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How long does estrus last for dogs French Bulldog

Childbirth in an animal

Due to the fact that French Bulldog puppies have very large heads, often the bitch cannot give birth on its own and then it is necessary to resort to a cesarean section, which should only be done by a veterinarian.

If everything goes naturally and the bitch gives birth herself, then even in this case she will need the help of the owner, who will have to accept and handle newborn puppies.

Immediately after the puppy is born, you need to free him from the fetal bladder, in which babies are usually born, and then use a gauze swab to clear the mouth of the newborn from mucus.

Next, you need to pull the umbilical cord with a strong white thread two centimeters from the puppy’s belly and cut it just above the dressing site. It is advisable to grease the cut edge with tincture of iodine or other antiseptic, but not greenery.

Only after that it will be possible to give the puppy to his mother so that she licks and feeds him.

The very process of childbirth consists of contractions, which then turn into attempts, as a result of which a newborn puppy is born.

During fights, the bitch breathes heavily and noisily, and a large tremor runs through her body.

Attempts look like contraction of the abdominal muscles, as a result of which the puppy moves along the birth canal.

At the time of attempts at the birth of subsequent puppies, it is better to put the already born babies in a box with a heating pad covered with a soft towel, but in no case take it out of the room or remove the bitch from the field of view.

It is also necessary to ensure that the number of those who come out is the same as the number of newborns.

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French Bulldog mating age

The first estrus, or, as it is also called, a puddle, is early for bulldogs. at the age of 6 to 12 months, but it is categorically not recommended to breed a dog at this age.

On the contrary, at such a young age, the French Bulldog, in fact, is still a puppy herself: she has not yet fully grown and formed, and if this is a dog with documents, then she most likely does not have ratings that give access to breeding.

Experts advise for the first time to untie French Bulldog girls only for the third estrus, that is, when the pet is at least 15 months old.

For males, approximately the same age range applies, since too early mating can ruin the character and exterior of a dog that is too young.

Yes, and the bulldog himself must, before being untied, finally grow and form both physically and psychologically.

How long does estrus last?

Heat in dogs consists of three main stages:

  • Stage 1, also known as proestrus. It lasts from 1 to 9 days of estrus, but some bulldogs have from 3 to 17 days. During this period, the dog’s loop looks swollen and discharge appears: at first, a bloody scarlet color, but later noticeably brightening.
  • Stage 2, estrus. It usually lasts 9 days, but in some dogs it can be 3 to 21 days. At this time, the bitch shows interest in males, her loop softens, and the discharge in most bulldogs lightens to a golden-pink color. As a rule, it is during this period that ovulation and mating occur.
  • Stage 3, metestrus. Starting at about 19 days, lasts 60 days. At this time, the bitch loses interest in the males, the spotting disappears, but mucus can still be released.

After metestrus, anestrus begins. the time when the dog completely loses interest in the opposite sex and reproduction.

This period lasts about six months. until the next empty spot.

In order to avoid unwanted mating, the bulldog should be taken out for a walk exclusively on a leash during the entire estrus.

Preparation stages

Even before the onset of heat, during which mating is scheduled, the owner of the bulldog should take care of the health of his pet:

  • About a month before the onset of the alleged puddle, the dog should be wiped out and, if it has not yet been vaccinated, vaccinated. At the same time, it is advisable to rid the dog of external parasites, of course, if necessary.
  • It is recommended to put a well-fed bulldog on a diet. This is necessary so that by the time of estrus and subsequent mating, the weight of the pet returns to normal.
  • Immediately after the onset of estrus, experts advise starting to add vitamin and mineral supplements to the feed, it is better in the form of a complex preparation than separately.

Compliance with these rules will facilitate the course of pregnancy and childbirth and contribute to the birth of healthy offspring.

Basic rules step by step

Dogs are knitted either by hand or in a free way.

In the second case, which is considered the most preferable, the partners are allowed to get to know each other, and then they are simply left alone with each other for a while and only sometimes they check if everything is in order and only if necessary, they help the animals a little.

But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Often this happens when the bulldog is too obstinate or stubborn and does not want to let a partner in for anything. And sometimes problems arise because of the difference in the size of the dogs.

