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DIY Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Bird repeller cost

The choice of crop protection products from birds today is quite large. Every gardener can easily choose a device suitable for his criteria.

The bird protection described above should be alternated or used in combination. As already mentioned, birds have the ability to adapt to different life situations, so scaring them off becomes more and more difficult every year.

Avoid nesting birds in your garden area. Carry out preventive maintenance in advance, paying special attention to the roof of the house, shed, attic and attic.

If the birds do not bring much damage to your crop, and their stay on the site is temporary and does not cause you any inconvenience, it is better to make a feeder for them. Read the following article about it.

Uninvited feathered guests love to feast on berries in the garden. You can save the crop from annoying visitors by noise, shine and “psychic attack”.

It is known that the most stubborn pests. starlings and sparrows are afraid of the saturated blue color, and any birds are afraid of noise, glare and flashes. Take advantage of this to protect your site from plaque with proven methods.

Modern technologies

Birds are afraid of those who might pose a threat to them. These are not only cats, dogs. Sometimes predatory relatives can act as dangerous animals:

  • Hawk;
  • Falcon;
  • Owl.

At the sound of the cry of a predator, the feathered guests break away and quickly retreat. If you want to try this method, you can purchase a special device in a specialized trading establishment. an acoustic repeller.

Such bioacoustic devices are capable of simulating:

  • Cries of birds of prey;
  • Bird voices with notes of alarm, seeking to warn nearby birds of danger.

In an effort to save the harvest of cherries, cherries, and other berries, many are ready to test such a device as a laser repeller. Birds see the laser beam, it causes fear in them, so they prefer to quickly leave this area.

At the dacha, you can install a gas cannon, program the frequency of shots. The birds immediately fly away as soon as they hear the loud sounds that such a cannon makes.

Ultrasonic pigeon repeller

In the conditions of a city apartment, protection against pigeons, which like to live on the balcony, under it, to emit very loud unpleasant sounds in the morning, becomes urgent, polluting everything around with their traces and remains of vital activity. Due to the fact that pigeons get used to city noise very quickly, ultrasonic or bioacoustic scarers become an effective way to get rid of them, as well as improvised options such as a spinning bottle, tape cuts or glass shards reflection, installed on the surface of the windowsill.

What to oppose uninvited guests?

Of course, progress has worked on this issue and offers a choice of ultrasonic repellents or chemicals. However, it is not a fact that these techniques will work in your case, but “money cried”.

Of course, you can record the scream of an eagle, the songs of cats in the spring and turn on all this “music” to the intruders. This is called a “bioacoustic unit”. Note that this method is good to use in a nature reserve. In our case, it is completely unknown who will not stand it first: moles, neighbors, or you.

So it makes sense to try to build a pest repeller from auxiliary materials with your own hands: moles, snakes and birds. If you can’t get rid of uninvited guests, then the money will not be wasted.

Another “potential criminal”

Step-by-step instructions for making a wind repeller

Every gardener can make a wind repeller with his own hands. You do not need to have special knowledge or skills for this. Let us consider in more detail the sequence of actions when creating a device against crop pests:

  • The design is based on a six-liter plastic bottle of rectangular or square shape. First, you need to drill holes in the center of the cover and the bottom, their diameter should freely pass the ANO-4 electrode.
  • Use a construction knife to completely remove the handle and seal from the bottle.
  • Cut the scars along the diameter of the neck with a soldering iron. The distance between them should be 2 to 3 mm. Externally, the neck should resemble a gear.
  • Cut four blades into the bottle. For convenience, you can use a rectangular template. Then bend each blade outward.
  • Glue the washer to the bar, at a distance of 1–2 cm from the end.
  • Slide the metal shaft into the bottle so that the electrode goes through the hole in the bottom.
  • Secure the cover by threading the short end of the bar into it.

To check the effectiveness of the resulting design, it is enough to forcefully blow on the bottle. If it spins freely, a wind repeller can be installed on the site. To make the device visible from afar, it is worth attaching it to a long stick using construction tape.

