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How long does it take for dogs to start estrus?

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Three stages of estrus

Heat is characterized by three stages, which can be considered the main ones:

  • Proestrus.
  • Estrus.
  • Diestrus.

The first differs in that the discharge is quite insignificant. But blood traces can be present anywhere. In this case, it is best to use underpants.

The second period should be expected about ten days after the initial discharge was noticed. At this time, the pet must be carefully looked after, as it can let the dog go.

The third stage is characterized by the fact that even if the males show interest in the female, she already does not allow them to approach her. The length of this period is ten days.

After that, the dog becomes the same. calm and obedient, until the next estrus begins. This can happen in about six months.

Breed and estrus

At what age do dogs start their first heat? It all depends on the breed of the dog and its size. Earlier than all, this natural phenomenon occurs with representatives of small breeds and can occur as early as six months. It is typical for large species to come in a year. But this is all purely individual and depends on the dog’s body.

If the female is small, then it is imperative to make sure that the male is not huge, as this can negatively affect her health.

When the owner knows his dog well, it will not be so difficult for him to determine the onset of heat. During this period, the pet radically changes its behavior. Due to the hormones at play, she becomes more active and playful, and disobedience is the main feature.

At what age does a dog start estrus, how long does it go?

Many people want to acquire a female dog, but they are stopped by one of the main questions: at what age does estrus begin in dogs, how long does it last? They are also particularly interested in how to act in this situation. Now we will take a closer look at this topic.

Techka at the Labrador

It is worth noting that estrus for each breed is individual. Therefore, it is difficult to unequivocally answer at what age the first estrus begins in dogs. In a Labrador, it can begin both at six months and at almost two years of age. At this time, the females are very active and irritable. For procreation, the most suitable ninth, eleventh and thirteenth days after the first discharge was noticed.

A female Labrador retriever will require special attention and care during this period. It is best to stick to a few simple guidelines:

  • In the second half of estrus, the dog is able to secrete special pheromones, which can attract the male from a long distance. At this time, it is advisable to refrain from walking and keep the pet at home.
  • You cannot let her go for a walk unaccompanied, since the males feel the smell and try to always be nearby.
  • If you are planning to knit a female during the first estrus, then it is better to refuse this, since her organs are not yet fully formed, and pregnancy and childbirth can negatively affect her health. Wait until the second or third heat.
  • To prevent any unpleasant “surprises” with the dog and her offspring, it is advisable to find out what health her mother was, how her pregnancy went, whether puppies were born with defects.
  • Pregnancy after the first heat can be very stressful for the dog. Because of this, if further reproduction is planned, you need to give her body a little rest, and knit for this purpose after at least one heat. If you do not adhere to this, then pregnancies, alternating one after another, can negatively affect the health of the female Labrador.

Knowing at what age estrus begins in dogs of this breed and what needs to be done for his pet, its owner will be able to be calm not only for the pet, but also for her future cubs.

Do not use drugs!

During estrus, many owners, in order to avoid pregnancy of their pet, resort to the help of special pills and medications. But this is undesirable. In most cases, such precautions lead to hormonal disruption in the dog’s body, or even worse. to the oncological diseases.

First heat. When?

At what age does estrus begin in dogs? Some have from six months to the ninth month of life. Others have their first estrus between 10 and 12 months. There are dogs who have this already in a year and a half.

At this time, special attention should be paid to prevent accidental mating: you need to try to constantly monitor the animal.

So at what age do dogs start estrus and how long does it go? It is impossible to accurately answer this question, since each dog has its own body. The first may last for a short period of time. In some cases, it can be very mild and be expressed in a small amount of bleeding, which will not be so attractive to males.

The first heat can be considered fake, and it ends very quickly, but this is not a reason to relax, since the renewal can occur again after a short time. Then you need to look after the female very much, since she begins a real hunt, which means ovulation.

Signs of heat

According to some signs, it is possible to determine the state of the female in which estrus has begun:

For about a week, you don’t have to worry too much about random mating. During this period, a female dog does not allow males to come to him. But when the discharge has changed color and their concentration resembles mucus, then you should carefully look after it.

Inconvenience can create bloody discharge, because the dog leaves them in different places. To get rid of this, she should purchase special panties. This will free you not only from frequent cleaning, but also unwanted knitting.

