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DIY glowing dog collar

Materials and fittings

As practice shows, the most durable and wear-resistant accessories for dogs are collars made of a belt or nylon tape. For the convenience of the pet, it is recommended to make an additional lining on the inside. any soft fabric will do. Alternatively, you can make a collar for a dog from a textile sling, which is able to withstand heavy loads, and does not “sag” in the rain.

How to make a dog collar

Today, a fairly wide range of stylish “accessories” and collars for pets is on sale: different sizes, different in material and shape, simple and with decorative inserts. But sometimes you want something unusual and original. Why not? Making a collar for a dog with your own hands will not be difficult if you know the main subtleties of this process.

Collar made of nylon tape

To make a stylish “tie” for your pet yourself, you do not need to be a fashion designer, the main thing is desire. For home creation, you will need the following materials:

  • nylon sling;
  • plain or colored tape;
  • plastic retainer;
  • buckle with two slits;
  • half ring for leash.

Sew tape no more than 25mm wide to the nylon webbing. To do this, use strong thread with a needle or a sewing machine. The second option is more practical. The tape will need to be stitched along its entire length as well as around the edges. Manual work will take longer.

Next, you need to unfasten the plastic retainer (fastener) and thread the end of the sling. The edge of the tape should not protrude much. just leave 40-50 mm. Wrap the end and connect with nylon tape so the edges line up. Then all that remains is to sew with threads. It is advisable to stitch in 2 rows. Pass the free edge through the half-ring (letter D), if possible, moving it closer to the plastic retainer, and pass the threads across the sling.

At the final stage, you need to pass the free end of the sling through the buckle and the second part of the retainer. a trident, which has not yet been sewn to the collar. Next, you need to install a buckle, for which bend the edge of the sling and make a couple of transverse seams. Now you know how to make a dog collar on your own using handy materials. You can also make an original braided leash from rubber bands.

Where to begin?

First of all, you need to decide on the right size. To do this, take an ordinary tailor’s meter, measure the diameter of the dog’s neck and be sure to write down the result on a piece of paper so as not to “go astray” by mistake. To the resulting figure, add a couple of centimeters to the seams and clamps. The main thing is that a dog collar should not fit tightly. You can navigate by the “sample” of the old collar.

Tips for beginners

As a decoration, you can use a beautiful fabric, multi-colored paper bows, bright buttons, a sling made of elastic bands or beads. here you are free to fantasize at your own discretion. To dress up your beloved pet, you need to decide for what purposes the collar and leash will be used. According to the field of application, the following types are distinguished:

  • Walking. the most popular version of “ammunition”, which is additionally equipped with a half-ring to quickly fasten a leash for a dog, and can be equipped with LED lighting.
  • Educational. special “ties” for pets, which provide a comfortable handle to hold the animal during training.
  • Sentry. a collar of increased strength, which is usually made of a belt or thick leather.
  • A stranglehold. usually used for presenting a pet at exhibitions and can be made from different materials (synthetics, leather or metal chain).

The luminous collar for a pet is especially popular today, which is simply indispensable for evening walks. If the dog lags behind or runs far ahead, you will always see the place of its “deployment”. Such a collar is also a warning for bystanders, because it can be seen from afar. Wondering how to make a glowing collar? At the moment, with the development of LED technologies, it is easier to purchase it ready-made, for example, on AliExpress.

Leather collar

  • a piece of leather or an old belt;
  • half ring and metal buckle;
  • rivets or other decorative elements.

To begin with, determine the size of the future collar and prepare a piece of leather of the required width, adding a couple of centimeters to the total length of the “structure”. Extra edges can always be cut off if necessary. To prevent the collar from rubbing, be sure to cut the corners along the entire length using a special knife.

Use the template to determine the places for rivets or other decorative ornaments. for example, LEDs. Using a sewing awl and scalpel, make the desired diameter through holes. Pass the end of the strap through the buckle, wrap and lock securely. After that, put on a half ring, and firmly secure the end of the future collar. Now you just have to decorate the product with decorative rivets, see the video for more details.

How to make a glow-in-the-dark dog collar or harness

There comes a time when it starts to get dark outside at 4 pm, so the glowing collar is very useful for dog breeders for morning and evening walks with pets. Especially if your dog is a real fidget, which is very difficult to keep track of even during the day.

