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How long does a bulldog dog get pregnant?

Symptoms of a false pregnancy

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False pregnancy in dogs is a disorder that occurs in the body of an animal and has a physiological and mental nature. They can be caused as a result of any abnormalities in the activity of the gonads.

The external signs of a false pregnancy are quite similar to the usual one. There is a change in the pigments of the mammary glands, the belly increases, colostrum appears, but in reality the fetus is absent. The only sign by which a false pregnancy can be determined is the absence of movement of the embryos in the animal’s abdomen.

Pregnant English Bulldog at Day 62 and Ready to Burst.

All signs of a false pregnancy are associated with a sharp change in the behavior of the bitch:

  • The female with special love equips her den for future puppies.
  • He constantly plays and does not part with soft toys, licks them and behaves as if he were alive.
  • There is a certain lethargy about walking.
  • In most cases, behaves agitated and sometimes even aggressive.

If such signs appear, you should immediately seek help from your veterinarian. Also, an imaginary pregnancy can be eliminated by the owner himself. To do this, you need to exclude all dairy products from the animal’s diet, try to distract the animal as often as possible and give it various sedatives.

Pregnancy in dogs

Pregnancy in dogs is a very crucial period during which the development of the future adorable puppy takes place. During these periods, the animal requires special attention, appropriate care and nutrition. Every owner of a female dog should know everything about the features of feeding his bitch and proper care for her throughout her pregnancy.

Dog pregnancy by day

Consider what happens in the process of carrying puppies:

  • At the 3rd week, the main signs are refusal to eat, the presence of vomiting. At this stage, hearts form in the puppies. It is very important during this period to monitor the bitch’s diet and constantly increase its daily amount.
  • After 24 days, the doctor can feel the embryos during the examination.
  • On the 29th day, the final formation of the appearance of the embryos occurs, without the formation of a wool cover.
  • At the 6th week, an increase in the abdomen becomes visually noticeable, the nipples turn pink, and the skin around them brightens.
  • For 30-35 days, ultrasound diagnostics can be carried out, and also these days the formation of all the main body systems ends in babies.
  • 8th week (54-58th day). the bitch has frequent licks, and she is also looking for a future birthplace. Before the immediate birth, the temperature of the dog drops sharply to 35 degrees. This happens approximately 6 to 32 hours before the onset of labor. At this moment, the owner must constantly be with the animal next to him in order to provide his pet with the necessary help in time.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy in dogs

Many of the dog owners ask the same question: “How do you know if a bitch is pregnant or not?” This requires, first of all, to know the signs and symptoms of pregnancy in dogs. The main manifestations of this condition directly depend on how long the female is. In most cases, if the period is less than three weeks, then almost no changes occur to the animal, only increased drowsiness and some apathy are observed.

Starting from 20-26 days, in the area where the mammary glands are located, the skin gradually swells, and the glands themselves acquire a pinkish tint. An increase in the volume of the abdomen is also clearly manifested, especially in the area of ​​the ribs.

Diagnosis using ultrasound is usually carried out from the 20th to 25th day. The amniotic sacs with embryos will already be visible on the screen of the device. The most obvious signs of pregnancy become after the 30th day. At this stage, the bitch’s mammary glands are significantly enlarged, and already 5-8 days before giving birth, experienced women in labor have milk. If we talk about dogs that are pregnant for the first time, then milk in most cases arrives right before childbirth or during direct labor.

Starting from the 35th day, the weight of the pregnant female increases rapidly every day. At the 8th week of pregnancy, it becomes possible to probe individual fruits in the uterus. At this stage, using X-ray images, you can determine which offspring is expected.

Pregnancy in large dogs

In large breeds of animals, pregnancy lasts 65 days, although sometimes there are cases that puppies are born on the 54th or 75th day. If there are a large number of puppies in the womb, then the pregnancy time will decrease, and with a small number, accordingly, it will increase.

In the early stages of gestation, the dog leads a familiar lifestyle, the same active and mobile. In the next steps, it is important to limit the female’s over-activity. Quite often, they themselves feel it perfectly and become calmer.

