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How long do Chihuahua dogs live at home?

Factors that affect the lifespan of a Chihuahua

The description of the breed indicates that under favorable living conditions, representatives of the breed live for at least 15 years.

Even with proper care, the period is reduced to 10 years. This is due to the following factors:

  • Genetics. In order to determine the number of years that a dog can live, just look at the parents. If the mother died early due to a large number of ailments, then there is a likelihood of a decrease in the number of years allotted to the pet.
  • Health status. Veterinarian studies show that the breed rarely gets sick. The most common ailments concern the heart; problems with vision and breathing may occur. The predisposition to diseases is not always transmitted through the genetic mowing line.
  • The atmosphere in the home can also affect longevity. How many years Chihuahua dogs live largely depends on the stability of the psyche. If you do not pay attention to your pet, then he will begin to mope and soon get sick. With an increase in the number of stressful situations, it leads to the appearance of health problems.
  • Food. Improper diet also becomes the reason why the dog develops health problems. You can not rush from one extreme to another. If you buy quality feed from well-known manufacturers, you can maintain health for a long period.
  • The lifespan of a Chihuahua depends on what kind of atmosphere is maintained in the house. The breed in question cannot live on the street, there should be no drafts in the house. A damp and cold house leads to the development of serious diseases.
  • Health monitoring. You need to visit the veterinarian periodically with your pet. If you neglect the visits, you can skip the onset of the development of a serious illness.
  • The baby should not be subjected to strong physical exertion. You can not load them with such loads as other, older dogs. However, if you constantly wear it under the armpit, then all muscles can atrophy.
  • Weight. The standard states that the weight of the dog should vary in the range of 1.5-3 kg. But there are also small representatives that weigh about 1 kg. They are most susceptible to various diseases.
  • High probability of an accident. The small size makes the puppy difficult to find in the dark. If there are small children in the house, you also need to pay attention to their play with the dog.
  • If it is wrong to castrate a baby, there is a possibility of developing various diseases. However, as practice shows, a spayed dog will live much longer.
  • Proper oral care will increase the lifespan. If mouth health is poor, bacteria can enter the bloodstream.
  • Timely vaccination. The usual course of vaccination, which is carried out at the appropriate age, significantly prolongs the life of the dog. This procedure must be performed by a specialist.
  • Correct diet. In puppies and adults, the diet is significantly different. For babies, you need to purchase special formulations, pay attention to the correct transition from natural food to dry food.
  • Floor. According to statistics, girls live much more than boys.

Important! Hereditary factors can significantly extend the life of a pet. Therefore, it is recommended to take a puppy in a good kennel.

Considering how many Chihuahuas live at home, it must be borne in mind that age largely influences behavior. Over time, the activity of the baby decreases significantly, he begins to sleep more.

Experts recommend paying more attention to outdoor activities at an early age. This is due to the fact that later attention and affection will be required when the dog grows up.

How to find out the age of a pet

The most reliable way to determine age is a dental study. The first incisors appear in the first week of life, after which all canines appear in the first month. At 2 months, the dog has molars.

You can determine the age of an adult dog by the state of the shamrocks. The lower part levels out at 70-80 days of life, on the outskirts it disappears only at 4 months.

Milk teeth begin to fall out at about six months of age. The appearance of yellowness begins at the age of 2-3 years. Small teeth disappear as early as 4-5 years old, after which the incisors are almost completely erased. Molars are lost at the age of 10.

Implicit causes of premature death

The premature death of a pet can be associated with a variety of factors. The least obvious ones that cannot be influenced include:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • health problems that develop with aging;
  • improper examination by a veterinarian.

Other factors can be influenced. For example, at the time of the walk, you need to be careful not to take your eyes off your baby.

Human age

Some people prefer to compare the age of the Chihuahua with the age of the person. You can determine this indicator by the following correspondence table:

Person’s age (years) Dog age (years)
fifteen one
21 2
25 3
29 four
33 five
37 6
41 7
45 eight
49 nine
53 10
57 eleven
61 12
65 13
69 fourteen
73 fifteen
77 sixteen
81 17
85 eighteen
89 nineteen
93 twenty
97 21

It should be borne in mind that, depending on age, the behavior of the baby also changes.

How many Chihuahuas live at home

As with all breeds, the Chihuahua’s lifespan depends on a number of different factors. Some of them can be controlled, for which they provide better conditions for life. How many Chihuahuas live depends largely on the pedigree. Despite its small size, the dog behaves bravely, has an athletic build.

