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How many dogs are carrying puppies by time shepherd

How long does a German Shepherd get pregnant?

The gestational age cannot be predicted with certainty, since the time of gestation differs from bitch to bitch, and even differs from one dog to another depending on the number of fetuses.

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On average, shepherd pregnancy lasts 60-65 days.

The last week is very important for the formation of fetuses, puppies born before 53 days of gestation are not viable. On the other hand, prolonged pregnancy is also a cause for concern: if the dog is walking (more than 70 days), a caesarean section may be required.

Owners need to carefully write down how many days after mating the dog gives birth. This will help avoid medical intervention in situations where it is not required. If a pet constantly puppies for 70 days, while the litter is healthy, the veterinarian should not suggest a cesarean section for 65 days.

The duration of pregnancy is often miscalculated by counting the days from the mating date. It does not always coincide with the date of fertilization. The gap between these events is sometimes 1-6 days (in the genital tract of the female sperm retain the ability to fertilize for a week). Experienced breeders try to mate during ovulation.

How to feed a dog after giving birth

Immediately after the birth of puppies, the German shepherd should be given warm boiled water or low-fat broth. After a couple of hours, you can give softened cottage cheese or oatmeal porridge with pieces of chicken meat.

Important! Often, after childbirth, the girl refuses regular food, choosing her own placenta. Breeders believe that this is a normal reflex desire that is left over from the behavior of non-domesticated dogs. So the female provides herself with the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements for 4-10 hours to start feeding the puppies.

In the first month after giving birth, the diet of a lactating shepherd should consist of easily digestible protein: liver, cottage cheese, low-fat milk (or 10% cream with weak lactation), chicken eggs. From cereals. rice and buckwheat.

If the girl ate dry food, it is recommended to transfer her to natural food for 2-3 months or choose a special ready-made product for nursing mothers.

How to help puppies and dogs during labor

Regardless of how long a shepherd’s pregnancy lasts, the birth of a dog is always no less exciting. Before giving birth, the dog tries to hide, in order to give birth, you need to take the animal to a prepared place. The first stage of the female’s resolution is fights, their duration can be from several hours to a day. At this point, you need to try to calm the pet down. Then attempts begin, during which puppies leave through the birth canal. The process continues for as many hours as there are babies in the belly of the dog. At the end, the afterbirth comes out, which can be allowed to the female to eat.

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German Shepherd puppy 2 weeks old

Fourth week

The dog’s mammary glands enlarge, the belly grows. At this time, the puppies are in active development, the spine, eyes, and internal organs are being formed. They try to treat the shepherd delicately, do not load it with active long walks.

Recommended! You need to add vitamins to the diet of a pregnant dog.

Healthy young shepherd dogs, with good care, tolerate pregnancy well and give birth easily. The owner of the bitch should decide in advance whether he will breed a dog or not. In any case, it is useful to keep a calendar of estrus, as well as try to provide your pet with a full-fledged balanced diet.

How to care for a pregnant female

Care consists in frequent, but inactive walks, good nutrition with supplements of vitamins. You need to pay more attention to the dog, help her cope with the new situation.

Eighth week and childbirth

Most shepherd dogs give birth at 8 weeks gestation. Colostrum begins to be secreted from the chest, the hair on the abdomen falls out, you can see the movement of puppies in the womb Sheepdog is not limited in food, they try to protect it from excitement.

How many days a shepherd dog carries puppies depends on the specific female, the number of previous pregnancies, the age of the dog.

If labor does not occur at 8 weeks gestation, it may start a few days later. The owner may have misidentified the day of conception.

Important! If the dog cannot give birth at home, it is urgently taken to the veterinary clinic for a cesarean section.

At what age does the first heat start

The time of first estrus may vary from dog to dog of the same breed. The onset of spotting usually occurs between 6-12 months of age. The stream can last for a different number of days, in some cases. up to 25 days. This period depends on the temperament of the pet and the presence of other females nearby.

It is not recommended to knit a shepherd dog in the first heat for a number of reasons:

  • The large breed belongs to the Molossian. a variety of dogs with a late ripening period. During the first rut, the body has not yet formed for the development of the puppies. Pregnancy drains the shepherd, the dog looks exhausted, may have problems with bones and hair.
  • Maternal instinct in young females is poorly developed. A young mother can leave the cubs after giving birth, there may be problems with lactation. The owner will feed young offspring on his own.
  • In an immature organism, the reproductive system is not yet fully functioning. In the first and even second estrus, ovulation may not occur and pregnancy will not occur.

