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DIY cat toys out of the box


Cardboard-sleeve platform


Such material for interactive toys can be found in every home, and it is also easy to accumulate. In this case, the main actors will be cardboard sleeves from various rolls: from toilet paper, paper towels, baking parchment or foil.

They are glued horizontally and vertically to a sheet of thick cardboard. Holes are made in the lying elements, in the second, standing ones, they simply pour a delicacy, or hide small toys. Having created such a platform, one can hope that a restless kitten will find something to do for a long time.

Plastic ring

To collect an unusual toy for a kitten, you need to get and prepare:

  • sanitary plastic elbows. 4 pieces;
  • flexible plastic tube (diameter. 5 mm) for edging holes;
  • drill with attachment;
  • electrical tape;
  • glue;
  • sharp knife, file, sandpaper;
  • small tennis balls for ping-pong and / or snacks.

Step by step, creating an interactive design looks like this:

  • A ring is assembled from plumbing blanks: they are pre-wound with electrical tape on their edges, then greased with glue and connected. Waiting for complete drying.
  • In the upper part, along the entire perimeter of the product, holes are drilled of such a diameter so that the ball and, of course, the foot of the kitten and the adult creature do not enter too freely, since the structure is made for growth.
  • Their edges are processed with a knife or a file, then with sandpaper. A thin tube is cut lengthwise, then glued around the perimeter of the holes, and allowed to dry. Balls are placed in the finished ring, a delicacy is poured.

Having made such a simple design, the owners have the right to hope that for some time the stomp of a small animal and the noise from its toys will not be heard in the apartment, because everything new and unknown is always very attractive. Especially for creatures whose curiosity can be legendary.

Corrugated cardboard. raw materials for toys

This way of making crafts for kittens is pretty simple too. Several identical circles are cut out of the cardboard, in the center of which holes are then made with an awl. The blanks are strung on a lace, and the ends are tied in knots. Using this technique, you can make various figures: for example, a mouse popular and beloved by kittens.

Almost every owner who will carefully study the habits and preferences of his inquisitive pet will be able to come up with his own branded version on the theme “Homemade toys for kittens”. Knowing all the “weaknesses” of a fluffy pet, it is easier to make a toy that he will not throw after a short period of time.

It is customary to share ideas with others, which many “inventors” are happy to do. You can get acquainted with some recipes if you watch the following fascinating

Master Class

If you often get in the mood to play with your pet personally, then you cannot do without a shiny cat toy on a stick. Why not apply imagination here and not use a real, beautiful and intricate toy instead of an old candy wrapper on a thread? You will need:

  • felt;
  • embroidery threads;
  • cat mint;
  • padding material;
  • wooden or metal stick;
  • various shiny little things for decoration (sequins, pompons, etc.);

We will need diamond-shaped details. To make them, first draw two small equilateral triangles on paper. each side should be approximately 6-7 cm long. Draw them so that they have one side in common. you get a rhombus. Cut out a piece of paper and use it as a pattern. For one toy, you need two such parts. Fold the resulting rhombuses into a pyramid, as shown in the figure.

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Starting at the top, start sewing the details together. As you move along each side, your toy will become voluminous. When you have almost completely sewn it up, leave a small hole and fill it with the prepared padding. Add some catnip inside. After that, continue sewing the toy. It is recommended that you run the thread and needle over the borders again to make sure it is stitched securely. Do not rush to cut the thread. make it long so that it is comfortable to hold it.

After that, you can start decorating the stick. The stick is optional, but if you want to make the toy more interesting, then attach the free end of the thread to the stick. you need to wrap the thread around the end of the stick several times, tie it in a knot, and then glue a small piece of felt around. for beauty and strength. Then attach on a thread, tying knots, everything that you have prepared to attract the attention of your cat. shiny candy wrappers, pieces of bright fabric, rustling pieces of paper, and the like. The toy is ready!

What other options are there

Here’s a simpler example of a one-box dwelling:

Sorter track out of the box and toilet paper rolls.

These, at first glance, absolutely unnecessary items will actually become an excellent nursery rhyme for a kitten.