Secrets of dog longevity

There are several main secrets of longevity. First of all, you need to properly care for your pet. For this, periodic cleaning of the ears, rinsing of the eyes, and combing of the fur are performed. In addition, do not forget about timely visits to the veterinarian.

Proper nutrition ensures a long life for your dog. When compiling a diet, the following points are taken into account:

  • Include meat on the menu, mainly chicken, horse meat and veal. It is recommended to offer it no more than once a week, all bones and skin must be removed.
  • The fish can be cooked at least twice a week. The dish should be prepared with the removal of bones and fat.
  • Eggs become source of protein. They are added to various formulations.
  • Dairy products are suitable for a little baby.

There are also special dry foods on sale that are designed for the baby. They include vitamins and useful vitamins. It is not recommended to buy cheap feeds as they are made from cheap and unhealthy ingredients.

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Chihuahuas become less active as they get older.

Average and maximum life expectancy of a Chihuahua

Life expectancy depends on various factors. A standard sized dog can live over 10 years.

The medium-sized breed is quite common. They are active and in good health. With proper care, a baby can live to be 15 years old. The average breed is less prone to illness and injury.

Miniature dogs weigh no more than 2 kg. They are highly susceptible to illness and injury. Only a careful attitude can ensure life for 10 years. Owners should not allow their small pet to jump from a great height or

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Proper nutrition

In many ways, health depends on him, and since the dog’s age is short-lived, it is important not to make mistakes in nutrition from the first months. The puppy grows up quickly and up to a year, in principle, should not receive factory wet / dry food.

How to Make a Dog Live Longer. 10 Tips

Important! It is not so difficult to prepare natural food for a couple of days at once. By depriving a Chihuahua of natural nutrition, you do not give him a chance for a long and active life.

Weight is one of the key factors in longevity. Emaciated Chihuahuas are at risk due to a weakened immune system amid constant malnutrition. But even fat dogs are unlikely to live long due to the many ailments caused by obesity.

How to cook

It is better not to cook buckwheat, but only to bring it to a boil and leave it on the stove under the lid (while the meat is being cooked, the porridge will come by itself). With this method, buckwheat retains all the useful components. Rice is cooked differently. first until half cooked, then the water is drained and boiled in second water (due to the increased starch content).

Meat / offal can be prepared for several days at once:

  • The meat is boiled for 10 minutes, after which the broth is drained.
  • Cook in the second broth until cooked.
  • Cut the pulp into pieces and put in bags (for freezing).
  • If necessary, the workpieces are taken out and placed in boiling water (while you cook the side dish, the meat will thaw).
  • Mix with a side dish and give to the dog.

Vegetables are washed and chopped (you can use a grater), cabbage is chopped. All vegetables are boiled / stewed for two minutes, cabbage. until softened. Sliced ​​meat is mixed with vegetables / porridge, adding vegetable oil.

How many dogs live on average

The pattern is simple. the larger the breed, the shorter the lifespan of its representatives. On average, a dog’s life span is 12-16 years. Least of all, nature released the Dogue de Bordeaux. just over 5 years. Irish wolfhounds, bloodhounds, bulldogs, bull terriers survive for a couple of years, and St. Bernards live up to 8-9 years.

In the interval of 9-11.5 years, such dogs as:

  • king charles spaniels;
  • english cocker spaniels;
  • boxers and bobtails;
  • English and Scottish setters;
  • doberman pinschers;
  • airedale terriers and a number of others.

Afghan hounds, border collies, labradors, border terriers, biglies, shepherds, basset hounds, chow-chows and Tibetan terriers live within 12-14 years. often than others, representatives of the smallest breeds celebrate their 20th anniversary, such as the Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund, Toy Terrier and Chihuahua.

Secrets of dog longevity

They are concluded, first of all, in good heredity: the healthier the producers, the less the risk of getting a sick puppy. Chihuahuas with congenital abnormalities are unlikely to live long. Another important biological factor is the sex of your future pet. It has been proven that males are inferior to females in terms of life expectancy. A rational explanation for the phenomenon has not yet been found, it is only known that male Chihuahuas live a couple of years less than females.

How long do Chihuahuas live

The final conclusions about how many chihuahuas live must be made taking into account several circumstances. Some of them the owner of the dog is able to control, others must be taken for granted.


