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How many days does a dog stay in heat?


Techka is a natural process, worked out over millennia of evolution, characteristic of most mammals. It is one of the indispensable components of the conception procedure in animals.

The hormonal surge dramatically affects the behavior and condition of the dog.

Owners note that bitches have problems with obedience, activity and playfulness, coupled with obvious anxiety, increase several times. The animal begins to flirt with people, begging for affection. The mood and character of the animal changes, and the usual walk turns into a serious test of the nerves.

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How does estrus go?

The whole process is usually divided into 4 stages:

  • proestrus;
  • estrus;
  • metaestrus (diestrus);
  • anestrus.

The proestrus stage lasts 9 days on average.

The onset of hormone production precedes the onset of ovulation and prepares the body for mating and subsequent pregnancy. The vulva of the animal swells due to the rush of blood to the genitals, the first light bleeding appears.

During this period, the dog is extremely excitable and uncontrollable, since it is very difficult for her to concentrate on the commands of the owner. Walking is characterized by prowling, exploring the territory and constant attempts to sit down and urinate for marks.

How many days does the dog bleed? Obvious discharge will be until the end of the “proestrus” stage, which lasts an average of 9 days.

During this period, she is playful towards males, makes good contact even with strangers, but does not let any of the dogs come close, driving them away with a growl.

The estrus stage lasts 9 days on average.

The rut (hunting) begins. In the first two days after the onset of the stage, the time of ovulation. For owners, the signal will be:

  • severe swelling of the vulva;
  • almost complete cessation of discharge (or lightening);
  • a characteristic dog pose with a raised pelvis and tail set aside.

At this stage, the dog does not scare off “gentlemen”, and mating can continue for several days. Fertilization of the egg will initiate the pregnancy process.

The metaestrus stage (diestrus) takes several days.

The end of heat also takes a few days. The discharge completely stops, the bitch begins to drive away the males from herself again.

Many dogs show false pregnancies at this stage.

It is characterized by swelling of the nipple and an increase in the abdomen and occurs due to an excess of the hormone progesterone in the body. But most often, the hormonal background in the animal immediately returns to its normal state.

The anestrus stage usually lasts four to six months.

The time of sexual rest, during which the bitch’s body accumulates strength for a new cycle.

In most cases, the process of estrus in puppy dogs resumes after four months. In bitches with a large litter (from 8 puppies), the recovery period can take up to six months.

How long does it take?

The main signs of the onset of estrus are considered to be:

  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • drops of blood along the path of the dog;
  • persistent interest in non-castrated males.

How long does a dog last in heat? On average, it lasts about three weeks from the moment the appearance of light pink discharge to the manifestation of discontent at the sight of males.

The frequency depends on the individual characteristics of the dog, its breed and season, but most often estrus occurs twice a year (less often. once every 8 months).

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During the entire period, the bitch should be protected from:

  • drafts, cold (reduce walks in autumn and winter);
  • Colds of the appendages caused by lying on cold ground or wet grass;
  • meeting other dogs.

Sexual attraction. how long a dog is in heat and bleeds when it begins?

Traditionally, they prefer to take girls-dogs to city apartments, as they are more calm and obedient animals. But there is one rather painful topic for owners. this is estrus and the phenomena associated with it. What is estrus and at what age does it begin?

Possible problems

There are two main concerns for girls’ owners.

Female Dog Heat Cycles: How Often Do Female Dogs Go In Heat?

  • Bloodless estrus. most often found among representatives of small breeds. In addition to the absence of discharge, all other signs remain unchanged. For the successful planning of puppies in such a situation, it is worth using laboratory tests (a blood test and a vaginal smear will determine the level of the hormone and the time of ovulation).
  • Prolonged estrus is a dangerous pathology caused by both hormonal disruption and the appearance of a malignant tumor. Prolonged oestrus with purulent discharge is most commonly seen in dogs fed hormones that suppress desire.

In young individuals, the first. second estrus may be delayed for physiological reasons, but the dog itself will be vigorous and active.

For the first time

Although the exact timing of estrus is difficult to guess, veterinarians advise owners to keep a close eye on the animal from the moment they change teeth and the first active molt (except for breeds that do not shed). When do dogs first heat? Most often it goes away at the age of 6-12 months (a lot depends on the breed of the dog, for example, in large dogs, the body takes time to grow and mature).

