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Do-It-Yourself Harness For Small Breed Dogs

Sewing instructions

DIY cat harness. the pattern is made in the same way as for a dog. To get a cat or dog accessory, follow these steps:

  • Initially, you need to take measurements in the above way. After that, you will have to make a pattern, taking into account the seam allowances. If nylon is used for sewing, the allowance will be 2 cm.In the case of leather, it is necessary to leave about 5 mm on the seams.
  • The pattern should be placed on the selected lining material and carefully cut out the lining. On the inside of the future harness, you need to make a line.
  • Having attached a pattern, the product must be opened around the entire perimeter and a soft tape must be attached. On the straps, you will also have to make stitches from the outside.
  • Next, you need to assemble the product. Steel rings should be attached to the back. In order to make an adjustable leash, you will have to attach the rings to the straps.
  • The next step is to choose the decor of the product. For small puppies, you can use bright stickers, bows, multi-colored stones, beads.

If you wish, you can find out how the pattern of a bed for a cat or dog is made.

Taking measurements

To make the dog comfortable, and the harness does not rub on one side and does not hang out on the other, the harness pattern for a small / large dog with your own hands is done as follows. A step-by-step master class takes place with the measurement of the product using an ordinary meter for tailors.

Important! To make a harness pattern for a cat or dog with your own hands, you need to measure the chest circumference in the widest place. behind the elbows of the front paws.

The main measurement is the width of the back from the beginning of the withers to the base of the tail. The neck circumference is measured where the collar is usually worn. After that, before writing down the size, add 2 cm to the resulting figure so that the ammunition is slightly loose, does not hinder movement.

Do-It-Yourself Harness For Small Breed Dogs

How to take a measurement correctly

Features of sewing a riding harness

Riding harnesses and kits for skijoring, bikejoring, kani-cross (towing belts, traction belts, harnesses) are an excellent option for joint outdoor activities and sports with a dog. Suitable for different seasons and people with different levels of physical fitness (in winter a dog can pull a skier, in summer a cyclist or a person running after her).

Note! Unlike power loading, which uses cargo harnesses, riding equipment is designed to work with light weight over long distances.

Rings for fastening

Metal carabiner rings are used for fastening. Mounts must be strong. It should be borne in mind that the lighter the accessory, the more convenient and comfortable it is for the dog. In addition, the fasteners should be not only strong, but also comfortable. The best option is to make multiple fasteners.

If there is no nylon rope, then a medium-width nylon braid should be prepared. For strengthening, you can use fabric from old jeans. All sections of the tape are melted with a lighter. The braid is thinner than leatherette, so it is reinforced. To do this, the dimensions are multiplied by four, two belts plus double braid.

The main types of harnesses for dogs and their classification

Taking into account the size of the animal, as well as the purpose of the use of ammunition, types of harnesses for dogs are classified into the following categories:

Required tools

How to sew a harness for a cat or dog with your own hands quickly and easily is a pressing issue. Before proceeding, it is necessary to prepare the corresponding products.

What is a harness and what is needed for

For dogs of large and service breeds, the harness is the best assistant for the trainer, you cannot do without it at dog competitions. If you have a pet of a decorative breed (York), the harness will make the walk comfortable for all participants in this pleasant process. You can make it with your own hands using durable materials: leather and braid. Harness for domestic dogs must be supplied with a carabiner and a buckle. It is important that the device is not heavy.

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Note! The pet should not be constantly in walking harness. When the dog moves, it has a different center of gravity than when walking with a collar. Therefore, when you have to walk without ammunition, the animal does not like.

In order to choose the right material, you need to decide for what purposes it is selected. For example, nylon and cotton are the best options for a retention leash when walking. Leather in this case is not a good choice, since it must be used in dry weather, and under the influence of moisture it quickly loses its shape. If we talk about the classics, then the simplest model is two leashes sewn together, fixed at four points.

