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Do-It-Yourself Cat Bed

House sewing instructions

In order to build a comfortable house for a pet, it is not necessary to have extensive experience in the field of sewing.It is enough to know the character of your animal, and also follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Before starting work, cut out pre-measured pieces in the form of rectangles from MDF and chipboard panels. After that, a circle is drawn on two parts.
  • On the front wall plane, you need to draw several holes for the entrance and window, and then use a jigsaw or drill to cut out the outlined holes.
  • The slats for the house first need to be processed so that they become smooth, and then connect the parts of the house using slats and self-tapping screws.
  • Start decorating your home with a fabric that is attached to the glue base with a heat gun.
Do-It-Yourself Cat Bed

DIY cat house

General design guidelines

It is required to take into account the nature and characteristics of the pet when making a house. In case the cat prefers to be always in sight, you need to build open beds. For a pet who loves peace and solitude, a closed house like a booth is suitable. It is also necessary to take into account the size of the animal, as they directly affect the size of the product.

Important! A cat that is expecting offspring should make a larger bed, since kittens will sleep with her in the future.

The main condition when choosing the finish of the product is the use of natural material that will not accumulate an electric charge and will not disturb the pet. A well-designed house should have the following characteristics:

  • Easy to care for;
  • Do not accumulate dust in yourself;
  • No sharp corners or chemical smelling material.

Bed for a cat and her offspring

With the right tailoring and choice of materials, the house will not only be a favorite resting place for the animal, but also ideally fit into the design of the room.

Ready-made pattern and procedure for sewing a house for cats with your own hands

Loving owners are trying to make the life of their pets as full and healthy as possible. They express their feelings by buying various products for cats and dogs: leashes, collars, houses and so on. Nowadays, cat accessories are quite expensive. Many owners can not afford it, since they could already spend money on a thoroughbred pet. The article will tell you how to sew a house for a cat with your own hands using patterns from the Internet, and what materials are better to use.

Sleeping place made of fabric

In order to sew a bed for a cat yourself, you should follow a few simple steps, namely:

  • Cut a cut from the fabric of the desired size, which is calculated taking into account the parameters of the animal;
  • Prepare two equal fabric cuts. They will become the sides between which the foam rubber will lie;
  • Sew the sides together tightly without creating gaps. This will increase the comfort for the animal;
  • Sew small elastic bands from each corner, thanks to which the lounger will be tied to the furniture legs.

Sleeping place made of fabric

From a T-shirt or sweater

A fabric lounger can be made with a T-shirt or sweater to keep your pet warm in cold weather. To do this, sew the neckline and sleeves, filling them with padding polyester for volume, and twist the product into the so-called “donut”.

From foam rubber

To make a sleeping place for a pet from foam rubber, you must follow these steps:

  • Cut the fabric and foam in such a way that the product looks like an ordinary sofa;
  • Glue the foam, and also sew the cover onto the product. Put it on the structure;
  • Lay soft material on the bed.

Sleeping place made of foam rubber

The advantages of making a house for a cat with your own hands. Required tools and materials

Cats are very finicky by nature. There are times when the owner buys a new and expensive item, and the animal simply ignores it. It depends not only on the nature of the pet, but also on the materials from which the structure was made. The most popular materials for building a cat home are:

  • For the development of the frame, chipboard, MDF, plywood sheets, as well as natural wood should be used;
  • For sewing a house with your own hands, any high-quality fabric and foam filling should be used as a canvas;
  • It is also possible to create a house from ordinary cardboard boxes, since many cats love to climb into them;

Lodging for a cat from a cardboard box

  • To design a scratching post, you need to purchase a jute or sisal rope;
  • It is imperative to have with you threads, scissors, as well as an awl, which will help when working with dense material;
  • You can take PVC pipes or wood and metal products as the basis for a scratching post;

Jute rope

  • To fill a pillow or mattress with high quality, you should purchase a synthetic winterizer or pieces of foam rubber;
  • The inner side of the structure is often trimmed with fur, plush, and fleece;
  • The outer part should be decorated with material that is familiar to the pet;

Sleeping place decorated with carpet

  • Adhesives should be free of a strong and pungent odor, as it can scare a cat away.

Important! When attaching the rope to the base, do not use staples or nails, as the animal can damage its paws.

The size and shape of the dwelling

Note! This will allow pets to wean from wallpaper and wall carpets, which they tear up with inexpressible pleasure and enviable constancy.

Houses for cats are made according to a certain size, as this is influenced by two factors:

  • Pet size;
  • The area of ​​the room in which the house will be located.

