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DIY plastic bottle parrot

Vernissage of crafts from plastic bottle corks

Let’s walk through the dachas and see what our neighbors have done there.

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Ornament from multi-colored lids can be used to decorate a garden table or bench

A fence made of boards is boring. Why not decorate it with cork mosaics? Conceived, done. A summer cottage decoration made of plastic bottle caps in the form of a multi-colored panel along the fence clearly requires a lot of patience both in collecting and applying corks to a wooden base. Particularly stubborn owners paint the walls of houses with corks from plastic bottles, turning them into fabulous mansions.

A large number of covers are needed for summer curtains, but just like on a panel, you can create any plot

Another popular product is summer cork curtains. They can be plain and colored, with floral or geometric patterns.

White corks can be used to assemble a shade for a lamp on the veranda, and colored corks are suitable for finishing a garden table.

White plugs can be used to assemble a plafond for a lamp in a garage or on a veranda

In the subject and crafts in the form of animals and flowers. Butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars inhabit benches and trees, chamomiles and seven-flowered flowers complement the compositions of fresh flowers and serve as decoration of playgrounds.

Together with the children, you can assemble some kind of fairy or cartoon figure. this is a great way to develop children’s imagination and spatial thinking

Develop the creativity of the youngest in the family by making simple crafts with them, such as flowers, emoticons, etc.

Vertically fastened lids of different sizes make unusual hanging decorations

Cork mosaics are used to decorate the garden and the interior of the house. They also lay out garden paths.

Instead of a boring dirt track in the country, you can make a rainbow or mosaic one. It is better if it is shaded. so the covers will not fade for a very long time

As you can see, in most cases, corks are used as a finishing material, but this is not the end of their possibilities. Armed with a fishing line and an awl, people sew door and massage rugs from them. Let’s try and we make such a rug.

Crafts from corks from plastic bottles (48 photos): bright and original decor

Pictures from the caps of plastic and other bottles have grown into a whole genre of street art and not only

A variety of crafts from plastic bottle corks are liked by many owners of suburban areas. If you look at their work from the outside, it may seem that there is an unspoken competition for the most original idea. Craftsmen from the people create amazing things, but they complain that the material, although cheap, takes a long time to collect. But when there are enough traffic jams, real masterpieces come out from under the hands of craftsmen.

Not only in dachas, but also on city streets, you can see panels made of plastic covers. often made also to call to protect the environment

Interesting multi-colored columns are obtained by simply fastening different lids one above the other.

With artistic talent and the ability to scale vision, realistic canvases can be created. This activity is more difficult and takes much longer than a mosaic.

Mosaics and toys made from plastic bottle caps are a good way to entertain children

Lids of different sizes and colors can even make a kind of reproduction of your favorite famous canvas.

For playgrounds, you can choose the most fun stories and lay them out of their multi-colored covers with the children

Mastery lessons

Realizing that right now you do not have 2-3 bags of corks at home, we will only tell you how and what kind of garden crafts from bottle corks you can make with your own hands. You just have to choose the idea you like and start collecting material.

Hexagonal Patterned Massage Mat

At the dacha, we not only rest, but also work hard. By the end of the day, the legs get tired and require rest. To help them bounce back faster, we will make a massage mat from corks from plastic bottles for a summer residence, and consider two options.

  • sheet of cardboard (arbitrary size)
  • glue “Moment”
  • corks (the quantity is determined by the size of the cardboard in order to completely fill it with corks)

On the prepared cardboard, row by row, we glue the corks with the inside side up. We are waiting for the glue to dry and the rug is ready. His only drawback is that he is afraid of moisture.

Diagram for making a small massage mat.
Take 19 caps (colors optional), burn 6 holes in each and fasten with fishing line in four steps (shown by lines of 4 colors)

To create a more reliable design, you need to take:

  • traffic jams
  • line
  • awl (you can use a nail or knitting needle)
  • In each lid we make 6 holes with a heated awl or nail, placing them evenly around the entire circumference.
  • The shape of the rug is a hexagon. The length of one side is equal to 10 caps. This means that the outer side of our rug will consist of 54 covers.
  • We carry out the assembly from the edge to the center of the rug, passing the fishing line, as shown in the figure.
  • The weaving pattern is shown in a small fragment, but it is not difficult to transfer it to the full size of the product. For clarity, each stage of weaving is shown with colored parts of the fishing line, it is clear that there is only one fishing line in operation.
  • Having finished weaving, we fix the end of the fishing line by melting it.

Advice! The mat can be used both as a massage mat and as a door mat, just turn it over.

The same weaving method can be used to make a bag and a mug stand.