Pregnancy in small dogs

The normal gestation period in small breed dogs is 60 days. In order to find out how many offspring will be born, ultrasound can be done in the early stages of pregnancy, and at later stages they can be felt.

Before the start of pregnancy in small-breed individuals, the body temperature decreases by several degrees. They are very sensitive to hypothermia or overheating, so it is necessary to ensure that there is an appropriate temperature regime in the room where the pregnant dog lives.

Small dogs have a similarly small stomach, which in turn affects feeding during pregnancy. Indeed, with the growth of the uterus, the stomach shifts and squeezes a little. Therefore, food should be light, but high in calories.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs?

The average gestation period for a dog can be 55 to 70 days. Sometimes there are cases when babies can be born on the 60th or 75th day of pregnancy. This is due to the individual physiological characteristics of the female.

One of the reasons for untimely birth is any injury that the dog has received earlier. In addition, premature birth can occur due to any hidden diseases, as well as be the result of depletion of the body, age characteristics: too old or too young age.

Termination of the pregnancy process

If we talk about the consequences of an unplanned mating, then in this case the opinion of veterinarians is divided. Most of them believe that the best way out of this situation is to get rid of the puppies, while others, on the contrary, consider childbirth a healthy process and are categorically against the termination of an unplanned pregnancy.

In order to interrupt gestation, various drugs are used. They contain a steroid hormone, which includes the active substance estradiol benzoate. This drug is administered to the animal by intramuscular injection on the 2nd and 4th day after mating, and if this time is unknown, then the procedure is repeated on the 6th day.

Most of the drugs used to interrupt pregnancy have a large number of different contraindications, which quite often include:

  • Inflammation of the uterus.
  • Discovery of bleeding.
  • Increased estrus.
  • Hormonal disruptions.

Therefore, you should not prescribe medications on your own so as not to harm your beloved pet.

In order for the birth to take place in an absolute norm, and the puppies are born healthy, you need to monitor the condition of your pet throughout the pregnancy. If there are any changes in the behavior of the animal or it refuses to walk and eat, then you should seek help from a veterinarian as soon as possible.

There is no need to leave your pet unattended during childbirth. Usually this process proceeds normally, but the cases are different and at any time the animal may need the help or intervention of a veterinarian. Remember, your beloved dog becomes a mom!

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Hygienic procedures are reduced to washing the paws after a walk, the usual treatment of the eyes and ears. Experts do not recommend bathing your dog during pregnancy and lactation. This can only be done if absolutely necessary. The owner must make sure that the animal does not get caught in a draft: you need to dry the wool as soon as possible.

House changes

The owner will have to make changes to the interior in the second half of the pet’s pregnancy. By this time, the dog’s body weight increases, it becomes less active, and rests more. To make it comfortable for her, you need to make a new, large in size, bedding.

Closer to childbirth, the animal is looking for a suitable place for this. It is advisable for the owner to choose a secluded corner in advance, equip it accordingly, and then gradually accustom the animal to it. Sometimes the dog itself determines the required territory and does not want to change it to another. In this case, you will have to make concessions (within reason).

The room in which the newborn puppies and the mother will be kept should not be too cold or excessively hot. Optimum conditions: average air temperature, no drafts, the ability to move. For the first time, the corner must be protected from the rest of the space so that the puppies cannot leave it, and the adult animal freely passes back and forth.

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Pregnancy periods in dogs

You can navigate the timing of your pet’s pregnancy using a special calendar. It is made up by days of gestation or by weeks. The last option is presented in the table below.

Vaccinations during pregnancy and lactation of a dog: is it possible or not

Pregnant and lactating dogs are not vaccinated. Vaccines can cause serious harm to developing puppies, ranging from developmental abnormalities to fetal death. You need to vaccinate before mating. The passport of the animal will help to determine the date: the owner must look at the date of the next vaccination and compare it with the period of the upcoming pregnancy and feeding. If they match, you need to contact your veterinarian and vaccinate either before mating or after the expected lactation.