How long does a dog get in heat for the first time? Sometimes it goes unnoticed by both the owner and the dog (the discharge is too insignificant or has a faint smell) and it ends very quickly. in two to three days.

In half the cases, this lighter version will soon be followed by another, with full ovulation, during which the dog will be at the mercy of the rut.

It is recommended to avoid mating until the third heat.

In order for the estrus to pass painlessly for the animal, the owner should remember a few simple rules:

  • prohibit swimming in open water to avoid infection;
  • keep on a leash without leaving her for a minute;
  • protect from casual encounters with males.

Additionally, watch the video on the physiology of estrus in dogs and at what age it begins:

Periods of estrus

The sexual cycle consists of several parts:

  • Proestrus. lasts from 7 to 10 days. The body is preparing for ovulation. The vulva swells, the genitals are hyperemic. As a result of the rupture of blood vessels in the uterus, bloody discharge begins, by the end of the period they become light and less abundant. During this time, you can see how the dog’s behavior changes. She is agitated, active and playful. On a walk, he can mark the territory, disobey the owner and show interest in the opposite sex. However, the dog does not allow the male yet.
  • Estrus. This is the period of ovulation, which lasts an average of 9 days. The discharge became light, sometimes bloody is possible. The edema of the genitals subsides. The female lets the male approach her, takes the tail away. All other reflexes are muted, the dog may not feel hungry.
  • Metaestrus (diestrus). lasts for several days, the blood stops, the female does not allow dogs of the opposite sex to approach her. The end of heat comes.
  • Anestrus is a period of sexual rest, its duration can be up to 150 days.

Physiological processes in the dog’s body are under the influence of estrogen hormones. They affect the reproductive system of the animal, creating conditions for the appearance of estrus: swelling of the genitals appears, the epithelium of the uterus is rejected, hyperemia of the vulva appears, the membranes of the reproductive organs of the dog swell.

During the described period, the mammary glands may enlarge, a secret comes out of them. This sometimes leads to mastitis and even tumors. In such cases, veterinarians recommend sterilizing the dog.

Duration and frequency

How many times a year can a female have estrus? How long will it take for a dog (medium breeds and all others) to be in heat? Undoubtedly, these questions concern every owner of a four-legged pet.

Usually estrus occurs twice a year or three times every 14 months. It is bad if the cycle is more than 8 months and less than 4. This may indicate a dog’s illness or hormonal disorder. Then you can’t do without contacting a veterinarian.

The cycle is established by the age of 2 years. Until the pet has reached this milestone, there may be different periods between estrus, and this is the norm, do not worry. In older age, the cycle is even, however, a deviation of several weeks is allowed.

Since the frequency of estrus in medium-sized dogs is not exactly one month, the dates of its onset shift throughout the year. Therefore, it is important for the owner to fix the start and end dates of this period.

The duration of estrus can be influenced by many factors. It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of how long estrus lasts in dogs of medium breeds. This may vary depending on the conditions of detention. If the dog lives side by side with members of the opposite sex, the duration of estrus may increase. If the pet leads an active life, participates in training and training, is loaded with physical exercises, the period ends earlier.

How long the estrus lasts for medium-sized dogs also depends on the season. In winter, estrus ends earlier, but in summer it can last longer. Although this rule does not often apply to domestic dogs. But if the pet lives in an aviary, this may be relevant for her.

The duration of estrus can also be affected by the well-being of the dog and its health. If she has a chronic illness, this has a direct effect on the duration of estrus.

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The question of how often estrus occurs in medium-sized dogs is individual for each female. If the dog is in old age, the cycle increases in duration, the “resting phase” also stretches more and more every year. At the same time, estrus does not stop even in dogs of “solid” age. Young cats have a longer cycle. It is important for the owner to record all changes: the beginning of estrus, the end, the behavior of the animal. This information can help track a variety of dog health problems.

A bit of physiology

When a dog reaches puberty, eggs mature in its ovaries. Sexual cycles are outlined, which will continue throughout the life of the animal. The period of puberty is marked by the fact that a serious restructuring is taking place in the body. Under the influence of hormones, the reproductive system and mammary glands develop. Puberty occurs before the end of the growth and development of the body. Therefore, it is important to understand that the onset of this period does not mean that the dog is ready to reproduce offspring.

