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House for a small dog with your own hands

American cocker spaniel. DIY house for a cat / small dog

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Our pets give us a lot of joy, without them it is difficult to imagine our existence, and we try to reward them not only with reciprocal feelings, but also with taking care of them.

First of all, to create comfortable conditions for their stay in the house, and this requires the availability of free funds. For those who can easily cope with simple work, making a house will not be a problem either. To do this, you need to stock up on a flooring underlay with foil.

First of all, you need to find a template according to which the circle is cut, for example, a cover for a floor fan. We outline in a circle and estimate the size of the house, we had to reduce the diameter to 40 cm.Cut out a semicircle from the rest of the part and make four darts along the entire lower length, they will create a sphere.

Using scotch tape, we connect the darts with a twist on the inside. The house was conceived as winter-summer, so the top will be removable, and to the bottom we cut a side with smooth rounded edges into a bevel.

And we also fix it with tape to the base, you can duplicate it twice for strength. The back side is white, which allows you to leave it intact. And we will finish the top with a knitted fabric, since the elasticity of the aforementioned fabric allows you to exclude the pattern and also give strength to the product.

We stretch the fabric on the base of the house and its top and fix it manually. It is necessary to grind through all the seams, that is, connect the fabric and the backing. Cut out a circle of fleece at the bottom and sew to the fabric.

Since the top will be removable, we sew Velcro on three sides. You can freely remove the top when it is hot in the house, and if you put on the roof, then neither cold nor draft is terrible. Also, such a house will not deteriorate if you fold it compactly when there is no need for it.

We trim the edge with braid to taste and availability, and connect the two ends of the upper part of the house using the same Velcro. It turns out a nice and not expensive house in terms of material costs, in which the animal will not only be warm, but also cozy, since it is made with your own hands and soul.

Required tools and materials

To make a house for a small dog, you will need:

Pattern of a house for a small dog

Once, a wonderful dog of the Chihuahua breed visited us. And Jack and I decided to sew for her the same wonderful house as Jack’s.

When I sewed Jekusik a house, he constantly monitored me and checked if I was doing everything right. Ridiculous my favorite.

When cutting out parts from foam rubber, you do not need to leave any allowances. Make measurements strictly according to the pattern.

But when transferring the pattern to the fabric, be sure to leave allowances for the seams, depending on the thickness of the foam rubber. I left about 3 cm on each side.

Another small nuance. When cutting out a house, you can make a one-piece piece: roof-wall-floor-wall-roof (see pattern), sew on the fabric on top and just additionally sew the joints on a typewriter. But I don’t advise you to do that. Why? The reason is as follows. With a one-piece part (with sewing of the joints), the parts will “pull” each other and the house can “lead” (option 1). It is better to cut out all the details and cover them with fabric separately, and only then sew together from the inside of the house (option 2). This will make the walls more straight and even.

And further. It is best to sew a kind of “sheaths” made of fabric on foam rubber blanks, and then additionally from the outside sew the detail along the entire perimeter with an additional line. So later it will be more convenient to sew the parts together.

Here is such a simple pattern of a house for a dog I got. The house made according to this pattern folds easily. Thus, it is convenient to take it with you if you are going somewhere for a long time. Away, in its usual place, the dog will feel much calmer.

Well, he just can’t part with his house. Thinks that I’ll take him!

Unfortunately, I was in a great hurry to sew the house to give it to Juzik for the New Year. Therefore, I did not have time to immediately make detailed instructions for making a house. But I still have some foam rubber, and finally I made the same gift to my friends’ little chihuahua.

Jekusik really liked this New Year’s present! Now he often sits or sleeps in his house. He also loves to hide his toys there from us. And if we play, and he is hiding there from me, then I do not get Jack out of his “den”. He must know that he is safe there and that no one will disturb him there. His home is his fortress!

I hope that you will be able to sew such a wonderful “real estate” for your pet.!

