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DIY wooden dog bed

A bit of creativity for dog beds

If you don’t know how to make a bed for a dog, we bring to your attention several exclusive and at the same time budget ideas for products that you definitely will not find in your neighbors or friends.

Build a Wooden Dog Bed

  • A bed from an outdated suitcase;
  • a bed made of old furniture, whether it be an old chair, a coffee table, a bench or a console, and for a large dog the kitchen table will also work;


  • an impromptu house can be equipped even from an old bedside table or chest of drawers;
  • a first-class dog bed will turn out from a sweater that is not of the first freshness;
  • pallets or barrels will do;
  • for those who like to “be creative”, we offer to build a dog bed out of a tire.

DIY wooden dog bed

A dog is man’s best friend, and friends should be respected. Is your beloved pet still sleeping in a cardboard box covered with rags, from which it carries a dog a mile away? Give your friend quite a bit of time and energy. make a comfortable and beautiful sunbed. Believe me, a four-legged friend will surely appreciate your efforts, will thank you with love and devotion. Today in the article we will consider how to make interesting dog beds with our own hands, we will present a master class with a photo and video of the process.

Tools and materials

Before you start sewing a comfortable resting place for your four-legged pet, prepare:

  • fabric is the main material, you can choose it according to your own taste and artistic idea: nylon, old fur coat, cotton, velor;
  • silicone or foam rubber will serve as a filler, but straw or hay is the optimal medium for the reproduction of skin parasites;
  • fabric for removable items and cover;
  • sheets of paper for drawing patterns;
  • needles, scissors and thread.

Important! It is better to take care that the materials are durable. Of course, you will want to decorate the “nest”, but if the pet loves to play pranks and gnaw things, then you should not bother. it is in vain.

The size

You should not take the model “for growth”, believing that beds for large dogs should be just as large as possible. In fact, it is enough to add 15 cm to the size of the pet. these are the optimal parameters for an improved litter. Beds for dogs of small breeds should be very compact at all, too spacious “playground” will simply frighten the animal, the pet will not sleep on it.

Sewing workshop

We suggest trying to make one of three options for home dog beds. simple, complicated and complex. To create the most ordinary sunbed, you need an old knitted sweater. There are several steps to follow.

  • Stitch horizontally from one armpit to the other. You should get two parts, among which the lower one will become the bottom, and the sleeves and the chest area will become bumpers.
  • Stuff the bottom with the materials suggested above, or use an old pillow that matches the size. Sew the resulting “bag” tightly with threads or pull off with a string.
  • Sew the sleeves to each other in such a way that they form the so-called pipe, which also needs to be filled with filler through the collar. The more elastic the sides are, the more durable and comfortable the product will be for the dog.
  • Sew the neckline and fasten the sides obtained from the sleeves around the perimeter of the lounger.

It will take about half an hour to make such a bed, and even a child can cope with this task.

A pet will definitely appreciate a homemade bed.

A slightly sophisticated model can be made from old jeans. Step-by-step instructions for creating a denim bed:

  • cut old jeans into 12 identical rectangles 24 cm high;
  • attach the strips to each other with the front sides and sew their edges, iron the seams;
  • from the sewn flaps, one strip with a length of about 150 cm should be obtained;
  • sew the ends of the strip into a ring;
  • cut out a circle with a radius of 24 cm from jeans. if the length is not enough, then you can create the missing parts using the applique;
  • lay a layer of padding polyester and an old towel in the bottom area, sew two circles with the filler hidden inside;
  • bend the side in half and sew to the bottom, and when about 10 cm remains to be sewn, fill the side with padding polyester, you can use a stick or wire for stuffing;
  • sew up the remaining hole, if there are unused ends, cut them off, or sew into the sides.

This option can be used from two different sides. with or without bumpers. Depending on the size of the dog, the parameters of the bed may vary. This option is made for miniature breeds.

A more complex model for resting a dog is a house. It will take a little more time and materials. To create a house, follow these steps:

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How To Build a Mid Century Modern Dog Bed | Modern Builds | EP. 72 | DIY

  • pick up fabric for upholstery, fold it in half, draw a pattern in a size that is comfortable for the dog;
  • cut out all parts with seam allowances;
  • cut out the same parts from a dense sheet of foam rubber, but less by a couple of centimeters than the fabric elements;
  • sheathe all foam parts with fabric cutouts, fasten them securely.