Method one: garden scarecrow

A set of the following materials will help to make a reliable watchman with your own hands: cotton wool, pillows, old clothes, straw, thick wooden sticks, tape, nails and a hammer. Connect the sticks in a crisscross pattern and secure them with nails. Wrap the cross with tape. Make a head out of a pillow, put your grandfather’s old hat on it and put it on a stick. For the torso, take another pillow or straw, jacket and pants. Your scarecrow is ready.

By itself, a stationary watchman does not really scare the birds, so enhance the effect with rags fluttering in the wind, bells, rattles, tin cans. Another option for a stuffed animal is a large blue bird, which can be sewn from plain pieces of fabric and decorated with real feathers and foil.

Another original option that will help 100% It is necessary to make a stuffed animal from two round pieces of foam, glue huge bright eyes, make wings, as in the diagram, and hang it on a high pole over fruit trees and bushes. It will sway in the wind and soar, and no one will touch your berries. You can make several of them.

Types of bird scarers

The age of garden scarecrows is long gone. Now there are many devices that can scare away a bird, and the range of this technique can reach several kilometers.

According to the method of exposure, bird repellers can be divided into several groups:

  • Visual. This category includes those types of devices that frighten off the bird with light or their dangerous appearance. There are scarers in the form of a bird of prey, eyes of a dangerous animal, as well as laser ones, which send a laser beam through the territory, scaring away birds.
  • Acoustic. This group includes bioacoustic and ultrasonic repellents. They emit danger signals intolerable by birds.
  • Dynamic. There are thunderbolts that, at regular intervals, emit a shot that frightens the birds.

Types of bird scarers

Bird sabotage

Birds can pick up all the berries without leaving anything on the bushes. Landing, the birds are actively digging the beds with their paws, trying to feast on seeds that have not yet had time to root after they were planted in the ground.

The birds peck up some of these seeds, and some remain as a result of loosening on the soil surface. In any case, they will no longer be able to germinate. For this reason, already at this stage, you have to put up with the fact that the harvest will be harvested in the fall, but in much smaller volumes.

Of course, declaring all-out war on all birds without exception is stupid. You need to scare off only those birds that seek to destroy all crops by pecking up the seeds.

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There are several effective ways that you can successfully scare away birds without causing them any harm.


  • On the bottle, using a felt-tip pen, draw 4 vertical lines at an equal distance (for example, every 1.5 cm). Add to the vertical lines horizontal lines on both sides of the bottle. You should get 4 letters “C”. This is how we design future turntable blades;
  • Cut out the marked lines with scissors. Bend the cut out parts of the bottle outward. We get the blades of the turntable. We glue strips of foil to them to frighten birds;
  • We pass the wire through the bottle cap. We fix one end of it at the bottom of the bottle, the other end of the wire is inserted into the stick that we have prepared for installing the repeller;
  • We install the turntable in a pre-selected place in the garden. The wind will turn the turntable, the foil will develop and shine, thereby scaring birds away from the site.

A popular homemade bird repellent among summer residents is a disco ball. an old ball pasted over with pieces of discs.

The ball can also be made from papier-mâché. It is best when there are several such balls. Swaying in the wind, they frighten the birds with their glitter.

You can also make a stuffed animal with your own hands. For example, in the form of a bird of prey. A scarecrow can be sewn from multi-colored or monochromatic scraps of fabric, glue the feathers of a “real” bird to it, make large, frightening eyes.

1.2 How to make a device with your own hands?

For those who are familiar with electronics, making an ultrasonic mice and rats repeller with their own hands will not be difficult. On the Internet, you can find many detailed diagrams and videos on assembling this device. Often the device consists of:

  • Variable and conventional resistors. they lower the voltage in the network, regulate the level of ultrasound output;
  • Transistors. create a frequency circuit;
  • Capacitor. smoothes the ripple of the current in the circuit network;
  • Switch (toggle switch). turns the device on and off;
  • Piezo emitter. produces ultrasonic signals. the main element of the device;
  • Diodes. protect the repeller from incorrect connection to the power supply;
  • Battery. crown or power supply.