In this case, it is recommended to resort to hand knitting.

Instructions on what to do in this case:

  • First, after taking the partners to the place chosen for mating, put on soft collars on both dogs.
  • After that, the owner of the bitch holds her collar with one hand, and with the other. under her belly so that she cannot wriggle out when the dog starts to sit.
  • The owner of the dog directs his pet, and in the event that the dog cannot reach it in any way, puts a suitable stand under his hind legs
  • After the so-called castle has formed, the partners should be turned in opposite directions. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the bitch does not twist and break out.
  • In no case should the dogs be taken away until they free themselves from the castle. It should be borne in mind that its duration can be different: from 5 to 15 minutes, but it can take up to an hour.
  • If the dog is caught in the loop, but the lock does not work, experts recommend holding it in this position for 15 minutes, then giving the dog the opportunity to go down from the partner, and after a day, carry out a control mating.
  • While the dogs are in the castle, the owners of the dog and the bitch will have to issue a Mating Act and, if this has not been done before, conclude an agreement regarding the mating fee. Most often it is either the cost of the puppy, which is paid on the day of mating, or one or more puppies from the litter, which the owner of the dog picks up after activation.

How is the pregnancy?

In the first month, it’s hard to know if a dog got pregnant or not.

One can only assume this by changes in her behavior: the bitch becomes more sensitive to stimuli, besides, her appetite may deteriorate.

At this time, you do not need to feed your pet more than usual, but it is already necessary to start giving her vitamin and mineral complexes for pregnant dogs.

In the fifth week after mating, the dog’s nipples swell a little, from which, when pressed, colostrum is released. There may also be a discharge from the loop in the form of transparent, filamentous mucus.

By the sixth week, the dog’s sides may begin to grow and the belly will increase.

Around this time, the bulldog begins to look for a suitable place for a den, which means that it is time for the owner to prepare a birthing box for his pet or another place where she will give birth, and later feed her puppies.

At this time, it is better to reduce the physical activity of the bulldog: do not allow her to run a lot or jump high, but at the same time do not shorten the duration of walks.

Starting from the seventh week, it is best to transfer the dog to four meals a day, giving him food in small portions.

At the eighth week, you can already feel the movement of the puppies and understand whether a large litter is expected. At this time, it is necessary to replace meat in the dog’s diet with fish, giving it in a ratio of 1.5: 1 in relation to meat.

2-3 days before giving birth, fish should be completely excluded from the pet’s diet: this is necessary to prevent eclampsia.

When 1-2 days are left until the puppy, the bitch refuses to feed. At this time, you need to carefully monitor her so as not to miss the onset of labor.

One of the main signs that labor has begun is the temperature drop to 37 degrees.

How many puppies are there in the litter

On average, a bulldog gives birth to 6 or 7 puppies, but their number may be more or less depending on heredity, conditions of keeping the dog, age and state of health.

But, if the owner of a truly magnificent dog has a desire to get no less wonderful offspring from his pet, then he needs to take an extremely responsible approach to this issue already at the stage of selecting a partner.

In the future, after mating, it is necessary to provide the bulldog with proper feeding.

French Bulldog Puppies. part 1- progesterone test

Compliance with these conditions helps to facilitate the course of pregnancy and childbirth and contributes to the birth of full, healthy puppies.

How to tell if a dog is ready?

Some breeders recommend breeding dogs 9-14 days after the onset of estrus.

But, based on the fact that the body of all dogs is different, it often turns out that if a bulldog is knitted these days, then it is either completely empty, or gives birth to an extremely small litter.

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This is due to the fact that some representatives of this breed ovulate much earlier or much later than these days.

That is why experienced breeders, when choosing a mating day, advise to rely not on the number of days, but on the signs of the dog’s readiness.

If the bulldog is ready for mating, then this can be easily understood by its behavior and by the appearance of its external genital organs:

  • The dog’s behavior changes: if at the beginning of estrus she did not let the males near her, growled at them, snapped, and, perhaps, tried to bite, now she herself flirts with them.
  • The bulldog’s appetite can change: she either becomes gluttonous, or, conversely, a day or two before ovulation, she can start to eat reluctantly or even refuses to feed.
  • One of the most reliable signs of a dog’s readiness for mating is the state of its noose. When ovulation occurs, it noticeably increases in size and becomes softer.

