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DIY dog food stand

Determine the size

Even for a shepherd dog, bowls with a diameter of 20 cm will be enough.If the dog is smaller, respectively, the bowls and the stand itself will be smaller. When starting to make a stand for bowls for a dog with your own hands, the dimensions are calculated based on the diameter and height of the dishes. The legs of the stand should be at least one and a half sizes higher than the height of the bowls. The length and width of the “table top” is calculated as follows: 2 diameters of the dishes plus the space between the bowls themselves and from the edges of the “table top”. In width, the same distance to the edge can be added to the diameter as in the case of length.

We purchase bowls

Let’s start by buying a pair of identical bowls. One of them will serve for water, the other for food. Bowls should be chosen according to the size of the dog. If you have a Shepherd or any other large breed puppy, don’t buy small bowls. Such a dog will grow very quickly, and, most likely, a do-it-yourself dog bowl holder and designed to fit puppy-sized bowls for an older pet will be irrelevant due to the small capacity of the containers. And, naturally, in this case, your efforts will be in vain.

We build a stand

For this we need the following tools:

  • Jigsaw with OSB files.
  • electric screwdriver and drill with a diameter greater than the width of the jigsaw blade.
  • Bar 3 x 3 cm (for a stand up to 1 meter long, 2 meters of a bar will be enough);
  • Self-tapping screws 5 cm.
  • PVA glue for wood.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Paint with a brush.

We start manufacturing

Done. Congratulations. You just made a DIY dog bowl holder.

Materials for the manufacture of the device

Now about the materials for the stand. They should be moderately heavy so that the grown dog does not “drive” the future stand around the house. Also, a do-it-yourself stand for dog bowls should be durable so that the dog, stepping on it, does not inadvertently break it. Chipboard, OSB, thick plywood and wide board meet all these qualities in the best possible way. But chipboard is not recommended for the simple reason that over time it tends to swell (dry out). Better, nevertheless, to stay on the OSB sheet, plywood or board. They are not much more expensive, but the durability of the stand will be guaranteed.

Finally, it is worth noting that the bases for the table top, reinforced with bars, are needed only for large dogs. For small breeds, you can do without them by driving fasteners (self-tapping screws) directly into the ends of the blanks.

Health and many years to you and your pet!

Main varieties

To make it convenient for the dog to eat, and so that it does not turn the bowls over, a dog bowl holder is used. Such a very necessary thing must be stable. There are many varieties.

A single stand is usually made of wood, metal, or plastic. The device is inexpensive. It is very easy to care for such a stand. you only need to wash one bowl. The disadvantage of such a device is that the stand is not universal for different types of dogs.

The double dog feeding rack holds two bowls. They are usually wood, metal or plastic.

The siphon is made of plastic. It is used to keep food in a bowl.

A travel stand for dog food is a must when traveling. It is lightweight and comfortable. For a stand made of plastic or silicone, you do not have to pay a lot of money. This option makes it easier to feed the dog when it is participating in a show or show.

The automatic feeder allows the animal to have constant access to food and water. It can have mechanical and voice control. It has an integrated automatic drinker, which provides your pet with constant access to fresh water, which is very important, especially when feeding with dry food.

The trough on a tripod allows you to keep the food area clean. The tripod gives her strength and immobility, the ability to adjust in connection with the growth of the pet. The rack made of metal will last a long time.

The support on the attachment allows you to store food, it is strong and durable.

When choosing a stand, you should first decide on its type. If a puppy has recently appeared in your house, then the choice is better to stop on an adjustable design. The dog will grow, and you will have the opportunity to adjust the stand so that when eating, the bowl is at the level of the withers.

Raised Dog Feeding Station | DIY Build (Plans Available)

For breeds of dogs with long ears, a sippy cup is best. Using this design will prevent your dog from flipping the bowl over and getting his ears dirty. Such a bowl is useful if you have a puppy, since the baby is still poorly oriented and may well tip the contents of the bowl to the floor.

Modern DIY Wood Pet Bowl Stand | Custom Build (Humble Hands) Ep. 3

Why use coasters

Functions and types

It’s no secret that a large bag of dog food is cheaper than a small bag. And so, hoping to save money, we buy a large bag of food, and then, in order to save it, we tie it with a string, put it in smaller bags and come up with various tricks.

It is inconvenient to pour food out of the bag for the dog, and here all sorts of tanks, jars, measuring cups are used. Some people use various boxes in which things and tools were kept. As a result, the food at best loses its attractive smell, and at worst all its useful qualities. Leaky packaging causes the diet to dry out.

