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DIY kennel for two dogs

How to make a kennel for two dogs with your own hands

Our smaller brothers can live in a variety of conditions: in the open air, in aviaries, in apartments. or in a booth made for them by your own hands. If you are the owner of two or more dogs, you can create one kennel for several places for them. Of course, a lot also depends on whether the animals get along in the same “covered territory”, whether they can fairly share their new “place of residence”.

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If, nevertheless, your pets are friendly enough to each other, we suggest you make one booth for them. of course, they will have individual places to rest and sleep.

Tire kennel

At home, a dog kennel is made literally from scrap materials. For this, boards, pallets, bricks, plywood and even housings from large household appliances. for example, from a washing machine or refrigerator, are suitable.

You can also make a dog kennel with car tires stacked on top of each other, tied with a wire, and turned on their side. The diameter and number of tires is determined depending on the size of the future four-legged owners of the “home”. The interior of such a booth is insulated, and partitions for the dog’s “rooms” are made with plywood. Outside, the tires are tightly wrapped in polyethylene or linoleum, and treated boards are laid on the floor for the comfort of animals.

Basic requirements for the booth

First of all, they must be functional, comfortable to live in, durable and aesthetically pleasing. It is better to install such houses in the shade of trees or outbuildings, away from drainpipes, but so that an overview of the entire territory protected by animals is provided.

Do-it-yourself classic “two-room” booth

First, we determine the size of the booth.

As already mentioned, its value depends on the size of the animals. When the dogs are approximately the same height, all two parts of the kennel will be made symmetrically. If one of the dogs is smaller than the second, this must be taken into account when building a house for them, otherwise a small dog will not be able to warm up in a large space, and a large animal will have nowhere to turn around in a small area.

The basic parameters of an animal that you need to know when making a booth for it are as follows:

If you are building a house for a puppy, remember that you need to take into account its growth in the future (the same as that of its parents).

Often, for large dogs, the length, depth and height of the kennel is 140 x 100 x 95 cm, for medium dogs. 120 x 75 x 80 cm, and for “little ones”. 70 x 55 x 60 cm. The width and height of the manhole will be, respectively, 40 x 60 cm, 35 x 50 cm, 30 x 40 cm.

Second. we select the material.

For these purposes, the usual leftovers from the performance of any construction work are suitable, namely:

Stages of the construction of a “two-room” dog kennel.

You need to start with a project. You can sketch the drawings yourself or use ready-made ones that are available on the Internet, but do not forget to take into account the measurements taken from your animals.

Make a floor out of pallets, and nail dry boards on top. You can also knock down the base from the bars around the perimeter of the kennel, laying boards on it tightly and without gaps.

The floor should be covered with insulating material: for example, lay a sheet of plywood on top. for animal safety.

The next step is to put side posts made of timber in the corners of the floor, using a level and metal corners to connect the base of the booth and vertical supports.

Next, we install the walls, for which we first enclose the frame with boards from the outside, and then we cover the walls of the kennel from the inside with a polyethylene film or other similar material. to provide the dogs with protection from the wind.

Then you need to lay the insulation and fix the plywood from the inside. Partitions between the compartments for pets are arranged in the central part of the booth, taking into account the size of the animals. closer to the side wall.

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Lazes for dogs are made taking into account the dimensions that are given above.

Holes should be carefully cleaned to avoid injury to animals. The framing at the entrance, made by means of a corner, looks good, giving the entire structure an aesthetic look.

The assembly of the booth is completed with a roof, which must be made in the same way as the floor, but slightly larger in size so that it protrudes outside the kennel. The inside of the bars is sheathed with plywood, just like the entire structure. Next, insulation and planking are performed. The roof is nailed to the walls, and on top, if desired, slate, soft tiles or a piece of linoleum are attached. this will allow the pets to relax on the booth. You can install a plinth at the junction of the walls and roof, which will protect the house in winter from snowfall.

The finished kennel is installed on legs so that it does not get heated during rains. To do this, the structure is placed on bricks at a height of 10 cm or more from the surface of the earth.

It is also very desirable to cover the outer walls of the booth with ship varnish. this will make it resistant to adverse weather conditions.

To make your four-legged friends comfortable in the dwelling you have prepared for them, put a soft bedding with pine sawdust on the floor for each of them. Such “substrates” will perfectly absorb moisture and odors, and also scare off parasites.

In order to make a dog kennel for “two persons” with your own hands, use our advice and your own imagination.

A quick option for making a double dog kennel with your own hands

Some craftsmen recommend making your own kennel out of car tires. To do this, you need to stack several tires on top of each other, tie them with wire and lay them on their side. Determine the number and diameter of tires based on the size of the dogs. For two animals, the length of the booth will double. You can refine the inside of such a booth with the help of insulation and plywood, blocking the pipe with it into compartments for each dog. Outside, wrap the tires tightly with plastic or a piece of linoleum. And by laying the treated boards on the floor, you will create comfort and calm rest for your pets.