Estrous cycle of Dogs/Heat or estrous detection methods in bitches/Heat cycle in canines

The onset of estrus in dogs of different breeds

In small breed dogs, the first estrus occurs quite early. sometimes even at 6 months. There are no strict limits, each animal has its own biological rhythms. Of course, owners of small dogs should be more careful when walking so that a huge dog does not attach to the dog: this can greatly damage the health of the dog.

Representatives of large breeds begin to worry about the signs of estrus much later. after a year. But even here it is important to remember about individual characteristics: in some animals estrus can begin even after a year and a half. this is also a variant of the norm.

The most favorable time for mating is the fifteenth day of estrus. At this time, the dog has maximum excitement, so it will be most disposed towards the dog.

Frequency of estrus

The schedule of estrus and rest, established in the first three to four cycles, must be observed throughout the life of the animal, gradually changing only with age. If, unexpectedly, estrus began to pass more often, if the discharge has changed, the animal must be urgently brought to the veterinarian.

In total, the entire cycle takes up to 127 days. At the same time, the empty space, the so-called “visible” part of it, takes 3-5 weeks. It is necessary to monitor not only the very fact of estrus, but also monitor its frequency.

Most often, pimples in dogs occur twice a year. However, there may be deviations from the norm, due to the breed, the weight of the animal. For example, most domestic dogs “stick” to an average schedule, while yard bitches are in heat once a year, towards the end of winter or early spring. This happens because the body adapts to the conditions of existence and “understands” that puppies can survive only in the warm season.

In older dogs, the rest periods are longer, while the puddle becomes shorter and less pronounced. However, an animal of any age can become pregnant, so it is imperative to watch out for a bitch in heat.

Stages of estrus in dogs

If in the future you plan to knit a dog, you need to start tracking the estrus process from the very first. At the same time, remember that it is recommended to mate not earlier than during the third heat.

The estrus cycle in dogs is divided into three stages.

The dog heat explained

In dogs, the cycle consists of several stages.

The first of them, the puddle, consists of three periods, each of which has its own characteristics.

  • Proestrus, also called the “forerunner”. This period lasts from a week to ten days. The first signs during this period are an increase in the loop due to blood flow to the organ. Minor bleeding appears. During this period, ovulation does not occur, so the animal is not ready to mate. Changes in behavior are characteristic: the animal is playful, obedience is reduced. On walks, he actively marks the territory. Flirts with males, but does not allow himself to jump. growls and bounces.
  • The second stage of the cycle is called “estrus”, “gon”, “hunting”. Lasts 4-12 days. In the first 48 hours of the stage, ovulation occurs, however, for mating, the dog admits to itself longer. This is due to the fact that the eggs remain viable for about five days. The discharge at this stage is different, but most often the readiness for knitting occurs at the moment of the appearance of light pink discharge or their complete cessation. The vulva looks very swollen. During this period, the bitch actively attracts males: upon meeting, she takes a characteristic pose, waiting for mating. If mating is planned, it is better to do it on the second or third day of the stage. If pregnancy is not planned, this period must be especially carefully monitored the dog. Keeping the dogs away from her.
  • Diestrus. Males are still actively interested in the dog, but she stops admitting them. This period takes about 10 days. After this estrus is over, the dog’s behavior is normalized. If pregnancy has not occurred, the animal becomes again the way you raised it.
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The third cycle of canine estrus is divided into two more stages.

The third period ends estrus, but the sexual cycle has two more stages:

  • metaestrus. Diestrus is often considered the initial phase of this stage. The entire metaestrus lasts from two months to three. This is the period of restoration of normal body processes. The bitch does not pay attention to the males, does not allow them to “jump” on her. Progesterone, which is called the “pregnancy hormone”, builds up in the blood. This happens regardless of whether it was knitted. If mating has occurred, the gestation period begins. However, if there was no mating, a false pregnancy may occur, proceeding in exactly the same way as a natural pregnancy, up to the release of milk from the glands. The condition does not require treatment, it goes away after the amount of progesterone is normalized;
  • anestrus. This is the period between estrus. This is the time of complete sexual rest. The body is restored, stocks up with the necessary substances to enter a new estrous cycle.

