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Dog breed white fluffy small like a bear

Bull terrier

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A white dog with an elongated oval muzzle and pointed erect ears does not evoke affection at the first meeting. This is a fighting breed that must be treated with respect and reverence. You should not be afraid of bull terriers. they are not aggressive towards humans. The desire for victory in the breed is inherent at the genetic level, so it is dangerous to keep them in houses with other pets. Dogs must be strictly, but calmly trained, developing unquestioning obedience.

The dog is cold outside and is not suitable for outdoor keeping. Dogs are loving and very gentle with children, show devotion to their family, bored alone. They are not suitable for the role of a guard and watchman, since they do not have anger towards people, even towards strangers. The very short white hair of the boule is very easy to care for. Even in the most inclement weather, it is enough to wipe it with a damp sponge or brush after a walk.

White swiss shepherd

American-Canadian White Shepherd. this is the second name of the breed, officially recognized by the international canine community in the 21st century. Up to this point, the large snow-white dog was considered an albino, culled and not allowed for breeding. Currently, there are two varieties of the breed: long-haired and short-haired.

With a shiny white coat and excellent performance, the dog is built to be a reliable companion friend. Kindness, responsibility, reliability and vigilance are the main characteristics of the breed. Sheepdog is very friendly, loyal and has a special attitude towards children. He is a good shepherd and guard. Vigilant towards strangers.

Top 20 white dog breeds

English bulldog

The short-haired breed of dogs of English origin has absorbed aristocratic habits and gentlemanly behavior. It is famous for its courage and devoted attitude towards all family members. The coat of English Bulldogs has various colors, but there are also pure white dogs. Small animal great for keeping in urban environments.

The English Bulldog is a kind phlegmatic person with a huge loving heart. He is able to express true devotion to his family without hiding his love. They take care of children and other pets, show them patience and understanding. If you need a snow-white companion and protector, this is the best choice.

American Eskimo

The breed of white dogs originally from the USA is artificially bred from the white German Spitz. It can be recognized by its sly, sharp muzzle and luxurious fluffy white coat. Great for housing, provided that the dog will be walked for a long time. A house with its own courtyard is also not a bad option.

The dog has a cheerful disposition, is smart enough and sociable. She learns quickly and tries to please the person. Its sonorous barking will warn you about the approach of strangers, but it will never bite an outsider. Of course, you have to work hard to make their white coat look flawless. They need to be brushed and bathed regularly.

Dog Pet Puppy Pomeranian Grooming Teddy bear style


A magnificent guardian of Turkish blood, a large and calm dog seems to be destined for life outside the city. This white giant suffocates in a city apartment. He needs his own house and a spacious yard, where he can play active games with the master’s children. A non-aggressive animal is friendly enough, but is wary of strangers.

The breed, which is more than three millennia old, has historically been bred in Turkey, but has recently gained popularity around the world. In America, the Akbash dog is used on rural ranches as a shepherd and companion. Medium-length snow-white wool should be brushed weekly. Bathe the dog as the coat becomes dirty.

White dog breeds

White is a symbol of purity and freshness and has always been the subject of special admiration. White dog breeds are distinguished by their special elegance and attract enthusiastic glances from others. If you want to be the center of attention with your pet, choose a dog from our list of white dog breeds. Just remember. white hair, especially long and fluffy, requires additional care.


It has an exceptionally white color, wadded wool, and a short, elongated muzzle. Spitz belong to an ornamental breed, rarely grows medium in size. Very fluffy dogs, with kind, understanding eyes, but sometimes capricious and capricious. Require care and constant care.

White fluffy dogs (photo)

White fluffy dogs only at first glance seem to be cute and harmless animals, intended for fun, like toys. Some breeds grow of impressive size, are very aggressive, and are adapted to help humans in the most severe climatic conditions. Let’s consider the characteristics of some breeds in order to understand what such cute fluffy dogs really are, our little soft brothers.