You will need:. A large cutting board;. Sharp knife;. Wax (optional, but desirable);. Shiloh;. Strong, medium-sized needle with a slightly enlarged eye;. Threads of increased strength, optimally linen;. Metal thimble;. Metal curly hole punches for leather or a small sharp knife for precise work;. Buttons and a tool for their installation (there are buttons on sale that you can simply sew on!);. A hammer;. Thin cardboard (for a template);. Strong, thin and flexible skin (goatskin is best); a very dense and thick material, such as tarpaulin or felt, is also suitable for a harness;. Adhesive that penetrates well into coated leather;. Button of the selected format (sewn on or under a special tool);. Transparent aquarium tube (or any analogue) with a diameter of 5 mm, 2 glowing LED-lamps (or LED-sticks, LED-strips, or, for example, an electroluminescent wire) of maximum brightness and such a diameter that they fit inside the aquarium tube and 1 battery CR2032 (round large flat). OPTION 1 (the collar will glow constantly, non-disconnectable option);. LED garland with the most compact and lightweight power supply and control unit and batteries for this source. OPTION 2 (optimal in size for a harness);. Neon sticks. OPTION 3.

For the collar, we measure the neck of our pet. For the harness. the neck, the girth of the body behind the front paws, as well as the girth of the paws from above, to the latter we add at least 4-5 cm, so that the dog will be comfortable to run afterwards and will not rub anything anywhere. From thin cardboard we make a template of a double-layer collar or harness according to the dimensions obtained, together with the design (decorative holes on top, through which the luminous insert in the collar / harness will be visible). The template should consist of two connected parts, each of which is a mirror image of the other: 1 part. the top of the collar with holes, the second. the bottom of the collar without holes (bottom and top. 2 layers of one collar), and a tube or garland will stand between them.

Example: if the neck circumference of the dog is 33 cm, the collar must be made at least this length plus the fastener (so as not to squeeze the dog’s throat), but we will also make a small tongue with additional holes, so that the length of the collar can be adjusted, like with conventional commercial products. so add at least 4 centimeters to the length. Total here: 37 cm. the length of the collar or 74 cm. the length of the leather blank for the collar, consisting, as described above, of two layers of goat skin.

We take the main width of the collar about 2 cm (for a given diameter of the tube and the diameter of a flat battery) plus 0.6 cm for the seams on the right and left. on the sides almost along the entire length of the collar. In total, the width here is 3.2 cm.The width of the tongue with holes and the tongue for inserting the fastener, respectively, we leave exactly 2 cm.

glowing, collar

You can see an approximate diagram of the preparation for the collar and the collar itself in the picture below.

This particular collar is intended for a small dog like a spaniel and will be used as the primary collar. For a large dog, we recommend making a similar model as an addition to the main collar, as well as, if desired, increase the collar width, regardless of the size of the illuminated tube.

With a clean sponge we slightly moisten a piece of leather laid out on the board, put a cardboard template on top so that its entire length and width fit on a whole piece of leather / dense fabric and make markings on the skin with a small knife, tracing the template. Alternatively, turn the piece of leather inside out and first baste the pattern with a pen.

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Satisfied with the markings on the skin. cut out the workpiece with a sharp knife. It will be very difficult to do this with scissors, and most likely it will not work smoothly. Take your time, here it is not about speed, but about accuracy, and it is not necessary to achieve cutting through a piece of leather through and through in one movement. you can make several cuts along one mowing line, since they are easier to perform, and they are often simply necessary, especially if you work with thick skin.

Fold the collar in half. across the length. This fold will be in the middle of the 1.3 cm oval cut (see pictures below), into which we will then insert the tongue of the clasp. We outline the incision, very carefully (so as not to cut through the skin of the collar to the edge) we cut it out.

To the right and left of the oval cut, a little closer to the zones where the collar begins to expand, we make an awl along the 1st hole at the same level. in the center of the collar width. for the parts of the button, if you attach the button with a special tool. Or, just for now, put dots in these places from the inside of the collar with a pen or pencil, so that then sew there, respectively, the upper and lower parts of the button.

