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DIY Intelligent Toys For Dogs

DIY dog toys: fun and development

An active, curious and full of energy dog ​​needs to be occupied with something. otherwise it will find itself entertainment on its own. Simple and interesting toys will help to protect furniture and shoes from damage, to let the dog’s energy into a useful channel. It is not necessary to buy them, excellent crafts are obtained from scrap materials. Any owner can make toys for dogs with their own hands. When choosing, you need to take into account the age, temperament and individual characteristics of the pet.

How to make a toy out of a rope with your own hands

When making homemade pet toys, it’s best to use durable natural materials

A practical, affordable and harmless material for making homemade toys is an ordinary rope. It is best to use durable natural jute, it is pleasant to the touch, durable, safe. The thicker the rope, the more voluminous the toy will be. These products are great for large dogs, as well as pets who love to chew on various objects. A thick rope is not so easy to break, the toy will delight the dog for more than one day.

From the rope you can make a light ball, a bone for carrying, weave a rope, with which not only puppies, but also adult dogs will have fun playing. The larger the pet, the thicker and stronger the rope should be. If there is no natural jute, you can use blanks made of synthetic materials, for example, safe and strong lavsan.

What you need to work:

  • A piece of sturdy rope made from natural or synthetic fibers;
  • Safe quick-drying glue;
  • Dry treat or some prepared food.

Pieces of pet treats can be placed between the rope layers, if desired.

For starters, you can try making a ball. It doesn’t have to be perfectly round, the main thing for the product is strength.

  • Having cut off a piece of rope, wind it around the hand, forming wide loops.
  • Wrap the layers tightly and evenly.
  • The end of the rope is pulled through the loops several times, securing the structure securely.
  • To prevent the craft from falling apart, the tip is fixed with superglue, after hiding it inside the toy.
  • After finishing the winding, the ball is formed by hands, straightening the loops. Optionally, you can place delicacies between the rope layers: dry food, dog biscuits, pieces of dried beef veins.

Rope balls for your pet will become an interesting and useful toy

The size of the ball depends on the size of the pet. Large balls are made for puppies, which are convenient to drive on the floor. Older dogs are interested in diarrhea. The ball must match the size of the mouth and not slip out of it. If the dog ignores the new toy, you can tweak it by adding treats or winding up another layer of rope. Balls slightly damaged by canine teeth are restored in the same way. It is better to replace badly torn toys with new ones.

Bones are made in a similar way. Their main difference is the narrow middle part. It is convenient to carry such a toy in the teeth, it is suitable for practicing the “Aport” command. For manufacturing, the rope is folded several times, then the loops are tightly wrapped so that the middle is flat and rigid, and a voluminous fringe forms at the ends. The end of the rope is tucked inward and glued. To make the bone stronger and last longer, you can put a base inside: a wooden stick or a cardboard sleeve.

If there is no rope, it can be woven from any soft, durable shreds. Stripes cut from worn-out jersey T-shirts, T-shirts, sheets will do. To make the toy elegant, it is better to use multi-colored fabric.

For work you will need:

  • Durable cotton fabric (preferably jersey);
  • Scissors;
  • Torn lavsan threads, needle.

To attract the pet’s attention, the toy rope can be made in different shapes.

  • From a piece of cloth, cut 4 identical strips about 1 m long and 10 cm wide.
  • Stretch the resulting blanks with your hands so that the fabric curls slightly into a tube.
  • Fold the ribbons, stepping back 7 cm from the edge, tie a knot and lay out 4 strips in the form of a cross. Holding the knot between the knees, start braiding.
  • Strips of fabric are alternately laid out in loops, between them free stripes are stretched and tightly tightened.
  • Thus, a tight rope is woven, the ends are tied in a knot. If desired, the rope can be closed in a ring, fastened with strong lavsan threads.

Such a toy will surely please a puppy or a small active dog. For large breeds, it is better to weave a rope or ring from durable jute or thick synthetic rope.

How to sew a stuffed pet toy

When making a soft toy for a dog, it is important to remember which filler is safer for it.