It is better to breed offspring for 3 estrus, in a dog it occurs at the age of 18-22 months. A dog should be allowed to mate no earlier than 2 years. For inexperienced dogs, a specialist is invited, he will show the dog how to approach the female and the mating will be successful.

Attention! Early mating is undesirable for a German Shepherd. It can cause health problems.

How long does a dog carry puppies: what determines the duration of puppies. How many puppies can a dog give birth to for the first time?

Since the owner after mating will have to take over the process of childbirth, he needs to know the time of gestation, and what kind of care is needed during this period. You need to be aware of the correct course of pregnancy, so that in the event of a pathology, contact your veterinarian.

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How many puppies a large dog gives birth?

Breeds such as the Caucasian and East European Shepherd Dog, Neopolitan Mastiff, Newfoundland, Great Dane, Doberman, Wolfdog, Leonberger give a small number of puppies. Their gestation period is 2 months.

To the peculiarities of large breeds, it is worth noting that the less the female bears, the more they gain weight. For this reason, with prolonged pregnancy, complications are possible during childbirth.

If you pay attention to the statistics, then it is worth noting that the more a dog carries small puppies, the shorter its pregnancy will last. Conversely, the larger the puppies, the longer it takes for them to appear.

For example, German Shepherds raise puppies for 60-62 days, and can give birth to up to 7 puppies. But the older the female, the fewer puppies there will be.

At what age should a dog be bred

Often, inexperienced dog breeders take their dogs together at the first heat. But doing this is wrong, it can harm her health. Recommended age is from 2 years to 8. You should not do this later either.

14-16 days after the onset of estrus are considered favorable for mating.

How long does a dog carry puppies

The duration of pregnancy is affected by:

If the dog is large or primiparous, then the puppies bear longer. In small and multiparous, the gestation period takes less time.

Usually the bitch is knitted three times during the week. Childbirth takes place on days 56-66. Puppies that appear on the 53-71 days can also be viable.

Signs of pregnancy by day

There are several main factors that can be used to determine if a dog will have puppies. They are clearly visible by month.

During this period, external signs are not visible. But pregnancy can be determined by her behavior. The dog becomes passive, refuses to eat, walks less and tries to retire.

If desired, an ultrasound scan can be done in the third week. This will help you see if she’s definitely pregnant. If yes, how many puppies will the dog give birth to?

Already at this period of pregnancy, the belly begins to increase, the body becomes rounded. The nipples swell, their pigmentation may be observed. Sometimes the dog can gnaw the fur around them, freeing up access for the puppies.

How an experienced dog mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm. www.sentfromheaven.at

On the 50th day, you can already feel it. You just need to do it carefully. After a few more days, you can hear their heartbeat, and when 10 days remain before delivery, you can see how they move.

It is worth noting that in the second half of pregnancy, the dog moves away from strangers, does not want to go for a walk. You can see how she makes food supplies, hiding them in secluded places.

As the birth approaches, the animal begins to rebuild the place where it sleeps. And a few days before them, the bitch may completely lose her appetite.

If you saw that the dog is making a “nest” for itself, running around the house as if looking for something, behaving aggressively towards strangers. you should not scold it. After giving birth, her behavior will return to normal, and she will be the same as before.

How many puppies a small dog gives birth?

The gestation period for small breeds lasts about 62 days. They can also have problems with a small number of puppies. Since the organism of small breeds is small, the uterus can take up a lot of space and put pressure on the stomach. This leads to gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, it is better to feed the animal during pregnancy with detailed high-calorie food. So the feeling of satiety will come to her much faster, which means she will gorge less. The dog should always have access to clean water. And do not forget about the complex of vitamins.

An interesting fact is that the smaller the breed, the more offspring it has.

How to tell if your dog is about to give birth?

Of course, the first sign that indicates an imminent birth is the correctly calculated gestational age. External factors include a change in body temperature. So in small breeds, if the temperature drops to 37 degrees, then labor will begin in a day. In large breeds, the indicators are slightly different.