The set of useful ingredients does not contain any exotic:

  • meat. beef, chicken, horse meat, turkey;
  • fish (preferably sea and low-fat).
  • liver, heart, kidneys, scar. once a week after 4 months;
  • cereals. buckwheat and rice;
  • millet, rolled oats (as recommended by a doctor);
  • vegetables. carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, tomato, cabbage (rarely).

Do not forget to add a teaspoon of flaxseed, olive or unrefined sunflower oil to your prepared meals. If the dog gains weight easily, rice is contraindicated for it, but vegetables are needed, which should be more in the daily diet than cereals. The meat component in the puppy’s menu is equal to 25-30%, in the menu of an adult dog. no more than 20-25%. And do not spoil your pet with chunks from your table. this is a sure way to digestive disorders, including intoxication, obesity, constipation and diarrhea.

Brief characteristics of the Chihuahua

This is a curious and nimble creature with an excellent reaction. Animals, despite their slender appearance, have strong nerves, which does not exclude periodic belligerence, if there is a good reason for it. Dogs become attached to a person and are very offended by a cry, undeserved punishment, or tenderness shown to other pets.

The offended Chihuahua hides in his house and leaves when the misunderstanding is cleared up. Another great quality of a Chihuahua is unlimited patience. If the owner is busy, the pet settles down nearby and closely monitors his actions, not trying to draw attention to himself.

It is interesting! Chihuahua does not quite objectively (due to its small build) perceive children’s pranks, often regarding them as a danger. Defending its life, the dog scratches and sometimes bites the child.

They are observant, fearless and not prone to hysteria over trifles. A stable psyche is what distinguishes the breed from other dwarf dogs. By the way, it is easy to put up with all the other beasts of the Chihuahua, provided that it is he who will be considered the center of the domestic universe.

Correct care

The most vulnerable place of the breed (like almost all miniature dogs) is the oral cavity. According to statistics, 90% of Chihuahuas suffer from gum disease, tooth decay and tartar deposits. In order to prevent the development of dental diseases, the mouth is regularly examined and cleaned with a prophylactic paste. The auricles are checked once a week and, if plaque is found, gently cleaned with cotton pads and mild detergents. Dogs are brushed daily regardless of coat length.

The nails are trimmed twice a month using a nail clipper for small breeds. If the claws are light, the excess is cut off, retreating 1.5 mm from the pink surface of the finger. Dark claws are processed with a nail file so as not to accidentally touch soft tissues. Hair growing between the pads on the paws also needs a regular haircut. Chihuahuas are washed using delicate shampoos no more than once a quarter. Since the breed is very susceptible to cold, after bathing, the pet is thoroughly dried (you can use a warm hairdryer) and put to sleep away from drafts.


Stress is one of the factors that cause a drop in immunity and, following it, many diseases. People often say: “All diseases are from the nerves” and to some extent this is true. The more a person or animal is nervous, the weaker their health.

And the reasons for stress in a dog’s life are the sea. And helping to cope with it is the business of the owner.

Stress occurs most often as a reaction to:

  • Lack of human attention. Of course, sitting with a pet for a day is impossible, but you need to provide attention. To do this, during a walk, the owner does not just walk next to him, holding the leash, but interacts: he teaches commands, throws a ball, praises him for his calm behavior. At home, he allows him to sit next to him, expresses approval of small everyday successes, sometimes distracts from his business and strokes. Then even a dog that is left alone for most of the day will feel needed.
  • Punishments. The animal must not be beaten, shouted, and aggressively scolded. Punishment is needed to convey a thought, not to frighten or suppress. It must be proportionate to the misconduct, age and temperament of the dog, otherwise it will cause stress.
  • Fears. Often attacks of fear happen to small dogs: they are afraid of other animals, the roaring washing machine, loud TV. However, big dogs are sometimes shy in front of things that are common for a person. The owner must support the pet, show that there is nothing wrong, encourage him for his courage. Or help to avoid the source of fear if you fail to teach.

Stress is caused by frequent moving, a change of owner, quarrels of owners, the appearance of a child, a puppy or a kitten, travel. Nervous dogs suffer even from loud noises.

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Of course, human beings cannot prevent all this, but they are able to help the dog cope with stress, and not let everything take its course.