Now let’s talk about the peculiarities of making a traditional kennel for two dogs with our own hands.

Making a kennel for two dogs with our own hands.

Our four-legged friends can live in various conditions: in an aviary, in an apartment, or in a booth made with our own hands. If you have more than one animal, you will need to define a “place of residence” for each pet. Much also depends on whether the animals get along with each other. But you must admit that it will be cramped and uncomfortable for two dogs to huddle in one kennel. In any case, the place to rest and sleep should be individual.

Booths for animals must comply with several principles: functionality, comfort for living, durability, have an aesthetic appearance.

We will tell you how to make a kennel for two dogs with your own hands. two isolated rooms for resting animals under one roof.

The installation site of the dog kennel should be in the shade of buildings or trees, away from drainpipes, to provide an overview of the entire protected area.

You can make a doghouse with your own hands from improvised material: boards, pallets, bricks, plywood, even the body of a refrigerator or washing machine.

Kennel for two dogs

Determining the size of the booth for two dogs

The size of the kennel for two animals depends on the size of the dogs. If they are about the same height, then both parts of the booth will be symmetrical in size. If there is one less dog, consider this when building. After all, a large space inside the house will not allow the dog to warm up, and a small space will not allow to stand in full growth and turn freely.

The main parameters of a dog when making a do-it-yourself booth are:

  • the distance from the nose to the base of the tail. This is the depth of the booth with an allowance of 10 cm;
  • growth at the withers, which allows you to determine the height of the entrance to the kennel;
  • the full height of the dog to the ears is the height of the inner space;
  • the width of the chest will allow you to set the horizontal size of the hole with an allowance of 5 cm.

If you are making a kennel for a puppy with your own hands, then take into account its growth in the future to the size of its parents.

On average, for large dogs the length, depth and height of the booth will be 140 × 100 × 95 cm, for medium dogs. 120 × 75 × 80 cm, and for the smallest. 70 × 55 × 60 cm.The width and height of the manhole, respectively, will be: 40 × 60 cm, 35 × 50 cm, 30 × 40 cm.

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DIY materials for making kennels for two dogs

We recommend leftovers from the main construction work as a material.

  • timber with a section of 4 × 4 cm;
  • boards 100 × 20 mm or pallets, pre-treated with linseed oil. Pine or larch will last up to 12 years;
  • plywood sheets;
  • slate, a piece of linoleum or soft tiles;
  • insulation to choose from: polystyrene, polystyrene foam, mineral wool;
  • plastic film in a roll or underlay for laminate;
  • nails, metal corners.

DIY dog booth: 60 photos, drawing and instructions

Every dog ​​living in the yard of a private house needs a reliable shelter that will protect from bad weather and help keep warm on a cold winter night. A do-it-yourself dog booth does not require much time from you, nor a large amount of materials, nor outstanding builder skills.

Insulated kennel for a dog: drawings.

There are many ways to build an insulated doghouse, but we will focus on just one of them. This method combines two techniques at once that make the booth warm.

And secondly, the walls of the main compartment are made double. The air gap between them will significantly reduce heat loss, and the animal will be able to quickly heat a small space inside the booth with the heat of its body.

Our kennel is designed for medium-sized dogs (up to 50 cm at the withers). If your pet is much larger or, on the contrary, smaller, then it may be necessary to proportionally increase or decrease the size of the booth so that the dog is comfortable.

Another design trick to take advantage of is the removable roof.

You can make it open like the lid of a chest. you only need a couple of hinges to do this. But a booth with such a roof can be easily cleaned if necessary.

Do-it-yourself dog booth: stages of work.

The first thing to do is cut out all the necessary parts according to the plan. Do not forget that in addition to plywood, you will also need 80×40 timber. In addition, if you will be using a circular saw, remember that when marking, you should take into account the thickness of the blade with which you will be sawing.

Then assemble the structure by attaching the plywood to the beams with self-tapping screws.

Assembling the booth from finished parts does not take much time. It remains for us to install an internal partition and a roof.

We also doubled the floor in the main room to minimize heat loss.

If the dog has to spend the winter in this booth, then it makes sense to fill the space between the plywood sheets with insulation. Insulation can also help keep the booth cooler during the summer months. However, you should not use vapor-permeable insulation like mineral wool, as they can pick up moisture in the off-season, which can reduce their effectiveness to zero.

Use solid vapor-proof insulation such as extruded polystyrene foam. It is sold in sheets of various thicknesses, and is absolutely not afraid of moisture, so it does not lose its properties in wet weather. It can be used to insulate not only the walls, but also the floor and roof of the booth.