Finally, we design from the holes on the top of the collar in the same way: basting, then using a knife.

Now we collect the luminous part of the collar. There are many different options for this, including inserting short LED strips, sticks, garlands, along with a compact power supply inside the collar. Alternatively, the power supply is attached to the collar from above. for larger dimensions. The problem is that the power supply needs to be protected from moisture, so a battery hidden inside the skin is the best option.

If you decide to use a replaceable neon tube as a light source (and it has three significant advantages in the form of a minimal price, no power source and complete resistance to moisture), simply sew the collar as shown below with the tube inside. Break the pipe in 2-3 places only before going out for a walk, and between walks keep the collar in a bag in the freezer to delay the course of the chemical reaction and prolong the life of the pipe. Remove from the freezer at least 20 minutes before walking to keep your dog cool. You can replace the neon tube in the same way: open the button, take out the old tube, put in a new one.

So, here, 1 LED light bulb is placed in a transparent aquarium tube from two open ends, while the stripped ends of two separate pieces of wire (plus and minus) are wrapped around the legs of the light bulbs (or soldered to them, although the first is better, because then the bulbs will be easier to replace individually), then the wire is connected to the coin cell battery. It is better to use at least 2 LED lights, otherwise the brightness of the collar may not be sufficient.

This step is not critical, but if you want to do everything as it should, and also to seal the collar as much as possible, you should glue the edges. the edges on which an allowance of 0.6 cm was provided. of the two layers of the collar together before stitching.

First, we glue 1 edge, if necessary, squeeze it until the glue is completely dry. Then we put a luminous tube with a battery inside and glue the second long edge of the collar and also squeeze it until the glue is completely dry. Now, while we take out the battery and the tube again.

Using the sewing gauge wheel, make a basting on the face of the collar for seams: along the right and left long edges, offset from the edges by a couple of millimeters.

We process a strong linen thread along the entire length with any wax that is at hand. this will greatly facilitate sewing. We will be patient and sew the collar along the basting on both sides, helping ourselves with a metal thimble. At the same time, do not forget after the button and before the beginning of the seams along the edges to leave a sufficient unstitched area so that later we can change the battery, but not enough for the battery to fall out by itself when the collar hangs on a running and jumping dog.

We put a luminous tube and a battery in the finished collar. And you’re done! You can wear your Enhanced Pet Collar.

Collar for a dog do it yourself

As it turned out, making a dog collar with your own hands is not at all difficult if you know the basic principle of assembling all the parts. You only need to find the necessary accessories and the original tape, which will serve as the basis of the collar.

Now, here’s a step-by-step guide to making the most important accessory for your four-legged friend. Learn how to sew a nylon webbing collar.

We sew a collar

We take the fastex fastener, unfasten it and thread the sling into one of the parts of the fastener.

We bend the end of the threaded line by 5 cm and sew it to the main line, as close to the fastex as possible. In order for the seam to be strong and reliable, we make several rows of stitches.

Next, we pass a metal half-ring through the free long end of the sling. We try to move it as close as possible to the made seam.

Sew another seam parallel to the first to secure the half ring. And in the same way, for the strength of the product, we make several rows of stitches.

Well, the half-ring is securely sewn into the collar.

And again we take the free long end of the sling and pass the plastic double-slotted buckle through it. How far along the sling you move the buckle does not matter (approximately in the middle of the entire length).

Following the buckle, we put on the second half of the fastex fastener on the sling. It looks like this.

Next, we need to thread the free edge of the sling through the double-slot buckle again, only under the part of the sling that was passed earlier. To make it easier to do, the first part of the sling needs to be slightly relaxed so that a small loop forms between the buckle and the sling.

glowing, collar

Look, in the photo I show everything in detail.

Now we take the free end of the sling, threaded through the buckle, and bend it in the opposite direction by 3.5-4 cm.

Further, in the same way as we fastened the first half of the fastex and the half-ring, for reliability we sew several lines.

That’s it, the double-slit buckle is securely fixed.

To increase the reliability of fastening the half-ring, you can sew more than one seam, but make several neat lines crosswise (as shown in the version with a collar in peas).

So we made our own magnificent collar. Now your pet will be sporting an original new dress!

