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How to make a stand for a Christmas tree: original solutions, simple options and DIY tips for building (115 photos)

Winter and New Year is always a time of pleasant hassle and preparation for the holidays in varying degrees. One of the most traditional attributes of the New Year or Christmas is a festive fir tree, which is decorated with toys.

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In modern times, they most often try to choose artificial trees that serve for a long time and have a feature not to sprinkle.

However, the very feeling of a holiday comes to the house with a spruce aroma and for many, natural spruce remains the main symbol of the celebration.

That is why some people prefer a live tree. But a live spruce requires more attention and a lot of work to equip it in an apartment or house.

One of the most popular problems faced by lovers of live spruce is the issue of replacing the tree. How to make a stand for a Christmas tree with your own hands. this is very important on New Year’s holidays.

In our article, we will tell you at once several options for the easy manufacture of stands for natural and artificial spruce.

Artificial spruce stand

The simplest version of a spruce stand is made not only for artificial, but also for natural spruce. If you have lost in any way a stand for an artificial spruce, then you should not be upset, because making it is easier than ever.

We offer you the most interesting option from a wood saw, using a drill or jigsaw.

To begin with, it is worth determining the thickness of the spruce trunk at the bottom, since the size of the hole will depend on this. The saw cut must be larger in weight than the spruce itself, otherwise it will simply fall.

After determining the diameter of the spruce, it is necessary to precisely make a hole along it in the very center of the saw cut with the necessary tool.

Be sure to sand the saw cut with sandpaper and open it with varnish so as not to accidentally hurt yourself after.

After the hole is ready, you need to check it for compatibility with spruce. If it enters exactly into the hole and does not stagger in it, then everything is matched perfectly.

Then you can freely and without problems use the saw cut as much as you need. Here’s how easy it is to make a do-it-yourself stand for an artificial Christmas tree from a saw cut.

Common crosspiece

Many people remember from childhood the most popular homemade stands for natural spruce in the form of crosses. This option was most often chosen due to its reliability and ease of execution.

It is easy to make this type of stand for a fir tree from the remains of boards and blocks. But the cross is relevant only in the case of a spruce with a thin trunk.

To begin with, two completely identical segments are measured and drawn on the board, which will make up the cross. Using a jigsaw, we cut out both parts.

It will also be necessary to attach legs to the upper part of the cross in the same thickness as the lower board, so we also measure and cut them out.

We connect two boards of the cross in two places, slightly stepping back from the center on both sides. We fasten the legs that were previously cut to the upper bar on both sides of the lower one.

We mark a place for our spruce in the center in the diameter of the trunk and cut it out with a jigsaw. We insert the spruce and everything is ready, you just need to grind the surface with sandpaper.

New tank build, building the stand part 1

If desired, open the surface with varnish. Here’s another option for you on how to quickly make a stand for a Christmas tree with your own hands.

Stand for thick-stemmed spruce

Natural spruce can have not only a thin trunk, but also quite voluminous.

In this case, a stand is made that will practically hug the lower part of the trunk. For this option, you will need three identical strips, a screwdriver, connection corners and screws.

It is best to make a stand when the tree is in a standing position. That is why someone has to hold her on top.

We substitute the boards one to the other around the spruce trunk and first connect the first two with corners and screws to each other. Then, close to the spruce itself, we attach the third bar and fasten it in the same way to the first two.

The planks must be strong enough to support the spruce. It is also better to take wide boards so that they are as high as possible along the trunk. Think and you will definitely find what you can make a stand for a Christmas tree.

From driftwood

Lovers of natural materials can make a stand out of wood. You can use a felled trunk or branch, depending on the size you want. Act like this.

  • Cut off any extra knots from the driftwood to form a cylinder. It is convenient to perform the procedure with a grinder.
  • Step back from the ends about ¼ part of the total diameter of the deck. Make deep cuts to the depth of the flowerpot.
  • Saw or gouge a piece of wood between the cuts. Place the pot. This floor stand looks great in the interior.


Even a woman can make a structure, the main thing is to have experience in handling cold welding. For work, use a welding wire with a diameter of 1 cm. Stock up on tools for cold forging and a hammer (800 g). Make the stand like this.

  • Draw a sketch, divide it into simple parts. Calculate all sizes. Be sure to think about the diameter of the round blanks for pots.
  • The first step is to make a stand and stands. Duplicate the drawn details with wire and fix with cold welding.
  • Make decorative items. These can be various curls, spirals, leaves and flowers. If desired, you can use pre-fabricated metal shapes to create these parts. It is enough just to drive the wire with a hammer into the template and get the desired element.
  • Attach all decorative parts to the main homemade structure using cold welding.

