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DIY Dog Carrier Bag


  • We put together two types of fabric. main and lining. On top we attach paper cutouts of the side wall. We outline the paper layout and cut it out, taking into account the seam allowances;
  • We do the same with the second side wall, but do not forget to make a window for the grid. Cut out the mesh taking into account a 1 cm seam allowance;
  • For a winter look, we cut out the foam parts according to the layout;
  • We grind the details with threads by hand so that they fit correctly. Then we go through them with a sewing machine. If necessary, grind the edges with an overlock;
  • The last step is to sew a zipper and handles.

It can have either one or two handles.

DIY Dog Carrier Bag


Material selection

  • You will need a waterproof fabric, such as a raincoat. You can use fabric from old heavy bags or backpacks. Avoid using synthetic materials;
  • Insulation for side walls in cold weather. Foam rubber, fleece, synthetic winterizer are ideal. In warmer seasons, the base and cushion fabric will be sufficient;
  • Metal wire or plastic tubes will be needed to install the frame;
  • To strengthen the bottom, you need durable materials such as cardboard or plywood;
  • Closure. the zipper is needed to close the bag, avoiding the escape of the cat;
  • Ventilation mesh. For the summer version, one side can be made entirely of mesh.

Pattern of details

  • The size of the pattern directly depends on the size of the pet. We measure the cat, add centimeters, taking into account that the animal can change position from time to time or even stretch out and build a pattern;
  • We find a suitable pattern and transfer it to paper, taking into account the individual sizes of the pet;
  • We transfer the parts to the fabric and cut them to size, taking into account the seam allowance;
  • Do not forget to take into account when cutting where the windows for the net will be, otherwise the animal may suffocate.

Thus, avoid mistakes when stitching fabric products.

Detailed diagram

Fabric frame bags

They have a dense bottom made of several layers of fabric and spacers made of cardboard or plastic. The side walls should be made of dense material. A zipper is sewn on top, so that the pet cannot get out.

Frame bag. carrying

Types of Cat Carrying Bags

Cats often have to travel with their owners. To exhibitions, to a dacha, to a new apartment, or even travel to distant lands with the owners.

Vine basket

Nice, handy thing when transporting a cat. Suitable for lovers of making products from vines.

Basket. carrying from the vine


Made from dense material with back straps. It is convenient for a person, as hands are unloaded. The animal can shake violently when walking.

Backpack carrier

How to sew a classic DIY cat bag

The classic fabric bag is well suited for the daily life of the animal. For example, to transport it to the dacha or to go to the vet.

How to make a DIY cat carrier

In this article, I will look at what types of self-made cat carrier bags are. I will describe the complete scheme of how to sew a classic one. from material selection to DIY sewing. I’ll tell you about the benefits of soft carriers.

How to sew a dog carrier bag with your own hands (patterns, photos)

Small dogs, probably, have already formed a special gene responsible for sitting on the hands of the owner. Owners can carry such pets on their hands for hours, although it is not very convenient to constantly carry one and a half kilogram assholes hanging on their hands.

A carrier bag for small dogs can solve several problems at once. Note that this article will focus not only on a bag for decorative dogs, but also for medium-sized dogs. This article is also purely informative and does not contain ads.

In the article you will find information about carrying bags for dogs, including those made by hand (with patterns and photos).

Many people think that a dog bag is just a waste of money. Indeed, such an accessory may not be necessary for every dog. If your dog is a Cocker Spaniel or a Pug, then carrying is vital only in case of traveling by public transport.

The carrier bag is intended primarily for decorative breeds of dogs and other pets who prefer to travel on their hands, who are unstable to stress, afraid of transport, people, and other animals. Nowadays, bags for dogs are an attribute of fashion, many use them as another accessory, however, a well-sewn carrier can have several functions.

How to make a carrier bag for a small breed dog, and not only, with your own hands will be described below.

Basic functions of a dog carrier

If the owner is used to taking the dog with him everywhere, then sitting in a bag, it will not cause inconvenience to others.

The bag is suitable for dogs who get tired quickly, for pets who go for a walk on their own, and from a walk, riding only on their hands.

The bag will be needed when traveling to the veterinary clinic. Here’s an important reason to have a dog bag at home without ever using the accessory all the time.

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When traveling, a dog can travel in the cabin or in the luggage compartment only with a muzzle. And sending a small dog into the luggage compartment is a mockery of the animal, then, as the bag will help the owner to leave him with him and not interfere with the rest of the passengers.

At the exhibition, a combed and styled pet will have a better chance of staying in chic form if it was brought there in a soft carrier.

