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Estrus In Dogs From What Age

Techka at the Labrador

It is worth noting that estrus for each breed is individual. Therefore, it is difficult to unequivocally answer at what age the first estrus begins in dogs. In a Labrador, it can begin both at six months and almost at the age of two. At this time, the females are very active and irritable. For procreation, the most suitable ninth, eleventh and thirteenth days after the first discharge was noticed.

A female Labrador retriever will require special attention and care during this period. It is best to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • In the second half of estrus, the dog is able to secrete special pheromones, which can attract the male from a long distance. At this time, it is advisable to refrain from walking and keep the pet at home.
  • You cannot let her go for a walk unaccompanied, as the males feel the smell and try to always be nearby.
  • If you plan to knit a female during the first estrus, then it is better to refuse this, since her organs are not yet fully formed, and pregnancy and childbirth can negatively affect her health. Wait until the second or third heat.
  • To prevent any unpleasant “surprises” with the dog and her offspring, it is advisable to find out what health her mother was, how her pregnancy went, whether puppies were born with defects.
  • Pregnancy after the first heat can be very stressful for the dog. Because of this, if further reproduction is planned, you need to give her body a little rest, and knit for this purpose after at least one heat. If you do not adhere to this, then pregnancies alternating one after another can negatively affect the health of the female Labrador.

Knowing at what age estrus begins in dogs of this breed and what needs to be done for his pet, its owner will be able to be calm not only for his pet, but also for her future cubs.

Do not use drugs!

During estrus, many owners, in order to avoid pregnancy of their pet, resort to the help of special pills and drugs. But this is undesirable. In most cases, such precautions lead to hormonal disruption in the dog’s body or, even worse, to the onset of cancer.

First heat. When?

At what age does estrus begin in dogs? Some have from six months to the ninth month of life. Others have their first estrus between 10 and 12 months. There are dogs who have this already in a year and a half.

At this time, special attention should be paid to prevent accidental mating: you need to try to constantly monitor the animal.

So at what age do dogs start estrus and how long does it go? It is impossible to answer this question precisely, since each dog has its own organism. The first may last for a short period of time. In some cases, it can be very mild and be expressed in a small amount of bleeding, which will not be so attractive to males.

The first heat can be considered fake, and it ends very quickly, but this is not a reason to relax, since the renewal can occur again after a short time. Then you need to look after the female very much, since she begins a real hunt, which means ovulation.

Signs of heat

According to some signs, it is possible to determine the state of the female in which estrus began:

For about a week, you don’t have to worry too much about random knitting. During this period, a female dog does not allow males to come to him. But when the discharge has changed color and their concentration resembles mucus, then you should carefully look after it.

Inconvenience can create bloody discharge, because the dog leaves them in different places. To get rid of this, she should purchase special panties. This will free you not only from frequent cleaning, but also unwanted knitting.


At what age do dogs begin their first heat? In a husky, this happens in six months. But there are some peculiarities here.

It is characteristic of this breed that it is the female who is responsible for the successful offspring. It is necessary to ensure that she is always well-fed, but at the same time graceful and graceful.

The first heat in a representative of this breed begins at six months, lasts about a year, including short breaks between estrus. At this time, she requires special attention. Therefore, for any, even minor, changes, you need to consult a veterinarian.

Fully female husky is ready for pregnancy and childbirth during her third heat.

Duration of estrus

But at what age does estrus begin and how long does it last? This question is of interest to almost all female dog owners.

Mostly estrus occurs a couple of times a year. It can last from twenty to twenty-eight days, which is approximately three to four weeks.

It is also desirable for each owner to know that the frequency and duration of estrus depends on many factors. both the size of the dog and its body weight. In some breeds, this natural phenomenon occurs only once a year. And for others, the number of leaks decreases with age. In addition, she may be very weak or show no signs at all. But despite this, the female can attract the opposite sex and mate, which ultimately leads to pregnancy.

In most cases, estrus lasts about a month, and the other begins six months later. In this mode, it can last for a long time. But at the slightest change (or the discharge has changed color, or began to appear in larger quantities, or the breaks between estrus have changed), it is best to take the dog to the veterinarian so that there are no negative consequences.

Each owner must necessarily control the frequency of leaks. And to do this not depending on whether the mating took place or not. Then it is much easier to notice any changes in the pet’s body.

It so happens that there is no heat at all. Then, without postponing for a long time, you should contact a specialist.