The estrous cycle (estrus) in a dog, as a rule, occurs when the weight of the female has reached 2/3 of the weight of an adult. In medium-sized dogs, this period is from 8 to 12 months. Its onset is influenced by many factors: conditions of detention, feeding.

During the first flow, the female’s birth canal is not yet fully developed, so the onset of ovulation does not mean that the dog is able to bear and give birth to puppies. The physiological maturity of the female will come later, by about the third, fourth, and sometimes fifth estrus.

Most countries state by law the age of the dog when the first mating can be allowed. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case in Russia. Therefore, you should heed the advice of experienced dog breeders.

Hygiene rules

Often dog owners ponder: is it necessary for a pet to wear special underpants during estrus? There are pros and cons to wearing them.

Veterinarians do not recommend using such a hygiene device during estrus as the dog needs to lick itself.

But sometimes such underpants are simply necessary: ​​for example, the pet is used to sleeping on the bed or she has to go by public transport. In the second case, it is worth taking care of protecting the dog from infections.

When choosing hygienic pants for a dog, you should evaluate the material from which they are sewn. It must be natural. A hole is required for the tail, and seams are undesirable so that the skin of the animal is not irritated. This thing must be chosen by size so that the dog feels comfortable. There are options with Velcro and fasteners. There are even jumpsuits.

Hosts who want to save money make such products on their own from baby romper or shorts.

Behavioral signs

When the first estrus in dogs (medium breeds and any other) begins, the owner may notice the following changes in his pet:

  • urination becomes more frequent;
  • behavior changes. the dog may become restless or, on the contrary, depressed;
  • salivation is occasionally observed;
  • pupils dilate;
  • the orientation of the animal in space is disturbed;
  • males among dogs may show interest in the female;
  • bloody discharge from the so-called loop appears;
  • hair falls out.

When the first heat occurs?

In medium-sized dogs, estrus begins at the age of 7 months to 1.5 years. It can be seen at the onset of a strong molt. The first heat is usually the shortest in duration. It can be mild, with a small amount of blood. It usually starts after the dog has changed teeth.

False heat also occurs. It is possible in dogs close to puberty. If mating is allowed during it, heat can be interrupted without the onset of ovulation. However, after a few days, estrus may resume and the discharge will become abundant, which will attract males.

Owner recommendations

So, how long does the estrus last in medium-sized dogs is now clear, but how should the owner behave during this period? If estrus is the first, the owner should write down all the data about the beginning and end of the period, as well as the peculiarities of the pet’s behavior at this time. This information will help you calculate the time until your next estrus, as well as indicate a favorable mating period.

If the owner does not plan to breed offspring, the best thing during this period is not to let the dog off the leash. This applies even to obedient animals. During sexual activity, the dog may become uncontrollable and lose control. And it will be extremely difficult to drag the male away from her.

Also, do not participate in exhibitions. First, the pet’s behavior changes and can sometimes become unpredictable. And secondly, accidental knitting is not excluded.

During estrus, it is important to protect your dog from possible infections. For example, you shouldn’t let her swim in a pond.

How long does estrus last in medium-sized dogs: duration and frequency

A dog’s heat is a process that indicates that the female has reached puberty. Scientifically, the phenomenon is called estrus. It is believed that if it has begun, then the dog is ready for mating and bearing offspring. When this happens, how long does it last and how often it happens, we will consider further in detail.

How to groom your dog during this time?

  • Walking with a bitch in heat should only be on a leash;
  • If you do not intend to breed a dog, then limit its contacts with fellows;
  • Do not visit exhibitions and training grounds;
  • Do not swim with your dog in open water to avoid infection;
  • To get rid of the smell that attracts males, wash the dog and use special deodorants;
  • Provide the dog with proper nutrition and good exercise;
  • To keep the apartment clean, use hygienic dog panties;
  • Make sure that the pet is not in a draft, does not sit on the cold floor or wet grass, otherwise inflammation of the uterus can easily begin.

How many days does the first heat last?

The first heat, most often, is short and not always real. sometimes ovulation does not even occur. Usually, the active phase of estrus lasts an average of 23 days, and the first one ends as suddenly as it began. It manifests itself with minor bloody discharge from the genital loop and does not attract males.