The bag can be used as a sleeping place or a personal place for a dog in your home. This is convenient for the owner, and the dog itself will be much more comfortable to constantly have its own personal territory.

With a weak nervous system (if the dog trembles at the sight of an unfamiliar dog or person, climbs into his arms out of fear or tries to run away, it is better to immediately put it in your bag and release the dog according to its natural needs).

Even dogs have phobias. And claustrophobia in dogs, like in humans, is far from uncommon. Before buying a bag, try placing the dog in a box or simple bag with a head hole. And, if your pet shows anxiety, howls and whines. this is a sign that you should give up the bag or prepare for a long addiction.

Types of bags for dogs, their features and differences

All bags vary in size (the assortment is wider for small dogs). For those who follow fashion trends, there are models in the form of stylish handbags with logos of famous brands, straps, rhinestones and other little things that do not carry a functional load. For medium-sized dogs, carrying bags with a frame are produced.

Below are the main varieties of bags for transporting pets.

The shoulder bag is an ordinary women’s handbag, but with a hole for the dog’s head. Bag with a zipper, equipped with straps, for carrying the pet under the armpit. Such a model is not very comfortable for a dog, in this carrier the dog cannot change its position freely and it is uncomfortable for it to breathe in a supine position. A bag, in the manner of a beach, will be the most successful option.

The box bag can be with or without a frame. The walls of such a bag are made of transparent fabrics so that the dog can breathe easily and not be dark. A box bag in the form of a soft house, travel bag or cage can also be used as a sleeping place for a dog.

If the type of “sling bag” for small dogs suits you, then you can make it yourself (example in the photo above).

The dog sling is very similar to the dog sling. It differs only in the way the animal is planted. If in a sling it looks sideways, then in a backpack it looks forward. Backpacks are open and closed. Open bags offer openings for the head and paws. The closed bag is designed for a sitting position. A sling is more convenient for dogs. they can lie in it, but a backpack is more convenient for the owner, the straps of which distribute the weight evenly. By the way, you can make a backpack carrier for a small dog with your own hands.

Remember, borrowing a bag for your dog to sample from someone else is wrong. Even a washed bag will smell like a stranger. Inherited or purchased by used W. The purse should be washed several times, dried in the sun, treated with an antiparasitic drug. It is also recommended to put your dog’s toys in the bag or rub the product with his hair before use. Just do not try to use perfumed products. it will scare your pet away.

Basic principles when choosing a dog bag

It is very important to know which bag to choose so that your little treasure will be satisfied. A good accessory does not have to be bought for big money, you really need to sew a dog carrier bag with your own hands.

Criterias of choice:

  • Size: The dog should be free to stand, lie down, and also turn while in the carrier.
  • The material must be durable, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

These data must be indicated on the label or in the quality certificate.

  • The package should include s, visors, pillows.
  • The bag should be easy to disassemble for easy cleaning and washing.
  • Your carrier should have small mesh hatches for good air circulation.
  • Another recommendation. do not buy dark-colored handbags, in hot weather they heat up and for a dog that is not moving there is a great risk of getting heatstroke.

Even if you do not sew professionally, making a bag for walking with your own hands will not be a problem.

How to sew a dog carrier bag with your own hands?

The easiest option is to remodel your finished bag, make a cutout for the head, piping, shortening the zipper. and you’re done! An important condition: choose a bag from a material that allows it to be cleaned and washed frequently. If you have a sewing machine and at least some sewing skills, choose a pattern to your liking, stock up on the necessary materials and start sewing a handbag for your pet. Everything is much simpler than it seems on the diagram. Pamper yourself with a beautiful little thing, and your dog with a comfortable accessory.

Photo gallery of the finished bag with 5 zippers. A lesson in making beaded jewelry for decorating a bag

The lesson demonstrates how to make bright brooches from beads on felt. The brooch can be used to decorate the bag.

How to do it yourself

It’s easier to make a cloth carrying with your own hands.

Advantages of a DIY Carrying Bag:

  • Saving money, which is possible if improvised materials, for example, old jackets, are used; buying new materials is unlikely to save money, since modern fabrics and accessories are expensive;
  • High-quality materials. you can independently choose fabric, insulation, accessories.

Consider several models of carriers.

Sidewall manufacturing

  • Cut out 2 windows from the grid.
  • We sew 3 parts at once: lining, mesh and main fabric, laying with the front side on the mesh.
  • First we sew 2 barrels and turn them to the front side, iron them.
  • Sew on the upper part, turn it off, iron it.
  • We sew on the lower part, we sew as if around the window.
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Bag with long handles

According to the scheme below, you can make a pattern for a bag with long handles.