Pets of different ages will surely like toys made of fabric, leather, and artificial fur. They are lightweight, easy to play, suitable for active and calm animals. For work, it is better to use durable fabrics: linen, felt, felt, tarpaulin, fleece, denim. The size of the toys depends on the age of the pet. Puppies love larger items to wrestle with, use as a punching bag or sleep pillow. Older pets prefer compact products suitable for carrying or tossing.

To sew soft toys you will need:

  • Remains of tissue;
  • Patchwork for stuffing;
  • Cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Plastic bottle;
  • Needle and thread.

To make the bone toy bulky, you can put a plastic bottle in it

To begin with, you can try to sew a simple felt product, resembling a bone in shape. To make the toy neat, it is better to make a template from cardboard in advance.

  • With a piece of soap or chalk, you need to outline the contours of the future bone, making an allowance for the seams. You will need 2 pieces of the same size, they are cut out with sharp tailor’s scissors.
  • Details are sewn on a typewriter or on the hands, the seam should be tight. It is more practical to use strong lavsan threads, the toy will be more durable. The seam is laid on the seamy side, leaving part of the toy not stitched.
  • Then the product is turned inside out, the seams are straightened and stuffed with small shreds. Cotton wool and synthetic winterizer cannot be used. the dog can tear the toy and swallow the fibrous material.
  • You can insert a plastic bottle into the middle, the bone will turn out to be more voluminous and attractive to play. However, puppies who prefer to use a large bone as a pillow will prefer soft and elastic products, stuffed exclusively with rags.
  • After filling, the hole is carefully sewn up. A properly made bone should be flat, round, without unnecessary voids. By this principle, you can make other soft toys in the shape of a dog, cat, flower or heart. Elongated products can be sealed with a bottle, round ones are stuffed with shreds.

For those who do not know how to cut and sew, you can make a candy toy for your pet. Such products are especially liked by puppies: you can fight with a large toy, it is convenient to chew, drag it around the apartment and hide it in secluded corners.

Candy toys are interesting for active dogs, because you can do anything with them.

Candy is easy to make. In a long knitted sock, you need to cut off the heel-toe part, fill the resulting pipe with soft shreds, tie the ends with a strong rope so that the product resembles a candy wrapped in a candy wrapper. Instead of socks, you can use knee-highs or long sleeves from a jersey shirt, sweater, cardigan.

Another version of the candy is made on the basis of a plastic bottle.

  • You need to put large beads or peas into it, screw the cork.
  • From thick cotton fabric (teak or denim), cut a rectangle to fit the bottle with an allowance of about 20 cm on each side.
  • Wrap the container tightly with a cloth, tie the ends with laces or ribbons, straighten the candy.

Such a toy will take the puppy for several days, then the tattered cloth can be replaced.

A simple and interesting toy for any dog ​​is a soft octopus. This craft is especially liked by medium-sized dogs who spend a lot of time indoors: bulldogs, pugs, spitz, Pekingese. Old but sturdy knitted T-shirts are useful for making. They need to be cut into strips about a meter long. You will need 4 lengths wide enough.

An octopus toy can be of any size. it all depends on how the dog will play with it

  • Fold the blanks crosswise, put a small rubber ball or just a lump of fabric in the center.
  • Having formed a ball, tighten the lace under it and tie it tightly with a double knot.
  • Cut each of the 4 strips into 3 pieces. Alternately braid 4 tight braids, tie the ends with double knots.

A cute soft octopus is ready. Optionally, it can be tied to a fishing rod and used for active games with a puppy.

Intellectual development of dogs

Homemade toys are able not only to entertain, but also to develop pets, training ingenuity, instilling new useful skills. It should be noted that not all animals like smart toys. They are suitable for dogs who have to spend a lot of time alone, representatives of service or decorative breeds.

The main principle of intelligent toys is to stimulate the pet’s intelligence, make him find non-trivial moves and solutions. During the game, the dog must find hidden treats, which will become a reward for successfully completing the quest. Such toys are short-lived, but cheap and easy to manufacture, so there will be no problems with replacing parts.