10 Facts about Chihuahuas You Need to Know

A dog that the owner supports in difficult moments of life is likely to live longer than the one that copes with everything on its own.

and diet

Proper nutrition is the key to health, not only in humans, but also in animals. Feed is given:

  • With the correct composition. It is one for puppies, another for adults, and a third for old people. Pregnant bitches need more vitamin and calcium, neutered males. less specific nutrients. Renal failure, liver failure, diabetes, activity level. everything counts.
  • In the right proportion. If you give too little, the animal will be exhausted, its immunity will drop, and the will to live will be lost. If you give too much, the animal will become fat and lazy, stop playing and running, and immunity will also drop. Feed is calculated by weight based on the percentage of body fat.
  • Adequate quality. Lost food, which is customary in villages to feed animals, is just as harmful to them as to people. Cheap food plants the liver, cheap natural food does not take into account the needs of the body. Food is served fresh, always with the presence of meat. or premium, if we are talking about feed. Do not mix natural products and feed.

Diet is half the battle, only one side of the coin. Its second side is activity. The dogs provide an adequate load, this has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, on the nervous system, on the state of mind and on the muscle frame. They walk with him according to the requirements of the breed (at least two hours a day), play, run, provide socialization.

Additionally, it takes into account how the environment suits the animal. Long hair is cut off in hot summer. In cold winter, a warm overalls are worn on short wool. Maintain a comfortable temperature in the house.

A dog that eats properly, moves every day, does not freeze and does not suffer from heat, is likely to live longer than those who eat improperly, move a little and experience the negative influence of the climate.

Does the lifespan depend on the breed?

Breed is also a significant factor when it comes to a dog’s lifespan. Of course, it cannot be argued that all Chihuahuas live for 16 years, and all Great Danes die at 10. But a general idea can be made by the average figure.

Interestingly, small dogs usually live almost twice as long as large ones. There is no exact explanation for this phenomenon, but scientists suggest that the impact of the growth period, which puppies of large breeds go through.


It may seem strange, but how well a dog lives at home is also influenced by how well raised it is. There is logic in this: an ill-bred dog is more likely to get off the leash when he sees a cat, run away and get lost. likely to fight another animal and get injured. Will bite the person and be put to sleep. Runs out onto a busy road, not listening to the owner’s commands. Will eat the bait of doghunters without responding to the command “fu!”.

To the teams “fu!” and “to me!” the most spoiled, the smallest dog, which has not heard of any other commands, must unquestioningly obey. Since her life depends on these two.

Long-lived breeds

There are no large breeds among long-living breeds, and their average life span is several years higher than the total for all dogs 12.

  • Yorkshire Terriers. Fluffy babies are champions when it comes to life expectancy. Their average is 17, and the oldest york on record died at the age of 25.
  • Chuhuahua. They are also babies, and they also live long. 16 years on average. Oldest Chihuahua dies at 20.
  • Pomeranian Spitz. Most likely will live to be 16 years old, and the oldest died when he was 21 years old.
  • Dachshund. The average term is 15 years. The oldest dachshund has lived to be 21.
  • Toy poodle. Similar to its older ancestor, but much smaller, the toy poodle lives to be 15 years old. The oldest died at 20.
  • Beagle. Lives up to 15 years on average, and the oldest beagle set a record unthinkable for a dog before, having lived to 27 years.
  • Maltese. Tiny Fluffy Dog Lives To 15 Years.
  • Pugs. Funny plump dogs live to 15 years old, and the oldest pug died at 18.

Of course, no one will give a guarantee that, for example, a particular pug will live exactly 15 years, and not less. But if the owner tries to extend his life, the probability will grow and become not illusory.

How many years do dogs live? Breed table

On average, dogs live 10-13 years. Life expectancy depends on many factors. From the article you will learn: what affects the life of a dog, what to do to maximize the life of a pet, dog breeds that live the longest.

Frequent labor

If we are talking about a bitch, her death will be brought closer by frequent childbirth.

Despite the fact that a bitch is able to give birth several times a year, pregnancy is a difficult test for her body, which affects the bones, the gastrointestinal tract, immunity and general endurance.

A bitch who has never given birth in her life or has given birth only a couple of times will most likely live longer than a bitch of the same breed that brought several litters of puppies.

What affects the longevity of the dog

So, at least seven factors affect longevity, each of which adds up to others. It is on them that you should focus. and also on the average life expectancy of a particular breed. This figure is already more trustworthy, although, of course, it is also not a panacea and the ultimate truth.

How to find out the age of a pet

Dogs grow up differently from humans. Their life flows much faster, which is why 1 year turns into 5 or even 7. Sometimes it happens that the “human” age of a Chihuahua is much older than its owner.