Phases of the sexual cycle

  • Proestrus is the first stage of a dog’s sexual cycle. Its duration is from 7 to 10 days. These days, the animal’s behavior changes. the lady becomes aggressive towards other representatives of the fairer sex and actively flirts with the males. Bloody discharge appears from the genital loop, their drops are easy to find on the floor or furniture.
  • Estrus is a second period lasting from 4 to 12 days. The bitch is already letting the males come to her, she is ready for mating. In the early days of this period, ovulation occurs. Discharge from the loop becomes light, almost beige, or disappears altogether. If you want to have puppies, then you need to plan mating for this period of estrus.
  • Metestrus is the third stage of estrus, which lasts 60 to 100 days. If there was no mating, then the dog’s body is completely restored, but the hormone progesterone rises in the body, which sometimes causes a “false pregnancy”. Discharge from the loop in this phase stops within 6-10 days, gradually the hormonal background is getting better.
  • Anestrus is the period of a dog’s sexual dormancy. Duration 100-150 days. During this period, the dog’s body returns to normal and prepares for the beginning of the next cycle.

How long does estrus last for dogs??

Owners who, when buying a puppy, opted for a girl dog, usually know that the properties and structure of her body will one day present an unpleasant surprise. Techka is a special state of the dog’s body, informing her and the “suitors” around her that she is ready for procreation, that is, for bearing puppies and giving birth.

How does estrus go in different breeds??

The first heat in small and medium breeds occurs earlier than in large breeds, usually in the interval from 6 months to a year. This is due to the faster development of the dog’s body.

In large and breeds of dogs, it first appears at 12-18 months.

Small dogs have more estrus than large dogs. There are no more differences depending on the size of the dog.

How often does it go?

Estrus in dogs occurs on average 1-2 times a year, the frequency of occurrence largely depends on the breed and size of the dog. In aging animals, the incidence of estrus decreases.

For more frequent or less frequent manifestations of estrus, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian, as this is the first sign of hormonal disorders.

What are the signs of incipient heat?

  • The girl experiences more frequent urge to urinate, she marks the territory;
  • A large number of males are interested in a lady-dog;
  • The bitch starts to eat a lot or, conversely, refuses to eat;
  • The pet licks the genitals more often than usual;
  • At the place where the bitch is resting, drops of blood are found;
  • When touching the back, the animal freezes and moves its tail to the side;
  • The bitch becomes naughty, does not respond clearly to commands;
  • She becomes playful, agitated.

When does it start?

A dog’s first heat usually occurs in the first year of life after changing teeth, between 6 and 18 months. The onset of estrus depends on the size and breed of the bitch. Most often this is a surprise for both the dog and its owner.

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But if at the age of 2 years the female has not started estrus, then it is worth starting to worry. Show your dog to the veterinarian because not in heat on time means a health problem or hormonal imbalance that requires treatment.

When heat first occurs

This is a very individual matter. Only certain time frames can be set. In general, a bitch may experience heat for the first time between 6 and 12 months of age. This is due to the achievement of an appropriate body weight. some experts believe that this is 2/3 of the target weight. Therefore, small dogs mature faster, already at the age of 6-8 months, medium dogs. 8-12 months, and large dogs. 12-20 months. In some large breeds, estrus may not appear until 24 months.

If the bitch is already two years old and she still has not reached this period, then you need to contact your veterinarian to find out what is the reason. Fluid appears throughout the bitch’s life (symptoms may be less common in older dogs) at intervals of 6-8 months. However, in large breeds, this interval can be extended up to a year.

What are the symptoms of estrus

This is primarily bleeding from the genital tract, but also swelling and hemorrhage of the vulva, frequent urination, and it has a characteristic odor. The behavior of the female also changes depending on the thermal phase. If we do not want the bitch to get dirty at home during estrus, we can provide her with special panties. Inside there is an insert that needs to be replaced regularly. At the same time, the female should not wear panties all the time, since she should also be able to take care of hygiene on her own, that is, lick the crotch area. Failure to do so can lead to bacterial infections and inflammation.

How long does the dog walk

Many people wonder how many days a dog is in heat.

This is usually 21 days or three weeks. Norm from 20 to 23 days.

However, this period can be shorter, that is, two weeks, or longer, that is, four weeks. This is the time when the owners have to pay special attention to the bitch so that she does not become pregnant and prevent unwanted offspring.

Basically, a dog’s estrus has several stages:

  • the initial period is a characteristic time when spotting, genital edema and frequent urination begin.
  • development. the color of the blood changes to pinker, then even lighter, the genitals cease to be swollen.
  • transition period. the blood becomes darker again.
  • ending. characterized by the end of bleeding, this is the time when the dog cannot be fertilized.