Non-standard designs

Such coasters are made by hand only. Outwardly, they may resemble some interior items, vehicles, shops and much more. Decorated with shiny paints of gold, copper, silver. Forged products or welding wire stands look very impressive and expensive.

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Can be installed both indoors and in the garden. Usually stands are for small pots.

Outdoor stands must meet special requirements. The material must be durable, durable and wear-resistant. Usually, original forms or multi-tiered structures made of metal, wire, forging are used. Home coasters can be of any kind. Usually used when growing light-loving plants. These designs are designed for small to medium sized pots. Install home coasters on a windowsill, balcony, or hung on the wall. If the size of the room allows, then floor views can be used.

Types of stands

You can make a stand for any colors yourself. Products differ in functionality and application. Before starting work, you should decide on the type of stand.

From plastic pipes

The flower stand turns out to be quite attractive and easy to make. You can do the manufacturing with your children. The product is appropriate not only in the apartment, but also in the garden. It is necessary to take plastic pipes, lining trimmings, 2 pieces of a regular hose, self-tapping screws (6 pcs.) And a screwdriver. Act like this.

  • It is necessary to make rings. Twist the pipe in a spiral so that 2 hoops are formed. To facilitate the task, you can use an empty barrel.
  • Remove the spiral from the mold and cut. You should get 2 rings.
  • Connect the edges with a hose.
  • On one ring, make 3 marks at a 120 ° angle. Insert self-tapping screws into the holes.
  • Make similar marks on the other ring.
  • The legs are made from pipes. Cut it into 3 pieces, 40 cm long.
  • Make 3 corks from the scraps and insert them into the legs.
  • At the final stage, you need to collect all the details. Fold the first ring under the legs and screw it with a screwdriver to each of them. On the back of the pipes, put on the second ring and screw it to the legs with self-tapping screws.

Floor standing

Designed for large flowerpots and pots. They are usually made of durable materials. Such structures can be used as an original screen for zoning a room.

The design can be multi-tiered or designed for one flower.

How to make a flower stand with your own hands?

From plaster

It is easy to make a product from such a material, it does not take much time. Gypsum is durable and versatile. The main thing is to purchase or make a form for the stand. The product is best placed indoors and handled with care. A suitable flower pot can be used as a shape. Pour the plaster mixture into the container, and install another pot on top. Inside, you will get a hole into which you can insert a flower. Work with the solution like this.

DIY metal crafts: examples of using metal to create decoration and interior decoration

Metal allows many creative ideas to be realized. But working with him requires special skills, abilities and adaptations. However, the result is distinguished by its durability, originality and uniqueness.

Thanks to the pliability of the material and the talent of the master, do-it-yourself metal crafts worthy of admiration appear. They become the pride of a personal plot, a summer residence or a house interior. Let’s look at a few examples and methods of work:

What can be made from an old bicycle for a summer residence?

Old bicycles were found on the balcony, attic, and it’s a pity to throw them away. Then you can give them a new life, thanks to the transformation into something useful for giving. For this, it is not necessary that the vehicles are in a suitable condition.

You can use the remaining parts to create an unusual flower bed. It is formed by attaching a flowerpot with flowers to an accessible metal structure left over from a two-wheeled product.

Sheet metal owl

Strong and sharp scissors are sufficient for working with a thin sheet of metal. Thanks to them, beautiful metal crafts are created in the form of animal figures, various patterns or abstractions. What is needed to make a metal owl:

  • Thin sheet and narrow strips of metal;
  • Substrate in the form of a wooden rectangular board with a thickness of no more than 0.5 mm;
  • A set of different nails and fixing elements;
  • A spoon with a rounded end. It will allow you to form the necessary image of an owl by extruding feathers and other parts of the body;
  • Sharp scissors.

How to work with a welding machine?

This requires experience, practice and strict adherence to safety precautions. Initially, the newly minted craftsman practices on a spoiled piece of metal. This is necessary for the acquisition of knowledge on the ignition and holding of the arc based on maintaining a constant gap between the electrode and the workpiece.

After that, the technique of making a welded seam is studied. If it turns out smoothly without difficulty, then it is necessary to learn how to correctly adjust the current strength to work with different workpiece thicknesses.

At its core, welding in the process of creating a metal craft is used to connect two parts. It does this by melting the surface of the future joint. One-piece metal construction is formed by the use of an electrode.

However, this is not a simple matter that requires a lot of practice and experience, since it is necessary to ensure that the upper layer of the workpiece melts, otherwise holes may form.