Before the contractions begin, the dog begins to look for a place to give birth, may whine, drink a lot of fluids, and show unusual anxiety. When such signs appear, the owner should prepare, that is, find a suitable place where the dog will be calm. It is desirable that there is an average temperature and there are no drafts at all.

Before the birth itself, the animal’s belly drops and the sides fall, the nipples become bright red. The mucous plug also comes off. It manifests itself as a viscous discharge from the vagina. With their onset, the owner himself can help the pet, or turn to a specialist if there is no necessary skill.

Important points

Before giving birth, you need to trim your dog’s belly and around the anus. Dwarf breeds need a special approach. Their childbirth is difficult and painful, so the owner should always be near. If something goes wrong, the dog can completely lose its offspring.

After the dog is less active, walks should be shorter but more frequent. It is unnecessary to let her “lie down” so that she does not gain excess weight. For walking, it is better to choose quiet, calm places.

Due to the large belly, the dog is not always able to lick the crotch area well, so it should be wiped with a damp towel, and then wiped dry. It is not advised to bathe the animal after 4 weeks.

It is necessary to take care of your pet not only before childbirth, but also after them. So you need to monitor her nutrition, take short walks, and massage the abdomen. These manipulations will help her sooner return the necessary tone.

Dates of pregnancy in dogs

In most cases, normal dog births occur between days 56 and 66 after mating, but normal offspring may appear earlier or later. How long an animal will walk while pregnant can be influenced by:

  • the size of the pet;
  • number of previous pregnancies.

Usually, the duration of bearing offspring is longer in large animals and dogs waiting for the first offspring. In turn, small and re-pregnant pets give birth much faster and easier.

But even if the puppies did not appear at the scheduled time, it is possible that the conception date was simply incorrectly set. Usually mating occurs repeatedly throughout the week. In view of this, conception can occur both on the first and last day, and, therefore, the term of childbirth can be shifted by 7 days in one or the other direction. An error in calculating the timing is most often the fault of the owner, and not of nature.

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Signs of imminent labor in

Naturally, the first sign that an animal will soon give birth is a correctly calculated gestational age. Also, how much is left for a pregnant animal to walk may indicate a change in the body temperature of a pet. This indicator may differ at different stages. Therefore, regularly taking measurements of the dog’s body temperature, you can determine the time of the onset of labor. In practice, it should look like this: when the temperature drops to 37 degrees, childbirth should be expected no later than in a day. However, this only applies to small dog breeds.

Another sign of the proximity of a momentous event is a change in the pet’s behavior. The animal begins to look for a place to give birth or rebuild its shelter, where it sleeps. The dog whines, drinks a lot of fluids, and displays unusual anxiety. In such a situation, the owner needs to prepare for childbirth. It is important to prepare a place for birthing where the animal will feel calm. It should be cool and not cold there, without drafts and preferably next to the owner.

Immediately before the onset of childbirth, physical changes can be observed: abdominal prolapse and the confluence of the sides. Immediately with the onset of childbirth, the owner can independently help the pet, of course, if you understand what to do. If you are not confident in your own abilities, then it is better to seek help from an experienced veterinarian.

What is meant by false pregnancy

Domestic dogs inherited false pregnancies from their wild relatives. In the wild, only dominant females can breed in flocks, while the rest begin estrus during the same period. Dominant animals are fertilized and begin to bear future offspring, while the rest show false signs of pregnancy. over, after the appearance of puppies in dominant individuals, colostrum is produced in other dogs. This phenomenon is quite common among pets. At the same time, the following characteristic features are inherent in it:

  • swelling of the breast;
  • colostrum formation;
  • pet nurses favorite toys.

A false pregnancy can be observed 1.5–3 months after estrus. This may be due to unsuccessful mating, and even in its complete absence. Based on research conducted by scientists, 85% of dogs have false puberty twice in their life.

This phenomenon is completely normal and does not require intervention from a person or a specialist in a veterinary clinic. Only when undesirable complications are identified, the help of a veterinarian may be required. If the dog has not had a mating, and all the signs of pregnancy are manifested, then we can state the fact that it is false. In such a situation, you need to carefully monitor the health of the animal and, if necessary, contact specialists.

If mating before the appearance of signs of pregnancy occurred, then it is possible to understand whether this phenomenon is false or not only after the second month, when the fetus is probed. If the puppies are not palpable, then all the signs are false. Although there are cases of failed pregnancy, when conception has occurred, but the fruits “dissolve”. Therefore, it is not always possible to establish the presence of a domestic pet in time. To determine the state of the dog, it is important to track changes in its behavior and body. Accurate diagnosis is possible only after an ultrasound examination in a veterinary clinic.