How many days does the dog walk?

Usually bitch owners have to take care of them twice a year. This is the time of heat when their charges can become pregnant. It is worth knowing how many days a dog walks and what problems need to be addressed during estrus.

A heat is a sign that our ward has reached maturity and that she can become a mother. Because of this, owners ask themselves a lot of questions. How will the female behave during estrus? When can you get pregnant? How long does estrus last? And many others. We will try to answer them.

How to protect your dog during estrus

If the owner does not want the bitch to have puppies, he must be especially careful. A dog’s heat is a moment that requires more attention. Walking during this time should not be too long. Walking without a leash is also unacceptable.

It is also worth limiting visits to places where there may be many other dogs, such as parks and the like. Pets should not run freely unattended. In addition, the female can escape on her own during estrus. instinct and drive are so strong that obedience and submission to her guardian are less important.

Off-season molt

The phenomenon is frequent, but due to the fact that it happens twice a year according to the schedule, it is not so indicative.

A few words about terminology

To distinguish an experienced dog breeder from a beginner, you can simply ask: “Who do you have?” Hearing in response with pride: “Bitch!”, You should know that there is an experienced owner in front of you. Dog girls are definitely bitches, and gentlemen are males, which does not prevent them from being beloved girls, boys, daughters and sons.

Frequent tags

On a walk, the bitch sits down to urinate more often than usual, the amount of urine is small, and tends to leave marks every 500-600 meters. Means in the coming days, strengthen control over the situation under the dog’s tail.

How many days are dogs in heat and how not to miss the beginning

Observant owners can predict an impending heat a week or two before it starts. It’s easy if you know what to look for.

How many days does dogs go in heat: cynologist’s answers. Everything you wanted to know

“Everyone wants to love: both a soldier and a sailor,” is sung in a famous song. Our four-legged friends are no exception. Only they are driven not by mental impulses, but by the instinct of procreation. The period when the dog is ready to conceive puppies (mating) is called estrus and raises many questions from the owners. If you are lucky enough to become the owner of a tailed bride, it is better to arm yourself with knowledge on such a delicate matter in advance. Our article will help you find out how many days dogs are in heat, how it manifests itself, behavior patterns, and much more.

When the first heat comes

  • In small dogs. from 6 to 10 months
  • In medium-sized dogs, between 8 and 14 months of age
  • Large breed dogs: Between 10 months and 1.5 years

You cannot knit in the first heat! Even if you really want to nurse your four-legged grandchildren, the dog’s health is more important. The optimal age for the first mating is from 1.5 to 2 years!

You need to understand that all the data given are average statistics. As with the weather forecast, whether it will coincide or not is a matter of chance. Therefore, the only correct answer to the questions is: “How long does estrus last for medium-sized dogs? When will my dog ​​start flowing? ”- watch your girl and if the readings differ significantly from the recommended cut-off values, do not forget to see a doctor.

Hunt or estrus

Oocytes mature, ready for fertilization. The discharge becomes slimy, the loop increases until it wraps around, becomes loose. The bitch comes on the hunt and is ready to mate. She clearly demonstrates her desire to others: at the sight of a dog, she takes positions comfortable for sexual intercourse, rolls her tail to one side. Such immoral behavior lasts from 4 to 13 days. If you are not planning to mate, triple caution during this phase.

Do not under any circumstances resort to medicinal methods of interruption or prevention of sexual intercourse! Hormonal drugs cause irreparable harm to canine health, causing the development of cancerous tumors! It is better to wait until it ends and seriously think about sterilizing the animal.

How long does a dog get in heat?

The duration of a dog’s estrus depends on many factors: age, breed, housing conditions, nutrition. How long your dog will last in heat can only be learned from personal experience. On average, its duration is 20-22 days. The exact estrus cycle will be established in the female only by two years. It is advisable to write down the dates of the estrus in order to calculate the date of the next sexual estrus and how long the dog’s estrus will last. Hunting in dogs usually happens 2 times a year, in some animals. once a year.

Estrus (directly hunting or rut)

The second stage of estrus in a dog is when it is ready to mate (mate). How long a dog is in heat at this stage, each owner, observing his pet, determines for himself. On average, this period is 4 to 12 days. At this time, the bitch begins to admit the males. The readiness of the dog for mating is indicated by the characteristic posture of lordosis or substitution: the dog freezes and moves its tail to the side. If you touch it from behind, then it raises the pelvis and the loop, and a wave of muscle contractions will pass along the back.

