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How long do dogs last in heat dachshund

Subtleties of the process

If you are not ready to raise puppies or you understand that it is too early for your dachshund to become a mom, then you should always remember about ways to prevent your dog from getting pregnant. These include the usual precautions when walking the animal. Keep your dachshund on a leash and keep males away from it.

There is no safe way to prevent pregnancy. Surgical or medical intervention leads to health problems.


Each estrus lasts about three weeks and is repeated twice a year. In dachshunds, it begins at the age of six months to a year. This process includes several stages that entail physiological changes in the dog’s body.

  • The first stage lasts approximately a week. During this time, the dachshund appears spotting, the penis swells. Males are often “tied” behind the female, but she is not yet ready for mating.
  • The second stage implies readiness for mating: at this time, the dachshund attracts males, moves its tail and raises its pelvis when touched.
  • The third stage is considered to be started after a negative reaction to a dog and lasts 60-150 days, when the dog does not allow males to come near it.
  • The final stage is considered to be sexual rest, the duration of which is 100-150 days.

How long does pregnancy last??

To the question of how long pregnant dogs walk, you can answer this way: dachshunds, on average, carry puppies for 58-68 days. After 28-35 days, the fruits become palpable in the female’s tummy. However, it is not recommended to touch the belly of the dog on your own; it is better to entrust this to the veterinarian. After 4 weeks, the dachshund’s belly becomes rounded, and the nipples gradually swell.

By the 5th week, the dog begins to be capricious when choosing food, and toxicosis appears. A low body temperature (at a rate of 38.5, a decrease of 2-3 degrees), apathy of the dog, complete loss of appetite will testify to the imminent birth.

Features of knitting

As a happy owner of a dachshund girl, before the planned mating, evaluate your strength and readiness to take care of the puppies for some time.

How to deliver?

Dachshund labor can last from one to five hours. At this time, it is worth showing the dog that you, the owner, are nearby. Give her moral support. Your help with childbirth is usually not required, but there may be exceptions. After the onset of contractions, the animal begins to hatch. Watch carefully that the puppies come out with their head or pelvis.

The newborn puppy is wrapped in a special bubble. Tear it with your fingers at the location of the head, blot the nose and mouth with a clean cotton swab. Next, cut the umbilical cord 2 centimeters from his belly.

The female can gnaw the umbilical cord herself. This is fine, but make sure she doesn’t do it too close to the puppy’s belly.

Wrap the puppy in a towel and place it under the mother’s nipple. Make sure he starts sucking milk. If this does not happen, plant it yourself. Act carefully and calmly so as not to irritate the dog and harm the cub.

After the release of all the fetuses, the afterbirth (placenta) departs in an adult dachshund. Instinctively, the dog starts eating it, but don’t let it eat more than two successions.

There should be exactly as many afterbirths as there are newborn puppies! In case of deviations, you must call a doctor.

When is the best time to knit?

The optimal time for mating a female is the third estrus. Some hosts do it for the second, but this is not recommended.

In addition, you should not expose the dachshund to a large number of matings. Optimal will be 3-4 times in her entire life and no more than once a year. After the age of six, mating a dog is dangerous for both its health and the health of the puppies.

If you don’t want puppies

If your plans do not include raising puppies, it is worth sterilizing your dachshund. This will relieve the dog of mental and physiological stress. In case your dachshund is still young for mating, you should help her to transfer the heat process as easily as possible:

  • The owner of the dachshund can purchase special underpants or pads for her, then heat will not cause discomfort to anyone.
  • There are special hormonal drugs that temporarily prevent estrus. They are injected subcutaneously at the withers or groin crease. To resume the process, it is necessary to stop injecting the drug. It is not recommended to use these drugs regularly, as they can lead to the development of cancer.

Definitions and periods of heat

Dachshunds, like all dogs, are in heat several times a year. In this case, for dachshunds, the first critical days pass at 6-12 months. The next ones. in six months, and they last about 20 days. Their duration is associated with preparing the body for the normal bearing of puppies and a healthy pregnancy.

Immediately in the first days, a dog cannot be knitted at all, and in the first heat it is even better not to risk it. The dachshund should get stronger physically, and this happens when the dog is 1.5 years old or two.

This is done for her own health and the health of the offspring, do not bypass this advice if you want your dachshund to be happy, and not only the dachshund mom will feel the joy of having puppies in the house, but you yourself.

How long does a dog in heat bleed?

What to do during periods of estrus, so that both the dog and you feel good, how to prevent accidental relationships. Read more about this, and now we will consider the stages of estrus. It is on them that it is customary to divide each dog’s estrus in order to find out what are the most favorable days for conception.

So, a dachshund’s estrus lasts about 2-4 weeks, that is, up to a month. But each dachshund is individual, the sexual cycle is usually divided into:

  • Proestrus. from 1 to 9 days.
  • Estrus. lasts approximately 2 weeks or less.
  • Metestrus. the subsidence of sexual desire.
  • Anestrus. refusal to have sex, there is no interest in males.

The first stage is characterized by the presence of bloody discharge and the emergence of a weakly expressed instinct towards the opposite sex. Gradually, the discharge becomes more, the loop increases, and there is less and less blood in the discharge. The bitch may refuse to eat and increasingly look at the males. She can also tuck her tail, indicating that she will not let the dog go. During this period, contacts are prohibited.

And in the second period of heat, it is customary to knit dachshunds. But as we said, not in the first heat, but preferably in the third. And now we are considering the first estrus of the dachshund. Your dachshund has matured and perhaps perceives his condition as something strange. Help her with your care. talk to her and calm down, get a treat and give her more often.