To make crafts you will need:

  • Plastic bottles;
  • Polypropylene pipes with plugs;
  • Wooden bars;
  • Tennis balls;
  • Synthetic fabric;
  • Metal pins and rings;
  • Durable cardboard boxes;
  • Dry food with large granules or other prepared treats.
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The simplest version of an educational toy is an ordinary plastic bucket or box. It is filled with various objects: balls, rubber toys, rolled up socks, toilet paper rolls and even rolled up wrapping paper. Pieces of food are scattered between the objects. The task of the dog is to find all the treats, gradually removing the items from the container. The downside of the game is the mess in the room. But it is compensated by the delight of the pet with every tasty pellet found. When the game is over, the scattered objects can be collected, and after a while again offer the dog.

A more complex toy, suitable for small dogs, is a labyrinth. The pipe can be glued from cardboard, assembled from boxes with a pre-cut bottom. A more durable option is to sew a pipe from a durable synthetic fabric. To keep it in shape, thin metal hoops of the required diameter are inserted into the stitched drawstrings.

Playing with the maze is easy and fun. Treats can be laid out in the side s so that the dog can easily reach them while crawling through the pipe. A simplified option is to add some food at the end of the maze. The toy is great for training and is very popular with pets who have to spend a lot of time indoors. However, playing alone in the maze is not interesting, such fun requires the presence of the owner.

Simple and popular with dogs, this toy is made on the basis of a regular tennis ball. This kind of fun is ideal for chewing pets and growing puppies. Making a toy is easy. A tennis ball is cut crosswise, a treat is put inside and offered to the dog. The pet will try to get the tasty morsels while kicking and tossing the ball. The smaller the hole, the longer the game lasts.

The fastest and easiest pet toy to make. made from a tennis ball

You can complicate the task by hanging the ball on a rope or elastic band. The dog will be forced to jump, trying to grab the dodging ball, grab it with its paws, press it against the wall and release it again. Such games are especially popular with adolescent puppies and representatives of small hyperactive breeds: terriers, cocker spaniels, dachshunds. To make the game more interesting, the ball must be suspended not too high, otherwise the dog will not be able to reach the treat.

Dogs who prefer to chew on toys need more durable items. They can be made from pieces of polypropylene pipes.

  • The ends are tightly closed with plugs, for greater reliability they can be fixed with non-toxic universal glue.
  • A small hole is cut in the middle, several granules of dry food are inserted inside. Turning over and tossing the toy, the pet must get to the treat. Since the hole is small, the dog will have to tinker.

Such a toy is a great option for large dogs locked at home while waiting for the owner. If the animal bites through the tube, it must be replaced immediately to avoid injury.

For large, active dogs, an original device made from plastic bottles is suitable. Plastic covers are removed from them, a little feed is poured inside. It is better to choose large granules of irregular shape so that they do not fall out of the hole too quickly.

Playing with plastic bottles is suitable for active and smart pets

  • The hardest part of the job is making a bottle holder. The structure consists of a wide base, two legs and a crossbar made of a thick metal bar. It is important to make the structure stable and strong so that it does not roll over during play.
  • Through holes are pierced in the middle of each bottle with a hot knitting needle, after which the containers are strung onto the pin. It is enough to strengthen 3-4 bottles, they should not fit tightly to each other. Rotating freely suspended containers, the dog will pour out a little food, but too active shaking will prevent the treat from falling out ahead of time.

The pet’s task is to learn to coordinate its actions. Savvy animals understand the principle of toys in a quarter of an hour, less developed pets will need more time. But even the stupidest puppy will turn the bottles with delight, being interested in the noise of the granules and vigorously rejoicing at every piece that falls out. An additional plus. loosely fixed plastic containers cannot be gnawed, which means that the dog cannot be injured by sharp fragments.