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Coasters for mugs and dishes, of any desired size, can be made in the same way as shown in the step-by-step instructions above

Various cork figurines are suitable for decorating a summer cottage. We do not need robots, but flowers and insects will organically fit into the countryside. We will make them.

Hanging garden decoration: bright dragonfly made from plastic bottle caps

  • 4 blue caps and 2 green caps
  • glue
  • one colorless plastic bottle

Garden decoration made of plastic lids “dragonfly”. step by step instructions.
Glue the body of the dragonfly from the four caps, glue two eyes of a different color. We cut out the wings of a dragonfly from a plastic bottle and paint with acrylic paint

AWESOME DIYS FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES | Parrots diy idea with plastic bottles | Arush crafts

We glue the plugs together, giving them the shape of the body of a dragonfly. Cut out the wings from a plastic bottle. They can be left transparent or streaked with acrylic paint. In the central part of the wings, we make two holes, thread the fishing line through them and fasten the dragonfly to the branch of a tree or bush.

Beautiful panel with red poppies on the country fence

In addition to bottle caps, you can use other colored caps: from plastic cans, cans, food packaging

  • 7 caps (color to suit your taste)
  • a branch, 20-30 cm long (to guess with its diameter, we try on a lid on the cut of the branch, it should sit tightly)
  • waterproof glue

Plastic bright flowers for the garden can be made using the quilling technique (cutting out the base strips of petals from the bottles) or as indicated in the step-by-step guide below

Let’s start assembling the flower. We glue the corks, forming a chamomile-shaped inflorescence. We are waiting for the covers to grip well, turn them over with the inside side up. Apply glue to the central plug and press the branch cut to it. Let the glue dry and “plant” our flower on the flower bed. under a tree or along a path.

Plastic bottle Parrot | DIY waste material craft | Best out of waste project 8

Panel-exotic bird from covers of different shades of green

Thinking about how to decorate the dacha with corks from plastic bottles, you can swing at a large-scale project and lay out the fence with lids. It is difficult to give step-by-step instructions in this matter, but general recommendations will be useful.

First of all, you need to resolve the issue with the future drawing. Make a rough outline on paper. You can build a panel by repeating the same fragments, or you can paint the whole picture with corks.

Children will be happy to take part in decorating the fence of the cottage or the fence of the playground with such a panel, if you have a large number of multi-colored covers

The main problem in such a project is collecting the required number of traffic jams.

Advice! Connect your loved ones and friends to the collection of lids. You can even divide the cork colors between them. Some will collect green, others yellow, some red.

Collaborating with children to create mosaics and other plastic decorations is the first step in their upbringing in terms of a conscious attitude to the environment.

If everything goes well, and you become the owner of a large supply of covers, draw the contours and details of the picture on the fence with colored paint.

You can lay out the covers in two ways: with glue or with screws. Note that if you choose screws, you will need as many of them as plugs. Accordingly, we glue the corks to the fence with the lower side, fasten them through the upper side.

Strong enough garden furniture is obtained from covers strung on thick fishing line. The basis of such furniture. for example, a metal frame from a leaky folding chair

You can completely pave the table and chairs in the garden with plastic corks in the same way, if desired, with mosaics or chaotically

A working clockwork can be put into action by making a dial for it from covers, it can be of different sizes. this will give a greater decorative effect

Options for decorating a summer cottage with bottle corks can be found here:

DIY plastic bottle parrot

Recently, there has been a persistent tendency to decorate the suburban area with decorative elements. It is not necessary to spend significant funds on the purchase of original figures. The active use of plastic bottles in combination with a creative approach contributes to the creation of an individual design on the site with minimal costs. Two design options for a parrot from plastic bottles in a master class will help you master the interesting process of making funny figures.

Simple, fast and beautiful

It is extremely easy to create with your own hands the original variegated parrot shown in the photo. Phenomenal perseverance is not required here, so the option is suitable for children’s creativity.

  • Cylindrical plastic container, size does not matter.
  • Bottles with a volume of 2 liters. 2 pieces.
  • Shampoo (conditioner) flat bottle.
  • Sediment Resistant Acrylic Paints.
  • Adhesive designed for plastic elements.
  • Scissors and screws.

The step-by-step guide to decorating a plastic parrot is pretty primitive:

  • If the parrot is planned to be placed on a flower bed, the figure can simply be dug into the ground with the neck of the bottle. In this case, the head of the plastic bird is placed at the bottom of the container.
  • The plastic bottle is painted with bright colors in accordance with your own ideas about the beauty of a parrot.
  • On the sides and on the crown, holes are prepared for the wings and tuft of the parrot.
  • It is better to first draw the missing elements on paper, then transfer to a plastic sheet that you received from a free container.

