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DIY playground for cats

“Roof house

The multi-level design is convenient in that it successfully combines both a playground and a recreation area. Bars and stands located at different heights are convenient for performing “pirouettes”, scratching posts. for grinding sharp claws, and a cozy house. for the privacy of a pet during rest.

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Preparation of the necessary materials

To make a do-it-yourself play complex for cats, you will need a set of materials and tools:

  • fiberboard sheets 15-20 mm thick;
  • polymer plumbing pipes D 700-1000 mm;
  • wooden slats D 30 mm;
  • jigsaw or hacksaw for wood;
  • screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • scissors;
  • screwdriver;
  • a piece of fine-grained sandpaper.

To decorate the game complex, you will also need foam rubber with a thickness of 30-40 mm and any upholstery fabric.

Construction of stairs and assembly of the complex

Cats love to climb stairs. So what prevents to supplement the play complex with a constructive element for descent and ascent?

To increase the functionality and improve the decorative qualities, it is better to wrap the steps with twine, and decorate the support posts with paw marks.

At the final stage, it remains only to assemble the structure. It is convenient to use corners, screws and screws to fix the elements.

To turn the upper platform into a cozy nest, frame it with a roller. It will not be difficult to sew it from a rectangular cut of fabric and fill it with padding polyester. To fix the roller to the platform, fit the bottom of it with Velcro.

Making a house

According to the drawing below, cut 6 blanks: bottom and top, two side, back and front walls.

Cover each part with cuts of soft fabric, using staples or studs with wide heads as a fixation.

It is better to cover the front part equipped with a doorway with acrylic paint, and then decorate with an inscription with the owner’s name and decorative elements in the form of paw marks.

To make the letters and drawing neat, apply them using your own cut-out stencil. Use a foam sponge to distribute paint evenly.

When assembled, the house will look like this.

15 Amazing DIY Ideas for Your Cat #2

Upholstery of platforms and design of supports

The cut out parts must be covered with fabric. When decorating the upper round part, the platform must be supplemented with a foam rubber layer.

Place the cut foam rubber circle on the workpiece and wrap it with a piece of fabric. Turning the workpiece in a circle, attach the fabric from the back using construction staples.

Ultimate DIY cat tree.

Cover the bottom of the round platform with another piece of fabric, carefully fixing its edges around the perimeter.

Using the same principle, tighten the second round workpiece, as well as the rectangular and square parts. Don’t forget to make foam cushions.

We proceed to the design of the supports. If desired, you can use cardboard tubes. To ensure a tight fit against the support walls, fit the workpieces with bushings. They can be easily cut out of foam with a drill fitted with a crown.

Wrap each piece with a hemp cord. Fix the beginning of the rope with a stapler or tape. Wrap the cord in a spiral with a stretch, remembering to pre-grease the surface with glue.

Drawing up a drawing and cutting out parts

The first step is to draw up a drawing of the future design. A detailed diagram will allow you to avoid size discrepancies and unnecessary costs when purchasing materials. In our version, a do-it-yourself play complex for cats is built on the basis of the drawing below.

Using a jigsaw, cut out 2 main parts 55×40 cm and 30×30 cm in size. For the installation of vertical wooden slats in the workpieces, make blind holes D 30 mm. Their depth should not exceed half the thickness of the board.

Sand the edges of the holes made.

To construct the upper platform from a fiberboard sheet, cut 2 identical blanks D 40 cm.In the center point of each of them, drill a hole D 30 mm, making a small depression.

Saw the wooden slats into 3 blanks with dimensions: the first. 85 cm, the second. 120 cm, the third. 173 cm.Place the ends of the slats into the prepared holes.

Using the drawing below, cut out the middle parts of the cat play set.

Make through holes in each of the parts.

DIY game complex for cats and cats

Cats are naturally active animals that love to conquer peaks. The best way to channel this energy in the right direction is to build a playground for cats. On the site, which occupies only 1-2 squares, the four-legged pet will be happy not only to frolic, but also to relax, watching the household from a height.

There is nothing difficult in making a play complex for cats with your own hands. We bring to your attention a few interesting and uncomplicated manufacturing options.

Material and tools you need

Based on your own considerations, prepare the necessary construction equipment for the implementation of the conceived, and also purchase the required components of the future structure. Decorative elements: jute rope, carpet and other composite materials accompanying your presentation can be expressed in a significant amount of money. Therefore, you should make the most accurate calculations so as not to buy too much. Do not forget that play corners for cats are made of material that is as close to natural origin as possible. Animals can also be adversely affected by allergenic substances. Considering the absolute fearlessness of the feline family, try to give your structure the highest possible height. Remember, the cat likes to climb to the top.