Another intellectual game that does not require additional preparations for the owner is a puzzle with tennis balls

A very simple fun for an adult dog. a puzzle made of tennis balls and a metal mold for muffins. Treats are laid out in large rectangular holes, covering them with balls. The design is then offered to the dog. Her task is to alternately turn the balls over and push them out of the holes, getting to the tasty rewards. Pets with narrow long muzzles cope with the task faster: setters, greyhounds, Scottish and German shepherds. For a dog that is too active and mobile, such a toy will not work. the dog will simply turn the structure over. If desired, it can be fixed to the floor by gluing a strip of double-sided tape.

Homemade toys are a pleasure not only for the dog, but also for the owner. Coming up with new entertainments, you can better understand the character and preferences of your pet, develop his best data, and correct behavior. To avoid annoying toys, they need to be changed more often, alternating between simple objects for carrying and more complex intelligent designs.


An alternative to the rope can be a homemade octopus toy. The dog will be able to play it both independently and with the owner. In addition, several animals will be able to compete in pulling the toy.

To create you need:

  • Old T-shirt;
  • Scissors;
  • Any ball.

It is recommended to use a rubber squeaky ball as dogs like squeaky things, but a tennis ball or similar size will work.

First, you should cut the T-shirt into strips of equal width, based on photo 23.

Then the pieces of fabric are laid crosswise, placing the ball in the center. It is wrapped in the resulting strips and tied in a knot at the very base.

Next, you need to cut each of the four segments into three equal parts. It remains only to braid the braids and the octopus is ready. If you want, you can take more cloth and make 6 or 8 tentacles.

The toy is suitable for small dogs and medium-sized pets.

DIY dog toys. Candy toy

The next master class will help you make a toy for a dog so that it can play on its own when the owner does not have the time and opportunity to pay due attention to the pet.

To create such a cute candy you will need:

  • Any fabric (in this case, a shirt is used);
  • Plastic bottle;
  • Several large beads;
  • Any rope or rubber bands;
  • Scissors.

First, put the beads into the bottle and tighten the lid. They can be replaced with small stones or dry food. The latter will give the toy a smell that will not leave the dog indifferent. Do not put a lot of beads in the bottle, as it will rattle and distract residents of the house from work.

Then you need to measure out how much tissue is required to wrap the bottle in it and cut off all excess. From one shirt, you can make 2-3 sweets and give each pet, if there are several of them in the house.

After that, the bottle is wrapped in a piece of fabric and tails are tied at both ends on a bow, firmly fixing it inside.

It is not recommended to make large bows, as the dog can gnaw them and the toy will become unusable. The long ends can be easily trimmed with scissors. Small to medium sized dogs like this candy. When holes appear in the bottle, it will quickly lose its shape and it is better to replace it. This concludes the master class.

Bone-shaped toy

It is worth considering another option for creating a toy from a plastic bottle in a case in the shape of an appetizing bone.

To create you need:

  • Any fabric (in this case, fleece);
  • Empty plastic bottle;
  • Sewing accessories.

The cover should be sewn first. It can be sewn on a typewriter or by hand. Before getting started, you need to prepare templates. They can be drawn on cardboard by hand, or printed from any of the Internet. Photo 17 shows what parts the cover consists of.

When the pattern for a dog toy is ready, it is recommended to grab the elements together with pins. The product will be more accurate if the fabric does not move to the side. A fold line of one of the blanks is marked on the template. It should be wrapped up to this line and secured with pins, as shown in photo 18.

Then the details are sewn on a typewriter and carefully turned out. When sewing, it is important to preserve the rounded shape of the bone and in no case sew the product in the center, because a bottle will be placed there in the future.

First, they put it in a deep. and then hide the base of the bottle under a small one. If desired, the corners of the bones are filled with scraps of fleece or synthetic winterizer, and food is poured inside for smell. The toy is ready.

Options for large dogs

For a large pet, you can make toys for dogs as in photos 29 and 30. They are very similar, but made in different ways. In the first case, you will need to weave a rope from a strong rope. To do this, you should use the tips from the first master class in this article. Then take a tennis ball, using a knife, carefully make a hole in it on both sides and put it on the rope, after tying a knot on it.

In the second case, a wide rope rope is used. It is necessary to weave a small ball out of it. The excess rope can be trimmed if desired or the ball can be left on a small piece of rope. The next master class will tell you how to make a ball out of a rope rope.