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are very similar to shepherd dogs. large fluffy dogs in the guise of a lion, specially designed for living in the highlands. The Mastiff has a beautiful rolling black-brown color, a luxurious mane on the head and collar, and strong jaws. The dog is always serious, distinguished by ferocity and distrust of the enemy.

As you can see, it is wool, powerful and fluffy, that suggests that animals first of all need it for survival in harsh climatic conditions, and not for constant pleasures.

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Coton de Tulo

Also, the Coton de Tulo belongs to the category of small and very beautiful white fluffy dogs. The dog looks like a fluffy cotton ball. Always cheerful, playful, well trained. The coat must be constantly looked after. The coat is white, long and silky, possibly with spots on the undercoat. Playful dogs used to be used as watchdogs for their sonorous and restless barking and disposition, as well as for climbing holes, mousetraps. It is impossible not to love dogs with perky faces, they will bring joy and fun to any home, it is good to play with them, it is pleasant to comb their fur.

Bolognese breed

White fluffy dog ​​(bolognese breed) looks like a cute little dog, once brought from France. These soft animals are similar to the Bichon Frize, very gentle, mobile, always perky and playful. The coat is thin, wavy, thick, no more than 30 cm. The weight of a dog with pendulous ears. not more than 7 kg, and height. only 25-30 cm. Black eyes and nose contrast with the white fur of the animals. The gait is light, graceful, flirtatious, which causes just one tenderness and tenderness.

The lapdogs originated by crossing a dwarf poodle and a Maltese lapdog, their coat is curly, and the undercoat is very thick and soft. A great toy for children and adults, requires affection, but can also be the best friend.

English shepherd (bobtail)

Sheepdog has a thick wavy fluffy coat, at a dog show it can become a real star. Often serves as the owner for grazing sheep, is not afraid of harsh weather conditions.

At first glance, funny dogs are considered excellent watchdogs, steadfastly carry out their service despite any bad weather, because thanks to the long white wool that rolls into cords, the fur becomes waterproof and windswept.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

This white fluffy dog ​​(shepherd breed) is simply adorable, looks like a cute bear cub. But, growing up, he develops a rather severe and formidable disposition, is capable of resisting even a wolf, and can rush into battle with him. The coat of dogs is thick, long, helps to survive in any weather, even in high mountainous terrain.


Small white fluffy dogs belong to an ancient and exotic breed. Weight. 4-5 kg, height at the withers. up to 25 cm. Fluffy dogs are playful, always cheerful and mobile. They can be great companions for young children. The breed was bred in Italy, but in Russia it is considered to be French.

Small, white and fluffy. Overview of decorative dog breeds

Every animal lover has dreamed of having a dog in the house since childhood. And if you decide to buy a pet, then a small dog will be a smart decision. The advantages of small dogs are obvious: they do not take up much space, are easier to care for, need less feeding and are cute. In this article, you will see a list of small and furry members of the dog community.

Volpino Italiano

Does not exceed 4.5 kg in weight, the color is necessarily snow-white. Refers to the type of Spitz and resembles a fox in appearance. Has a long coat, eyes are small and round, dark in color.

Volpino Italiano is considered an Italian spitz and has long served as a symbol of wealth for wealthy ladies. They adorned them with ivory bracelets as a sign of affection.

These 10 Dog Breeds Look Like Bears

Representatives of the breed have an excellent character. Volpinos are easy to train and train very well. They are attached to their owners and do not tolerate loneliness, they are very kind, but they always try to become leaders in relation to other pets.


Refers to the Bichon species. It cannot be said with certainty that the birthplace of the lapdog is Malta; they were mentioned in the ancient annals of China and the Philippines. The representatives of the breed were adored by the rulers and high society. By the end of the 19th century, people almost faced the disappearance of the Maltese lapdogs, but through the efforts of the breeders they saved them.

