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How long does Spitz dogs go in heat?

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Duration of estrus

But at what age do dogs start estrus and how long does it last? This question is of interest to almost all female dog owners.

Most of the time, estrus occurs a couple of times a year. It can last from twenty to twenty-eight days, which is approximately three to four weeks.

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It is also desirable for each owner to know that the frequency and duration of estrus depends on many factors. both the size of the dog and its body weight. In some breeds, this natural phenomenon occurs only once a year. And in others, the number of leaks decreases with age. In addition, she may be very weak or show no signs at all. But despite this, the female can attract the opposite sex and mate, which ultimately leads to pregnancy.

In most cases, estrus lasts about a month, and the other begins after six months. In this mode, it can last for a long time. But with the slightest change (or the discharge has changed color, or began to appear in larger quantities, or the breaks between estrus have changed), it is best to take the dog to the veterinarian so that there are no negative consequences.

Each owner must necessarily control the frequency of leaks. And to do this not depending on whether the mating took place or not. Then it is much easier to notice any changes in the pet’s body.

It so happens that there is no heat at all. Then, without delaying for a long time, you should contact a specialist.

Techka at the Labrador

It is worth noting that estrus for each breed is individual. Therefore, it is difficult to unequivocally answer at what age the first estrus begins in dogs. In a Labrador, it can begin both at six months and at almost two years of age. At this time, the females are very active and irritable. For procreation, the most suitable ninth, eleventh and thirteenth days after the first discharge was noticed.

A female Labrador retriever will require special attention and care during this period. It is best to stick to a few simple guidelines:

  • In the second half of estrus, the dog is able to secrete special pheromones, which can attract the male from a long distance. At this time, it is advisable to refrain from walking and keep the pet at home.
  • You cannot let her go for a walk unaccompanied, as the males feel the smell and try to always be nearby.
  • If you plan to knit a female during the first estrus, then it is better to refuse this, since her organs are not yet fully formed, and pregnancy and childbirth can negatively affect her health. Wait until the second or third heat.
  • To prevent any unpleasant “surprises” with the dog and her offspring, it is advisable to find out what health her mother was, how her pregnancy went, whether puppies were born with defects.
  • Pregnancy after the first heat can be very stressful for the dog. Because of this, if further reproduction is planned, you need to give her body a little rest, and knit for this purpose after at least one heat. If you do not adhere to this, then pregnancies, alternating one after another, can negatively affect the health of the female Labrador.

Knowing at what age estrus begins in dogs of this breed and what needs to be done for his pet, its owner will be able to be calm not only for the pet, but also for her future cubs.

Signs of heat

According to some signs, it is possible to determine the state of the female in which estrus has begun:

For about a week, you don’t have to worry too much about random mating. During this period, a female dog does not allow males to come to him. But when the discharge has changed color and their concentration resembles mucus, then you should carefully look after it.

Inconvenience can create bloody discharge, because the dog leaves them in different places. To get rid of this, she should purchase special panties. This will free you not only from frequent cleaning, but also unwanted knitting.

Breed and estrus

At what age do dogs start their first heat? It all depends on the breed of the dog and its size. Earlier than all, this natural phenomenon occurs with representatives of small breeds and can occur as early as six months. It is typical for large species to come in a year. But this is all purely individual and depends on the dog’s body.

If the female is small, then it is imperative to make sure that the male is not huge, as this can negatively affect her health.

When the owner knows his dog well, it will not be so difficult for him to determine the onset of heat. During this period, the pet radically changes its behavior. Due to the hormones at play, she becomes more active and playful, and disobedience is the main feature.

At what age does a dog start estrus, how long does it go?

Many people want to acquire a female dog, but they are stopped by one of the main questions: at what age does estrus begin in dogs, how long does it last? They are also particularly interested in how to act in this situation. Now we will take a closer look at this topic.

First heat. When?

At what age does estrus begin in dogs? Some have from six months to the ninth month of life. Others have their first estrus between 10 and 12 months. There are dogs who have this already in a year and a half.

At this time, special attention should be paid to prevent accidental mating: you need to try to constantly monitor the animal.

So at what age do dogs start estrus and how long does it go? It is impossible to answer this question precisely, since each dog has its own organism. The first may last for a short period of time. In some cases, it can be very mild and be expressed in a small amount of bleeding, which will not be so attractive to males.

The first heat can be considered fake, and it ends very quickly, but this is not a reason to relax, since the renewal can occur again after a short time. Then you need to look after the female very much, since she begins a real hunt, which means ovulation.


