply is not a complete scheme, therefore, drinkers with a nipple liquid supply have replaced.

Security measures

High-quality, comfortable drinking bowls for chickens must be safe and not injure the bird’s beaks. Safety in the chicken coop should be observed. Drinkers should be made of high quality plastic material. It is not allowed to manufacture a metal container with burrs, so as not to injure the bird.

When making drinkers for chickens and chickens, broilers, the edges of the drinker must be carefully processed so that the birds cannot get hurt. The rim of the bowl should be smooth or a rubber rim should be worn over it.

DIY#111 Automatic Feeder And Waterer for Dogs & Cats My Own Idea Using Recycled Materials

There are safety measures in the winter. There must be protection so that the water cannot freeze in frost. You can provide heat by making a heating element, which must be placed under a container of water, or using an aquarium heater.

Vacuum drinker for chickens made of plastic flasks

Requirements for a vacuum device of two plastic flasks.

To prevent garbage from getting into the water for birds, a do-it-yourself drinking bowl is made for chickens, convenient for chickens, layers and broilers:

  • Drinker should be a closed device.
  • Convenient access to a watering hole for chickens and chickens.
  • The container with water in the poultry house should not turn over and break with a possible attack of birds.

The design of a vacuum drinker from two plastic flasks is very easy to make!

Take a plastic flask with a volume of six liters and cut off from the cork along the first corrugation on the surface of the flask, it will look like a bowl. Pick up a smaller 2.0 liter plastic bottle, turn it over and insert it into the bowl. Drill and drill 8 mm holes on both covers. Fix the connected two caps of both bottles with two bolts.

With an awl, pierce a smaller bottle, stepping back 10 cm from the cork, you can slightly higher. Collect water in smaller flask until punctured. Take a bowl from a large bottle and screw it on top of a smaller container, then turn it over. Water from the punctures will begin to flow into the bowl. As soon as it is full, the water will stop pouring, and when the level in the bowl decreases, the liquid will again flow through the small holes.

To prevent chickens from turning over the drinking device, it should be fixed to the wall. From a wire or a metal profile of a tape, roll a ring along the diameter of the flask and hang it to the wall. Fasten the flask to the wire with clamps. Install a stand for chickens to the drinker, they should easily climb onto the fly board. With such a drinker, where you can see how much water is left in the flask, the chickens will not be left without drinking.

Do-it-yourself drinking bowl for chickens. photos, videos, diagrams and drawings

We are glad to meet you again, dear readers and readers. Today we will tell you how to make a do-it-yourself drinking bowl for chickens at home. Photos and videos are attached.

The fact that chicks have twice the amount of feed consumed in one day should be taken into account, therefore drinkers must be made with sufficient water capacity. This will maintain an appropriate water balance, which ensures the normalization of growth.

Chicks are constantly trying to climb into the water, taking this into account, it is necessary to choose a device that will prevent a dangerous moment. Wet feet of chickens will lead to colds, and quickly contaminated water can cause infections and diseases in chickens, especially chickens.!

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The amount of water a chicken or hen should consume depends on many situations:

  • Ambient temperature.
  • Bird age.
  • The amount of food eaten per day.

Each individual should have an average of at least half a liter of water so that the body does not become dehydrated.

DIY chick drinker: a few simple ideas for making them

Drinking bowl for chickens from a plastic bottle

Plastic is a fairly common material for the manufacture of all kinds of structures. It will not be difficult to build a simple drinker out of it suitable for young individuals.

To make such a device, you will need a special container in the form of a plastic bowl or basin, a screwdriver, screws, a cutting tool (knife or scissors) and a couple of plastic bottles. Choose a container that is not very high so that the chick can easily reach the water. All bottles, like any materials for the production of kitchen utensils, must be treated with a disinfectant.

Any farmer can make his own chick drinker from a plastic bottle.

The construction of the structure is carried out in several steps:

  • In a plastic bottle of large displacement, the upper part is cut off at a distance of at least 5 cm from the cap. Thus, it turns out a kind of “cup”.
  • A second smaller bottle is attached to the resulting container from the inside with screws, forming a lid in the lid.
  • At a distance of 5-10 cm from the neck of a smaller plastic bottle, small holes are made with a knife, while their height should not exceed the depth of the first bottle.
  • With the help of screws, the finished device is attached to any vertically located object (wall of a chicken coop, a pole in the yard, a freestanding board), or inserted into a pre-prepared frame and filled with water.

Among the advantages of a homemade drinker from a plastic bottle, one can note the simplicity of its manufacture and the admissibility of keeping a large number of chickens with a continuous supply of water.

Naturally, there are also some drawbacks. Such a container can easily turn over if the chicks climb into the head to climb inside and swim. In addition, such a structure tends to get dirty quickly, and its cleaning takes quite a lot of time.

Pictured is a simple vacuum chick drinker from a plastic bottle.

Vacuum homemade chick drinker

Another simple and cheap option for a chick drinker that you can assemble with your own hands is a vacuum one. It is often called a bunker. Such devices are most suitable for very small chicks that live, eat and drink exclusively on the floor.

The principle of operation of the vacuum structure is the constant presence of water inside the container due to the created vacuum. To assemble such a drinker, you do not need to buy special tools, it is enough to prepare an ordinary 3-liter jar, a drinking tray (bowl) and stable supports for the jar.