Only overfeeding dogs is dangerous, it can threaten obesity. After all, the dog perceives the lack of contact painfully and appetite may increase. She will seize annoyance so to speak and calm down. It was during this period, as in principle before, the dachshund needs daily walks, at least for 15 minutes take her to run, but only on a leash!

During estrus, the dog will lift its tail and hindquarters when stroking, indicating that it is ready to accept the dog. But it is you who should endure and endure this stage, soon everything will work out and your dog will again become the same as before. Never settle for mating. it is dangerous for the puppies and for the health of the dachshund. The discharge becomes yellow and sometimes they are almost colorless, the loop goes lower and this is a normal state.

Some breeders recommend wearing diapers and other accessories to the dachshund, but the dog’s basic instinct is to periodically lick its noose. She wants to do this, why forbid the dog her natural instinct. Now also the smell that the female emits is not audible to a person, but under your window crowds of fans will gather who smell the aroma of an excited dachshund.

Subsequent periods are moments of subsiding instincts, reddish discharge may appear again, they will become less and, in the end, they will disappear.

How is the dachshund’s first heat?

The first heat for a dachshund is a difficult period when it needs care and attention, daily walks and proper nutrition. And also at this time, it is recommended to exclude contact with other animals, so that the dog tolerates it more easily and considers it only a temporary discomfort. It is too early for her to contact the dog, but the feelings that the dog is experiencing can be compared to a storm in a glass. How to help the native creation and how to take care of the current bitch correctly. Let’s find out what characterizes the behavior of a dachshund during this period and what to do for a dog owner.

On the intricacies of estrus

A dog’s heat. it’s time to find out how well your dog is raised. After all, many commands will have to be applied in action. If your dachshund walks alongside or runs up in time to the commands “to me” many problems can be avoided. But instinctive behavior cannot be drowned out by commands alone.

In order to calm an excited bitch, you need to use special sprays that dull the smell from the noose. This aroma has a stimulating effect not only on her, but also on all dogs in the area and even bitches. When other dogs (bitches) hear him, they literally go crazy. Therefore, during this period, accuracy is very important, to avoid approaching the courtyards and to use aerosols so as not to cause trouble.

Some even well-mannered males allow themselves too much. they can easily come up and sniff it, and the thin leash of the owners sometimes does not save from the most unexpected. So that your dog does not become a victim of the “unexpected”, be careful, if a dog approaches you, even on a leash. grab your baby in your arms and run from there. Otherwise, such contact can provoke an unwanted pregnancy for your bitch.

It is no longer possible to pull off such random “roommates” from each other, so keep an eye out and follow again! There is a hormonal injection that is given to dogs in case of contact, and the pregnancy does not occur. But think about whether your girl needs hormones. Although there are special pills that regulate the strength of sexual desire and they consist of hormones.

Check with your veterinarian if your dachshund can be given such a drug or is there an alternative. We advise you to avoid contact and walk more often with the current dachshund on the street. to walk in those places where there are no dogs. Keep it on a leash at all times so that the adventure-loving dachshund does not fall into the barking of a dog and run away. And give fewer pills to keep your dog healthy for years to come.

Stage 3. Diestrus

This period is also called metaestrus. from the 17th to the 23rd day of estrus. The bitch still admits the male, but the discharge from the loop is less intense, the desire for mating in the bitch is also less pronounced.

At this time, mating is possible, but it is not recommended to carry out it. Offspring may not be as healthy, not as purebred as expected.

Stage 2. Estrus

From the 9th to the 17th day of estrus, a very active period. The bitch shows a desire for mating, and in fact, only during this period mating is possible.

Many dog ​​breeders define the readiness of a bitch to accept a dog this way: if the bitch moves her tail and exposes the noose, then she is ready to mate.


Many conscientious owners of bitches, thinking about the birth of healthy pedigree offspring by their dog, ask themselves: how long does estrus last for dogs?

The flow is a rather long-term phenomenon. it occurs twice a year for about 20.22 days. A dog’s aging can be determined because estrus only begins to appear once a year.

Heat in dogs

Stage 1. Proestrus

From the 1st to the 8th day of estrus. The bitch is not ready to accept a dog. she can be either aggressive or too shy.

The discharge is bloody and watery, quite abundant, the dog needs to wear panties or diapers. By the way, you can make them yourself.


What is the main sign that a dog is in heat??

How Long Does a Dog Stay in Heat || How long does a dog stay in heat bleed

Of course, it’s blood on the floor or where the dog usually sits.

Bloody discharge appears from the genital loop of the bitch, for her it is a painless process.

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But there are, of course, changes in the psyche of a dog.

Large dogs can become more aggressive, naughty during estrus, and often even walking outside can be problematic.

Small dog breeds, on the other hand, often become very active and the bitch becomes agitated, very emotional. There is even drooling and disorientation in space, dilated pupils.

Almost always, during the first heat, the bitch goes to the toilet more often, licks more. When walking, the bitch “marks” the territory and arouses great interest in the males.

The main sign of readiness for motherhood

Techka is the main sign of the readiness of the dog’s body to bear puppies.

The physiological mechanism of this phenomenon is exactly the same as in women, the mechanism of the onset of menstruation.

The first estrus appears in a dog at different times, depending on the breed:

  • Medium breed bitches mature from 12 to 15 months.
  • Small breed bitches are ready to bear offspring from 7 to 9 months.

If we are talking about mating a bitch and subsequent pregnancy, then you should not expect that this will happen in the first estrus.

  • Firstly, an inexperienced dog breeder may not even notice the first heat.
  • Secondly, its timing can vary greatly.
  • Thirdly, the bitch during this period most likely will not be ready to accept a dog.