It is worth knowing about it

First of all, the “entertaining” area for your beloved cat that you have built should in no case turn into a sleeping place or a cat’s dining room. Be vigilant and don’t let your pet take liberties. A well-bred cat must understand. where they play, they do not eat there. It goes without saying that you should not drive the resting animal from the upper tier at noon. After all, this is natural for a living organism: after dynamic games, soak up and relax during a short nap. Believe me, it is not so difficult to build a play complex for cats with your own hands. The only thing you need to have is desire.

Play complex for cats with their own hands. How to make play areas for cats

Nature has awarded cats not only with a peaceful disposition and the ability to move gracefully. Pets are unrestrained lovers of outdoor games, after which the owners often have to collect fragments from VAZ, transplant flowers from overturned pots or, worse, re-glue the wallpaper after the effective encroachments of the “home designer”. Build a play complex for cats with your own hands. And your “meowing” problems will be much less.

We develop a project

As in any other serious enterprise that requires attention and some knowledge from us, before starting to build, you must first decide on the main stages of the upcoming procedure.

  • The design of the building must harmoniously match the surrounding environment.
  • The design of the “cat entertainment center” must be of good quality, firmly holding the multi-level bases and, of course, safe for the animal or a group of domestic inhabitants.
  • If you are planning to equip a complex for large cats, you should pay special attention to the shape and dimensions of the future building, since the “size” of animals is sometimes determined by considerable weight, respectively, the structure, material and fasteners must meet the requirements of high “seismic resistance”.
  • Be sure to make an estimate of the upcoming project. This will help you save a lot if you intend to treat such an undertaking with the proper measure of wisdom and practicality.

Some helpful tips

Play complex for cats with your own hands and with love

Of course, if you are building for pets, which is so necessary for their harmonious development, this can say a lot. First of all, that you are a really attentive and caring host. This means that the result of your, so to speak, practical love will correspond to the proportionality and grandeur of your feelings. Of course, you shouldn’t be too zealous, but you don’t need to save much on material either. Everything should be in moderation and tasteful. It should be noted that the drawings of play complexes for cats presented in the master classes mainly include a three-level idea. That is, the structure consists of three bases, which are located on the supporting columns. An integral part of such structures is a house, which can be located on any of the floors of the cat’s “penthouse”. Another key element is the overhanging rope, which is quite dense in structure and of high quality. Your imagination should not be limited to the examples you see. You. “Free artist”, and therefore you can realize your own creative impulse in the form of a comfortable and comfortable play area for your beloved cat.

Today you can buy a ready-made house or corner for cat entertainment. The variety, assortment and affordability of are conducive to ensuring that the choice is optimally appropriate and effectively justified. But tell me, what will not be in the purchased corner or cat complex for games? Right. There will be no invested love and mental effort. Your cat will be especially grateful if you make her own “hunting ground”.


Self-production of a play complex for cats allows you to choose all the components at your discretion. There are several basic standard types of designs that are used to create play areas for cats.

  • Pillars that act as load-bearing elements. They are used in floor complexes and can serve not only as structures for the movement of cats on floors, but also be a scratching post. In any case, the surface of the products should not be slippery and smooth.
  • Not every cat may like hammocks, since this element is not very stable. Most of all, such a product is suitable for small kittens. When making a hammock, it is best to sew on cords for attaching from both sides to make the product more reliable.
  • Shelves and horizontal platforms are some of the favorite designs of cats, as these animals love to be at a height. Shelves are an integral part of wall and space complexes, and platforms are part of the floor. The platforms are installed on poles and it is important to make such a structure as stable and durable as possible.
  • Mini houses can be wall-mounted, pole-mounted or floor-mounted. This element is most often made in the form of a cylinder or a cube, with one hole. For the most part, pets need such a design not for games, but for solitude and relaxation.
  • Cats can use horizontal gutters and tunnels with multiple holes for active play as well as open rest houses.
  • Scratching post, which can be either flat or made in the form of a pillar.
  • Cat toys that can be easily and safely for the health of the animal made part of the play complex. Most often, such toys are those items that can be hung, for example, balls of fabric or thick threads.
  • Ladders, slides and ropes are more suitable for kittens than for adult cats. It is most often inconvenient for an adult large pet to move along such structures.