How the owner should behave

During estrus, the animal becomes difficult to control: under the influence of hormones, it ceases to execute the simplest commands, does not approach the owner, does not hear orders. Therefore, it is necessary to observe certain rules of behavior that allow you to control not only the behavior of the animal, but also its reproduction.

Remember that during estrus, the dog becomes poorly controlled.

First of all, you should remember: in no case should a dog be allowed. If the cage is done, it is almost impossible to pull the dogs apart. It is also dangerous for dogs of small breeds: a large dog can damage the health of a small partner.

During a puddle, you should not attend various events: this threatens not only unplanned mating, but also problems associated with the dog’s mood swings.

You can not bathe the animal in water: the risk of getting an infection at this time is especially high.

The most important rule for the owner of a bitch in heat is never let off the leash. Even if there is not a soul around, if you are 250% sure of the animal’s behavior, do not let go of the leash. The behavior of the dog during this period is completely unpredictable, so you cannot take risks.

The first time is the hardest

The main problems can be noticed when the bitch is in heat for the first time. Its onset indicates the puberty of the dog. The age at which this happens is individual and depends mainly on the breed of the animal. Most often, it begins after a complete change of teeth. In addition, experienced owners can determine the onset of the first estrus by active shedding.

Most often, the first estrus in dogs occurs after all teeth have changed.

No one can determine the exact time of heat. Most often, the first puddle is the shortest. Sometimes it manifests itself very weakly, practically without attracting males.

Young bitches’ first heat may not be real. It ends suddenly, ovulation does not occur. However, one should not relax, because in the near future estrus may begin again, only already quite full, with ovulation.

When dogs start to estrus, duration, features, and grooming recommendations

Heat is a natural process, the beginning of which indicates the sexual maturity of the animal. Inexperienced dog breeders are lost at the onset of the first heat, because they have no idea what to do during this period, how to care for the dog, and what to do with its behavior.

Heat after childbirth

The body of an animal that bore offspring needs recovery after childbirth. Therefore, you should expect heat not earlier than after 4 months. If there were a lot of puppies in the litter, if the bitch fed them for more than 2 months, this period may increase to six months.

Signs and Phases: Dog Behavior and Physiology

It is not difficult to determine the onset of estrus in a female: during the period of sexual heat, she becomes overly active, restless and disobedient. Before the onset of estrus, blood is released from the genital tract. After about 10 days, the bloody discharge is replaced by light and thick. the animal’s body prepares for ovulation and fertilization.

  • swelling of the genitals;
  • bloody marks in the dog’s habitat. on the floor, on the litter, near the bowl;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • constant licking of the genitals;
  • excessive interest in males and aggression towards other bitches while walking;
  • change in eating behavior. the dog may constantly demand food, or vice versa, completely refuse to eat for a while;
  • when trying to stroke, instantly arch the back and raises the tail up.

On average, the female’s “critical days” last 3-4 weeks. Estrus in an adult is repeated every 6–12 months. Pets have their period 2-3 times more often than stray animals. they do not have to adjust to weather conditions.

In young females, estrus lasts longer than in mature females. In the latter case, sexual activity gradually dies out, but does not completely disappear. Animals, unlike humans, do not have menopause. a dog can become pregnant at 10 years of age or older. It must be remembered that pregnancy and childbirth in older pets negatively affect the health of the animal.

How often are bitches in heat??

A healthy dog ​​has a lifelong chance of becoming a mother. In mature females, the sexual cycle does not stop; maturity only affects the quality and quantity of eggs produced. In young females, the optimal frequency of the onset of leaks is twice a year; as the animal ages, their number is halved.

The owner of the dog throughout the life of the pet needs to mark the dates of the onset of leaks in the bitch. this will help determine their frequency and regularity. If the number of leaks unexpectedly decreases or increases, it is necessary to take the dog for examination to the veterinary clinic.