2 Other types of repellents

An ultrasonic rodent repeller does not work with the same force on insects. Some insects are susceptible to high frequency waves, but this is not guaranteed. To the menu

1.1 Machine advantages

The pluses include:

  • Ultrasound repels pests, but does not destroy.
  • No chemicals and poison applied.
  • Low energy consumption and long service life.
  • Convenient, economical way to control rodents.
  • Safe for people.

2.1 Mosquito repeller

There is also an ultrasonic mosquito repeller. On the Internet, it is proposed to download a program to the phone, which will scare away mosquitoes. However, mosquitoes are unlikely to respond to the suggested sound frequency.

Homemade ultrasonic repeller

A suitable option would be to make a do-it-yourself mosquito repeller that will emit ultrasound. General characteristics and principle of operation are the same as in other high-frequency repellers for other types of living organisms. A large number of diagrams and descriptions of the assembly of the device can be found on the Internet. To the menu

2.2 Mole repellents

Another type of rodent pest that annoys many land owners and brings a lot of trouble is the mole. Moles are often fought with chemical and mechanical methods. However, today, an ultrasonic mole repeller is a more effective and humane method of removing pests from the garden.

In addition, a do-it-yourself mole repeller can be made even easier. This will take a plastic bottle and a little time. Craftsmen come up with various convenient devices from plastic bottles, so this thing is multifunctional. To scare off moles in the bottle, cut out and fold back the -blades. Then they make a hole in the bottom of the bottle and put it on a tube or wire.

In the wind, this device spins well thanks to the blades, creating noise that goes into the ground through the tube. It must be inserted into underground voids. It will be more efficient to pre-insert a metal pin with a bottle into a metal pipe. Drive it deeper into the ground as well. Moles are afraid of noise, so they will quickly leave the garden plot. To the menu

2.3 Bird repeller

In addition to the benefits, birds do a lot of harm, destroying crops. Therefore, in some places, the presence of birds is undesirable. To scare away birds with your own hands, you can also build several devices. A simple bird repeller looks like a mole repellant.

Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

For him, you will also need a plastic bottle from which a windmill should be made. The blades are cut and shiny foil is attached to them. This spinner is placed on the ground or hung on a tree to protect fruits and berries. Spinning in the wind, it will scare away birds. To the menu

1.3 Stages of work

There are several options for assembling an ultrasonic rodent repeller with your own hands. You need to choose a specific scheme based on the power of the future device, available parts, soldering skills and much more.

However, regardless of the assembly method you choose, the general sequence of actions will be as follows:

Ultrasonic scarer circuit

  • Select a scarer blueprint based on your personal needs.
  • Purchase the necessary radio parts. You can easily find some details at home. For example, the speaker can be removed from an old receiver or tape recorder.
  • Prepare the soldering iron and auxiliary substances (tin, rosin, flux, acid, etc.).
  • Solder the base of the ultrasonic repeller. symmetrical multivibrator, according to the selected scheme.
  • Connect speaker and battery. A slightly perceptible squeak should appear in the dynamics.
  • If there is no squeak in the speaker, or it is too strong, you need to increase or decrease the frequency of the device accordingly. This is done by increasing or decreasing the capacitance of the capacitors by 0.1 μF.

The simplest ultrasonic device for scaring away rodents is ready. To make a more complex repeller that will automatically change the frequency of oscillations, you will need serious equipment and considerable skills in calculating and soldering microcircuits. To the menu

How to make an ultrasonic rat and mouse repeller with your own hands?

The presence of mice in private houses and apartments can become a big problem for residents, which cannot be dealt with for an hour using traditional methods. Rodents are especially annoying with their invasion in the autumn-winter period. Rats are much more dangerous. they are also frequent guests in the private sector.

An alternative to conventional rodent control methods can be an ultrasonic rat and mouse repeller. This electronic device emits high frequency sound waves. The human ear does not perceive them, but they have a great effect on rodents. And you don’t have to buy this useful device. Do-it-yourself ultrasonic rodent repeller can also be made.

How it works

The rat and mouse repeller emits sounds at high frequencies that are not perceived by humans, and rodents sense ultrasonic waves.