To create you need:

  • Thick rope rope about a meter;
  • Hot or super glue to secure the ends;
  • Delicacy at will.
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First, the rope must be wound around the arm as shown in It is important that the loops formed are the same.

Then you should carefully remove the loops from your hand, holding the rope to maintain shape. Next, the long end of the rope is wrapped 3-4 times around the workpiece, forming a future ball.

After that, the end of the rope is threaded through the upper loops, thereby fixing them, and then pulled again through the lower.

At the end, the loops are carefully tightened, forming a ball. The tip of the rope is hidden inside, fixing it with glue. This is the toy for the doggie.

Rope for active games

One of the most popular games is tug of war. You can weave a rope for a small dog from old T-shirts, a bathrobe or any other fabric. To make the toy more attractive, you should use materials of different shades.

For weaving you will need:

  • Choice of fabric;
  • Scissors.

First, you should cut the clothes into 4 identical strips about 10 cm wide and 1 m long. After that, the strips must be stretched in different directions so that they become narrower, longer and slightly wrapped in tubes. It is important not to overdo it so as not to break them. In addition, a material that tears easily should not be used to create a toy. Better to choose something more elastic.

Then the strips are tied on a knot, stepping back from the end by 7-10 cm, so that the rope is comfortable to hold in the hand. Based on photo 4, it is necessary to unfold the fabric in the shape of a cross. You can do work both at home at your desk and in the fresh air, holding a knot between your knees.

At the next stage, you need to wrap the right strip to the left, and the left to the right, over the yellow fabric. Thus, the English letter “S” is obtained. Then the lower rope is threaded into the loop from the top left, and the upper, on the contrary, the lower right loop. You should get the same letter, only sideways.

After that, you should carefully tighten the loops, adjusting them to form a neat square in the center. Next, you need to repeat the steps with photos 5, 6 and 7 until the desired length of the toy is reached.

DIY Intelligent Toys For Dogs

In total, this work takes 10-15 minutes. This weaving technique allows you to create a beautiful diagonal stripe. It is worth noting that there are a lot of varieties of ornament and each has its own weaving method. To create a toy for a large dog, it is recommended to use a rope rope, as it will tear a cloth rope very quickly. That’s all. It’s time to invite your pet to play.

Fleece bone for puppies

Not only adult dogs, but also puppies love to play. For a baby, you can make a cute fleece bone by decorating it with various patches or pet initials.

For sewing you will need:

  • Fleece in two or three shades at will;
  • Sintepon as a filler;
  • Sewing accessories.

The first step is to make a pattern for a soft toy for the dog. The bone-shaped template can be found and downloaded from the Internet, or drawn by hand on a piece of cardboard, and then attached to the base material and carefully cut. Only two parts are required.

Then, using a sewing machine, various elements are sewn to the blanks. These can be geometric shapes, initials, or any other pattern. In the absence of a typewriter, they can be sewn by hand or put on hot glue, applied to the very edges of the elements. You can also use fabric with a ready-made ornament.

It is not recommended to go far away from the edge of the shapes. The bulging edges will give the toy an unkempt look. So that the seams are not striking, it is worth picking up threads to match the fleece. When sewing by hand, it is important to sew small stitches without stepping too far.

After that, the blanks are applied to each other with the decorated sides inward and sewn on a typewriter. It is necessary to leave a hole of about 3-4 cm in the center of the bone, so that later it can be turned out and filled with padding polyester.

It is not recommended to fill the bone with cotton wool, as it quickly falls into lumps, but a product stuffed with padding polyester can be washed without problems. However, do not stuff the toy too tightly. She must keep her airy texture.

Upon completion of all work, you can give a gift to the puppy. He will be very happy and will be able not only to play, but also to sleep on such a comfortable bone. It is important not to leave it unattended for a long time, as the dog can tear the toy, and it is highly discouraged to eat its filler.

Homemade options for active games

When organizing a dog’s leisure time, you can use available tools. The easiest option is to tie a treat to the end of the stick. A more difficult way is to sew a stuffed toy with an interesting shape.