  • Cardboard shoe box.
  • Toilet rolls. the quantity depends on the size of the box.
  • Glue.

These, at first glance, absolutely unnecessary items will actually become an excellent nursery rhyme for a kitten.

It is necessary to carefully place the bushings inside the box, greasing them with glue along the lower circle so that they stick to the bottom and on the outside in order to glue them together. Decorate the resulting sorter with pompons, hanging ribbons, yarn fringes, small soft animal figures, decorate it with bright colors.

Purr’s box paradise

To create a cat house you need:

  • Several boxes made of durable cardboard. They can be the same or different in size, but the smallest pet should easily crawl through and not get stuck there.
  • Glue, better construction, acrylic, it goes odorless and colorless.
  • Decorations are optional, without them it would be nice too.

The first step is to group the “rooms”, building at your own discretion the future home of the fluffy. Using a pencil or pen, mark the position of all the holes for the entrance and exit of the animal so that it can climb around the rooms without leaving every time. Then glue them one by one, greasing them liberally with glue so that they hold tight. Outside the house, for greater aesthetics, cover with a thin layer of paint (gouache, watercolor) or just draw cute drawings with pencils, felt-tip pens.

And if you hang small trinkets in each room, then there will be no limit to the delight of the purr for a long time.

Building materials

The most commonly used materials for the construction of a cat’s home are:

  • chipboard, MDF and plywood sheets, natural wood boards are suitable for the manufacture of the frame;
  • to sew a soft house for your beloved cat in the form of a comfortable bed, possibly from fabric and foam filler;
  • just create houses for cats from ordinary boxes;
  • to arrange a scratching post for a fluffy one, you should stock up on a jute or sisal rope. Only it is not necessary to fasten them with staples or nails, since the animal can damage the limbs;
  • for the base of the scratching post, PVC pipes or metal and wood products are suitable;
  • in the form of filler for pillows and mattresses, sintepon, foam pieces are chosen;
  • the interior is decorated with fur, plush or fleece;
  • to cover the external facade, material is selected based on the animal’s habit of tearing its claws: carpet would be a good option;
  • adhesives for work should be purchased without a pungent odor that can scare off a cat.
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Ball of yarn

The oldest item for cat games, which has entertained cats for centuries, has not lost its relevance today. Kittens and adult cats are happy to chase a ball of yarn around the house. To prevent your pet from tangling balls for needlework, make him a personal toy.

  • foam ball or container from a kinder surprise;
  • cat mint;
  • yarn (wool or cotton);
  • glue.
  • Coat the base (ball or container) with a thin layer of glue.
  • Roll a ball in chopped catnip.
  • Carefully wrap the yarn around the ball. Fix the end of the thread with glue.

Such a fragrant ball will definitely please your pets.

Paper toys

A crumpled sheet of paper is the simplest toy for a cat. Kittens tirelessly chase after such weightless paper balls that are easy to toss. The second safe paper option is a paper bow or butterfly tied with a long string or braid.

  • Take an A4 paper sheet. Fold it in half and cut along the fold line.
  • Take one half and fold it like an accordion. Fold the accordion in half to mark the middle.
  • Tie a long string, string or braid to the middle of the accordion. The bow is ready. You can tie it to the doorknob or play with the kitten together.

How to make other paper toys, see the video.

Toys out of the box

Cats love boxes, they climb into them with pleasure, hide there, arrange an ambush. This is one of the most beloved pets fun.

To improve this item for cat games, to make it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, the simplest needlework skills are enough. Materials and tools for working with cardboard boxes can be found in every cat owner.

  • Labyrinth. This will require several boxes. It is desirable that they are the same size. Shoe boxes or cardboard parcel boxes will do. All you need to do is fasten the boxes together with glue, a construction stapler, or double-sided tape. Then windows (doors) are cut in the walls of the boxes for the passage of the animal.
  • Box with holes. From flat, not very high boxes, you can quickly build a trainer for the feline mind. To do this, it is enough to cut holes of different diameters on all edges of the box and place inside any objects that can interest the pet: a mouse, a ball, a ball, a wine cork, cat food pellets.