For small breeds, the harness also has a handle so that it is convenient to lift the pet in your arms. For puppies, the harness should be soft and durable. For those who prepare a dog for an exhibition, the harness is made out and decorated with rhinestones and other accessories. For small lap dogs, holding leashes make them not only comfortable, but also beautiful.

When can I use ammunition with weights

Cargo harnesses are suitable for dog training. The main feature of the accessory is genuine leather. The product consists of 10 lead weights, 450 g each. Available in various sizes.

Ready-made patterns and the procedure for sewing harnesses for dogs with your own hands

Bringing home a pet, you need to take care of its safety and comfort. Puppy safety begins with the selection of a leash and harness. In order not to spend a lot of money on accessories, you can learn how to sew a dog harness with your own hands.

How to make the right dog harness with your own hands

In this article, I will consider the main types of harnesses and tell you how to make a harness for a dog with your own hands, assemble a pattern and choose material. I will also consider how to properly put the finished product on a pet.

  • Dog harness design
  • Varieties of harnesses for pets and sled dogs
  • How to sew a harness with your own hands
  • Necessary materials
  • Taking measurements
  • Pattern
  • Sewing instructions
  • How to put a harness on a dog

How to sew a harness with your own hands. Sewing instructions

After making the main parts, proceed to sewing. Step-by-step actions will help to sew everything correctly:

  • Place part # 1 on a flat surface.
  • From the remnants of the fabric, cut a strip equal to the length of the parts obtained.
  • Tuck the side edges inward and basting over them.
  • Use a line seam machine.
  • Place the resulting strip exactly in the middle of part # 1.
  • Take a metal ring and fix it under the strip in the center.
  • Attach part # 2 to the first, folding the faces.
  • Baste the edges and sew a seam, leaving a tiny hole. It will help to turn the product.
  • Unscrew the resulting harness and get rid of the hole using a blind seam.
  • Sew on the selected fasteners around the edges of the product and be proud of the work done.

Varieties of harnesses for pets and sled dogs

First of all, all types of harnesses can be divided according to their purpose:

    Puppy and small breeds. With compact sizes, individual tailoring is preferable.

Harness for puppies
Freight. Involves frequent physical training with weights, therefore contains spare s.

Cargo harness
Exhibition. They are distinguished by a special decoration and maximum tapering of the mountings.

Exhibition harness
Medical. Facilitate the walking of injured or paralyzed animals.

Medical harness
Walking. They are used as often as possible, therefore, in the manufacture they adhere to materials with high wear resistance and strength.

Walking harness
Driving. Constructed with canvas and nylon to withstand all competition conditions (e.g. huskies and huskies).

Riding harness
Trace. Provide maximum freedom of movement, which is important for dogs that help in the search work.

Trail harness

Among the materials used, it is important to highlight:

  • Skin. Presentable appearance wears out quickly. Any damage and moisture will deform the material. Harness becomes difficult to put on.
  • Nylon. Does not make the overall weight of the product heavier, has high strength and durability. Attracts with low price and easy maintenance.
  • Tarpaulin. It is durable and has a favorable value. Not durable, difficult to clean and can dry for days.

The obvious advantage is observed in nylon harnesses, but leather harnesses have their own advantages. They are used for service dogs that require stronger and wider straps, comfortable and easy to put on.

Taking measurements

Before creating a pattern, fix all the parameters of the pet:

  • Chest circumference. When measuring, be guided by the widest point located behind the front legs.
  • Neck circumference. Take measurements for the collar area.
  • Back length. Measure from withers to base of tail.

Add 2cm to the obtained indicators. This will help avoid a snug fit.

Necessary materials

Before starting work, make sure you have:

  • Soft tissue;
  • Thread and needles;
  • Metal ring;
  • Scissors;
  • Mela;
  • Sewing machine;
  • Buttons or Velcro.
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Pattern. Dog harness design

Harness. an alternative version of the strict collar to avoid injury when pulling on the leash.

Despite the fact that the original users of the product were sled breeds, the product gained popularity and began to be applied to all types of dogs.