If the owner has several animals in the house around the clock, the large playground will be the perfect place for them. A large house will help not only to occupy the animals, but will give them the opportunity to fully develop.

Playground for pets

Note! There is a wide variety of modern finishing materials from which you can make not only a house, but even a whole complex. With the right approach, it will perfectly match the design of the room.

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Making the foundation

To make a foundation, you need to follow these steps:

  • Cover the base with material like a pillow, but do not sew, but glue with PVA glue from the front side;
  • Hem the folded edges again in the previously indicated way;
  • Cover the bottom of the base with a cardboard mold (a slightly smaller shape of the base of the sofa) and fix with hot glue.

We make a side

For a stable position of the cushion and back of the sofa, it is necessary to fix the side:

  • Cut a strip of cardboard less than the perimeter of the oval and a couple of centimeters higher than the thickness of the frame;
  • Fix the strip along the side contour with hot glue;
  • Wrap with tape for additional strength the corners of the connection of the side with the frame.


  • Large cardboard box;
  • Sewing threads;
  • Foam rubber;
  • Fabric with a soft texture (plush, nap material);
  • PVA glue;
  • Self-adhesive feet;
  • Scotch.

How to sew a bed (crib) for a cat with your own hands

Cats love to relax in warm and cozy places away from the hustle and bustle of the home, so they often try to drive us away from our favorite place on the sofa or armchair. To give a gentle creature a comfortable personal resting place and not spend a lot of money, make a cozy bed for your pet with your own hands.

  • Tools for work
  • Materials
  • A step-by-step process for making a cat bed
  • Making a sofa frame
  • We make a side
  • Making a pillow
  • Making the back of the sofa
  • Making the foundation
  • We connect the back to the base
  • We glue the legs

A step-by-step process for making a cat bed

The manufacturing process is simple, but requires basic drawing skills and basic sewing skills. If you follow the sequential instructions, then no problems should arise in the process of making a bed for a cat.

Making the back of the sofa

The back of the sofa serves for beauty and added convenience:

  • Draw the shape of the back on foam rubber (quadrangle), where the length corresponds to the length of the side, and the height corresponds to our ideas about the convenience and beauty of the lounger;
  • Cut with a clerical knife according to the drawing;
  • Cut off the ends of the foam rubber in front of the intended entrance (for the symmetry of the ends, fold the shape in half);
  • Put the resulting shape on the material and cut a piece of fabric along the contour with scissors, adding allowances;
  • Glue the material of the front side of the back of the sofa to the foam rubber to ensure even tension and prevent the fabric from slipping;
  • Sew the fabric on the back with threads (do it carefully, slowly).

Making a sofa frame

The frame of the sofa consists of four cardboard layers of the same oval shape, glued together with PVA glue. The amount here depends on the weight of the pet: the heavier the pet, the more layers.

The sequence of execution is very simple:

  • Draw an oval shape of the desired size;
  • Cut an oval along the outline of the drawing with a clerical knife (you can cut two cardboard layers at once);
  • Draw the remaining ovals using the resulting cardboard shape;
  • Put the ovals on top of each other, each time distributing the glue over the surface of the bottom layer;
  • Fasten the components with a load, putting it on the entire surface of the oval (this can be a chair, stool, etc.);
  • Wait 20 minutes to maintain structural strength.

We connect the back to the base

Connect the finished back and base with hot glue. Do not feel sorry for glue, as your animal can rest its paws on the back of the sofa. The design must be reliable.

Tools for work

To complete the task, you will need the following tools:

  • Stationery knife;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue gun;
  • Needle;
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil;
  • Oval or round shape for building a drawing.

Bed for cats with your hands:

Do-it-yourself cat bed: a detailed guide to creating

An example of how you can sew a do-it-yourself bed for a cat from a blanket

Making a sunbed on a battery

Almost all cats climb onto warm batteries in winter and sleep on their hard, uncomfortable surfaces.

To make the sleep of your loved ones more pleasant, make a cat bed with a battery.

The battery bed is a structure consisting of a mattress and a rigid frame, which is attached to the heating device

Making a bed for a cat on a battery is not difficult. And how to sew such a device is described step by step in the following master class:

  • First, build a frame out of wood. The design of the top mounting hardware will depend on the design of your battery. The cat bed on the battery must be firmly held in place so that the pet, jumping on it from the floor, does not fall.
  • Then sew a rectangular bag from a thick fabric and cover the wooden frame.
  • Insert foam rubber or synthetic winterizer inside.
  • Attach the cat bed to the battery.

And how to make a bed for a cat with your own hands if you do not know how to work with wood?