This toy is suitable for a dog of any size and age. Rope can be made from rope or fabric patches. Trim pieces should be soft and 3-5 cm in length. When using the “Lotus” technique, you can make universal equipment for games at home. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • Spread two pieces of fabric or rope crosswise on a flat surface;
  • The lower end of the upper strip at an acute angle must be placed on top of the lower strip so that both ends of the upper one are directed to the right;
  • The top tip of the bottom strip should be positioned over the two previous ends so that it points up;
  • The top end of the top strip must be positioned over the two pieces of the other strip so that it points to the left;
  • Place the upper end of the lower strip on top of the lower end and pass between the parts of the upper strip;
  • Pull all 4 tips in a gentle motion;
  • Repeat braiding to length of rope.

Stuffed Toys

Most dogs just love to flap and wear something in their teeth. Homemade soft toys are great for these purposes and help to protect the owner’s things. You can even make it from wearable scraps of thick fabric or old things. It is imperative to use stuffing material. Below is a step-by-step instruction for such a device.

  • First of all, you need to make a pattern for the desired product. Bone-shaped toys are especially popular among pets, but you can not be limited to this.
  • Then you should make the markings on the fabric. To do this, circle the sample and leave 1-1.5 cm of seam allowance. You can cut two parts of the toy at once. If there are additional complex details, then pin them together.
  • Then you need to sew two parts from the wrong side, leaving a hole for the filler.
  • Turn the workpiece right side out and stuff.
  • Bend the edges of the opening slightly inward and sew.

Making toys for large dogs

Big pets need special toys. And it’s not only about size, but also about strength. Use safe materials to prevent the dog from getting hurt or poisoned if the product breaks. You can give the dog a homemade stuffed toy or a ball to be torn apart, which will last a couple of days. It is worth remembering that any game should not only amuse, but also develop the dog.

If your pet loves to gnaw and crush everything, then he needs a durable toy. Such options must be made from pieces of polypropylene pipes with plugs. It is enough to make a hole in the body of the pipe and put dry treats there. As a result of the game, goodies will gradually fall out.

A more complex and interesting option is making a tug rope. To do this, you need to prepare three tennis balls and a long scarf. Alternatively, you can use several woolen patches or scarves, which should be stapled together. Step by step production:

  • Tie a secure knot at one end of the scarf;
  • Disguise the balls in the folds of the fabric;
  • Tie additional knots to secure the balls;
  • Place the last ball closer to the second edge of the scarf.

The game involves the direct participation of the owner. It will take a lot of free space for the dog to be comfortable to show its capabilities.


You can hang a toy on a string in the puppy enclosure. The structure must be strong to withstand the pressure of small paws and teeth. Find a strong rope of the right length and a tennis ball. Use an awl, a stationery knife or analogs that will be convenient to make holes with as tools. The step-by-step manufacturing of the structure looks as described below.

  • You need to make 2 holes in the ball on opposite sides. The diameter of the groove should be slightly smaller (1-2 mm) than the diameter of the rope.
  • Pull the rope through the holes so that one end is slightly shorter than the other.
  • Tie knots on the rope as close as possible. they will prevent slipping.

How to make DIY toys for dogs?

  • Homemade options for active games
  • What to make for the development of intelligence?
  • Making toys for large dogs
  • Original ideas

Dogs of all ages and sizes love to play. In order to cater to your pet’s preferences, it’s best to use homemade equipment for fun. Toys can be designed for physical or intellectual development. It is important to consider the size of the dog and its level of activity before manufacturing.

What to make for the development of intelligence?

Homemade toys can be fun as well as smart. Interactive products develop intuition and ingenuity. It is very interesting to play such games with a dog. non-standard solutions of problems often amaze the owners. Toys are short-lived, but all the parts in them can be changed during wear.

Required materials for manufacturing:

  • Plastic and polypropylene pipes with plugs;
  • Wooden bars;
  • Tennis balls;
  • Thick fabric;
  • Metal rings and pins;
  • Boxes made of thick cardboard;
  • Treats for the dog.