The house is ready, but for convenience, you can put a pillow or blanket inside. Alternatively, one of the sides can be zipped.

In this case, in the house it will be possible to easily clean up or get out of there things that the dog hid in his den.

The form

When determining the priority shape, you should be guided by the dog’s habits: if he likes to sleep for a long time, curled up, a small rounded mattress will come in handy. If the dog likes to stretch out on its back, a rectangular product equipped with low sides is suitable for it. Many pets prefer forbidden master beds and sofas, not because of the harmful nature, but because they are cold to sleep on the floor. for them it is worth picking up personal improvised furniture on a dais.

We sew a model with sides

This master class is suitable for both large dogs and small breeds.

  • Take a piece of cloth of the right size.
  • On a piece of paper, draw a rectangle or oval and sides, as in the photo.
  • Using a pattern, transfer to the fabric the silhouettes of the future dog bed.
  • Cut out all the elements along the contour, sew together, and fill with filler.
  • We recommend that you take the time to sew a zipper into the base or make lacing.
  • Cut a cover out of the fabric along the same blank, but a couple of cm more on each side. You can sew elastic bands to the cover for convenience.

DIY pattern of a round bed for a dog

The pattern of a round lounger is calculated strictly individually, based on the size of the pet. It should be noted that for large breeds this is a costly and laborious event:

  • We calculate the diameter of the circle or the size of the oval so that the dog can sit freely, curled up in a ball.
  • We draw the second line, retreating 25-30 cm for the board.
  • We transfer the pattern to the material. Cut out by folding the material with the pattern 4 times. We straighten and cut off, leaving a small area in order to fill with filler.
  • For large dogs, the base is best quilted.

The photo shows a pattern of a round lounger for small breeds. But by analogy, you can create a pattern even for a giant.

Do-it-yourself dog bed: how to do it yourself

Based on the worldview of Sharik from Bulgakov’s “Heart of a Dog”. a collar for a dog, like a briefcase for a minister. And what can we say about the dog bed! Place is a very important psychological factor in tying a pet to a home.

It should be noted right away that not all breeds favor floor rugs. For example, Newfoundlands would rather prefer the coolness of the tiles than the insulated corner of the house. But large dogs are very fond of sofas and voluminous armchairs. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to install an old sofa in the apartment, then it will become the most favorite lounger for Newf, St. Bernard, Leonberger or Dog.

The main technological points when sewing a lounger. materials, sizes, shape

When creating a bed for a large dog, you need to know only two parameters. the height of the pet at the withers and the length of its body, excluding the tail, who has it. It is not recommended to tinker the bench “by eye”. It’s better to do it once and not redo it.

Each owner chooses the shape of the product individually. It depends on the dog’s sleeping habits. Who of the pets sleeps in a ring. gets a round or oval lounger. For those who like to stretch out on the floor to their full height. a rectangular sleeping place. This is where the growth of the dog at the withers is needed, since there is a possibility of paws freely spread out on the floor, about which you can accidentally stumble.

It is better to choose a material for a dog’s place that is dense and non-marking. The photo shows a sectional view of what the dog bed consists of. Wooden frame, lined with foam rubber or padding polyester and covered with dense fabric:

It is very important to correctly calculate the amount of material for the cushion and sides, taking into account the fold on the seams.

  • Paper, preferably old paper wallpaper. A pattern is made of them.
  • The cloth. The choice depends on the owner’s instinct, but the main thing is that it should be lint-free. Even jeans or raincoat fabric will do.
  • Filler. Variations here can be very different, including hay, bird feather or down, sheep wool, filfiber or siliconized balls.

Types of sun beds for dogs photo

The shape of the bed can be different. The configuration of the place depends, first of all, on the location in the room. square, oval, rectangular or pentagon-shaped. Large dog beds are usually rectangular in shape. Often, the owners make a dog seat from a children’s mattress. This is the perfect base for a dog bed. It remains only to create a side for him to fence off from the wall.