The question arises: is it worth buying an expensive diet so that, due to the fact that the conditions for its storage are not met, you lose all the useful qualities of the feed.

What are the advantages of such a container? Firstly, it is made of high quality food grade plastic. Secondly, it has excellent tightness, so the feed retains all its taste and useful properties. The containers have a beautiful design, so they do not need to look for a secluded place, they will perfectly complement the interior. Convenient small hole allows you to pour in an accurate feed rate without spilling.

Putting a cute and convenient food container in your suitcase, you can safely go on a journey with your pet.

Containers differ in shape, volume and special devices.

Elite containers have a volume of 4.5 liters and 10 liters. They have a sealed cover, a dispensing valve, and a carrying handle. Manufacturing material. plastic. There are also ceramic containers.

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How to choose a container and stand for dog food

How to choose the right one

To find the right container, pay attention to the volume. If you have a shepherd dog, for example, you will need more volume; if the dog is small, your container will be small too. You should also pay attention to the fact that the lid closes tightly. Otherwise, the feed may lose all its useful qualities. If the food storage container is made of plastic, then it must be food grade and of high quality.

It is important that a dispenser is provided in the container. In this way, you will not use up excess food and do not overfeed the dog. Now you can look at the workmanship and choose the appropriate design.

Understanding containers

How to do it yourself

Sometimes the owner wants to please the dog and make a stand with his own hands. There are many manufacturing options, you just have to turn on your imagination. If you have a welding machine, then you can use a bracket and welded elements to make a feeder, and instead of a bowl, adapt a bucket.

A wooden stand for bowls is easy to make with your own hands. But it will be more difficult to carry out waterproofing. A stylish option to make a stand from a stump. A double stand made of a log can also decorate the interior. The simplest stand is made from a wooden box. You don’t have to worry about waterproofing here, as changing the stand is easy.

You can make a stand from Chipboard. Also, the owner can make a chest of drawers. This is a very handy tool. It can be used to store toys, food, and other dog supplies. The main advantage of the design is the drawer. A stand is made of boards and old pallets. The size is determined depending on how much free space is available.

Boards are hammered together like a box. The end panel that will slide out is provided with a bottom, and everything is placed on roller mechanisms. Using a jigsaw, at the final stage, holes are made for bowls.

Stand for bowls for dogs with their own hands (master class with photo)

Each self-respecting dog in the home has its own personal utensils for eating and drinking. Often, she stands directly on the floor. The owner of such a dog, for sure, thought about how to make a stand for bowls for dogs with his own hands. With the help of such step-by-step instructions, you can easily implement your “idea”.

Dog Bowl Stand

Lightweight metal bowls are very convenient in everyday life. They do not fight, they are easy to wash and, in the end, dogs will not gnaw them for fun. But metal bowls still have a small drawback. In the process of absorbing a delicious lunch by our pets, bowls with a sound characteristic of metal begin to move on the tiled floor, and those in which water is poured are often upside down.

But, I suggest that you look at the “problem” from the other side and do not limit yourself to just a stand for a bowl, but make a whole stationary table for a dog with your own hands. It’s not hard at all, believe me!

Stand for bowls for dogs with their own hands (master class with photo)

Let’s put together the elements necessary for the craft. When making a stand for bowls with your own hands, you can choose the amount and appearance of the material at your discretion, but, in general, we need:

  • wooden plank (the length and width of the plank depends on the size and number of bowls you want to fix)
  • wood treatment agent (for interior use)
  • bowls
  • legs for a “table-stand”, several screws-“self-tapping screws” for their fastening
  • tool: drill, jigsaw and screwdriver or electric screwdriver

We arrange all the necessary details on our board

We make markings to cut out the holes necessary for the bowls (in our case there will be three of them)

In each marked circle, using a drill, we make holes.

Insert a jigsaw file into the finished holes and cut out circles of the required diameter (slightly less than the marked marking so that the edges of the bowls do not fall through)

We should get such a blank.

We treat our workpiece with a wood preservative. This not only protects the wood from moisture, but also makes it easier to care for the product.

We fix the legs using “self-tapping screws” and a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver

We put the bowls in place and…. Bon Appetit! No noise and spilled water

At the exit, such tables are different for everyone. A variety of materials and components give each product its own unique look, and your design imagination, which is played out in the manufacturing process, will make it unique. As a result, a “simple” self-made stand for bowls for dogs will become a unique decoration of the home interior.

You can do a lot for your beloved pet with your own hands, while keeping the family budget intact.

DIY dog bowl holder with storage box.