Key recommendations

  • The pet house must be free. The more space in it, the more comfortable your ponytail will be.
  • When making a house, use only natural fabrics and materials: chintz, fleece, linen, cotton, jeans, tarpaulin, velor or artificial fur. For filler: synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, batting, down. Never buy synthetic fabrics. Synthetics in contact with the animal’s hair will be very electrified and “beat” your dog with an electric current. Your ponytail won’t want to live in such a dwelling.
  • When choosing a material for making a house, consider the degree of your pet’s shaggy. A dog with long hair will feel hot in a house made of fluffy fabric. In addition, hairs will constantly clog into the fleecy fabric, which will be difficult to remove.
  • Considering that all four-legged “shilopopiki” love to “dig”, “dig” and nibble on their lounger, when making a house, use only durable fabrics, threads and accessories.
  • This soft house made of foam rubber is suitable for small dogs, whose weight does not exceed 20 kg. For more massive rocks, it is better to make a house from more durable materials (for example, wood).
  • The construction of foam rubber will be more practical and compact in use if the details of the house are connected with a zipper. So the home can be easily disassembled for cleaning and transportation.
  • Do not get carried away with unnecessary decor. The fewer the various parts, the easier it will be to clean the house, and the nibbler will not have an extra reason to bite off something.

Pattern of a house for a dog

If you want to please your pet with a cozy “nest”, you will probably need a dog house pattern. Every pet (even if he lives in an apartment) should have a cozy place where he can take a break from the hustle and bustle, and just hide from the bright electric light in the evening, if the owner does not sleep and is busy with his household chores.

This article for the most part will deal with the construction of exactly the pattern for the house. Well, I will publish a detailed master class later.

I would like to note that this pattern is suitable for owners of dogs and other breeds. But you have to play a little with the dimensions (make it larger or smaller, depending on the breed and size of the pet).

House pattern

This is how a house pattern for a Jack Russell Terrier dog or tails about the same size as our Jack looks like.

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Be sure to share your impressions and attach your photos of the houses to the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! Good luck to you! Take care of your pets!

Master class: house for a dog or cat

Each foam piece must be sheathed with a cloth. Therefore, for each foam part, we cut out two fabric parts. Later we will sew them together.

Fabric parts should be about 2-3 cm larger than foam. This is necessary so that when stitching we have a supply of fabric to take into account the height of the foam.

We fold the fabric parts together “face to face” and sew together on three sides. Where indicated by the arrow (on the fourth side), you do not need to stitch.

We should get a kind of case. Something like a pillowcase. We turn the case out onto the front side. And we put into it exactly the foam part for which the specific cover was sewn.

We will sew it a little differently. Next, I will show how.

So, we have put every detail of the foam rubber into our “own” case. And now we need to sew up the “open” side of the cover.

The next stage in the manufacture of the house will be an important point, to which I want to draw special attention.

Each (except for the front wall) foam piece is already in its case. Further, from the front side, along the entire perimeter of each part, we lay a finishing line, retreating from the edges by about 1 cm.As shown by the red dotted line in the photo.

5/19/21 Family Fellowship

You ask: what is it for? And we need this in order to make it easier for us to sew all parts of the dog house together. We will sew them exactly according to these lines. So the foam will not suffer, and it will be easier for a sewing machine to cope with such a thickness.

And one more plus of such stitching of parts. the sides of the house will be located at right angles to each other. I also write about this in detail in the first part: Pattern of a house for a dog. Be sure to read and see pictures of the possible consequences of other stitching of parts.

So, all the details of the dog house are sewn in the same way as described above. And we go further, and proceed to the front wall of the house.

Just like for everyone else, we need to cut two fabric pieces.

We put them together “face to face”.

We cut out the “window”. Seam allowances should be approximately 2-3 cm.

Further, along the entire perimeter, we sew a hole for a kind of window (entrance). The distance from the edge for the seam should be approximately 1 cm. As shown in the photo. With the second arrow, I showed the contour of the foam part.

Thus, we again have an allowance, with the help of which we leave a supply of fabric at the height of the foam rubber.

We put all this “construction” on the foam rubber part of the front wall of our house.