How to tell if a dog is pregnant or not

The first symptoms of pregnancy in dogs can be noticed approximately 10-14 days after mating. In most cases, you will notice the following symptoms:

  • loss of appetite. The animal may completely refuse food or eat less than usual. This phenomenon is explained by hormonal changes in the body, gradually the appetite will be restored;
  • nausea and / or vomiting. These are signs of toxicosis, which are also due to changes in the endocrine system. No special action is required from the owner; it is enough to provide the dog with access to clean water. The manifestations of toxicosis disappear around the end of the first month of pregnancy. If they continue, and especially. intensify, then you need to consult a specialist to prevent intoxication;
  • changes in behavior. They manifest themselves in different ways: some bitches become more affectionate, others fall into drowsiness and apathy, in others, sensitivity may become aggravated, they do not allow themselves to be touched;
  • nipple changes. Swelling and darkening of the nipples in early gestation in dogs is observed among those who have already whelped. In firstborns, this process usually occurs later.

You can check whether a dog is pregnant or not at a veterinary clinic. If offspring are waiting for you, laboratory blood tests will show an increased level of relaxin. However, this test is valid only after at least two weeks have passed since mating.

An ultrasound scan will also help to determine the presence of embryos. As early as the beginning of the fourth week, the veterinarian will be able to record the heartbeat. At a later date, for example, at the 6th week, the specialist will accurately determine not only the number of puppies, but also the level of their physical development.

Pathology of pregnancy in a dog

The pathological course of pregnancy in dogs can be due to many factors:

  • diseases;
  • helminthiasis;
  • anomalies of internal organs;
  • age characteristics;
  • stress;
  • incompatibility with a dog.

Among such pathologies, one can distinguish false, frozen and ectopic pregnancy.

When to deworm a pregnant dog

You need to get rid of worms before mating, in 2 weeks. It should be borne in mind that anthelmintic therapy is carried out no more than once every 3 months. Pregnant animals are not given medicine for parasites. As a rule, by the time when the next deworming comes, the puppies have already been transferred to regular food.

How to prepare for childbirth

  • Arrange a separate room. clean, bright, ventilated, without drafts. The temperature in it is raised to 28 ° C with heaters.
  • Prepare a birthing box. a special box or box in which the dog will give birth. It is adjusted to the size of the bitch so that during childbirth she rested with her paws against the walls. this will facilitate the attempts. The bottom is covered with oilcloth, an old bedspread or blanket is placed on top. then they are thrown away. The front wall is made folding. it is easier to clean this way.
  • Regularly measure the temperature of the expectant mother. The day before giving birth, it will fall to 36.5 °. 37 ° C. If the temperature is above 39 ° C, this indicates complications.
  • Observe stool and loop discharge. Constipation in a dog, purulent, green or bloody discharge before childbirth indicates a pathological course of pregnancy.
  • Prepare the bitch. It is washed with warm water and hypoallergenic shampoos, then rinsed with a solution of potassium permanganate. The hair around the vagina and nipples is cut.
  • Prepare for the host. It is worth cutting your nails and picking up old loose clothes.

List of items to prepare:

  • steamed towels;
  • sterile gauze, cotton wool, syringe, iodine;
  • thermometers. room and medical to control the temperature in the room and in the bitch;
  • scissors with curved blades for cutting the umbilical cord and a strong thread for pulling it;
  • antiseptic or alcohol for disinfecting the palms;
  • scales for weighing puppies and multi-colored ribbons for marking a carouse;
  • diary and pen for records of data on childbirth and puppies;
  • soap or manganese solution for washing the bitch;
  • a bowl of clean water for the mother to satisfy her thirst.

Walking and physical activity

The initial gestation period up to a month does not require a change in load. Only reduce the intensity of activities, avoid being in frost or heat.

From the second month of pregnancy, walks are done calm, measured. The Frenchwoman cannot run or jump, swim in ponds, play with other pets, or participate in competitions. Walking the expectant mother in quiet places.

In the last 2 weeks of pregnancy, walks are made short-lived. as soon as the pet is tired, they bring her home. But the French woman is often taken out into the street. the fruits press on the bladder, which makes going to the toilet more frequent.