But relying on the color of the discharge is not recommended, since not all dogs have them brighter by the time of ovulation.

In addition, there are dogs who have hidden puddles, when the discharge is barely noticeable or completely absent.

When choosing a dog for mating, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Lineage and show titles are important, but health is just as important. The male must come from a line that is free from hereditary ailments, and, of course, he himself should not be their carrier either.
  • Both partners must be healthy, not only physically, but also mentally.
  • The male chosen for mating should not be much larger than the bitch. And it is better if he is generally smaller than her. this will help to avoid complications during childbirth.

Incomprehensible discharge

They can appear if a puppy or placenta remains in the uterus. Such discharge is a reason for an immediate visit to the veterinarian.

The dog heat explained

Weak contractions or pushing

Most often this happens when there are dead puppies in the uterus or when the bitch is overfed and not trained enough. excess weight and weak muscles weaken labor. The reason for this will only be determined by the veterinarian. And he, if necessary, will give the bitch an injection to stimulate labor.

Wrong position of puppies

You can try to fix their situation. Only this should be done exclusively by the veterinarian, who, after giving the bitch anesthesia and waiting for the muscles to relax, can try to turn the puppies so that they lie correctly.

French Bulldog grooming before mating

The owner of the bitch needs to prepare his pet for mating even before the heat begins.

First of all, you need to give the bitch an anthelmintic one month before the onset of the puddle. It is also necessary to carry out measures to rid the dog of fleas.

In addition, you still need to make sure that she has all the necessary vaccinations.

If the bitch is too fat, it is necessary to put her on a diet to normalize her weight. If the dog is thin, then it needs to be fed with hearty and nutritious food.

It is advisable, starting from the very beginning of estrus, to add mineral and vitamin supplements to the bitch’s feed.

Compliance with these simple rules will help to avoid many problems in the future and, possibly, save your pet from serious complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

Mating dogs: rules and difficulties

For the first time, a French Bulldog bitch can be knitted at 15-18 months, that is, for the second or third estrus.

First, you will need to find a worthy partner for her. At the same time, not only his origin and exhibition titles are taken into account, but also his health: he should not be a carrier of hereditary diseases. Requires that the dogs fit each other in size.

Both the male and the female must be healthy and have a balanced psyche.

After the dog is selected, you need to agree with its owner about the future mating and what the fee will be.

It is better to mate in a territory familiar to the male, where he will feel more confident.

Dogs should be bred in a closed, and in the cold season, also in a heated room. To prevent the paws of animals from sliding on parquet or laminate, the floor should be covered with old rugs.

Mating can be done between 9 and 14 days after the onset of estrus. But at the same time, it is better to navigate by the signs that indicate the readiness of the bitch. As soon as the dog is ready for mating, it stops snarling and growling at the males, but, on the contrary, flirts with them.

Another indicator is that during ovulation, the loop softens, and if the edges of the loop diverge when touched, then you can not hesitate, since the next day it may be too late.

Dogs are knitted on an empty stomach and properly walked beforehand.

As you know, there are two types of mating: freestyle, in which the dogs do everything themselves, and manual, in which the bitch is held, and the dog is helped a little if he cannot get into the bitch’s loop.

If the dog is experienced, and the bitch shows interest in him, then the dogs can simply be left alone, but at the same time look after them.

Hand mating is recommended in cases where the dog or bitch has no experience in such matters. It is also resorted to in cases where “madam” is too worried or shows aggression.

Help with hand knitting is this. The owner of the bitch holds his pet by the collar with one hand, and the other under the belly. In this case, it is necessary to calm the dog and pet it. The owner of the dog at this time should guide his dog and, when he does the cage, slightly support him under the croup. After ejaculation, a lock usually forms, after which the dogs can be released: they will already behave calmly.

So the dogs stand for 5 to 15 minutes. At this time, you cannot interfere with the pets, and even more so take them away by force. If there was a castle during mating, then it is considered successful, if it did not work out, then after a day the mating should be repeated.