Indeed, in the first year of life, the puppy reaches 15 years old, after which maturation is inhibited, but still goes at an accelerated pace (in relation to the human pace of time).

It is difficult to accurately determine the age of an unfamiliar dog. But you can understand at which stage it is: youth, puberty or aging.

The easiest way to do this is due to the condition of the teeth. The sharper the canines, incisors and toes, the younger the pet.

Chihuahua can signal the elderly age:

  • gray wool;
  • inactivity;
  • apathy;
  • bad reaction;
  • age-related diseases (cataracts, glaucoma, weak joints).

Care and hygiene

Adherence to simple rules of care and maintenance will help prevent many problems:

  • Eyes are washed weekly with eye drops.
  • Ears are cleansed with lotion.
  • Bathing dogs monthly.
  • Claws are cut once every 3-4 weeks.
  • A hygienic haircut is required around the anal passage, between the fingers, in the ears and on the bridge of the nose.
  • The owner is required to inspect the Chihuahua’s eyes, ears, mouth daily.
  • Constant contact of a Chihuahua with a person will save the dog from stress.

    Chihuahua lifespan

    Chihuahuas live for a long time, like all decorative dogs. On average, their lifespan is 15-18 years.

    The oldest Chihuahua. male Megabyte, who lived for 20 years, died in 2014.

    The lifespan of a Chihuahua depends on gender and size. According to statistics, females live 1-3 years more.

    The smaller the pet, the worse its health. Therefore, mini dogs (from 600 to 1800 grams of weight) usually die at 9-12 years old.

    Walks and games

    Chihuahuas should live only at home, without being exposed to hypothermia or overheating. But it is important for them to walk and play in the street just like large dogs.

    It is recommended to take the dogs out at least 2 times a day, walking for 30-50 minutes. Active games and training (no more than 2 times a week) will help to properly form the skeleton and nervous system.

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    How to extend the life of a dog

    Although Chihuahua dogs live long enough, high-quality nutrition and proper care will help extend this period by a couple of years and avoid health problems.

    Healthy Chihuahua puppies will need to maintain strong immunity with timely vaccination, regular check-ups with a veterinarian, and compliance with the rules of keeping.

    If the dog was sick from birth, then the owner will have to fight for the life of the Chihuahua with the help of supportive therapy, special care, constant attention.

    How many years do Chihuahuas live at home?

    Chihuahuas are considered centenarians, they adapt perfectly to any conditions, and their immune system easily copes with viruses and pathogenic bacteria. This is confirmed by the statistics of dog handlers, according to which small breeds live much longer than large ones.

    And this is due to the fact that miniature dogs have less weight, which means less stress on the joints and on the heart. The owner can only help the pet to fight the aggressive environment, maintaining its health.

    Correct diet

    The correct diet for puppies is the basis for the formation of the skeleton and all organ systems. The kid needs to gain weight evenly and on time. To do this, he must receive the required amount of vitamins, minerals and substances. The dog is transferred to dry food after 3 months.

    For Chihuahuas, you only need to purchase super-premium products marked “mini”.

    Chihuahuas can also be fed with natural food. But in this case, the owner must independently balance the portion.

    An adult dog needs at least 30-50 grams of food per meal (only 2 feedings), 50% of this volume should be taken by proteins, 40%. carbohydrates and 10%. fats.

    Important! The introduction of vitamin supplements is mandatory. Ready-made feed contains it, and natural nutrition rarely includes the required amount of trace elements.

    Chihuahuas should not be overfed. overloading the stomach and intestines is dangerous for them. It is forbidden to give foods that clog the esophagus:

    • bones;
    • beans;
    • cabbage;
    • potatoes;
    • loaf.

    Fatty foods hit the liver and pancreas, and salty foods have a positive effect on the growth of deposits on the joints.

    How to extend the life of a pet?

    Before purchasing a puppy, you need to find out about the health of his parents in order to exclude the likelihood of hereditary diseases.

    In the future, it is required to constantly monitor the health of the pet, visiting the veterinarian for routine examinations at least once a year and not neglect the necessary vaccinations.

    You can prolong the life of a Chihuahua, avoiding accidents and maintaining its good health, by adhering to the following recommendations:

    • walk your pet only on a leash or harness;
    • socialize the dog to minimize stressful situations;
    • explain to children how to properly handle a Chihuahua so as not to injure him;
    • equip the dog with a personal place away from noise, drafts and heating appliances;
    • avoid hypothermia and overheating;
    • adhere to the principles of proper nutrition;
    • eliminate the likelihood of contact with infected animals and hazardous household chemicals.