Postpartum care

The bitch together with the kutyats remain in the “delivery room” for 2 weeks. The temperature in the room is kept at 26. 28 ° C for 14 days. On what day it is lowered to 21 ° C, depends on the state of health of the litter. usually for 20. 21 days. The floors in the room are washed every day, the litter is changed every few hours.

Carrying out mating

Knitting of the French Bulldog is of 2 types, free and manual. In the first case, the dogs mate themselves, in the second, the owners help.

  • the male for mating is shorter or much larger than the female, which is why he cannot complete the cage and get into the loop;
  • the male is inexperienced;
  • the bitch is not interested in a partner, is aggressive.

With the manual type of mating, a muzzle is put on a bitch, held by the throat and her butt is lifted, placing her knee under her belly. The dog is held by the croup and guided.

You can not touch the male member of the dog. he will refuse to mate.

Regardless of the type of mating, both owners are present at the mating. The help of an experienced breeder is desirable, as possible complications with both types of mating.

Mating is considered successful when the dog freezes after several intense thrusts, and his penis is tightly compressed by the vagina. This is a lock or glue. It occurs due to the swelling of the genitals of dogs from the rushing blood during mating. Lasts from 5. 20 minutes to an hour.

If the castle does not form, it is imitated by holding the pets in place. After a day, re-mating is carried out.

During mating, they take breaks so that the pets can rest. The bitch is taken to the next room for 10-15 minutes. Don’t worry even when the mating is stuck. The worries will be passed on to the dogs, making the process more difficult.

The mating date is marked on a calendar to determine the start of pregnancy.

After mating, the dogs are walked for 20. 30 minutes, fed and allowed to rest. If the male’s penis has not decreased, it is washed with cool water or cold lotions are made. Sometimes the edges of the prepuce are bent inward. they need to be gently straightened.

Breeding, pregnancy and childbirth in a French Bulldog

Mating a French Bulldog, like childbirth, is difficult. Pets often have to be manually “blended” and done by caesarean section. Difficulty due to low, narrow pelvis and brachycephalic skull.

What to do in order for a Frenchman to have a successful pregnancy and the puppies to be born healthy, is described in the article.

  • Features of puberty
  • All about knitting
  • When is it better to knit
  • Preparation for mating
  • Carrying out mating
  • How to care for a Frenchie during pregnancy
  • How is the pregnancy going?
  • Walking and physical activity
  • Nutrition during pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • How to prepare for childbirth
  • The course of labor
  • After childbirth
  • Possible complications
  • Postpartum care
  • For a bitch
  • For puppies

Nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy in French Bulldogs is accompanied by a change in diet. In the first month, it is the same, and starting from the second, the volume of portions is reduced, but the number of feedings and the daily volume of food increase by 50%.

From the 4th week of pregnancy, the dog is fed three times a day. They increase the amount of protein products. meat, fish, cottage cheese, give cereals and soups with milk. From the 6th week, the volume of carbohydrates is reduced, raw vegetables and fruits are chopped in a blender.

From the 7th. 8th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother is fed 4 times a day. Hard-to-digest food is removed from the menu. To avoid late toxicosis, meat is replaced with ocean fish. 150 g of fish in nutritional value are equal to 100 g of meat.

5 days before giving birth, exclude food that provokes allergies or does not like the tailed mother. Reduce the daily amount of food to ¼. They feed their pet 6 times a day. During pregnancy, daily mineral supplements are required.

In the last week before giving birth, the French Bulldog often refuses to eat. So that the dog does not weaken, it is given tidbits. liver, cheese, dried meat, biscuits.

The nutrition of a pregnant French woman should be complete and nutritious. But you can’t overfeed. excess weight will complicate childbirth.

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Prepare for the expected date of birth 2 weeks in advance. It is necessary to equip the place, stock up on the necessary medicines and 3. 4 business cards of veterinarians, tk. childbirth in a French bulldog can be complicated. you will need a cesarean section or save the life of a pet.