Sometimes, when knitting, some difficulties arise, namely:

  • The first mating is a psychological test not only for the dog, but also for its owner. The owner is nervous, his excitement is transmitted to the dog. What to do? Just try to calm down or try not to show your excitement to pets.
  • Sometimes it happens that the bitch is too spoiled and petted by the owner. Having come to mating and realizing what awaits her, she can get scared and either bite the dog, or huddle up somewhere and sit until the partner is taken away. What to do? It is best for the owner of the bitch to trust a specialist in this matter, and just leave the room himself. In the presence of only strangers, the bitch will immediately become accommodating.
  • The male refuses to cage. Most often this happens if either the dog is inexperienced, or the bitch is not yet ready to mate. What to do? An inexperienced dog needs help: to cheer him up, you can also give him a rest, taking the bitch for 10-15 minutes to another room. If an experienced male refuses to mate, then this, most likely, means that either the bitch is not ready yet (in this case, the mating should be repeated 1-2 days later), or she has already finished ovulation.
  • The dog was caught in the loop, but the lock did not form, what should I do? To begin with, to understand that even if there was no lock during mating, fertilization could still occur. In this case, it makes sense to hold the dog for about 15 minutes, imitating the lock, then release and let him get off the bitch, and later, after a day or two, carry out a test mating.
  • The dog is shorter than the bitch and because of this cannot get into the loop. In decorative dog breeds, to which the French Bulldogs belong, it often happens that males are smaller than females. The difference in size often leads to the fact that the dog simply does not reach the right place. What to do? In this case, the stand on which the dog should be placed can help.

Lack of milk

In this case, you need to call the veterinarian to give the bitch a special injection.

Childbirth: preparing and helping the dog in the process

Due to the fact that bitches of the French Bulldog breed often have problems during childbirth, the owner should always keep in the most conspicuous place a sheet with a record of the phone numbers of familiar veterinarians. You may also need to resort to caesarean section.

The beginning of labor is primarily indicated by a drop in temperature to 37 °. In order not to miss their very beginning, it is necessary to start in the morning and in the evening to measure the temperature of the bulldog starting from 54–56 days. Also, the dog begins to build a “nest”, as if digging up its bedding, and it has milk.

If everything goes well, and the bitch gives birth on her own and without complications, then soon contractions will begin, which then turn into attempts, and, finally, the first of the puppies will be born.

You will need to immediately free him from the membranes and immediately after that clear his oral cavity of mucus, using a piece of gauze rolled several times for this purpose. Then you need to tie the umbilical cord in two places. two centimeters from the puppy’s abdomen, and then cut it with scissors above the constriction point and process the cut edge with iodine.

You should not allow the bulldog to bite the umbilical cord itself, as due to the snack, it can gnaw it too close to the puppy’s belly and injure the baby.

After all these manipulations, you can finally transfer the newborn to the mother so that she licks and feeds him. At the time of the birth of each next puppy, it is better to put the previous ones in a pre-prepared box with a heating pad, covered with a soft towel so that the bitch does not press them when she pushes.

Usually French Bulldogs have 6-7 puppies per litter. Their number must strictly coincide with the number of outgoing sequences.

Complications during childbirth

Above, we considered the process of normal childbirth, when the bitch gives birth herself, and the owner only encourages her or calms and accepts the puppies. But due to the fact that French Bulldogs have a specific structure of the skull, and they themselves have a tendency to obesity, this process does not always go without any problems.

So, what are the complications of childbirth in French Bulldogs??

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Fertilization preparation and mating

The mating process is not easy, especially if French Bulldogs have their first mating. Therefore, it is better to invite experienced breeders to help. However, there are several recommendations that will help if the presence of a specialist is not possible.

Teat and mating of French Bulldogs

Breeding French Bulldogs is not the easiest process, given the characteristics of the breed. However, all owners sooner or later have a question about mating pets.


Puberty in French Bulldogs occurs somewhat earlier than the body is ready for fertilization and bearing offspring. At the age of one, sexual attraction appears in males of the French Bulldog breed. The first estrus in bitches takes place much earlier. at about six months. But mating at this early age should not be allowed.