By the way, Jack controlled the manufacturing process of each collar.!

Materials and fittings

So, here’s what we need to get started:

  • 2.5 cm wide nylon webbing.
  • Plastic fastener “fastex” (2.5 cm).
  • Plastic double-slit buckle (2.5 cm).
  • Half ring (2.5 cm). The half-ring should be made of durable metal so that it does not unbend during a jerk and the dog does not run away. After all, it is to this half ring that the leash will be fastened.
  • For a blue collar with white polka dots (as in the photo at the very end of this post), in addition to a sling, you will need a ribbon with a pattern. But it’s better to take it a little less in width (2 cm) so that the edges of the tape do not stick out.

The size of the fastex, buckle and half-ring of 2.5 cm is measured according to the width of the holes into which the sling will be threaded.

Where to start

The first thing to start with is to measure the circumference of the dog’s neck. If you don’t have a meter at hand, you can navigate by the old collar.

In order for the collar to be adjustable, be sure to remember to add a few centimeters to the seams and fasteners.

For example, the circumference of my Jack’s neck is 32 cm.To be able to further adjust the collar and to take into account the seam allowances, I multiplied 32 by 1.7 and got 54.4 cm.This is the length of the line I used.

Further, it is necessary to determine not only the length, but also the width of the nylon sling. The choice of line will depend entirely on the size, breed, and age of the quadruped. If you take it too thin, then the collar will hurt to cut into the neck. If the line is too wide, then the dog will have difficulty breathing. For puppies, a sling about 1.5 cm wide is suitable. The sizes of the materials that I used in my master class are suitable for dogs of small and medium breeds.

Dog collar

A collar is not only an important part of a dog’s appearance, but also a necessary accessory. Among dozens of identical options, it is sometimes difficult to choose something suitable for your pet. Today we will tell you how to make a dog collar with your own hands. We have prepared for you four different master classes with photos and videos that will help you cope with this task.

With these step-by-step tutorials, you can make collars for both small and large dogs. We will take simple materials so that you already have everything at hand, and you do not have to search for something urgently. Dog owners usually make sure that their pet looks beautiful and well-groomed: these collars will make your pets just like that.

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from lace

Owners of small dogs will most likely want to make such a collar, as it will be too narrow for large pets. We will weave the accessory from a lace, but this will not prevent it from being durable and reliable. Go in search of your favorite color material and get down to business.

  • two long cords (take contrasting colors or different ones, but in the same color scheme);
  • plastic or metal buckles;
  • D-shaped plastic ring.

All clasps and clips can be taken from the old collar. If it is not there, go to the departments for creativity and sewing. There is something like this, as a rule, it is always easy to find.

Take the ends of the two cords and cut each one very evenly. Then heat each one with a lighter and lightly burn. You need to do this at the same time. Connect them to each other. do it right away while they are still melting. Press them tightly together and wait for them to “grab”. Take precautions when working with fire!

To start making a braided collar, you need to fasten the end of the rope to the buckle. To do this, pass a loop through it, and thread the free ends so as to tighten it.

Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and make a mark on the future collar. Throw another 1-1.5 centimeters, install a second buckle in this place.

Wrap the ends of each cord over the harness. See how it looks in the photo so as not to be mistaken. At the same stage, you need to fasten a D-ring near the buckle.

A dog collar will resemble a bracelet in the popular macrame technique. it is woven in the same way. Pass one cord through the loop at the top and the other at the bottom. Tighten and repeat the procedure. Continue to weave until the very end of the measured cord.

When you get to the opposite buckle, pass both ends of the cord from the bottom so that they are hidden. Next, we will add another layer of winding to make the collar thick and durable. Weaving is done in exactly the same way. Tighten the knot over the first layer of the collar and work your way down gradually.

When you get to the base, complete the knot from the wrong side, pass the ends through the loop again, and then tuck them in.

Done! Please note that it is best to weave the collar from a soft and thick rope or lace, but the dog will not like plastic or rubberized wires, although it will look beautiful.

Such a braided collar can be made with your own hands and for a large dog, but in this case it is better to weave it from one strong cord, and not from “alloy”, which can disperse from the agility of a large pet.

nylon tape

Nylon slings (ribbons) come in very bright and beautiful colors. Dogs easily wear such collars, not at all opposing this “decoration”. Making such a collar with your own hands is not at all difficult, so feel free to take on this master class.