The task of the apparatus is to create sound vibrations with such frequencies and power that are perceived by rats and mice (frequencies from 30 to 70 kHz).

Ultrasonic devices can only act on the area of ​​a separate room, since ultrasonic waves do not pass through walls and floors. Electromagnetic radiation penetrates walls; metal plates and objects are an obstacle to them.

Ultrasound, reaching any surface, is reflected from it. Hence, we can conclude that one ultrasonic repeller for several rooms in the house will not be enough. There are a large number of such devices on sale, but they are not cheap, so it is more economical to assemble such a device with your own hands.

Making a device at home that scares pests

The creation of such devices does not require special skills and special knowledge, any novice radio amateur will be able to assemble them with his own hands, relying on the attached instructions and diagrams.

For this you will need:

  • Regular soldering iron,
  • Details R7, R5, C6, C5, DD1.3, DD1.4.

Using a soldering iron, a symmetrical multivibrator is assembled from parts, it is the basis of the entire apparatus.

The frequencies of the emitted ultrasonic waves can be adjusted by adjusting the generator. The signals emitted by the generator are fed to a device that amplifies their power.

The emission of ultrasonic waves occurs due to the operation of the element Sp1.

You can calculate the strength and frequency of vibrations using the formula F = 1 / (R5xC6R7xC5).

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To assemble a more complex device with your own hands, capable of constantly changing automatically the range of ultrasound oscillations, you will need a higher level of skill and skill. It can be done based on the proposed scheme:

The frequency modulation of the emitted ultrasound occurs at a certain time interval. Setting up the apparatus is carried out in stages and begins with determining the frequency of operation of the generating element.

How to make an ultrasonic repeller of mice, rats and other rodents with your own hands

Traditional means for rodent control abound. Among them are poisons, baits, mousetraps. They are effective, but not suitable for use in a home with small children and animals. You can get rid of mice and rats with an ultrasonic repeller. These devices are among the newest methods of pest control.

What you need to know

When assembling a device of this type, you should not expect that it will be possible to get rid of rodents as soon as the device is connected and starts its work.

In kitchens and pantries, where small pests have something to profit from, it is worth installing more powerful appliances than in other rooms. In such premises, the fight against mice and rats can take even two months. Where there is no food available, the process of getting rid of mice will go much faster and will take about two weeks.

To combat rodents in unheated basements and storerooms, you need to assemble the device using radio components that can function at negative temperatures.

Pets can sense some of the frequencies emitted by the repeller. In this case, they feel uneasy. In order for pets to stop feeling the effects of ultrasound on themselves, it is necessary to change the frequency of oscillations emitted by the device. If such actions did not lead to the desired result, you will have to purchase a factory-made ultrasonic repeller. True, many devices of domestic manufacturers also operate at frequencies audible by pets, but there are models of foreign brands that do not affect animals.

“Grad A-500

Ultrasonic repeller which is used for all types of rodents and insects. The device operates on the mains (requires an additional adapter) and batteries.

This device is intended for use:

  • In cafes, basements;
  • Under the car hood;
  • In houses, cottages, etc.

The Grad A-500 scarer generates the most unique sound vibrations that operate in the frequency range of 4-64 kHz.

Ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic devices are currently the most effective devices that guarantee getting rid of annoying pests. Their advantage lies in the absence of the need for constant maintenance and in independent functioning throughout the season. It needs to be activated only once, and it will work all season even in the absence of the owners, without requiring replacement of components.

The lineup of such devices includes electromagnetic models that are capable of creating very powerful electromagnetic pulses that cause a panic reaction in pests. They begin to refuse food and reproduction and soon leave the sphere where the device is installed. The device silently generates waves at varying frequencies, preventing addiction. Maximum effect is visible within 2-4 weeks.

Modern weapon against pests

Currently, there are many places where it is not difficult to purchase an ultrasonic repeller of mice, insects and cockroaches. These devices are absolutely safe for people and the environment. In addition, they do not generate pain in animals, causing only anxiety and discomfort in them.