To do this, you need to do the following:

In a fur mink, a fluffy pet will be cozy and warm

Lounger with sides

This option is the easiest to manufacture, and its advantage lies in the fact that such a model can be beaten in various ways. For example, the photo below shows how you can sew a lounger with a low side on one side, and a soft, cozy pillow.

The bed with a removable pillow is easy to clean, which allows you to keep the pet’s place clean

So, how to make a do-it-yourself cat bed? First of all, you need to evaluate the dimensions of the fluffy pet and decide on the size of the future product. This point is very important, especially when you have a large Maine Coon, Serval, Ragdoll or Savannah in your house.

Then, based on the size, select the appropriate fabric and prepare for work a piece of foam rubber or padding polyester, thick cardboard, a ruler, a pen, a needle and thread to match the selected fabric.

Now you can start making patterns. To do this, cut out a long strip (detail A) and an oval (detail B) from cardboard. The width of the strip corresponds to the height of the board of the lounger, and its length should be equal to the circumference of the oval plus 1-2 centimeters for allowances.

Pattern of a simple bench model

How to sew a bed with sides is described step by step in the master class:

  • First, prepare two patterns A. side and B. bottom.
  • Sew on the two long sides of the collar, and turn the piece to the right side.
  • Cut out a rectangle of the appropriate size and shape from the foam and insert it into the side. Sew the edges of the bead by hand.
  • For the bottom, you need to pick up a thick, durable fabric. If one was not found, then insert an oval cut from cardboard or plywood between the two parts of the bottom.
  • Sew the bottom to the side.
  • The next step of the master class is sewing a pillowcase. To do this, cut out two oval parts according to the pattern and grind their sides.
  • Stuff the pillowcase with padding polyester or foam, and place the pillow inside the crib.

Now you know how to sew a do-it-yourself cat bed! If you have extra fabric left over, you can use it to make a cat carrier.

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Knowing how to sew a simple bed can make a more elegant heart-shaped bed.

The same pattern is suitable for making various other models, for example, with a closed top.

If you do not know how to sew a bed with a roof, prepare a half-circle pattern made of thick paper, sew a piece for the roof and attach it to the sides.

Closed-top cots can be sewn using a different pattern.

Types of beds for cats

The place where the cat’s bed will stand should be dry, warm and comfortable.

It is desirable that the lounger is located in the same place as the cat’s house with a scratching post. then the animal will understand that this is his personal territory.

You can make a do-it-yourself cat bed with a removable top

There are many options for creating a cozy nest for a cat:

  • If the pet loves to retire, then it is best to build him a couch-house with a roof, where he can hide from prying eyes and calmly rest. A cat with kittens will feel comfortable in such a house. If your pet is pregnant, then the house should be prepared even before the cat begins labor.
  • A sweater bed for a cat does not have such a spectacular look compared to other types of beds. Therefore, it is best suited for arranging a place in the country or in a shed, where the pet likes to spend time trapping mice.
  • If the pet’s favorite place is the battery, then the bed can be made with special fasteners that fix it on the heating device.
  • For observant cats who like to look out the window, you can sew a bed on the windowsill in the form of a mattress.

Simple models: window sill, sweater

So, how to sew a do-it-yourself cat bed on the windowsill? First of all, you need to measure the width of the window sill and calculate the size of the future crib, and then choose the right material.

The lounger on the windowsill is best done in the form of a regular rectangular or square pillow. Sewing it is so simple that you don’t even need a pattern, but if you wish, you can decorate the pillow with a frill or piping.

For a playful pet, you can sew a pom-pom on a braid on one of the corners of the pillow, and so that the purr does not constantly drop its crib on the floor, it is advisable to attach it to the windowsill with double-sided tape.

A hard stove bench on the windowsill can be fixed with two clamps. This type of fastening is especially relevant for too narrow window sills.

If the pet loves not only to observe nature through the window, but also to walk on the street, then it is worth buying a flea and tick collar for her to protect the animal from unexpected troubles.

For those who are thinking about how to sew a do-it-yourself bed for a cat from improvised materials, you can try to do it from a sweater. It should be borne in mind that it must be made of natural, sufficiently warm and dense yarn.

A bed for a cat made of a sweater, which even a novice needlewoman can sew

A sweater bed for a cat is as easy and quick to make as a bed on a windowsill. To do this, you just need to turn the sweater inside out, sew the neck tightly, sew the sleeves together and fill them with padding polyester. The photo shows how to make a cat lounger from a sweater step by step.

Do-it-yourself cat bed: A detailed guide to creating a product

To make a do-it-yourself cat bed, you need a small piece of fabric or an old sweater, soft filler and a little imagination. You can arrange a place for your beloved pet on the windowsill, battery, or any other convenient place.