The exact period of onset of estrus will only be prompted by a veterinarian after examining the dog.

How long does estrus last for small and medium-sized dogs: duration, tips and tricks

If you are a happy owner of a dog. a girl, then you should understand that her puberty is necessarily accompanied by such a process as estrus.

The owner must understand that this process can lead to an unwanted pregnancy of the pet.

You should also understand how long dogs are in heat, what behavior of a pet is normal during estrus, and what is not very good.

Learn from this article the features of this process.

long, dogs, last, heat

How long does estrus last for dogs? This question is asked by many owners of adult bitches who are seriously thinking about getting healthy puppies that fully meet breed standards.

Physiological processes occurring in the body of an adult bitch are in many ways similar to those that occur in the body of any female.

At a certain period of puberty, the bitch develops discharge, which is the main sign of her readiness for mating and bearing offspring.

To define estrus, veterinary medicine uses a term such as puddle

Signs of heat

The main and most noticeable sign of estrus is the appearance of blood on the floor, carpets and furniture where the dog sits. Blood is released from the so-called loop.

For a bitch, such discharge is absolutely painless, but the mental system of the animal can react in the most unexpected way for the owners.

Large dogs at this time become extremely aggressive, stop obeying elementary commands, therefore movement with them around the city should be limited

In small breeds of dogs, an unexpected surge of energy may be observed, the bitch will begin to feel the need for a minute change of environment.

  • irrepressible joy;
  • to be sad;
  • drooling is possible;
  • dilated pupils;
  • disorientation in space.

At the first heat, dogs begin to ask to use the toilet more often, and after that they thoroughly lick the noose. In many bitches, the onset of shedding coincides with the first molt. The dog begins to mark the territory when walking, which immediately arouses interest from the males.

Duration and periodization of estrus

Heat in dogs, regardless of breed, lasts at least 20-22 days, twice a year in young dogs and once in old ones.

In order not to be mistaken with the day of mating, it should be remembered that the bitch becomes ready for fertilization only by the 9th day after the appearance of the first blood.

Until that time, she may show all the signs of hunting, but attempts by males claiming to mate are usually rejected.

The peak of sexual activity falls on the 10-17th day, after which the bitch becomes more and more inert to the encroachments of the males and by the 23rd day finally ceases to react to them

There is the following periodization of estrus, generally accepted by dog ​​breeders and veterinarians, which helps even a beginner to understand the issues of the upcoming mating:

  • Proestrus. Initial stage. Period from 1 to 8 days. At this time, the bitch begins to show signs of estrus, but, as mentioned above, she is not yet ready to accept the dog, therefore, she behaves aggressively, or, on the contrary, is too shy. At this stage, profuse bleeding is possible, it is recommended to limit the movement of the dog around the room, or use special panties. You need to wear panties for as many days as heat lasts.
  • Estrus. The active period of estrus lasts from 9 to 16-17 days. The dog feels desire, pulls back its tail and shows other clear signs of readiness to mate. squats, lies on his stomach, whines. This is considered the best time for mating and healthy offspring.
  • Metaestrus, or diestrus. Passive estrus. 17-23 days. Mating is, in principle, possible, the female allows the dog, but the discharge becomes less and less noticeable, and the desire disappears. The bitch becomes lethargic and stops responding to the opposite sex. Mating is not recommended, it is better to be patient until next time, especially when it comes to preserving the breed qualities of such breeds as the German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Labrador, or Jack Russell.
  • Anestrus. The period between estrus. Normal condition of a bitch whose hormones are normal.

Important! To make your dog more obedient during estrus, it is necessary to firmly memorize with him such commands as: “Fu”, “to me” and “by”. The dog must follow these commands flawlessly.

If the dog does not respond, it is necessary to stock up on the pet’s favorite treats, they will help to attract the pet’s attention in case he breaks off the leash and rushes towards new acquaintances.

In addition, during estrus, it is not recommended to teach the dog something new, including commands. It is better to give the dog time to rest. A little rest will not only not harm, but will add strength and energy to your pet.

How to prevent unwanted effects of estrus

One of the undesirable consequences of the first discharge is an unplanned pregnancy of the bitch.

To prevent this, bitch owners are advised to:

  • Before every walk of large and small dogs on the street, put on special panties. They are able not only to save the owner from the unpleasant duty of wiping the floors and other surfaces behind the dog, but also to prevent unwanted covering of it by the dog that has met during the walk.
  • Monitor estrus regularly, especially in dachshunds and small breed dogs. From the first estrus, you should start keeping a calendar, marking the first and last days of estrus. Such a calendar will help to prepare in advance for estrus also in small breeds, finding a suitable male. In addition, keeping a calendar will help to timely detect health problems of the dog.

If estrus occurs more than 2 times a year, or is delayed indefinitely, it is recommended to contact your veterinarian

How long does dog heat last: Useful tips for caring for a pet

It is important for a dog owner to know how long the pet is in heat, what measures can be taken by the dog breeder to prevent unwanted pregnancy of the dog. When to see the veterinarian, is it possible to postpone the visit if the dog is behaving normally, or should the estrus be supervised by a veterinarian.

When to wait for your first heat

The timing of the onset of the first heat depends on the age and breed of the dog. In small breed bitches (rabbit and dwarf dachshunds, Pomeranian, German and Wolfspitz), discharge appears at 7-9 months, in bitches of medium breeds (cocker spaniel, golden retriever, wire-haired and smooth-haired fox terriers) they may linger and begin no earlier than 12.15 months.

When planning to mate a bitch, you should not really count on the first heat. It can come a little earlier, or, on the contrary, later, its symptoms can be completely invisible to an unprofessional eye, which in some cases leads to errors associated with the falsity of this phenomenon.