Features of caring for a puppy dog

A pregnant dog requires special attention. For the first time 4 weeks in an animal, as in a person, severe toxicosis is observed. Therefore, you need to be calm about any changes in the mood and behavior of your pet. First of all, you need to provide a balanced diet. You can not stop walking the dog in the fresh air, even if she resists it. However, while walking in the park, you need to make sure that the animal does not jump from a height and does not run quickly. It is also advisable to protect your pet from stress.

The first 4 weeks, the animal’s nutrition can be left unchanged, but after a month it is advisable to enrich the diet with minerals, proteins and vitamins. In order for the food to be as balanced as possible, it does not fit to consult an experienced vet. You also need to gradually increase the volume of food.

Calcium should be added to food, but you should not overdo it, as its oversaturation can lead to health problems for the dog. Approximately 10 days before the appearance of offspring, you need to reduce the amount of protein food, and 5 days before giving birth, it is completely excluded. Such drastic measures are used to prevent vomiting immediately during childbirth.

How to determine pregnancy

In the first month of pregnancy, it is almost impossible to identify any signs of the piquant position of the animal. At this stage, only indirect assumptions about the rate are possible, based on the following signs:

  • in the behavior of a pet, passivity is observed;
  • the animal may temporarily refuse to eat;
  • the dog refuses long walks;
  • four-legged friend looking for a place for solitude.

It is possible to accurately diagnose a dog’s pregnancy only in a veterinary center after an ultrasound examination. In this case, the diagnosis is carried out no earlier than 20 days after mating. And after a month, the ultrasound shows not only the puberty of the animal, but also the number of future offspring.

External changes become noticeable one month after mating. During the same period, changes in habits are observed. The animal begins to grow a belly and an increase in the chest. The body of the female is rounded, which indicates the active growth of the puppies. The second half of pregnancy is accompanied by the release of viscous mucus from the loop. There is swelling of the nipples.

At the 50-day period, you can feel the puppies, but this must be done with extreme caution. After a few more days, the puppies’ heartbeats can be heard. 10 days before the expected birth, the movement of offspring in the womb of a dog is observed even with the naked eye.

Also, the second half of pregnancy is accompanied by changes in the pet’s behavior. The animal avoids strangers and behaves aggressively while walking. Some females are actively preparing food supplies, hiding food in hard-to-reach places. With the maximum approach of the significant event of the appearance of offspring, the animal begins to rebuild its sleeping place.

How many months does a dog bear puppies?

Pregnancy in any animals, including dogs, is a unique period when they need the love and affection of their owners. over, even if mating has occurred, it is impossible to argue that the pet has become pregnant. But regardless of this, the future four-legged mother requires special care so that her offspring are born healthy.

Therefore, the owner of the dog must know everything about the pregnancy of animals in order to control how it proceeds and, if necessary, seek help from a veterinary clinic in time.

Nuances to be aware of

As the time for droppings approaches, the expectant mother should be trimmed in the abdomen and around the anus. Some dog breeders argue that interfering with the natural process of new life is unacceptable. This is partly true, but not in relation to dwarf breeds. In such animals, the process of childbirth is difficult and painful. In such a situation, only the owner can help the dog. Otherwise, the animal may not only suffer for several hours, but also lose offspring.

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It is important to understand that you need to take care of your pet not only while she is pregnant, but also after childbirth. In addition to a properly selected balanced diet and short walks, a light massage of the abdomen will be useful. This will bring the dog back to normal tone much faster. Love animals and they will always reciprocate.

How many months does a dog carry puppies?

In fact, your pregnant dog does not walk very long, but it is impossible to say exactly how many puppies the dog is carrying. It all depends on the size of your pet and the number of puppies she should bring to the world. The larger the dog, the longer it carries puppies, the more puppies in the womb, the faster they will be born. In general, a dog’s pregnancy can last from 50 to 70 days, the optimal period is 63 days from the moment of conception. Let’s take an example on a German Shepherd. So, how long does a German Shepherd puppy bear? On average, it takes 60 to 63 days for a German Shepherd to give birth to puppies, although pregnancy can last 72 days, but not less than 58 days.

