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Do-it-yourself overalls for a dog step by step

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The basic pattern of clothes for a dog looks like this.

We carry out measurements, adjust the basic pattern. In our master class, the back part is sewn from parts.

After adjusting, we get a working version of the pattern.

  • fabric. main and lining;
  • fittings;
  • threads, sewing accessories.

Do-it-yourself overalls for a dog

For a small dog, clothes are not a whim of the owner, but a justified necessity. Such breeds are not adapted to temperature changes, animals freeze on walks in the cool season. In summer, clothing will protect the animal from dangerous insect and tick bites. Consider how to sew a jumpsuit for a dog yourself.

Patterns of overalls for a dog: we sew clothes for pets with our own hands

Sewing clothes for dogs is not a newfangled whim of modern dog breeders. Many veterinarians speak about its necessity. For miniature breeds with fine wool, clothing is a guaranteed protection from the cold. Therefore, a warmed jumpsuit for a dog, made according to a simple pattern, is one of the most important components of a dog’s wardrobe. In addition to clothing, dogs also need shoes to protect the skin on their paws from hazardous substances that are sprinkled on roads in winter.

Let’s take a closer look at the main stages of making clothes.

How to take measurements from a dog

When taking measurements, the centimeter should be pressed tightly enough to the dog’s body, but with the ability to rotate. Take a close look at the figure below indicating the required measurements.

To sew clothes for a dog, you need to measure:

  • back length (1);
  • breast volume (2);
  • neck volume (3);
  • waist (4);
  • distance from neck to front legs (5);
  • the volume of the front paw (6);
  • sleeve length (7);
  • hind paw volume (8);
  • leg length (9);
  • distance to the male organ (10);
  • the distance between the front legs (11);
  • the distance from the front to the hind paw (12);
  • distance between the ears (13);
  • horizontal head circumference (under the ears) (14);
  • vertical head circumference in front of the ears (under the chin) (15);
  • vertical head circumference behind the ears (16).

Now let’s figure out how a basic pattern of overalls for a dog is built. Based on it, you can carry out modeling, creating various styles for any time of the year.

Dog overalls sewing workshop

  • material for the outer layer;
  • material for the inner layer. flannel;
  • wide elastic band;
  • sticky tape;
  • thread, sewing tool.

Place the pattern on the fabric, fix it with pins.

In the center of the product, there is an insert made of material in a contrasting color. Besides decorative, it plays an important functional role. In fact, this will be a belt on which the lace will be tightened.

Baste the base fabric, then machine sew. Then sew the flannel lining.

On the contrasting insert, make drawstrings and insert the cord into them.

We fold the details with the front sides and sew. Better to start with the seams on the chest, then move on to the front legs.

Then we grind the back of the jumpsuit.

In conclusion, we cut off the seams on the hind legs.

Cutting out a collar from a contrasting fabric.

We fold the blank for him in half and sew.

We insert a wide elastic band into the collar, leaving protruding edges.

We attach pieces of Velcro tape to these edges.

Trying on a jumpsuit and wearing it for health!

With set-in sleeves

The model is more complex and requires some sewing skills.

Overalls pattern options

To build life-size patterns, measure the length of the back. Divide the resulting number by 8. The result will determine the side of the grid square. Draw a grid on paper (more convenient on a millimeter one) and transfer the contours of the pattern to it.

Variety of warm clothes

Clothes for dogs can be casual or formal day off. There are many types of clothing:

  • overalls;
  • blanket;
  • sweater or jumper;
  • the dress;
  • panties.

A knitted suit will give your pet a unique look

For your information! The simplest product to manufacture is a cape (blanket). To knit it, you do not need to have perfect technique. These clothes are perfect for a cool spring or fall. In winter, more thorough insulation is still required in the form of a jumpsuit or a set of pants and a jacket for a dog.

In addition to basic clothing, hats of various styles and dog shoes are popular among animals.

York in a knitted hat feels cozy and warm

When choosing a model, you should pay attention not only to beauty, but also to practicality:

  • the ties should be of sufficient length so that they do not come loose during walks;
  • clothes should not hinder the pet’s movements;
  • the collar should be loosely worn under or on top of the product;
  • the length of the sleeves and pants must be shortened, otherwise the bottom edges will quickly wear out.