False discharge is often diagnosed in young bitches.

In this case, the symptoms may appear for a short time, after which they fade away in order to return with renewed vigor, also for a short period of time.

It is very difficult to guess when exactly such a bitch will be ready to accept a dog, any attempt to do this can lead to unwanted and even false pregnancy.

The intensity and time of the onset of discharge largely depend on the individual characteristics of the bitch, therefore, only a veterinarian can say exactly when the first estrus, for example, in a Labrador or in a dachshund, can only be done by a veterinarian when conducting a thorough study.

You shouldn’t make diagnoses and panic on your own.

Veterinarian advice

The main problem of any heat. this is far from the nervous behavior of the dog, but the presence of secretions that force the owners to clean the carpets, constantly clean the house and bathe the dog.

You can significantly reduce the time for putting things in order in the house by teaching the dog to lick the contaminated fur around the loop.

Recommendations for caring for a pet during this critical period can be obtained from your veterinarian.

In addition, owners of dogs with early or late discharge will have to be tested for progesterone, the level of which will determine the most favorable days for mating and identify possible violations of the female’s sexual health.

If natural estrus does not occur for a number of reasons, the veterinarian can cause it artificially, which is a completely ordinary procedure that does not in the least disrupt the normal functioning of the dog’s body.

Important! Unwanted estrus should never be prevented by contraception. Any drugs that have this kind of effect can cause serious cancer, which will eventually develop in a pet.

How long does dog heat last: Useful tips for caring for a pet

It is important for a dog owner to know how long the pet is in heat, what measures can be taken by the dog breeder to prevent unwanted pregnancy of the dog. When to see the veterinarian, is it possible to postpone the visit if the dog is behaving normally, or should the estrus be supervised by a veterinarian.

How long does estrus last for dogs??

If you are a puppy owner or are planning to have a dog, be sure to read the information about dogs in heat. This will be useful for owners not only of bitches, but also of males, since estrus, despite the fact that this is a completely physiological phenomenon, can cause great inconvenience, starting from cleaning carpets in the house and ending with situations when the animal refuses to obey commands during a walk.

So what exactly is estrus in dogs and how long does it usually last??

Symptoms and signs of estrus

No one knows the exact date when the dog will have its first estrus. This usually occurs between 7 and 18 months and depends on the breed. In animals of small breeds, estrus can begin at 6-12 months, and in large breeds, from 12 to 18. At the same time, the first heat is usually the shortest and can pass without ovulation.

The first symptom of an approaching estrus is a strong molt of the animal. Then the behavior of the dog changes, and only then there is a discharge corresponding to the stage of the estrus cycle. In fact, estrus is the process of ovulation, when the animal is ready to mate and signals this to attract potential partners.

Sexual cycle in a dog

During estrus, which lasts 2-3 weeks, 4 stages can be distinguished. Let’s find out how long the estrus lasts for dogs within each of them.

    The first stage is called proestrus and lasts from 3 to 19 days. At this time, follicles that secrete sex hormones begin to actively ripen in the ovaries. Outwardly, this is manifested by a sharp change in the behavior of the dog. it becomes more active and disobedient, but the males are still not allowed to come near. If your animal is trained, it is still possible to achieve obedience in the implementation of the simplest commands, but it is better to postpone training sessions for the period of estrus.

In addition to changes in behavior, the functions of the genital organs of the animal are also activated. the vagina and the walls of the uterus slightly thicken, and the loop swells, and bright red spotting appears from it. At this time, it is better to put on special panties on the bitch, or remove all carpets from the house.

So, we found out how long the average estrus lasts in dogs. However, there are exceptions to each rule: a dog may have a prolonged estrus or, conversely, too short. If this is not the first heat, then its excessive duration is an alarming symptom. Therefore, if your pet is in heat for more than 40 days, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

How long does estrus last for dogs?

The first heat or a dog’s menstruation is a real test of strength for an inexperienced owner. Previously obedient pets become uncontrollable, bloody prints appear on their favorite furniture, and on walks you have to fight off annoying suitors.

In this article I will talk about the duration and frequency of estrus in different breeds of dogs and analyze the factors that affect the deviation from the established norm.

How many days has it been bleeding

As a rule, the first estrus occurs at 6-12 months and depends on the breed. Despite the fact that representatives of small breeds ripen earlier than their larger counterparts, the first mating is carried out only after the end of 2 menstruation. Mating before this time is fraught with disorders in the dog, not ready to bear offspring, and abnormalities in the development of puppies.

The average length of a dog’s period ranges from 20 to 22 days and depends on:

  • Breeds. The maximum duration is observed in representatives of large breeds.
  • The time of the year. In the cold season, the duration is shorter than in the warm season. Interestingly, this factor does not affect pets living in an apartment.
  • Age. With age, there is a gradual decrease in the days of heat. Despite the shortening of the cycle, such a dog is not deleted from breeding and produces healthy offspring.
  • Conditions of Containment. When cohabitation with members of the opposite sex, the number of days of menstruation increases. Living with a male dog also affects the onset of estrus. Puberty occurs earlier in such couples.
  • Activity. The more physical activity of the animal, the sooner menstruation ends.
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The entire reproductive cycle in dogs is divided into 4 stages:

  • Proestrus (forerunner). It lasts about 9 days and prepares the body for conception and pregnancy. During this period, the dog has the following symptoms:
  • swelling of the loop and the appearance of the first bleeding;
  • change in behavior (increased excitability and decreased concentration);
  • Frequent urination while walking, used to leave marks
  • playfulness towards males, but a strict ban on close contact when trying to sit.
  • Estrus (hunting). Lasts about 10 days and is accompanied by ovulation. On the 15th day of the sexual cycle, the pet is ready for mating and lets the males come to her. The willingness to mate is manifested in:
  • maximum swelling of the loop;
  • clarification or complete cessation of secretions;
  • raising the pelvis and abducting the tail by pressing on the back near its base.
  • Metaestrus. Lasts 1-3 days until the discharge is completely finished and the behavior changes. The dog loses interest in males, and its hormones return to normal. The pet reacts to the owner’s commands and suppresses any attempts at courting.
  • Anestrus. This stage lasts from 4 to 12 months and takes the time between the end of menstruation and the beginning of a new one. The duration of anestrus is stable for about 6 years and gradually increases in dogs over 8 years of age.
  • Track the number of days in heat. Pregnancy can occur on any day of the cycle. If the offspring is not included in your plans, then keep the pet on a leash until the end of the cycle. Remember that the cessation of secretions is not only observed during the metaestrus stage, but also during the estrus stage, the ideal time for conception.

    The approximate relationship between the onset and duration of estrus in different breeds can be seen on the example of the table.

    Dog breed Age of first estrus Average duration
    Small (Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pekingese) 6-9 months 10-15 days
    Medium (Cocker Spaniel, English Bulldog, Akita Inu) 10-15 months 20-22 days
    Large (Alabai, Great Dane, Mastiff) 13-24 months 22-30 days

    Frequency, like duration, is individual. On average, a dog’s menstruation occurs 2 times a year, but sometimes every 4 months (Rottweilers, Shepherds) or, conversely, only once a year (aboriginal breeds of the Far North).

    The frequency of estrus is influenced by the conditions of detention:

    • domestic dogs flow 2 times a year: in autumn and winter;
    • animals living on the street give offspring at the most favorable time of the year (summer), therefore they flow only once at the beginning of spring.

    Cycle duration and frequency stabilize over 2 years, so deviations before this age are not considered a violation.

    Dog menstruation ranges from 10 to 30 days, depending on breed and other factors.

    • Increase in the frequency of “empty spots”. Be wary if estrus occurs 3 or even 4 times a year. This frequency is rare and may be due to hormonal disorders.
    • Long delays. If the dog does not belong to the breeds, current 1 time per year, and lives at home, then a delay of 9-10 months is considered a serious deviation.
    • Change in the nature of the discharge. If there is abundant and intensely colored discharge, show your pet to the veterinarian.
    • Deviation of the duration from the norm to a smaller or larger side. If menstruation ends earlier than 10 days or later than 30 days, then the animal needs a thorough examination.
    • Prolonged absence of the first heat. If the pet is more than 2 years old, and spotting has not appeared, contact your veterinarian for help.
    • Any deviation from the established cycle after reaching 2 years. At 2 years, the cycles stabilize, so take urgent action even with small deviations. In small breeds, the cycle stabilizes even earlier, at 18 months.

    For the health of the dog, it is important to keep a special calendar that controls the duration of each period. With this accounting, the owner will be aware of any deviations in the cycle that can harm the animal.

    Be careful with your pet during estrus and protect it from cold weather, infections and contact with unwanted boyfriends. Remember that in case of any deviations, you should consult a veterinarian in order to exclude all possible risks.

    When does estrus start and how many days does it last for dogs? What are the signs of estrus?

    By the time of the onset of estrus, the owner must decide whether he will breed the dog. Depending on the decision made, whether to knit or not, you need to plan further actions. In the article you will find out how often, at how many months and when estrus begins in dogs, how long it lasts and how to be an owner who wants to either prevent pregnancy, or, on the contrary, prepare for mating.

    Also, you will learn how bitches behave during heat and how males react to them. Most importantly, you will learn to control your dogs regardless of their gender! Indeed, the dog can obey somehow especially reluctantly, but I know for sure that the owner will be able to control his dog in any situation. As in any business, the main thing is to work.

    Signs and symptoms of estrus in dogs.

    During estrus, the behavior of the bitch can change dramatically. She becomes playful, active, agile and listens to commands worse. During this period, training the dog is quite problematic, therefore, it makes sense to send it on a well-deserved vacation, after which, usually, it works even better.

    Sometimes, a bitch “performs such numbers” that will put into a stupor any sane owner. Her behavior is difficult to explain, and no less easy to describe in words. In general, there is nothing wrong with strange behavior, the main thing is to be able to control the dog. on that below, but now let’s look at the estrus cycle.

    Proestrus (from 1 to 8 days). These days, the first spotting appears (bright and abundant). The animal cannot control heat, so get ready for stains on the floor, you can remove paths and carpets in advance. Males are already actively interested in the bitch, but she behaves quite coldly, allowing only to sniff herself.

    Over time, the bitch behaves more and more playfully and willingly accepts the attention of the opposite sex, but does not allow mating. The functions of the mucous membranes of the female genital organs increase, noticeable swelling of the loop, thickening of the vagina and the walls of the uterus.

    Estrus (from 9 to 16 days). On what day of heat should you knit a dog? These are the days when mating needs to be planned. The bitch is completely ready for fertilization, but it is better to plan mating 2-3 days from the beginning of estrus (hunting). If you are not planning puppies, then you need to be especially careful these days.

    During this period, the discharge is weakly colored, almost colorless. Even if the bitch is in heat for the first time, she can allow the dog to bear on itself. So you have to be careful.