Breed and estrus

At what age do dogs begin their first heat? It all depends on the breed of the dog and its size. Earlier than all, this natural phenomenon occurs with representatives of small breeds and can occur as early as six months. It is typical for large species to come in a year. But this is all purely individual and depends on the dog’s body.

If the female is small, then it is imperative to make sure that the male is not huge, as this can negatively affect her health.

When an owner knows his dog well, it will not be so difficult for him to determine the onset of heat. During this period, the pet radically changes its behavior. Due to the hormones at play, she becomes more active and playful, and disobedience is the main feature.

At what age does a dog start estrus, how long does it go?

Many people want to acquire a female dog, but they are stopped by one of the main questions: at what age does estrus begin in dogs, how long does it last? They are also particularly interested in how to act in this situation. Now we will consider this topic in detail.

Three stages of estrus

Heat is characterized by three stages, which can be considered the main ones:

  • Proestrus.
  • Estrus.
  • Diestrus.

The first is different in that the discharge is very insignificant. But blood traces can be present anywhere. In this case, it is best to use underpants.

The second period should be expected about ten days after the initial discharge was noticed. At this time, the pet must be carefully looked after, as it can let the dog go.

The third stage is characterized by the fact that even if the males show interest in the female, she already does not allow them to approach her. The length of this period is ten days.

After that, the dog becomes the same. calm and obedient, until the next estrus begins. This can happen in about six months.

All about knitting. At what age can you knit a dog, how to choose a mating day

When can you mate a dog? Of course, upon reaching physiological maturity. However, the physiological and sexual maturity of a dog is far from the same thing.

Sexual maturity, or the ability to conceive, occurs fairly early in most dogs. It is generally accepted that a bitch becomes sexually mature from the moment the first estrus begins (depending on the breed, the time of the first estrus varies from 6 to 12 months). Males become sexually mature a little later than females, by about 9 months. In a sexually mature male, both testes (testicles) are descended into the scrotum if the testes are in the abdominal cavity, i.e. Did not go down after reaching 12 months, such a dog is infertile and is called cryptorchium (by the name of the pathology. “cryptorchia”) Males with one drooping testis can produce offspring, but are not allowed for breeding, since cryptorchia is inherited.

It is important to understand that the achievement of puberty by a male or female does not mean that they are ready to mate and reproduce. Despite the fact that “technically” the body is already ripe for reproduction, physiologically it is not yet ready for this (this is especially true for bitches, for whom pregnancy and childbirth after the first estrus can become a very heavy load and lead to complications). For small dogs of decorative breeds (Chihuahuas, Toy Terriers), additional restrictions are introduced by requirements for height and weight: if these indicators are less or more than what the breeding standards require, then you cannot knit a dog.

Experts recommend to carry out the first mating of a bitch on the third heat; a dog can be knitted when it reaches the body size of an adult animal at the age of about 2 years. Experts recommend that owners of bitches planning to receive puppies keep a diary with a detailed description of each estrus, starting with the first. based on these observations, when the dog is ready to bear puppies, it will be possible to choose the optimal mating time.

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Up to what age can a male be knitted?

There are no rigid age limits up to which a male can be knitted. Restrictions are imposed only by diseases, but in the absence of pathologies and health problems, a stud dog can be used for reproduction of the breed almost throughout its life.

How old can you knit a bitch

The first mating of a bitch should be carried out no later than 4. 5 years. Untied bitch can be knitted up to 7-8 years. It is considered normal to get 6 litters from one bitch in her entire life. However, there is no unequivocal answer to the question “Is it possible to breed a bitch in the next estrus after pregnancy”. In fact, such a load for the dog’s body is undesirable, however, in some cases, it is possible to carry out two mating in a row, provided that at least 6 months have passed since the birth of the puppies, the dog has no health problems and the previous pregnancy passed without complications.

How to determine a favorable day for mating

For effective mating of dogs, it is necessary first of all to correctly determine the favorable day. If the bitch owner kept a diary, keeping track of the duration and specifics of each estrus, this knowledge will greatly simplify the selection of a suitable date. When choosing a mating day, it is important to know that the traditional scheme is not suitable for every dog, according to which on the 9th and 11th day two mating is carried out, the main and the “control” one. Each bitch has its own individual characteristics, so one will be ready for mating on the 3rd day of estrus, and the second will let the dog in no earlier than the 15th. Thus, it is better to check readiness for mating not by records, but in every estrus.