Making a play complex for cats with your own hands

Complex design

Before proceeding with the manufacture of a playground, it is necessary to decide on its type and elements used. First of all, the choice is influenced by the area of ​​the room, as well as the amount of space that the owner is ready to allocate for the game complex. When the installation site and type of construction are selected, it is worth taking care that the complex will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room.

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When choosing materials for the manufacture and upholstery of structures, you need to pay attention to how they will be combined with the interior design. Also, do not forget about the safety of pets and make sure that all elements of the complex are reliable and durable.

Depending on the area on which the complex will be located, its size will depend, as well as the number and types of constituent elements. Ready-made drawings of structures with dimensions can be found on various resources, as well as made independently, according to your own unique project.


Depending on the elements that are included in the game complex, as well as on the method of their fastening, there are three main types of products.

  • The first option is a floor-standing construction for games. This variety is one of the most common and can be both large and small. The small design is convenient in that it does not take up much space and can easily be moved to any convenient place. The floor complex is a stable vertical structure, consisting of several floors and scratching posts in the form of pillars.
  • A wall-mounted complex involves the use of various structures that are attached to vertical surfaces such as walls and doors. Most often, various shelves and small hanging houses are used to create a play area.
  • The last type of home playground for cats is called a spatial complex. This type requires a large area to accommodate all the elements.

The spatial complex implies the use of both horizontal and vertical surfaces in the apartment for the placement of composite structures.

What materials and tools may be required?

After the play complex for the cat is designed, it is necessary to prepare materials and tools for its manufacture. The optimal materials for creating all structures are plywood or chipboards, since they have an optimal price-quality ratio. Also, to create some designs, you can use thick sheets of cardboard or ready-made cardboard boxes.

To decorate the elements of the playground, you will need carpet, thick ropes and thick fabric. Sometimes foam rubber is used as a finishing material. If the complex will include tunnels, then large-diameter polymer pipes can be used for their manufacture.

Also pipes can be used as pillars.

To assemble the elements of the complex, as well as fasten them together or hang them on the wall, you need nails, screws, as well as fasteners and ties for furniture. You may also need strong ropes to hang hammocks, toys, or other items. High-quality durable glue can be used to fasten some structural parts.

As for the tools, first of all it is necessary to prepare a screwdriver or screwdrivers, scissors, a drill and a hacksaw. A hammer, sandpaper and electric jigsaw may be required as auxiliary items.

What a cat playground looks like?

A playground for cats, or kotyo (from cat and patio), is the most amazing yet rewarding thing you could do for your pet. We are talking about a fenced part of the courtyard or the porch of a private house, which will allow the mustachioed pet to spend time safely in the fresh air.

Check out a few of the most successful projects that will help you determine your preferences and assess your capabilities. Be warned: the neighbors will probably look askance at the strange structure that has appeared in the backyard of your house. But what does this mean in comparison with the happiness that you will give your adorable cat?!

Let’s start with a koto, which is a porch fenced in with a net. On the edges of the frame, shelves are fixed, along which cats, famous climbers, can walk for their pleasure. Animals enter koto through the window, people through the mesh door.

This is another summer residence for a furry pet, located in the backyard of its owners’ house.

In this case, only part of the porch is fenced off, but this is enough for the cat to enjoy the sounds and smells of nature.

This charming koti also has a place for a comfortable armchair. The owner of this house probably wants to spend more time with his pet.

Not everyone has the patience to build such a complex area for cat walks. It looks like a mesh-fenced passage connecting the house window with a pair of covered mini-verandas where the animal can take a nap and play.

This is clear proof that a comfortable price doesn’t have to be big. Here we see just a cage, fixed in the window opening. It’s like a playpen, just for cats.

The easiest way to create a safe play area for pets is to line your existing patio with a fine wire net.

In this truly huge patio, eight cats are happy to spend time at once, well, and their owners, of course.

Which of these structures can you reproduce? Maybe your cat already has a playground? Share your thoughts with our readers!

What area do you need

A little about the area that needs to be allocated for a children’s playground. Small children don’t need much space. a sandpit, a few very simple shells, a small pool, if you think it’s possible. It’s a good idea to have a lawn or a flat, smooth piece with some suitable covering to lie on for fun. That’s all. For all this, there is enough space of 4-5 sq. meters.

Small children need a small play area

For small children, it is advisable to enclose the area. This will give you the opportunity not to be constantly nearby, but to go about your business nearby: children are in sight and safe. The fence can be any. it’s a matter of your imagination, desire and capabilities. The main requirement is that it must be safe and durable or completely inaccessible to children. For example, like the netting that you see in the photo above. It comes with a plastic coating in bright colors and does not look as harsh as usual.