At what age do dogs start their first heat? In a husky, this happens in six months. But there are some peculiarities here.

It is characteristic of this breed that it is the female who is responsible for the successful offspring. You need to make sure that she is always well-fed, but at the same time graceful and graceful.

The first estrus for a representative of this breed begins at six months, lasts about a year, including short breaks between estrus. At this time, she requires special attention. Therefore, for any, even minor, changes, you need to consult a veterinarian.

Fully female husky is ready for pregnancy and childbirth during her third heat.

Do not use drugs!

During estrus, many owners, in order to avoid pregnancy of their pet, resort to the help of special pills and medications. But this is undesirable. In most cases, such precautions lead to hormonal disruption in the dog’s body or, even worse, to the onset of cancer.

Pomeranian, German and other species

There is no significant difference between the age of onset of estrus in different Spitz breeds. In all dogs of this group, estrus occurs between 6 and 15 months.


You can notice the approach of estrus in a dog by a number of signs:

  • increased urination;
  • behavioral changes (a Spitz girl becomes overly active or vice versa, prefers to rest more; ignores commands, tries to escape for a walk; temporary aggression towards relatives may appear, which usually passes after the end of estrus);
  • the loop swells and becomes pink;
  • discharge from the vulva (in the first heat it is most often a small amount of bloody exudate, less often profuse outflows);
  • excessive attention from males;
  • increased appetite.

In some cases, the first estrus in Spitz proceeds imperceptibly, without the active manifestation of all of the above symptoms. In this case, you should contact your veterinarian who will conduct tests for hidden estrus.

The latent course of the first estrus is not considered a deviation from the norm if the next estrus turned out to be full and came on time.


During the first estrus, many inexperienced Spitz girls do not know how to lick themselves, and bloody discharge remains everywhere. on the carpet, sofa, lounger. To avoid this, hygienic panties were invented, which absorb the discharge from the vulva and the apartment remains clean.

Hygienic underwear reduces the risk of accidental mating if there is a dog at home, and also reduces the likelihood of genital tract infections if you wear panties when traveling on public transport and visiting the veterinarian.

Deviations from the norm

If the estrus begins when the dog is under 6 months old, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. This can be a sign of serious diseases of the animal’s reproductive system, such as vaginitis, metritis, pyometra, various pathologies of the ovaries.

If the Spitz is more than 15 months old, and estrus has not come, this is also a reason for a visit to the veterinarian.

In some situations, this may be a feature of a particular dog and then estrus will begin before 2 years, but in other cases, late estrus is a symptom of serious diseases not only of the genitals, but of the whole organism as a whole.

When does it start, at what age?

The age at which the Spitz begins to estrus ranges from 6 to 12 months. This corresponds to puberty. In rare cases, estrus may occur later. up to 15 months.

How does a spitz’s first heat go? Important information

In the life of every person who has chosen a dog as a pet, one day there comes a crucial moment. the first heat. Those who have not previously encountered a similar phenomenon may be intimidated by the changes occurring in the animal.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how the first estrus in Spitz dogs goes, what to expect and what the owners need to do at this time.

How long does it take?

The duration of estrus is on average 21-28 days, but the first time estrus may end earlier. This is due to the fact that the physiological maturity of the body has not yet come, and it takes time to form a full sexual cycle.

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The duration of the cycle depends on the general condition of the animal at the time of its beginning. The presence of various diseases and pathologies can stretch the heat time, make it difficult and painful for the Spitz.

What to do?

The most important thing to do when a bitch is in heat for the first time is to protect her from contact with males. Even if in the future it is planned to obtain an offspring from a dog, in no case should it be knitted on the first estrus, since the body of a bitch at this age is not yet physiologically formed. Spitz mating is allowed no earlier than 3 estrus.

It is very important during this period to monitor the condition of the pet, to note changes in its behavior, so that in the future it will be possible to distinguish the spitz‘s habits that are normal for the period of estrus from deviations.

The best option would be to keep an estrus journal, where the Spitz owner will note the dates of the onset and end of estrus, the duration of each period and the symptoms accompanying the sexual cycle.

In order to avoid infection with infections, the Spitz should be protected from swimming in open water, traveling in public transport, as well as refusing to attend various events, such as exhibitions, contests, competitions, etc.

It is worth refusing to visit places with a large concentration of dogs for the following reasons:

  • during estrus, the bitch may show aggression towards other animals;
  • the risk of accidental mating;
  • the smell of a female in heat will prevent the males participating in the event from concentrating on work.

What is estrus and processes in the body with it

The onset of the first heat in a husky is evidence that the dog has become sexually mature and may have offspring.