A simple and interesting option involves the use of a plastic box or bucket. You need to put small objects inside, for example, rolled up socks, rubber toys, paper circles. Dry large feed pellets can be scattered between things. The essence of the game is to find all the pieces of the treat. As a result, the room will be a mess, but the dog will be delighted.

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For a small dog, maze entertainment is suitable. Pipes can be rolled from cardboard or boxes with cut bottom. laborious is to sew a product from dense synthetics. In the latter case, you need to insert metal hoops to maintain shape.

The game consists in finding goodies that can be poured on the way to the floor or in side s.

A simple treat toy can be made from a simple tennis ball. Two longitudinal cuts should be made crosswise, and dry granules should be folded inside. The length of the game depends on the size of the hole. In the process of kicking and tossing the ball, treats will spill out.

To complicate the task, you can hang the ball on a rope or elastic band. The dog will have to play more actively, because it will be possible to get a treat only in a jump.

Larger and more active pets will appreciate the more challenging play of plastic bottles. You need to remove the lid and place the treats inside. Choose pellets that are sized and shaped so that they don’t spill out quickly. The game making process is presented below.

  • First of all, you need to make a bottle holder. From a thick metal rod, assemble two supports and a crossbar. The structure must be stable and durable.
  • The bottom of the bottles must be pierced with a hot knitting needle and strung on a pin. 3-4 bottles are enough at some distance from each other.

During the game, the dog will learn to coordinate its actions. Savvy animals reveal the secret within 15-20 minutes.

For an adult dog, you can make an interactive puzzle from a metal mold for muffins and tennis balls. Spread out the treats and cover with balls. The pet should take turns getting obstacles from the form and find treats. Breeds with narrow and long snouts will follow the rules of the game with great comfort.

An active dog will not be interested in this game. The pet will simply flip the muffin mold over and eat the treats that are released at the same time. If desired, you can fix the game on the floor with double-sided tape.

Original ideas

Interesting options for toys will become not only good entertainment for the dog, but also a kind of decoration. When making a toy, you can use fabric decorative elements or beautiful fabric. the product will become unusual. The ball from a tight rope looks quite curious. Such a toy cannot be broken or damaged. If the rope ball loses its shape, then it is quite easy to weave the structure.

If the owner is ready for noisy games, then you can make an unusual cracker. For manufacturing, you need 2 plastic jars for vitamins, strong cords or ropes, 4 plastic bottle caps. As tools, you need scissors and an awl for making holes. Do the clapperboard according to the instructions below.

  • On the top and bottom of the cans, you need to make holes opposite each other. The diameter must match the size of the cord.
  • The rope or cord itself must be cut into 4 equal parts.
  • Thread one piece of cord through each lid and tie a knot at the end.
  • The other end of the rope must be threaded into the bottom of the plastic can. It is important to tie a strong knot.
  • Two cans need to be glued together or connected with the same cord.

During the game, all parts will rattle and make noise. Small dogs will be especially delighted with such entertainment. You can thread more cords into the bottom of the can if you like. Small braids can be attached as decorations.

For a small dog, you can make a tourniquet from scraps of old T-shirts. Cut about 10 strips of equal size. Tie all ends on one side into a large knot. Use one hand to hold the sealed ends and twist the flaps with the other. Tie the free part with the same knot.

All toys can be dyed if desired. It is important to only use food-grade pigments to avoid poisoning your dog. For an interactive game, it is worth using not only tennis, but also rubber balls. A bone or rope can not only be woven, but also knitted. It is better to use a thick woolen thread for this.

For how to make a toy for dogs with your own hands, see the following.


A brilliant idea for those who do not know what to do when the dog is alone at home. The volume of the bottle should correspond to the size of the pet. For large breeds, two-liter are suitable, and for the smallest. 0.5 liters. A tripod is built for the game. It can be of different designs and is made from any available materials. The main thing is that the bottles can be “strung” on the top bar. A well-taut rope can be used instead of a tripod.

Just above the middle of the bottle, two parallel holes are made through which it is put on a bar or rope. Dry food is thrown inside. To get a treat, the dog will have to twist the bottle upside down with its paw or muzzle.