Knitting raglan for dogs: a diagram with a description

When knitting raglan, the sleeve does not separate from the shoulder of the front and back. First, the neck of the product is knitted with an elastic band. To get a raglan, you need to divide the number of loops into 3 parts: for the back, front and legs. The number of paw loops is halved. For convenience, it is recommended to use knitting markers, they will delimit the details.

Then you need to expand the product with yarns. For 2 loops before the first marker, a yarn is performed, 2 purl loops are knitted, a marker is thrown, 2 more purl loops and a yarn. These steps are repeated with each marker. Due to the yarns, the canvas will expand.

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To calculate the width of the sleeves, you need to calculate the number of loops according to the size of the girth of the paws. These loops are moved to the second knitting needle, they will be needed after finishing the knitting of the main part. For the sleeve to be free, you need to knit 5-10 additional loops. Next, knit in a circle with an elastic band 2 × 2 the required length.

How to knit a small dog jumpsuit

Warm jumpsuit is a complete doggy suit that protects the front and back of the body. Perfect for miniature breeds that get cold in cold weather.

Knitting a jumpsuit for a small dog will not be difficult.

The order of knitting overalls for a small dog:

  • For the hind legs, you need to dial 30 air loops from different balls, then knit 5 rows with an elastic band 2 × 2. Then knit 12 rows with front stitch and 3 rows with an elastic band. From the inside, close 4 loops (p.), From the outside. 10 each. In total, 16 p. Should remain.
  • Collect 14 sts and connect the legs together. In total, 46 points are obtained (2 × 16 14). Next, knit 6 rows with an elastic band, 18 rows with a front stitch. Then cast on 14 stitches from each edge. A total of 74 sts is obtained (46 2 × 14). Next, 6 rows are knitted according to the scheme: 18 p. elastic, 38 p. front surface, 18 p. elastic. Next, knit 12 rows with the front stitch.
  • For the front legs, knitting begins in the same way as for the hind legs. You need to dial 30 air loops from different balls, then knit 5 rows with an elastic band 2 × 2. Then knit 14 rows with the front stitch.
  • For knitting raglan, parts are connected together. To do this, knit 15 points along with the hem (breast), 30 points (sleeve), 44 points (back), 30 points (second sleeve), 15 points (breast). The total is 134 stitches. So they knit 2 rows. From the third row, they begin to decrease the number of loops. To do this, in every second row, 1 p. Is reduced, not reaching 2 edge.
  • When 70 sts remain on the needles, 4 more rows are knitted, decreasing only at the beginning. In total, 58 sts remain.Then knit 4 rows with an elastic band, close 4 sts from each edge.
  • When 50 sts remain on the needles, proceed to the hood. Knit with front stitch. In the middle, make an extension 4 times: add 1 point to 2 middle points in every fourth row. In total it turns out 58 p. Knit 10 rows without additions. Then they begin to decrease 2 loops in the middle in every second row. This is done 7 times. In total, 44 sts remain. 5 rows are knit with an elastic band, all loops are closed. Sew on the sleeves, sew on the zipper.

Knitted clothes for dogs with knitting needles: patterns for beginners

At the first cold snaps, owners of dogs of small and short-haired breeds think about warming their pets. Clothing serves not only as decoration, but also warms. And knitted clothes for dogs still look stylish and original.

How to knit a blanket and take for a dog

The blanket is the simplest clothing option. It can be done without a pattern. Even a beginner can handle it. It can be knitted with satin stitch or with openwork patterns.

The easiest variety in terms of execution is a triangular blanket. It is suitable for small dogs. Knitting starts from the tail. At this point, a loop is made to put on the dog’s tail. Then the loops are added evenly. The length of the blanket should slightly exceed the length of the back of the animal. Fasteners (buttons, Velcro) or ribbons are sewn to the remaining corners to fix the cape on the stomach.

For your information! The blanket can be rectangular. So that the edges of the cape do not bend, several loops on both edges are made with a scarf.

To make a beret, they knit a chain of 4 air loops, close it in a circle. Then knit 12 rows with a single crochet, adding 8 loops in each row. Next, 4 rows are knitted with a decrease in the number of loops. Then all the loops are closed and the edge is tied with a “crustacean step“. You can sew a pom-pom to the center of the beret.