Spotting during this period may vary from breed to dog. Some individuals have almost no discharge, and they are ready to mate with a dog as soon as the vulva is slightly enlarged. However, in a normal state, rut occurs when the bleeding has completely stopped or has become light, and the vulva is very swollen.

During estrus, ovulation occurs. from 4 to 20 eggs are released from the ovaries, which mature in the uterus within a few days or hours. Their fertilization also takes place in the uterus. As a rule, ovulation occurs within the first 48 hours of the onset of estrus, but the bitch allows the males to mate for 4-5 days. The fact is that the eggs retain the ability to fertilize for several days, and the life expectancy of sperm in the genital tract is about 24 hours.

Controlling the dog’s owner during estrus

If the owner is not interested in the offspring from the dog, during estrus it is necessary to be very careful and remember simple rules:

  • Only walk your dog on a leash. Even the most calm and obedient bitches on heat days often do not pay attention to commands and run away from the owner.
  • While walking, watch the dog closely, “keep your eyes on it.”.
  • Eliminate communication between dogs and males.
  • Do not under any circumstances allow males to sit on the bitch. If copulation begins, it is almost impossible to separate the animals.
  • During estrus, exclude or limit travel to exhibitions, competitions, festivals.
  • It is not recommended to bathe the dog in water, as the genitals of the animal are vulnerable to infection during this period.
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Sometimes the owner provides an opportunity for the animal to independently satisfy its sexual needs by letting the dog go for unsupervised walking (this is usually common in rural areas). After such indulgences, the owner of the dog cannot avoid the problems associated with the attachment of numerous offspring.

Let us remind those owners who kill the puppies that have been born about the enormous responsibility for inhumane actions in relation to “our smaller brothers”. First, the human being is responsible for the merciless killing of newly born animals. Secondly, the mother dog will experience severe stress, moreover, the occurrence of hormonal disruptions in the animal’s body is likely. Thirdly, all family members (especially the younger ones) will be mentally worried after such actions. In addition, a citizen is liable for cruelty to animals under Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for a fine, correctional labor or imprisonment, depending on the severity of the crime.

Another strong argument against indiscriminate mating is the uncontrolled growth of the population of dogs, many of which later become homeless.

Signs of heat in a dog. Stages of estrus

The sexual, or estrous, cycle of a dog includes four periods:

Interrupting your pet’s heat

Most owners are in estrus with an animal inconvenient: during this period, a lot of the owner’s attention to the pet is required, as well as additional care.

Modern veterinary medicine offers several ways to solve the problems associated with estrus, the main ones are as follows:


The third phase of the reproductive cycle. At this stage, the active phase of estrus in the dog ends, when it attracts males and the restoration of all natural processes in the uterus begins. On average, this period lasts 60-105 days. Throughout the entire period, the bitch drives away the males from herself. If the dog has been in heat for the first time, then the ribcage and vulva become slightly larger than they were before.

Bloody discharge gradually disappears, and the swelling of the external genital organs also decreases. During this period, the dog’s level of progesterone (the so-called “pregnancy hormone”) rises, regardless of whether fertilization has occurred or not. Therefore, during metestrus, some bitches experience a false pregnancy.

The dog shows all the signs of pregnancy, although in fact it has no fetuses. During this period, the animal is worried, seeks to build a shelter (nest) from its bedding or other objects, often carries toys, mistaking them for puppies. This condition is accompanied by swelling of the mammary glands, even a slight discharge of milk is possible. False pregnancy in dogs after a while passes by itself without consequences. the hormonal balance returns to normal. But the owner should take care to reduce the dog’s milk production. To do this, you need to limit the animal’s food and water intake and refuse dry food for this time.

Proestrus (forerunner)

At this stage, the external genital organs of the dog (vulva) swell due to an increase in blood flow to them, dark spotting from the vagina is observed. The blood supply to the uterus increases, the small capillaries inside the uterus swell and gradually burst (at this moment, bloody discharge appears). At this stage, the bitch is not yet ready for mating, as ovulation does not occur (the release of the egg from the ovary into the uterus).