Snuff mat

And again a sensitive nose is connected to the game. The snuff mat was invented by enthusiasts in the Netherlands. The task of the dog is to find pieces of the treat hidden in the “dense forest” of fleece ribbons.

You will need a honeycomb-type dirt-cleaning rubber mat, on which a lot of fleece or other dense fabric bands are tied. First, the delicacy is hidden under the upper ribbons, then the task is complicated, “burying” the snacks deeper and deeper.

Surprise box

You will need a box and a few sheets of paper. They always start with simple things, introduce them to the game. A piece of goodies is wrapped in paper and placed on the bottom of the box. They bring the dog, which has probably already smelled the tasty treat, and are allowed to get a surprise. Unfolding the paper is usually not difficult.

Gradually, the task can and should be complicated. They increase the number of boxes and packages, some may be empty, others are also put in a bag. It is important that the dog maintains interest, so the game should not be too difficult and lengthy.

Prefabricated hodgepodge

If you pay attention to industrial mind games, you can see that they require a lot of ingenuity from the dog. Some elements need to be moved away, others should be raised. You can do something similar and even more interesting with your own hands. It is convenient to use a seedling tray with 6, 9 or 12 holes as a base. Each hole will have separate tasks. For example, such:

  • Paper-wrapped treat;
  • The well is closed with the cut off top of the bottle. It will need to be lifted by the lid with your teeth.
  • Tall plastic cup with a treat at the bottom;
  • The hole is covered with cardboard with a loop for which you need to pull.
  • A piece of fabric is glued over the corner holes. The flap will need to be lifted with the nose.

You can come up with your own options, taking into account the ability of the dog.

DIY educational games for dogs

Even the most loving owners sometimes forget that a dog is an intelligent animal, mental activity is just as important for it as physical activity. Developing her intelligence, focusing exercises and stimulating her senses will make her happier, more obedient, and calm. It is not necessary to lay out a fortune on expensive educational games for dogs, no less exciting can be made from scrap materials with your own hands.


For the construction of the toy, you will need a cardboard or plastic tube (the diameter depends on the size of the dog). Stepping back a little from the bottom edge, make a transverse cut for 1/3 of the pipe section and insert a cardboard rectangle into it. This will be a kind of flap. The finished “drainpipe” is fixed vertically on the wall. The treat is wrapped in a sheet of paper and thrown into a cylinder. It will not fall to the floor until the dog pulls out the flap with his teeth. The number of such obstacles is gradually increasing. Of course, first the pet is shown what to do.

Physical and mental activity of a dog is the key to a healthy psyche

A study by zoopsychologist Anders Hallgren showed that about 50% of dogs rest 20 hours a day, 80% of the subjects showed various behavioral problems. The main reason for such a long rest is the lack of classes. Most owners work too hard and often simply do not know what to do with the dog in the apartment. The other extreme is overly active hosts. They run with the dog in the morning, go on long hikes and are sure that the four-legged friend is happy if every day, when he returns home, he collapses from fatigue. It’s also stressful.

Further study of the stress caused by over- or under-exertion led Hallgren to the theory of mental motivation. He proposed four classes of exercises and games to stimulate the brain and avoid the stress of boredom at home:

  • “Working with the nose”: activities and games for the search;
  • Educational games;
  • Exercises for coordination of movements;
  • Trick training.
  • Educational games are used to rehabilitate aggressive dogs, fight boredom and just for fun.

Nose work on the street

To play, you need a dog (where can we go without it?) And a large tree with embossed bark, on which you can put a treat. First, the yummy is placed at the level of the dog’s head, and then they complicate the task: they hide it below, forcing it to bend over, and high so that it has to stand on its hind legs.

Gingerbread man

To make a toy, you need a piece of plastic pipe and two plugs. Several holes are made in the segment. Dry food or a delicacy is poured inside, for example, jerky cut into pieces. On the sides, the pipe is closed with plugs and you’re done. Treats will fall out of the holes when the dog rolls the toy on the floor.