There are two ways to determine if a bitch is ready to mate during heat:
1) The bitch is stroked on the thighs and pressed on the lower back below the croup. If the dog is ready to let the dog go, it will freeze, tense up and move its tail up or to the side.
2) Gently press the lower part of the loop, while it should rise and move apart. The dog at this moment freezes or begins to make short movements of the hips, as if pushing something forward.

Having determined the readiness of the dog for mating, it is advisable to bring it with the dog on the same day. Even after 3 days, the favorable moment may pass and you will have to wait until the next heat.

Cycle deviations

If your dog loses appetite during estrus, contact your veterinarian.

If the owner notices that he is not in heat or that it has been going on for an unnaturally long time, it is necessary to contact the veterinarian. The pet may need treatment or diet revision.

If such violations appear, you should visit your veterinarian:

  • Prolonged discharge during estrus (more than 3 weeks), loss of appetite, and increased body temperature.
  • If the symptoms of estrus start and stop quickly. Then they resume again. This split onset of estrus is characteristic of young females, but in some cases serves as a signal of the ongoing inflammatory process.
  • Aggression towards males during the rut.
  • Hidden heat. The passing is asymptomatic: there is no discharge and swollen genitals, but at this moment the dog can become pregnant and then give birth. Such hidden estrus is a nuisance for the dog owner. After all, pregnancy can not always be planned, which means that offspring is undesirable.

Stages and symptoms of estrus

Heat in dogs is divided into 4 stages.

Techka has four stages.


During proestrus, the dog becomes hyperexcitable.

At this time, the blood rushes to the uterus, overflowing the vessels, which because of this begin to injure. The first spotting appears. During the bleeding period, the animal is not yet ready for mating. At this moment, there is no ovulation yet, which means that conception is impossible.

Proestrus lasts from 7 to 10 days. The owner notices the changed behavior of his pet. The dog is restless, hyperexcitable. She is aggressive towards other bitches. On a walk, he begins to examine the marks of males on the territory, often urinates, making his own marks. In relation to the opposite sex, expresses friendliness and playfulness, can flirt with them, but when approaching a dog, he leaves him, preventing mating.

First estrus in dogs

For each animal, this period occurs purely individually. If a dog belongs to miniature breeds, then maturation and estrus appears quite early, as early as six months the dog can menstruate. In large breeds, puberty is delayed up to one and a half years. Physiologically, dogs are ready to bear puppies at the age of 1-1.5 years. In males, sexual maturity and readiness for mating awakens at the age of 15-18 months.

A dog’s first heat begins at about a year.

Rest phase

Domestic dogs are in heat twice a year.

The normal condition is that the pet menstruates no more than 2 times a year. In indoor dogs this is what happens, but in stray animals or those that live in yards, estrus occurs 1 time, so that puppies are born in a favorable season for feeding them. a warm season.

How old are dogs in heat

It is desirable that the dog gives birth no more than six times in its life.

Many novice dog breeders are interested in: “until what age does estrus last for a dog, how many times can it be knitted?”

Experts do not recommend knitting old bitches due to possible deviations in labor and heavy loads on the body. And knitting is always undesirable. Enough for a dog’s life 6 genera.

How old is estrus in dogs

Heat in canines is a certain period of the sexual cycle when the animal is ready to mate, conceive and bear offspring. Owners of bitches periodically notice signs of estrus in their pet, and those who have “cavaliers” learn from the behavior of their dog that an interesting “lady” has appeared on a walk.

Sexual hunting

During the sexual hunt, the dog lets suitors close to him.

This is the period when the dog is looking for a “groom” and in every possible way expresses its readiness for mating. The duration of the period depends on individual characteristics and lasts from several days to 2 weeks. The characteristic posture, when the dog froze and pulled the tail to one side, tells the dog about the opportunity to start mating.

Discharge from the vulva during this period becomes transparent or completely absent, and the external genital organs are in an excessively swollen state.

Physiologically, everything happens as follows: about 18–20 eggs mature in the ovaries and enter the uterus. They ripen directly in the uterus. If mating has occurred, then the sperm that have entered the uterus fertilize the eggs. The ability of oocytes to fertilize lasts for several days. The dog can admit suitors during this period.


During the period of metestrus, the dog may begin to patronize the kittens.

During the third stage of estrus, the uterus and all genitals naturally regenerate. At this time, the dog begins to drive away annoying males from itself. Dogs in their first estrus begin to change physiologically. The constitutional structure changes: the width of the chest increases, the vulva becomes larger.