And then, the top layer of fabric, through the hole, we kind of turn inside. We wrap the top layer of fabric under the bottom of the foam part. We straighten all the seams well. In the photo, I tried to show it in detail.

And along the entire perimeter we sew along the edges of the front wall of the house.

Sew the edges on a sewing machine. And, just like in all other parts, we lay a finishing line.

Well, all the details of the soft house for the dog are ready. Now we will stitch them together gradually.

All small tailed tomboys want to get into a new, beautiful teremok as soon as possible.

To begin with, from the seamy side (from the inside of the future house), we sew the base (bottom), front and back walls.

In the same way, from the seamy side, we sew together the roof and side walls of the house.

Well, the outline of the little house for little Liechka is already looming.

Again, from the seamy side (from the inside), we sew the front wall of the house with the roof. And the back wall of the house with a roof, as shown in the photo with a red dotted line.

After stitching, you get such a funny house with wings.!

Well, the final stage: we stitch together the remaining non-sewn parts.

Do not forget that we do all the stitching manipulations from inside the house. Well, all the seams are stitched. Further, through the window, we simply turn the house out onto the front side. This is not difficult to do, since we used soft materials that bend well.

Well, our dog house is completely ready. Leah immediately climbed into it and did not want to go out. And Jack walked in circles, and also dreamed of seeing what was inside.

And he succeeded! As they say, in cramped quarters, but not offended. The main thing is terrier persistence. Even if the size of the house is too small, you still need to

Leah and I barely drove this awkward terrier out of her house. I didn’t want to go out in any! Apparently the house turned out to be wonderful!

Now every dog ​​has its own wonderful and cozy house.!

DIY dog house

Friends, I hasten to tell and show you how to sew a soft house for a dog with your own hands. As they say, less than a year has passed. And now, finally, I “got around”, and the master class is ready!

It is quite possible that more than one year would have passed before I would have made this wonderful house. By the way, all the components were also ready for a long time. I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down at the sewing machine. But, fortunately, a wonderful girl Liechka, Chihuhua breed, became my motivator. Well, I couldn’t leave such a beauty without my own hut.

It may seem difficult to make a dog house yourself. In fact, it is very simple to make it. It only takes a little time, a little patience and a great desire. And it will take not so much time to make a house.

I have already written about all this in detail in the article: Pattern of a house for a dog. By the way, in the same place you can take the very pattern of a house for a dog.

And this master class is a kind of continuation, or addition of previously published material.

So, as I mentioned above, the foam rubber components of the house were already ready for a long time. Jack and Leah and I had only to sheathe them with fabric and put everything together.

All participants are assembled. The size of the house has been tested and approved by the most important regulatory inspector. You can start our master class.

If in the process of making a house for your woolen friend (dog or cat) you have any questions, be sure to write. Let’s try to figure it out together.

Irina shared this new idea of ​​a house for a dog or a cat. House in the form of a pipe made of old jeans and a sheet of foam rubber.

“Cheap and angry and forces with a minimum of skills. In every house there is a bunch of jeans, who take care of the dacha, and who are sorry to throw it away. Here is a worthy application! “

Really great idea? Personally, I really like!

If you have new ideas for making clothes or accessories for our tailed friends, be sure to share them. After all, we are all dog lovers, and for us it is not only interesting, but also useful!

DIY dog house

The easiest way is to use an old suitcase for this business. Legs can be attached along the edges for greater stability along the edges of the product (from an old cabinet or simply purchase them in the furniture fittings department). Inside the suitcase, you need to sew or pick up an existing pillow of suitable dimensions. As a filler, you can use a synthetic winterizer, which is sewn into a pillowcase made of dense fabric of a suitable color.

You can also sew real booth houses, soft and cozy. You can choose the material for the trim and decor, based on the characteristics of your room, and by attaching a dense leatherette handle to the house, you can easily transfer it from place to place.