The sexual cycle in dogs, the place of estrus in it

The sexual cycle of a dog includes 4 phases, each has its own name and characteristic features:

  • Proestrus (forerunner). The first phase of a dog’s sexual cycle lasts about a week. During this period, the female’s body prepares for the onset of estrus. the genitals swell, red discharge appears. The behavior of the animal changes: the dog becomes incredibly active, begins to show interest in males during a walk, can react aggressively to the commands and actions of the owner. While walking, he tries to mark every object on his way. To prevent the pet from staining the furniture and walls in the house with secretions, it is advisable to purchase special underpants for dogs.
  • Estrus (stage of the sexual hunt). Comes after proestrus and lasts from 5 to 15 days. Ovulation occurs 48 to 72 hours after estrus begins. At this time, as well as 2-3 days before ovulation, the chances of pregnancy in the female are very high. Bloody discharge is replaced by transparent, and when trying to stroke the pet in the tail area, she takes a characteristic pose and freezes in anticipation of sexual intercourse.
  • Metaestrus. The duration of the third phase is 2-3 months. During this period, the female’s sexual activity decreases. The behavior of the animal also changes. the pet is aggressively disposed towards other animals.
  • Anestrus. The fourth phase of the sexual cycle is the interval between estrus. The duration of this phase is 6–8 months, the duration depends on the breed and size of the female. The animal’s body is being restored and prepared for the beginning of a new cycle. When anestrus ends, the dog is ready to reproduce again.

When a bitch goes into heat for the first time?

How to determine the approach of estrus? Usually, a female’s first estrus occurs at 7-12 months and is often false. Dogs of small breeds mature a little faster. by the age of six months, the female poodle, Pekingese, Pinscher and many others look mature and physically ready to reproduce.

It is difficult to find out the time of the onset of the first heat. it lasts a short period of time and has no characteristic signs. False heat is characterized by the presence of a discharge that begins due to hormonal changes in the puppy’s body. A dog cannot get pregnant during false estrus.

It is undesirable to allow a bitch to mate during the first estrus. the young body of the female has not yet matured, the sexual cycle has not been established. A pet should be knitted no earlier than 2-3 estrus, that is, at the age of two years. This period is optimal for the first pregnancy. Typically, a dog has 10-12 lesions over a lifetime, with an average interval of 12 months.

What is heat?

How do you know if heat is coming soon? Under this term, it is customary to understand the period when the female is ready for mating and procreation. The duration of estrus depends on the state of health, physiology of a particular pet, characteristics of the breed, and it lasts on average from 20 to 30 days. The frequency of estrus is 1-2 times a year.

long, does, dogs, start, estrus

Duration of sexual activity in dogs of small and large breeds

How many days is the duration of hunting for the German Shepherd and other breeds? An adult female lasts an average of 20–28 days, but the chances of pregnancy during this period may fluctuate. The first 7-8 days the bitch is not ready for sexual intercourse and tries in every possible way to avoid attention from the opposite sex.

With the onset of estrus, the dog begins to experience sexual attraction and is in a state of sexual activity for a week or two. During this period, ovulation occurs, the egg released from the ovary is ready for fertilization, the chances of pregnancy are extremely high. If the owner intends to mate his bitch, the optimal period for successful conception is considered to be the second week from the moment of estrus.

How does the time of the onset of the first estrus depend on the breed of the dog? Small pets start showing signs of puberty as early as 6 months. By the end of the first year of life in miniature females, the sexual cycle is already fully formed, and the dog is ready to mate. In the German Shepherd, the first estrus occurs at 8-10 months. The characteristic manifestations of estrus become noticeable closer to one and a half years.

The duration of estrus is directly dependent on the breed and size of the animal. in representatives of large breeds, estrus lasts a little longer than in small dogs. In this case, the nature and intensity of secretions are also related to the size of the individual: the larger the dog, the more abundant secretions are observed during the period of sexual heat. Some pets may not show clear signs of estrus.

Why heat lasts too long or starts too early?

If heat goes on for a long time, how dangerous is it? This is an extremely alarming situation that requires an immediate examination of the dog in the veterinary clinic. There can be several reasons for this phenomenon. from a simple hormonal disruption to a malignant tumor. The doctor, on the basis of instrumental and laboratory examination, will determine the cause of the failure and prescribe treatment. Prolonged estrus is common in mature dogs. Juveniles rarely face this kind of problem.

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What is the normal flow rate? It all depends on the size of the individual: large females can leave small pools of blood behind them on the floor, while small dogs secrete scanty drops. The smell of discharge during estrus is specific, without signs of decay.

