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How huskies behave in an apartment

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There are two ways to teach the “no” command. The first is used when the puppy begins to bite or show aggression, the second method is resorted to on the street, when the baby tries to grab a tidbit from the ground.

While playing, does the little pet sink its teeth into the owner’s hand? You should tangibly hit his face with your palm, uttering a braking command in a stern voice. First the command is given, then the slap follows. The game ends the moment the puppy receives negative reinforcement.

For the second method, you will need a treat and a leash. The owner of the puppy scatters the treat on the ground so that the pet cannot see. The puppy is brought to this place, the baby is on a leash. He will immediately try to pick up a treat, the owner gives a braking command, makes a tangible jerk with a leash. After the puppy turns his attention to the owner, verbal praise and positive reinforcement in the form of a treat or play follow.

A dog in an apartment, in a house, in an aviary

Huskies can easily tolerate confined spaces, so they feel good in an apartment or house if the owner devotes enough time to walking. at least 1.5 hours a day. However, there are still problems with home content. The first problem can be shedding, which takes place twice a year for two to three weeks, but if you take care of the coat correctly and constantly comb it out, then this will not cause you problems. The next difficulty is that Siberians love to taste everything, for example, your house slippers. The solution is simple. Firstly, with sufficient physical activity, the husky will not gnaw everything he sees. Secondly, the dog must have toys specially designated for the teeth. Compliance with these rules will help you avoid unpleasant surprises, however, for an accurate result, we recommend removing expensive things from the dog’s reach.

In the apartment, the dog should have its own corner, preferably a cool place. The pet should not lie on a cold and hard floor. In addition, a bowl of water should always be available.

huskies, behave, apartment

Huskies can easily tolerate the cold, and can be outdoors for a long time. In the summer heat, you cannot keep a dog for more than an hour. When planning a place in an aviary, take care of a kennel where the dog can wait out the vicissitudes of the weather. The kennel should have a flat roof for the animal to climb onto. If the dog is on a leash, the chain or rope must be long so that the husky can move freely, otherwise it will affect its health. If the dog lives in an open-air cage without a leash, take care of the net: it should be strong and not painted, because as you already know, huskies are famous for their love of trying everything to the teeth. The net should be as deep in the ground as possible, since freedom-loving and curious dogs will definitely try to dig a way out.

If the dog gets out on a residential street, be sure. the hunt will begin. All small poultry and livestock will be candidates for lunch. Therefore, it is very important to take care of strengthening the fences.

Training and practicing teams

Puppy training is carried out according to the same principles as in 2 months. It should be remembered that at this age puppies develop conditioned reflexes quite easily, but they are just as quickly forgotten, so do not scold the puppy for not following commands, especially if they have not been repeated for a long time, but more attention should be paid to learning new and repeating already passed material.

Training in 3 months. Socialization

Three months is an important stage in the acquaintance of a husky puppy with the outside world. Your first walks should be short and not too tiring for the puppy. You should start at 15 minutes, gradually increasing the walking time to 1 hour.

How hard is it to train

Husky is a breed with high intelligence, stubbornness and willpower, which it can direct against the owner. The dog does not miss the opportunity to test the power of the owner and to undermine the established rules.

Huskies are close to their natural ancestors, wolves and tend to exist according to the laws of the pack, they definitely need a leader. This dog will allow itself to be tamed and will provide leadership only to a firm, fair owner, otherwise the pet will try to take on this role.

How to train a husky puppy should be figured out even before he appears in the house or apartment. And it is important to realize that teaching teams is not the only thing. Specialized training courses can help: professionals know exactly how to properly raise and care for huskies.

A place

Above it is written that this command is the first in the life of a puppy. Learning will require a pet treat and patience from the owner.

When the baby gets comfortable in the new home, he is taught to the place. The puppy is laid on a bed in the designated corner, pressed a little with his hand so that the pet cannot leave it and calmly but persistently pronounce the command. After that, they give the baby a treat and iron it. After a few sessions, the husky puppy will understand where it belongs. In the future, when the owner begins to give a command to the matured pet, it will be clear to him where to go.