After gaining basic skills in creating crafts from metal by welding, you can proceed to doing simple work to gain experience. For this, it is more profitable to use an inverter, since it has increased mobility and consumes less electricity.

How to use welding to create metal crafts?

Welding allows you to quickly and reliably join metal parts, but this method requires compliance with safety measures and developed skills in working with the appropriate equipment. For this, electric welding is used, since it is distinguished by its mobility and availability in comparison with the gas analogue.

To create metal crafts by welding, a transformer, a welding machine or an inverter are used. The choice is related to the availability, the peculiarity of the work, the preference of the author of the metal product.

Stages of work

They are not particularly difficult, but patience and attention are required. Detailed consideration:

  • A full sketch is created;
  • Thanks to the permanent marker, the scheme is transferred to the metal from the inside;
  • The necessary elements are cut out with sharp scissors;
  • To squeeze out a pattern on the inside of the metal or select grooves, a spoon with a rounded end is used;
  • Thanks to the buttons, the eyes of an owl are created. Can be replaced with metal parts with a similar shape. At the discretion of the author, such details are used as an additional decoration for the bird;
  • When all the parts are ready, the owl is assembled;
  • To fix parts of metal crafts, nails or other fasteners are used.

What metal crafts are created thanks to welding?

In fact, everything, up to artwork in the form of sculptures of people or animals. But most often, welding is created:

  • Installation of all kinds of structures;
  • Renovation work is in progress;
  • Garden supplies are made.

Photos of available examples are offered on our website dnevnikmastera.ru. Almost all illustrations are offered detailed workshops on making metal crafts, thanks to welding and other methods.

My aquarium stand

I made a stand for a “screen” frame aquarium. Its dimensions: height 60 cm, width 30 cm, length 80 cm.

All connections of the stand parts are as follows: Upper longitudinal corners: two corners 80 cm long are offset from the edges by 10 cm to evenly distribute the load. An aquarium is installed on them. Important! The longitudinal upper corners must be superimposed on the vertical posts, the corner is 30 mm.

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Vertical uprights: four corners 60 cm high, corner 25 mm.

Transverse tightening corners: six corners 30 cm long, corner 25 mm.

Longitudinal tightening corners: four corners 60 cm long, corner 25 mm.

Legs: The two horizontal legs have a 7 cm front ledge that prevents the aquarium from tipping over. The legs take the entire weight of the aquarium and for them I used a 30 mm corner.

How to straighten corners

Before sawing the corners, you need to check them for evenness. Take a piece of the corner and, as if aiming with a gun, look at the edges. If the corner is not even enough, it will have to be straightened otherwise the stand will turn out to be skewed, unstable and ugly.

Straightening the corner is easy. Find a suitable place. Such a place may be: next to laid concrete slabs, narrow openings between buildings, their thresholds, etc. The main thing is that there are two stable points of support, the first at the end of the corner and the second approximately in its central part.

The best place would be where you can change the fulcrum. Mark the curved place of the corner and place it over the support for the fold, press on the corner, but do not overdo it, otherwise you will get the curvature of the corner in the other direction.

Aquarium stand

Hello to all readers of my blog! In this post I will tell you how you can make a stand for an aquarium from metal corners with a shelf size of 25-30 mm. The whole structure is fastened with bolts with a diameter of 13 mm and, if necessary, it can be disassembled.

We start drilling

The drill must be selected so that the bolt goes into the hole made freely, but does not dangle. Too loose bolts will not hold the structure together enough, and tight bolts can bend it when pulled together. It is always more accurate and easier to drill a hole with a thin drill, and then the required diameter.

You need to drill the corners by laying them at right angles. To maintain an even corner, use a template made from a square piece of plywood, having previously sawed off the tip of the corner so that it does not interfere with drilling. If you are going to work at home, be sure to put a sheet of thick chipboard, for example, from old disassembled furniture so you create a flat surface and save the linoleum from accidental damage.

After all the holes are ready, we begin to assemble and tighten the stand with bolts. But don’t be in a hurry! To make the structure even, you must first check it diagonally. It is easier to assemble the stand from the sides. We collect the side parts, but do not tighten the bolts to their full strength.

We put it on the floor and measure the distance from corner to corner with a tape measure or a folding meter. All four corners must be equally spaced. If the distances are not equal, we correct and only then tighten the bolts thoroughly. Next, we put the longitudinal corners and tighten the bolts to half the strength. Check diagonally and tighten the bolts.

We check the structure from all four sides and stretch the bolts. We set the stand according to the level. If we find a bias and swaying, level the stand by placing pieces of plywood, rubber or linoleum under the legs. A metal stand for an aquarium can also be given a decorative look, for example, sheathed with plywood and pasted over with veneer.