The main feature of the maltese is its long silky coat, it must be snow-white and never roll. Has a very fluffy high tail. They are prone to tooth loss and breathing and skin problems, and do not tolerate heat and dampness. Therefore, they require constant dental care and regular careful brushing of the coat. They love to be the center of attention.

Lhasa Apso

This breed was bred by Tibetan monks specifically for the protection of monasteries. Lhasa Apso have a very long, drooping coat that needs careful and regular grooming. They weigh up to 8 kg. Their tail is curled up into a ring. The breed has an elongated body and feline round paws.

The Lhasa Apso are astonishingly intelligent and highly trainable. Lhasa people are loyal to the owner and family, they love to spend time with them. These dogs are cheerful and balanced, but with hostility towards strangers.

It is better not to disturb the representatives of this breed when they are not in the mood, they may snap or even bite.


Cockapoo is a hybrid of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. It was bred by American breeders to treat the skin problems found in Cocker Spaniels. Purpose. companion dog, belongs to decorative dogs. Kokapu is an affectionate and loyal friend who loves to spend time with his family. He is easy to train and very intelligent. With the right upbringing, he will be friendly to children and other pets.

The coat of the cockapoo is short and wavy. It is combed out as needed and is visited by a groomer once a year. Watch out for ears that are prone to infections.

Bichon Frize

The name of the breed is translated from French as “curly lap dog”. recently, the Bichon Frize was rescued from extinction. These lovers of being the center of attention have a snow-white strongly curly coat and a lush tail. Height does not exceed 30 cm.

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Bichon Frize does not shed and is odorless. A distinctive feature is white wool. The breed often has genetically induced inflammation of the eyes and knees. Therefore, they need to be carefully looked after and checked regularly by a veterinarian. Bichon Frize are always cheerful and cheerful, get along well with other animals and children.


This naughty and fluffy little one will keep you company in every lesson. He reaches 3.5 kg in weight, the body is quite muscular and strong. The orange has a very long coat and does not adhere to the body on the body and neck. The main feature of the Spitz is the presence of a large collar. The color of the coat ranges from black to sandy-cream shades, white is very rarely found. Spitz have short, strong limbs.

Pomeranians love outdoor activities and do an excellent job of acclimatization, they are very attentive to the owner and are able to catch the slightest changes in his state of mind.

Spitz must be handled very carefully, from carelessness they can become irritable and angry.

Cheerful continental toy spaniel or papillon

Butterfly dog, as their owners called the toy spaniel for its spectacular appearance, cheerful character. Dogs of this breed have excellent health, appetite, usually do not cause trouble to the owner.

The only drawback of this playful dog is considered excessive shyness at puppyhood, which the papillon still outgrows.

  • Height: 19-28 cm.
  • Weight: 3.9-5 kg.
  • Color: spots of chocolate, red or black on a general white background are randomly located.
  • .

Stubborn robust West Highland White Terrier

Dogs of this small breed look like plush toys with their perky protruding ears, bearded muzzle and energetic dark eyes. The snow-white, like sparkling coat makes this sturdy man attractive, and his cheerful, playful character gives him a real terrier.

The West Highland White Terrier needs a strict owner who is able not to succumb to the charming look of the baby, otherwise the West becomes a real domestic tyrant.

  • Height: 26-28 cm.
  • Weight: 8-10 kg.
  • Color: white.
  • .

Fox-like nanny. welsh corgi

Welsh corgi are real shepherds, even if they are small. Their appearance resembles a fox: a sly, elongated muzzle, protruding ears are combined with a bright red color. Impressive white teeth are almost never used.

Short paws do not prevent the Welsh Corgi from running quickly, accelerating from a place, and the good-natured nature allows even children to fearlessly leave with the Welsh Corgi.

  • Height: 24-30 cm.
  • Weight: 9-15 kg.
  • Color: Bright red with white.

Brussels griffon

Brussels griffons are mischievous babies, funny appearance and bright character allow them to be favorites, family members. A pet can be started if there are already animals in the house, they get along well with small children and show amazing patience and endurance.