D.I.Y Pallet Dog Bed. G & B

Typical use of a children’s mattress as a base:

And here’s how you can get a cozy place for two from the same children’s mattress:

A more complex option using the owner’s skill in working with wood is a real pet sofa with the same children’s mattress at the base:

Often, loungers are created using padding polyester or foam rubber at the base of the place. Oval lounger made of dense fabric with padding polyester insides:

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The photo shows the moment of assembling a round lounger with a foam base and foam rubber sides for a small dog. But according to the same principle, you can create a lounger for a large dog, only much more material will be needed:

Benefits of a homemade sunbed

Despite the fact that modern industry produces a wide variety of sunbeds in a huge assortment, the choice is not large enough for large dogs and giant dogs. Therefore, for the best friend, the resting place can be assembled with your own hand. After all, no one knows the habits and characteristics of the dog better than the owner. How he prefers to sleep. curled up or stretched out to his full height. Whether the dog prefers soft featherbeds or does he prefer a firm, even rigid base.

Another aspect is the presence of the sides of the sunbed. When installed directly to the wall, the side of the sunbed is necessary so that the pet does not stain the wallpaper after a walk in bad weather. No matter how you wipe your pet’s fur, a dog that is wet after a walk in the rain still does not dry out completely and may leave dirty stains on the surface of the walls. Well, if, of course, the long-haired giants are not dried with a compressor, then the cleanliness of the walls is ensured.

On this resource we are talking only about dogs. their life, health problems, proper nutrition and living conditions next to the owner adored with all our heart. It is here that you can get valuable information about how a dog is trained, which, no doubt, will help you to orient yourself correctly at the time of the pet’s growing up. An equally interesting aspect in raising a dog will be information on how to modernize the living conditions of your pet, and what innovations can be brought to its habitat.

With these and other questions, you can contact our dog handlers-consultants who constantly participate in the dialogues of owners of dogs of all breeds. They will tell you how to train your dog to toilet on the street, how long it will take to walk a particular breed, and what you need to do first if you get a dog that is difficult to socialize.

Choosing a bed for a domestic dog

Most dogs have their own personality. Even members of the same breed can have different personalities and habits. As for the place of their rest, it is quite enough for some dogs to have a rug in the hallway at their disposal, while others must be closer to the members of their pack, that is, to you and me.

The length of the animal is measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Height is measured from the tips of the forepaws to the withers. If your dog likes to curl up in a ball, then it is better to choose a round lounger. Some dogs sleep, stretched out to their full height, a rectangular lounger is more suitable here.

Do-it-yourself dog bed: soft fabric nests and miniature wooden sofas

Domestic dogs love to lie on the master’s beds, sofas and armchairs. If this does not bother the owners of the animals, then let them lie to themselves. But as a result of such lying on the bedspreads, wool is often left, which you then have to somehow get rid of. Just driving your pet to the bare floor is ugly. They don’t do that with friends. The pet should have its own favorite place, to which it should be taught from puppyhood.

Soft bed made of fabric and foam

The pattern of the future lounger is made based on the size of the animal. It is convenient to use foam rubber as a stuffing because it does not stray into lumps. For a small dog, this material can be selected with a thickness of 30 mm. A dense fabric is chosen as a covering. If a cover is thrown over it, then the color of the trim does not really matter. As for the cover, here, of course, it is best to proceed from the practicality of use.

Dog hair can literally eat into thin, fleecy and loose fabrics. Getting rid of it completely can be very difficult. Synthetic fabrics are also electrified and attract wool like a magnet. Thick cotton fabrics and natural silk are least of all “overgrown” with wool.

The color of the cover can be matched to the surrounding upholstered furniture or to the color of the pet. But a black or white cover should be on the bedding of a Dalmatian, it’s already a little difficult to say.

Do-it-yourself lounger

A comfortable lounger can be made from various materials at hand. From an old fur coat, sweater or some kind of fabric. The bed can be completely made of cloth or have a rigid frame base with soft bedding. In the arrangement of any such design, it is best to immediately provide for the presence of a removable cover. So that it can always be removed, cleaned, washed and dried. We change our bedding periodically, and a pet dog is also a “family member”.

Homemade wooden bed

The couch should fit into the overall interior of the room. Parts made of natural wood can be stained with a wood stain to match the color of cabinet furniture and varnished. The shape of the wooden bed can be anything you like, the main thing is that the dog is comfortable in it. The pet will not lie, only to please its owner, if he does not like the sunbed, he simply will not use it. The basic principles for assembling a wooden structure are:

  • The base must be strong and stable.
  • The dimensions of the bed are made for the growth parameters of the animal.
  • Simple bumpers or fencing elements that imitate sofa backs and armrests should not constrain the space of the resting dog.
  • All wooden parts must be carefully sanded. It is rather necessary not even for the dog, but to create an attractive appearance and for the convenience of replacing soft bedding. To prevent the fabric from clinging to various burrs, and also to minimize the likelihood of getting a painful splinter.
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When people and their dogs live side by side for years, they gradually develop their own language of communication. This helps the owners to understand their wards in order to create a comfortable living environment for them. The main thing is that the “interlocutors” feel mutual sympathy for each other.