    Metaestrus (from 17 to 22 days). During this period, the bitch’s discharge becomes less and less, the loop in size decreases. Previously, the burning passion subsides, and the female drives away all suitors from herself. If mating did not occur, then the sexual functions of the bitch will gradually subside and the body will go into a state of rest. Anestrus (until next heat). Even the body of a not pregnant bitch is depleted, and therefore it takes time to recover. After a certain period (on average, twice a year), everything repeats.

    By the way, during estrus, do not let the dog swim in water, as the dog’s genitals are open and become a kind of bait for bacteria.

    If blood stains are a problem for you, you can also use panties to remove all carpets from the floor. On the street there is no need for them, although the panties will not allow the dog to sit on the bitch. It is better not to use different pills that will help avoid pregnancy and not be considered as an option at all, otherwise hormonal disorders and cancer sores are provided.

    How many days do dogs have estrus??

    The duration of estrus is 20-23 days, and this natural process occurs 2 times a year, a little less often. once. From the 1st to the 8th day, the bitch is not ready for mating, and the dog will only be teased. But from the 9th to the 18th day, she is ready for mating. If you are planning to mate, then count on these days.

    When dogs are in heat?

    Usually, the first heat occurs at the age of 6-9 months, somewhat less often at 10-12 months. It even happens that a dog’s first estrus happens at the age of 1.5! It’s not scary, everything has its time.

    Accidental mating, especially at a young age, is the most unpleasant phenomenon. Therefore, you just need to be careful, and also learn to control the animal.

    How to learn to control a bitch and a dog?

    Be careful when walking an empty bitch. She will try to spread her scent over as large an area as possible to attract males. This is fraught with the fact that she may go too far from you and get lost. Just keep it in the zone of control, calling to you in time. The command “come to me” should be learned by heart, ideally whatever the sex of the dog. By the way, do not forget to stock up on some very tasty treat, then the dog will be under even greater control.

    Anyway, you may notice that the bitch has become less obedient. While heat may affect obedience to some extent, a properly trained bitch will follow the commands during heat. But it is better to postpone training for the period of heat, and get by with the use of the most necessary commands, like “to me”, “fu”, “next”.

    That is, it is more than real to control the current bitch. You just need to pre-engage with her before estrus. It is also possible for male owners to control their pet even when he smelled the current bitch. All this is a fairy tale, that a male loses his head and barely catches the smell of an empty bitch. Most. yes, but with a responsible approach to training, the male, at least, will always come running to the call of the owner, ignoring the smell of the female.

    Read on to learn how to train dogs in teams to get started training and control your pet in any situation. And be sure that your dog, be it a dog or a bitch, will always come running to the master’s call, they will barely hear their own voice.

    That’s all. Now you know when dogs start and how many days the estrus lasts, and how to act depending on your goals. By the way, watch the funny video below! The cats are completely insolent

    Dachshund | “Estrus

    My dog ​​is in heat for the first time. since this is my first dog, as in this case, I am not savvy how long estrus lasts??


    And we are also in heat At first I noticed a brown speck when she wrote on the diaper, and now everything became clear dripping :))

    Well, Elena, I told you, it’s heat.

    but in general, panties or diapers for dogs are sold.

    Panties are on sale I saw it myself. Only they cost 250-300.

    When my soba was in heat, we did not reach the point of buying panties or diapers. She takes good care of herself, well, at first, in the second week, there were two spots on the tiles and that’s it, she constantly licked herself.

    Mine has already stained everything, a white carpet, a white sofa, my things, tk. climbs into his arms all the time Please tell me how long the intensive period lasts?

    Well, if this is the case, buy panties or diapers.

    Everyone, bought a panties, pink with ruffles :)) I’ll post pictures soon :))

    I already imagine how lovely she is.?

    Well, how can I say, I want to wash the pussy :))) But it does not remove.

    And my panties are beginning, I decided to take them off so as not to pile up))))))))

    And another question our first estrus began at 11 months on February 19, 2009. Today is February 18, 2010 and there is no second heat is this normal? Has anyone come across this?

    In our city there are no special panties, and diapers that are sold do not fit (moyataksa constantly rips them off). I found a way out. in the children’s department I bought small panties, made a hole in my butt, inserted strings instead of an elastic band, and put in a pad. Clean, inexpensive, and she does not take them off)

    Our first heat was on April 7th, we thought there would be a second one somewhere in October, it went on July 13th.

    Alexandra, are you sure that this is heat, not bleeding. See the vet.

    How intense is discharge in small bitches (rabbits)? Do you use special underpants? If your dog sleeps in bed, you probably can’t do without them.?

    Panties are very comfortable. Especially if the dog is sleeping in bed.

    Ksenia, do you use any specific ones? Which ones are more convenient? Or is it all the same?

    We also wear underpants. Usually the first heat is not abundant, and the subsequent ones dirty everything in the house. We taught our dogs to walk in panties, and I sew them myself, like purchased ones. I change my panty liners after every walk.

    Not all the same. We have not very comfortable panties with metal (such toothy) fasteners. If the soba stretches out to its full height, then it crawls out of them. And if you tighten it tighter, then she is clearly uncomfortable. her stomach squeezes. I need to sew something on a wide elastic band

    And we are without panties. With sets of special underwear “for leaks” and surgical sheets)))

    Olga, just ordinary linen, which is not a pity. Sometimes girls trying to lick the stains on the linen make holes in it quietly at night. So I have my linen. ala, it’s not a pity. )))))))))

    Emmy is a year old, but I don’t see heat! Couldn’t see? I have my first girl, I’m at a loss!

    I bought a bunch of panties and black and blue and with a picture. all beauty! And that, too, they lie on their tummy and so nicely crawl out of them, the panties separately and the doggy separately. As a result, we went to LENA and bought fleece blankets / not expensive / for the sofa and armchairs / washed perfectly and dry quickly / and when sleeping in bed, then colored bedding. Well, of course we wash it all the way, but not with our hands. And the favorite dogs are comfortable. We tried to put in diapers, it is convenient, but this is if the dog lies down and sleeps in one place all night.