Homemade toys for cats. TOP-10

We have selected the best cat toys that you can simply make at home. All of them are made of materials that are in every home.

The training master classes “How to make homemade toys for cats” will help you to cope with more complicated options, videos of which we have posted at the end of each section.

What will you learn from the article

Cats love to play, they need toys. The game helps cats to be in good shape physically and mentally. It doesn’t take a lot of money to provide a cat with toys. Animals are happy to play with homemade toys made by their own hands.

In this article, we will tell you how to make a DIY cat toy from scrap materials. Consider the types of toys and materials that can be used to make them. You will find detailed step-by-step master classes in the video clips.

How to make a Amazing Cat Toy from Cardboard | DIY cat toy

Unpaired sock

In every house there are socks that, for one reason or another, were left without a pair. Don’t throw them away! Make a fish-shaped plush toy out of a lonely sock. Even those who are not good at needlework can cope with such a toy.

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For the fish to take shape, stuff the sock with cotton wool, foam rubber or padding polyester. Tie the open edge with twine or ribbon. It’s okay if your fish doesn’t look very similar to the real one. Cats will appreciate such a present, they will not refuse to play with it.

Do-it-yourself mouse for a cat

  • Cut out an oval-shaped pattern of the future toy from paper or cardboard.
  • Place the pattern over a piece of fabric, felt, or fur. Trace the base of the mouse with chalk or felt-tip pen.
  • Cut two oval blanks.
  • Place them together with the right sides of the material.
  • Sew the edges or sew by hand.
  • Leave a hole for stuffing.
  • Stuff the mouse with cotton wool, scraps of fabric, padding polyester.
  • For flavor, add some catnip to the padding.
  • Sew up the packing hole.
  • Do not forget to sew a ponytail from a lace or braid and embroider the eyes with colored threads.

Tease toys

Teasers are not only loved by animals. People don’t mind playing around with a kitten too. It can be:

  • Bow on a string.
  • “Fishing rod” with pom-poms or felt feathers.
  • Hanging teaser from a cardboard tube from a paper towel (or something else). It is enough to make 5–7 small holes in which to fix the colored feathers. Thread a string or tape through the pipe. Tie a knot and hang the toy on the door handle, armrest of the chair. The movement of air will make the feathers flutter, and the beast will be busy for a while.

Interactive games for kittens and cats

Recently, interactive “educational manuals” for cats have become popular, but many examples and master classes on how to make them have already appeared.

They are made of wood, plastic, cardboard. A homemade toy made of plastic plumbing pipes (4 pieces) and “knees” (also 4 pieces) is obtained no worse than a purchased one in terms of “durability”.

  • From the prepared parts it is necessary to assemble a “ring” with special connectors.
  • Drill holes along the upper perimeter slightly larger than the cat’s foot.
  • Gently sand the edges with sandpaper to remove the “burrs”.
  • Place a couple of balls or a treat inside.

3 rules for choosing a toy

  • First you need to take a closer look at the kitten, understand his preferences. he loves to hunt, climb curtains and carpets, or hide in secluded corners?
  • It is better to purchase toys from well-known companies from environmentally friendly materials, without small easily detachable parts (the “mouse” tail will be torn off in any case). Cheap to buy is not worth it because of the dubious quality.
  • The main entertainment for cats is a scratching post, which must be purchased first.

Toys from scrap materials

For the manufacture of cat trinkets, scrap materials are often used, which are usually thrown into the trash.

How to make DIY cat toys

It will take from one minute to several days to make a toy for a cat on your own. The main thing is that it should be made of natural (with rare exceptions) materials, be interesting and safe.

What should be a toy

Cats themselves are great at inventing entertainment for themselves. they arrange a hunt for a piece of loaf or cheese (and then they hide it or lose it). A special pleasure is chasing a fly that has inadvertently flown into the house. Ride on the parquet floor in the master’s slippers, it’s also sweet to doze off there.

Purchased toy or DIY

Cats like “handmade” toys no less than “branded” ones. But you can buy them, it’s only a matter of time. In any case, you do not need to buy everything in a row, it is expensive, and the tastes of the owner and the pet do not always coincide.