Pay attention to the width of the line that you will take as a basis. In no case do not take a belt that is too thin, as it will hurt to cut into the skin of the animal when moving. To make your pet comfortable, take a sling at least 2 cm wide. for “little ones”, for larger pets. even wider, from 2.5 cm.

  • nylon tape;
  • textile tape with a pattern;
  • plastic mount;
  • D-ring.

We measure the circumference of the dog’s neck and multiply the resulting number by 1.7. This is the length that the tape should be in order for the collar to be the correct size. Make the fabric ribbon the same length.

Sew the nylon and fabric together. Sew by setting it to sewing on a coarse fabric and stitch length 2 mm. Try to make the seams as close to the edges as possible, go around the entire perimeter.

Insert the fastener so that the free end goes inward about 4 cm.Fold it and sew to the main part of the tape under the bow to form a loop with the fastener.

Then insert the D-piece and sew on the protruding tip finally.

Next, we take the free end of our ribbon and thread it through the buckle with two holes. And then through the second part of the fastener (the one that we haven’t sewn yet). Next, pull the free end of the tape through the buckle again (this loop will be under the first one). See how this is done in the photo in order to correctly assemble the collar and not confuse anything.

Then we take the end of the tape and bend it back. It needs to be stitched several times in order to fix it well. To keep the fastener out of the way during sewing, slide it back a little.

That’s all. we easily made a beautiful bright collar for a dog with our own hands. If it seems to you that the dog for some reason does not like the nylon tape, simply process it with a fabric blank, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. However, usually there are no problems with this.


Leather collars are the most practical. Typically, pets can wear them for years. If you want your dog to have a unique collar, you need to make it yourself. With the help of this master class, you will easily master the technique of its manufacture.

  • a piece of skin;
  • buckle;
  • D-shaped metal ring;
  • rivets;
  • water-based leather glue;
  • wax.

We measure the circumference of the dog’s neck and throw 25 cm to this number.To cut off the necessary piece from the skin, it is worth using special knives. If you do not have this opportunity, take an unnecessary leather belt as a basis.

Be sure to cut the corners of the future collar blank at both ends. This is necessary so that the dog is comfortable and the accessory does not rub its neck.

We take the glue, go along the edges of the leather tape from all sides. This must also be done to prevent the collar from chafing.

At the same stage, you need to gently rub the beeswax into the future collar with your hands. You can pre-treat it with a special cream to soften the skin. All these manipulations will help make it more comfortable to wear.

Next, we apply the markings at equal distances. With the help of an awl we make holes into which we will insert rivets. At the same stage, you can cut off the inner layer of the skin with a special oblique knife. This should be done in the event that you have taken a belt or a piece of leather that is too hard.

To insert rivets, you can use awls of different thicknesses and inserts of different sizes. this will be more beautiful.

We attach the buckle to the rivets. Insert the metal base first and then the D-ring. Next, just fix the end with rivets.

If the collar is too long and not quite comfortable to wear, cut off the excess part from it, round the edges and treat with colorless leather glue.

Done! You have made a leather dog collar that is indistinguishable from a factory one! Attaching a leash to it will not be difficult.

Bonus: strap collar

If your pet is very tiny, make him a neat little collar from an unnecessary thin strap. We invite you to watch this video master class on creating a collar. This craft will take you literally 5-10 minutes, and the accessory will come out useful and beautiful.

If the finished strap is too hard, see the tips from the master class described above (option). If you need to soften a collar for a small dog, they will help you.

We hope you’ve found a tutorial that will help you make a collar at home that you and your dog will love. Let your pet be comfortable and comfortable!

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Choosing a glowing dog collar

A luminous dog collar is not just a fashionable trend, it is a way to keep an eye on a pet when walking in the dark and protect the animal from cars, because with such an accessory the dog is visible from afar. Learn more about the glowing dog collar

How to make a dog collar with your own hands

Homemade pet collars are becoming more and more popular every year. about DIY dog collars

Dog training collar

Training is the process of education using various methods of influencing the pet.

