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How a dog behaves when in heat


The reproductive cycle in dogs goes through 4 stages. It is necessary to take them into account when planning to knit an animal. After all, the process will be successful only on certain days of the cycle.

It is important to prepare for the fact that often during estrus, the dog will whine. This kind of behavior will accompany all days of the cycle. approximately 21 days. You can determine its beginning by the pink discharge that appears. The end of the cycle is determined by the coldness of the pet in relation to males.

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As a rule, estrus occurs with pauses of 6-8 months. A number of factors. for example, genetic predisposition, current condition. determine when a cycle begins. They also determine the behavior of dogs during their first estrus.

The duration of proestrus, the onset of estrus, is about 9 days. The behavior of the dog during estrus in proestrus is manifested in constant marks. This is done so that males perceive pheromones in the dog’s urine.

The initial period of estrus is manifested in the scaring away of males. She can growl, jump from them.

The second phase is estrus, its duration is 9 days. The behavior of dogs during the estrus of the second period consists in active flirting with males. If it is touched from behind, it immediately removes its tail, bends its front legs.

The third stage of the cycle is called metestrus. The dog begins to restore its normal physiological processes. The stage lasts about 150 days. At this time, she stops allowing males to approach her.

By the way, it is not only the behavior of the dog that changes during estrus. Her appetite practically disappears, she refuses to eat.

At the fourth stage, anestrus, complete sexual rest begins. The duration of this period is also about 150 days.

Avoid complexity

As a rule, owners seek to get rid of the inconvenience associated with estrus in pets. In this case, they use drugs to regulate the sexual desire. They contain hormones. They also prevent unwanted pregnancies in dogs.

Content rules

You need to keep the dog in a special way during the active periods of the cycle. In cases where the owner does not need puppies, it is important to take action with the first signs of the cycle. So, it is necessary to carefully monitor the pet on walks, to prevent its contact with males.

It is necessary to use a short leash, because there is a great risk that the dog will simply run away. Once mating begins, pulling the dogs apart will be virtually impossible. Do not take dogs during estrus to exhibitions, competitions. The thing is that all the dogs around will be distracted by this, and the bitch herself will be naughty.


Finding out what behavior is typical for dogs during estrus, it is recommended to take into account the fact that this is the period in which these animals are sexually active. When they reach puberty depends directly on the breed. In a small and medium breed animal, the first estrus will most likely occur at the age of 6-7 months, while in large breeds it begins at 11-18 months.

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But for a dog to be able to bear offspring, it must be mature both sexually and physiologically. And this happens around the second year of life.

Aggression manifests itself in the behavior of the dog during estrus. It is aimed at both people and other animals. Some pets have a discharge of pale flowers from the loop. They often begin to mark in the home and on the street.


It is important to bear in mind that if the bitch has not passed her first estrus by the age of 2 years, you should contact your veterinarian. It is considered normal if your pet is in heat once or twice a year. When this happens more often, this is probably evidence that a hormonal imbalance has occurred, which must be treated in order to avoid negative phenomena in the dog’s health.

Difficulties of the first heat

It should be borne in mind that the most important stage in the life of bitches is the first heat. It usually begins after the change of teeth. Bloody discharge appears, the pet is unlikely to communicate with males, but this does not mean that you should not worry.

If the owners want to subsequently breed puppies, you need to track the moment when the first estrus begins. After all, they begin to knit pets in the third cycle. As a rule, hosts mark the dates of empty events on the calendar.

Compliance with frequency

Care must be taken to keep the pet clean at this time. Usually they are clean, but bitches who live at home will need extra care. Most likely they will stay in their sleeping place. But you will need to constantly change its litter or clean it. Even the behavior of a Spitz dog during estrus is of such a nature that many traces will remain throughout the apartment.

There is no need to punish her for this. In such cases, some of the owners put on special panties on the pet. With such clothes, there will be no traces in the apartment and carpets, furniture, floor will remain clean.

Why does the licking mechanism arise and what does it serve

We all come from childhood. And dogs too. If you have ever had puppies with you, then you probably noticed that the first thing a mother does is lick them, helping to get rid of the remnants of the membranes and stimulating the development of respiratory function in babies. In the future, maternal licking is designed to improve the functioning of the puppy’s gastrointestinal tract and keep his fur clean until the dog’s child matures and is strong enough to do it on its own. And also licking, like motion sickness in humans, has a calming effect.

Thus, licking is the first way a puppy will recognize a contact with another creature. Later, he begins to use it to signal that he is hungry or needs care.

Now let’s see what this behavior can mean when a dog licks a person.

The dog wants to help

Dogs are gregarious animals, and therefore mutual assistance is not alien to them. That is why a pet may try to lick wounds (this is how dogs heal themselves) or lick naked areas of human skin, trying to understand whether he is alive, make him breathe or not sleep, which in critical situations can really be justified.

Your pet is afraid

Some dogs, frightened by loud noises, naturally seek protection from their leader-owner. Licking, accompanied by whining and the desire to climb into your arms or into bed, it is likely that the pet is scared and asks to calm him down.

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The dog shows his love

Licking can indeed signal a special relationship between a dog and its owner or family member (from a dog’s point of view, consider a pack). In the event that the licking is accompanied by joyful cries of the pet, active wagging of the tail, the desire to jump into your arms, this is an expression of love.