PVC-coated mesh netting is a good option for fencing playgrounds

If for some reason this option is not pleasant, you can put a picket fence, which will be the height of the children somewhere on the shoulders, the distance between adjacent slats should be such that the head does not crawl through there. Pickets can be painted with different colors.

Picket fence. a familiar fence in an unusual design

Just pay attention to the fact that the tops are rounded and do not have sharp corners, they are well processed: splinters are very upsetting for children. Fasten the picket fence firmly. With the expectation that children will definitely hang on them and jump.

A rope fence is rarely used, but it looks good, it performs its functions perfectly: durable, safe, aesthetically attractive.

Rope fence for a playground. durable, inexpensive, reliable and safe

For older children, the fence is a relic. For them, the field of activity is the whole area, and only something really interesting can distract them. squares are also needed here. If possible, give children up to 7 years old 8-9 m2. From 7 to 12 years old. up to 12 m2. There is already a set of shells more serious, therefore large areas are required.


Hanging swings are popular not only among children, but also among adults. There are many different options. from models for toddlers to older children. You saw some of them in the photo above. To create this kind of entertainment, not so many materials are needed: chains or ropes on which the seat will be attached.

If you use ropes, it is necessary to regularly check their condition: they become weaker from exposure to the sun and can fray. Chains are more reliable in this regard: they can withstand heavy loads, but they pose another danger: the chain links, moving, can pinch the skin. It is very painful and large bruises are produced. But there is a way out. To keep it safe, hoses are put on the chains in those places where they are grasped with hands. Their shell protects the hands of children and adults who swing the swing (or roll themselves).

How to protect children’s hands in a chain swing

But bad luck. curious kids like to pick pipes, so take a look at them periodically. Sometimes covers made of a very dense fabric such as a tarpaulin are used as a protective layer.

Questions often arise as to how to attach chains or ropes to the bar. The most popular solution is carbines. But they have two drawbacks: when rocking, they creak quite a lot, moreover, they gradually wear out. The rate of wear depends on the weight of the swinging children (they do not always sit on the swing one at a time) and on the intensity of use. Both problems can be partially solved by periodic lubrication, but only partially. The second option is to use bearings, but here you cannot do without welding. For several options on how to attach a swing to the crossbar, see the photo below.

Often the question arises: how and from what to make a seat. Yes from anything. Even from a tire or a piece of tarpaulin, an old chair. wood or plastic, just a piece of board. Craftsmen manage to use the old chair.

A piece of board can be a seat for a hanging children’s swing

A circle tied with ropes is a great option

Having slightly modified them and hanging them only slightly above the ground, we teach not a swing, but a simulator for developing balance. Boys will be especially interested in the option with a board from a skateboard. And on a wide platform, you can swing while sitting.


For kids, there must be a sandbox on the playground. This develops their coordination, allows them to develop faster. The usual construction. four boards. is not a problem to knock down, but I want it to be beautiful as well. The sandbox machine will be interesting for the boys. It is made of two-color moisture resistant film faced plywood.

Plywood machine and sandbox

Under the hood is a toy box. Inside the cockpit, there is also an “entrance” to this box.

In general, wooden cars for boys are great fun. They are busy there with enthusiasm. another option from an old barrel.

Behind, by the way, you can also arrange a sandbox.

Another interesting idea is how to make a shadow over the play area: fix a rod at a height, throw an awning over it, making a kind of tent. And it’s not hot, and there is a shadow.

Ladders and hanging paths

Ladders are one of the key elements that connects all the disparate parts into a single whole, allowing you to move from one projectile to another. They are made from well-processed wood. The steps should be round (at least 5 cm in diameter so that it is comfortable to grip with your hands) and straight. Rope steps can be made: they are harder to climb, but they develop coordination well.

Rope climb. difficult, but very interesting to overcome

Hang a rope net on one side, make a rope ladder. Rope shells are not in vain present in all extreme shows. They are safe, but require well-developed coordination and dexterity. At first it is hard for the kids, but it is these “shells” that they are drawn to.

Rope wall and ladder are a great way to make the playground more fun to play.

Suspended rope track for movement coordination

Here is the basic set of elements from which children’s playgrounds are assembled. For older boys, you can add a horizontal bar and rings. They already need to develop not only coordination, but also muscular strength. In general, there can be a lot of ideas. Some of them are in the photo below. We hope that the playground made by your efforts will bring joy to children, and pleasure to you: it is always pleasant to look at what you have done with your own hands.