Often, you cannot do without special equipment for this. Learn more about dog training collars

Electronic dog collar. description and main characteristics

The electronic dog collar is relatively new in dog training, causing a lot of controversy over its acceptability. Read more about the use of an electronic collar

Choosing a strict collar for dogs

A strict dog collar (photo will be below) or parfors is one of the most popular and convenient means of controlling an animal, which makes it relatively easy to correct unwanted behavior. Read more about strict collars

Pros and cons of an electroshock collar for dogs

In the modern world, the “carrot” principle has long been working. punishment education has been discarded as ineffective. Items such as strangleholds, sharp collars, and shock collars are prohibited in most developed countries. Even law enforcement agencies do not use such methods when raising dogs for their own needs. Learn more about the Electrocution Dog Collar

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Glowing Dog Collars

The luminous collar is not at all a useless accessory, as it might seem at first glance. Especially for our impenetrable autumn, when it is dark in the morning, dark in the evening, and in the afternoon we are at work. Not all courtyards have lanterns, but they shine regularly even less often.

Having put this collar on the dog, the owner will always see where his pet ran. Many dogs are trained to walk off a leash, and if you often take your dog to run in the woods or fields, a glowing collar will be very useful.

Even an ordinary walk in the city in a lighted park will become more convenient and interesting with such ammunition. Just pressing against the bushes, a dark-colored dog will instantly merge with the environment. A small dog will be visible from afar, which is also not important (no one will hesitate about it).

A luminous collar is not a mandatory purchase, but in some situations its use is fully justified.

A tube. It is a thin silicone tube collar with LEDs inside. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, glow modes. They are charged from a USB cable, which is very convenient. No need to look for batteries, buy them in addition. How many hours of work are included in the LEDs, so much will last. It shines brightly, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some dogs will not like the bright glow around their eyes. Waterproof, graceful, very good collar. You can wear it only in addition to the main ammunition on which the carbine is attached.

Nylon. This is a more common type of collar produced by many companies. You can choose almost any color of the diodes, for many you can change the mode. In some models, the batteries are removable; in others, they cannot be replaced. Of course, you should choose with replaceable batteries. The glow of nylon collars is slightly muted, unlike silicone ones. These collars are designed as completely independent, they have rings for carabiners, they can withstand a sufficient load.

Trinket. This is a luminous circle that is attached to a regular collar. Also a good option for dog control. Most often it is purchased for large and medium-sized dogs. It will be difficult and uncomfortable for a small dog to carry it. However, in a heavily woolen individual, the keychain can get lost on the chest and it will be difficult to see it. This accessory is well suited for a fairly large, short-haired dog (eg Dalmatian, Spaniel). But if the dog turns his back on you, then the luminous point will be difficult to see from afar.

Glowing leash. Such a leash can come in handy in cases where you need to control not only the location of the dog, but also the direction of the leash. To avoid cropping someone’s legs, hitting a car, or getting tangled around a post or bush. The leash is visible along its entire length. Passers-by will see you and your dog from afar, walk around and hold your dog in advance. And if you have to walk in complete darkness, then the leash will illuminate the ground for you, you do not need to hold a flashlight and look out for puddles.

Reflective collars. This ammunition is not quite “in the subject”, by itself it does not glow. But these collars have advantages. They do not need to change the batteries, that is, they will serve as long as the reflective strip is intact. It is very easy to do it yourself. Same cost as normal nylon collars.

Glow modes: steady and flashing. In some models, you can change the appearance of the glow, but this is more a tribute to fashion than a necessity. For a normal walk, you need a calm, solid color.

Titova Ekaterina (instructor of the Doggy Center)

TrixieIn the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Trixie’s collar is available in two neon colors, each of which is available in three sizes. The green accessory is a nylon case with a luminous core with one LED diode inserted inside. The product operates in three illumination modes:

  • constant
  • pulse slow
  • fast flashing
glowing, collar

The silicone tube is attached to the battery pack with a screw, and the case is secured with a clasp so that the accessory does not fall out of the neck. The advantage of the collar body is that it is waterproof, resistant in any weather, does not freeze in the cold.

Red Trixie works in a different way. A tube is connected to the power supply, inside which there are several LEDs at a distance of 7.5 cm from each other. The bezel lights up constantly with a dot.