In order for the mating of French Bulldogs to go well and without harm to health, it is necessary to wait one and a half years for females and two years for males. On average, French Bulldogs have a heat twice a year with an interval of about 6 months. You can understand that it has begun by several characteristic signs: the pet’s behavior changes to a more active and independent one, or, conversely, sluggish and drowsy. Heat also sets in. French Bulldogs have mucus-like discharge, colorless for the first days, then bloody.

To select the optimal time for mating, you need to notice how long the French Bulldog’s estrus lasts. This is usually 21 days. The most optimal time for mating is considered to be 11-14 days, counting from the first day when French Bulldogs began to estrus. Age of pets suitable for the birth of healthy offspring: in bitches up to 8-9 years, in males. up to 10 years.

Before mating:

  • In about a month and a half, pets should be taken to the veterinarian. This will help to avoid possible troubles and health problems in dogs. Perhaps for this period he will recommend adjusting the diet. Also, for prevention, anthelmintic drugs are prescribed.
  • Dogs should be prepared immediately before the process. Cut the claws of the dog so that he does not hurt the bitch, if anti-odor sprays were used, stop using them 1-2 days before mating.
  • It is good to walk the dogs before mating, feed them, but no later than 3 hours before they meet.
  • If this is the first mating of the bitch, and she is nervous, you can give her something to calm down, after consulting with the doctor.


  • Dogs of the French Bulldog breed are best knitted on the territory of the male. In this case, it is necessary to take care of the space: it should not be hot, lay a carpet on the floor so that the dogs do not slip, remove dangerous and breakable objects.
  • Mating French Bulldogs can be hand and free. Manual is necessary if mating occurs for the first time in animals. The owners help the pets during the whole process: the male is supported by the lower back, the female by the neck, placing her knee under her belly. The same method is recommended if the female is significantly smaller than the male. Loose mating requires experience, and if the animals are already familiar.
  • For a guaranteed result, a control ligament of French Bulldogs is required, carried out 1-2 days after the main.

In case of successful mating, the dog becomes pregnant. which is resolved by childbirth after 9 weeks.

When does the first heat in dogs begin??

In bitches, puberty begins at the age of about 7 months. 1.5 years (depending on whether the dog is a small or large breed), and is expressed by the fact that the bitch begins to shed heavily.

The first heat, unlike the next, is the shortest. Often only a weak manifestation of it is noted, the so-called hidden puddle. this is a slight release of blood, which attracts little males.

Young bitches, which are close to puberty, have the likelihood of false heat, in this regard, allowing mating, heat can suddenly interrupt without ovulation. But after a few days the bitch can go hunting again and already with ovulation. Signs of heat in a bitch are spotting from the noose, which is attractive to males.

How to tell if a dog is in heat

The behavior of the dog before estrus (proestrus) changes. She urinates frequently and is restless. The animal’s appetite increases. An additional sign of the onset of sexual heat is excessive molting.

During proestrus, the female flirts with males and even with other bitches, wags her tail, crouches her chest to the ground, presses her ears. However, he does not admit males to himself. Discharges from the loop (especially in small breeds) may not be noticed by the owner, since a clean animal often licks them.

The behavior of a dog during estrus (estrus phase) also has its own characteristics. The female looks active, but at the same time loses her appetite (eats poorly or refuses to eat at all), may whine.

If they touch the croup of the animal (near the root of the tail) and move the finger of the other hand in the vulva area, the bitch assumes a posture typical for mating:

  • falls on the front legs;
  • takes the tail to the side;
  • a wave of muscle contractions passes along the back.

The animal stands firmly on its hind legs and twitches the loop, lifting it up. With estrus, the discharge is pale pink or colorless. The female allows the males to come to her and is ready to mate. During this period, there is a high probability of pregnancy.

Sometimes bitches have latent heat, in which the animal does not have a discharge. Often arises in the first puddle. In this case, the female is capable of conceiving.

It is possible to understand that the dog is out of heat by the following signs: the animal becomes calm, does not allow males to come, appetite returns, the discharge completely stops.

How to help your dog

If the owner does not plan to mate the dog, medications are used to interrupt estrus:

To interrupt estrus, the remedy is given no later than the second day after the start of sexual estrus within 5-7 days. You cannot give drugs in the first pause.

To delay estrus before the expected onset of sexual heat, sex barrier agents are given in 1-2 weeks.