Another abnormal phenomenon is the complete absence of estrus in the pet. If for 12 months the dog has not had any discharge, you should not panic. sometimes heat can be bloodless. In such cases, ovulation occurs, but without any characteristic symptoms. Owners planning to breed offspring are recommended to undergo an examination in the veterinary clinic to confirm ovulation in the pet.

long, does, dogs, start, estrus

What to do if during the period of sexual activity the dog has ceased to control urination? This condition is not a pathology. during critical days, the synthesis of estrogens in the pet’s body increases, as a result of which a decrease in the sensitivity of the bladder sphincter is possible. After the sexual hunt is over, the problem of incontinence should be resolved without medical intervention.

When dogs start to estrus and how many days it lasts, how often does it occur in small and large breed bitches?

A dog under 12 months old is considered a puppy. During this period, the owner does not have any special problems with the pet. the main thing is that the little four-legged friend is healthy, well-fed and vaccinated. Approximately 1 year after birth, the female puppy reaches puberty. the first estrus begins. This means that the bitch is ready to mate. How to properly care for an animal during the period of sexual activity? What should the owner worry about when a shepherd or husky asks for a walk? Are there ways to prevent heat and how to do it??

Features of maintenance and care

Since estrus is no different before and after childbirth, there are general rules for caring for dogs at this time.

So, when the dog is in heat after giving birth, it is necessary to mark its beginning and end. It is recommended to do this from the moment of the female’s first estrus. This will help you track your oestrus moments and be ready for your next estrus.

If you are not planning to mate your bitch yet, then you should always keep her on a leash while walking. And also to be very careful and not to let the dogs come close to her. If you miss this moment, and the mating process begins, it will be very difficult to interrupt it and drag the dog away. In addition, it can be dangerous, since many animals become aggressive during estrus and they may simply not like the fact that you decide to prevent them.

During estrus, it is not recommended to allow the female to swim in water bodies, as this is fraught with the fact that she will pick up an infection. It is better to limit these procedures for a while, even if the animal is hot. You can moisten your nose, the back of your ears, and the pads on your feet with clean water.

Special underwear is provided for dogs in a state of flux. It is a panties without seams with a hole for the tail. However, many veterinarians are against this device. They believe that the dog should lick itself during estrus. Bloody discharge from the loop at this time is a physiological norm, and the panties are invented to make life easier for the owners.

However, if you are still going to put them on your dog, then you need to keep in mind that they must be made of natural fabric and clearly fit in size. If these conditions are not met, then you risk harming the health of the female.

How does estrus manifest??

The period of estrus in a bitch can be determined by the following signs:

  • the presence of bloody discharge from the genitals;
  • behavior change. either increased activity or unusual aggressiveness and irritability can be observed;
  • having sadness, longing, or bad mood;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • increased attention from cables. they can literally surround and pursue your pet;
  • loss of wool to animals in large quantities. molt.

The behavior of dogs during estrus can depend on the size of the animal. Large bitches can behave aggressively, even if this has not been noticed before. You should be more vigilant if your dog stops following even the most familiar commands.

But small breeds of dogs, on the contrary, become too active, playful and even intrusive.

When your dog is in heat, after giving birth, or at any other time, you need to be especially vigilant while walking with her. It is better to keep her on a leash at all times to avoid unwanted knitting.

What is estrus in dogs?

In veterinary medicine, the process of estrus is scientifically called estrus. This is a natural physiological process that indicates the readiness of the dog to reproduce. During this time, owners may notice changes in the dog’s behavior and preferences.

Before we look at when a dog goes into heat after giving birth, let’s look at the signs of heat.

When a dog begins to estrus after giving birth: features of maintenance and care, advice from veterinarians

When starting a female dog of any breed, you must be prepared for the fact that it will periodically be in heat. If you are going to do it for breeding, then you need to carefully monitor this process. In this article, we’ll look at when a dog goes into heat after giving birth.

Estrus after childbirth

When a dog goes into heat after giving birth, owners need to be especially observant. Any changes in the course of this process should be the reason for contacting the veterinarian.

Usually, estrus in a giving birth bitch resumes about six months after she puppies. Recovering from childbirth and feeding the offspring with milk should not disrupt the estrus process. It should be exactly the same as that of a young nulliparous female.

You should draw your attention to the fact that it is not advisable to mate immediately during the first estrus after childbirth. The dog’s body is still very weak, she is not ready to bring offspring again. In addition, it can affect the health of the puppies and the expectant mother.