    READ  How to feed your Labrador puppy dry food

    Dear taxi drivers! Tell me please! My beauty is in her first heat, we are 9.5 months old. In this regard, some strange behavior (maybe the norm. I don’t know: (. He asks for a walk in due time, as usual. We leave. he goes to the bent ones, is afraid of everything and does not piss. he sniffs at the end and asks to go back home Last night we rushed down the street for almost an hour, did not find a place, did nothing Is this normal or the girl is in shock?

    Tell me, is there something distracting smell during heat?! Otherwise, Mayusha and I will not go out into the street. a flock of cables always graze at the entrance (

    I carry mine in my arms and let go away from the entrance so that the males do not run to the smell, otherwise last year already at the entrance they met I had to press the button and crawl up the back stairs from the 2nd floor

    it was funny to those who came down with me in the elevator))) the doors open and in front of us are three cobbles with huge tails waving,))) I “oh we don’t go out” people hesitantly squeeze past them and I take the elevator to the second floor

    We have, thank God, stray dogs don’t walk, but there is one dachshund that the owners let out without a leash. And for some reason they meet all the time for a year, Liska is in heat. I only have time to take her in my arms and hide)))) To my question, are the owners afraid that they will run away after a bitch in heat. I was told that he is obedient to them and will not leave them. And the fact that he followed us for another 50 meters and did not react to the screams (I had already stopped and waited until they were dragged away from us by the greaves) for some reason did not produce any effect. ((((

    During the period of heat, I never got my things dirty, everything was clean)

    For example, during heat, I wear ordinary children’s panties and a daily.

    Irinka, do not panties fall off? Ours when she walks, they slip off her.

    The girls are on guard. The first heat… dripping licks itself constantly, but I was scared of another…. her pussy is swollen and noticeably this is normal?((((((

    mine too, but when we go somewhere we put on panties

    please tell me at what age should be the first heat. our girl is 7.5 months old and it seems to me that heat has begun, blood spots are found on the floor and on the sheet, she licks often, the pussy is swollen (((can run to the doctor.

    You have a heat. There is no need to run anywhere. Buy her dog’s panties, your girlfriend. ))) So that the house is not particularly dirty. But this is optional. )))

    thank you, Ksenia for your advice! ))) I thought it was too early, but it leaves almost on time! We will survive, then! ))) my girlfriend has grown))))

    Mine walks in them without any problems. I’m not pleased to wake up in a stained bed. =)

    I have to try my panties, but I think that I will also shoot)) while it really gets dirty everywhere, but it is clear that he is trying! although the bed is already splattered)) but what to do? )))

    Ksenia Podolskaya, my dog ​​was brought up in such a way that if they said it is necessary, then it is necessary and not discussed. ))) Put on panties. then wear.

    How to behave if a dog is in heat

    To prevent estrus from becoming a nightmare, the owner of a girl dog will need these tips:

      In order for the pet not to stain furniture, household clothes and carpets with secretions, the animal can wear special protective diapers. Pampers for girls in estrus are chosen in the appropriate size (from the smallest Small to the largest XXL). True, not all pets are happy to agree to wearing absorbent diapers. To prevent the animal from pulling the diaper with its teeth, it is better to wear overalls, pants or underpants for the dog during estrus;

    If the tailed “lady” is categorically against diapers, it will be necessary to secure all fabric surfaces in the house if possible: roll up carpets, cover sofas and beds with blankets;

    During estrus, the pet attracts males like a magnet. During the period of “women’s affairs”, the dog should be walked only on a leash, reducing the time of the promenade so that the animal has time to fulfill its needs and run a little. Small dogs, accustomed to a home litter box, may not be allowed out into the street at all;

    The behavior of a dog during estrus can unpleasantly surprise its owner: the pet can suddenly “forget” all the commands, although it previously strictly followed them. The owner needs to minimize the contact of the animal with the outside world during estrus;

    During estrus, the canine genitals are prone to infections. Felting in the dust and swimming in open water should be excluded if the animal has estrus;

    Bitches that mature should not participate in shows or competitions, and should not be taken on trips. If you neglect this rule, there will be harm to both the female and the dog, who will certainly feel that there is a “friend” nearby, ready to mate;

    Have you ever seen funny short-legged mestizos born from the union of a large female and a short male (or vice versa)? Do not expect mating to fail if a male of the “wrong” size is running on the court. It is better to keep the dog on a leash outside the apartment;

    Even if the owner does not mind that the pet becomes pregnant, it is possible to rush to allow the dog to “meet” the males only after the third, at least second estrus, when the dog is older than 1.5 years (otherwise, a too young animal may even die during childbirth or have problems carrying puppies);

  • It is pointless to scold a dog that marks furniture and wallpaper, howls, ignores the words of the owner. It is better to distract the animal, for example, with some kind of game, a kind conversation. It is permissible to slightly soothe the animal with a remedy based on motherwort, valerian, passionflower or Scutellaria baikal (it is advisable to consult a veterinarian before use).
  • Sometimes the dog’s discharge is too sparse and difficult for the owner to notice. If, against the background of this, the pet behaves quietly, then it happens that the owner does not even know that the dog is in heat. Conversations about the fact that a dog can become pregnant without estrus is sometimes conducted by inexperienced dog breeders. So, pregnancy occurs only during ovulation, which takes place only during estrus. If an inexperienced (in appearance) bitch becomes pregnant, most likely, the owner simply did not notice the discharge.