Tools and materials

For an artificial Christmas tree or a living tree, you can make different stands with your own hands. If you take a wooden structure as a basis, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • boards 60015025 mm;
  • square cuttings 150 15025 mm;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • ruler, square;
  • pencil.

DIY Christmas tree stand: how to make, from wood, from metal

A stand for a Christmas tree with your own hands can be made literally in 1-2 hours or even in a few minutes. It is better to build a reliable structure from metal pipes, rods or wood. Other materials will work in a hurry. For the construction, plastic bottles, cans and other containers are used.

How to make a stand for a Christmas tree with water

A stand with water is used for a living tree. It allows her to stand for longer. At the same time, the tree does not crumble and fills the house with a pleasant aroma. The simplest version of such a stand is a bucket. Up to half the volume of water is poured into it, and several large stones are placed on the bottom.

How To Build An Extremely Strong DIY Aquarium Stand | 420 Gallon Reef aka The Wife Build

  • stones (not a very reliable option. you need to pick up suitable lumps);
  • wooden pegs or spacer;
  • sand. just carefully stick the barrel into wet ground.

To make a spacer with your own hands, you need to take four wooden bars 35 cm long and 10 cm wide.They are cut at an angle (obliquely) and connected together so that there is space in the center. The parts are fastened with self-tapping screws, fastening two elements to each bar. After that, cut the plastic bottle (1.5 l) in half, turn it over, screw the cork tightly and pour water. Thanks to this, the tree trunk will pass through the center of the spacer and fall exactly into the water.

Another manufacturing option is a construction from a plastic canister. She needs to cut off the upper part (up to a quarter) with scissors and stick it to the bottom, removing the lid first. Insert a cylinder into the neck, in which the tree trunk will be located. Cover the container itself with sand or make it heavier with large stones.

DIY Christmas tree stand made of metal

If the house has a welding machine and metal wire, the supporting structure can be made by hand. Such a stand will be less visible than a wooden one. It is easy to disguise it with rain, cotton wool or gift boxes.

Step-by-step instruction

Making a metal stand for an artificial Christmas tree with your own hands is quite simple. You need to act this way:

  • First you need to make blanks according to the picture presented. This is a metal pipe (4–5 cm in diameter) and 3 rods (10–12 mm in diameter). If possible, the rods are best made of soft metal, otherwise it may break during bending.
  • Measure the length of the arm (200 mm), Insert the rods into the vice along the bend line. Next, take a building corner; it must be placed at a right angle in a vice and firmly fixed.
  • Take a hammer and hit the bar in the area of ​​the bend line, bend it to the desired angle on one side. Perform a similar operation with your own hands and on the second edge, only in the opposite direction. The first leg of the Christmas tree stand is ready. In exactly the same way, you need to make two more, trying to keep the same dimensions as accurately as possible. Then, using a grinder, cut four or six grooves on the pipe.
  • The required size is measured on both sides of each leg, the remaining parts are removed with a grinder. Next, you need to fix the legs to the pipe with your own hands by welding the metal elements.
  • The edges are filed. You also need to clean the seams with your own hands using a circle with an abrasive. Insert the barrel into the hole. You can put a jar of water at the bottom. then the tree will last longer.
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Such a do-it-yourself stand will last for many years. Everything will depend on the strength of the metal. After installing the Christmas tree, the structure can be covered with cotton wool and decorated with tinsel.


Drawings and diagrams of a wooden support may be different. You can take the following options as a basis:

  • Stand with three anchor points equally angled (120 degrees).
  • A simple three-plank option.
  • Boomerang stand with uncut edge.

DIY artificial Christmas tree stand

If the stand for an artificial Christmas tree is broken, lost or not reliable enough, the structure can also be made by yourself. There are several options available for this:

  • from a plastic bottle;
  • capacity with earth;
  • from the basket;
  • from pipes.

A quick fix is ​​to build a stand out of water bottles by wrapping tape around them

To make a support from plastic containers, you will need to take one large or several medium bottles. The design is suitable for small spruce. Several plastic bottles with a capacity of 1.5 liters are filled with water to the top, screw the lid on and put in a bucket (you can also pour liquid into it). For beauty, the entire structure is covered with foil.

You can also take a large bottle, cut it in half, turn the top over (removing the cork), and stick it into the bottom. Fill with water and insert the tree into the neck.

Another option is to put a wide basin or bucket and fill it with earth or sand. Suitable for those cases when you have your own summer cottage. Although, even in urban conditions, soil can be purchased at any time of the year at an affordable price.