Baby onesie into dog overalls

The blanket will be an excellent clothing option for walking in cool weather.

If you plan to make a striped take from yarn of several colors, it is recommended to knit 3 rows of each color.

Dress for a small dog: knitting options

In tiny dresses, Yorkshire terriers and other small dogs look adorable. The dress can be knitted with a regular front satin stitch and additionally decorated with knitted flowers, bows or crocheted ruffles.

The dress itself can be of the following types:

  • classic. With sleeves and a skirt. You can add buttons or knit openwork patterns. Usually the dress is knitted according to a pre-made pattern;
  • with ruffles. Ruches add volume and elegance. They can be knitted on sleeves, skirt or collar;
  • tunic dress. A cropped model without a pronounced transition to the skirt. It is recommended to knit from warmed yarn with the addition of mohair;
  • sundress. Sleeveless dress with straps. Knit from cotton or acrylic yarn with an openwork pattern. Great for summer walks and going out.

The choice of materials and tools for work

Before you start knitting, you need to prepare the following materials and accessories:

  • yarn and bobbin threads of the same color;
  • knitting needles or hook of appropriate thickness;
  • needle, scissors;
  • measuring tape, pen and notebook for recording measurements.

Note! For some products, you may need accessories: buttons, hooks or zippers.

How to make a jumpsuit pattern for a small dog with your own hands

Jumpsuit for a petite dog from terry socks

From a pair of ordinary socks, you can make two original overalls at once, each of which will be special and very comfortable. Even without having the skills to sew, it will be possible to make such outfits without the slightest problems.

  • socks;
  • yarn for knitting “Grass”;
  • elastic threads;
  • needle;
  • hook;
  • paper;
  • ruler.
  • Put the toe with the heel up and draw a centerline from the center of the heel to the toe.
  • After that, at a distance of about three centimeters, draw a perpendicular line.
  • Measure ten centimeters from this line and draw another segment.
  • On these perpendicular lines, mark the places of the future holes for the paws.
  • On paper, make a template for future holes by drawing a pair of circles with a diameter of three centimeters and a pair of ovals, the diameter of which should be 6×3 centimeters.
  • Fix the patterns with threads in the designated areas on the fabric.
  • Fasten knitwear along the perimeter of the template with an elastic thread and machine seam so that the fabric does not fray.
  • Cut holes and remove templates.
  • Using a crochet hook and yarn, tie all the holes, making regular double crochets.
  • Try on a blank on the animal and mark with chalk all the necessary holes.
  • Process and cut them in the same way as in the case of the slots for the legs.
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Make a similar jumpsuit from the second sock, but additionally tie the sleeves, carefully cut through and properly process the holes for the ears.

Overalls for a dog pattern comfortable fit, do-it-yourself clothes

In winter, dog owners try to protect their pets from the cold and wear amazing outfits on them.

Pattern of overalls for a dog-boy

The cut features of the dog’s outfit directly depend on the gender of the four-legged friend. That is why it is so important to choose the appropriate pattern. This jumpsuit is suitable for both large breeds and small and medium sized animals. It can be used like a regular raincoat. If you equip clothes with insulated lining, then the pet will feel comfortable in it in winter too.

  • Take all measurements and cut material.
  • Immediately sew the hood to the neckline, additionally insert an elastic band.
  • Fold the details of the visor right sides to each other and sew.
  • Turn them out and work around the edge that is curved.
  • Straight edge overlap.
  • Sew on the visor under the edge of the front of the hood, directly along the groove.
  • Sew side elements and tummy.
  • Only after that, sew on the sleeves.
  • Tie on cuffs and tighten elastic bands into them.

How to sew a winter jumpsuit for a Chihuahua

An unusual jumpsuit can be sewn not only for a Chihuahua, but also for a pug, spitz, poodle and other medium-sized dogs. Visually, this outfit resembles a coat. Having dressed the animal in such clothes, you can not be afraid that it will be cold on a walk.

  • Make the necessary measurements and draw a diagram on paper.
  • Fold the fabric in half and cut out two halves of the future product from it. Be sure to make small seam allowances.
  • Similarly, cut out the details of the lining.
  • Sew the outer parts with the lining, leaving only the sleeves untreated.
  • Sew a strip along the bottom, the width of which should correspond to the width of the chest.
  • Sew one of the top seams with a strip, and sew a zipper into the remaining one.
  • Tie a neat collar and sew to hem.
  • Connect all remaining parts.