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The main inventory is a treat or toy. The puppy is in front of the owner, he gives the command to “sit”, at the same time pulling his hand with a treat or a toy behind the head of the pet. He is forced to sit down in order to keep her in sight. As soon as the pet sits down, he is immediately praised and given a treat or a toy.

If the husky puppy refuses to sit down on its own, the owner presses his croup with his free hand, forcing him to execute the command.

The video tells about the main points of education:

Character and temperament

Initially, huskies were sled dogs and this is due to the peculiarities of their character. They are characterized by ingenuity and independence. the leader himself chose the most convenient path, focusing on a given direction, all the others worked in a single mode. Lazy dogs were punished by the pack itself, and this developed the breed’s habit of working with full dedication, while appreciating the “contribution” of others. Hence the tendency of these dogs to imitate.

At the same time, they are weakly attached to the owner, since usually the team was used by different people.

The hunting instinct is highly developed and without socialization these dogs perceive other domestic animals as prey. Security instincts are very poorly developed.

The tendency to dominance is strongly manifested: without proper training, huskies impose their own rules on their household, and even bite when “disobedient”. This breed is categorically not recommended for beginners, since it is very difficult for a beginner amateur to train a restive husky correctly.

On the street, it is better to let them off the leash less often. huskies tend to run away and wander.

Pet surprises

Important note: walking the puppy, especially in the first months, must be on a leash.

An independent, self-confident dog can easily go on a long journey. In this case, it is necessary to increase the duration of walks, due to a decrease in their intensity.

But at the same time, you need to set a goal: to make the dog understand that you can spend time with the owner more interesting than without him.

If the relationship “does not work out”, the animal will not keep from vagrancy neither a leash, nor a castle in the apartment, nor an aviary at the house.

the puppy can turn into another unexpected concern for the owner: molting. The dog’s coat seems to be relatively short. and rightfully so.

However, there are twice as many hairs on the Siberian Husky as on the hairy St. Bernard itself.

There are two cover change periods per year. in bitches and one in males. You need to brush your pet regularly.

Photo gallery

Let’s look at the photos of these cute and restless dogs, which it is absolutely impossible to leave alone in the apartment for a long time.

Grooming and husky at home

Husky is a dog that appreciates willpower, spaciousness and fresh strong impressions more than representatives of other breeds.

Dull gray monotonous everyday life is not for him.

The history of his ancestors goes back to the nomadic conquerors of taiga expanses and endless tundra.

Siberian huskies. this is how dogs are correctly called, according to cynologists, they belong to one of the oldest branches of the canine family, whose relationship with the wolf is visible even today with the naked eye.

Dog grooming

Caring for your husky is tricky at first. Love of freedom, curiosity and a lively mind make the puppy a problematic inhabitant: it is cramped for him both in the house and in the apartment.

He combines quick wit and observation with flexibility, jumping ability, climbing ability.

Being alone, he gladly disassembles sofas and pillows, examining their insides.

Natural restlessness and thirst for activity prompts him to research actions: the dog will find a way to get to the most inaccessible boxes, adapting everything for this that he has enough imagination.

Husky quickly “masters” the mechanisms of locking locks: it is believed that even a window glass cannot stop a puppy if he really wants to wander.

And yet, many owners keep a dog in an apartment without serious inconvenience.

And in fact: the husky quickly gets used to new places, he will be comfortable in the apartment if the owner does not leave him alone at first.

An empty, closed room, in which it is impossible to throw out irrepressible natural energy, irritates the dog’s nervous system.

Can Huskies live in apartments??

Regular walks, during which the dog must give free rein to the muscles. It’s good if the owner loves a bike and skis: in this case, the life values ​​of him and the puppy will coincide.

Description of appearance

However, having inherited the appearance of an insidious predator, today’s husky has acquired an almost pathological absence of an aggressive attitude towards humans.

For hundreds of years, his main task was to run. at the behest of the owner, the dog was obliged to deliver the sledges with luggage to any long distance.

The vagrant instinct makes the husky absolutely unsuitable for guard duty. the animal is not able to protect the territory, and friendliness is a serious obstacle to using the husky as a guard.

An attempt to awaken evil instincts ends with unpredictable dog behavior.

Husky is a fairly tall dog: at the withers, the height can reach 61 cm.The head with sharp protruding ears is set on a high neck. posture gives out the proud independent character of the dog.