So, if you decide to get yourself a dog for breeding puppies and you are interested in the question of how many months or days the dog carries puppies, then you now know the answer to this question. But this is not the most important question in carrying puppies for a dog. The most important question is what to feed and how to raise a dog during pregnancy and feeding offspring. First, let’s deal with parenting.

Pregnant dog behavior

Just like in humans, the behavior of a pregnant dog can change dramatically. You will begin to notice changes in your pet’s behavior as early as the second week after the start of pregnancy. The dog may begin to behave aggressively towards other dogs and people. But that’s not all oddities. Which you can notice behind your pet, for example, a pregnant dog may not ask to go to the toilet, but do their own thing right in the house. You cannot scold dogs for this, because she needs to go to the toilet more often than in a normal state. The dog may behave restlessly, you may notice that the dog is running around the house as if it has lost something, it is she who is preparing for the birth of puppies and is trying to make a “nest” for herself; the dog may behave aggressively when a person approaches the place that she has chosen for her. “Nest”. In no case should you scold or punish a dog for such behavior, after a while its behavior will return to normal, and your pet will behave as usual.

In dogs, as in humans, a false pregnancy can occur, this condition can be caused by a hormonal imbalance in the animal or if the breeding activity in the dog is irregular. False pregnancy can also occur in those dogs that have never had puppies in general. The most interesting thing is that the dog behaves in the same way as during a normal pregnancy, its mammary glands swell, the dog’s behavior changes. This condition goes away after a while, but with symptoms of false pregnancy, the dog must be shown to the doctor without fail. Experts recommend spaying all dogs aged 10 years. This procedure can protect your pet from many health problems. Often, after 10 years of not undergoing sterilization, dogs develop uterine cancer, which leads to serious health problems or even death of the pet.

Dogs carry puppies: how long and how? Nutrition and parenting during pregnancy.

All owners of girls’ dogs come to such a moment in life when your girl should have puppies. Very often, pregnancy and the appearance of puppies come as a surprise to the owners, your girl can just walk with some stray dog ​​and bring puppies of a completely different breed that you expected. Today we will not talk about the problems associated with protecting your beauty from unwanted pregnancy and mating, but we will talk exclusively about the pregnancy of the dog.

So, the first question that arises among the owners of a pregnant bitch is how long does a dog walk for a pregnant one? Sometimes people ask this question on the forums and get a wide variety of answers, sometimes you can read it for 3, 4, 6 months. Do not believe it, such answers are given either by network trolls because they have nothing to do, or by people who are as far from the world of dog breeding as Earth is from Mars.

How to feed your dog during pregnancy

When a dog is carrying puppies, its diet should be increased. The dog should eat 4-5 times a day, and this feeding regime should be maintained not only while the dog is carrying the puppies, but also during the feeding of the puppies. The dog’s diet must necessarily contain dairy products, and they must prevail. It is very important that the dog gets as much calcium and iron as possible. To replenish the iron stores of the dog during the gestation of puppies, you need to give the liver, the yolks of chicken eggs, sea fish, by the way, it contains not only iron, but also phosphorus, which is necessary for dogs in everyday life and is extremely necessary for the dog during gestation of puppies. In addition to these products, you need to give your pet a bird, preferably chicken meat, vegetables, in particular, a lot of iron is found in leafy vegetables and, of course, you need to give the dog meat.

Remember that pork is contraindicated for dogs in any condition, meat can be given beef, lamb, but not very fatty. After the puppies are taken away from the dog, and this happens at about the age of 6-8 weeks, the diet should be kept for some time, so that the dog can recover. Then gradually the dog needs to be brought into a normal feeding rhythm and after a while the dog should eat no more than 2-3 times a day.

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Another frequently asked question is at what age can a dog be bred. Some inexperienced dog breeders breed dogs as soon as they start to estrus. This is very wrong and can seriously harm the dog’s health. The optimal age of a dog for breeding puppies is 2 years and the dog is productively breeding, maybe up to 7-8 years old, after that it is not recommended to breed the dog. It is best to take the dog on the 14-16th day of estrus, in the first days the chance of pregnancy is very small.

We hope that our article will be useful to you and your pet, and you will more than once know the joy of having a whole bunch of cute hairballs in your house. For reference, a German Shepherd can bring up to 13 puppies at a time.