Diagram of a bag with long handles

The scheme of the bag with long handles is very simple. For sewing, it is better to use a dense waterproof material and foam rubber (batting).

  • A. cat length,
  • B. the growth of the cat.
  • Using the scheme, we make a pattern of the product.
  • We put the pattern on the main fabric, lining fabric, foam rubber. Cut out.
  • Sew a side seam on the main fabric and on the lining fabric.
  • Sew the side of the foam rubber.
  • Attach the bottom piece from the main fabric to the side piece from the main fabric.
  • Attach the bottom part from the lining to the side part from the lining.
  • We take the lining and insert it into the main fabric, laying foam rubber between them.
  • Hand seam the side seam to secure it.
  • Sew a zipper to the top of the bag.
  • We make handles of the desired length.
  • Sew on handles.

Such a bag can be sewn according to the scheme No. 1

Making pens

  • Cut out strips for pens 6 cm wide (no allowances).
  • Sew the strips together, the length of the handles we need is 2 meters (both handles together, no need to cut).
  • We iron the strip to the center, we do not process the edges, they will be closed with a ribbon, the width of the strip is 3 cm.
  • We attach the ribbon from the raw edges.

Cut out strips for pens 6 cm wide

It is better to choose a dense tape to strengthen the handles.

Sew the braid along the entire length

Wicker carriers

They are usually made of wood, have a rigid frame, like plastic ones, and are freely ventilated. By weight, such carriers are light, but they are different in size. Disadvantage. they strongly absorb foreign odors, and washing them is often undesirable. The material of the wicker carriers deteriorates from water: the wooden rods turn black, and a fungus may appear on them. The wicker carrier will not save the animal from bad weather.

Photo gallery illustrating the last stage of the work on sewing a carry bag

It is advisable to sew an additional double-sided bedding into all cat bags and houses, and a synthetic winterizer inside. Both beautiful and comfortable.

Completion of work

It’s time to put in a second handle.

  • We pass the long, non-sewn end of the handle under the bottom and up through the hole.
  • We pass through the second hole and again under the bottom (there we left a small tail unsewn).
  • We connect the handle with the non-sewn end.

For decoration, you can use, for example, two hair ties with kittens.

Carriers for those who like to travel with a four-legged friend

The owners of decorative breeds get so used to their four-legged friend that they constantly carry it in their arms. During a walk, the dog does not sit on his arms so much, because the main goal is to frolic in the fresh air. And if you have a long trip or a hike, then, despite the small weight of the dog, it is difficult to carry it all the time in your arms. For such cases, there is a dog carrier. The article discusses various types of carriers, their photos are attached. For those who like to do everything with their own hands, there are instructions on how to make a carrying bag yourself.

Carrying a dog sling with your own hands

A dog bag is a must or a waste of money?

Of course, not all dogs need such an accessory. If your house is home to a Jack Russell Terrier, Pug or Cocker Spaniel, you may need to carry it only if you travel by public transport. The carrier bag is relevant for small dogs and pets who prefer to travel exclusively on their hands, are unstable to stress, afraid of people, vehicles or other animals. To a greater extent, dog bags have entered the market as an attribute of fashion and many use them for purely decorative purposes, however, a cleverly sewn carrier can combine several functions at once.

Constant companion. if you are used to taking your pet with you everywhere, then sitting in a bag it will not cause inconvenience to others.

A trip to the veterinary clinic is perhaps the most urgent reason to have an accessory in the house, even if it is not supposed to be used constantly.

Physiological necessity. partially or completely immobilized dogs need extra care. Carrying such a pet in a carrier is a more humane decision than carrying it all the time.

Travel. on a plane or bus, the dog can travel in the luggage compartment or in the cabin, if

Types of slings

Before you start sewing a sling, you need to decide which one you need. After all, there are different types of slings. depending on the needs and age of the baby. May, scarf and others. The most practical are:

This sling resembles a scarf and is ideal for carrying children of any age. both newborns and yearlings. The only drawback that makes it different from other types of slings is that you need to be able to tie it correctly. If you do not possess such a skill, you will need a little time for learning and dexterity.

Such a carrying does not take up much space, it is easy and simple to put on the mother, it is convenient to get the baby out of it. And the main advantage is that its

Carrying bag for a small dog.