There is nothing difficult in making such a structure yourself, and we will tell you how.

The main advantage of such a stand is the presence of a drawer. It can be adapted to accommodate a container with dry food. The basis for the manufacture of the structure is wooden boards or old pallets. The dimensions of the structure are determined by the number and size of bowls, as well as the availability of free space in the kitchen.

A construction is assembled from boards of the same size. They are hammered together, placing their end faces to each other, according to the principle of a box.

At the final stage, it remains only with the help of a jigsaw or an angle grinder to make holes for the size of the bowls to be installed and screw the handle to the drawer.

Stand for a bowl for dogs. Making a wall option.

You can make a wall-mounted version of the stand. in this case, the bowl will be rigidly fixed to the wall and even the strongest dog will not be able to drag it across the floor.

Cut a circle to the size of the bowl in plywood, assemble the wall support. The supporting element can be either in the form of a wooden triangle or in the form of a metal corner.

We put our structure with a bowl on a wall support and fix it on the side with screws.

DIY dog bowl holder: 20 photos

The desire to provide your dog with a cozy home and surround it with comfortable accessories is natural for any loving owner. Dog bowl holder keeps the bowl in place instead of sliding with the dog throughout the room.

The simplest DIY dog bowl holder can be made from a regular box. In addition, the space under the box itself can be used as a storage space for dog toys.

Nice and comfortable dog bowl holder.

Each “self-respecting dog” should have its own dishes. And in order for it to stand firmly on the floor, you need to use the bowl stand. Since this is a very small share of the dog’s ownership in the house, you can make a stand under the bowl not standard, but in accordance with the size of the dog, its habits and tastes.

If desired, a bowl holder can be made from an old wooden box. To do this, it is necessary to drill holes in the upper wall of the box, the diameter of which is a couple of centimeters less than the size of the bowls used. The hinged cover will be convenient to use when washing the working surface of the structure. And the inner cavity of the opening box, if desired, can even be adapted for storing stocks of dry food and other “snacks”.

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Stand for bowls for dogs can be stylized as a barrel, it is made on the basis of a semicircular frame, sheathed with wooden slats. Such a stand is convenient in that it has no sharp corners, providing free access for the animal when approaching from any side, which will be convenient in a small room.

Mobile supplies built into drawers look no less interesting. By choosing this option, you will, if necessary, be able to slide the stand, freeing up space on the floor.

Is your dog strong and moving the bowl along with the stand? Make the stand heavier with metal pipes.

If the dog is tall. then a dog bowl holder can become part of a personal locker. with food, toys, combs.

When your dog eats, does the food fly in all directions? Dog Bowl Rack with High Back Wall Will Help Solve Your Lunch Cleanliness Problem.

If you have a sturdy wooden box, then making a stand for bowls on its basis is a matter of a couple of hours.

A dog bowl holder can be very simple. for example, based on such a wooden frame.

An old wooden shelf can be adapted to the stand by fixing it at the desired level on the wall.

“thoughtful” owners manage to fit the bowl holder into the kitchen set. Such a solution is interesting to those, it allows you to save extra centimeters of space in the kitchen, while equipping a functional corner for dog dinners.

Everyone needs a good bowl stand! Your cat also likes to have his own stable bowl.

It’s good for a cat to add a small flower pot with fresh grass to the design.!

You can make a comfortable bowl stand for your pets from minimal materials and the simplest design.

A DIY dog bowl holder is a good way to show your love for those who already consider us perfect. without asking to be better and smarter Maybe we really are not so bad?

DIY dog bowl holder

What’s a bowl for? To feed your pet, of course. Most often, the bowl is installed in the kitchen, but important aspects are not taken into account when selecting it.

In order to decide which bowl your dog needs, you need to ask yourself a few questions and get a clear answer to them:

  • what is a bowl for;
  • the size;
  • material;
  • installation height.

Why do you need a bowl? The first question, perhaps, will cause you bewilderment, so let’s concretize: there are usually two bowls. for water and for food. There are different requirements for them.

From these data, the second question naturally arises: what criteria should be used to choose bowls for food and water??

Bowl dimensions. If the dog drinks two-thirds of the water at once, then the bowl is hopelessly small for him. Do not forget that if you are feeding dry food, then the volume of liquid should be higher than when feeding soft food, for example, canned food.

The food bowl should be twice as large as the portion of food that you serve to the dog at one time. If you do not follow this rule, food will fall out, as a result, the pet will not finish eating, and eternal dirt in the kitchen is ensured.