DIY scarers

If you have certain knowledge and skills in the field of electronics, the ultrasonic insect repeller can be assembled with your own hands. There are many different schemes. The simplest of them is built on the basis of an asymmetrical multivibrator. The repeller consists of:

  • 2 transistors;
  • 3 resistors;
  • 1 capacitor;
  • Switch;
  • Battery type “Krona”;
  • Piezo emitter (suitable for wristwatches).

The dimensions of the device are quite compact, it can easily fit in a shirt. The device operates within a radius of 1.5 m.

ultrasonic, bird, repeller

An ultrasonic rodent and insect repeller is an electronic device that protects farm buildings, houses, warehouses, granaries, cottages and other buildings from rats, mice, insects and other small pests. It functions in different climatic conditions, is not dangerous for the health of people, animals, and requires little energy.

“Grad A-550 UZ

A powerful enough ultrasonic insect repeller, which is designed to protect areas up to 550 sq. M.

  • Energy efficiency, noiselessness;
  • Possibility of autonomous operation and power supply from the network;
  • Formation of a unique non-duplicating signal.

The device has the following features:

  • Automatic switching to power saving mode;
  • Possibility of fixing to the wall;
  • The presence of an improved signal algorithm and pulsating indication of work;
  • Work at maximum power when connected to an external source.
  • Summer cottages, private houses, warehouses, granaries;
  • Apartments, elevators, cellars, cafes, etc.

How to choose an ultrasonic repeller?

  • Easy to operate;
  • Insects and rodents go away;
  • The effect becomes noticeable after 4-12 days;
  • Modern devices work in almost any climatic conditions;
  • Consumption of the minimum amount of energy;
  • Long service life;
  • Poisons and chemicals are not used;
  • Safe for people;
  • Convenient and economical method of influencing rodents and insects.

Popular models

The domestic market offers a wide selection of such devices, which differ in the impact zone, design, frequency, size and cost.

Currently, the following are popular:

  • “Tornado-200”. This ultrasonic insect repeller operates from the mains, covering an area of ​​200 square meters. Can be installed in cottages, garages, basements, warehouses. Works over a wide temperature range. The radiation frequency varies within 18-70 kHz, changing every five minutes. Device weight. 150 grams.
  • “Tornado-400”. Its action extends to 400 sq. M. Weight is. 500 grams.
  • “Tornado-800”. The device, identical to the previous models, has a working area of ​​400 sq. M.

It is also worth highlighting such models as “Chiston”, “Tsunami”, “WK”, “Grad A-500”, “Spectrum”, “Typhoon”, “Thunder”, etc.

Ultrasonic electronic insect and rodent repeller: principle of operation and installation

The operation of the device is based on the emission of ultrasonic waves, which are delayed by obstacles. Objects with several rooms should be equipped with the number of devices equal to the number of rooms. For a small house and open space, one device will be enough. In warehouse buildings it is better to increase the density of installations, and in open spaces it is necessary to take into account the influence of natural factors.

Ultrasonic repellents of insects, cockroaches and rodents operate within a radius of 0.8-3 meters and affect individual individuals in different ways.

How to make a bottle repeller. How to make a bird repeller from a plastic bottle

Making a simple do-it-yourself bird repeller is very easy. To do this, you will need one small plastic bottle or several if you want to protect an entire area from birds. These scarers are very similar to mole scarers when planted on pegs, but they work a little differently, although they may well drive away moles.

Diagram of an ultrasonic bird repeller

The scheme of the bird repeller from the bottle

Something like a spinner is made from a plastic bottle, on the blades of which shiny foil is glued for an additional effect of intimidation. Such a spinner can not only be installed on the ground, but also hung on tree branches so that birds do not peck berries from bushes or fruits from fruit trees. Under the influence of the wind, it will rotate and scare away uninvited feathered guests.

For more information on how to make a bird repeller with your own hands, see the video from the program “While everyone is at home”.