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How to make a playground yourself: 70 photos of real buildings

So that children in the country or near the house do not explore the beds or any other places where they should not be, they need an interesting corner for them. As a rule, parents come to the idea of ​​the need to create a playground or sports corner. it depends on the age and desires of the children. A playground made by yourself is good because during its construction it is possible to envisage the possibility of its gradual transformation. After all, what is suitable for 2-3 year old kids, 5-6 year olds no longer like it, and even more so for older children. And besides, a do-it-yourself playground is often built not so much for reasons of economy, but out of a desire to please the child: who knows better than the parents what your child likes. Someone needs a pirate ship, but someone needs their own, real, house with a porch, door and all the necessary attributes.

Do-it-yourself Danish playground. a place for your favorite offspring to play in the country or in the yard

Choosing a location

You will have to solve a difficult task. Firstly, it is desirable that the playground be viewed from home, and from a room in which someone is most of the time. Ideal if the site is viewed from several rooms or points. Secondly, it should be located away from outbuildings with “flavors”, if any. Thirdly, it is advisable to take into account the fertility of the soil: an infertile area or with a complex geology can be distinguished under the game complex: there is no need to bury yourself in the ground, maximum. to bury the pillars of a swing by 30-40 cm.

When choosing a place, it is a good idea to place a children’s play corner near a wall or a capital fence. These zones can sharply be fully utilized, and in this case they can be used for games. For example, make a mini-climbing wall on the wall, fix rope ladders, a slate board and other devices no less interesting for children. You probably know what your children like, and if you don’t know, you can find out: there are enough fences and walls, place different devices in different areas and observe where your child lingers longer. So find out which games he is more attracted to, you will know in which direction to move on.

It is also necessary to take into account the illumination. The place of children’s play should not be constantly in the shade, but the sun is also not needed. Approximately 2/3 of the site should be in the shade (sandpit, swing), and 1/3. in the sun. the pool, if any, an area of ​​active games. If there is no shadow on the site, you will have to come up with a canopy or put a large umbrella.

At the same time, pay attention that there is no constant draft in the area of ​​the proposed site. Children, of course, need to be tempered, but not in this way. Even when choosing a place for a children’s play area, pay attention to the fact that electrical appliances or any shields, machines and other similar devices are not located nearby. Children are curious and resourceful, so it’s best not to take risks.

The choice of equipment for the playground

Planning playground elements is best with children. After all, it is for them that you are going to build a play area, and it is their desires that you need to listen to. Often we try to reproduce what, in our understanding, should be interesting for them, and then we are surprised that the kids play anywhere, but not on the playground, which was built with such love. This is because you have fulfilled your desires and expectations, not childish ones. Listen to what the child wants, walk around the guests who already have similar facilities, see where the child spends more time. On this basis, you can already build something.

It is better to plan elements of the playground with the participation of children.

How to develop a project of a play complex for cats with your own hands

Before starting any serious events, you should decide on all stages of the upcoming manipulations:

  • The design of your finished product should be in harmony with the environment of the room.
  • The design of a cat play complex must be durable, safe for animals and even for whole groups of furry.
  • When designing a structure for large animals, you should especially carefully design the dimensions and shape of the future products. This should be done so that your structure does not collapse from the weight of the animal.
  • You will need not only drawings, but also an estimate of the future project. Such a careful approach will save a lot of your finances and materials.

Elementary and necessary tools. You will need nails, screws, a hammer, pliers, chipboard sheets, construction glue, an electric screwdriver and more.
When making a complex for cats, you will also need decorative structural elements. As such elements can act for do-it-yourself work: jute rope, cuts of carpet or fabrics.

We recommend that you make all the necessary financial calculations in advance. This will allow you not to purchase unnecessary materials and save your money in the manufacture of the game complex.

Also, do not forget about such an important point as the correct choice of materials used in the manufacture of a structure. Use only materials that are as natural and natural as possible. Quadruped animals are also very susceptible to allergies caused by many artificial materials.

Make it as tall as possible for your cat’s fun. Cats love to be above the surrounding reality.