You can not talk about the material of the bowl for a long time. The three most popular options are metal, plastic or ceramic. Better. bowls made of metal, because they are durable and easy to clean. The disadvantages of other materials are obvious: plastic absorbs odors and soon becomes unusable. Ceramics is elite, but beats. Metal bowls are average in the price category and the best in terms of price-quality ratio. durable enough.

food, stand

Height of the dog bowl. Now on to the fun part. It is no secret that the pet grows and over time the level of the height of the bowls will not be enough. Low position of the bowl (for example, when placed on the floor) harms the dog’s posture. I recommend looking at any dog ​​breed atlas to get an idea of ​​what sizes to expect from your pet. It will become clear that you need a holder for bowls, which will be regulated with the growth of the dog, so as not to make unnecessary purchases. But this article will talk about how to make a stand for bowls with your own hands.

On the Internet, you will find a lot of options, but here are described the most labor-intensive and not time-consuming.

At what height should the bowls for dogs be installed [height of the dog at the height of the withers / height of the bowl above the floor]:

Stand options

Extra. The most primitive and inexpensive option. But, unfortunately, short-lived. It is possible to quickly make a stand from available tools if you have a cardboard box and scissors available:

  • cut holes in the box according to the number of bowls of slightly smaller diameter so that the bowls hold.

Decorative. The second in terms of primitiveness and the same cost is a do-it-yourself stand for bowls for dogs made of wood. A sawed-down tree, a beautiful driftwood, a wooden post (or even a stump) will be used:

  • you process wood from moisture and decay; for aesthetics, you can remove the bark. Please note that it is necessary that the saw cut is of the required height;
  • further, hollow out a recess in the center into which you place the bowl.

The option is more time consuming and not for everybody. Not all housewives accept this type of stand in their own kitchen, but for a country house it will be quite appropriate.

For permanent use. For the stand, you can use whatever materials are at your fingertips: plastic, chipboard, fibreboard, wood, and more. The base must be able to support the weight of the two full bowls and the dog’s exertion while eating the food. The length and width depend on the diameter and number of bowls. Add to this list the legs, the height of which depends on the breed of your dog, several self-tapping screws for fastening, 4 rubber bands for the legs for the stand and tools for work (jigsaw, electric screwdriver, drill).

The main thing is to understand that the surfaces will have to come into contact with water, so it is necessary to treat it appropriately, protecting it from moisture. Sequencing:

  • on the surface that you will make the base for the stand, place the bowls. We outline in diameter with a pencil;
  • drill holes in the center of the resulting markings with a drill;
  • cut out circles with a jigsaw. Please note: we make the circles a little smaller in diameter so that the bowls do not fall inside;
  • we process the base from moisture. Choose a product for interior work, plastic does not need to be processed;
  • we attach the legs with self-tapping screws to the workpiece. For a noiseless design and to avoid scratches, it is recommended to install rubber bands on the legs.

The stand is ready. Of course, no one limits you in fantasy in terms of decor. In particular, in any of these ways, you can make a stand for a dog with two (three or more) bowls with your own hands.

complex options in making bowl holders are height-adjustable designs. Here you cannot do without welding a metal structure. And this is much more troublesome than the options that we have considered. But such racks have a huge advantage. they will grow with your pet and maybe you should overcome yourself and make it yourself.

Saving money can be an additional incentive. Such a stand (with adjustable height), made independently, will cost 400 rubles, which is 3 times lower than the cost of a ready-made stand.

When a stand is needed

Purity. One of the main functions of the coasters is to fix the bowl. Many dogs eat sloppily, like to play with utensils, drag them across the floor, try them on the tooth, climb inside with their paws or turn them over. In this case, the stand can be a salvation. It keeps the bowl in place and keeps the feeding area relatively clean. At the same time, it is not necessary to raise it to a great height.

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Convenience for the dog. Some dogs like to eat from a raised bowl. Usually these include high-legged pets, for example, greyhounds, some hounds.

DIY Dog Bowl Stand ��

On the recommendation of a veterinarian. For some diseases and pathologies, a bowl raised above the floor can make it easier for the dog to eat:

  • For weakness or enlargement of the esophagus, to facilitate the passage of food to the stomach;
  • For neck or back problems. If it is difficult for the dog to bend low;
  • Arthritis, arthrosis, other joint diseases that cause stiffness and soreness with minimal stress;

If the dog is wearing a postoperative collar. It can be much more convenient to eat from a bowl on a tripod.

If the dog is constantly turning the bowl of water over. Leaving your dog out of water all day is dangerous, especially in the heat of summer. A stable stand will help solve the problem and save your pet from dehydration.