The harness fits snugly to the body, wrapping around the chest and neck. It is wound between the front limbs and fixed on the back of the animal.

How to put a harness on your dog

At the first acquaintance with the harness, the dog is discouraged and does not understand what actions are required of it. Ensure correct donning and provide support to avoid injury. You will be able to dress correctly by observing the following instructions:

  • Get maximum contact. Sit down behind the animal and grab its front legs, fixing the whole body between your legs.
  • Distract from the unpleasant process. When talking with your pet, try to shove its paws into the holes.
  • Make sure the center strap is in the middle of your chest. Fix the position of the product with the side straps.
  • Make sure the fasteners are secure. Test for freedom of movement and fit by making sure you can place your finger between the dog’s body and the straps.

I note that the harness is a good alternative to a leash for a pet dog, evenly distributing the load and minimally affecting the animal’s body. Despite the obvious advantages, you should not abuse a convenient product. An accustomed animal can completely abandon the collar.

How to make a pattern of a comfortable jumpsuit for a small dog with your own hands step by step at home

Dressing dogs is not only a whim of the owners and worship of the new fashion, but often a harsh necessity. The size of a domestic dog may be different, but all mini York, Pinscher, Yorkshire terrier, Labrador, Giant Schnauzer and all dog breeds need warm clothing in autumn and winter.

Consider your pet’s size when sewing a jumpsuit

In summer, in nature, the pet does not attach thorns to itself and the coat will remain clean. If protected by a one-layer lightweight overalls.
It is necessary to start creating warm clothes for a pet with the selection of material, it must be natural. For winter, it is better to knit from natural yarn, the jumpsuit should cover most of the dog’s body. The season dictates what material your pet should wear. Fabric for demi-season clothing should be:

  • Breathable, the material must be blown out and not create a greenhouse effect that will only harm the dog.
  • Waterproof to keep your dog from shivering in rain-soaked overalls.
  • Durable so that from active games and training the product does not creep at the seams.
  • Suitable for lining synthetic winterizer, synthetic winterizer, fleece fabric.

You can knit the jumpsuit

For winter overalls, a lining or coating is required, the fabric should be smooth and not on a mesh basis. For lining, fabrics such as twill, viscose, satin are suitable. Summer boy and girl overalls for dogs should be lightweight and consist of one layer of material, summer version of pet clothes is sewn from microfiber or cotton. For a boy, choose darker colors, for a girl, bright.

The product should be fastened on the back and neck; the following are suitable as fasteners:

Buttons (not suitable for dogs of medium and large breeds, because they are easy to unfasten when running)


Ties can be made from ribbons or laces

Zipper with a restrictive strip that will prevent the fur from “seizing” when fastening

Zipper with stopper
Rubber bands

Rubber bands

Measurements must be taken from the dog when the pet is standing.

An example of taking measurements

You need to measure and record:

  • Length from base of neck to base of tail
  • Neck girth
  • Wrist circumference of front and hind legs
  • Hips
  • Chest height
  • Chest girth
  • Waist

Do-it-yourself comfortable jumpsuit for small breed dogs

In this article I will tell you step by step how to sew a jumpsuit for a small breed dog. I will list the materials and measurements required to create a jumpsuit. I will give a detailed description and examples of successful patterns for comfortable dog vests and fur coats for beginners. I will indicate step by step instructions and a scheme for creating knitted things.

  • How to make a pattern of a comfortable overalls for a small dog with your own hands step by step at home
  • The description of the construction of clothing patterns depends on the breed and size of the dog
  • Cutting the material and sewing winter overalls, sweaters, jackets, vests, suits, fur coats and raincoats for autumn, step by step instructions
  • Options for ready-made patterns for a pet and the simplest patterns for beginners

The description of the construction of clothing patterns depends on the breed and size of the dog

To build a pattern, you will need a large sheet of paper or wallpaper. The length from the neck to the tail must be divided by 8. The resulting number will be equal to the side of one square of the grid.

Pattern pattern

Having built a pattern on paper, it is important not to forget about the seam allowances on each side of the part.