Bloody discharge is completely absent, but the level of the pregnancy hormone increases. The external genitals begin to return to normal, their swelling decreases. An increased level of the hormone progesterone is present both during pregnancy and during pauses. Therefore, during this period, some bitches begin to show symptoms of false pregnancy. The dog changes behavior, believing that it is expecting offspring. Begins to collect a nest for future puppies and protect it from strangers. Some bitches begin to take care of other people’s offspring. Most often kittens living nearby become their pupils. Most often, the dog does not need help to cope with a false pregnancy, you can limit the diet and reduce nutrition so that there is no lactation. But in some cases, you may need to consult a veterinarian and even treatment for pseudopregnancy.

How old are dogs in heat?

Heat is a natural process in the bitch’s body. For the first time, it signals the end of the formation of the reproductive system and its successful launch. In subsequent times, this is a physical manifestation of the readiness to become pregnant and bear offspring.

However, animals are aging. Their bodies also change over time. In part, this also affects the reproductive system. However, canines differ from most mammals in the absence of such a thing as menopause. That is, they ovulate before old age, if the animal is healthy enough.

The only thing that can change over time is the frequency. Asking the question: “How old will your pet end up in heat?” useless. Over time, it will only become more rare and less intense. But the complete disappearance of signs of ovulation for a long period is more likely a dangerous symptom than a natural phenomenon, such a situation requires contacting a veterinarian and careful research.

What is estrus?

Like any females, dogs have a certain sexual cycle, during which rest is replaced by the time of ovulation and an active desire to reproduce.

For most domestic dogs, this period occurs 2 times a year. However, in very large animals living in unfavorable conditions or in representatives of certain working specialties, ovulation can occur only once a year, this feature is due to the ability of animals to adapt to the environment.

The maturation and life of the egg lasts about a month and is divided into 3 stages:

  • Proestrus (forerunner). The egg cell forms and matures. The animal changes its behavior and becomes more active and less controllable, aggressive. The main signs are considered to be an increase and swelling of the loop and profuse spotting.
  • Estrus is the most favorable period for mating. When the female is ready to mate, her behavior changes. She becomes more affectionate and playful, aggression towards males disappears. The animal itself diligently looks for a partner. At any hint of possible contact, the dog assumes a characteristic posture and retracts its tail to facilitate entry. The color and smell of the discharge also changes. They become more transparent.
  • Metaestrus is a period of tranquility. If fertilization does not happen, the body gradually calms down and recovers. The hormonal background is leveled, physiological indicators change. This is especially noticeable after the first time, when the bitch changes greatly in appearance, acquiring “adult” features.

Last heat

It is impossible to say exactly when a female will stop ovulation, since physiologically estrus in representatives of this species of mammals does not stop until death. However, age-related changes strongly affect the health of the reproductive system and the whole organism, therefore, with age, the amount of sexual activity will begin to decrease from 2 times a year to 1 time, or even become 1 time in 2 years. If an animal is 8-10 years old should not be surprised at this trend.

Still, it is worth remembering that even if your pet is already at a very respectable age and signs of sexual heat are poorly expressed, she is still able to get pregnant and bear puppies. But the probability of getting healthy offspring without serious harm to the mother’s body is extremely small. The older the animal is, the harder it is for pregnancy, especially if it is over 10 years old. Most veterinarians and breeders agree that mating females after reaching this age is dangerous due to possible chronic diseases of the mother and puppies. Also, doctors do not advise letting a bitch breed more than 6 times.

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Signs change with age:

  • It becomes much less common. In most cases, pedigree dogs ovulate twice a year (with the exception of working breeds, which are characterized only once). But after 7-8 years, the interval between estrus increases.
  • Reduces the time of active emptying stages.
  • The behavior of the dog changes at such a time to a much lesser extent than before. She no longer tries to escape at the first opportunity, reacts better to the orders of the owner and does not show active interest in unfamiliar males.
  • The number of secretions and their intensity decrease. It is for this reason that the owners think that the duds are over. Experienced bitches manage to lick the little liquid that has time to stand out, and walk clean, leaving no traces in the house.
  • The risk of infectious diseases, inflammation and tumors increases significantly. Therefore, mature females require especially careful care and regular visits to the doctor for examination.


The older the pets get, the more complex care they require. This is especially true of bitches, whose reproductive system is quite vulnerable to a variety of diseases.