Veterinarians do not recommend overusing hormonal drugs and advise using them in extreme cases. Regular use of remedies for estrus leads to hormonal disruptions in the dog and the development of pathologies of the reproductive system: polycystic ovaries, neoplasms, inflammatory diseases of the endometrium, etc.

The use of sex-barrier drugs will be relevant when visiting exhibitions during the onset of estrus, or if the dog behaves very restlessly these days: whines, completely refuses to eat, behaves inadequately during walks.

Signs, symptoms, dog in heat

How to tell if a dog is in heat? Your dog’s behavior changes during estrus. The dog becomes more active, playful, and naughty. Hormones begin to “play”, and instinct pushes her to free behavior. You can identify estrus by the following signs:

  • At this time, the dog begins to urinate much more often;
  • attention from males increases much;
  • blood droplets can be seen on the litter or floor that come out of the loop;
  • females periodically lick the noose.

At this time, females do not allow males, since they are not ready for the fertilization process.

As a rule, by 9-15 days, the discharge becomes slimy, straw-colored. This is the period of the so-called “unfavorable” days. At this time, the female has maximum sexual arousal when they notice the males, move their tail to the side and take a stance. The loop swells a lot.

This period lasts approximately 5-7 days. The owner, if he wants to mate the dog, is obliged to mark these days. Depending on the breed, the favorable time for fertilization may occur on days 9-17, in some even on days 21.

To prevent the animal from leaving the characteristic droplets of red in the house, you can use special pants for dogs in heat. However, most dog handlers advise to teach her to lick her very first heat. Be that as it may, it is recommended to wrap the carpets during emptying.

How often bitches are in heat

The frequency of leaks is 1 time in 6-8 months. A deviation from the norm is the absence of estrus for more than 9 months.

If estrus is frequent (once every 12-16 weeks), the female should be shown to the veterinarian.

How many days do dogs have estrus?

Signs of sexual heat begin to appear 2 weeks before the onset of the estrus cycle, when the dog is ready to mate and may become pregnant.

The duration of the heat itself is from 2 to 4 days. In some cases, estrus lasts up to 14-16 days. How long hunting lasts also largely depends on the length of daylight hours, age, care and nutrition.

In time, the cycle takes no more than 1 month, after which sexual rest occurs. The “rest” phase lasts from 4 to 8 months. For the first time, the sexual hunt can last only 1 week.

Calm behavior of the pet, restoration of appetite and lack of interest in the opposite sex indicate that estrus has passed.

Prolonged estrus is considered when estrus occurs for more than a month. The condition is often caused by hormonal disorders or internal pathologies. In this case, it is necessary to examine the dog in a veterinary clinic.

What is estrus in dogs

Heat in dogs is a physiological process that takes place in the body of a bitch, during which she shows readiness to reproduce. Occurs at the age of 6 months to a year. depends on the specific breed (read more below).

Proestrus or forerunner is accompanied by a thickening of the uterine lining. In this phase, the first signs of estrus appear in the dog: there is spotting, the loop looks swollen and tense. The bitch becomes playful, but does not let the males near her. The duration of proestrus is 1-1.5 weeks.

Estrus, or heat, is the phase of the estrous cycle when the uterus is ready to receive an embryo. The color of the selection changes from red to yellow. The swollen loop noticeably increases in size, becomes lethargic (see photo). The female is ready to mate.

The estrus stage in dogs lasts on average 2-4 days. Sometimes it lasts from 9 to 16 days, which is the norm. There is a high likelihood of puberty in case of mating.

Metaestrus or post-flow is accompanied by attenuation of sexual activity. The uterus at this time is waiting for the embryo, the loop becomes smaller. The female loses interest in the opposite sex, but she can still attract males to her. The bitch does not allow males to approach her and is aggressive towards them. Post-production ends after 8-12 weeks.

Most often, during the metaestrus phase, a false pregnancy is ascertained in dogs, which is associated with an increased amount of progesterone in the blood.

Anestrus, or sexual rest, lasts 3 to 6 months. Its duration largely depends on factors such as the time of the year, health status, conditions of detention, and nutrition of the animal. Then the estrous cycle resumes.