We study tips for making do-it-yourself designs for cats

When making a homemade game complex for cats, one should take into account the responsible attitude of cats to the state of their “weapons”. And if you do not want your pet to use polished surfaces or soft upholstery of your favorite furniture as his scratching post, you need to braid the support posts of the complex with a jute rope. This will create comfortable conditions for the animal for a pleasant process of sharpening its claws by the pet. The role of the base of the structure can be played by a plastic pipe with a small diameter or made of pressed cellulose, which is coated with non-toxic glue, and then wrapped with a jute rope, fastened every few turns with self-tapping screws.

DIY kit for cats: how to make a play house for your beloved pet

Fluffy pet four-legged friends are always mobile and active in their entertainment. As a result of such fun and pranks, cat owners often have to deal with collecting shards of dishes, transplanting flowers and pasting wallpaper on the walls. In order to save yourself from the need to engage in such work, create a play complex for cats quickly and easily with your own hands.

A play complex for cats is, in essence, a house for an animal and a scratching post at the same time. It is called a complex precisely because these parts are located together. What is a cat entertainment complex for? Such a device in a city house or apartment is relevant and convenient for both the owner and the animal. The fact is that cats are very fond of sharpening their claws, so expensive wallpaper can be used for an important cat business, interior, wallpaper or other interior items.

A selection of thematic videos for the article

After reading our article, we suggest watching a selection of thematic videos. This will allow the most in-depth study of this issue. You can also learn other subtleties and tricks of making a complex for a cat. Enjoy watching!

Stability of a homemade design

Make sure that the structure is stable and strong, especially if you have a large cat. It is better to remove columns with roofs and fragile protruding parts or choose a house without them. such elements can fall off and interfere.

How to sew a house for a cat

Felt, foam rubber, any fabric in two layers and threads. all that is needed for such a house. A synthetic winterizer will not work. first a hold, then a hole, and the cat will pull it out over and over again, trying on a tooth. And harmful and not practical. Below are 2 options for houses that you can do yourself.

Option 2. Closed soft house for a cat (pattern)


In the play complex, you can equip a tunnel for the cat. You can make a tunnel for cats with your own hands. You can take a cardboard tube with a diameter of about 20 cm and sheathed with fur if desired. This is both a great workout and a game for our pets.

A tunnel for cats can be provided anywhere: in a playhouse, under the ceiling, just on the floor, and there is also an interesting option. a sofa with a tunnel for a cat.

In addition to the important moment of the construction of the complex, it is also equally important to teach the kitten to a scratching post, make him play areas, hang toys on the shelves.

In our cattery you can “buy a real British kitten”. We have many many different colors, we will help with the choice and answer all questions!

  • Hanging house
  • How to sew a house for a cat
  • How to make a complex for a cat
  • Feline preferences
  • Stability of a homemade design
  • House materials
  • Details

DIY complex for cats

How to make a house for a cat with your own hands? Very simple! If you have the very minimum of skills in handling tools and a desire to make a house for a cat with your own hands, then everything will definitely work out. A do-it-yourself cat scratching post is quite simple. And such houses for cats will cost much cheaper than ready-made ones.
In order to make a house for a cat with our own hands, we need:

  • boards / chipboard, etc. (it is advisable to use natural material);
  • pipes (cardboard / plastic or some other);
  • sisal rope (you can take jute, but it will fray faster and you will need to replace it);
  • fur (it is better to take a denser texture so that fibers do not fall out during use);
  • corners;
  • furniture stapler.

When making complexes for cats with your own hands, give preference to natural, environmentally friendly materials. Houses for kittens (complexes for cats) made of artificial materials smell bad for our pets, moreover, they are toxic. I don’t have a lot of space in my apartment, so I chose a free corner. this is the best option: it does not take up space, and does not interfere with walking, and the playing space increases for cats.

So, how to make a house for a cat with your own hands?


We take fur and furniture stapler and sheathe our future shelves. You can put 1-2 layers of padding polyester under the fur (optional).

We hang the finished shelf on the corners. We do the same with the rest of the shelves as planned.

We take pipes that can be inserted between the shelves or, in my case, from the side as an additional scratching post and trainer for cats. It is necessary to think in advance about the design of attaching the pipe to the shelves or to the wall. The thicker the pipes, the more rope you need, so if you want to save money, take pipes with a diameter of 5-7 cm.

If you fix the pipe to the floor (as I did), you can make a small platform under the pipe, so it will be more stable and will look more aesthetically pleasing. We attach the corners to the pipe and attach them to the platform. I also put a piece of linoleum on top.

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We wrap the pipe with a sisal rope.

How to make a house for a cat out of a box

You will need a box, tape, scissors or utility knife, pillow or towel.