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The color is gray with white, the eyes are blue or brown. A feature of the breed is heterochromia. this is when one eye is blue and the other is brown.

In addition to expressive appearance, representatives of the breed have a number of qualities that make them attractive objects for keeping at home.

The dog has no desire for importunity and begging, it does not bark in vain.

An animal can become completely invisible in an apartment if, in a day, it runs fifty kilometers and jumps over dozens of imaginary (or real) obstacles.

To do this, you need to arrange a walk twice a day. at least for an hour.

The basics of care, nutrition, education

The rest of the husky is a representative of a surprisingly companionable breed.

If dogs feel the attention of the owner, they will gladly demonstrate a model of obedience when learning and executing commands.

It is necessary to accustom the puppy to obey the orders from the age of two months. A pet can get used to the litter box earlier, but the skill needs to be trained.

To do this, you need, firstly, to establish a strict feeding regime.

The next step is to teach the puppy to walk into the cuvette: 20 minutes after the meal, the puppy should be in the usual place next to the tray.

The training of puppies, according to experts, should be limited to obedience commands.

It is dangerous to instill in animals the skills of fighting dogs: experts say that the husky can experience psychological withdrawal, the consequences of which are unknown.

In any case, you should not deprive a friendly friend of good nature.

Proteins are the basis of the husky’s diet: the proportion of meat in the diet should be at least 60%.

Cooked sea fish, vegetables, cereals complete the list of necessary products.

Occasionally it is necessary to include eggs, dairy products in the menu. Small puppies are fed 5-6 times a day.

After a three-month birthday, the frequency is reduced to 3 times, and from six months of age. to 2 times. Starting from a year, the animal is transferred to a one-time regimen.

From about the same age, huskies become obedient inhabitants of human dwellings.

Animals master the behavioral role assigned to them in the hierarchy of the pack and take their rightful place in an apartment or private house.

So that your dog does not get bored in the apartment, he needs long and exhausting walks. Or just make time for games, as the author of this video did.

And in this video clips, the author will tell you about the disadvantages of keeping such an active dog at home.

Requirements for an apartment for living in it a husky

The first thing a future city owner of a husky puppy should mentally prepare for is that up to 6 months the puppy is not taught to cope on the street. Alas, the representatives of the breed simply do not understand why they are taken to fresh grass. The best way to hint the puppy that it is better to write on walks is to take the puppy outside after sleeping or feeding, so the baby will not restrain himself and will do his job right away. It’s even better to praise the puppy for it, and not scold at home. Over time, the dog will understand itself that it is necessary to go to the toilet while walking.

INTERESTING: Husky puppies are good at litter box training.

What YOU need to know about owning a husky in an apartment

The second point that the owner of the husky breed should pay attention to in an apartment is hair care. The breed has a thick undercoat, which requires combing once a week, and once every two days during the moulting period. You can carry out the procedure on the street, just teach the dog to do this right away. A well-combed husky in an apartment will not turn everything into a felt boot made of its wool.

It is often not recommended to wash the breed; after a walk, it is enough to wipe the paws with a damp towel. Grooming for the breed is generally considered dangerous, since the down layer also performs a thermoregulatory function, which is vital for the husky in the heat. The fact is that a dog accustomed to the cold does not tolerate heat well. It is good if the apartment has air conditioning and in the summer you can cool the air in the apartment.

A feature of keeping a husky in an apartment is also their attraction to the company. If you have no way not to leave the dog alone, then it is better for her to have a companion. For this role, either a calmer dog, such as a collie, or a cat is suitable. Yes, huskies get along surprisingly well with cats, and if you take an already grown husky kitten, it will be a positive factor in the sense that the husky decides that he is the leader in the pack, thus the dog will fill all the roles that exist in their natural harness.

IMPORTANT: The hamster, ferret and fish are not the husky’s best friends. The dog will be constantly nervous because of the rustle of animals, and she will not forgive the fish for movement out of reach of her.

An important factor for a husky in an apartment is its place to sleep. The dog chooses it by itself, the owner can only dutifully lay a rug there. A warm bed for the breed is useless, and in summer it is even harmful, since the dog is not hot for her.