We have a carrying bag, but it is not always convenient, for some situations, a compact simple carrying costs the same as a cool, sophisticated one, so I got the idea to find a pattern. I climbed on the Internet and found a simple compact carrying bag (its pattern) I want to share. Maybe someone also wants to sew and show their result. Or he will offer an interesting pattern too. My pattern is designed for a dachshund, but it is sewn according to the parameters, so I think it will be suitable for any dog)

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With this article, we open a cycle of materials for owners who want to independently sew or knit an accessory for their dog, for example, clothes, shoes or, as in the case of today’s article, a convenient and practical, and most importantly, a simple and inexpensive carrying bag for a dachshund.

So how to sew a dog carrier? Namely. how to sew a carrier for a dachshund, which (of course) has very interesting body proportions? Although you will need some cutting and sewing skills, we will try to prove that carrying with your own hands is a snap.

Our dog carrier pattern is simple to minimalism, and labor costs for its manufacture are insignificant, but at the same time it is designed specifically for dachshunds, and of any size. you just need to take two measurements, which the carrier pattern will tell you about.

The dachshund carrier consists of two parts. Bottom and side. The material for carrying can be foam rubber or batting, covered with any fabric. Take off first

How to sew a dog carrier

Take measurements of your dog. Measure the height of your chest, from the base of your feet to your muzzle Also determine the length from neck to tail. When constructing a pattern, we will denote the first value by the letter B, the second by D.

Build the pattern of the carrier bag on paper. Draw a rectangle. To determine its long side, multiply the value of B by two, D also double and add the resulting numbers. Then add 20 cm to the result.The short side of the rectangle should be equal to the length of the dog from the neck to the tail.

Place the rectangle with the long side facing you. Divide the shape in half with the vertical axis. The right and left sides of the rectangle are the sidewalls of the carrier.

Build a hole for the dog’s head. To do this, from the lower side of the rectangle along the vertical axis, set aside the distance that was indicated by the letter B. Then, along the upper side of the rectangle, set aside to the right and left of the axis the number of centimeters equal to half of the value B. At these three points, draw an oval notch for the head.

The bottom of the bag is a rectangle, the sides of which are equal to D10 cm (large side) and B5 cm (smaller side).

Transfer all patterns to the fabric. For the outside of the carrier, it is best to choose waterproof material to protect your pet from the rain. The inside must be strong enough so that the dog does not rip it open with its claws. If you want to insulate the bag, make a side piece from the

DIY sling with love

Modern women manage not only to give birth and raise children, without interrupting their work and career, but also travel around the world without letting go of the baby. For greater convenience, it is possible to transport the baby both in a stroller or a special carrier, and in the most convenient sling.

It is the sling that can be an excellent means for carrying a small child and, most importantly, and at the same time leave your hands completely free. The cost of such a device depends on the fabric from which it is sewn, and of course, on what brand it was released under. But is it worth overpaying for a brand? It is much wiser to independently sew a sling carrier for your baby, in which he will feel comfortable and comfortable during a trip in transport or on foot.

The convenience of any sling, first of all, is that you can fix the child in a position convenient for him and for the mother. Such a carrier would be an ideal option for nursing mothers, because thanks to the width of the canvas, you can feed your baby almost anywhere without embarrassing strangers.

Varieties of carriers

Bags for dogs, first of all, are needed for small breeds, as they are unstable to stress, shy, afraid of transport, they have to be constantly picked up even during walks. In addition, their body structure is too fragile, so it is better to transport them in a special carrier. For medium-sized dogs, a carrier may be needed for long distance travel or for transportation.

Dog carriers have recently become fashionable, but they are increasingly used by owners of different breeds of dogs, especially small ones.

Some little dogs get tired during a long walk, and like to return home in the owner’s arms, in this case it is appropriate to use a carrier;

To visit the veterinary office, you must have a pet carrier, it is very convenient: there are many animals in the veterinary clinic, your dog will be safe in the carrier;

It may be necessary to move a sedentary dog ​​due to injury or illness: it is more humane to transport such a pet in a carrier than on hands;

The plane, train and bus provide for the transportation of animals in the luggage compartment, but you should not send a miniature dog there,

Dog carrier bag: overview of varieties

Dogs of decorative breeds, probably already genetically like to sit on the arms or “ride” the owner’s armpit. Owners of small “assholes” wear their pets for hours, and let the small weight of the dog not be encouraging, even 1.5 kilograms constantly “hanging” on the hand cause a lot of inconvenience. The dog carrier bag solves several problems in moving a pet at once. It should be noted right away that this article concerns not only miniature, but also medium-sized dogs, is not an advertisement and is purely informative.