Then the question arises when a dog begins to estrus, how long after giving birth it can happen again. It is recommended that you contact your veterinarian for an answer to this question. He will examine your dog and, after assessing the state of his health and reproductive system, he will tell you when it is better to mate it again.

If your dog gave birth without complications, she recovered quickly enough after them, then you can knit her, having waited out only one heat. That is, it turns out a year after giving birth.

Duration of estrus

The bitch’s estrus period lasts approximately 20-22 days. All this time can be divided into components.

The first period is called proestrus. It lasts an average of 8 days. At this time, the bitch has a fairly large amount of bloody discharge. You cannot knit a dog at this time. In terms of care, it is better to use special underwear or restrict her movement.

The next period. it is actually estrus. During the week, the bitch has increased sexual activity. At this time, you just need to knit an animal.

The last period of heat is called diestrus. Its duration is several days. At this time, the dog is no longer knitted either, since it is passive and does not strive for mating.

When the female is not in heat, this period is called anestrus. Normally, young individuals heat 2 times a year, and older ones. Once a year.

Husky and miniature schnauzer: veterinarian advice

When the husky goes into heat after giving birth, the dog shows the same signs as other breeds. Repeated heat in a husky after it has whelped occurs in 4-7 months. It flows in the same way as in other dogs.

However, breeding husky dogs is quite troublesome. The female is responsible for the quality of the offspring of this breed. The relationship between a bitch and a dog builds up over time.

However, there is still a difference. If dogs of other breeds can be knitted after 1 heat after giving birth, then in the case of a husky it is better to wait out 2 or even 3 heat. This is necessary for the dog to fully recover and get stronger for the next offspring.

How To Understand Your Dog’s Heat Cycle

When a dog goes into heat after giving birth, it is difficult to call the miniature schnauzer to order. This breed is distinguished by its aggressiveness during estrus and mating, despite its small size.

The techka is no different from other breeds. It is recommended to have a bitch after childbirth in the third mating, no more than 1 time per year. After 9 years, mating ceases altogether.

When a dog goes into heat after giving birth to puppies

When we decide to live with a dog, we must consider its reproductive cycle. Whether you are going to breed a dog, know what to expect, what is necessary for its health and well-being. It is especially important for bitches to be aware of their heat cycle, that is, the different stages of fertility. The heat cycle is the only time during which fertilization and pregnancy can occur. If your dog has already gotten pregnant, you can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

For this reason, many people ask when does a dog go into estrus after giving birth to puppies? Here we answer the question by looking at a dog’s estrus cycle and what we should consider if our dog is pregnant.

Heat cycle in dogs

To answer our question about when a bitch starts estrus after giving birth to puppies, we need to take a closer look at the reproductive cycle of this species. Usually females become sexually mature between 6 and 8 months of age. Variations will largely depend on the breed of the dog, as larger breeds may take longer to develop. The clinical presentation of an individual dog will also have a bearing on when the dog’s estrus cycle begins.

When a dog begins its fertile period, we can see certain characteristic signs. These signs of a dog’s heat cycle include:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Inflammation of the vulva
  • Increased amount of urination
  • General nervousness
  • Becomes more affectionate
  • Howling

The female in heat will want to mate, her hormones tell her that it is necessary. When such primal urges are not fulfilled, it can lead to frustration in the dog. Something that can be difficult depending on the circumstances.

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The warmth period will be approximately every 6 months or twice a year. It occurs most often in early spring or autumn. Outside of the estrus cycle, the bitch cannot reproduce. Males will generally not be interested in mating with a dog that is not in heat.

The heat cycle is also known as the estrus cycle. However, the estrus cycle is only one of four main stages of the heat cycle. All four stages are as follows:

  • Proestrus: This can be difficult to detect as some bitches will not have a severely inflamed vulva or a large amount of discharge, some of which may be bloody. This will last 3 to 9 days, but during this time the dog cannot get pregnant.
  • Estrus: This is the fertile stage during which the dog is susceptible to mating. The dog has high estrogen levels, which leads to ovulation. This period is the most intense and is often referred to as “heat”. It can last up to 21 days after the start of proestrus.
  • Diestrus: This is the post-mating period, but the dog does not necessarily become pregnant. The diestrus period in non-pregnant bitches can last almost twice as long as in pregnant women, but this will depend on the dog.
  • Anestrus: The remaining period of sexual inertia when the dog is unable to fertilize and is not interested in mating with a male.
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Unlike females, males may be ready to mate when they find a female hunting all year round. This, of course, can only happen when they, too, reach puberty. On average, males reach sexual maturity in about 9 months. However, this can also vary by breed and individual. Some larger breeds may not reach sexual maturity until 3 years of age.