This physiological phenomenon is caused by a hormonal surge that occurs in the dog’s body when it reaches a certain age.

At the same time, the first heat can be serious stress for a young husky, since the animal, being unable to understand what is happening to it, begins to worry a lot.

This can lead to behavioral changes and adversely affect the dog’s physical condition. In many bitches, when their first heat occurs, the growth and weight gain is suspended, and the pet itself looks confused and even embarrassed.

Due to the effect of hormones, a few days before the appearance of the puddle, the external genitals of the husky slightly increase. In addition, the dog’s behavior changes: it becomes more disobedient, stubborn and irritable.

During this time, the bitch’s immunity weakens, which makes her more at risk of contracting an infection. Therefore, it is very important that veterinary measures and, in particular, vaccinations, have already been completed by the time the estrus is supposed to begin.

How is it going?

Heat in a husky consists of three periods: proestrus, estrus and metestrus, followed by a time of inactivity, called anestrus, which continues until the next heat begins:

  • Proestrus. It occurs at the onset of estrus and lasts 9-11 days. At this time, the bitch becomes attractive to males, but she herself rejects their attempts to flirt, she may even snap and try to bite. Also, this period is characterized by the appearance of bloody discharge from the loop and swelling of the external genital organs.
  • Estrus. Starting on the 9-11th day from the start of the puddle, this period can even last up to 20 days of estrus. At this time, the husky girl is capable of fertilization and she herself shows a clear interest in males. Discharge from the loop becomes lighter and acquires a characteristic odor.
  • Metestrus. This period begins, on average, 19-20 days, but may come earlier or later. At this time, the bitch loses the ability to fertilize and her interest in members of the opposite sex also weakens. The husky girl starts snarling and snarling at the males again. Usually, by the beginning of metestrus, the bloody discharge has already disappeared, however, mucus continues to be secreted from the loop for some time.
  • Anestrus. Lasts 10-12 months. At this time, the bitch behaves as usual and does not show interest in males and sexual activity.

During estrus, it is necessary to especially carefully monitor the pet, since at this time husky bitches become very cunning and prone to escapes, the purpose of which is to mate on the side.

How many times a year does it go and how long does it last?

Huskies were bred in the Far North, where winters are very cold, and therefore, in their homeland, they could acquire offspring only in the warm season.

This feature has survived to this day, which is why bitches of this breed, unlike most other dogs, flow only once a year: with an interval of 10-12 months between pimples.

The duration of their estrus depends on heredity and on individual characteristics. However, it is generally accepted that, on average, husky girls have a pause for 21 days.

Features of pet care

When a husky bitch is in heat, you need to make sure that the dog does not mate on its own. To do this, when kept in an apartment, it is necessary to walk with her only on a leash.

In addition, you will have to make sure that the pet cannot escape into the street through an open door.

When keeping a husky in the yard of a private house, the owner of the dog needs to make sure that the bitch cannot dig under the fence or climb over it.

It would be best for this time to overexpose the dog in the house or in a closed aviary. this will save the bitch from unwanted mating in the event that other people’s males sneak into the yard.

Another problem faced by owners of bitches in heat is stains that remain on carpets, upholstered furniture and other things. To avoid this, it is possible to recommend that you put on the dog during the puffing up special panties for trendy bitches or diapers that are suitable for her size.

Owners of breeding bitches should take into account one more important nuance: even if the dog has already been mated with a suitable partner, it is necessary to monitor it as carefully as before until the end of the pushover.

It happens that bitches who have already walked away run away and mate with just anyone.

In this case, the appearance of a mixed litter is possible, in which there will be both purebred babies and mestizo puppies. However, both those and others will be rejected during the act.

At what age does the first start?

The husky usually has its first heat at the age of 8-12 months. However, due to heredity or individual characteristics, in some bitches it may start a little earlier or a little later.

Owners of husky girls need to take into account that the onset of the first heat, although it is evidence that the bitch has reached puberty, does not mean that the bitch needs to be mated immediately.

On the contrary, early mating is extremely harmful to the health of the pet and for its physical development.

The first estrus can begin in a dog at any age after changing teeth, that is, from about 6 months.

The main signs

The fact that a dog will soon begin estrus can be understood a few days before its onset. At this time, the husky’s character and appetite change.

The dog becomes stubborn and disobedient, in addition, it begins to feed heavily in order to stock up on nutrients for possible mating and pregnancy.

This all happens on an instinctive level: the dog behaves before estrus in the same way as its distant ancestors did.