It is worth remembering that animals age quickly enough. After 8-10 years, it will be necessary to conduct an additional examination by a veterinarian at least once a year in order to protect him from possible diseases, the most common of which are:

  • Pyometra or inflammation of the uterus and fallopian tubes. The main signs of this ailment are purulent discharge from the vulva and increased thirst. If these symptoms appear, the animal needs to be helped as quickly as possible, since rapid development can kill the bitch in a few days. Most veterinarians advise immediate surgery to remove the affected ovaries and uterus.
  • Neoplasms in the area of ​​the ovaries and uterus. Often they pass unnoticed until a certain period, until they grow so much that they begin to interfere with the work of internal organs. Very often they spill over into cancerous tumors.

Metamorphoses in the body of a bitch during estrus

How is your first heat going? In dogs, it consists of 4 successive stages:

Stage 1. proestrus. Lasts from a week to 10 days. The initial signs of estrus are noted: there is an additional flow of blood to the genitals, they increase, the vulva swells, scant spotting is noticed. The dog can “drip” around the apartment, so you can put on special underpants or keep it in a separate room. The first day of heat can pass completely unnoticed or be noticed only by a very attentive owner.

Here the dog is not ready for mating, although it flirts with males. Explanation. there is no ovulation yet. Outwardly, some excitability of the animal is manifested, playfulness can be replaced by disobedience and vice versa. Can make marks in different places with urine while walking.

Stage 2. estrus. This is already the period of direct hunting, when ovulation occurs (conditionally from the second day after the beginning of the period). Approximately occurs 1.5 weeks after the first spotting was detected. Right now the bitch begins to be interested in males with reciprocity. Mating can happen once, and the bitch can continue to reach for males further. This must be considered when obtaining clean litter from high breed dogs.

The guideline for this period is the enlightenment of the bitch’s discharge. the red turns into light pink, their number decreases. The vulva swells even more. When the male approaches, the bitch freezes, raises her pelvis, reflexively moves her tail aside and pulls up the loop.

Stage 3. metaestrus. It lasts for about a decade and is characterized by the end of estrus. Discharge disappears, the bitch does not admit more males, the vulva decreases in size.

If fertilization has not occurred, then the body is gradually interspersed into a state of rest. Sometimes a state of false pregnancy can occur due to an excess of “pregnancy hormone” (as progesterone is called). In the ideal case, everything goes away by itself, otherwise you should seek help from a veterinarian.

Stage 4. anestrus or the period of sexual rest. The duration of this period reaches up to 150 days (about 5 months). This is the period of a dog’s normal life.

A dog’s first heat: when does it start, how long does it last

The presence of estrus indicates that the dog is ready to mate and carry a pregnancy. At the physiological level, the first heat indicates that eggs have begun to mature in the bitch’s body, and the genitals are ready to perform their reproductive functions. What are the features of the course of this period every owner of a female dog should know so that the process does not catch by surprise.

Dog’s age at first estrus

  • Puberty in a dog occurs between 7 months and 1.5 years and is manifested by increased molting. The age of first estrus in bitches of small breeds is 6-8 months (sometimes up to 11-12), in large breeds. 12-15 months (or even up to 18). Usually this period occurs after the change of teeth.
  • With all the conventions of timing, estrus earlier than 5 or later than 18 months is no longer the norm.
  • The estrus period lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. In the case of more or less, you should consult a veterinarian for advice in order to exclude hormonal disorders and / or pathologies of the reproductive system. But only if several leaks last with a deviation in duration. The very first estrus can be short and almost imperceptible. as a variant of the individual norm.
  • A bitch should be mated for 3 estrus. the period of physiological maturity, if the goal is to get healthy offspring without complications for the health of both the dog and the puppies.
  • Frequency. 1-2 times annually. In more frequent or rare cases, hormonal disorders should be excluded.
  • Inexperienced owners may not notice the first heat, as K. Sometimes it is not pronounced and only 2 weeks, instead of the usual three.
  • After the first heat, it is advisable to always record all subsequent cycles and their duration in order to track the dynamics of sexual activity and identify deviations during.
  • Older dogs have less and less heat.