Benefits of self-made beds

Before you build a bed for a cat with your own hands, you should take into account the behavioral features of these animals, depending on gender:

  • Cats prefer to have their lounger on an elevated position from which to view their surroundings. This is due to their instinct for self-preservation.
  • Cats prefer to arrange beds on the lower levels, while being able to quickly jump on some hill. This is due to the reproductive instinct. when examining the surroundings, cats should not draw attention to their offspring.
  • Both sexes need to be able to easily leave their bed.

Therefore, do-it-yourself beds for cats should be made, knowing in advance where they will be located. In addition, it is advisable to observe the habits of your pet and determine which type of bed he prefers. open or closed. Open ones include: mattresses, sofas, cots, open hammocks, closed ones. different types of houses.

Places for cat beds

Another preliminary step before making a do-it-yourself cat bed is to determine its location. This is due to the fact that the place will initially determine what kind of bed should be planned to be made so that both the cat and the owners would like it.

Possible locations for the cat bed:

  • The most suitable place would be a battery. it gives the cat’s vital warmth;
  • The cat house can be positioned by hanging it under a chair or chair;
  • If the stove bench needs to be made less noticeable, drawers of cabinets are perfect;
  • A lounger that will complement the interior of the room. it would be reasonable to perform a certain style.

Do-it-yourself bed for a cat: the necessary materials and work procedure. Materials for making a bed

Any materials you can find at home will do. It can even be synthetics. The main thing is that the material does not have a smell, which is unpleasant for the cat. And it is advisable to exclude metal parts, since the interaction of metal with cat hair will create static electricity, which can be unpleasant for the animal. The rest of the do-it-yourself bed for cats is done most often from:

  • Plywood;
  • Furniture foam rubber or padding polyester;
  • Upholstery fabric;
  • Old master’s clothes;
  • Thick cardboard;
  • Vines;
  • Felt;
  • Plastic;
  • Fur.

How to make a sleeping place for a cat with your own hands?

The most common and simple option is a cat bed made from an old sweater. To do this, you will need an old sweater, threads and scraps of fabric or synthetic winterizer.

  • The neck is cut off in the sweater.
  • The body of the sweater is sewn across from one armpit to the other.
  • Sleeves and body are stuffed with padding polyester or old fabric remnants.
  • Then the sleeves are inserted into each other with cuffs and sewn.
  • Sewn-on sleeves are sewn to the body of the sweater.

A do-it-yourself cat hammock is no less simple. It is enough to pick up a dense fabric, sew strong belts to its corners and fix them on any uneven bars. Instead of belts, you can use two regular clothes hangers. The fabric is sewn to them, and with the help of hooks it is convenient to fix them on the crossbar. It is also possible to adapt metal hoops for the hammock body, in the center of which a pillow is placed and the whole structure is sheathed with fabric.

Cats are thermophilic animals. And very often they prefer to sleep by the radiators. In this case, you can make a hammock for a cat on a battery with your own hands. You will need thick wire for the frame and fabric. Having bent the wire with pliers in the form of the desired body, it is simply wrapped with a cloth and stitched. Such a hammock has curved hooks with which it is hooked to the battery, the fabric cover is removable.

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There are many other ways to make a bed for your cat. For example, sew from an old T-shirt. Again, you will need thick wire and pliers. From the wire, you need to bend a frame in the form of a tent, and then pull a T-shirt over it. With this option, the cat has three exits at once. the neck and sleeves. The wire can be replaced with any bendable sticks.

If the owners have an old fur coat, then the sleeves from it are perfect for such a mink. One or two sewn sleeves can be used depending on the size of the cat.

For lovers of knitting, it will be easy to make a stove bench from a thick nylon cord and strips of fabric or threads for knitting. The cord (instead of it, you can take any flexible tube) is tied with a hook with threads, and then laid in turns in the form of a nest. You can grab the turns together with threads or glue.

You can make a sofa for a cat with your own hands, while having a little sewing skills. The elements of the sofa will require the use of a pattern, which is subsequently transferred to the upholstery fabric and furniture foam rubber. The cut foam rubber is covered with fabric, and the elements are sewn together. The edges can be trimmed with tape. A simplified version of the sofa can be made from an old suitcase. Divided into two parts, inside which pillows are placed, such a suitcase can become a bed for two cats at once. Such sofas will be part of the interior, for example, in country style or Provence.

You just need to put a comfortable pillow or blanket there. Or disguise the cat’s house as a bedside table by making a hole in the door for an exit.