And you are in dialogue with your pet?

Types of sun loungers and sun loungers

Before purchasing such garden furniture, you need to figure out what types of sun loungers and sun loungers exist.

Do-it-yourself sun loungers and sun loungers

For lovers of exclusiveness, there is a great opportunity to make a sun lounger or sun lounger on their own while saving a certain amount of money. For the manufacture of this type of garden furniture, materials at hand are suitable, for example, fabric, wood or even cardboard. The main thing is to show your imagination and make some effort to end up with a comfortable chaise lounge.

Extending the service life of the sun lounger

In order for a self-made chaise longue to serve longer and be more resistant to moisture, it is recommended to process it with special means during and after production.

These products include impregnations and antiseptics, which are designed specifically for wood. They protect the wood not only from moisture, but also from insects and prevent the process of wood deterioration. With these means, the wood is covered before installation into a single structure.

Antiseptic impregnation will extend the life of the lounger

After assembling the chaise longue, they are covered with varnish, paint or drying oil. This coating can extend the life of the product.

After assembly, the chaise longue must be varnished

To preserve the brightness of the fabric and minimize the effects of moisture and the sun, there are special water repellents and impregnations for fabrics. The duration of such impregnation is up to 1 month.

Water-repellent impregnation minimizes exposure to moisture

Sizing and getting started

The standard size of a chaise longue is usually 60190 cm. But you can make a product to an individual size based on your body size and height. After determining the dimensions, you can start making the piece of furniture.

The frame of the future chaise longue is assembled from the previously prepared beams. We fasten the bars together with metal corners, which are used when assembling the bed.

The legs are prepared according to the selected dimensions. Feet heights usually range from 5 to 10 centimeters.

At some distance from the edges of the frame, it is necessary to attach the legs. Long screws are used for this.

A roller is fixed in the center of each leg. To fix it, screws 3-5 cm long are used.

Next, the strips for the lounger grill are being prepared. With the help of a jigsaw, strips of 860 cm in size are cut out.In the future, the strips are screwed to the frame of the chaise longue, observing the distance between them 1-2 centimeters.

Attaching the slats to the chaise longue seat frame

After the structure is ready, it is treated with special compounds that protect the wood from damage and destruction. After drying, the wood is varnished or painted.

Sun loungers and sun loungers for a summer residence: types and methods of making with your own hands

Working outdoors is a lot of fun and joy, but a feeling of fatigue always accompanies it. After a busy day of work, you can restore strength while lying in a sun lounger or not on a lounger with a glass of soft drink in hand.

Sun loungers and sunbeds for summer cottages can be of various types, but the main thing is that they fit well into the environment and be comfortable.

A chaise longue for a summer residence should organically fit into the surrounding space

and more people prefer to spend time outdoors, and therefore the demand for garden furniture is growing every year. Its manufacturers strive to satisfy the need for furniture, and at the same time to develop their new design.

The most popular furniture among summer residents are sun loungers and sun loungers, which differ in price, variety and material.

Frame chaise longue with dense fabric

This type of sun lounger is very convenient to use. It is easy to move from place to place and it can be easily transformed from a lounger into a comfortable chair and also back.

  • wooden blocks of various sizes for the manufacture of a frame for a sun lounger;
  • dense fabric;
  • fastening materials;
  • electric drill;
  • glue and sandpaper.

In order for a fabric product to retain its good appearance for a long time, it is better to use a material for its manufacture that does not fade in the sun and is not afraid of moisture. A good solution would be to use tarpaulin and denim, or canvas.

For the manufacture of a frame for a chaise lounge, slats made of hard wood are suitable: birch, oak.

Plastic sun loungers

Often in summer cottages you can see sun loungers made of plastic. The main advantages of this type of sun lounger are its low price, ease of care and transportation. Plastic is not afraid of water, easy to clean. However, some designers make unique models of sun loungers from plastic, and this, therefore, significantly increases their cost.

Designer plastic sun lounger for summer cottages