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Having decided to sew a personal home for a pet, it is worth remembering a few nuances. It is better if the floor of the house is not made of polystyrene or foam rubber, but of polyurethane foam. this material can repeat and memorize the contours of the dog’s body, it will be convenient for both puppies and already elderly pets. The litter should be thick, but at the same time tightly tightened into a fabric cover: young dogs love to chew on anything that gets on the tooth, so that the foam will become a welcome prey for the puppy and source of considerable problems for the owner. Make the house “for growth”, since young dogs grow very quickly, the area of ​​the house should correspond to the size of an adult pet.

If you have small children in your house, the frame for the house should be as strong as possible: kids can often use the dog’s “home” as a chair or play space and accidentally injure the animal. The house should be in a secluded place, away from drafts. Do not position the structure so that the exit is located against a wall or other obstacle that could interfere with the animal.

To create a full-fledged house for a dog, you will need polyurethane foam or a hard sponge, a rug, pillowcases, Velcro and, of course, sewing accessories.

  • Using a measuring tape, take measurements from the dog so you know how tall and wide the house is to make. The dog should not just curl up in a ball, but also stand in full growth and, if necessary, turn around its axis.
  • The entire perimeter of the house is upholstered with polystyrene, the length and width of each mat is determined by the measurements that you take from the dog.
  • Old pillowcases or cuts of unnecessary fabric will be required in order to hide the styrofoam from your pet’s teeth. The best option is these synthetic microfiber.
  • On the floor, before covering the polyurethane foam with a pillowcase, you should put an oilcloth or other waterproof material. you will save the floor of the structure from unpleasant surprises.
  • Velcro is sewn to the pillowcases on the edges of the foam plates: make a mark first, there should be a Velcro on every 15 cm of fabric. After connecting the mats into a single house, you will receive a dog’s home with a floor, a ceiling and three walls.
  • The entrance to the house can be either closed or open. You can make an entrance with a curtain made of thin fabric, fixing it with the same Velcro.
  • After that, you can call your pet to try out a new abode. Put your favorite puppy toy or treat inside the house. this simple action will help you get used to it.

You can make a house for a dog in a different way.

This is a semi-open bed, quite cozy and roomy. We bring to your attention a pattern and a step-by-step master class on how to make an excellent house for a pet with your own hands.

When choosing fabric for upholstery, give preference to dense materials. tapestry, microfiber and others. You will need fabric, reps in that material, rope, foam rubber (thickness may vary, on average it is 3-4 cm).

The patterns are applied on graph paper and cut out mirror-symmetrically. For small dogs, a bottom is enough, up to half a meter in diameter.

The darts are manually sewn over the edge, just like the back seams. A pattern of the bottom is inserted into the foam rubber “roof”, after which the parts are connected and stitched.

Two details are cut out of plain fabric and tapestry: for the inner and outer upholstery, they are made mirror-symmetrical. Leave an allowance of 1-2 cm, then grind the darts (they are indicated by wavy lines in the diagram). Seams are made 1 cm from the edge.

The top seam is connected to the details under the number 5 (blanks for interior decoration of the house). They are swept away, and a decorative edging is sewn for finishing the bottom. An oblique inlay, 3 centimeters wide, is cut out of a monochromatic material to match the color of the main one. The cord is inserted into the fold of the tape and tied as close as possible to the formed roller. it is best to use a paw for sewing in zippers. The edging is stitched to the lower edge of the outer part of the trim, and the bottom of the house is also marked.

The cover is put on a foam rubber frame, all the details of the finishing fabric are carefully straightened. The seam is located on the outer surface of the roof. All fabric parts are combined with foam rubber elements so that there are no distortions, after which they are fixed manually. A round tapestry piece is placed on the foam bottom and trimmed.

The dart at the very end will be convex. it can be sent and smoothed. Do not sew the inner bottom to the foam base. just tuck the fabric more tightly between other parts. you will greatly facilitate the care of the animal house. If you have taken a thicker foam rubber, adjust the pattern along the way, increase the allowances, but try to keep the foam rubber out of sight. dogs love to gnaw it. This house is a great option for small and short-haired dogs. Additionally, it can be insulated with faux fur or padding polyester.