The manufacturing process of a vacuum apparatus is carried out in three simple steps:

  • collect clean water in a jar;
  • put the bowl upside down to the neck of the jar;
  • while holding the pallet, gently turn the can over and place it on special stands for balance.

Such drinkers can be installed both in the chicken coop and on the walking area. The vacuum design is easy enough to install without the use of special tools, easy to maintain and quickly change.

Chicken vacuum drinkers are very popular with farmers.

Important. This kind of homemade assembly must be very stable as the chicks can knock it over if they want to. And as for adult chickens, they climb the banks, like on roosts, and pollute them.

Chick nipple drinker

Nipple drinking systems are the most advanced of all homemade drinkers, which is why they quickly gained popularity. They act as a drip system, are comfortable enough, stable, durable and can easily last for more than one year.

Such designs are perfect for feeding broiler chickens, since meat breeds require plentiful drinking. To maintain a nipple drinker, you need to periodically add water to it, which will not be difficult and will not take much time. These self-made containers are often attached to the cage grid, thereby providing a secure fit.

To create the simplest nipple system, you will need the following items and tools: a plastic bucket, a barrel or bottle, nipples, teflon thread for plumbing, a drill with a nine-millimeter drill, a tap and fasteners for the structure (bolts or plastic ties).

Attention. For chicks, choose nipples 360, which, unlike 180 nipples, work in all directions.

So, how to make a nipple drinking system yourself:

  • in a container prepared in advance, drill holes for the nipples;
  • cut threads;
  • screw in the nipples and press the connection with Teflon thread;
  • fix the structure in a convenient place.

This type of drinker should be positioned so that the nipples are at bird’s eye level. This is the most affordable option that can be built in just a couple of minutes. However, it is better to give preference to a more complex drinking device, which will be more profitable and more practical.

One such option is a pipe nipple drinker. To make it, you will need a plastic water pipe, a drain, a plug, a nipple, a reservoir for filling with liquid and a device for monitoring the water level.

The process of creating such a drinker is carried out in 3 stages:

  • On the plastic pipe, areas are marked where holes for the nipples will be drilled in the future. The diameter of the holes should be 0.9 cm, and the distance between them should not exceed 20 cm.
  • Nipples are placed in the drilled holes, and one end of the pipe is covered with a plug.
  • A hose hole is made at the bottom of the water tank, a thread is inserted into it, onto which the water supply hose is then screwed.

Nipple drinker made of plastic pipe and water tank is more convenient and durable.

If desired, nipple drinking devices can be connected to the water supply network, which will greatly facilitate its filling and flushing.

Automatic chick drinker

From the available materials at hand, you can make an automatic drinker for young animals. Almost anything at hand can be used to make it, for example, a shallow tray (tray), a 1.5-liter plastic bottle and clamps for fixing the vessel.

Instructions for creating an auto drinker provide for a few simple steps:

  • clamps are attached to the walls of the bath, which will further fix the bottle;
  • the bottle is filled with water and inserted into the clamps with the neck down, while not reaching the bottom of the tray by 0.5 cm;

The water from the bottle will pour into the tray, and until the tray is full, water will not be able to flow into it. When the birds heat some of the contents, its volume will again fill with water from the bottle.

To make an automatic drinker, you will need a plastic bottle and a small bowl.

The automatic drinking system is very convenient and is used in most households. The main thing that you need to pay attention to when creating such a device is the dimensions of the bath. They should not be too wide, and its sides should not be too low. Otherwise, the chickens will arrange bathing procedures in it.

Types of chick drinkers that you can make yourself

Modern industrial enterprises produce a wide variety of equipment designed for feeding chicks. As a rule, such devices are not designed for a large brood, so homemade drinkers will be the best option for young animals.

There are many different drinkers available for drinking chickens.

There are many original ideas on how to make a drinking bowl for chickens from scrap materials with your own hands.

The most common types of homemade drinking containers are:

  • ordinary improvised devices;
  • nipple;
  • cup;
  • vacuum;
  • siphon.

Important. When creating a drinker on your own, it is necessary to take into account the fact that chickens consume twice as much water per day as feed. Therefore, containers for liquid must have good capacity.

Siphon homemade chick drinker

A siphon drinking container is a more complex type of vacuum system.

It also uses a large water tank and an ordinary bowl, the only difference is the addition of two small wooden sticks 8-10 cm long:

  • sticks are placed at the bottom of the bowl (their length depends on the neck of the can and the size of the bowl itself);
  • the attachment of the jar to the bowl is being considered (a rope or wire tied in a criss-cross pattern has worked well);
  • the jar is filled with water and covered with a bowl on top, while the neck of the container is neatly bursting with chopsticks;
  • the device slowly turns over, and water immediately begins to flow into the bowl.

In the case of a siphon drinker, a plastic bottle in any form can be used instead of a can. If the bottle is whole, then a special container should be used as a bowl, which has a groove in the center with a thread for twisting the bottle. If preference is given to a cut bottle, then it must be cut not evenly, but in a wave. Thus, there is no need to use wooden sticks. Water will flow through the jagged edges of the bottle.

A siphon drinking container is a more complex type of vacuum system.

Such a device is attached to the wall by means of clamps and a special stand. You can also place the structure on the ground using tripods, but the drinker itself should be placed at a low height for the purity of the water.