Bowl Rack Helps Keep Feeding Area Clean

At what height should the bowls be set

It is customary to install the bowl no higher than the level of the elbows. It is unnecessary and even dangerous to pull her under the chin. When a dog eats from the ground, its esophagus is almost in a straight line. At the same time, the stomach moves slightly forward. In a standing position with the head raised, the esophagus bends s.shaped, which impedes the movement of food. Just as it will not be very convenient for a person to swallow, throwing his head back.

A comfortable level can be determined empirically. Place several bowls at different heights with the same food. The pet should not be very hungry. He will try to eat with each one, but he will definitely linger on one.

In the picture on the right, the dog’s esophagus forms an s-bend.

Top 5 Myths About Dog Bowl Coasters. Harm and benefit

There is a lot of information about bowl coasters, but it is often contradictory. The vinaigrette of myths and facts is misleading and raises new questions: is it needed and in what cases it can harm, which stand is better and to what height to raise the bowl.

Common Myths About Bowl Coasters

Myth 1 Feeding without a stand (from the floor) negatively affects posture, possibly curvature of the limbs.

The statement is not true. The dog does not spend so long near the bowl that it would negatively affect the formation of the skeleton and joints. over, many dogs on walks spend most of their time in this position. with their noses buried in the ground.

If all anatomical problems were created so simply, most of the dogs would be disabled due to the lack of a stand. The formation of the musculoskeletal system is influenced by genetics, nutrition and the level of physical activity.

Myth 2 A raised bowl helps to wean the dog from the habit of picking up from the ground.

Such cases can rather be attributed to the category of coincidences. Some dogs from birth are not inclined to “vacuum”, others are very difficult to fix and a raised bowl alone will not wean you from a bad habit. Behavior is corrected by education and training.

Myth 3 A dog will become a high ass if he eats from a bowl on the floor.

Not true. These anatomical features are genetically inherited. The length of the limbs cannot depend on the height of the bowl.

Myth 4 In a standing position, the dog swallows less air, which reduces the likelihood of methiorism, hiccups, belching.

Myth 5 Rack feeding reduces the risk of bloating and volvulus.

The assertion is controversial. There have been two studies that investigated the relationship between bowl height and bloat risk in large and giant breeds (Glikman et al. 2000, Pipan et al. 2012). In the first, scientists came to the opposite conclusion, in the second, the pattern was not identified.

Glickman’s research began in 1994 and lasted until February 1999. A total of 1637 dogs (894 large; 743 giant) were studied. 98 died of bloat during this time, 1539 did not bloat. According to the study, bloat was more often recorded in dogs that ate from a high-placed bowl: by 2.17% in large breeds and by 1.99% in giant breeds.

The results of the second study do not suggest that the position of the bowl increases the risk of developing the dangerous condition.

food, stand

Coasters myths are often not true

What are the coasters

The market offers coasters for every taste and color. Each of the options has pros and cons. It is important that the stand is not only beautiful, but also practical, stable and safe.

  • Height adjustable. Convenient for growing dogs and when the owner does not yet know, from the bowl at what height it will be more convenient for the pet to eat;
  • No height adjustment.
  • Mobile;
  • Stationary (wall, corner, with fastening on aviary rods);
  • Metallic. The most common and practical option. The only negative: a little noise, which is created by rubbing the bowl against the rim. Easily solved by winding tape around a bowl or using another spacer.
  • Wooden. They look beautiful, they can have a variety of designs. Unvarnished wood is more difficult to clean. Contact with food may cause stains on it, and mold sometimes develops under a bowl of water. Product gaps clog faster.
  • Plastic. Usually low with a convenient tray, easy to clean. Before buying, you should make sure that food grade plastic was used for the manufacture. Very cheap coasters can be made from unsuitable or even toxic materials. May be too light for large dogs.
  • Concrete. Stationary pedestals can be found in nurseries of large breeds. After pouring the formwork, bowls are placed in the mortar to obtain the desired shape after hardening.

Craftsmen make bowls stands with their own hands, using a wide variety of materials and objects: stools, wooden boxes, hemp, Fiberboard, plastic tubes. In small kitchens, lower drawers can serve as a support. A good bowl holder should be easy to clean, stable, and of the right size.

The stand can be not only practical, but also beautiful

Bowl stands and racks are optional. Their use does not in any way affect posture or well-being, does not wean from bad habits and does not bend the limbs, in contrast to the lack of trace elements. At the same time, a simple device can be a real boon for owners of very active, sick and elderly dogs.