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DIY hammock for dogs in the car

What do you need

  • drill;
  • 3 thick wooden slats, approximately 80 cm long;
  • 2 thin wooden slats approximately 90 cm long;
  • nails or screws;
  • hammer or screwdriver;
  • 2 thick strong ropes approximately 1.5 m long;
  • 3 thick, strong ropes, approx. 2.5 m long.
  • 16 braided cords 8-9 m long.

How to do

Cut a few strips of padding polyester about 20 cm wide. It is necessary to make it more comfortable to sit in the hammock. Wrap the synthetic winterizer around the hoop and tie with threads.

Then wrap a strip of fabric around the hoop and sew so that the padding polyester is not visible. For convenience, secure the fabric with pins.

Place the hoop in the middle of a large piece of fabric and cut a circle that should be 20-25 cm larger than the hoop. Cut small, symmetrical grooves on four sides of the fabric. They are needed so that there is a place to hang the hammock.

The hoop should be exactly in the center of the fabric circle. Pull it slightly under the hoop, fold it over and sew very firmly to the hoop.

Where there were gaps in the fabric, the hoop will be visible. Pass the strap through this hole and sew so that a loop forms around the hoop. Sew three more belts in the same way.

Tie the straps to the supports so that the hammock hangs at an angle.

What do you need

  • drill;
  • 3 thick wooden slats, approximately 80 cm long;
  • 2 thin wooden slats approximately 90 cm long;
  • nails or screws;
  • hammer or screwdriver;
  • rectangular piece of fabric (the size will be described in the description);
  • threads;
  • needle or sewing machine;
  • 2 thick strong ropes approximately 1.5 m long;
  • 3 thick, strong ropes, approx. 2.5 m long.

What do you need

  • synthetic winterizer;
  • scissors;
  • 1 metal hoop 95–100 cm in diameter;
  • threads;
  • 1 strip of fabric 3 m long and 20 cm wide;
  • needle;
  • stationery pins;
  • a square piece of fabric (approximately 1.5 x 1.5 m);
  • 4 lashing straps, length approx. 3 m.

Sewn fabric hammock on ropes

A simple option for those who don’t want to mess with nodes.

9 ways to make a hammock with your own hands

Hammock on ropes and carabiners without sewing

Hammock made of stitched fabric on ropes and slats

Hammock made of stitched fabric on slats and ropes with macrame elements

Chair-hammock on slats using macrame technique

It’s easier than it sounds to create a comfortable place to stay.

The easiest rope hammock

This hammock can be made from ordinary cheap lining fabric, tarpaulin, linen, cotton, burlap. whatever. It looks simple, but it is assembled literally in a matter of minutes.

Fabric hammock chair on slats

Such a chair will appeal to both adults and children.

Hammock in car for dogs

Features of the auto hammock model for the trunk:

  • Easily folds up and fits into the trunk;
  • High density back;
  • Water-repellent fabric;
  • Quality workmanship;
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The auto hammock for the trunk will help to avoid contamination of the car interior and at the same time create a comfortable and safe environment for the pet itself.
The auto hammock for transporting dogs in the car is easy to clean and compactly folds, which allows you to return your car seat to its former clean look in just a few movements.
Auto hammock for dogs will help you to forget about dirt and wool in the interior of your car and save money on washing and cleaning the interior of your car.

Dog Hammock– Travel Car Seat Cover- Best Rear Seat Protector- Heavy Duty with Side flaps

The bedding hammock for dogs in the car is an excellent solution for the safety of the cabin and saving on dry cleaning. Plus, your pet will be safe from hard braking. Your dog’s hammock is more than seat covers.

The auto hammock has a universal size and fits all car models. An indispensable condition is the presence of head restraints that allow you to fasten the belts. Make sure in advance.

Car hammock in the trunk for transporting dogs

  • One size fits all: the size can be used in any car, even an SUV;
  • Protection against leaks: the hammock is made of fabric with a water-repellent impregnation, which eliminates the leakage of liquids;
  • Durable: the auto hammock is made of high density synthetic fabric, withstands even the largest dogs;
  • Practical: The fabric is easy to clean, non-absorbent and odorless;
  • Safety: this method of transportation is safe for the pet and the driver;
  • Saves money: having bought a car hammock once, you don’t have to, once again, it is spent on washing and dry cleaning the car.
hammock, dogs


I found a very interesting article about how to carry a dog in a car with comfort, in a hammock. Read it, and for those who know how to sew, there are also patterns. Sewing is not at all difficult, as it seems to me.

Probably, each of those who have got themselves a dog, love him like his own child and he becomes a full member of the family. Someone constantly sews clothes, someone buys, and the couches. this is a completely separate conversation. If there is a puppy in the house, then toys are all over the floor, the impression is that you find yourself in the children’s world.

But in fact, this is correct, because we become their parents, mom was taken away, so he will have to be for his friend and brother and for dad and mom. Today we will talk about the safety of these wonderful animals, especially those dogs that are very active, do not sit in one place, for example, the Russian Cocker Spaniel.

And what to do so that the interior is not spoiled by teeth, claws and hair? To do this, you can sew a hammock for a dog into a car (auto hammock) with your own hands! It is sewn very easily and even a beginner can handle it.

hammock, dogs

So, you will need the following materials and tools:

This accessory can be for one seat, two and as you wish with side walls (to hide the door) and without them. If you sew for two.