The main signs of a first heat:

  • Increased activity of the bitch, playfulness, outwardly it seems that the dog is constantly fussing, does not find a place for itself;
  • Frequent urge to urinate, the dog may constantly rush to the street;
  • There may be slight swelling of the mammary glands;
  • There is an increase in the size of the external genitalia, discharge appears, with which the dog can stain various surfaces in the house (furniture, floor, carpets, etc.)
  • Shows attention to males and actively lets them in (the moment of clarification of discharge);
  • Appetite may increase, it may disappear altogether;
  • When a dog approaches a bitch, she freezes in place, lifts up and takes her tail aside;
  • Molting. the bitch sheds decently when estrus begins;
  • By the end of the cycle, the animal may look tired, sleep a lot, and categorically no longer allow dogs to come near it.

The main reasons for the delay / absence of the first heat:

  • Poor housing conditions, improper or insufficient feeding;
  • Violation of hormonal regulation of the reproductive system;
  • Congenital disorders in the development and structure of the genital organs;
  • Ovarian dysfunction (hypofunction, lack of appropriate hormones in the appropriate period);
  • Dysfunction of the pituitary and / or thyroid gland;
  • Tumors and / or other neoplasms, cysts of the pelvic organs or directly on the ovaries;
  • Endocrine pathologies;
  • Chronic inflammatory processes in the uterus;
  • Hermaphroditism (for example, when underdeveloped testes are found instead of the ovaries).

Signs of sexual activity of a bitch

Usually, the first heat is accompanied by symptoms similar to all subsequent ones. In terms of severity, it can be half-hidden or, conversely, pronounced.

What the master can do

To intervene in the natural processes of hormonal regulation without a sharp need for that is not only unnecessary, but also not advisable. What should the owner do at the first heat? It is important to alleviate the condition of the pet and make the hunting period safe.

  • Be sure to record the time of the onset of estrus and the age of the dog at that moment. Pay attention to the duration and nature of the manifestation of the stages in the cycle. To note for yourself the behavior and clinical manifestations of estrus throughout the cycle.
  • The dog should be monitored with increased attention, but do not scold her for unusual behavior during this period.
  • So that the bitch does not stain anything around her with secretions, it is recommended to put on special panties or keep her in a separate room, regularly changing the bedding in the place where the animal sleeps.
  • Walking the dog should be carried out only on a leash to avoid escapes and unnecessary contact with males.
  • Strictly prevent the dog from licking the dog’s noose with other people’s dogs, in order to exclude infection.
  • When estrus starts, bitches are usually not taken to exhibitions, festivals or dog competitions.
  • Swimming in open natural reservoirs is not recommended to avoid infection with various infections.
  • To interrupt estrus medically should be done only with the strict indication of the veterinarian.
  • You should monitor the diet and frequency of feeding. it is not recommended to overfeed.
  • Fertilization of the bitch in the very first estrus is not desirable, because K. The body has not yet prepared for bearing puppies.
  • It is imperative to redeem the bitch after the first estrus, washing off from her a kind of “willing” smell that attracts males, which will allow you to quickly go to the resting stage if fertilization did not happen.
  • If the owner of the dog does not plan to breed puppies, then at the end of the first heat it is better to spay the dog

Why is there no heat

With good general health and the state of the reproductive and hormonal systems, the dog’s first estrus occurs within the established usual terms and then repeats with a certain cyclical regularity. If the dog is over 18 months old, and the first estrus has not come, you should consult a veterinarian to find out the reason for such a delay.

Question answer

At what age should you neuter a dog if you don’t need puppies and don’t want to experience “empty” heat over and over again? All experts agree in one opinion. the dog must be healthy and properly trained, and age does not really matter. Early sterilization before the first estrus is available only to an excellent surgeon with extensive experience, because K. The younger the dog, the harder it is to find ovaries.

Dogs are not spayed during sexual intercourse to avoid sudden hormonal changes and disruptions. There are also risks (minimal, but there are) that during estrus there will be difficulties in the operation of anesthesia and its tolerance.

After the first estrus, sterilization is also carried out. on a general basis.

Usually, dogs have sexual heat once or twice every year. It all depends on the size of the animal, breed and health.

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The peculiarity of hormonal regulation in cats and dogs is such that with sharp hormonal changes and disorders, various pathologies of the genital organs are provoked, including purulent inflammation, tumors, etc. Taking medications that interrupt estrus in its active phase is possible, but for this there must be a serious reason or indications for health reasons. And even though it’s up to the owner to decide whether to interrupt or not interrupt, the veterinarian must explain all the possible risks from such hormonal experiments.