Do-it-yourself bird scarer for a summer cottage or garden. Bird repeller electronic circuit

Diagram of an ultrasonic bird repeller

Assembling a real ultrasonic bird repeller according to the scheme is a rather laborious task. Yes, and it is better to scare away birds from the garden with bioacoustics, that is, with the voices of birds of prey, but this is also expensive. We need to get voices, place speakers on the territory that would shout out these voices at random. There is an easier way.

Birds not only recognize danger from sounds, but also visually. Some predators, such as the steppe harrier from the order of hawks, are not averse to hunting smaller birds. The steppe harrier has large yellow eyes with black pupils and gray plumage. His dummy will frighten birds who want to feast on your harvest, bird cherry, mountain ash or irga.

You need to make a stuffed animal from two rounded pieces of foam, glue big bright eyes to it, attach the wings, as in the diagram, and hang it on a high pole over fruit trees and bushes. It will sway in the wind and soar, and no one will touch your berries.

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If sparrows spoil strawberries, then along the beds you need to pull a magnetic tape from an old tape cassette, it will buzz in the wind and also scare the thief birds.

Thus, it is not difficult to assemble a bird repeller with your own hands, this is done from improvised means, foam, plastic bottles and multi-colored paper and foil.

CD Bird Repeller

All this has an effect on small areas in private gardens and vegetable gardens. In areas of several hectares, it is better to use bioacoustic installations, thunderbolts and other bird repellents.

Do-it-yourself bird scarer at Attyny25. Scheme and description

This DIY bird repeller is a very effective and safe bird repellent method. This is a microprocessor based version of the starling repeller. Since the strength of the emitted sound is more than 100 dB, this device will successfully scare away not only birds, but also small rodents from the garden.

What is a bird repeller for? Scaring away birds in certain places sometimes becomes a necessity. First of all, with a massive invasion of starlings, which can destroy the harvest of many months of labor of an amateur gardener.

This repeller is a device that randomly emits a very loud, monotonous sound. Thanks to the light sensor, the sound signal will be emitted, regardless of the selected settings, only during the daytime, so the user can be sure that it will not cause inconvenience at night.

Description of the bird repeller

The whole circuit can be powered by a 12V battery or a stabilized 12V power supply with a load current of about 1A. The VD1 diode in series with the power supply protects the circuit from reverse polarity of the input voltage. Capacitors are designed to filter the supply voltage.

The input voltage is applied to the X1 terminals and goes to the DA1 stabilizer. To reduce power consumption, an LDO (Low-DropOut) regulator was used. a regulator with low voltage drop.

The operation of the device is controlled by the DD1 ATtiny25 microcontroller, which is clocked by an internal clock signal. Resistive divider, consisting of resistors R1 and R2, connected to port PB3 of the microcontroller, allows measuring the current voltage on the batteries without risk of damaging the controller.

In order for the whole circuit to work economically and only in the daytime, a photoresistor PHL was used, which, together with resistor R3, creates another resistive divider. The changing signal level, depending on the lighting, is fed to the PB4 port of the microcontroller.

To simplify maintenance, the repeller uses only one adjustment element. This is the PR1 potentiometer, with which the siren activation frequency is set. Regulation time ranges from 5 to 30 minutes.

In order to generate sounds randomly, the program is written so that it recalculates the value of the potentiometer along with the value of the signal from the photoresistor. The program structure also takes into account the number and duration of the siren in the allotted time. It can be from 3 to 8 signals lasting from 2 to 5 seconds.

The following figure shows the flashing options for the LED that indicates the various states of the device.

When the battery is low, three short flashes every few seconds. From dusk to dawn, the HL1 LED is off to minimize power consumption.

During the day, every few seconds, the LED flashes to indicate correct operation of the repeller. When the circuit is activated, the LED will first turn on, and after two seconds a sound will be heard.

A correctly assembled circuit from serviceable parts immediately starts working. Only need to pre-program the microcontroller.

Download Firmware and PCB Drawing (9.3 KiB, Downloaded: 1,458)

How to make a device with your own hands

Ultrasonic devices are relatively inexpensive, but radio amateurs can easily assemble the device themselves. Basic skills are enough for this.

Do-it-yourself assembly of scarers for rats and mice is best done on fiberglass. a durable sheet of multilayer fiberglass material.