To sew a hammock for a dog, we go to the car and take measurements:

We made all the measurements and go home to draw a pattern. And it turns out that you have a very simple rectangle with the designation of places for the straps and, if necessary, for fastening the dog in the usual way).

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Round the corners. We cut out. We fold the parts in the form of a sandwich, a tarp on top, a synthetic winterizer inside, the last layer is any fabric. You can quilt with squares or diamonds. We make the edging with an oblique inlay. Now about the straps, they can be adjustable or closed.

So that they do not often break and spoil the whole hammock, they should be strengthened. We sew on the straps, of course it is better with a special adjustment so as not to remove the headrest every time. Now we cut off two strips and attach them from above as shown in the drawing in two versions. The intersection points are especially carefully stitched, like a square and criss-cross.

That’s all the work on making an auto hammock for a dog with your own hands!

Thanks to the site: http://www.lady-michel.ru for the information and photos provided.

Car hammock care

When caring for a purchased product, you must strictly follow the instructions. This will keep its beneficial properties longer. The general rules of care are as follows:

  • wash by hand or in car washes with water at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees;
  • clean with a stiff brush or damp sponge;
  • Do not iron;
  • do not dry or wring out in washing machines;
  • when wet, lay out for drying and do not collect until completely dry;
  • it is permissible to use soap and other non-aggressive detergents for cleaning.

Inexpensive models

Models from this group have. Popular among buyers:

  • AvtoTink 73005. Made of waterproof and frost resistant Oxford 600D fabric. The cover belongs to the universal and is suitable for use in different brands of cars. In the trunk, it is fastened with Velcro to the walls and to the head restraints of the rear seats.
  • Comfort Address daf 049S. The cover is suitable for all types and sizes of luggage carriers. Made of 600D PVC waterproof fabric.
  • Comfort Address XXL. Hammock for transporting dogs in the trunk of a car is made of water-repellent material. Universal model fits all brands of cars.

Despite the low cost, all these hammocks do an excellent job with their main function.

Middle price segment

In the rating of models of the middle price segment, it is worth considering several options:

  • Haustier Happy Travel. Suitable for transporting medium to large sized dogs. Made from durable waterproof Oxford fabric. The material is resistant to damage, does not clog with wool and does not absorb odors. The upper part of the hammock is attached to the head restraints of the rear seat. Side panels can be installed with Velcro or tape.
  • Elegant Black. The hammock is made of thick water-repellent Oxford 600D quilted fabric. A synthetic winterizer is used as a filler. The model is designed for transportation in a station wagon or off-road vehicle of medium and large breeds of dogs. The removable cover can be cleaned with a damp sponge or in a washing machine on a delicate cycle at temperatures up to 30 degrees.

Both models are easy to install and remove from the car, requiring little maintenance. It is recommended to use a small amount of liquid detergent to wash them.

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Top Models

Auto hammocks for transporting dogs in the trunk of a car differ in material, type of filler and other parameters.

Premium models

  • OSSO Car Premium. The hammock is suitable for station wagons, jeeps, minivans. The total length of the product is 210 cm, width. 120 cm. The model has sides to protect the upholstery of the walls and rear seats of the car. Made of waterproof and frost-resistant fabric with lining. Attaches with automatic zippers to the rear seat headrests and Velcro. to the upholstery on the sides of the trunk.
  • Auto Premium, reinforced. The hammock is made up of three layers for maximum protection. Special mounts allow you to adjust the size of the cape depending on the size of the car. Suitable for cars with a trunk depth of up to 60-110 cm, a width of 100 cm, a side height of up to 62 cm and a backrest of up to 72 cm.
  • Auto hammock “Thomas”. The company creates models for classic roof racks and maxi sizes (Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LS, Infiniti QX, etc.). There is a possibility of tailoring according to individual measurements. Thomas hammocks are suitable for dogs of all sizes. Reversible models protect door trim, rear bumper, side walls, rear seat backrests.

Hammocks from this category are the most comfortable.

Auto hammocks for dogs in the trunk of a car

Auto hammocks for transporting dogs in the trunk of a car provide convenience on the road. With such a thing, the driver no longer needs to be distracted from driving. In addition, the dog hammock in the trunk of the car protects the interior from scratches and dirt.

  • can be installed and removed from the car in a few minutes;
  • easy to clean;
  • does not absorb dirt and does not get wet, as the base is made of waterproof fabric.

A dog hammock in the trunk of a car can be used for cars with a spacious body. A tight, enclosed space will stress the animal.

Hammock for a dog in the trunk of a car. TOP of the best, selection rules

All hammocks in dog carriers have a similar design. The main differences between them are in the material used for sewing, the number of layers, the presence or absence of filler and the method of fixation.

A hammock for a dog in the trunk of a car is designed for convenient transportation of a pet while traveling. When choosing an accessory for transporting a dog, there are several details to consider.

pets (dog platform for your car)

Selection rules for the size of the dog

All hammocks in dog carriers have a similar design. The main differences between them are the material used for sewing, the number of layers, the presence or absence of filler and the method of fixation. When choosing a lounger, depending on the size of the animal, attention should be paid to the last point.

It is undesirable to use hammocks with slings attached to carabiners for transporting large dogs. They cannot ensure the safety of the animal. Under heavy weight, carabiners sag and buckles stretch quickly.

A hammock in the trunk makes travel much easier. The main thing is to choose a model that is comfortable for the dog and easy to care for.