With a little fantasy, you can build a couple of cute parrots with your own hands that resemble the following characters.

Kesh’s acquaintance

Much more effort will require a parrot from plastic bottles, whose image is familiar to everyone from the famous cartoon about Kesha. Therefore, it is better to engage in manufacturing not at the height of the summer season, but on winter evenings.

For the creative process, you need to prepare:

  • volumetric bottles of 5 liters. 3 pcs.;
  • a container made of dense plastic (for the beak);
  • a piece of styrofoam;
  • a stand made of any material for a parrot figure;
  • plastic bottles of suitable colors (green, brown, yellow, blue).

Plumage. Initially, it is better to start making plumage. The shape of the feathers is chosen round, like a nail. For a parrot’s breast, plumage can be prepared from a white plastic container in which dairy products are sold. The plastic tail and back are usually red or brown. The wings can be blue-green, and the head is red in color. The plumage of the body consists of smaller rounded elements; for the wings, narrowed and elongated feathers are prepared.

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Frame. Two 5 liter bottles without bottoms are used to decorate the frame. In one container, a neck is cut off and both parts are connected to each other. Cutting a hole for the back of the parrot, the frame is attached to the stand.

Feather fixation. The process starts with the breast. Each feather is pierced with a hot awl, then a wire is threaded through the hole. Sheathing the plastic parrot starts from the bottom, so all the fixation points will be hidden by the upper parts. After the breasts go to the back, at this stage the tail is fastened with self-tapping screws, this place is masked by feathers from plastic bottles.

Head. Optimally, the parrot‘s head is cut out of foam. If there is a lack of material of the required thickness, it can be glued from several fragments. The beak, feathers and crest are fixed. Eyes are formed from multi-colored plastic bottles or ready-made fittings are used.

Wings. At the final stage, the wings are formed. First, a base is cut out of a 5 liter bottle, it is given the desired shape, then trimmed with feathers. The elements are attached to the body with self-tapping screws so that the connection is hidden by the plumage.

The final touch is the foam feet, lined with the right material. On this, the fascinating process of decorating a Kesha parrot from bottles with your own hands can be considered complete.

Parrot from plastic bottles

Required inventory

The material that will be needed in the work is not expensive, and the proposed master class with step-by-step instructions will allow you to make a beautiful and neat craft.

To make a parrot, you will need the following set of tools:

  • Plastic bottles of different sizes (five-liter, two-liter). It is best to use colored bottles (made of red, green, yellow plastic) rather than transparent bottles. If it is not possible to find ready-made colored bottles, then you can pre-paint the plastic container with acrylic paint of different colors.
  • Scissors with sharp ends or a stationery knife (choose the tool with which you will be more comfortable and more accustomed to work).
  • Glue gun (thermal gun) for joining parts. Although, for reliability, you can fasten the elements with a wire. To do this, you must first make through holes with a hot awl (thick needle).
  • A pair of plastic eyes.
  • Styrofoam for beak making.

Step-by-step instructions for making a Kesha parrot

We make the frame of the bird’s body from two five-liter bottles. To do this, cut off the bottom from the plastic bottles and connect the upper parts together. We fix the neck of the lower bottle for the stability of the figure on a previously prepared stand.

From white bottles (containers for milk, drinking yogurt, household chemicals are suitable) we cut out the same rectangular parts with a rounded edge. feathers. Using a heat gun, we glue the feathers in the center in a checkerboard pattern, starting from the bottom of the body. We put each subsequent row on top and fix it with a glue gun. Glue the sides and back of the body with brown details.

Advice! To eliminate the possibility of injury on the sharp edges of plastic parts, you can process the cut lines with a bar of soap or a wax candle. It is also recommended to hold each cut out blank over the fire. sharp edges will melt.

Cut out blanks for wing feathers from green bottles. We connect them in a semicircular shape and fasten them on the sides of the body.

From brown rectangles we cut blanks for tail feathers, then glue the fastened parts from behind.

Cut out a round piece for the bird’s head from the foam. You can form it from two cut two-liter bottles, glued or stitched in the middle (similar to the body). We glue the head with red feathers round in a checkerboard pattern.

Cut out parts for the beak from foam or a flat shampoo bottle. If necessary, cover the surface of the workpiece with yellow paint and attach it to the head.

We glue the finished plastic eyes. If there are none, then you can make the parts yourself: cut out of plastic bottles and glue in pairs.

We collect the parrot: we attach the head to the body, glue the cut paws from below, and a bright crest on top of the head.

Parrot Kesha is almost ready! All that remains is to place the figurine in a prominent place and surprise your friends. Undoubtedly, such a souvenir will cause only positive emotions not only among children, but also among adults. And the best thing is that your Kesha will never fly to Tahiti.!