Theoretically, it is possible to assemble the elements of the device “on the weight”, but such a design will be unreliable.

The simplest scheme of an ultrasonic mouse repeller includes the following parts:

  • Resistors type R1-R You can use the usual 25 W output. Serve to provide operating points for transistors, voltage reduction, current regulation;
  • Variable resistor type R Any suitable power rating will do. You can choose from trimmers. A variable resistor is needed to set the frequency of the output ultrasonic wave. To do this, connect a frequency meter in parallel with R1;
  • The BQ1 piezo emitter is a key element of the mouse repeller, generating ultrasonic waves. Types ZP-1, ZP-25, ZP-18 are suitable;
  • Transistors VT1-VT They are part of the frequency circuit along with capacitors and resistors. You can supply elements of the brand KT361B, p-n-p-transistors 1T3307A, KT3107;
  • Capacitors C1-C2. Ordinary ceramic hatchers will do;
  • Diode VD B mouse repeller is installed to protect against incorrect power connection. The presence of an element in the schema is optional, but desirable. You can take the brand KD503A;
  • The S1 toggle switch is a simple slide switch. Turns the device on and off.

The repeller circuit may include a socket (crowns) for a battery. Model BS-E will fit.

The higher the voltage, the more efficiently the device works. A simple circuit is shown in Figure 1.

Picture 1

The performance of the mouse and rat repeller, assembled according to the above scheme, has been tested.

The cheapest ultrasonic device of industrial production costs about 600 rubles. This option is convenient in that it is enclosed in a case, has a guarantee, works smoothly, does not need adjustment.

The repeller, which periodically changes the wavelength, is more effective against rodents, since it leaves them no chance of adaptation and increases the discomfort.

It is more difficult to assemble such a device, only experienced radio amateurs can cope with the task. The device diagram is shown in Figure 2.

Diagram of an electronic scarer of mice and rats, for DIY assembly.

Ultrasonic scare is a safe and inexpensive rodent control method. Devices are tuned to oscillation frequency from 20 to 70 kHz.

The human ear does not perceive these sound waves (the limit is 16 kHz), but they greatly irritate mice. Rodents do not leave immediately, trying to adapt, but after 2-3 weeks they are still forced to leave their habitat.

The order of work when assembling an ultrasonic scarer of mice and rats with your own hands:

  • Mark up the circuit.
  • Strip the connecting wires, treat them with rosin or tin. If a board with already soldered tracks is used, then wires are not needed.
  • Solder all elements in sequence.
  • Connect power supply.
  • Test the device. The speaker should emit a subtle squeak. If it is not there, it is necessary to adjust the frequency by increasing or decreasing the capacitance of the capacitors in the range of 0.1 μF.

When choosing a place to install the device, it is important to consider the following:

  • Ultrasonic waves do not pass through walls and large-sized furniture, therefore the repeller acts only in the perimeter of one room. To get rid of rodents completely, you will need to put one device on each. In a cold room (for example, in a basement), a homemade repeller will most likely not work;
  • Soft surfaces absorb ultrasonic radiation, hard surfaces reflect. In a room with a lot of textiles, the effectiveness of the repeller will decrease;
  • The device also acts on domestic rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, mice), insects and sometimes dogs. Pets under the influence of a repeller show excessive fussiness, anxiety, and lose their appetite.

You do not need to lay out poisonous baits when using the device. This will delay the departure of the rodents. The repeller must work constantly, but it consumes little electricity, its use will not cause damage to the budget.

Machine advantages

Scaring away mice with ultrasound has several advantages:

  • There is no need to search for and remove carcasses of dead rodents;
  • There is no danger of poisoning pets with poisons;
  • Safe for people;
  • Works throughout the room, no need to update baits.

The electronic device scares away not only rats and mice, but also many insects. In parallel with rodents, you can remove ants, cockroaches, spiders from the house.

A properly assembled homemade ultrasonic mouse repeller works no worse than the factory one, but it has its drawbacks. A more efficient option is a combined version of the device that generates both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves.

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