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French Bulldog

The first estrus (puddle, esterus) in a French Bulldog bitch prompts the owner about the onset of puberty of his pet. Those who want to breed these cute dogs, and breeders who do not have such intentions, should pay special attention to this period of the life of their four-legged friend.

Dog behavior during estrus

During proestrus (from 1 to 9 days of estrus), the dog begins to lick itself frequently and urinate frequently. She may have a great appetite, and the bitch may also show increased attention to the owner, demonstrate affection. You should only walk her on a leash, otherwise there is a risk of her escape, since the tendency to vagrancy and disobedience also fall during this period.

At the end of this phase, she is interested in males, but does not allow coitus, although she shows a tendency to communicate with males, but rarely lets herself be sniffed, can show aggression.

It is interesting! During the estrus period (from 10 to 18 days of emptying), the dog readily accepts courtship of representatives of the opposite sex, allowing mating.

Her interest in males is clear. She can take inviting poses, squatting to the ground and bending in the lordosis position, takes her tail to the side and up and freezes, thus showing sexual desire or rut, actively cages. Pheromones released during this period can provoke the onset of estrus in bitches living together. In metestrus (from the 19th day of estrus), the bitch rejects the courtship of males, actively demonstrating this, snaps, and may even enter a fight. All family members should know about the peculiarities of the bitch’s behavior before, during and after the pacifier in order to avoid possible excesses and troubles and to improve the quality of caring for her during this period.

When the first heat comes

When a French Bulldog bitch reaches puberty, she is in her first estrus. But for each specific individual, the time of the onset of the first empty spot differs and can vary from 6 months to 1 year or more.

It is interesting! In the event of a significant delay in this event or its excessively early onset, you should seek the advice of a veterinarian.

The behavior of the pet can tell about the approach of a puddle in a few weeks: she can begin to sit on both males and bitches, and can also gain or lose weight, increase physical activity, or vice versa, become lethargic and sedentary, her appetite can both increase, so it will decrease, concentration of attention may fall, that is, it can show disobedience to the owner and trainer.

Mating dogs

It is recommended to mate a bitch for the first time at the age of 15-18 months, that is, during the 3rd estrus (and not earlier than that). Males, however, for these purposes can be used by more adults. those who have reached the age of two.

From 2 to 5 days after ovulation, the time comes when the sperm of the male can fertilize the eggs of the female. Mating should be carried out during this period or the day before, that is, at a time when mating is capable of ensuring conception. Experienced breeders recommend mating in the male’s territory, as there he will feel more confident and no less active.

Important! Before mating, the dogs must be walked well, and fed no earlier than 3 hours before mating. The knitting room must be safe and the floor not slippery.

Often, breeders determine the appropriate period for mating dogs by counting days, since on average, ovulation occurs 11-13 days after the start of puffing (which is determined by discharge). But these terms may vary in some dogs, so the bitch may be undeservedly considered sterile (empty). Another way to find out the period for intercourse is the method of assessing the state of the loop, when breeders are guided by a change in its condition. it acquires softness at the beginning of estrus. They also look at the behavior of the bitch: admission of males serves as a signal for mating.

However, this behavior is not inherent in all representatives of the dog breed, when even on suitable days they can be aggressive towards males and prevent coitus. Therefore, the assessment of the state of the vagina is more informative and in this case it is necessary to plan mating on the 4th day after the softening of the loop, when the period of fertilization approximately begins. By observing the discharge from the vulva, it is also possible to determine the period of estrus. they brighten, but there are exceptions when the type of discharge in the phase of proestrus and estrus and even after it does not differ in bitches.

With the help of medical research, it is possible to establish more specific dates for the onset of ovulation: vaginoscopy, examination of a smear from the vagina (cytological method), determination of the level of hormones in the blood. Since none of the methods is considered error-free and giving one hundred percent result, it is recommended to be guided by several of them, as well as to carry out repeated (control) mating 1 day after the previous one.


During this special period for the dog, it is not recommended to change the diet, as this can affect the emotional state of the bitch or even cause stress, which can interfere with successful fertilization. However, two weeks before the expected estrus, you can increase the nutrition with vitamins and minerals.