Can a dog have puppies after giving birth??

Strictly speaking, as long as the dog remains healthy, it can become pregnant again as soon as the next estrus begins. Their fertility can continue for the rest of their lives. As the dog gets older, the estrus cycle may occur less frequently and with less intensity, but it does not necessarily stop.

A dog can become pregnant again after giving birth. When this happens depends on when the previous estrus period passed. This development does not stop with breastfeeding now that the dog is grooming its new litter.

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When a bitch goes into heat after giving birth?

Since a bitch’s fertility depends on when the heat cycle resumes, this helps us know when she can become pregnant again after giving birth. When two dogs mate, they mate with each other. This means that as long as two dogs are fertile, it is likely that copulation will be successful. Pregnancy lasts about 63 days on average. After this time, childbirth begins, followed by raising the puppies. This includes feeding the puppies breast milk and then transferring them to solid food.

In females, estrus occurs on average twice a year, that is, once every six months. This is only possible once or three times a year, depending on individual circumstances.

With this in mind, since the dog will be in heat every 6 months or so and the gestation period is 2 months, the dog will need about 4 more months before it can become pregnant again.

The exact time it takes for a bitch to become pregnant after giving birth depends on various factors. This includes how long the estrus stage lasts. A dog’s ability to get pregnant 4 months after giving birth is approximate, but works as a general guideline.

How many days does the first heat last?

The first heat, most often, is short and not always real. sometimes ovulation does not even occur. Usually, the active phase of estrus lasts an average of 23 days, and the first one ends as suddenly as it began. It manifests itself with minor bloody discharge from the genital loop and does not attract males.

When does it start?

A dog’s first heat usually occurs in the first year of life after changing teeth, between 6 and 18 months. The onset of estrus depends on the size and breed of the bitch. Most often this is a surprise for both the dog and its owner.

But if at the age of 2 years the female has not started estrus, then it is worth starting to worry. Show your dog to the veterinarian because not in heat on time means a health problem or hormonal imbalance that requires treatment.

How long does estrus last for dogs??

Owners who, when buying a puppy, opted for a girl dog, usually know that the properties and structure of her body will one day present an unpleasant surprise. Techka is a special state of the dog’s body, informing her and the “suitors” around her that she is ready for procreation, that is, for bearing puppies and giving birth.

What are the signs of incipient heat?

How often does it go?

Estrus in dogs occurs on average 1-2 times a year, the frequency of occurrence largely depends on the breed and size of the dog. In aging animals, the frequency of estrus is reduced.

For more frequent or less frequent manifestations of estrus, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian, as this is the first sign of hormonal disorders.

Signs of heat

The first thing that says about the approaching heat is a change in the behavior of the bitch. Even yesterday, obedient, she can become uncontrollable, too playful, does not want to return home after a walk. And if she is within four walls, she commits leprosy unusual for her. This is the influence of hormones that rage before the onset of estrus.

Large dogs at this time become extremely aggressive, stop obeying elementary commands, therefore movement with them around the city should be limited.

The animal can show: irrepressible joy; to be sad; drooling is possible; dilated pupils; disorientation in space.

The pet also tends to be on the street more often and more because before heat she urinates more often. On walks, the bitch is pursued by the most variegated “suitors”. Blood drops begin to appear on the floor in the apartment. This feature is not always present. Some dogs are pathologically clean and will never allow to “mark” the master’s floors. They will be thoroughly licked, paying special attention to the intimate area after waking up.

An experienced bitch herself senses when conception will occur and will not let the dog in ahead of time. On average, the time “X” occurs on the 10-14th day, when the discharge from the bloody pass into the mucous membranes. Now the dog itself begins to take an interest in gentlemen and, upon seeing a dog, takes a characteristic pose with its tail set aside. The duration of the time when fertilization of the egg is possible is about a week. That is, the favorable time for conception is 11-17 days from the beginning of the cycle. Some individuals retain the ability for up to three weeks.