    The pet’s lifestyle should be moderately active, which requires regular walks in the fresh air.

    Physical activity helps to lose weight, build muscle, strengthen joints and ligaments, strengthen the immune system and avoid the development of many diseases.

    Spayed dogs have a longer lifespan because this operation minimizes the likelihood of developing testicular and prostate cancer in males and ovarian and breast cancer in females.

    How long do Chihuahuas live

    As statistics show, Chihuahuas live 12-18 years. On average, the life expectancy of the breed is 15.5 years. While the total life span of all dogs is 12.8 years.

    Interestingly, Chihuahua girls live longer than boys. by 1-2 years. There is a difference in the lifespan of the “standard” and “mini” dogs. If a dwarf dog weighs 1.5-2 kg, it can live up to 15 years. Fear should be caused by the acquisition of crumbs, whose weight in adulthood is no more than 1 kg. Such mini-Chihuahuas live for 5-7 years. The short life expectancy is explained by the fact that “midgets” are most often born with developmental disabilities.

    The oldest Chihuahua dog is Megabyte. He passed away in 2014 at the age of 20 years 265 days.

    Chihuahua lifespan

    By bringing a four-legged friend to the house, we hope that the pet will live a long and happy life with us. But the owner must be aware that the life span of a pet also depends on him.

    Chihuahua is one of the longest living breeds. It is explained by a logical law: the smaller the dog, the longer it lives. over, Chihuahuas are house pets: domestic animals live much longer than their chained counterparts in open conditions. In addition, representatives of this breed rarely have congenital pathologies that noticeably shorten life.

    Life expectancy of a standard Chihuahua

    Standard Chihuahuas are considered dogs weighing from 1.8 to 3.5 kg. According to the results of the conducted opinion polls, it was found that their average life expectancy is 12-16 years.

    Also, according to statistics, bitches live 2-3 years longer than males, the reason for this has not been established.

    The life expectancy of bitches actively participating in breeding work is reduced by several years.

    The officially registered cases of longevity include a male named Megabyte, who died in January 2014, having lived 20 years and 265 days.

    Causes of premature death

    Errors made during breeding work by incompetent breeders cause the birth of unhealthy puppies. the whole litter or individual individuals.

    Unscrupulous breeders do not talk about the health problems of a Chihuahua puppy to potential buyers, while serious diseases will inevitably lead to the premature death of the pet.

    In addition to the presence of incurable pathologies leading to death, the lack of proper care can significantly reduce the life of a pet.

    Chihuahuas are fragile dogs, so lack of attention from owners can lead to injuries incompatible with life.

    Refusal of owners to vaccinate the dog or their desire to save money on this procedure also leads to adverse consequences. Infectious diseases are one of the main causes of early death of a pet.

    Requires close monitoring of the Chihuahua’s nutritional quality and the size of the food it consumes. in case of depletion, the immune system weakens, and the presence of excess weight affects the work of the heart and other internal organs and shortens the life of the animal by an average of 5 years.

    Pet character

    They are loyal, affectionate, funny and active dogs that need care and love to be the center of attention.

    Fearless, capable of protecting the owner at any time, they are not only good guards, but also watchmen, wary of strangers, notifying them of their arrival with a sonorous bark.

    In the absence of upbringing, they can show disobedience, aggression, so you should start training as early as possible.

    They are smart and quickly memorize commands, but may refuse to follow them due to their natural stubbornness and willfulness.

    For more information about the character of the Chihuahua, read.

    How many mini live?

    The weight of a mini Chihuahua ranges from 600 grams. up to 1.8 kg.

    The mini variety is primarily a breeding marriage, which unexpectedly became popular for breeders.

    Therefore, despite the predisposition to the same diseases as in the standard representatives of the breed, the mini is more likely to have genetic and anatomical defects that shorten their life.

    Expert opinion Kogevin Semyon Kirillovich Expert cynologist. Ask an expert When purchasing a dog, you should not choose the smallest puppy from a litter. Such individuals are highly likely to have various pathologies. It is important to understand that all data on a dog’s lifespan are average figures. How long a pet will live depends largely on the owner and how well he will provide the dog with quality care. The principles of good nutrition, visits to the veterinarian, vaccinations and other aspects of Chihuahua care should not be neglected.