Proestrus in a dog lasts 7-10 days, and it is on these days that the animal’s behavior begins to change. The pet becomes excitable, sniffs for a long time on walks, scrapes and scatters the ground, marks the territory with urine. Also, during this period, aggression on other bitches is characteristic.

In proestrus, the bitch flirts with the males: wags her tail, falls with her chest to the ground, lays her ears. When trying to mate, she jumps back, sits down and growls, scaring off the dog, and then can start flirting with him again.

Veterinarian advice

Veterinarians recommend adhering to these rules:

  • The duration of walks should be reduced to 40 minutes per day.
  • If the bitch behaves especially aggressively, rushes about, it is better to try to exclude walking or at least keep her on a short leash to prevent communication with males.
  • It is best to remove the carpets in the house in advance, or at least prevent marks from appearing throughout the apartment. It is also necessary to frequently change the dog’s bedding and pillow. can be covered with disposable diapers, which are changed once a day or more often, as needed.
  • When visiting an apartment by people who are strangers to the dog, it is better to exclude their communication, because the animal becomes quite aggressive, and no one can fully predict its behavior.

What to do in case of complications: advice from veterinarians

During the onset of the cycle and after it, the dog may experience various complications. The main danger is that during estrus, the body becomes more susceptible to infections, since internal channels open up through which the pathogen can penetrate into tissues.

During estrus, a dog can catch an infection from another animal through communication.

The sources of danger are different, and this is not only the street:

  • bathing;
  • communication with any other animals;
  • walks on the street;
  • outdoor games, contact with grass and ground.

Heat in dogs: stages, duration and possible complications

The answer to the question of how many days a dog’s estrus lasts depends on various factors. Usually it is 3-4 weeks, but much depends on the breed, age, characteristics of the content and feeding regime. How to correctly determine the beginning of the process, avoid unpleasant complications. about this right now.

Duration and stages of estrus

The normal duration of estrus is 21 to 28 days. The cycle continues with a frequency of 3 times in 14 months, i.e. at least twice a year. In this case, the cycle is leveled only by 2 years, and before that, the duration and interval can differ significantly from the norm. It is also important to know that knitting can be practiced only after heat is on the third time.

On average, dogs are in heat twice a year.

The whole cycle is subdivided into 4 stages, the duration and description of which are given in the table:

Attention. The owner of the dog should definitely mark all the dates when estrus occurs, regardless of whether it was mated or not. Usually they start a special diary, indicate the start and end dates, as well as the features of the process, if any.

Postpartum estrus

After labor has taken place, heat should be expected at the same time as usual. Since in most cases estrus occurs twice a year, then if childbirth occurred, for example, in April, then you can expect to be excreted approximately in October-November. Thus, labor by itself does not decrease or increase the duration of the onset of estrus.

In dogs of medium and small breeds, estrus after childbirth occurs after a different period of time.

However, you need to keep in mind that there are differences in individual breeds:

  • in small breeds, estrus will begin about 4 months after childbirth;
  • in large ones. after 6-7 months.

In addition, these terms can be shifted by 2-3 weeks, which is normal. If the discharge went earlier than 4 months, this is already a deviation, which does not necessarily have to indicate the development of pathology. But it is still better to consult a veterinarian, especially if this happened for the first time. Usually, an ultrasound of the pelvis is done immediately after the end of the cycle, as well as tests. If they show a normal state, then there is no reason for concern.

Medium breeds

In medium-sized dogs (cocker spaniels, fox terriers, golden retrievers), the beginning of the first cycle can be significantly delayed. in the interval from 6 to 15 months.

What to look for

In general, the owner needs to pay attention to the following features:

  • Discharge consistency.
  • Features of color and possible color change over time.
  • Number, frequency and total volume of discharge.
  • Smell. harshness, strength.

It is also worth paying special attention if the bitch has estrus:

  • occurs 3 or more times a year;
  • lasts significantly less or significantly longer than the designated period (namely, less than a week and more than 1 month);
  • if over the years the cycle began to change strongly in one direction or another;
  • does not occur for 8 consecutive months or more.

Finally, it is important not to lose sight of those suspicious states of the dog when it behaves and does not feel as usual:

  • decreased appetite;
  • changes in behavior;
  • unexplained temperature rise.

Features of the process in different breeds

The main factor that determines both the duration of the entire process and the timing of each phase is the dog’s weight parameters and dimensions. It is conditionally possible to combine all pets into three groups. small breeds, medium and large.