  • We seal all the cracks in the box with tape so that there are no slots left that would let light through or could disperse.
  • Cut a hole slightly smaller than the cat on the solid side of the box. The hole can be any shape you like.
  • We put a soft pillow, a small blanket or a folded towel in the box so that your pet can rest more comfortably.
  • Do not neglect the application. the house can be decorated in the style of a wigwam or igloo. By the way, children are happy to do this.

Now you can think about where to place it: in the closet, under the bed, or somewhere on the shelf. The main thing is to take care of sustainability.


In the house, you can provide a hammock for a cat: usually they like to curl up in a ball and sleep swaying. You can also make a hammock for a cat on a battery or on a radiator.

Making a hammock for a cat with your own hands is quite simple: for example, take 2 slats, nail between the posts of a cat house, and, wrapping the ends of the fabric or fur around the slats, fix it with a furniture stapler. Such a hammock for a cat can be made under a chair or anywhere else.

You can make a hammock for a cat from a pillow, padding polyester, foam rubber, fur or just thick fabric.

Hanging house

Everyone knows that cats love to jump and hide at heights. Therefore, in an apartment it is very easy to equip a cozy place for your pet by making a house for a cat out of pillows. To do this, you will need a roll of rope, several pillows, thick fabric ribbons to connect the elements, a piece of thick fabric for a small hammock, a drill, and an anchor hook. Materials must be dense and strong for the structure to be reliable.

So, you have collected all the necessary details for the future house. Next, you need a little creativity. Step by step:

  • Sew two two-meter fabric ribbons crosswise in the middle.
  • We measure 50 cm at each of the four ends and mark with a pencil.
  • In the marked places, we firmly sew the ribbons to the pillow. Sew the second pillow in the same way to the ends of the ribbons to get “floors”.
  • We tie a hammock to the ends of the ribbons. a square of fabric with ties in the corners.
  • We hang the house from the ceiling or beam. To do this, you need to drill a hole in the ceiling, fix an anchor hook in it and hang a house on it so that the cat can jump into it and enjoy the view from above. And if you wrap one of the tiers with cloth, your pet will feel like in her own little cave.

Feline preferences

Observe how your cat loves to rest. If she likes secluded places more, equip a small cozy closed house in the play complex. If she sleeps on a couch, pillow or cushion, the complex can be equipped with a hanging hammock. If the cat has no obvious preferences, both designs should be in the house. then your pet will be able to choose.

Gift for a fluffy pet. play set

Unauthorized. bold and self-reliant. however, such loyal and sensitive cats are. By the way, no matter how these cute creatures can bring a lot of trouble to their master. but at the same time so much joy? The happy owner of a tiny lump or already an adult fluffy should be ready. that the cat needs to play. An excellent solution for this will be a gaming complex. over, you can do it yourself. How? Find out now.

Creating a play complex with your own hands

Step-by-step instruction

  • Saw out rectangles of the required size from fiberboard and chipboard with your own hands. In rectangles. which were retracted to the walls. you must also make truncated circles. The radius of each is 26 centimeters. To do this, you need to draw the figure with a compass. which will then be cut out (see photo).
  • Because the back wall of the house is solid. you need to draw one circle.
  • To enter the house. on the right, make a circle with your own hands. Dimensions. diameter 21 centimeters.
  • Draw three circles, where the diameter is 5 centimeters, in order to get an imitation of a cat’s paw (see photo).
  • Make all the holes with a jigsaw, place the circles one on top of the other, then mark 7 points on one and the second wall;
  • Drill holes through two walls with a thin drill. Or screw in a self-tapping screw and unscrew it. Drill small indentations for self-tapping screws on both walls at the attachment points (do this from the outside). Saw off seven rectangular slats.
  • Fasten the walls with self-tapping screws and slats (see photo).
  • Cut a couple of wall blanks from the fabric. The fabric must be selected so that it has a cut pile. This is done so that the cat cannot leave puffs or break its claws.
  • Glue the fabric to the walls using glue without a pungent odor (see photo).
  • Thus, arrange all the holes in the walls with your own hands. Now we put the house on its base. Cut off the required amount of foam rubber and glue it in the place where the bed will be.
  • Decorate the base with a cloth, securing it with glue. If the fabric tends to crumble at the edges, it is necessary to cut it out, taking into account the allowances, and then glue the bottom with a sheet of fiberboard.
  • Glue the fiberboard sheet for the roof of the complex with your own hands also with a cloth.
  • Cut two pieces from the same fabric that was used for the base. They need to close the slats from below by gluing the material to the lower slats, or rather to their inner edges.
  • Attach the lid of the house with a furniture stapler. Use small scissors to straighten the fabric. which is under the brackets. We glue the places inside the house with a cloth that are visible from the outside.
  • For a scratching post, take two bars to strengthen the plastic pipe and the pipe itself. Cut 2 pieces of cylindrical bars out of dry wood, which will fit tightly into the pipe. Fasten everything with self-tapping screws.
  • For the couch, cut out the base from the chipboard, the shape is a semicircle. Cut out another such part in order to cover the part that will be glued. Make a circle in the board and put it on the pipe (see photo);
  • Attach the lounger to the block. Place the house on its back wall and place books or any other material under the house. substitute the pipe. Screw on with self-tapping screws. after making indentations;
  • We decorate the lower part of the pipe with a cloth. Place the foam rubber on the bed on the glue.
  • Use a furniture stapler to attach the toy rope to the bed. Attach a toy to the other end. Glue the stove bench with a cloth, and glue fiberboard to the bottom of the stove bench;
  • Wrap the rope around the pipe. For an inclined scratching post. cut at an angle of forty-five degrees the lower edge of the board.
  • Glue both ends with a cloth.
  • Wrap the middle of the board with rope.