—Search by diary

Parrot do it yourself from plastic bottles

Autumn in the yard. Completed harvesting and harvesting on the personal plot. But do not forget about the decor of the infield. Let’s plunge back into the world of animation. On long cold evenings, we will create the main character from the movie “Kesha”. the beloved parrot Kesha from plastic bottles. Let’s arrange houses “Tahiti”.

The basis for garden figures is ordinary plastic bottles. Stock up on “building material” and go to work!

The body of the parrot was a plastic 5-liter bottle. We create the frame of the body from 2 plastic bottles. Cut a hole in the back.

Cut the feathers from milk bottles. We cover the bottle with “feathers” from the bottom up.

The head is made of foam, the process of making the head is shown in the MK, see the material (Doves from plastic bottles. Master class.) We glue the feathers cut from the bottles with feathers. Cut out an oval from a 5-liter bottle, the size of which is slightly larger than the hole in the bottle, sew with feathers and screw the finished part to the hole. Cut the wing out of a plastic bottle. The fold line is marked with a felt-tip pen.

Bend the plastic along the marked lines.

Inner side of the wing. We fasten with a thin wire.

The inner part of the part with which we cover the cutout.

Top view of the part with which we cover the hole under the wing.

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We fix the cutout with a closed part, a wing, fasten it with screws.

Cut out details on the collar from yellow plastic.

Hurrah! Collecting details! Kesha is ready! Creative success!

http: // mnogo-

I would like to present to your attention a new work by Tatyana Dovganyuk Parrot from plastic bottles. This bright, colorful figurine can be a wonderful decoration for your site. Looking at him, one involuntarily recalls an old, kind cartoon about the parrot Kesha and involuntarily the mood rises. In order to make our wonderful hero, we need:
1. Two 5 liter plastic bottles for the base.
2. One 5-liter bottle for cutting the wings of our bird.
3. Polyfoam construction for the head.
4. One bottle of yellow baby shampoo for the beak.
5. The base on which our parrot will sit, here you can experiment.
6. Bright bottles of cocktails for the plumage of our parrot. (White, red, yellow, blue)
7. Green and brown bottles for wings and tail.
8. Wire and awl to sew on feathers.
9. Scissors and felt-tip pen.
10. Self-tapping screws and a screwdriver to screw the parts.
11. Glue.
When all the materials are ready, you can start making our bird.

First, let’s make a frame from two 5 liter bottles. We will cut out a small hole in the back so that it is more convenient to sheathe our parrot, then we will put it on an impromptu base.

We sew it with an awl and wire, pre-cut with feathers. We begin to sew from the bottom up so that the stitches are not visible.

Next, cut out a wing from a 5-liter bottle.

We will fold to shape the wing.

We trim the wing with green feathers. The lower wing feathers are longer than the upper ones. We sew from the bottom up.

From the inside, the wing looks like this.

We make the tail from brown plastic, cut out the feathers and sew them. It will turn out like this.

Cut the head out of foam, make a neck to attach to the base, glue it with feathers, then glue the eyes and beak. Cut out the details for the collar from bright, yellow plastic and fasten them between the body and head.

A bottle of baby shampoo will become the beak of our bird.

We sew three multi-colored circles, these will be the eyes of our bird.

Cut the legs out of bright plastic. So our parrot Kesha is ready. Almost like real.

– Regular readers

Master class parrot from plastic bottles.


Let’s plunge back into the world of animation. On long cold evenings, we will create the main character from the movie “Kesha”. the beloved parrot Kesha from plastic bottles. Let’s arrange houses “Tahiti”.

The basis for garden figures is ordinary plastic bottles. Stock up on “building material” and go to work!

The body for the parrot was a plastic 5-liter bottle.

Cut the feathers from milk bottles. We cover the bottle with “feathers” from the bottom up.

The head is made of polystyrene, the process of making the head is shown in the MK, see the material (Doves from plastic bottles. Master class.) We glue the feathers cut from the bottles with feathers. Cut out an oval from a 5-liter bottle, the size of which is slightly larger than the hole in the bottle, sew with feathers and screw the finished part to the hole. Cut the wing out of a plastic bottle. The fold line is marked with a felt-tip pen.

Bend the plastic along the marked lines.

Inner side of the wing. We fasten with a thin wire.

The inner part of the part with which we cover the cutout.

Top view of the part with which we cover the hole under the wing.

We fix the cutout with a closed part, a wing, fasten it with screws.

Cut out details on the collar from yellow plastic.

Collecting details! Kesha is ready! Creative success!

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