Techka in dogs: what a pet owner should know

Techka (also: estrus, pushover, hunting) in dogs, regardless of breed, takes place 2 times a year. It is most often seen in bitches in the fall and spring. The body of the animal during this period undergoes physiological and mental changes. Therefore, during a sexual hunt, the pet requires increased attention and care. However, novice dog breeders usually do not know what to do with a bitch in heat. How to help a dog during this period, choose the right time for mating, and not harm its health, this article is devoted.

How many days do dogs have estrus?

Signs of sexual heat begin to appear 2 weeks before the onset of the estrus cycle, when the dog is ready to mate and may become pregnant.

The duration of the heat itself is from 2 to 4 days. In some cases, estrus lasts up to 14-16 days. How long hunting lasts also largely depends on the length of daylight hours, age, care and nutrition.

In time, the cycle takes no more than 1 month, after which there is sexual rest. The “rest” phase lasts from 4 to 8 months. The first time the sexual hunt can last only 1 week.

Prolonged estrus is considered when estrus occurs for more than a month. The condition is often caused by hormonal disorders or internal pathologies. In this case, it is necessary to examine the dog in a veterinary clinic.

How often bitches are in heat

The frequency of leaks is 1 time in 6-8 months. A deviation from the norm is the absence of estrus for more than 9 months.

If estrus is frequent (once every 12-16 weeks), the female should be shown to the veterinarian.

What is estrus in dogs

Heat in dogs is a physiological process that takes place in the body of a bitch, during which she shows readiness to reproduce. Occurs at the age of 6 months to a year. depends on the specific breed (read more below).

The estrous cycle consists of 4 stages:

  • Proestrus;
  • Estrus;
  • Metaestrus (diestrus);
  • Anestrus.

Proestrus or forerunner is accompanied by a thickening of the uterine lining. In this phase, the first signs of estrus appear in the dog: there is spotting, the loop looks swollen and tense. The bitch becomes playful, but does not let the males near her. The duration of proestrus is 1-1.5 weeks.

Estrus or heat is the phase of the estrous cycle, when the uterus is ready to receive the embryo. The color of the selection changes from red to yellow. The swollen loop noticeably increases in size, becomes lethargic (see Photo). The female is ready to mate.

The estrus stage in dogs lasts an average of 2-4 days. Sometimes it lasts from 9 to 16 days, which is the norm. There is a high likelihood of puberty in case of mating.

Metaestrus or post-flow is accompanied by attenuation of sexual activity. The uterus at this time is waiting for the embryo, the loop becomes smaller. The female loses interest in the opposite sex, but she can still attract males to her. The bitch does not admit the males and is aggressive towards them. Post-production ends after 8-12 weeks.

Most often, in the metaestrus phase, a false pregnancy is ascertained in dogs, which is associated with an increased amount of progesterone in the blood.

Anestrus, or sexual rest, lasts 3 to 6 months. Its duration largely depends on factors such as the time of the year, health status, housing conditions, animal nutrition. Then the estrous cycle resumes.

How to tell if a dog is in heat

The behavior of the dog before estrus (proestrus) changes. She urinates frequently and is restless. The animal’s appetite increases. An additional sign of the onset of sexual heat is excessive molting.

During proestrus, the female flirts with males and even with other bitches, wags her tail, cuts her chest to the ground, presses her ears. However, he does not admit males to himself. Discharges from the loop (especially in small breeds) may not be noticed by the owner, since a clean animal often licks them.

Dog behavior during estrus (estrus phase) also has its own characteristics. The female looks active, but at the same time loses her appetite (eats poorly or refuses to eat altogether), may whine.

If they touch the rump of the animal (near the root of the tail) and move the finger of the other hand in the vulva area, the bitch assumes a posture typical for mating:

  • Falls on the front legs;
  • Takes the tail to the side;
  • A wave of muscle contractions travels down the back.

The animal stands firmly on its hind limbs and twitches the loop, lifting it up. With estrus, the discharge is pale pink or colorless. The female allows the males to come to her and is ready to mate. During this period, there is a high probability of pregnancy.

You can understand that the dog is out of heat by the following signs: the animal becomes calm, does not allow males to come near, appetite returns, the discharge completely stops.

How to help your dog

If the owner does not plan to mate the dog, medications are used to interrupt estrus:

  • Sex barrier;
  • Stop-Intimacy;
  • Contrary;
  • Sex control;
  • Countersex.

To interrupt estrus, the remedy is given no later than the second day after the start of sexual estrus within 5-7 days. Do not give drugs in the first pause.