The veterinarian can advise specific medications after examining the “Frenchwoman”, since an excess of vitamins in the body (hypervitaminosis) as well as a lack of vitamins (hypovitaminosis) can negatively affect the pet’s health, lead to unwanted miscarriages or termination of pregnancy, affect the condition of puppies.

Duration of estrus, repetitions

The sexual cycle of a French Bulldog bitch consists of 4 phases.

  • Proestrus (forerunner). lasts about 9 days (but can vary from 3 to 17 days) and begins with swelling of the loop and bloody discharge from the genitals, increased urination. The amount and type of discharge does not matter, and if the bitch often licks herself, they are practically invisible. Sometimes ovulation occurs at the end of this phase, but more often it occurs in estrus.
  • Estrus. also lasts about 9 days (varies from 3 to 21 days) and can be determined by the readiness of the bitch to copulate with an individual of the opposite sex. The amount and volume of discharge from the vulva during this period decrease and acquire a transparent (pink) tint, although there are exceptions when spotting is the same both in proestrus and in estrus. The puffiness of the loop becomes less, it softens. On days 2-4 of estrus, ovulation occurs, lasting a day.
  • Metestrus (diestrus) lasts 60 days. Its beginning can be signaled by the bitch’s refusal to have sexual intercourse. In this phase, the bloody discharge ends, but mucus may be secreted.
  • Anestrus. the period in which the ovaries are in relative rest until the next proestrus.

The interval between emptyings is approximately six months, but it may differ for each individual. Thus, the anestrus phase can last differently for each bitch. The duration of this phase is influenced by various factors: food, activity, even communication with bitches in heat due to the influence of pheromones.

The established duration of intervals between emptyings (in the absence of significant changes in the dog’s living conditions) can persist for about 6 years. After 6-7 years of the bitch’s life, this period will increase, correspondingly increasing the intervals between estrus.

Important! In case of successful fertilization, the next estrus after estrus may occur 4-6 months after pregnancy and childbirth.

This period may increase if the bitch feeds the puppies for a long time. It is important to understand that both very short and long, incessant estrus should alert the owner and serve as a signal to see a doctor.

Host behavior

With the onset of estrus and the bitch entering a new stage of development for her, her owner can become her best friend, assistant and mentor. it is during this period that she will expect support, understanding, special care and love from him. For better care of the French Bulldog bitch, it is recommended to keep a diary in which the owner must record all the important stages of growth and maturation of the pet, behavior features and a description of external changes from day to day, indicating the dates and times of the day.

Before the onset of estrus and the planned mating, the breeder must take a number of measures to ensure the health of the female “Frenchman” and her offspring: to pass a number of tests to detect hidden infections, to carry out pest control and deworming, to vaccinate in advance, if the date of its onset is planned for the time estrus or future pregnancy. For all these issues it is necessary to obtain additional detailed advice from the veterinarian, who should also examine the bitch.

During proestrus, it is important to walk with the pet only on a leash, since during this period the bitches are ready to expand their walking territories and can easily get lost or lost. And the pheromones it produces can attract unkempt dogs that have infections or are aggressive. To avoid the troubles associated with a violation of cleanliness due to bloody discharge, you can purchase or sew special underpants yourself and start putting them on before estrus so that the bitch gets used to it.

Important! Wearing them too much is not worth it, as the bitch must lick herself. And you certainly can’t scold and punish the dog for the traces left by it.

But it is better to put on panties for a walk during the next phase of estrus. estrus. in order to avoid unwanted cases, especially before the bitch reaches fertile age. Also during this period it is better for the owner to dress for a walk in such a way that without worrying about his appearance it would be possible to pick up the “Frenchwoman” in his arms before approaching the males.

During estrus, the frequency of urination of the bitch increases, so it is better to take her out for frequent, but not long walks and always on a leash. During this period, it is better to refuse exhibitions, group classes and generally from visiting places with a large concentration of dogs.

If the owner cares about the health and well-being of his dog, then he is unlikely to admit to mating dogs that do not have confirmation of tests for latent infections, who have not been tested or vaccinated.

Also, a male dog admitted to mating must have a well-groomed, healthy appearance, for example, trimmed claws to prevent injury to the bitch. It is better if the dog also has documents of origin.