When installing, it is advisable to tilt the roof slightly towards the rear wall so that water can drain from it.

Obviously, the plywood on the roof will quickly get wet and become unusable, so you need to cover it with any roofing material that you have at hand: everything from roofing material to metal tiles will do. It’s time to use the leftovers from the roof of a house or garage.

That’s all! The booth is ready to move in. For beauty, you can sheathe it outside with clapboard.

Important! And the last small, but very important detail: try to raise the booth above the ground. You can attach legs to it from below or just put it on bricks, but in any case, provide some clearance between the floor and the ground. This will not only help the dog dry out and warm up in cold weather, but will also extend the life of the booth, because its bottom will not be exposed to excessive moisture.

DIY dog booth: design options

It’s good when the dog house fits harmoniously into the overall design of the site, so we offer you several interesting design options.

Dogs often like to sit on an elevated position off the ground, especially during wet seasons. You can supplement the basic structure of the booth with additional extensions. Your dog will certainly appreciate it, why not please him?

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the basic design of an insulated doghouse. And small, simple additional details will give it great practicality and convenience for your four-legged friend. A do-it-yourself dog box will become a home for your pet in which he will feel like a full-fledged owner. Treat your dog to a great home and you can be sure it will repay you with loyalty and love.

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Sewn house for indoor dogs

Here is another detailed master class on sewing a house for indoor dogs. Very beautiful, bright house! Pleases with its appearance not only the dog, but also the owners! The house is made of two types of dense fabric with foam lining, and the roof is made of faux fur. The entrance is trimmed with fur. Your pet will love such a soft and cozy home! You can download the pattern from the link at the end of the article.

Solid euro kennel for a dog

You will see the phased construction of a “Euro-booth” for a dog here

The young master built a frame from a bar, sheathed it with a block house, made a gable roof with a metal profile roof. After installing the corner covering the joints of the walls from the block house, the booth is ready! A pallet is placed inside, or you can just lay a rug. A beautiful wooden booth with fairly sealed walls turned out. Well done, master! His dog Jerry is happy!

How to make a Dog House with your own hands. 15 best ideas

Dogs guarding the owner’s house outside must have a warm booth in the yard, and dogs living in the house have the right to a cozy house with a soft bed. Loving owners are simply obliged to provide their pets with these conveniences. How to make a dog kennel with your own hands. see the best options that I have collected for you!

Warm dog house for harsh winters

On this site, in addition to other important information on the construction of the booth, a very interesting video attracts attention (at the end of the article). The video is dedicated to the construction of a kennel for a shepherd puppy. The booth is large, with double walls made of lining (insulation is laid between them. polystyrene), with an insulated floor and a warm opening roof covered with bituminous tiles.

The master, clearly an animal lover, talks in detail about the choice of material for construction, conducts a comparative analysis of the cost of various materials. Be sure to watch this video to the end. Useful and interesting information for residents of the northern regions. In such a booth, the dog will be warm even in severe frosts.!

XL Double Door Dog Kennel – The Duplex by Somerzby

And now home options for houses, for tame pets.

Warm booth for the winter for a dog living in the yard

And again a booth for a dog living in the yard. The authors of the article offer drawings and photos of the phased construction of a beautiful and warm booth. Construction is carried out from timber and planks.

As a heater, you can use old wadded clothing, cotton wool, construction insulation. The booth is insulated from the outside with a stapler and then sheathed with Fiberboard or Particleboard. The roof is made of a gable, well protects the house and the dog from bad weather. Great option for a yard dog!

Bed for a small dog

you will see a master class for beginners on sewing a dog house with a frame. Original design! A frame is attached to the bed, on which a regular T-shirt is worn!

The neck of the shirt serves as an entrance for your pet. The bottom of the T-shirt is tied with a knot (closed), and the sleeves simply hang down (these are “emergency exits”). Both a dog and a cat will like this house.!

Foam box made of fabric for a small dog

For a small dog, it is not necessary to build a house, it can be sewn! The article

The house has an oval shape. The outer and inner walls of the house are made of fabric (according to the author’s recommendation. any) and trimmed with fur, a foam rubber frame is sewn between them, the floor is covered with fur. Warm and soft house your dog will love!

Simple kennel for a dog from scrap materials

you will be helped to determine the size of the booth, even an accurate calculation of the size of the kennel is given, based on the “measurements” of your dog. Then the construction is described, starting from the sketch and ending with the final result.

You can watch a video of the construction of a kennel for a German shepherd puppy “for growth”. The booth is built from the remnants of lumber. bars and slats, the roof is made from a flat painted sheet of iron. The puppy is comfortable in the new house!

The page describes in detail not only construction, but also the insulation and sealing of the structure, which is important in the cold season. Important and useful material!

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