Groin opening for males and bitches will vary in size.
Sharp corners of the pattern must be smoothed.

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Cutting the material and sewing winter overalls, sweaters, jackets, vests, suits, fur coats and raincoats for autumn, step by step instructions

The selected fabric is folded in half, a cut-out pattern is placed on top and outlined.

Having easily swept away, you need to try on the thing that you sewed or knitted for the pet, taking into account inaccuracies and errors. It is impossible to allow a tight fit of the animal’s body with a cloth, this will hinder movement and interfere with walking.

Pattern pattern

After trying on, two pieces of clothing are stitched together, and the cuts are processed with edging from a suitable material. It is necessary to insert elastic bands into the cuffs, because Ordinary folds of “sleeves” will quickly lose their appearance. Having ironed out the jumpsuit, you can think about the decor.
Sewing on Velcro, buttons or fasteners on the back and neckline can be considered ready. The decoration of the finished product is a flight of the pet’s owner’s fantasy, you can experiment with s and even make a hood for the dog. Sequins, stripes, decorative locks, large rhinestones will reflect the character of the pet and make his clothes stylish.

Options for ready-made patterns for a pet and the simplest patterns for beginners

Based on the size, sex and breed of the dog, you can choose a pattern from the ready-made ones. Each of the patterns below can be used, taking into account the individual characteristics of the dog, for example, the length of the body of a dachshund, or the width of the chest of a bulldog, etc.

A pet can sew a jacket, suit, hat, T-shirt, boots, raincoat, overalls, sweater, vest, blanket for a girl and a boy from natural fabric, based on these patterns.

For sewing overalls for active dogs, the durability of the fabric should be taken into account. Clothes should not hinder movement or rub with clasps and clasps.

Jumpsuit pattern

Medical harnesses

By its appearance, this kind of harness is a vest that is worn on 2/3 of the pet’s body. Its use can significantly reduce the load on the hind legs of the dog. Note that such harnesses are used only for sick pets.

Riding harnesses

Their tailoring is made specifically for the dog. By the way, such designs are called sports, and nylon is usually used as the main material for the manufacture of such harnesses or canvas is chosen.

LED harnesses

Experts do not recommend wearing this kind of device on a dog on a permanent basis, since prolonged exposure to LEDs on the animal leads to the fact that the dog’s attention is scattered.

Sports harnesses

This type of harness is used for weight pulling or as cargo. Also, this type of harness is used for animal training tasks. When it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of a certain physical shape of the pet, such harnesses are also used. Dogs that take part in draft competitions are equipped with such harnesses.

Rules for putting on a harness on a pet

For walking with the dog, it is best to use not a collar with a leash, but a harness, which provides comfort when walking for the pet. If you decide to do something pleasant for your dog and purchased a harness, then you will face a problem. how to put on the harness correctly. To do it right, you should go to the special ones. Which are present in large numbers on the Internet. By watching theses, you can get an idea of ​​how to properly put on a harness on a dog. The basic principles of putting on a harness on animals will be discussed below.

When putting on the harness, you must keep your pet with your legs in the back area. This is especially necessary if your pet is a large animal. The leash must be straightened, laying it with a soft surface inward.

Next, you need to put on the neck-type ring and the tail.

The next step for you should be pushing the paw on one side and neatly fastening with a special fastener.

When this is done, you need to do the same on the other side.

Then you need to release the pet, and then check all the fasteners. You also need to make sure that the harness fits snugly against the animal’s body. It should not sag and rub the skin.

Tracking harnesses

This type of harness is made of leather and is intended for service dogs. And their main feature is that they fit snugly to the body, and at the same time do not hinder the inhalation and exhalation of the animal.

Harnesses for large breeds

This type of accessory cannot be used on fighting dogs or animals used on duty. Also, you cannot equip aggressive pets in such harnesses.

Consider the main types of harnesses for dogs and try to classify them

Classification of harnesses for dogs

DIY harness for dogs

Classification of harnesses for dogs