DIY, Know If Your Bitch Is Pregnant, After Pulling Semen By Hand

After childbirth

Immediately after giving birth, the dog is taken outside for 15. 30 minutes. After 7. 8 hours, the pet is fed with liquid porridge with meat or soup.

A dog that has given birth is aggressive towards people and other pets. In order not to irritate the tailed mother, the owner takes care of her.

The first week after giving birth, the bitch secretes reddish or greenish mucus. Over time, it brightens and disappears by the 3rd week.

Preparation for mating

Both the female and the partner are prepared for mating. Need to:

  • give anthelmintic tablets 1.5 months before French Bulldogs are in heat;
  • give more protein foods;
  • introduce vitamin preparations containing calcium, vitamins of group B, A, E;
  • 5. 7 days before mating, add 1 tsp to the daily portion of the dog. vegetable oil, 5. 6 drops of liquid vitamin A;
  • eliminate stressful situations;
  • immediately before knitting, wash the loop with an antiseptic solution.

They knit pets on the territory of a male. males are more confident at home. Dogs are fed 3 hours before the “date”. Then they walk the dogs and introduce them to the neutral zone.

The male for mating and the bitch must be healthy, without signs of exhaustion or obesity, vaccinated according to the schedule.

  • a certificate of the physical condition of the pet;
  • veterinary passport with marks on vaccinations and antiparasitic treatments;
  • documents confirming the breeding value. pedigrees, certificates of prize-winning places at exhibitions, permits for breeding.

Harbingers of childbirth

There are two main harbingers to which both the common mongrel and the thoroughbred bitch are susceptible, allowing you to confidently determine that the dog will soon have to give birth. The animal becomes restless and looks for a “nest” for itself, a place in which it will be comfortable, while the pet can whine and rush about.

It is best to prepare such a “corner” in advance.

The second sign shown in the photo is a rise in temperature and a drop in the belly 3 days before (the upper part falls off, and the lower part is rounded). Additionally, the pet can be emitted more often, it will begin to vomit.

Caring for a pregnant dog

The most important conditions for leaving for a pregnant pet are diet and exercise. over, in the first half of the term, you can not be very strict, the main thing is to introduce vitamins and minerals into the regular use of the dog, which will strengthen the future fetus.

Please note that in pregnant animals the need for these substances more than doubles. A good solution would be a possible rejection of dry food and the transition to special food for dogs in position.

Toxicosis is a negative phenomenon that can occur in a dog during pregnancy and is accompanied by refusal to eat and vomiting. You can avoid this by carefully selecting the foods that your pet eats. Pay attention to shedding, if the dog’s hair is falling out, then this is an alarming signal and you should consult a doctor.

The second half of pregnancy requires a more careful composition of the diet for the pet.

Proteins and minerals must enter the animal’s body in the right amount. the main building substances that contribute to the active growth of the fetus.

How many puppies does a dog carry??

Statistically, it is typical for a bitch to carry puppies for about two months (60-64 days). How many dogs give birth depends largely on the breed of the animal and its size.

Veterinarians note that dogs of small breeds (lapdogs, corgi) usually give birth at 60, less often at 56-57 days. Large breeds (German Shepherd, Great Dane) give birth to puppies a little later. on days 64-66.

If the pregnancy lasts a little more than 10 weeks, then this is not always a cause for concern, since it is quite possible that the owner has confused the time of conception. This is common if the bitch has been mating several times in a row, with an interval of a couple of days, for the correct litter.

However, if the animal oversteps the acceptable limit, be sure to contact a specialist for help.!

If a bitch belongs to a large breed (huskies, wolfhounds, Neapolitan mastiffs), then her offspring will not consist of a large number of puppies. At the same time, the number of offspring does not affect the duration of labor, but is associated with the size of the newborns (the smaller there are in one litter, the larger the size). The last point is quite important if the dog is postponing the fetus, since it is difficult for her to give birth to large puppies on her own.

As noted above, a small breed dog (Toy Terrier, Pekingese, Spitz) walks pregnant a little less than representatives of large breeds, about 60-62 days. Problems with birth are similar to those faced by medium to large breeds, namely if the puppies are large litters.