The issue of nutrition for the breed in an apartment is solved in the same way as for a husky in a private house. Veterinarians recommend adhering to a natural type of feeding, where the protein component takes up 60% of the feed volume, but you can also choose a dry feed system. It all depends on the preferences of the dog and its owner.

And the most important for the comfortable keeping of the husky in the apartment is the mode of walking and training. The northern sled breed naturally requires loads. The total time volume must be more than 2 hours a day. At the same time, due to the curiosity of the husky, walking should be carried out on a long free leash. If the dog is distracted by something, interested and he runs after the desired object, then most likely you will have to post ads about the missing pet throughout the city.

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Simple walks in the park are also not about the breed of blue-eyed descendants of wolves. The walk should be intense, with elements of training, games and exercises. In winter, it’s good to take a sled and a child with you, because such a game is a real pleasure for a husky. The breed is also good for joggers. An even running rhythm has a beneficial effect on the muscles and joints of the breed, but make sure that the pet runs on the lawn, as its paws are not designed for hard surfaces and gravel.

Husky in an apartment. features of the content, pros and cons for city life- Review Video

The husky breed has never been as popular as it is now. Many owners have already appreciated all the pros and cons of this incredibly beautiful breed, but future owners are still wondering whether it is possible to keep a husky in an apartment and what are the features of this northern breed.

Professional breeders will answer categorically that the husky is not an urban breed, that the influence of ancestors is too strong in their blood. A private house with a large yard is a place for a husky. But the experience of private breeders suggests that a husky can live well in a city apartment, if you devote enough time to the dog.

Cons of the breed, manifested in the conditions of living in an apartment

The breed is quite large, adult dogs at the withers reach 63 centimeters, so it is impossible to keep the breed in a cramped small apartment. A spacious two-room apartment is well suited, and preferably a three-room apartment. over, the dog should move freely between rooms, in conditions of constraint, the husky yearns and the habit of howling may appear. Yes, barking from a pet you will not achieve, but howl like a frozen wolf. please.

Keeping a husky in the apartment as a watchman will also not work, the dog will rather knock the stranger off his feet and sniff him happily, but he will not be able to scare away with barking, it is simply not in its nature.

Curiosity is not a vice. so the proverb says, but not in the case of the husky. In the apartment, all wires should be hidden in the baseboards, no things that resemble toys should be in the pet’s reach. Plush toys of children, most likely, will be torn apart, because it will be vital for the dog to find out what is inside it rustles, and even more so squeaks or talks.

Sofas and pillows are also at risk. the breed’s love for digging snow has been laid down by centuries of selection, the dog may even just decide to get comfortable without pursuing malicious intent. The problem can be partially solved by a large number of personal dog toys, while the “staff” of them must be constantly replenished.

Huskies are accustomed to living in a pack, or rather with fellow sledges, so it is advisable to have a husky in an apartment if someone is at home during the day. Long-term loneliness cannot be replaced even by long walks, and the dog does not care whether they play with him or not, he needs company even for sleep and nap.

Huskies take time, a lot of time. This is due to the walking regime, and with the need to constantly educate the dog and the fact that the breed is simply very dependent on finding someone nearby.

Advantages of the breed in living conditions in an apartment

Husky, by nature, are northern sled dogs, they do not have the instinct of a guard. Therefore, the breed is classified as quiet. Neighbors may not even suspect that there is a dog at home, because with proper walking at home, the dog will be silent. Also, huskies tired from a walk behave very calmly in the apartment. Having chosen a place to rest, they would rather rather sleep all day than wander from corner to corner.

The advantage of the breed for the owner is its independence. A well-bred husky would never dream of begging for food at family dinners. And the friendliness of the husky also has a positive effect on children, joint games can take place not only on the street, but also at home. Also, many owners confirm that the breed is very clean and the problem with cleaning appears only during the molting period.

In conclusion, we can give an affirmative answer to the question “is it possible to keep a husky in an apartment”, but at the same time it is worth considering whether you can devote enough time to the dog to make it comfortable. Long walks, the presence of toys, space, good food, company during the day and boundless love will be a guarantee for a beautiful urban husky who will proudly pace in front of you during a Sunday walk in the park, and in the evening quietly snooze on his favorite rug.