Tip: the length of the sleeves should not be kept short. Better to keep them a little longer. The cuffs equipped with elastic bands will not allow the fabric to fall, and the animal will be much more comfortable in loose clothing.

Overalls for dachshund

It is not recommended for beginners to start sewing complicated clothes. It will be best if the first job is to make a blanket. In such a dress, the dog will not be cold. At the same time, a funny product will surely attract the attention of others.

  • Place the pattern on the fabric from the wrong side and circle it with chalk.
  • Cut, but at the same time make allowances of about a centimeter around the entire perimeter.
  • Sew on a piece of fabric measuring 11×17 cm for the breast.
  • Grind darts on the back of the blanket.
  • Edge around the edge of the workpiece.
  • Sew on the side and on the chest with Velcro.

In such a dress, the dog will not be cold

Advice: if you plan to wear clothes in the winter, you additionally need to cut out the lining from the padding polyester.

How to sew a do-it-yourself jumpsuit for a Yorkie

The jumpsuit model is designed for small dogs. This model is suitable for both Yorkshire and Toy Terriers. Sewing is simple enough. The main thing is just not to be mistaken with the sizes.

  • Take measurements: the length from the neck to the base of the tail, the girth of the neck, the wrists of the front and hind legs, the volume of the hips and the place where the front legs go to the shoulder blade.
  • Additionally measure the circumference of the waist and chest.
  • Based on the data obtained, make a pattern, while not forgetting about the hole for the tail.
  • Transfer the finished pattern to the fabric, cut everything out and baste at once.
  • Try on the blank on the animal and, if necessary, correct inaccuracies.
  • Stitch all the details together.
  • Sew in a zipper.
  • Insert elastic bands into cuffs, collar and back opening.
  • Additionally, decorate the jumpsuit with a pompom imitating a snowball, sew on small s.

The jumpsuit model is designed for small dogs

Necessary materials

In order to sew any thing, patterns are needed. There are a large number of ready-made patterns of overalls for dogs, changing them in accordance with the measurements taken, you can make a great product.

To sew a jumpsuit, you will need:

  • fabric of two types. top, preferably waterproof and lining. When choosing a fabric, consider how comfortable your pet will be in the clothes. This is especially true for the lining. Flannel, cotton, fleece and other soft and warm fabrics are chosen for her;
  • threads;
  • tractor zipper;
  • two elastic bands;
  • Velcro;
  • tape measure;
  • graph paper, in the absence of such, you can use old wallpaper;
  • sewing machine;
  • crayon;
  • scissors;
  • pins.

Step by step instructions for sewing

The fabric is best used natural

    Before you start sewing a jumpsuit, you should choose a pattern and prepare all the necessary materials and tools. A simple pattern was used to sew the jumpsuit described below.

Try to make a pattern so that you can then sew a jumpsuit on it.

Keep the dog upright

Try to be accurate when translating patterns onto tracing paper

Circle all the details with chalk and cut them out, leaving 1-1.5 cm seam allowances

It is better to choose the color of the fabric that will be practical.

Flannel is a warm fabric, usually with a fluffy pile

Before sewing, check how the machine sews on an unnecessary piece of fabric

Take your time, sew the details neatly

First, the details in the chest area are sewn, then the front legs

To make the seams even, you can use a strip of electrical tape, which must be glued at the right distance from the needle.

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The jumpsuit will protect your pet from dirt, dust, insect bites

Usually, a raincoat is used as the material of the overalls.

We select the color of the collar the same as the color of the belt

To make the seams straight, you can focus on the sewing machine foot.

Today, one of the most popular models of clothing for dogs is overalls.

The best clothing for a dog is one that is devoid of small parts, their dog can bite off and swallow

You can use a cocktail straw instead of a pin

After the overalls, you can sew a jacket and pants

Sewing a dog jumpsuit


Using patterns, clothes for the dog can be decorated according to your choice. The simplest jumpsuit pattern for a dog. To sew such a jumpsuit, you only need one measure. the length of the dog’s back. All other dimensions change in accordance with this parameter.

When measuring the length of the back, the dog must stand on a level surface.