    Possible problems during estrus in dogs

    Heat in itself is not a disease, but sometimes bitches have problems during this period, which should be reported to the doctor as soon as possible. So, it is not good if the dog has:

      Vomiting and categorical refusal to eat. with estrus, the appetite of some bitches decreases, but does not completely disappear. When, after a small snack, the stomach of the animal literally turns inside out, it’s bad. Perhaps the pet has been poisoned, contracted an infection, or has a disorder in the work of its internal organs;

    If the time has come for metestrus, and the dog’s discharge does not stop in any way, a hormonal disruption may occur;

    Normally, the discharge cannot be green, bright yellow, black. The fetid smell should also alert you. The dog may have an infection or genital inflammation;

  • When a dog’s temperature rises above 39.5 during estrus. 40 degrees is a mess. Most likely, the animal fell ill (viral and bacterial infections, allergies, oncology, poisoning, etc.).
  • How to tell if your dog is in heat soon

    Experienced owners know how to determine if a dog is in heat. And what about beginners who keep a pet girl for the first time? If the animal is over 6 months old, you should be on the lookout. To understand that a dog is in heat in the near future, the following signs will help:

    Blood spots may be present in the urine of an animal;

    The behavior of the animal changes radically: an affectionate dog usually becomes a real fury, and a person with character turns into a submissive shy;

    The behavior of the dog before heat can be aggressive towards other bitches;

  • Tags may appear in the apartment.
  • These signs of estrus in dogs are not present in every case. It happens that the pet does not behave suspiciously before the time “x”. If the dog has reached the age of six months, the owner will have to be especially vigilant, watching the behavior of the animal, impurities in the urine, the state of the coat.

    long, dogs, last, heat

    Overview of Canine Heat

    First, let’s find out when to expect a “surprise” from the female. It is believed that the first estrus in dogs begins between the ages of 6 months and before the onset of 2 years. At the same time, in dogs of small breeds, estrus (the correct name for estrus) begins early. at 6, and sometimes even at 5 months. In medium-sized dogs, estrus usually begins at 8-12 months. And in large dogs estrus occurs later than all. at 1-1.5 years old, but sometimes even at 2 years old. At the same time, it is impossible to name the exact time when the girl-dog will be ready for procreation.

    And until what age do dogs have estrus? Theoretically, a pet can be ready for future fertilization up to a very respectable age. That is, at 10, and at 15, and even at 20 years old (if the animal manages to live to such an old age) there may be estrus, because the menopause in dogs simply does not exist.

    Now it’s time to find out the duration of this difficult period. How long does estrus last for small breed dogs? Usually estrus lasts 20 days. In medium-sized dogs and large dogs, estrus can last occasionally and up to 30 days. The duration of estrus in dogs may be slightly less than the indicated periods if the pet is elderly, moreover, the amount of discharge from her may be very small.

    In this case, it is customary to divide the cycle into 4 stages, including:

      Proestrus is the period when the canine vulva begins to swell. Lasts about 6-10 days. During proestrus, the dog’s body is being prepared for ovulation, special hormones are secreted. estrogens, which contribute to the appearance of bloody discharge;

    Estrus. in fact, this is the time when the pet develops an increased interest in doggie boys. The loop becomes soft, puffiness decreases, the discharge changes to transparent or light pink. This stage in dogs usually lasts 7-9 days, and ovulation occurs on the 2-3rd day of the estrus period. Those owners who do not know on what day of estrus the dog should mate do it from the very first day of estrus, and it is better to wait 2 days after ovulation, when the eggs are formed;

    Metestrus. in the body there is a gradual extinction of ovulation with the help of the hormone progesterone produced. Discharge in the dog during metestrus gradually disappears. The animal ceases to lustfully look at the males. This phase lasts about 7-20 days;

  • Anestrus is a dormant time when the female either bears offspring, or is falsely pregnant, or simply does not want to communicate with four-legged “gentlemen”, if fertilization for some reason did not occur. The duration of anestrus is approximately 5.5 months.
  • The question of how often dogs are in heat cannot be answered unequivocally either. Usually, domestic bitches have a difficult period twice a year, mainly in spring and autumn (but it also happens in winter and summer). Yard dogs may be in heat once a year (more often in spring).

    Heat in dogs

    Sometimes people, choosing a dog for themselves, refuse to buy a female animal because of fear of leaks, pregnancies, unwillingness to attach baby puppies to good hands. However, many problems can be avoided if ahead of time, when the dog’s first estrus has not yet begun, know about the intricacies of the processes occurring in the body of a sexually mature pet. So, let’s consider at what age the dogs start to estrus, what are its signs and how the dog behaves in such a difficult period, what kind of help is needed to the animal, what can and cannot be done if the pet is in heat.

    What to do if dogs are not in heat

    In some situations, the owner does not want the animal to be in heat (for example, when the dog perceives abstinence from mating too painfully, has poor health for bearing offspring, etc.). To deprive the animal of the opportunity to give birth, sterilization is often carried out by ligating the fallopian tubes. But after such an intervention, estrus will still be present. If you remove the ovaries and uterus at the same time, there will be no heat. When sterilization is carried out correctly, the dog will cease to be of interest to individuals of the opposite sex and will forever lose the opportunity to have offspring.

    Many owners of pet girls are interested in the question: is it possible to neuter a dog during estrus? Veterinarians believe that it is better to carry out the intervention to remove the genitals when the hormonal background of the dog returns to normal, that is, during anestrus. Although sometimes sterilization is carried out during estrus, but resorting to the method of laparoscopy, when the internal organs are removed through a small incision in the belly of the dog.