You can make the structure simpler. it will be a kind of tent house. To do this, take two wire hangers and cross-connect the rods. As a floor, you can take a pillow or a sheathed piece of foam rubber. a wire frame is attached to it using adhesive tape or Velcro. The fabric is pulled over the frame, its edges are carefully tied and sewn up.

I Built a Tiny House for a Homeless Dog Budget Challenge

Such a house will appeal to all four-legged pets: both dogs and cats.

Another interesting and affordable option is to sew a dog bed. This is a summer version of the “sleeping place”, which captivates with its comfort and at the same time ease of manufacture.

Start with measurements: determine what length and width of the product you need, as well as the height of the sides. For stuffing, you will need a synthetic winterizer, for sewing. 2-2.5 meters of dense fabric. Cut out a large circle (two parts), this will be a useful area for your dog, conditionally divide it into 10-12 parts, fill with padding polyester. Then cut out smaller circles, we roll them up with a tube, fill with padding polyester and sew along the perimeter of the main workpiece. they will serve as bumpers. However, you can go the other way: take unnecessary terry towels or an old sweater, cut it open and simply spread it around the perimeter, securely fixing it and pre-filling it with padding polyester. Additionally, you can make a special pillow for the couch. then your pet will sleep even sweeter.

An elegant house for a dog can be made with your own hands and from a regular carrying cage. You will need a dense and beautiful fabric, braid and buttons or ordinary Velcro. Cuts for the inner and outer upholstery are sewn along the bottom and side sides, and then turned out onto the front surface and neatly patched the unstitched area. Sew the fabric around the perimeter of the cage ceiling, attach three walls to them using braid or Velcro, the fourth wall will serve as the entrance to the cage. it should be free. Lay a thick pillow or foam rubber upholstered in dense fabric on the floor: the house for your pet is ready!

How to make a house for a dog with your own hands

It is much more convenient for a small dog to have his own house, where he can retire to take a break from the owners. But not every pet recognizes this kind of “place”.

In order not to waste a lot of money, you can first make a house for the dog with your own hands and, thus, determine its preferences.

Quite simply, a house for a dog like “slippers” is sewn. This is a soft booth, in which there is a roof only on one side, and the second. the “heel” is open like a couch. Such a house becomes universal, because when the dog is cold, it can hide under a roof, when it is hot, it can move to the open part of the house.

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For the construction of such a house, you will need 2 meters of tapestry fabric, 1.1 meters of monochromatic rep to match the tapestry. A sheet of foam rubber (1 x 2 m) 3.5 cm thick, as well as 2 meters of clothesline.

The outer details of the house are cut out from the tapestry, and the inner ones from the reps. In fact, there are three parts: a round bottom and two side parts, which are a side that passes into the roof.

First, the fabric parts are sewn together: the inner ones with the outer ones, leaving a small hole in order to insert the foam rubber. After it is inserted, the holes are neatly sewn up and the house is ready.

What you need to do before making a dog house with your own hands?

Before you sew a house for a dog, you need to measure it. The size of the bottom should correspond to the territory that the dog occupies while lying on its side with outstretched legs. The part of the house in which the roof is located should correspond to the size of the curled up dog. These are the minimum dimensions. But if space permits, of course, the house can be larger.

For a small smooth-haired dog, you can make a real house in the form of a soft booth. First, an oval bottom is cut out of the foam rubber according to the size of the dog. Then, along the circumference of the bottom, a rectangular side with a height of 20-25 centimeters is cut out, in which an entrance up to 5-7 cm deep is cut.

the roof is also cut from foam rubber, first of an oval shape, and then wedges are cut into it from four sides. Sewing these cuts, we get a convex roof. After that, the foam parts must be sheathed with a cloth. Outside, it should be dense, furniture or tapestry, and inside soft and preferably natural, for example, cotton.

After the parts are covered with fabric, the roof can be connected to the skirting board. You can sew them, or you can fasten them with several decorative pins so that in the summer you can unfasten the roof, turning the house into a ventilated bed for the dog.

How to prepare a house for your Chihuahua?