Their main qualities are kindness and loyalty, they love communication and do not mind being an object for everyone’s attention. People who have not previously had dogs as a pet can get this pet. The growth of these babies reaches 28 cm, and the griffons weigh no more than 4.5 kg.

Chihuahua fluffy mexican lapdog

A small, independent, obstinate dog that looks like a fennec fox is a Chihuahua. The cute appearance of these kids, a special, huge conceit have won many hearts of true connoisseurs of this breed. Chihua-hua will be ideal pets, docile, respectful to the owner, but for this the owner must put a lot of effort.

All Chihuahua hua are independent and jealous, only consistent, strict upbringing can turn a naughty puppy into a cute dog.

  • Height: 15 to 23 cm.
  • Weight: 1.1-3 kg.
  • Color: more often apricot, cream or fawn colors are present.
  • Price: 18-30 thousand.

Graceful handsome Russian toy terrier

A graceful, small, graceful dog is similar to a fawn: large, beautiful eyes, thin straight paws, shiny, short hair make the representatives of the breed simply irresistible. The Russian Toy Terrier is an energetic, active dog, distrustful of strangers, courageous. Training takes place with little difficulty, because the toy terrier is inclined to evade classes, being distracted by the game or something else.

From the first months, you should stop unreasonable barking, which can become a habit.

  • Height: 18-25 cm.
  • Weight: 2.1-3.5kg.
  • Color: brown, chocolate, black and tan.
  • .

Active Pekingese

A representative of the most ancient Chinese breed, who lived for a long time at the court of the emperor and was a sacred person, which could not but affect the character. These compact long-haired dogs have self-confidence, independence, which somewhat complicates the process of training and education. Knowing the characteristics of the breed, it is easy to find an approach.

Pekingese are unobtrusive and will not demand attention, but they do not mind swimming in the glory. They get along with the younger members of the family, but they will not tolerate bullying and neglect. Dogs weigh from 3.2 to 6.5 kg, and the height at the withers does not exceed 23 cm.

German spitz

The breed of dogs German Spitz (FCI 7 standard from 25.01.2013) includes varieties: Pomeranian, Wolfspitz (Keeshond). And they come with fluffy white hair.

In our country, the Pomeranian Spitz is very popular. the smallest of the varieties of German Spitz. This is a small fluffy dog ​​with a slightly flattened muzzle and pointed ears. They have a dense undercoat, so the flowing coat practically does not adhere to the body. A pleasant feature of the breed is the absence of seasonal molting.

Dogs are cheerful, playful and cheerful, easy to train and teach commands. Spitz are suitable for families with small children, with whom they get along well and can become an excellent companion in active games.


If you saw a small white fluffy dog, then perhaps it is a Maltese lapdog. Miniature and intelligent dogs with hair that is not subject to seasonal shedding. The head is small, the eyes are dark, the height at the withers is 20-25 cm. The ears are raised, resembling a triangle. The tail is thick at the base and thin at the end, curved arcuate.

Dependent on the owner, less often leave the pet alone. Maltese love walks and fun games. But do not leave the lapdog alone with the baby for a long time: they are easily injured.

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To make it easier to comb the coat, it is better to use a conditioner, and dry it with a hairdryer after water procedures. The hair between the toes and under the tail is trimmed monthly.

It does not require daily walks, but fresh air is necessary to maintain health. For walks, we recommend purchasing or sewing a jumpsuit.

Miniature poodle

As it grows up, the poodle’s coat, which in childhood resembles cream-colored down, becomes covered with elastic curls. The muzzle is pointed, the ears are wide, long and hang down along the cheeks. Undocked ponytail carried straight and high.

Poodles are some of the smartest dogs in the world. The character of each poodle is individual. it can be both mannered and playful and cheerful. This is not a noisy and not temperamental dog, one of the calmest breeds. Gets along well with small family members.

The coat of an adult poodle is fluffy and prone to mats, so comb the dog as often as possible.