The dog owner needs to note the cycle of estrus in order to accurately determine the mating time in the future. In order not to stain the floors in the apartment, you can use special dog pants. But veterinarians advise not to make life easier for themselves, but to accustom the animal to cleanliness, forcing it to clean up its filth. This should be done from the very first heat and during its flow, remove carpets from the floor, and do not let the dog sit on upholstered furniture.

First heat

The average onset of first heat is indicated by the period from 7 to 18 months of age of the bitch. But these boundaries are rather arbitrary. It all depends on the characteristics of the breed in general, and each specific organism in particular. The size of the pet also plays an important role.

The first heat will be much shorter in duration than the next ones. An intense molt will be the harbinger of its beginning. Males instinctively feel the incomplete readiness of a young dog for mating, therefore they do not so actively express interest in her during estrus, rather than in more experienced and mature individuals.

Heat in dogs

  • Fact 1: Small breed dogs need to be especially careful during estrus.
  • Fact 2: Heat usually occurs twice a year and lasts 20-28 days (3-4 weeks).
  • Fact 3: The first thing that says about the approaching heat is a change in the behavior of the bitch.
  • Fact 4: An experienced bitch herself senses when conception will occur and will not admit the dog ahead of schedule.

When a bitch reaches puberty, her body signals that she is ready to conceive and bear offspring. With a cyclical periodicity, the dog develops estrus, during which its egg is ready for fertilization with the male sperm through intercourse.

How long does estrus last for dogs?

The duration of the process is directly related to the breed characteristics and dimensions of the ward. Small varieties of dogs first estrus at the age of about six months (this is a rough estimate). At the same time, some breeds, for example, the Yorkshire Terrier will wait for the first heat only in the area of ​​one year of age.

In general, with small breeds of dogs, you need to be especially careful during estrus. Males, in principle, do not care what size your pet is. The powerful sexual instinct erases all dimensional boundaries. But for your baby, this can be a big threat, because the risk of injury is likely. Even if, by a lucky coincidence, spontaneous mating will pass without consequences for the bitch, then the offspring from a large dog simply cannot fit in the small uterus of the animal, and this is fraught with death.

Heat in dogs, regardless of breed, lasts at least 20-22 days, twice a year in young dogs and once in old ones.

In large canine varieties, puberty occurs a little later, at about 12-18 months. The duration of estrus is individual for each individual, but it is believed that the optimal time for successful mating is 12-14 days from its beginning, after which the bitch becomes more and more inert to the encroachments of males and by 23 days finally stops responding to them.

What to do for a dog owner (recommendations)

If no future childbirth is planned, then mating is not carried out. In this case, you need to especially carefully monitor the pet after, since false puppies often occur. Before estrus, you can do a course of drugs to eliminate ovulation, but only with the permission of the veterinarian, since after such a course there may be complications that affect the course of future childbirth. If signs of false pregnancy appear, it is recommended to call your veterinarian and consult with him about treatment.

If the offspring is not planned at all, then it is better for a young animal to be sterilized. After her, there will be no heat, since there are no reproductive organs. Therefore, such dogs also do not have childbirth.

  • Before every walk of large and small dogs on the street, put on special panties. They are able not only to save the owner from the unpleasant duty of wiping the floors and other surfaces behind the dog, but also to prevent unwanted covering of it by the dog that has met during the walk.
  • Monitor estrus regularly, especially in dachshunds and small breed dogs. From the first estrus, you should start keeping a calendar, marking the first and last days of estrus. Such a calendar will help to prepare in advance for estrus also in small breeds, finding a suitable male. In addition, keeping a calendar will help to timely detect health problems of the dog.
  • Remove carpets before estrus and if you want to achieve pregnancy and subsequent childbirth, you can use homeopathic medicines that increase the likelihood of fertilization. Some owners are trying to change the length of the period. You can significantly reduce the time for putting things in order in the house by teaching the dog to lick the contaminated fur around the loop.
  • If natural estrus does not occur for a number of reasons, the veterinarian can cause it artificially, which is a completely ordinary procedure that does not in the least disrupt the normal functioning of the dog’s body.