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How long should a compressor run in an aquarium

Choosing an aquarium compressor and 3 best aerators for aquarium

Compressors for the aquarium are one of the important attributes that ensure the flow of air into the tank. Often, an artificial pool is filled with many inhabitants who do not always have enough oxygen. Plants are not able to provide representatives with the required amount of air, therefore it is necessary to install a special pump in the aquarium.

How much should work

Opening hours depend on the population of the aquarium. Small tanks with small m of plants and fish do not require round-the-clock aeration.

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The work can be adjusted independently. This requires observing the behavior of the inhabitants. If the fish rise to the surface, then it is necessary to turn on the device or increase the oxygen supply.

The compressor must be running at night. There are nocturnal representatives. Due to the lack of light, plants begin to emit carbon dioxide. Lack of oxygen will lead to the death of the inhabitants of the reservoir.

It is impossible to keep the device constantly switched on, since vibration negatively affects the condition of the inhabitants. The exception is some fish species that require round-the-clock aeration.

Each aquarist uses the compressor individually because there are personal requirements for each tank.

How to choose and the 3 best

There are several factors to consider when choosing a compressor for your aquarium. Not every campaign produces quality products. With a constant supply of oxygen to the tank, aquarium compressors must be of good power. When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to its performance and characteristics.

Among the famous brands of aerators, the following are distinguished:

  • Schego compressors.
  • Collar.
  • Aquael

Compressors from Schego, which manufactures devices for any type of aquarium. Depending on the volume of the tank, you can purchase a device with different power. Portable aerators are manufactured Schego optimal, which are powered by alkaline batteries. They are convenient when moving or having no access to electricity. The devices are equipped with special feet for stability. If necessary, they can be hung from the wall. The devices of this manufacturer have a number of positive aspects:

  • The device works silently.
  • The device is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to adjust the oxygen level supply.
  • High power allows installation of the sprayer to a depth of 5 meters.
  • The model can serve several aquariums at the same time.
  • Dense filter keeps the sprayer free from dirt and dust.

The Ukrainian company Collar produces good compressors that are distinguished by their reliability. Designed for small aquariums up to one hundred liters. It can be installed to a depth of 1 meter. The use of a high-precision air chamber made it possible to achieve a low noise level during the operation of the device. Quite powerful in a compact size.

The air compressor from Aquael is one of the most common devices. Takes leading positions in the ratings of compressors. Devices of various capacities are produced, which allows you to choose a model for aquariums of any size. Suitable for freshwater and marine reservoirs. The prefilter can be replaced if necessary. Equipped with two air ducts.

It has the following positive qualities:

  • Compact size.
  • Low operating noise.
  • The presence of a valve for power regulation.
  • There is an LED indicator that allows you to monitor the work.
  • Low power consumption.

The choice of an aerator must be approached with care. Some models cannot equip the tank with the required oxygen level, as they do not have the required capacity. The noise level and dimensions of some models are not suitable for some aquarists. By studying the positive aspects and characteristics of various devices, the best compressor for the aquarium is selected, which is suitable in terms of parameters for your tank.


The noise during the operation of the aerator is inconvenient. There is an alternative replacement for it. an oxidizer. This is a homemade aerator filter for aquarium. It supplies oxygen to the tank through a chemical reaction. It is based on the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen. A catalyst is required for continuous operation. Metals play its role. As a result of the reaction, the catalyst is oxidized and oxygen is released into the water. The device is used without electricity. Does not make noise during operation.


The main disadvantage of compressors is noise. Many tank owners install their aquarium pump in soundproof boxes. This partly helps to solve the problem. Some manufacturers make models that fit directly into the container. In the daytime, their work is almost inaudible.

Care must be taken when installing the aeration device, since the bulk is powered by electricity. Failure to comply with safety measures is fraught with a short circuit, which will lead to the death of the inhabitants of the reservoir.

How does it work

The principle of operation is as simple as that of the device. Aquarium pumps are equipped with special pipes through which air enters the tank. The oxygen supply is regulated by valves. At the end of the tubes are sprayers that emit air bubbles. They are made from an abrasive substance. Sometimes they include a whetstone.

Air bubbles are created using atomizers. They are located at the bottom of the aquarium. During aeration, all layers of liquid in the tanks are mixed, and therefore the temperature becomes uniform. This process helps to eliminate the dust film located on the surface.

There are special compressors that also have a filter pump for an aquarium. We talk more about them in another article.

Adjustable and non-adjustable

Compressors may differ from each other by the presence of a special regulator. He is responsible for controlling the performance of the apparatus and regulating the flow of bubbles in the aquarium. The compressor is equipped with a special device, thanks to which the adjustment is made. There are several types of regulation:

  • The mechanical type of regulation is based on the action of paws or magnets. And with their help, the oscillation of the membranes is regulated.
  • Electronic type limits the diaphragm travel. Among the disadvantages is the high degree of heating of the element.
  • One of the common types is valve overlap. It is located on the tube, between the air duct and the spray gun. To regulate the air supply to the tank, it is required to overlap the element.
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An unregulated compressor is not equipped with additional control elements. The device is simple, and the performance remains unchanged. The disadvantage is constant noise that cannot be controlled by reducing the power of the water pump. Consumes a lot of electricity.

  • piston;
  • membrane compressor.

The first type is more durable. Its principle of operation is based on the reciprocating movement of the piston, which pushes air. The compressor emits little noise, which is a plus for this model. It works well for aquariums in bedrooms or children’s rooms. The model can be installed in tanks with a large volume, as it has good power. It is being repaired if necessary. Among the disadvantages of a reciprocating compressor are high energy consumption and overpriced.

The diaphragm compressor is simpler in design. The principle of its operation differs from the first type. This apparatus allows air to flow out of a chamber that is connected to a membrane. Thanks to the oscillations of the magnet, a pressure drop is achieved, which leads to the process of supplying oxygen to the tank. Differs in low cost. Among the disadvantages are high noise levels and low power. It makes no sense to install it in aquariums with a volume of more than two hundred liters.

There are two types of aerators available. It is recommended to install a membrane pump in the aquarium during daylight hours. It is possible to attach it to several small aquariums at once. The second type is installed at night.

How Much Time Run Aquarium filter

There are aerators that are powered by alkaline batteries. They are low-powered and make a lot of noise during operation. The action time is about 5 hours. Used when moving or having no access to electricity.

Is it possible to turn off the compressor in the aquarium at night?

It is very difficult to say with certainty whether to turn off the compressor in the aquarium at night, as this depends on several factors influencing the decision. For some aquariums turning off will not bring any unpleasant consequences in the morning, while for others it is not recommended to turn off the aeration even for several hours.

We will figure out when it is permissible to stop forced aeration at night, and when it is better to refrain from such a decision.

Risk factors

It is very important to avoid overpopulation, and this depends on how large your aquarium is. If you turn off the air compressor in an aquarium teeming with fish at night, there is a great chance that in the morning you will find several individuals killed from a lack of oxygen. This is due to the fact that one individual has less oxygen in an aquarium with an inoperative compressor, and if it is overcrowded, the chances of oxygen starvation increase several times.

During the day, algae in the aquarium release oxygen during photosynthesis, but at night the situation changes dramatically. plants at this time of day, on the contrary, begin to consume oxygen from the water. Therefore, it is logical to assume that even in a not very densely populated aquarium, the nightlife of fish is complicated.

We take into account the details

The following factors must be taken into account without fail:

  • the size and shape of your aquarium;
  • population with fish and snails;
  • the presence of algae in the aquarium;
  • decorating elements.

The numerical characteristics of the water surface depend on the size of your aquarium. The larger the space, the better the exchange of gases between living organisms and the external environment takes place. In this case, the fish have excellent conditions for life, and the compressor also additionally regulates the oxygen supply.

Thus, it is always advisable to have, if not a huge, then significantly larger aquarium than is required for the number of free-swimming fish. The larger the tank capacity, the less likely your pets will experience oxygen starvation at night if you plan to turn off the oxygen compressor. Try to avoid crowding in the aquarium by any means. move out growing plants, purchase a larger aquarium.

And if the fish are overpopulated, then remove them from the existing composition, leaving only the normalized number of individuals.

Why disable?

Turning off the compressor at night can have various reasons. the owner wants to save electricity or does not consider it necessary to work at night, believing that the fish are sleeping.

Nevertheless, you should understand that any pets are associated with different expenses, therefore, even before purchasing living creatures, you need to think about whether you are ready for additional items of expenses for living creatures. Fish need their own aquarium, additional lighting and aeration, food and plants to facilitate their daytime existence.

If you have a lot of fish and the aquarium looks overcrowded, you should be prepared to purchase a second one and set aside individuals to avoid crowding and the risk of suffocation.

In other cases, when you have a spacious aquarium with a minimum of vegetation, you can sometimes turn off the compressor at night, but be sure to monitor the reaction of the fish the next morning. Whether they have enough oxygen is easy to understand by paying attention to where the fish swim. If they hovered close to the surface of the water, it means that at night they actively swam up to swallow air.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that additional aeration can be turned off only in a spacious aquarium with a small population of algae and animals.

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In the morning, you can always tell exactly if you made a mistake by turning off the compressor. If it is obvious that the fish have a lack of oxygen, do not let the aeration shutdown anymore.

Remember about plants that consume oxygen at night. if there are a lot of them, they will “take” oxygen from the fish at night, complicating the breathing process.

#103. How much time Aquarium Filter should run?

If you take into account all the above factors and do not miss important points leading to the death of fish, then the additional air supply at night can be turned off. In other cases, the compressor must be constantly running.

You will learn about whether it is possible to turn off the compressor in the aquarium at night in the following video.

Compressor capacity

The main parameter that indicates the amount of air distilled by the device over a period of time. Optimum performance depends on the fish population and species in the aquarium. The traditional value is considered to be 0.5-0.8 l / h per liter of “can” volume. By simple calculations, you can determine that a 100 l aquarium will need a capacity of 50-80 l / h, and for a 300 l. 150-240 l / h. The presence of a biofilter in the “bank” increases this value.

Compressor with regulator Barbus SB-348 A

  • productivity –2 x 240 l / h;
  • number of channels. 2 x 4 l / min;
  • power. 5 W;
  • power regulation. 2 levels.
  • made of high quality materials;
  • equipped with an air flow regulator.
  • productivity. 300 l / h;
  • number of channels. 2;
  • power. 2.5 W;
  • weight. 500 g;
  • power adjustment. yes.
  • the legs are made of soft rubber that absorbs vibration;
  • stylish design;
  • compact size.

Aquarium compressor

Every experienced aquarist knows how important it is to have a high-quality and suitable aquarium compressor. It enriches the water column with oxygen, does not allow water masses to stagnate, which avoids turbidity and the development of various diseases and putrefactive processes that can adversely affect the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Why do you need a compressor in an aquarium??

The answer is obvious to anyone who has seen this device in action: it increases oxygen in aquarium water. Water in a stationary state can eventually turn into a kind of swamp.

Residues of the vital activity of fish, grains of food, dust, small debris, a film on the surface, a lack of oxygen. all this can lead to an unfavorable state of the aquatic environment.

And, as a result, to illness, and in the worst case, to the death of the inhabitants of the aquarium. The compressor, supplying air to the water, enriches it with oxygen, creates air and water flows. This process is called aeration, and such compressors are sometimes called aerators. Simply put, it is an air pump

.The main requirements that need to be met for the device when choosing it

Often the aquarium is located in the same room where people are resting. Therefore, for the aquarium, it is better to choose a silent compressor. This device operates continuously. To reduce the noise level of the device, you can put it in a cabinet. But then you need a too long duct. Therefore, it is worth considering carefully before making the compressor silent by isolating it. It is better to purchase a silent device right away. The quietest aquarium air compressor. Compressors should have a continuously variable air flow control. Such a device can be easily adjusted for a different number of filters and nebulizers. Compressor power is calculated based on the following parameters: 0.5 l / h per 1 l of water. This is how it will be possible to decide which compressor is best suited for a particular tank of the aquarium. For a large aquarium (over 100 liters) a piston compressor is used. For such an aquarium, it is better to take a device with a low-voltage power supply (12 volts). In the event of a power outage, it can be connected even with a car battery. You can make the compressor quiet using old equipment yourself. So, in order for a self-made device to work as quietly as possible, you need a wooden box and a box from under the film. In this case, a quiet compressor is obtained if the shock wave is compensated with the help of a jar. The homemade compressor itself is hidden in a wooden box.


According to one of the classifications, the compressor for fish can be fixed and adjustable. In the latter case, the front or side panel of the device has a special regulator. By rotating it, you can influence the performance of the compressor, thereby changing the number of bubbles. This increases or decreases the intensity of aeration. An adjustable air compressor can have different types of regulation:

  • Electronic. It limits the movement of the membranes. The disadvantage is that the electronic part is heated.
  • Mechanical. The vibrations of the membranes are limited by the paws or the magnets are moved away from the coil inside the aquarium compressor itself.
  • Overlapping of the outlet channel. A more common option. In this case, close the valve located at the transition from the air duct to the atomizer.

Compressor types

The first type of pump delivers air by means of the movement of special membranes that allow air flow to pass only in one direction. This aquarium compressor consumes very little electricity and operates at low noise levels.

The main disadvantage of this device is its low power. The aerator is not suitable for large containers. However, for example, for a 150-liter home aquarium, a small diaphragm silent compressor will do just fine.

Another type of aquarium aerators are reciprocating compressors. Their name implies that air is pushed out by means of a piston. These aerators are more expensive, but have the advantage of high performance and durability.

True, the noise level of reciprocating compressors is somewhat higher than in devices of the first type. These aerators are usually installed in large aquariums or pillars.

Home aerators of both types are both powered by a household electrical network and by batteries. Each aerator kit includes a flexible hose from which the pumped air comes out.

What is a battery powered compressor used for??

There are situations when urgent transportation of fish is required. However, you should not deprive fish of such important oxygen for them. Otherwise, they may simply die. You can use a travel device for a small aquarium. Such equipment runs on batteries, which are very easy to replace at the right time. The battery operated compressor prevents fish that are outside the stationary aquarium from dying. Such equipment has a small size, so it is very convenient to take it with you on a trip. A battery-powered device may also be needed if the power is often cut off in the room. It is recommended to keep such a device in reserve for absolutely all aquarists. This is due to the fact that even short-term oxygen starvation is fraught with death for fish. Even experienced aquarists ask how to choose a compressor. When choosing a compressor, it is necessary to focus not on its price category, but on the amount of water that it can run in one hour. It is advisable to purchase powerful silent compressors. You can also use a homemade device.

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Installing and using the compressor

Most often, the air compressor should be located above the water level. Therefore, its external block can be placed on a shelf next to the aquarium or directly on its lid. There are also options with suction cups that can be easily attached to the inside or outside of the aquarium. Depending on the design features, the aerator can be operated from an electrical outlet or from batteries. After installation, the pump tube is lowered as low as possible into the aquarium, it is advisable to place it at the bottom (some owners, guided by aesthetic considerations, bury the sprayers in the ground, although this is not recommended).

If we talk about the mode of operation of the aerator, then in the case of silent mechanisms, most owners of the aquarium leave them to work constantly, since this device does not consume a lot of energy. Meanwhile, some owners find it more useful to periodically turn on the aquarium compressor (two hours of work and two hours of rest are considered optimal). In addition, it is recommended that the aerator be turned on continuously after feeding the fish and at night. In this case, the aquarium will be best enriched with oxygen, and the putrefactive processes caused by the waste products of fish and food debris will slow down.

Disadvantages of compressors

The main disadvantage of a compressor is noise. No matter how manufacturers fought for noiselessness, this fight has not yet been won. Yes, we managed to reduce the indicators of this parameter to 25-30 dB, but this is still quite a lot. As a rule, aquariums are installed either in the bedroom or in the nursery, and since the compressor sometimes runs around the clock, its noise is very noticeable in the silence of the night. Craftsmen hide compressors in homemade soundproof boxes, which is a good way out of this situation.
The second drawback is electricity. And as you know, electricity and water are incompatible concepts. Therefore, when installing and operating the compressor, it is necessary to take elementary care.

Is it possible to turn off the compressor in the aquarium? And for how long? Will it harm the fish? Thanks in advance

it all depends on the quantitative and qualitative fish population as well as vegetation in the aquarium.
I dare to assume that you are a beginner scuba enthusiast. Therefore, you may have a lot of fish and little vegetation. In this case, aeration is simply necessary. Another question is how is it carried out ?? ? because having an internal filter with a nozzle for aeration, you do not have to worry about additional oxygen at night. and if the noise of bubbles interferes with sleep, it is enough to let the outlet stream of the filter (with the air hose disconnected) along the water surface (below its level)
have any questions ?? ? contact the aquarium community “Aquarium at home” http://my./community/akva-xobbi here they will always help and advise

I turn it off every day at night, because it buzzes and interferes with sleep. over, I can forget to turn it on for a day, and for two, and for three. Nobody died. They even breed. Barbusikha, over there, swept away her caviar. I can’t even imagine what it should be in an aquarium for the fish to suffocate so easily. Oxygen enters the water not only through the compressor. It is still emitted by aquatic plants and some amount dissolves from the water surface from the air. Constant oxygen starvation, of course, is harmful to fish. They will wither over time, get sick and start to die. But do not bring the situation to the point of absurdity. A day, or even a few days, will survive quite well. In addition, you need to take into account how many fish live in how many liters of water and what breed these fish are. For example, incredibly tenacious guppies in a spacious aquarium often do not need a compressor. In any case, even in Soviet times, I did not have a compressor at all, but guppies and swordsmen lived. And they multiplied very abundantly.

it is desirable not to turn off the air for the fish Otherwise, at night there is a large consumption of oxygen by both fish and plants, and if there is a lack of oxygen, your wards will suffer from oxygen starvation, which can lead to diseases and death of fish. The filter is now available 2 in one. that is, it filters water and at the same time enriches it with oxygen. The equipment must work 24 hours a day. and from the constant switching on of switching off, the motor at the compressor and the coil at the filter will burn out very quickly.

And I don’t turn it off at all, but so as not to interfere at night. I put the compressor in the jar and closed it with a lid, after cutting the holes for the tubes and the switch, then covered it with cotton wool and voila the noise NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, only you can hear the gurgles from which the buzz.