Why do dogs lick their owners

Dog kisses evoke affection in us, owners of four-legged pets. After all, we ourselves are inclined to express with the help of kisses a special attitude towards those who are dear to us. However, at the same time, it is not worth overhumanizing the dog. This is a completely different being, which perceives both the world and us in it in a completely different way. Therefore, it will be useful for the owners of furry friends to learn about other reasons why a dog licks a person. And also what signals this pleasant gesture can send him.

The dog reacts to smell

Unlike humans, who perceive most of the information through the visual channel, in a dog, the most important of the senses is the sense of smell. Its capabilities for our four-legged brothers are many times greater than that of humans. Therefore, we may not even feel that we smell particularly pleasant or unpleasant for the dog. In this case, with a lick, she tries to wash us or understand where the person was.

The dog is lonely

If you just sit quietly or are doing something, not paying attention to the pet, and he suddenly comes up and starts licking you, this may indicate that in this way the dog wants to draw attention to himself. Indeed, the wet tongue of the pet on the skin is really hard to ignore!

Bloody issues. directly estrus

The estrus cycle has four stages. The first stage is called proestrus and lasts about 10 days. During this time, the dog will experience bleeding from the vulva. During this period, the dog is being prepared for the next stage, fertilization. During estrus, the dog does not allow males to come near him.

As a pet owner, you have several ways to manage your discharge and keep your home clean. Your dog will lick itself, but you will still find blood stains in or around the house. If you live in a house with wood or marble floors, then removing stains with a regular mop shouldn’t be too difficult. You should also provide the dog with a suitable bedding or towels, especially if he can sit on furniture. Or you can also purchase dog diapers (pictured).

Time and duration

A dog’s first heat can begin at any time between 6 and 24 months of age. In small breeds, it occurs faster than in large ones. Heat, or rut, usually occurs twice a year and lasts 18 to 24 days. Changes in behavior are the first signs that a dog is in heat:

  • Obsessive and affectionate behavior
  • The tail is raised high and the dog can begin to mark territory
  • The dog lifts the back of the body when stroking the back
  • Discoloration and discharge on the vulva

Male Dogs Going Crazy : dog in heat: Miggy San’s Huskies

The bitch may cling to you, get anxious and show sudden outbursts of irritation towards other pets. She will also begin to lick her vulva frequently. Normal seasons of heat. period from January to March and from August to October.

How long dogs are in heat and how the dog behaves during and after estrus

The duration of estrus (spotting) in dogs is 10 days on average. Heat in dogs is similar to the menstrual cycle, except that it only occurs twice a year. The first heat can begin as early as six months, so you need to closely monitor its first signs.

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Frequency of estrus

The dog’s sexual cycle and estrus will repeat throughout its life. In dogs, there is no such thing as menopause, and as they age, their sexual cycle simply increases. Spaying a bitch will prevent her from developing her natural reproductive cycle and estrus.

It is believed that there is no health reason for a dog to survive its first estrus or first pregnancy. Numerous health benefits are also confirmed if a bitch was spayed prior to her first estrus, such as preventing breast cancer and uterine infections. In addition, reduced urge to mate stops her from outdoor risky behavior or escape.

Mating stage

The next, second stage is called estrus and lasts from 5 to 10 days. During this period, after estrus, the dog lets the males come close to him and is ready to mate with any of them, and every male nearby will try to get to her. If you do not want her to mate, you must keep her safe in the house. If you let her go out or leave her alone on the street, then she can mate at any time.

The next, third stage is diestrus, which lasts from 6 to 10 weeks. During this period, it becomes clear whether the dog has become pregnant or not. During this time, the walls of the uterus thicken, and some dogs may develop false pregnancies. One of the signs of this is enlarged mammary glands, in which milk may even appear.

Dogs In Heat. In Depth Explanation by Master Dog Trainer

The fourth and final stage is called anestrus and lasts an average of 15 weeks (100-150 days). During this time, the dog will have no interest in mating and will show no signs of hormonal changes until the next proestrus.

Frequently asked Questions

Proestrus. this is the first stage of the dog’s sexual cycle. During this stage, estrogen levels first rise and then drop sharply, and mature eggs are released from the ovaries. Ideally, the dog should be spayed before it goes into heat for the first time.

When a dog is in heat for the first time?

The first estrus in dogs occurs between 5 and 24 months of age. The first heat in small breeds tends to occur earlier than in large breeds.

How often and how long does estrus last in dogs??

The frequency of estrus varies from breed to breed and from dog to dog, but it usually occurs twice a year and lasts about 10 days. If estrus occurs more often or much less often than twice a year, then the dog should be shown to the veterinarian, since it may have hormonal imbalance.

How to tell if your dog is in heat?

During heat, the bitch becomes more nervous and alert than usual. She may urinate more often. You will most likely notice changes in her behavior that are caused by changes in her hormonal balance. During estrus, the dog’s vulva swells and bleeds appear.

It is recommended to spay the dog before the first heat and accidental pregnancy, which will reduce the likelihood of many diseases of the breast and reproductive system.

At what age can a dog be spayed?

Bitches can usually be spayed between two and four months of age. However, it is best to consult your veterinarian for specific advice.