And this is a modeled pattern of a jumpsuit with separate sleeves and legs. It is built on the basis of the previous one. Suitable if your pet has non-standard sizes.

Any pattern can be changed at your discretion

This is a pattern for an intricate jumpsuit with a hood and cuffs. However, it is advisable to sew the cuffs on any overalls or insert elastic bands down the sleeves.

This pattern is already suitable for experienced craftswomen.

Did you know that the emergence of velcro for clothes is associated with dogs? Georges de Mestral is used to removing the heads of the burdock from the dog’s fur after walking with the dog. Once he examined them under a microscope, thanks to which he saw tiny hooks, with their help the heads cling to the hair of animals (for example, dogs). This is how de Mestral came up with the idea for Velcro.

Do-it-yourself overalls for a dog. patterns, measurements, step-by-step instructions

With the onset of cold weather, more and more often you can find dogs on the streets, dressed in fancy warm overalls. And this is not only a tribute to fashion trends. Short-haired animals can freeze, and long-haired ones get dirty. Pet clothes are not cheap, but you can sew a jumpsuit for a dog yourself.

How to take measurements from a dog

To build a pattern and sewing a jumpsuit for an animal, you need to take measurements correctly. Before starting this activity, the dog should be placed in a rack. Otherwise, the parameters of her body will change, and the dimensions will not correspond to reality.

When measuring, data should be recorded as it really is, without adding centimeters to allowances. The fact is that there are a large number of clothing patterns for dogs, and allowances are calculated already when cutting the fabric. In addition, the number of added centimeters directly depends on what kind of fabric the jumpsuit is sewn from.

For accurate measurement of the dog, use the factory centimeter tape

The main measurements that need to be taken:

  • Chest girth. the parameter is measured at the widest point of this part of the animal’s body.
  • Back length. distance from withers to base of tail.
  • Abdominal coverage. measured at the narrowest part of the dog’s torso.
  • Neck circumference. measured where the collar is usually located.
  • Distance between front and rear feet. measured from the side.
  • Height of paws. this parameter is required if you sew a jumpsuit with “sleeves”.
  • Distance from neck to armpits.
  • The volume of the hind leg at its widest part is the only measurement that needs to be taken when the animal is sitting.
  • Distance between forelegs.

These measurements will be enough to sew a beautiful and cozy jumpsuit for your pet.

How to train your pet to wear clothes during the cold season

Dogs are not people. It is unnatural for them to wear clothes, and therefore they can offer considerable resistance when trying to put them on, especially the first time. Each dog has its own individual character. Some will calmly accept the “quirk” of the owner and allow themselves to be clothed in overalls, while others will desperately oppose it. There are no universal ways to train your dog for clothes, but there are some guidelines that will help in this difficult task:

  • The dog should be taught to clothes from the tender age of the puppy. So the animal will better perceive its wardrobe, which will undoubtedly be constantly updated.
  • In any case, it is best to accustom your pet to clothes with light blankets covering the back. over, this should be done at home. Let your pet walk around the house in a blanket for a few minutes a day. Then you can change them to T-shirts, sleeveless overalls, and last but not least, you can dress the dog in a closed suit.
  • New clothes, even hand-sewn ones, will smell unfamiliar to the dog. Therefore, it is better if she lies at home for several days. So the pet will better accept the new thing.
  • When putting on a jumpsuit for the first time, you do not need to show irritation, even if it resists. By swearing you will only scare the animal away. It should be done gently but persistently.
  • So that the dressed dog does not get hung up on clothes, you need to distract him with something. Play with him, for example, with a ball. The pet will be distracted and forget about the inconvenience.
  • Many dogs freeze or even lie down on the floor when they first put on their jumpsuit. Do not persuade them or feel sorry for them. And even more so, you should not immediately undress the dog. She will take this as an encouragement to her behavior, and in the future it will be very difficult to teach her to use overalls.

Sewing clothes for a dog with your own hands is easy. After all, measurements with millimeter accuracy are not required here. The animal should feel comfortable in the clothes. It is desirable that the suit is loose and does not restrict movement. But in a jumpsuit of your manufacture, the pet will look original and stylish, because you can create any model depending on your wishes.

After you sew the jumpsuit with your own hands, it will not be difficult for you to make another blouse and pants for your beloved four-legged pet.