Veterinarians notice that the smaller the breed of the animal, the more offspring it has.

This is fraught with the complication that the uterus with the offspring can take up too much space and constrict the stomach, which leads to problems. To avoid this, it is necessary to feed the pet with high-calorie and fractional food, which will be quickly absorbed and water it regularly.

Medium-sized dogs combine the qualities of the previously discussed breeds. That is, most often they give birth in the period from 62 to 64 days. Complications during pregnancy are not much different from those that occur in other breeds.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs: duration, signs, symptoms

A dog is one of the most loyal creatures on the planet, which can become a real friend for humans. A responsible and attentive owner always knows what exactly is happening with his pet and how to react to it.
Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in a pet’s life.

The article will consider information about what signs a dog’s pregnancy is, how many days it takes to carry puppies and how to facilitate the course of pregnancy in a pet.

Signs of pregnancy in large, small and medium breed dogs

Before starting to discuss the signs characteristic of a pregnant animal, it should be noted that there is no significant difference in their manifestations in different breeds. That is, each of the traits listed below is typical for both small dogs and large breeds.

In general, the process of pregnancy is an important period in the life of an animal, it completely depends on how healthy the future offspring will be. The owner needs to be able to determine as early as possible that the pet is “in position” in order to adjust the pet’s diet, its daily routine, the intensity of exercise during walks and the intake of vitamins and supplements.

A pet should always be treated with due attention, but the time of pregnancy is special, and if you help the bitch at this stage, it will be much easier for her to give birth.

The owner should know that it is quite difficult even for a professional to determine visually at the initial stages of pregnancy, because the signs are weak, for example, they can be easily confused with the symptoms of diseases.

The formed belly can be seen only immediately before childbirth. at about 62 days.

But truly discerning owners are able to notice small shifts in the animal’s behavior in the first decade, they include:

  • The bitch began to sleep more, appetite decreases.
  • The animal is less playful, behaves apathetically, inert, sluggish.
  • The desire to retire, this is especially pronounced in those pets that were previously sociable.
  • The physiological aspect is most vividly expressed through the nipples, so on days 14-21 they swell and bulge out of the abdomen and become bright purple.

After the third week, diagnostics using ultrasound is possible, on day 30 the mammary glands increase significantly, after which the dog begins to rapidly gain weight. Pregnancy is noticeable partly at this time.

Pregnancy in dogs after 2 months is already so obvious that only an inattentive person can miss it.

In the period from 39 to 45 days, it is already possible to palpate the formed embryos (their ribs and skull bones) by palpation, but it is better to entrust such a procedure to a specialist, since a careless movement can injure a delicate fetus and lead to undesirable consequences.

Veterinarians strongly recommend using X-rays to check for the number of puppies of young bitches who have their first pregnancy.

In the middle of the second month (46-51 days), milk may begin to flow from the nipples.

What to feed

Of course, caring for an animal is unthinkable without proper nutrition.
Consider nutrients to satisfy both the dog and the puppies growing inside.

In addition to the calorie content, increase the nutritional fraction up to 3 times a day, and 14 days before childbirth. up to 4 times, with small portions. Feed the animal with meat (preferably not fatty), eggs (3 yolks a week will improve the coat), brewer’s yeast, vegetables, cereals and fruits.

Try to avoid stressing your dog. Do not disturb her once again, avoid visiting exhibitions, do not carry her in a car for a long time, strictly limit her from shaking and jumping from a height. The active mode for it should be prohibited.

If you need to lift the pet, then do it with caution and leisurely, support the dog’s body from below and press it tightly to you.

As for hygiene measures, it is necessary to examine the animal daily. Brush the coat thoroughly, and keep an eye on the pet’s skin. The second half of pregnancy may be accompanied by discharge from the birth canal, which the dog usually licks itself, but if it does not, then wash it yourself.

Preparations for helminths should be impregnated before mating. If not, then limit their intake to two weeks after mating. After that, taking medications is dangerous for future offspring. Mongrels and stray animals should not come into contact with a pregnant individual.