The first and most reliable sign of the onset of puffing in a husky is the appearance of bloody discharge from the loop, and the external genital organs themselves by this time slightly increase in size.

On walks, the dog begins to urinate more often and mark the territory, but unlike males, it does this not by lifting up its hind paw, but by pulling it forward.

Indisputable evidence that the bitch is flowing is that the males are beginning to show interest in her.

Conclusion and conclusions

For the first time, huskies flow at the age of 8-12 months and the onset of a puddle indicates that the pet has reached puberty.

The dog owner does not need to be intimidated by changes in the pet’s behavior or worry about other manifestations of estrus. But at the same time, it is imperative to take into account that at this time the dog needs special attention and care.

It is unacceptable to shout at her or undeservedly offend her, in addition, you need to pay special attention to the fact that the husky does not accidentally catch a cold or get sick with some kind of infection.

It is recommended to untie the bitches of this breed for the third time, until this time it is better to pay attention to sports and exhibition achievements, as well as the upbringing and training of the pet.

Pomeranian girl’s special days. Pomeranian heat

Girls Spitz owners should be prepared for puberty. If in boys this period passes unnoticed, then girls require the attention of the owner and special care. The first heat occurs in the first year of life.


Late onset of estrus after two years is a reason to see your veterinarian. This symptom may indicate a disease of the body and a poorly formed genitourinary system. The Spitz also has the first latent estrus. It passes only with a change in the pet’s behavior, but without discharge, which can also indicate abnormalities in the body.

If a puppy is in heat before the age of 6 months and before the change of teeth, you should consult a doctor. Polyps, inflammation, ovarian pathology, the doctor should exclude.


Pitomitsa shows interest in males, but doesn’t let her anymore. The highlighting stops, and the loop becomes its normal size. This period lasts 10 days. The dog’s behavior becomes the same.

During such days, the bitch shows an increased interest in males.

If fertilization has not occurred, the body returns to the resting period. But after two months, against the background of the release of the hormone progesterone, some animals have a false pregnancy.

Proestrus or forerunner

There is an influx of blood to the genitals of the Spitz, bloody discharge appears. The loop swells and becomes soft. The duration of this phase is 5-7 days. The dog dramatically changes behavior, is easily excited, looks for a place to sleep for a long time, leaves marks on walks and sniffs a lot, studying the territory. Body temperature during this period may be elevated.

First heat

To determine such days, there are a number of signs by which you can understand when puberty comes:

  • complete change of milk teeth;
  • increased appetite;
  • frequent urination;
  • aggression towards dogs;
  • desire to run away for a walk;
  • excessive activity.

The release of sex hormones can completely change your pet’s behavior during estrus. After its termination, the mood of the dog will be the same. At the age of 8-10 months, the first heat begins in Spitz. Puberty after 15 months is considered a deviation from the norm. If it starts in a puppy before five months and before all teeth change, you should contact your veterinarian, perhaps the dog has reproductive impairment. Too early or late heat is a reason to see your veterinarian

The duration of the first estrus is 15 days, the dog is not able to give healthy offspring at this age, therefore, occasional mating should be avoided. The short duration is due to the fact that the physiological maturity of the dog has not yet arrived, it is like a “test” of all the functions of the pet’s body.

Bloody discharge from the loop appears, the loop swells and becomes soft. In the first heat, the dog does not know about its changes and does not perform the toilet on its own. The owner can purchase special panties for the girl and put them on for two weeks. soiled furniture and drops of blood on the floor will not disturb the cleanliness of the house. On a walk, you need to take off your panties. During estrus, the dog should not be released from the leash, changes in behavior can provoke it to escape. Accidental mating or loss of a pet can be avoided if the dog is on a leash for a walk. The harness or collar must be firmly fastened so that the Spitz girl cannot get out of her ammunition. Spitz girls

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How long does it take

Duration for a Spitz is 21-27 days. The flow occurs once every six months, usually in the fall and spring. The duration can also vary from external reasons:

  • The presence of a male in a lady increases the number of days.
  • Illness and infections can stretch out time.
  • Large physical activity shortens the duration.

Hunting, rut or estrus

About 10 days after the onset of discharge, ovulation occurs. The Spitz girl lets the males come close to her for several days. The body temperature drops to 37.2 degrees. The highlights become lighter. When pressing on the withers, the dog freezes and moves its tail.

Pomeranian first heat cycle | Pomeranian first mensturation captured | dogs first heat cycle

Heat in small breed dogs

Heat in small breed dogs begins after about 6 months of life. Usually, the first heat occurs between 6-12 months, for example, in a Yorkshire Terrier, heat begins about a year.

But there is no hard and fast rule. Each animal is individual. At this time, owners of small dogs on walks need to be especially vigilant so that a huge dog does not “roll up” to the bitch, otherwise it can cause serious damage to health.

Signs, symptoms, dog in heat

How to tell if a dog is in heat? Your dog’s behavior changes during estrus. The dog becomes more active, playful, and naughty. Hormones begin to “play”, and instinct pushes her to free behavior. You can identify estrus by the following signs:

  • At this time, the dog begins to urinate much more often;
  • attention from males increases much;
  • blood droplets can be seen on the litter or floor that come out of the loop;
  • females periodically lick the noose.

At this time, females do not allow males, since they are not ready for the fertilization process.

As a rule, by 9-15 days, the discharge becomes slimy, straw-colored. This is the period of the so-called “unfavorable” days. At this time, the female has maximum sexual arousal when they notice the males, move their tail to the side and take a stance. The loop swells a lot.

This period lasts approximately 5-7 days. The owner, if he wants to mate the dog, is obliged to mark these days. Depending on the breed, the favorable time for fertilization may occur on days 9-17, in some even on days 21.

To prevent the animal from leaving the characteristic droplets of red in the house, you can use special pants for dogs in heat. However, most dog handlers advise to teach her to lick her very first heat. Be that as it may, it is recommended to wrap the carpets during emptying.

How long dogs are in heat and how does a dog behave during and after estrus?

Heat in dogs is a natural, psychophysiological process that is characteristic of most female mammals. The presence of estrus indicates that the female is ready to mate and bear offspring.

How long does estrus last in dogs (duration)? How does the dog behave during heat, in front of it and after it, does the animal’s behavior change? What should the owner do if the dog is in frequent heat or is in heat for a long time? How to determine? Can dog briefs be used when in heat? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

All dog owners, without exception, have to deal with such a phenomenon as estrus (other names are pushover, esterus). Owners of bitches face this directly, and owners of males, so to speak, indirectly, since their pets come into contact with the opposite sex during walks.

When does the first heat in dogs begin??

In bitches, puberty begins at the age of about 7 months. 1.5 years (depending on whether the dog is a small or large breed), and is expressed by the fact that the bitch begins to shed heavily.

The first heat, unlike the next, is the shortest. Often only a weak manifestation of it is noted, the so-called hidden puddle. this is a slight release of blood, which attracts little males.

Young bitches, which are close to puberty, have the likelihood of false heat, in this regard, allowing mating, heat can suddenly interrupt without ovulation. But after a few days the bitch can go hunting again and already with ovulation. Signs of heat in a bitch are spotting from the noose, which is attractive to males.

Heat in large breed dogs

Heat in large breed dogs usually begins between 12 and 18 months of age. But the time of the onset of estrus is purely individual and there is no specific period.

A favorable time for conception in large breeds of dogs is considered to be 10-15 days of estrus. The sexual arousal of the female during this period is at the maximum level and it is at this time that it is recommended to bring her with the male.


  • Stage 1. proestrus. minor bleeding, but traces remain wherever the dog has been. To do this, use special absorbent pants;
  • Stage 2. estrus. begins 10 days after the first signs of bleeding. At this time, the bitch admits to her dog for fertilization. Continuation of this stage for 7 days. To obtain breed puppies, after fertilization, it is better to protect the bitch from other males;
  • 3rd stage. diestrus. the final stage, at this time the bitch still attracts males, but does not let them in. The period lasts up to 10 days, after the end of the stage, estrus occurs only after six months.

Having passed a blood test for progesterone, you can avoid mistakes. If there was no heat, you need to look for the reason for the interruption of the cycle. If necessary, the veterinarian can artificially induce estrus.

How many days do dogs last and how many times they are in heat (frequency)?

Usually estrus occurs at intervals of twice a year and lasts 20-28 days (3-4 weeks). If its frequency is 3-4 times a year or more, then it is advisable to consult a veterinarian. Most likely the dog has harmonic disorders.

But there are also differences between dog breeds and their age. For example, huskies are in heat once a year. In older bitches, the periods between pauses may be lengthened, the signs become less pronounced or remain completely invisible. Even a very old bitch is capable of mating and getting pregnant.

In a bitch that has previously had regular heat, over time, their manifestation becomes more frequent or rare, it is important in this case to consult a veterinarian.

The owner of the bitch, throughout her life, needs to mark the dates of the onset of leaks, regardless of whether the dog was mating or not, this at the right time will make it possible to understand that the bitch did not come into heat on time, if this happened, then first make sure not whether the heat went unnoticed. If she didn’t need to go to the vet at all.

How long does spitz heat last

On average, estrus lasts 18-25 days. It occurs 2 times a year at intervals of 5-8 months. Some dogs “bridal” every 9 months, which is normal.

The heat in Spitz, like in dogs of other breeds, takes place in four stages:

  • Proestrus. The first 5-12 days. At this time, the follicles mature and the uterine lining increases. The bitch is aggressive and will not let the dog approach her.
  • Estrus. Hunting time, lasts from 2 to 14 days. Ovulation occurs. the release of a mature egg from the ovaries. It moves along the fallopian tubes to the uterus. The ovulation process itself takes 3-5 days and falls approximately in the middle of the cycle. The best time to mate.
  • Metestrus. Duration. 60-70 days. Hormones are released to support pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. The bitch shows aggression towards the “cavaliers” again.
  • Anestrus. The longest phase, ranging from 90 to 150 days. The dormant period when no maturation of oocytes occurs. Fertilization is impossible.

First estrus for Pomeranians

The first heat in Spitz occurs at about 8-12 months. At this age, the animal begins puberty. The time of its beginning is largely determined genetically. The characteristic features of the bitch’s behavior, as well as the course of pregnancy and childbirth, are also inherited.

The first heat is usually shorter, often accompanied by minor secretions and not as strong changes in the character of the dog as in subsequent cycles. At this time, mating should not be carried out, since physical maturation has not yet come. It is better to bring a couple of Spitz into the third heat, and until that time, monitor the regularity of the cycles and their features.

Pomeranian spitz

Heat is the process of maturation of eggs and their release from the ovaries for possible fertilization. You need to know about the features of this period in order to provide decent care for the dog and prepare for mating.

Spitz symptoms

The breeder is advised to closely monitor his pets in order to prepare the bitch for mating in time, or, conversely, to limit her contacts with males.

There are the following signs by which one can judge about the approaching heat:

  • Your dog urinates more often than usual.
  • Cables pay more attention to the bitch, try to sniff her.
  • The behavior of the dog changes. She becomes playful, naughty, excitable, ignores commands.
  • On a walk, the bitch seeks to escape, explore new territories, puts marks, luring “suitors”.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Sometimes molt begins.
  • The appearance of the genitals changes: the loop swells, when pressed on it, light pink or dull discharge appears, which over time becomes brighter and more abundant.

Taking care of your Pomeranian during estrus

For all owners of the Pomeranian breed, estrus is a difficult period, since at this time you need to pay special attention to the pet. The content rules are as follows:

  • You need to walk the dog only on a short leash or keep it in an aviary.
  • A bitch can easily catch a cold during heat, so drafts, long walks in snowy or rainy weather should be avoided.
  • For the same reason, you will have to forbid the dog to lie on a cold surface and swim in water. You shouldn’t wash it either.
  • Travel to competitions and exhibitions should be postponed.
  • It is good to purchase special underwear that is worn on the dog in order to protect it from infections. It will also help maintain cleanliness.

When the Spitz starts to heat, you should not pamper them, because this is not a disease, but the natural state of the body. However, in some cases, you should contact your veterinarian. This must be done if:

  • cycles are irregular;
  • the first heat came too early (before 7 months) or late (after 15 months);
  • the interval between estrus is more than 9 months or less than 5 months;
  • the duration does not correspond to the norms: less than 12 or more than 30 days;
  • the dog develops pathological thirst;
  • bleeding when urinating.

At the same time, such features as the absence of changes in the appearance of the loop, scanty discharge throughout the entire period (or, conversely, abundant at the beginning of estrus), as well as rejection of the courtship of cables even in the middle of the cycle are normal and do not require treatment.

Cleanliness comes first

It is important to keep your dog clean during estrus. Most female dogs are very clean and self-lick. However, in some cases, it is necessary to look after the pet additionally. If your dog is well-mannered and knows the command “place”, being in the apartment, it will stay in its sleeping place. Your only task will be to regularly change or clean the litter. If your pet is used to walking freely around the apartment, you will have to clean up the inevitable traces behind it. Never punish a dog for it.

Some owners put on special panties or pants on the dog to avoid signs of estrus. Such “clothes” will be able to protect the pet in a special period of her life and will prevent the appearance of stains on the floor, carpets and furniture in the apartment.

How many days does estrus last for dogs: stages of estrus and their duration

The reproductive cycle in dogs has four stages. It is especially important to know the stages of your pet’s estrus for those who are planning to breed a dog, since successful mating can occur only on certain days of estrus.

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How To Understand Your Dog’s Heat Cycle

A dog’s heat lasts about 21 days. It begins from the moment a pinkish discharge appears. The end of estrus can be considered when the dog becomes inhospitable with males.

The frequency of estrus in dogs can vary from 6 to 8 months. Several factors, such as the time of year, hereditary predisposition, and emotional state, affect the timing of estrus.

The onset of estrus (proestrus) lasts 6-9 days. During this period, changes in the behavior of the dog are observed: it often marks the territory, attracting males. Dogs of the opposite sex are sensitive to urinary chemicals called pheromones. During the onset of estrus, the dog does not allow the male to come near. When he tries to get closer, the dog jumps back, sits down, growls and drives the dog away.

The second phase of the cycle. estrus, or heat itself, lasts for 9 days. At this time, the dog begins to aim, flirt with the male, she is ready to mate. When touched from behind, it takes the tail to the side, falls on the front paws.

The third phase of the cycle is metestrus. This is the period of recovery of all processes in the dog’s body. Its duration is 60-150 days. Throughout the entire period, the dog does not admit the dog.

The fourth phase of the reproductive cycle is anestrus, or the period of sexual rest. It lasts from 100 to 150 days.


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The dog is in heat. Symptoms, frequency, duration. What to do for the owner when in heat

The dog marks: what to do and how to avoid the difficulties of estrus?

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Heat in dogs: signs of readiness for procreation

Heat is a period of a dog’s life, which is accompanied by the manifestation of sexual desire, a positive reaction of the dog to the male.

The onset of puberty in a dog depends on the breed, housing conditions and nutrition. In small and medium-sized dogs, the first sexual heat begins to appear at the age of 6-7 months; in large dogs, estrus begins at 11-18 months. In order to conceive, bear and raise healthy offspring, a dog must reach not only sexual, but also physiological maturity. It occurs at about the age of two. The time of the onset of physiological maturity in a dog depends on the breed of the animal.

When a dog is in heat, changes occur in the pet’s behavior. The animal begins to behave restlessly, can show aggression towards other dogs and towards people. During a walk, the pet does not listen to the commands of the owner, it can break off the leash and run away. In some dogs, the onset of estrus can be determined by physiological signs: discharge of a pale pink color from the loop, the dog begins to mark more often on the street or in the apartment.

4 simple rules for keeping a dog in heat

An important factor is dogs during estrus. If you do not plan to breed a dog and get puppies from it, at the first sign of estrus, you need to start taking precautions:

  • Watch the dog closely while walking, exclude all contact with dogs of the opposite sex;
  • Walk the dog on a short leash: even the most well-mannered and docile pet can run away during heat, not paying attention to any commands;
  • Do not allow the dog to mate. it is almost impossible to take animals apart during intercourse;
  • Do not take your dog during estrus to competitions and shows. This will cause concern among the males present at the show. In addition, during heat, the dog is poorly receptive to commands and can be disobedient.

Heat in a dog: pet behavior problems during this period

Female dogs are very attached to their owner, they are distinguished by an agreeable and friendly character. However, dogs are often associated with some inconvenience for which you need to be prepared.

One of these inconveniences is the natural and inevitable process of estrus in a dog, during this period a calm and obedient pet marks and becomes simply uncontrollable. The pet does not respond to commands, constantly strives to break off the leash and run away, and walks in the yard turn into a difficult process of scaring off annoying males from the dog.

In order to avoid trouble during special periods of your dog’s life, you need to know exactly when the dog starts to estrus, the symptoms and the duration of this process.

Features of the first heat

Like any other animal, a Spitz’s first estrus suggests that the puppy is turning into an adult dog, which can already give birth to offspring. True, experienced dog breeders do not recommend mixing Spitz, like any other pets, with representatives of the opposite sex at this time. It is necessary for the pet to get stronger, finally formed. Only in this case the birth will be quick and easy, the puppies will be strong and healthy. 3rd heat is best for the first time.

The first time a Spitz is in heat occurs at the age of 8-12 months. You can find out more precisely when to expect such a “surprise” from the owners of your pet’s mother. This is usually transmitted genetically. And this applies to both estrus and childbirth, the course of pregnancy.

The main feature of the first heat is the small amount of discharge. Be prepared that the following will be more abundant.

Spitz’s heat: phases, duration, deviations from the norm

If there is a Spitz in your house, especially a bitch, then you definitely need to know about all the features of caring for her. only in this case she will delight you with a beautiful view and well-being for many years. First of all, you need to find out about such a thing as a spitz’s heat.

How long does estrus last

Most often, the estrus in Spitz dogs lasts from 18 to 25 days. If you are a happy owner of a healthy, strong animal, then you will have to go through this stage about twice a year. Most often, the break between estrus is 5 to 8 months.

However, if this interval is increased to 9 months, the dog feels great at the same time, and this sequence has not been violated for several years, then you should not worry. Again, you should find out how this was with your pet’s mother.

Possible deviations

However, the Spitz is in heat. it is not a well-balanced program. The timing of the phases may vary (individual for each dog), as well as many signs of estrus. However, this does not mean at all that you should immediately grab your pet in an armful and rush to the vet in the middle of the night. Many deviations are completely harmless. it is worth informing a specialist about them during the next visit, but in most cases you do not have to worry about them.

Let’s list the main deviations that should not bother the owner:

  • bright and abundant discharge is observed throughout the heat;
  • some signs are highlighted very clearly, while others are practically invisible;
  • there is a “bloodless” puddle, almost not accompanied by discharge;
  • the size of the loop does not change throughout the estrus. it remains rigid;
  • the bitch does not admit the dog even during ovulation.

All points, except for the last one, in most cases are not even deviations, but simply features of a particular dog. The latter is usually observed in cases where the bitch feels uncomfortable. She may be under stress or an inappropriate diet.

But there are also alarming symptoms, having noticed which, you need to notify the veterinarian as soon as possible:

  • the entire duration of estrus is less than 12 days or more than 30;
  • the cycle is greatly knocked down, it is not possible to accurately establish the time of ovulation;
  • the bitch’s first estrus began earlier than 7 months or later than 15 months;
  • too short or long intervals between estrus. less than 3 months or more than 9.

Remember. your dog’s health is in your hands. Only you are responsible for ensuring that the pet is cheerful, feels great and lives a long, happy life.

How to care for a dog during estrus

If a German Spitz lives in your house, estrus should be a moment in his life when it is necessary to pay maximum attention to his pet. You should also remember and observe certain conditions. both for the benefit of the dog and for your.

  • It is necessary to walk the Spitz exclusively on a leash, in no case letting go, even for a few minutes. during heat, even the most obedient bitch may well run away from the owner.
  • Avoid long walks in bad weather (windy, rain or snow) as the dog can easily catch a cold.
  • Do not let her swim in rivers and lakes, not to mention streams and puddles. Even the usual washing in the bathroom should be abandoned.
  • Refuse to compete.
  • Wear special underwear for small dogs. This will protect your pet from infections and male encroachment. In addition, thanks to this, it will be easier to keep the house clean.

As you can see, the rules for caring for a Spitz during estrus are as simple as possible. Their observance does not require much time and effort. Just give your pet some attention to help him maintain good health.

How to identify heat

An experienced breeder, with whom a dog has lived for several years, can accurately determine when a Spitz starts estrus. A beginner, on the other hand, must very closely monitor the pet. Only in this case he will be able to choose the right time for mating, or timely protect the dog from contact with males.

The following symptoms should alert the dog breeder:

  • Increased urination rate.
  • Increased attention from males. they try to sniff the bitch.
  • Changes occur in behavior. the dog becomes very excitable, disobedient, often ignores commands.
  • Appetite is significantly improved.
  • Molting is activated.
  • The genitals change outwardly: the loop swells, when pressed, discharge appears. unclear or pinkish.

At this time, the dog especially needs care, because it becomes as vulnerable as possible.

Main phases

As with other dog breeds, Pomeranian estrus is divided into four stages:

  • Proestrus takes the first 5-12 days. The mucous membrane of the uterus increases, follicles ripen. The bitch becomes especially aggressive and does not allow dogs to come near her.
  • Estrus is the second phase, lasting 2-14 days. This is the most important stage. a mature egg leaves the ovaries and moves to the uterus through the fallopian tubes. Ovulation takes 3 to 5 days, most often in the middle of the cycle. If you are interested in knitting, then this is the most suitable time.
  • Metestrus lasts approximately 2-2.5 months. During this time, hormones are produced that support pregnancy, preparing the body for childbirth and subsequent lactation. The bitch does not admit the males, behaves quite aggressively in their presence.
  • Anestus is the final and longest phase, lasting from 3 to 5 months. The eggs do not mature at this time, respectively, and fertilization becomes impossible.

By memorizing the main phases and the approximate length for a particular dog, you can accurately calculate the optimal time for mating in order to get a healthy, robust litter.