In the article, you will learn where to start raising a small dog, what types of dwellings can be used for crumbs, how to purchase sun loungers. We will also tell you how to build an overnight stay and a house for a Chihuahua with your own hands.

If you have an agile Chihuahua in your house, do not rush to surround her with your excessive care. Better surround it with a space only accessible to a dog. Let her settle down there and get used to it, and then it will be seen. To begin with, the dog needs to select its own corner-aviary so that the process of education and adaptation is successful.

What does a Chihuahua house look like?

Chihuahua houses look very diverse, as they say, for which the owner’s imagination is enough. But they all agree on one thing. the house is always warm and cozy. In the cold season, you can warm up there, but in the summer it is not hot. How to build a house with your own hands that meets all these parameters? Let’s talk about this and much more.

A cozy place can be sewn from scraps of fabric, sheathed with fur, and made bumpers. To start designing a home, you need to know the rules that guide you:

You can not pile up the house with decor that the dog swallows easily. The door should always be open, if there is one, and nothing should prevent the dog from entering and resting.

Where to start education

Most successfully adapted are dogs, for which an aviary or their own corner is initially provided. It would be better if the sleeping place was near the sofa or bed on which the owner sleeps. This will make it easier to calm down the dog at night, if she is missing her mother, just lower her hand and stroke her.

She will feel warmth and care, stress is very dangerous for the Chihuahua breed, and a constantly cowardly dog ​​will not be able to grow up normally and will not be able to follow commands. In addition, if it was not possible to establish contact from the very beginning, the dog grows vicious and aggressive, which, in principle, is not typical of the breed.

That is why the “place”, like the team of the same name, must be present in the education of the puppy. The aviary will protect the baby from unauthorized actions, falls and injuries, and the house. by calming or punishing.

Psychologically, it is easier for a dog to sniff its space and take root in a new home, and what could be better than a do-it-yourself aviary with everything you need. a playground, a sleeping place, a kitchen and a toilet.

There is nothing simpler, but more important than the punishment “in place”, the dog has its own corner, and if it is guilty, it should know that it should no longer be done this way, having served the sentence on its bed, the dog will learn its lesson faster.

You can also use the growl effect. demonstrating to the puppy the behavior of a dog punishing his puppy. In any case, upbringing should begin with accustoming to the nickname, this is the only way to correctly form the character. Also, encourage and praise the puppy, the Chihuahua should feel loved.

We make a house on our own

In addition, if the material is synthetic, sparks can scare the pet, it is better not to risk it. Cheaper, more beautiful, more comfortable and just right in size. a house and an aviary with our own hands, so we make.

  • Measure the size of the dog from all sides and make a template (the whole process is described in detail in the video);
  • Do not forget about the increments, not counting the fact that the size should be larger than the dog itself, allowances for seams;
  • Then buy materials. fabric, filler (it is usually thicker than 1 cm), take care of the base of the house with your own hands;
  • Sew the details on a typewriter, then insert the filler;
  • When everything is ready. the parts of the house are sewn together by hand, the seam is closed with a decorative element, for example, with a tape.

To make the house stable with your own hands, the base should be denser and slightly wider than the top. The best option, but also the most common one, is the shape of a dome or the so-called house with an attic. It is used for dogs all over the place, it is not so original, but it is worth trying. over, you can change the house if the dog is not comfortable and sew a new one. The shape can be round, square, oval, which suits the style of the room and your taste.

A house with your own hands can be trimmed with leather, it is very beautiful, but not synthetics, it is not used at all. Do not build houses and sun loungers from a regular cardboard box. this is not practical.

DIY Easy Dog Bed. Pet Bed From Old Plaid. Recycling Idea.Sewing Tutorial

The dog will turn it to shreds very quickly, but wood is the best option. An old bedside table decorated with vintage is not the ultimate dream. In such a nightstand on the second floor (in a drawer) you can store dog care products, collars, leashes and even clothes.

Remember that the aviary and the house are the safety of the dog, feeling this protection that the owner provides her, she will become your friend for life.!