After regular bathing, it is recommended to dry the poodle’s coat with a hairdryer, using a special comb. Poodles practically do not shed, so they will not cause unnecessary trouble.

Small dog breeds with white hair

Probably, each of us at least once in our life heard the phrase: “In fact, in my heart I am white and fluffy!” and imagined a dog with snow-white hair, loved by children and adults.

Bichon Frize

A cheerful little dog with lively movements, with a very loose-fitting white coat curled in spiral curls. He carries his head proudly, his eyes are dark, lively and very expressive. The tail is carried gracefully, wrapped over the back.

The Bichon Frize was brought to France from Italy during the Renaissance. Due to its external resemblance to a very small barbet (French water dog), it was called the barbichon, which in turn was shortened to bichon.

Snowy and gentle. white dog breeds: small and large

Since ancient times, white has been a symbol of purity and purity. In ancient times, white color in dogs meant their involvement in the mysterious world, they were considered messengers of higher powers.

What to do if in our time, on the street, by chance, met a small white dog, and the breed is unfamiliar? It can be a bichon, spitz, poodle, or maybe a lapdog. And in order not to be mistaken, we have given descriptions of all possible breeds.

West Highland White Terrier

This is a rare breed of dog: a small white fluffy coat of medium length is complemented by a soft undercoat. Quite large head and small body. Feet are in proportion to the body. Ears are small, erect. The tail is upright, straight, about 15 cm long.The weight of the dog is from 5 to 10 kg, the height at the withers is 26. 29 cm.

White Terriers are extremely friendly, active and will support any of your moods. A distinctive character trait of such terriers is the tendency of jealousy.

Whites are intolerant of babies, so they are suitable for families where children are already 10 years old.

It is recommended to comb them at least 2 times a week and pluck out the hair around the ears and eyes, not forgetting about a regular haircut. To protect the wool from dirt, it will be advisable to purchase a jumpsuit for walking.

Medium to large dog breeds with white hair

For those who love dogs with a white coat color, we offer a description of the most popular breeds and their

Samoyed dog, Laika (Samoyed). Height from 54. 69 cm, weight from 16 to 30 kg. The head is powerful, wedge-shaped with ears of medium length, densely covered with wool. The tail is long, fluffy and close to the back. Samoyed is rightfully included in the top 10 most beautiful breeds.

The silky windhound has an athletic build typical of greyhounds. Differs in intelligence and gets along well with other pets.

American Eskimo dog. It is distinguished by an elongated body with a proportional head, covered with thick and soft hair. The ears are small, the tail is fluffy, thrown over the back.

It is necessary to regularly trim the ears and the area under the tail of the pet.

Pyrenean mountain dog. The height of this dog is 66. 75 cm, the average weight is 55 kg. The breed is one of the largest. Thick and coarse coat covers a slightly elongated body with a small head. The tail is fluffy, set low and directed downwards.

Hungarian kuvasz. Luxurious wavy, thick coat and slender and flexible body 66-76 cm in height makes the kuvasa stand out among other dogs. The tail is set low, the tip is slightly bent up.

Akbash. Large massive head with V-shaped ears. Muscular body with long, wavy hair. The height of this dog is from 72. 79 cm, weight 42. 55 kg. Unfortunately, this breed, which has a history of 3 thousand years, is not officially recognized.

South Russian Shepherd Dog. A large guard dog with a height of 63. 66 cm has a strong and dry body and a head completely covered with long hair that falls over the eyes. The tail curls up to form a ring.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog. Its color was considered very practical: in the dark, the wool merged with the sheep’s and the shepherds did not confuse their animals with wolves. For predators, on the contrary, such a similarity carried an unexpected threat.

If you are interested in a pet with a white coat that causes delight and admiration, the choice of suitable breed is wide: from the stately poodle to the emotional Maltese lapdog. Take advantage of our tips, and forward. to the successful acquisition of a faithful friend!

Additionally, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video in which the charming white Pomeranian spitz is dancing: