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How many days does a cat have an adult

How many days a cat is in heat

A cat’s heat is a natural physiological process that requires a special approach and additional attention from the owner. The question of how long cats are in heat is of equal concern to ordinary keepers and experienced breeders. Hunting for the cat breed is the norm of their life.

The sexual life of the female and male in the future depends only on their owner. If the cat is valuable and thoroughbred estrus is of great importance. If we are talking about an ordinary pet, it makes sense a radical one-time settlement of the sexual issue, or control it with the help of special medications.

Duration of estrus in cats

The leaks continue on average during the week. this is normal. If childbirth is planned, then it is necessary to wait 2-3 estrus from the moment the first occurs. The age of the pet by this time will be about a year, a little more. The classic version of the cyclicality of estrus in an untied cat is once every 3 months, the frequency can be slightly extended. once every 5-6 months. In the presence of a male, estrus passes faster, without a male representative, the process can last up to 14-15 days.

Techka. characteristic features

The heat in cats lasts from 5 to 10 days, this is a time of special behavior and interesting habits. The term “erased heat” includes all the special behavioral signs of an animal during the sexual hunt, but manifested with much less activity. This situation is suitable for owners of regular cats, but not acceptable for breeders of pedigree kittens.

A cat’s heat lasts 7-14 days, it is characterized by the following features:

  • Allocations. Unlike dogs, cats have no blood and less discharge. The mucous membrane of the genitals may swell slightly. Cats look for scent mating partners. For this purpose, a secret gland in the anus secretes a special secret that gets into the urine of the animal. Territory marks are a must-have for a cat during estrus.
  • Behavior. It is possible to determine that the female is flowing according to her special habits: lacquered and playful mood, raising the lumbar spine. The cat often assumes a mating position and moves its tail aside. During this period, males and females cry invitingly, attracting the attention of potential partners. It is noticed that pets in search of love can run away from home, show themselves nervous and even aggressive.
  • Habits. When a cat is flowing, its need for food decreases. While estrus lasts, the female licks herself more often, and her urination also becomes more frequent. When stroking, the animal bends its front paws, flippers, and on the hind legs lifts the lower body up.

many, days, does, adult

Cats are in heat for about a week or two. The intervals between estrus are also interrelated with the individual data of the animal. On average, it is 15-25 days until fertilization occurs, or ovulation ends.

Heat flow. contraception or sterilization

Two ways to solve the sexual problem of the cat breed:

  • Sterilization or castration. This technique is suitable for regular non-breeding pets that do not participate in exhibitions and competitions. This method is considered humane all over the world and is supported by the state. The best time for surgery is when the kitten is one or a half year old. The operation can be performed before, during or after the first heat. Postoperative recovery lasts several days, during which she needs additional care and the care of the owner. The character and behavior of the pet after this does not change!
  • Contraception. This method includes the full range of drugs that can suppress and stop estrus. These can be homeopathic remedies, pheromones, sedatives and hormonal drugs. As a result of their long-term use, the hormonal background of the animal changes radically.

The frequency of cat streams is individual, it depends:

  • From age. Young females are in heat more often and more intensely than their older relatives. The cat flows until old age. this is a manifestation of natural instinct.
  • From the breed. Oriental Persian and Siamese breeds flow earlier and more often, they become sexually mature by 4-5 months of age. Large and heavy representatives of northern breeds. Scottish, Siberian, Maine Coons and others are distinguished by later maturation. by 8-9 months from birth. In British and fold-eared cats, the first estrus occurs at the age of one year, repeated twice or three times a year, lasts no more than 7-10 days.
  • From the conditions of detention. With good nutrition, sufficient care, regular walking, timely prevention and regular deworming, the pet will delight the breeder with a constant cycle and high-quality estrus.
  • From physiology and heredity. Large and powerful females are less temperamental and loving than short and light representatives of the cat breed.
  • From the presence of a cat nearby. The male is able to accelerate and intensify the female’s estrus. Experienced and knowledgeable breeders use this property.
  • From the season. Cats regularly flow before the onset of cold weather, in winter this process dies out slightly in order to come with renewed vigor in spring. This is associated with the nature of the maturation of the follicles in the ovaries of the animal, which is facilitated by the warm season and sufficient lighting.

The delay in the first estrus may be associated with a delay in the puberty of the animal. For treatment, stimulant hormones are used, then estrus occurs after 10-15 days. Prolonged estrus can last for 20-25 days, while the female has abundant discharge, with bloody blotches. Melancholic and sluggish cat breeds, slow developing and maturing, can only flow by two years of age. In this case, the cat’s first estrus lasts up to 5 days. Such females do not meet the requirements and are discarded from the breeding process.

Cat puberty age

The onset of feline sexual maturity is marked by a borderline of six months. Breed, housing conditions, nutrition, temperament and genetics all affect the time of puberty of an animal. Grown up kittens 12-16 months old, having survived several streams in a row, are ready to mate and reproduce.

Heat and knit

The estrus lasts from 7 to 10 days, the intervals between estrus vary from 14 to 28 days. In a year, sexual hunt occurs 2 to 4 times, lasts 6-8 days in a row. A favorable time for mating comes 2-4 days from the beginning. In nature, the act of feline mating is a duel with the election of the best and strongest representative of the family. For breeders, mating is a complex process, in which the estrus of the female is monitored, violations in her health condition are promptly eliminated.

If a decision is made to knit a cat, then it is necessary to take care of the selection of a candidate for mating in advance. Mandatory preparatory measures include preventive deworming, identification of common infections and the presence of all necessary vaccinations. A current cat in the house is a whole event, mating can last several days in a row. Inexperienced actions on the part of people are fraught with psychological and physical trauma in animals.

In cats, heat lasts about a week, a little more. The readiness to mate is signaled by special behavioral traits of the pet. Feline physiology is constant childbirth, that is, the bearing and reproduction of kittens. Frequent empty ovulations can lead to diseases of the ovaries and uterus in the animal, are fraught with complications of subsequent pregnancies, if they can occur at all.

From a biological point of view, the estrus period is a sharp hormonal jump, indicating the female’s readiness to enter a new stage of life. the sexual sphere and motherhood! The timing of a cat’s sexual performance and the duration of estrus is a matter of individuality. For breeding, the owner needs to know how many days estrus lasts and the nature of its cyclicality. If the cat is an important member of the family, nothing more, then it is advisable to sterilize and not torture her in the future. A breeding cat is obliged to bear offspring. this is its main purpose!

Two ways to calm down a cat on a walk

There are two ways in which you can influence the behavior of a cat during sexual activity: sterilization and the use of special drugs.

  • About special drugs. The best option for solving the problems associated with estrus in a cat is the use of drugs to regulate sexual desire. Modern remedies are able to effectively solve the problems associated with estrus in cats. The action of the drugs is reversible, after they are canceled, the cat will be able to give birth to kittens again.
  • A few words about sterilization. The body of each animal reacts in its own way to surgical intervention, sometimes the consequence of such an operation may even be the death of the animal. A sterilized cat will never be able to have kittens again.

How to help your cat in heat

One of the most effective ways to relieve a cat of unpleasant symptoms during estrus is to sterilize the animal. She has two drawbacks: firstly, the animal after the operation will never have kittens, and secondly, due to the removal of the gonads, the hormonal background can shift and obesity begins.

If sterilization by some parameters is not suitable or is contraindicated for the animal, then you can use specially developed drugs: tablets, drops, injections. Injections are an effective remedy, because after them the cat does not want to walk for six months. But at the same time, the owner does not always have the opportunity to deliver it to the clinic, and after the end of the action of the injected drug, do not forget to repeat the procedure.

The best domestic drugs are:

  • Gestrenol contains natural components, including catnip, so as not to cause rejection in the animal when taken, it is released in the form of drops in a bottle that is reliably protected from the external environment. If you stop taking the drug, then the sexual function is fully restored.
  • Sex Barrier contains two new generation hormones that adjust hormones and reduce libido.

Both medicines can be used in cases of unplanned mating to prevent pregnancy. They are awarded certificates of conformity and maximum safety, are cheaper than foreign counterparts and are not inferior to them in terms of efficiency.

How many days does a cat walk and why a pet’s sex hunt is a headache for the owner

Heat in cats kept in different conditions can last for different times, on average it lasts 5-7 days. If pregnancy has not occurred, the next estrus comes in two weeks. These terms are individual, so you can find out how long your cat’s estrus will last only by carefully observing the pet.

During estrus with a cat, the owners, as a rule, face serious discomfort: inviting cries day and night, odorous marks in the most inappropriate places in the apartment, constant attempts by the pet to jump out the door, aggressive behavior or, on the contrary, lethargy of the animal.

This is how a cat behaves when it goes on a spree. You cannot confuse these signs of estrus with anything else. This behavior cannot be tolerated, it is annoying, does not allow rest and makes the owners of cats look for a reliable way to cope with the restless behavior of the pet when the cat is walking. We will tell you how to calm an animal further.

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Possible problems

  • After estrus, the cat may have a false pregnancy. This sometimes happens if there was contact with a cat or a pregnant female lives nearby. Then the pet has all the symptoms of pregnancy, with the only difference that she has no kittens in her stomach. Gradually, this condition goes away by itself, but if it repeats regularly, it is worth showing the animal to the veterinarian.
  • The leaks happen too often. If, at the same time, pregnancy does not occur, this state of affairs is likely to lead to inflammatory processes in the uterus, mammary glands, or even to a cancerous tumor.
  • The leaks have stopped or are absent for a long time. There may be several reasons for this. The most obvious is that the pet is expecting kittens. But there is a possibility of some pathologies that should be excluded by contacting a veterinarian.
  • Prolonged heat, which lasts more than 2-3 weeks, may also indicate that something is wrong with health. It can be both hormonal disorders and disorders in the work of the ovaries.

Gestrenol drops for cats and cats Instructions for use

Duration of estrus in different breeds

The duration of estrus is largely due to the individual characteristics of the breed.

  • Siamese cats walk for 5-7 days at intervals of a month. For the first time, estrus occurs at the age of one and a half years. As experts note, estrus in Siamese females, as a rule, is asymptomatic, especially in those who are overweight.
  • Sphynx females are ready to mate at 12 months of age, estrus lasts 5-6 days and is repeated once every two months. During this period, cats become very angry and uncontrollable.
  • Scottish Folds experience their first estrus at the age of ten months, lasting 5-7 days. The cycle is repeated 3-4 times a year. The best time for mating is the second heat. After giving birth, “Scots” walk twice a year.
  • Females of the British breed begin to walk at the age of one, the duration is 4-14 days. After taking care of the offspring, they recover in a month and are ready to mate again.
  • Persians ripen by six months. Despite the early physiological maturity, the genitals are not yet fully formed, therefore, estrus is productive after reaching one and a half years.
  • Maine Coons require a cat at the age of 12 months and only some individuals at 10.

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An important question that worries many owners is how often cats walk?

In the case of regular pregnancy and childbirth, the cat walks 2-4 times a year, because she still needs time to bear and feed offspring.

It is categorically not recommended to knit an animal in every estrus if the pet’s health is dear to the owners, because it needs to be given rest and time to recuperate. it is best to skip one or two estrus.

A cat that does not have access to a cat walks every 2-3 months, but often this cycle is greatly reduced, and a new estrus begins 2-3 weeks after the previous.

At what age does the first heat start

The time of the first estrus in young females is very individual. For most mongrel and short-haired breeds, it occurs at the age of six months. Most often, eight months are optimal. Less commonly, the first estrus begins after one year of age.

How many days does a cat last in estrus as an adult?

Cats, like all animals, have a need to reproduce. Heat in cats is a natural physiological process, knowledge of the features of which will help the owner to take the necessary measures in time for the successful mating of the cat, or, conversely, will avoid the unwanted appearance of kittens. Understanding the reason for the special behavior of the pet during the sexual hunt, it is easier for the owner to show patience, to create the necessary conditions for this condition to pass safely in the cat.

Age of first estrus in a cat

The first estrus in cats goes differently and depends on many factors: on the breed, keeping conditions, climate, etc. It is important to note that sexual maturity is ahead of physiological, which means that the first heat is not at all a reason for mating. The cat’s body during this period is not yet ready for pregnancy and bearing kittens. The first mating should be planned for a period not earlier than the onset of the age of 1.5 years.

Factors affecting the onset of the first heat:

  • Puberty for outdoor cats occurs earlier than domestic cats. This is due to the fact that outdoor cats tend to live less than domestic cats. They have to live in harsher conditions, and early maturity increases the chances of a street cat to leave more offspring during its short life.
  • The timing of the onset of the first heat is genetically determined. Knowing the timing of the onset of puberty in one cat, you can predict the timing of the onset of the first estrus in the pet born from her.
  • Deviations in body weight from the norm, both in the direction of gaining excess weight and in the direction of depletion of the pet, slows down the period of its puberty.
  • Large cats mature longer than miniature cats, so the first heat comes later.
  • Cats born in the spring mature faster than those born in the fall. This is due to the seasonal rhythm of many internal biological processes in the body of animals.
  • The presence of a cat nearby will accelerate the appearance of the female’s first estrus.
  • Lighting also plays a role in the maturation process. reduced light in an apartment can suppress the activity of sex hormones, therefore, slow down the development of the pet’s reproductive system.

It doesn’t matter if the first heat appears a little earlier or later, the main thing is that the cat is healthy. You should be worried if the first estrus came before 4 months or later than one and a half years of age. In this case, be sure to show the cat to the veterinarian.

Stages of estrus in cats

Estrus in translation from Greek means “passion”, “fury”, “rage”. Perhaps these are precisely the words that most accurately convey the emotions that the animal experiences at the peak of sexual activity. The estrous cycle, or estrus, characterizes the period of sexual activity of females associated with the maturation of follicles in the ovaries. Sex hormones are involved in the regulation of this process.

The estrous cycle consists of 4 phases:

  • Proestrus lasts 1-4 days. This is the initial phase when the body adjusts and prepares for the upcoming fertilization. At this stage, the animal shows the first signs of an increased need for affection, the cat rolls on the floor, rubs against the owner, the first meager discharge from the genitals appears. However, the female is not yet ready for mating.
  • Estrus is observed for 5-10 days. This is the second and most active phase, when the influence of sex hormones becomes strongest. It is difficult for the cat to control itself, she begins to meow actively, calling on the male. The abundance of discharge increases, and when stroking, the cat assumes a mating position. It is during this period that mating with a male occurs.
  • Metestrus or interestrus (post-flow) 2-15 days. The third stage proceeds in different ways and depends on whether mating has occurred and how effective it turned out to be. If a successful conception has taken place, then pregnancy occurs and after 58-72 days one or more kittens will be born. If pregnancy does not occur after mating, a pathological state of false pregnancy may occur. Due to hormonal disruption in the body, the cat behaves as if she is really pregnant. If after a month the cat does not return to its normal behavior, then a veterinarian examination is necessary. If the cat did not have contact with the male at all, then after 2-15 days its attraction significantly decreases, and interest in the opposite sex is replaced by a feeling of aggression.
  • Anestrus lasts from 3 weeks to several months. The last phase is a dormant period. The cat returns to its normal state, behaves as usual.

Some cats (most often Siamese) have such a phenomenon as nymphomania. In cats with nymphomania, there is no anestrus phase, that is, sedation. For this reason, they are in a state of active search for a male for mating for 6-10 weeks. This creates great inconvenience for all residents in the house, because the pets tire with their hyperactive behavior and constant inviting cries. The presence of such a deviation is an indication for the sterilization of the animal.

How long does cats’ estrus last?

The period of estrus in cats depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, on average it is from 5 to 20 days. Deviations in the direction of reducing or lengthening this period indicate the presence of hormonal pathologies or diseases of the organs of the reproductive system. Among the common reasons are malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, underdevelopment of the ovaries, the presence of inflammatory processes, cysts and tumors. Attentive owners always notice how long cats are in heat. this allows them not to lose sight of the deviation from the norm and show the animal to the veterinarian in time.

How often a cat is in heat

Fertility of a cat is also genetically determined. It has been noticed that some breeds have a higher temperament. Among them are Siamese and Persian cats. on average, they are in heat once every 3 weeks. In more phlegmatic cats, such as the Scottish Fold or British Shorthair, the mating season occurs every three months.

The incidence of leaks is also influenced by the experience of giving birth to kittens and the age of the pet. The older the cat gets, the weaker its reproductive instinct becomes. Cats that have given birth show interest in breeding once every 2-3 months, and those that have not given birth show interest in breeding once a month. After childbirth, the next estrus occurs in 3-6 months.

Also, sexual activity is influenced by the season, the period from March to October is characterized by the greatest need for mating, and the “quietest” period is winter. However, if the cat lives in the comfortable conditions of a warm home, its interest in breeding continues throughout the year.

How to calm an animal during estrus

To alleviate the condition of his pet during estrus, the owner can take the following actions:

Show more attention. Active games with different toys will help your pet release excess energy. A cat tired of play is more likely to sleep at night. For the same reason, you shouldn’t let your cat sleep during the day. It is worth picking her up more often, stroking and soothing her. Do not forget about proper nutrition, with a decrease in appetite, you need to switch to feeding five times a day in small portions.

Use medications. Your veterinarian may prescribe special hormonal or non-hormonal agents to relieve your cat during estrus. Non-hormonal sedatives based on herbal ingredients are considered the safest for a pet’s health. Strong hormonal drugs are used less often, as they have contraindications and have side effects.

Organize mating with a male. Another solution in this situation is mating animals. But in this case, you need to be ready for the appearance of offspring. If the birth of kittens is not included in the plans of the owner of the cat, then you can resort to the services of a castrated male, and after estrus, organize the sterilization of the pet itself.

Sterilize the cat. The leaks in which the cat does not have contact with the male are dangerous to her health. Hormonal disruptions due to the inability to realize their instinct lead to the fact that a cat may develop malignant neoplasms of the mammary glands, as well as diseases of the reproductive system. Timely sterilization will avoid such problems. At the same time, the cat will not experience emotional stress, it will become calmer and healthier. Sterilization causes a slowdown in her body’s metabolism. In some cases, this can lead to weight gain or problems with the urinary system. In order for the pet to stay in shape, it is necessary to be especially careful about the volume and composition of the food it eats. To address this issue, Purina ONE ® Ready-to-use dry food for neutered cats and cats was developed, as well as Purina ONE® wet canned complete food for neutered cats. These feeds have an ideal percentage distribution of protein, fat and carbohydrates. A higher concentration of protein helps to satisfy increased hunger, contributes to the early onset of a feeling of fullness, so the cat needs less food.

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The first symptoms of estrus in a cat

The readiness to reproduce occurs after the onset of puberty. In cats, this moment occurs during the onset of the first estrus, at about 6-8 months of age. Estrus (the second name for estrus) indicates that puberty has reached a stage when the animal is already able to give the first offspring.

From a physiological point of view, estrus is the moment of maturation of the egg, ready for fertilization, this is the most favorable period for conceiving offspring.

It is not possible to notice the first signs of estrus in a cat immediately, they appear 1-4 days after the beginning of this process. The signs of the very first estrus are also rather weak, their manifestation gradually increases by the age of two years. In adulthood (over 8 years), signs of heat also become less pronounced.

Heat in cats is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • The cat shows unusual affection. She becomes intrusive, fidgets, rolls on the floor, requires more attention. At the same time, tenderness can alternate with bouts of aggression.
  • The pet takes an unusual posture, stretching its front legs forward, protrudes and lifts the hind part, tramples it with its paws and bends its tail aside. This is a typical mating position.
  • The genitals become edematous. During estrus, the cat develops a transparent odorous discharge from the genitals, which is necessary to attract males. For this reason, the cat licks itself more often.
  • To spread its smell, the cat begins to rub against all surfaces in the house that are available to it: walls, cabinets, carpets and the owner’s feet. The cat can mark by releasing a few drops of urine. During this period, urination also becomes more frequent, in some cases, the pet stops going to the tray, relieving the need in the wrong places.
  • In addition to scent tags, the cat actively uses its voice to attract cats. Pitomitsa makes plaintive, inviting sounds. Meowing can continue not only during the day, but also at night, which brings great discomfort to all household members.
  • Instinct makes the cat rush to the street in all possible ways. The owner should take steps to forestall jumping out of a window or escaping through an open door. If the cat lives in a country house, then you need to make sure that the pet cannot escape outside the suburban area.
  • The cat loses appetite, sometimes completely stops eating due to stress.

Heat in cats is accompanied by great emotional and physical stress. The pet’s behavior at this moment is at the mercy of hormones, it is wrong to blame and be annoyed at her for this. The owner should show maximum patience and help his pet go through this period.

What the owner shouldn’t do during a cat’s estrus

You can not scold and punish the animal. Yes, the estrus period is not easy, loud meowing, hyperactivity and other manifestations of sexual desire in a female can cause irritation. But all household members should be patient and try to help the pet as much as possible to cope with this emotionally difficult period for her.

Any additional stress must be minimized. Someone advises to bathe the cat, but this recommendation is dubious. Bathing can distract the pet from her condition for only 40 minutes. An hour while she dries and licks, to come to her senses after bath procedures. However, soon all the symptoms of estrus, and all the torment from bathing the animal will be in vain.

Do not leave a cat alone, lock in a dark room. Yes, sunlight affects the activity of sex hormones, but the stress of being alone in a dark space can cause mental disorders in an animal.

Animals are not able to resist the influence of the reproductive instinct, so you need to understand the needs of your pet, try to alleviate her condition, find a way to solve this issue, a kind of compromise that will suit the owner and be comfortable for the cat.

Feline heat

If you are eager to get a kitty, not a cat, then from the very first days you need to prepare for the so-called “time X”. After all, as soon as the animal reaches a certain age, the owners will have to face this problem, because it is simply impossible not to notice estrus in cats. Of course, this is a natural phenomenon in the pet’s body, but, nevertheless, it is advisable to prepare for its beginning prematurely, because the owner of the cat must not only have knowledge of how the cat looks during estrus, but also be constantly ready to help the fluffy pet prepare “adult” sexually mature life. The main thing is not to assume that caring for an animal during the period when there is estrus will be easier and easier than caring for a male cat at a similar time of his life.!

How often is heat

A classic option for a cat that has already knitted at least once. This is a constant heat once every 3 months. However, if the cat has not yet walked, then frequent estrus may also disturb your pet: monthly or even once every 2 weeks. Well, if you are absolutely not going to engage in breeding cats, then you can always neuter the cat. If the animals receive a regular opportunity to reproduce, the frequency of estrus will be extended: once every 5-6 months, although it is worth noting that the first estrus after childbirth can disturb the cat already after a month and a half.

How long does estrus last

How many days and how often this period will last for your pet will only be known after it begins, because the duration of estrus is strictly individual for each cat, but usually the time of a special process lasts 5-6 days. Breaks between estrus (the so-called “interestrus”) in cats can be of different duration. one cat goes into heat once a month, while the other may have only one or two times a year. It all depends on the health status of the cat, its breed, on the presence of other felines, on the time of year, on factors influencing the environment, etc. on the hormonal background, its nature and level). With age, estrus becomes shorter, does not pass so regularly, more and more often without ovulation. The individual range varies from 2 times a month to 1-2 times a year, and the duration is from 3 to 10 days.

Cat in heat

You should always pay attention to the very first signs of heat in cats. Often the first heat prompts the owners to study this issue on the Internet or somewhere else, but this should be done much earlier. Cat owners should definitely know how this period goes in pets of this breed, which is the beginning of estrus. For example, female Scottish cats begin to smile in an unusual and playful way. During estrus, the cat requires increased attention to itself, gently rubs against its legs and other objects; and if you, stroking the cat’s back, climb up to the tail, then she will roll it on its side, the tail will tremble, and the cat will stamp with its hind legs.

During estrus, cats may also have discharge. usually not abundant and transparent. but if you clearly see blood, immediately take the animal to the veterinarian!

The fact that a cat is in heat does not mean that it needs to be brought to the cat right away! Premature mating leads to a high likelihood of difficult childbirth, to the birth of dead kittens. That is why it is recommended to wait until the cat is one year old with mating, in order to avoid all sorts of negative consequences (especially if the cat is of a rather elegant constitution).

If your cat has stopped in heat for a long time (more than a year) or, conversely, has been in heat for a long time (more than 15 days), this is a serious problem and you should contact your veterinarian. Sometimes the absence of heat is explained by the so-called N. “Erased heat”, which does not appear outwardly. Cycle irregularities are usually associated with inappropriate feeding and grooming, with serious hormonal disruptions, but there are factors that significantly increase a cat’s predisposition to anestrus:

  • Isolation. if a cat grew up without other felines, then she may not want a cat, which makes the owners wonder if something like this happens without pathologies.
  • Little light. cats’ estrus is seasonal, therefore, it matters how much light the animal receives, especially one that lives in an apartment.
  • Underdevelopment or absence of ovaries. if the cat is picked up by you from the street, then it can be spayed. In a sterilized cat, the uterus and ovaries are removed, which, accordingly, causes the absence of leaks.
  • Hypothyroidism. low thyroid hormone levels.

Prolonged estrus also occurs with ovarian pathologies (with a cystic process and with tumors).

So, in case of a violation of the cycle, it is necessary to show the cat to a veterinarian-general practitioner, to do proper vaginal-cytological examinations, to determine the levels of estradiols in the blood and an ultrasound.

Many pacify the violent temper of cats during “X”, using various drugs, drops and injections. Of course, all these methods, especially drops for cats, significantly reduce the suffering of the animal. But, nevertheless, since you know how the painful process manifests itself and how to determine estrus and its first signs, then you should not rush and immediately “stuff” your pet with all kinds of suppressive drugs. When estrus begins, you need to clearly understand the consequences of suppression of the phenomenon considered in this article and take into account all kinds of individual and physiological characteristics of the cat in every possible way. Drugs can simply untimely stop it, which will be extremely harmful to the animal. So, it is better to decide the question of alleviating leaks with the veterinarian, because it is he who can tell what to do: by sending the cat for an injection or by prescribing another sedative, indicating exactly how many times the medicine will need to be taken and when to come to the appointment.

Be patient and in no case shout or beat the cat, even if she angered you with her annoying molestation during estrus. After all, you can injure the cat, and the animal is simply not able to control what happens to him during estrus. Obedience is out of the question. However, the abused cat experiences guilt, and psychological problems are mixed with physiological problems that will make the cat suffer. Consider this, think in advance how to make it as easy as possible for a cat in heat, how to endure a problem period. Well, if you are definitely not able to do this, then it is better not to have a cat.

How to tell if a cat is in heat?

Scottish cats are considered a medium sexuality breed. However, all females are different. Among the Scottish ones, there are those who arrange real fireworks, if they are not satisfied, with climbing almost on a chandelier and singing trumpets.

At the age of 6 months, the Scottish cat of the author of the article climbed onto a hanger in the hallway during estrus and, picking up all the things, screamed trumpetly. After that she tore off the cornice and the curtain from the window, made her way into the wardrobe and tore up all the things, crawling under the “roof”. Then she continued to call the cat from there. This was repeated every 2 weeks for 3 months, until the owners sterilized her.

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In the usual case, if a Scottish cat wants a cat, she becomes affectionate and more affectionate, rubs against objects and the owner, meows, pulls her ass up, and at the same time folds her tail to her side. But she may not pull her ass, especially for the first times or if she is not stroked on the back below the waist, which excites the female. then she begins to show sexual behavior, also trampling her paws, as in mating. Nevertheless, usually, even in a not pronounced heat, the cat rolls on the floor, as if in bliss, turning from side to side.

In addition, excited females have transparent discharge from intimate places visible to the naked eye. If you see them, that’s the norm. That is why this period is called estrus. But there should be no bloody or any other color of discharge: if they suddenly appear, it’s time to sound the alarm and run to the vet.

Also worth knowing: cats in heat, including the Scottish breed, can mark territory, although this is rare. This behavior is especially typical for females who are not knitted for a long time. The way out is either regular mating or sterilization.

How to calm your cat during estrus?

Many owners believe that a cat can live its whole life without mating with anyone, but feel great. This is mistake. In fact, every uncovered heat is stress and suffering. Therefore, you need to make a choice. to have kittens or neuter the cat. Until you do this, you need to know how to calm your cat during heat.

You cannot yell at a cat, even if it behaves inappropriately. For example, the Scottish cat of the author of the article did terrible things during the first spree: the house during heat looked like after a pogrom. But the owners understood that hormones, and not bad temper, were the cause of the madness, so the maximum they did was put the cat out of the room where it could do much harm.

Instead of screaming, the cat should be calmed at this time, talking in an affectionate voice, gently stroking the upper body and head. There is no need to iron below the belt, because It excites the animal, making the condition worse.

Do not give your cat hormones or sedatives. They all have serious health consequences. Instead, during a strong spree, you can pop it from a spray bottle. As a result, the cat will lick and be silent for a while. And if you really want to give a sedative, then make a decoction of chamomile, no more.

Try to distract your pet with games. Many are not so busy in heat that they do not react at all to interesting stimuli. It is especially easy to carry out this “therapy” with young individuals.

You can try to put on classical music: it calms not only people, but also animals. Also, according to the observations of the author of the article, light jazz has a sedative effect on cats.

Some owners practice erotic massage for cats. They find a special point under the tail (not to be confused with the anus or genitals). You need to push hard on the point under the tail. the cat will growl unhappily and resist. But then she will recoil from you and bask on the floor. that means everything worked out. This calms the cat down for a while, but very soon heat will resume.

What you shouldn’t do is take your cat with just anyone. By “just anyone” we mean an incorrectly selected groom of the Scottish breed, and even more so representatives of other breeds and yard cats. If a Scottish Fold or Scottish Straight walks with an ordinary yard cat or a cat that the owners do not vaccinate, deworm, do not check for genital infections, the consequences will be dire.

Stages of estrus in a cat

Proestrus. the first stage of estrus (1-3 days), during which the cat begins to rub against the owner’s legs, slowly walks with bent knees.

Estrus is the stage of sexual susceptibility (7-10 days), during which a cat can become pregnant (the best days are from 3 to 5). During this period, she screams heart-rendingly, attracting a cat, exposes her ass. This is the best period when you can mate (cross) a Scottish cat with a cat.

Metestrus (or interestrus). the third stage (2-10 days), when the cat becomes silent and her sexual instinct fades.

Anestrus. the stage of sexual rest between estrus.

How many days do Scottish cats walk?

For the first time, a Scottish cat can walk for a very short time. 3-5 days, while not screaming and not pulling the ass up. Subsequently, estrus lasts an average of 3-10 days. However, striking behavioral changes occur only in the middle of this cycle. If the cat has already started singing songs, it means that estrus began a couple of days ago.

Many owners, who have an unsterilized cat and a cat in their house, naively believe that they will be able to notice the beginning of “festivities” and isolate animals from each other. In fact, the cat learns about a friend’s readiness to mate much earlier than a person and fertilizes her before she screams. Although the most effective days in terms of conception are 3-4 days of songs. The cat is brought to the cat on the second day, because. On the first day, they do not mate, but only get acquainted.

If copulation occurs, ovulation and fertilization will occur. If the pet is not tied, then it will scream for about 3-5 days, in cases of deviations. more, and then everything will come to naught. But even a few days after the cat is silent, she continues to heat. Therefore, in no case should it be sterilized during this period: the uterus is filled with blood. the operation will be more difficult.

At the end of estrus, the uncovered female experiences discomfort and discontent, therefore, becomes aggressive and capricious. It is better not to drag the cat during this period, not to pester her with caresses. otherwise you risk getting a retaliation.

How often Scottish cats are in heat?

As the Scottish cat ages, estrus becomes less frequent. At the very beginning, on the contrary, they can be too private, up to 1-2 times a month. During puberty, hormones can cover your pet 1-4 times a year, but it happens more often.

How much Scottish Fold and Straight cats walk, as well as the frequency of leaks, depends on genetics, the presence of hormonal diseases, lifestyle and nutrition. Therefore, answering the question of how often a Scottish cat walks, it is correct to say this: once every 3 months, if not knitted, once every 5-6 months, if knitted. But sometimes a young lady who has given birth, within 1-2 months after giving birth, again manifests sexual behavior. And it happens that unmated females begin to sing again already two weeks after estrus. Everything is individual.

It happens that unsatisfied females ask for a cat very often. The hormonal background accumulates. as a result, one continuous prolonged estrus may begin. It is advisable to castrate such a pet if you do not have a cattery.

Prolonged estrus

When Scottish cats start to walk and do not get satisfaction, because K. There was no meeting with the cat, estrus may become prolonged, or constant estrus may be observed at short intervals. If a female older than 1 year does not show sexual behavior or, on the contrary, she flows for 10-15 days in a row, this may indicate a malfunction in the body. In the case of a complete absence of leaks, the cause will be either hormonal problems or problems associated with the wrong m, and this can also be if there is little light in the room where she lives.

Prolonged estrus may indicate ovarian pathologies, especially the presence of cysts or tumors. If this happens, this is an indication for castration. In addition, they noticed that the fact of having a man in the house aggravates estrus. No, not necessarily a cat, a person is enough. Cats sense that this is a male, which stimulates sexual desire.

Scottish cats

The heat in the average Scottish Fold cat is no different from the estrus in the average Scottish Straight cat. neither in the timing of the beginning, nor in the course. However, for each specific individual, manifestations can be individual. We will tell you about what the norm is, what deviations there are, as well as how Scottish cats walk.

Scottish kitten’s first estrus and symptoms of maturation

Scottish cats are by no means precocious: they are sexually mature at 8-12 months, sometimes later. However, there are sexy females who start walking at 5-6 months. This is due to heredity, hormonal imbalance, or the fact that the 5-6 month old kitten was in March. Therefore, the answer to the question when Scottish cats begin to walk for the first time and ask for a cat is: from 5 months to 1.5 years. But extreme numbers are the boundaries of the norm. Therefore, the answer to the question at what age Scottish cats already “walk” is 7-13 months.

When Scottish cats start their first heat, it is not always visible. Most often it is blurry, the signs are poorly expressed. In some cases, the pet only becomes a little more talkative and affectionate. And, perhaps, on the contrary, it seems that her character deteriorates, becomes more capricious, although, in fact, these are temporary changes.

If the Scottish Fold or Straight cat is still young (5-7 months), this does not mean that her first estrus should force the owners to immediately go in search of the cat. She is still small for mating and pregnancy, which is ideally allowed from 12 months. But there are exceptions: if the cat already weighs 3 kg and more and for her breed this is the norm in adulthood, the cat is considered fully formed and ready for adult life. That is, you need to focus more on weight and a well-formed body than on age. Nevertheless, if it is about the first estrus, then at this time cats are never knitted. you need to wait for the second or third.

Deciding further fate

If the cat is not spayed and not satisfied over and over again, its hormones will accumulate, which sooner or later will lead to a real explosion. The leaks will go one after another at short intervals, sometimes just a couple of weeks, and then they will respond with terrible diseases. inflammation and cancer. Taking hormone pills or injections may speed up this process, which does not solve the problem.

Yes, there are females living for 20 years non-sterile and virgins. They flow as expected: several times a year and without any problems. And they drink hormone pills. And they are healthy almost until death, dying, as they say, of old age. There are such examples, but these are exceptions. In most cases, the situation is different.

Hence the conclusion: either the cat must bring kittens all the time, or it must be spayed. To some, such a way out will seem inhumane, but, in fact, the cat will not suffer from an inferiority complex due to the fact that it cannot become a mother. But endless empty heat is a physiological and emotional stress that causes great suffering.

Deciding whether to breed kittens or neuter a cat is very simple. If she is purebred, has a document of origin with admission to breeding, participated in exhibitions and received high marks from experts, then you can think about breeding kittens. If the cat does not have a breed or is purebred, but without documents, it does not have the right to participate in exhibitions and receive evaluations of experts, and, accordingly, you will not be able to understand whether it is suitable for giving birth to kittens, whether it will give birth to sick offspring, etc. Such a cat is best spayed. The editorial office of the site “MURKOTIKA” is often approached by people who thought that any cat could happen to cats, but in fact, this leads to tragedies. Such people ask for advice when it’s too late. Therefore, without special knowledge, we categorically do not recommend breeding, especially when it comes to such a complex breed as the Scottish.