Important! The main advantage of both options is battery operation. It takes 6 hours continuous time to charge from USB.

Benefits of luminous collars

On a walk at night, dogs of a dark color are not visible. This causes inconvenience to passers-by, who are frightened when an animal suddenly appears next to them. The glowing accessory on the pet’s neck has the following advantages:

  • Save a pet’s life by preventing it from being hit by a car. The dog is always visible to the owner and drivers of the car.
  • The collar does not blind the dog’s eyes.
  • Convenient and practical to operate.
  • USB rechargeable products save on battery costs.

Glowing Dog Collar: Safe Evening Walking With Your Pet Off Leash

Luminous collar. This is a collar that has a LED element or a group of elements sewn into the fabric in a circle and emits a soft light in the dark to improve the visibility and detection of the dog.

Glow types: constant glow, slow flashing and fast flashing, the main purpose of which. pet location control.

An overview of inexpensive, from 59-120 UAH, and very high quality collars for walking in the evening.

Why LED?

LED technology has already moved into the service of our pets. 2019 is becoming, and I am sure, will become a trend in the use of LED collars for our friends. dogs and puppies, and possibly even cats. Since we, the owners, walk with our dogs mainly in the evening, the walk will be much more comfortable with the new LED gadget.

The Classic LED Collar has the following components:

How to make an LED Dog Collar by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Very bright and waterproof, reliable and durable collar from China on Aliexpress.

for LED collars in Ukraine

Let’s see what for glowing collars are offered by sellers on olx. Here link at current prices.

These are top sellers who buy in China on Aliexpress for 56 UAH, and sell in Kiev and other cities for 80-100 hryvnia.

for LED collars in the Russian Federation

Sellers on avito.ru sell at the following prices

On avito, when sorting by default, the cheapest collar is sold at a price of 200 rubles, and aliexpress for such collars start at 38 rubles. Question. why pay more?

In order not to lose your pet, I recommend purchasing a collar glowing in the dark using LEDs. You can make it with your own hands using an LED strip glued to it and a driver on AA batteries. Manufacturers produce several types of products in this line, differing in design and type of glow.

Make the walk with your pet comfortable. Get a glowing headband or collar. You will be calm and the dog is safe.

Anna Solomko, the owner of Funtika, the city of Kiev


The product is a real nylon collar with fastex fastening. It is equipped with a metal winding ring for attaching the leash carabiner and a length adjuster.

LED Dog Collar | How To Cut & Can Be Still Work?| Bseen

The design consists of a battery pack with one diode and a light-conducting core, which is inserted into the case. Power is supplied by a replaceable coin battery. Backlight mode steady or flashing.

The model is available in two colors. The orange product in sizes M and L is intended for Beagle, Charleigh and Poodle dogs. Red collar S is suitable for puppies and small breeds with a neck circumference of centimeters. York, Pug, Pekingese. Also available in XS sizes for Miniature Pinschers.


# homemade # instructions # repair_technique # inventions


# homemade # instructions # repair_technique # inventions

DIY glowing collar and leash for a dog

Ever wanted your dog to stand out in a crowd? Well, now your dog can be the star of the park with his own glowing collar and leash.!

  • Needles
  • Scissors (or other cutting utensils that can cut the line)
  • Collar and leash
  • Insulating tape
  • 2 small AA batteries driver
  • EL wire
  • Scotch
  • line

Required skills: Ability to sew.

This collar must not be wet. Do not let your dog swim in the water with a collar. This collar is used for night walks.

Make sure your dog is fully grown. There is no way to tighten it.

With that said, let’s get started!

Collar Sizing Make sure the collar fits snugly around the dog’s neck. This will be a constant collar size so make sure you do it right.

Glowing wire ribbon

Tie the wire to your dog’s leash and collar. This protects the wire when you sew on the line or move the collar. This is a very important step because it is really difficult to sew the wire with the line.

Pass the needle and line. Make sure the length of the line is long, but not too long so that it does not get tangled every time you do something. Then make sure both ends of the line are the same and tie a large knot so that the line does not slip through the seams when you are finished sewing.

Now let’s put a collar on the dog and admire your four-legged labor.