Do not swear if the animal in the “position” accidentally empties the bladder at home, without waiting for a walk. In the last stages, it is difficult for the animal to restrain itself. By the moment when it’s time for your pet to bristle, prepare her a quiet place, without drafts and with convenient access, to which she will have time to get used.

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Stages of pregnancy

A canine pregnancy proceeds rapidly, because of this, the owner needs to possess information by which it is possible to determine in which phase the fetus is and what is happening inside his pet.

You can conditionally break the duration of pregnancy into the following stages:

  • The first stage of a full-fledged pregnancy begins with the formation of hearts in the offspring, usually at the end of the third week after mating. Usually the process is marked by vomiting in the dog, noticing this. increase her portion of food.
  • Puppies acquire a mature appearance by the end of the third week (27-28 days), but they are not yet covered with hair.
  • You can see embryos on ultrasound closer to day 32, they have already gained a quarter of their weight.
  • Rib and limb bones are strengthened up to 34 days.
  • Day 37 is important because all vital systems in a young body are already formed.
  • You can examine the offspring by x-rays on the 45th day, so you can determine exactly how many puppies the bitch is waiting for.
  • On day 56, the animal actively licks itself and tries to retire for childbirth.

The difference in the length of the stages depends entirely on the size and breed of the pet. It is better to consult a specialist for each period. This advice is especially important for those who are preparing to give birth to a dog for the first time.

For high-quality preparation for childbirth, you should clearly determine for yourself from what day to count and generally count by ultrasound or by knitting. Experienced dog breeders usually count on mating, while for beginners it is better to focus on ultrasound diagnostics and the opinion of a specialist. This will avoid annoying mistakes.

How to deliver?

Even if the owner decided to give birth to his dog on his own, it is still better to warn a familiar veterinarian so that in case of complications he can help.

Prepare a “veterinary delivery kit” that consists of: gauze, cloths, iodine and scissors.

If your dog is long-haired, trim the area near the vulva. Do not disturb your pet once again and remember that in most cases the process proceeds naturally and without additional help.

Pay attention to the interval between contractions, when it starts to reach 10-12 minutes, this is a sign that labor is approaching.

Within 60 minutes of intense attempts, after the waters leave, a fetus should appear, the maximum period during which the puppy does not appear is 6 hours. After this time, urgently call your veterinarian.

Be aware that the fetus emerges with its head or paws forward. this is its normal exit from the vulva. It can also be born in the amniotic sac, which must be torn, and wipe the puppy’s nose and mouth with a dry cloth. The umbilical cord is usually gnawed by the “mother” herself, in extreme cases, it can be cut with ordinary scissors (3 cm from the baby’s belly, before that, having rewound it tightly with a thread).

The entire delivery process takes about 14 hours. Do not under any circumstances try to speed it up, this may cause spasms or rupture of the uterus.

After their end, the animal needs complete rest, give a little water and no food, this can cause gag reflexes. Caring owners will definitely invite a veterinarian the next day, who can examine the pet for hidden problems.

Finally, it should be noted that in almost no other period a dog needs such careful care and attention from the owner as during pregnancy. The vulnerability of the animal should be compensated for by the affection that the owner will give it, only in this case the probability that the entire offspring will be healthy is high.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs?

Dog owners know how loyal their barking charges can be, so they try to surround them with affection and care in return. Females require special attention during the period of gestation of puppies. If the owners of the animal do not have experience in caring for bitches preparing to become a mother, it is worth knowing in advance how long a pregnancy lasts in dogs. It is also worth remembering what kind of care your ward requires in such a crucial period, which will allow her to remain in excellent condition.

Physiological signs of pregnancy in dogs

It is important for owners not only to know how long pregnancy lasts in Alabai dogs or representatives of other breeds, but also to be able to determine the future motherhood of the ward by physiological characteristics. Having shown attention to your pet, you can understand that she will soon have puppies:

  • nipples grow and turn pink;
  • loss or increase in appetite;
  • the dog changes its habits: it may seek solitude, or it tries to get more attention from its owners;
  • the appearance of lethargy and an increase in the period of sleep;
  • increased urination;
  • the appearance of mucous discharge from the vagina when urinating;
  • enlargement of the abdomen.