How to make another version of a beautiful complex for cats with your own hands, see further in the video.

Features of the device

The game complex for cats is. at its core. a house for a cat and a scratching post at the same time. It is called a complex. because these parts are together. What is a cat entertainment complex for? Such a device in a city house or apartment is relevant and convenient for the owner. and for the animal. The thing is. that cats love to sharpen their claws. therefore, expensive wallpaper can be used for important cat business. interior. wallpaper or other interior items.

Buying a play complex for cats, you also acquire a place where the pet can throw out the accumulated energy. Indeed, in such a device there are a large number of places where the animal can run and jump. Outdoor games are essential for your cat’s health. Together, they will be able to maintain the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, the endocrine region and muscle tone. over, this device can create ideal conditions for the full and harmonious development of your mustachioed handsome man in accordance with the norms and age characteristics.

Tools and materials

In order to build a complex (as in the photo), you will need the following tools and materials:

  • a rectangle measuring 40 by 122 centimeters, material. fiberboard;
  • for the base, a rectangle made of solid wood or chipboard, 44 by 61 centimeters in size;
  • 2 pcs of rectangles measuring 55 by 44 centimeters, material. chipboard;
  • for a couch a rectangle measuring 44 by 30 centimeters made of chipboard or other materials;
  • wooden slats. 7 pcs, measuring 3 by 4 by 37 centimeters;
  • pipe (diameter 110 cm) 60 centimeters long made of solid material;
  • 2 pieces of wooden blocks;
  • rope with a diameter of 11 millimeters for a vertical scratching post. approximately 15 meters;
  • for an inclined scratching post. a thin board, 18 by 41 centimeters;
  • thin fabric or rope for an inclined scratching post;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • 2 pieces of rectangular foam rubber, measuring 44 by 30 centimeters and 33 by 36 centimeters;
  • glue to charge the heat gun;
  • artificial fur. 2 square meters;
  • toys on a string;
  • jigsaw, saw;
  • screwdriver, drill;
  • hot glue gun;
  • compass;
  • furniture stapler;
  • roulette;
  • scissors;
  • sandpaper;
  • pencils, chalk, markers.

Creating a play complex with your own hands

Varieties of complexes

Complexes are the most expensive and at the same time appropriate acquisition for your graceful handsome man. Such adaptations are always performed taking into account three characteristics of cats. this is the hunter’s instinct, the love of climbing in high places and the absence of boredom. There are the most original and unexpected combinations of complexes. They can consist of couches, scratching posts, platforms and shelves, steep stairs, there is a must-have house in it. All this makes up a complete complex for cat entertainment.

The more complex and higher the device itself, and the greater the number of options for placing the details, the longer the interest in the complex of your home hunter will be. For example, manufacturers such as “Fluff”, Pet Salon, Trixie and others, it would seem, take the very essence of the cat as the basis of various complexes. The Catrix product is a product of the world market, boasting unique complexes in terms of its convenience and functionality. Of course, the manufacturers themselves position it as a scratching post, in fact, it is quite possible to attribute it to one of the most impressive and versatile gaming complexes.

To the owners, such a complex can remind the Lego constructor, since it is assembled with the help of well-thought-out details.

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