A do-it-yourself bed for a cat can be placed in a plywood house. The average parameters of this design are 40x40x40cm. The parts cut out of plywood are fastened together with glue or boot nails. Inside the house, you can make padding polyester. Often it is convenient to fix such a house on a low stand made of a wooden bar or a plastic tube and wrapped with jute ropes. Such a rack will serve as an additional scratching post. Read the article “How to make a house for a cat with your own hands?”.

Additional ideas

Unlimited imagination of the owners allows you to arrange your pet a place to relax from a completely different materials. You just need to take a close look around and, at the same time, take a closer look at the animal’s favorite places to sleep.

Ideas for places where you can arrange pet beds:

For a beloved pet, do not mind the time spent on the handmade bed. And the cat herself will surely appreciate the convenience of the bed, made by the owner, taking into account her preferences and personality. You can also read the article “What are the benefits of a scratching post for cats?”.

Lounger with frill

Such a bed will appeal not only to adults of the cat family. Both a kitten and a small dog will be happy to rest in it.

For sewing you need to take:

  • Old jeans in two colors;
  • Cotton lace;
  • Cloth for inner covers;
  • Filler. synthetic fluff or holofiber.

How to make a bed for a cat

We mark on the fabric and cut out the details of the outer and inner covers of the bed for cats. Their size is equal to the size of the cat plus 20 cm on the sides. When cutting it is convenient to immediately fold the fabric in two layers and cut out both parts at once.

Cut out a circle from a sheet of foam rubber with a diameter equal to the cover minus the sides.

On the seamy side of the outer cover in the center we lay a circle of foam rubber, cover it on top with a part of the inner cover. Chipping off the details, fixing the position.

We sew in a circle. Then we mark the lines of the seams for stitching. When sewing a bed of this size, four lines after 45 degrees will be enough. We sew these lines through the entire diameter of the covers, forming sections for stuffing.

We fill the side sections with filler.

Sealing filled cells.

We connect the edges of the outer and inner covers, sweep away, gathering.

It turned out to be a soft basket for a cat.

To process the cuts, we cut out the facing. We process the edge on a typewriter or hand seam.

Soft cat basket is ready!

Warm bed for pussy: mk. Sofa for a cat, decorated with a contrast cord

To sew a sofa for a cat, you need to prepare:

  • Pile fabric. with a width of 1.4 m, you need to take 0.5 m;
  • Foam rubber sheet for the base. 3-4 cm thick, 35 x 45 cm;
  • Foam rubber sheet for the roller. 2-3 cm thick, 25 x 100 cm;
  • Decorative cord. 2.5 m;
  • Braid 2 cm wide;
  • Small flaps of dense fabric Ø10 cm. 2 pcs.;
  • Zippers 0.6 m long;
  • Synthetic threads;
  • Sewing tool.

Do-it-yourself soft sofa bed for a cat

To make a bed for a cat, you will need:

  • Fabric for covers of main parts;
  • A small piece of thick fabric for the bottom;
  • Filler;
  • Threads, sewing tools.

Do-it-yourself cat beds: simple and original options

How to sew a do-it-yourself cat bed

We cut out a rectangular piece 50 by 80 cm.This will be the base of the cat’s sofa.

We cut the rest of the fabric in half, having received two rectangles 30 by 50 cm.This will be two parts of the side.

We attach a lightning. We start by attaching one braid.

Then we attach the second braid to the second side.

Fold up the detail, sew side seams.

We grind strips for the side into a common part, having received a workpiece of 0.3 by 1 m.

For round blanks made of dense fabric, we slightly correct the shape, making it in the form of an oval.

We apply ovals along the edge of the rollers, we attach.

Turn out the details, sew a decorative lace along the edge.

We cut out parts of the base and roller from foam rubber.

We insert the foam rubber into the covers.

For a roller, this will be a workpiece folded in half.

We pin the edges of the upholstery, we sew along the edge.

We close the seam by decorating it with braid.

We put the foam rubber in the base cover, unzipping it.

We sew the side walls to the base. The seam is made by hand, laying it along the tape of the roller.

Sew on the cord along the front edge of the sofa.

Round bed for a cat

To sew a bed for a cat with your own hands, you need to prepare:

  • The cloth;
  • Sheet foam rubber for the bottom;
  • Filler;
  • Threads, sewing tools.

Sneaker-shaped lounger

This type of bed is the realization of the eternal cat’s dream: to sleep on the owner’s slippers.

For manufacturing you need to take:

  • The fabric is dense, preferably of a natural composition. two pieces 38 by 54 cm and two pieces 42 by 52 cm;
  • Insulation;
  • Sewing tool, thread.