If you suspect a possible pregnancy of the dog, but do not notice any physiological signs indicating this condition of your ward, you can contact your veterinarian. The specialist will conduct a blood test, and if the hormone relaxin is present in it in an increased amount, this will confirm the imminent appearance of puppies.

It is worth remembering that the first signs of pregnancy in dogs appear only after 14-20 days after mating. If mating took place without your control, an ultrasound scan will help to more accurately determine the period of gestation of puppies. An analysis or ultrasound examination can only be performed after two weeks of the bitch’s pregnancy. Otherwise, the data obtained may be inaccurate and may have to be repeated.

The term of carrying puppies in dogs of different breeds

Dogs carry puppies for 53 to 70 days. The length of gestation depends on the size and weight of the female. That is why the owners of barking pets are interested in the question of how long a pregnancy lasts in dogs of a large, medium or small breed. This will allow you to respond in a timely manner to changes in the condition of the female. If you own a Chihuahua, Russian Toy Terrier or other small animals, you should remember how long pregnancy lasts in small breed dogs. Small dogs carry puppies for 56-60 days. Medium breed dogs have a gestation period of 60-66 days. Dogs of large and giant breeds carry puppies a little longer. Childbirth can begin after 64-70 days from the time of mating.

If, after 70 days, the bitch does not show signs of onset of labor, it is worth contacting the veterinarian. She may need stimulation of labor or a caesarean section due to any complications. Quite often, dog owners simply confuse the timing of mating, which will also be determined by an experienced specialist. He will assess the condition of your pet and give important recommendations.

What is pregnancy

Dog owners should be aware that their dogs’ pregnancies may not always go well. That is why, at the first suspicion of the possible bearing of babies by a bitch, it is worth showing it to the veterinarian. Experts distinguish between 3 types of pregnancy in dogs.

  • Physiological. With such a pregnancy, bearing puppies is normal. The condition of the dog does not significantly affect its health and, as a result, healthy puppies are born.
  • Pathological, which is also called ectopic. It leads to a deterioration in the health of the female, the appearance of toxicosis, at times quite strong. At the same time, the bitch may have a high fever, possibly a deterioration in appetite, the appearance of vaginal discharge. If such symptoms are detected, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.
  • False. In this condition, the female will show all signs of pregnancy, even if there was no mating. In this case, it is worth showing your barking ward to the veterinarian, since a false pregnancy can be caused by a hormonal imbalance in the dog. Often, signs of future motherhood disappear in a dog in 2-3 weeks.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs?

How is pregnancy in dogs by week

To provide your barking ward with proper care, it is important to know how the gestation of puppies manifests itself in different periods of its course:

  • at 1-2 weeks, the female’s nipples may turn pink, and the skin around them will become noticeably thicker;
  • at 3 weeks, toxicosis may appear in dogs, their gait often changes, the abdomen begins to enlarge;
  • at 4 weeks of pregnancy, you can do an ultrasound scan and carry out tests if you doubt the pregnancy of your ward;
  • during 5 weeks of gestation, the bitch often has an increased appetite, she prefers to sleep more;
  • from 6 to 7 weeks of pregnancy, females noticeably increase their belly, their appetite increases and urination becomes more frequent;
  • at 8-9 weeks, the dog begins to look for a place hidden from the eyes of the owners for childbirth, and colostrum begins to stand out from its nipples.

Important: It is worth remembering that the body of each dog is individual, therefore, pregnancy can proceed in different ways. The article contains only generalized data.

What kind of care do pregnant dogs need?

It is important not only to know how long a pregnancy will last in dogs of medium, large or small breeds, but also to provide them with proper living conditions. You should not create situations that can cause stress for the female, as this can adversely affect the condition of the puppies. If the dog does not like water, it is recommended to refuse bathing for the period of gestation. By giving your pre-mom caregiver proper care, you can count on the birth of healthy puppies.