The sand container is a simple stand for an artificial Christmas tree, which is easy to build at home

You can make a support with your own hands from any buckets, as well as baskets. This is not only a convenient, but also an aesthetic option:

  • For a small Christmas tree, take a laundry basket and fill it with stones.
  • Medium-sized wood can be placed in a wooden chest. The container is also filled with stones or earth, and on top is decorated with Christmas decorations, tinsel.
  • A wicker wooden basket is turned over and the bottom is drilled, a Christmas tree is placed. This do-it-yourself support does not even need to be decorated.
  • Similarly, you can make stands from a metal or plastic basket.

A support for an artificial spruce can be made with your own hands from polypropylene pipes. In this case, you will need a welding tool.

The pipes are connected in the form of a cross and plugs are put on, then decorated with tinsel


How do you like the idea of ​​making a phone stand out of paper alone? Earlier, we told you in detail about the origami technique and its basic principles. We advise you to read our material on this topic, especially if you are a beginner.

For this craft, you only need a sheet of thick paper.

Watch the video tutorial in which the author makes a cool phone or tablet stand with his own hands. Repeat after it. it’s easy enough. Such an accessory is easy to make in the office, university or school, to use a mobile phone for reading or watching videos.


You don’t even need any special instructions here. The main thing is to find a suitable shell from which you will make a stand for your phone. It must be big enough.

You will also need glue like “liquid nails” or “rubber” glue, which, when cured, turns into an elastic plastic mass. If this is not the case, you can use acrylic plasticine. it will not stain anything.

To make a stand for your phone, you need to apply a layer of this glue to the place where the gadget will come into contact with the surface of the shell. If it is not stable, glue can also be applied to the bottom to fix it firmly.

Such a homemade mobile phone stand looks very nice and will fit into any interior.

Phone stands: best ideas

A phone stand can be made from the most unexpected materials. We have prepared for you the most interesting ideas and master classes with photos and videos, with which you can easily make this useful accessory with your own hands. Stands made of paper clips, a sheet of paper, corks and other simple gizmos. everyone will find a suitable option for their phone.

Earlier we told you how to make a popsocket. This is also a kind of phone stand. Check out this collection of ideas.

Paper clips

With paper clips, you can make a great DIY phone stand in just a minute. This is very convenient when you need to watch something during any other activity, but there was no pop-socket or any other stand at hand.

  • any cardboard;
  • 2 clamps.

Just attach them on both sides and the stand is ready. The phone will be firmly fixed in the “ears” of the clips.

This attachment can be used as a tripod. The holder is useful for taking group photos when there is absolutely nothing at hand.

Beautiful jar

The simplest stand for a mobile phone can be made from an ordinary can. The main thing is to choose the right size and design.

Find a jar that the phone fits into freely and does not tip over under its own weight. If the source doesn’t look too pretty, arm yourself with acrylic paints. With their help, you can make a beautiful phone stand with your own hands. Paint it in an original way, add splashes or patterns, any inscription.

You can decorate the jar with twine wrapping or braid.

Wine corks

Don’t throw away wine corks. these are great creative materials! They will make just a great stand for your smartphone. Durable, eco-friendly, beautiful, comfortable.

  • 20 wine corks;
  • Super glue;
  • lace;
  • twine;
  • any decor.

Glue the plugs to each other in columns and in a row. First, assemble the blanks for the back wall. Then glue the front completely. The bottom of the stand is glued gradually. Lean the plugs against each other, one at a time. Then lean back against the back wall.

For beauty, you can add lace, thin twine or floss threads and any cute little things.

Bamboo sun lounger

A very interesting option for a phone stand is a homemade mini chaise lounge. It looks creative, and you can make it at home in just a few minutes.

  • bamboo mat;
  • bamboo sticks;
  • 6 coffee sticks;
  • any paint;
  • nippers;
  • glue gun.

Watch this short video master class, in which the author shows step by step how to make an original mobile phone stand with your own hands. The result is a bright stylish accessory that you can use to decorate your desktop or even give it to someone.

Simple and beautiful

The simplest phone stand without glue can be made not only from paper clips. You will need a plastic mayonnaise bucket and scissors, and the rest is a matter of taste. It is better to choose the most dense base so that the phone is fixed securely.

A step-by-step master class is shown in the video below. You can decorate the craft with acrylic paints, markers, stickers, glitters and anything else.

We hope you were able to choose a suitable master class to make a useful accessory for your phone. Each of them can be modified, improved or customized. Your coasters will turn out beautiful, original and very comfortable.