To delay estrus before the expected onset of sexual heat, sex barrier drugs are given in 1-2 weeks.

Veterinarians do not recommend overusing hormonal drugs and advise using them in extreme cases. Regular use of remedies for estrus leads to hormonal disruptions in the dog and the development of pathologies of the reproductive system: polycystic ovaries, neoplasms, inflammatory diseases of the endometrium, etc.

The use of sex barrier drugs will be relevant when visiting exhibitions during the onset of estrus, or if the dog behaves very restlessly these days: whines, completely refuses to eat, behaves inadequately during walks.

How old is sex hunt in bitches

The estrous cycle in a female does not stop throughout her life. In older bitches, the signs of sexual heat may be less pronounced and less frequent. Nevertheless, the dog retains reproductive ability. Therefore, the owner needs to keep an eye on the animal: walk with the pet on a leash, keep the males out, use protective equipment against unwanted mating.

When dogs are in heat

The time of the onset of the first estrus in dogs depends on such nuances as breed, housing conditions, nutrition, heredity.

Small breed dogs (Yorkies, Chihuhua, Toy Terrier, Spitz, Pekingese, French Bulldog) first begin to show readiness for reproduction at 7-8 months. Sometimes the symptoms of sexual desire may start earlier or later.

In medium-sized breeds (spaniels, American bulldogs, pit bull terriers, etc.), the puddle begins a little later than in small or dwarf breeds. The optimal onset time is 7-10 months. If a female is not in heat by the age of 1 year, she should be shown to the veterinarian.

The first estrus in dogs of large breeds (alabai, husky, husky, shepherd, labrador) occurs at 1-1.5 years.

At what age to knit an animal depends on its breed and the time of the onset of the first estrus. For representatives of small and medium-sized breeds, it is advisable to carry out the first mating only on the 3rd heat. By this time, animals have reached the age of 18-20 months.

Large pets can be knitted with the onset of 2 pets. It is important that by this time the dog is at least 18 months old. Experienced breeders recommend mating large breed bitches no earlier than 2.5 years of age.

It is important for the pet owner not to miss the beginning of the first estrus, if in the future he wants to receive offspring from the dog. It is sometimes very difficult to determine the beginning of a puddle for the first time. an animal may not show obvious signs of sexual heat.

You can find out about the onset of estrus by symptoms such as frequent licking of the noose, a playful mood. During the first heat, bitches often experience so-called juvenile vaginitis, in which scanty purulent discharge flows from the vulva.

How to care for a hot bitch

During estrus, the dog needs special care. The pet should not be in a draft. A female bitch is forbidden to lie on a cold floor or wet ground, swim in open water. In cold and wet weather, the animal should not be walked for a long time. It is also not recommended to wash the pet. this can lead to irritation of the loop.

To avoid traces of discharge, the dog is taught to lick the vulva from the very beginning on hunting days. Special underpants for dogs in heat also help to solve the problem. During walks, protective diapers additionally protect the bitch from accidental mating, and prevent infection from entering the genital tract.

Special sprays that mask the smell of female secretions will help protect the dog from males:

  • Male Stop;
  • Dog-Stop;
  • No Love;
  • Touchy.

They will not completely help to eliminate the smell of a running bitch, but they will make it less pronounced. The spray is applied to the inside of the paws and the tail area before walking.

To neutralize specific odors, oral preparations are considered the most effective. One of these is Canina Dog-Stop-Forte. The product neutralizes odoriferous substances that a running bitch exudes along with urine.

In order to prevent unplanned mating, a dog conducting a sexual hunt is not let off the leash, walk in places where there is less chance of meeting a dog.

Another problem that the owner will have to face is the bitch’s frequent urge to urinate. A dog in heat can begin to mark the territory in the apartment. To avoid this, you will need more frequent walks.

In case of false pregnancy after estrus, it is necessary to contact the veterinarian to stabilize the mental state of the pet.

For purebred dogs, from which they plan to get offspring in the future, they keep diaries, where they mark the beginning and end of estrus. This will allow you not to miss the moment when the bitch can be knitted.

During estrus in dogs, the owner should show maximum attention to the pet. For a bitch in heat, the period of sexual activity is very difficult mentally. In addition, with estrus, the risk of developing genital infections increases, since the birth canal in the dog opens. The main task of the owner is to monitor the mental and physical condition of the animal. If you find any abnormalities during estrus, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.