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How many months does a pregnant shepherd dog walk

Seventh. eighth week

By the end of the seventh week, the fetuses in the womb begin to move. It is necessary to prepare the future birthplace in advance so that the dog can get used to it and not give birth in an unsuitable place for this. Make sure that the birthing corner is in a warm, draft-free place. Prepare newspapers for convenience. they absorb excess liquid and odor well.

At this time, you need to divide the diet into four doses. Do not give bones, tendons to avoid constipation in the dog. If this unpleasant situation could not be avoided, you need to give the shepherd a natural laxative in the form of orange juice.

In the second half of the gestation period, the belly begins to drop, which is why the appearance of the shepherd dog changes very much. While walking, she begins to tire quickly and does not eat well. Limit walking time. For a quiet short walk, choose quiet places where there is no reservoir, since it is strictly forbidden for a shepherd to swim in it.

Start adding calcined cottage cheese to your dog’s diet.

German Shepherd Pregnancy

Pregnancy in a German Shepherd Dog lasts about two months. All this time you need to focus on the well-being of your pet, surround her with affection and attention. It is necessary to provide the dog with the necessary care and the correct diet. Based on the individuality of the structure and functionality of the body, it will be possible to say what signs of pregnancy you may encounter.

Eighth. ninth week

At this time, it is necessary to replace meat with boiled fish in order to exclude the development of toxicosis. Watch the behavior of the shepherd. walk as much as she asks, as the puppies begin to press on the bladder. If necessary, get up even at night.

Terms of gestation

With good physical health, the shepherd dog will walk pregnant for about two months. Pregnancy may end a few days earlier, or last another week. Also, these fluctuations can be explained by the large difference between mating and ovulation.

But if it is high time for your shepherd to give birth, and she is still walking, the gestation period is ten days exceeded, then you should urgently consult a veterinarian for advice. Otherwise, you risk losing droppings.

The gestation period directly depends both on the age of the shepherd dog and on the indicators of her mother’s pregnancy. There is also a connection with previous terms. the more she went pregnant, the longer the term lasts next time.

Physical indicators

Get ready for the fact that due to pregnancy, the shepherd’s usual signs change dramatically. she may be nauseous. Also, the shepherd may refuse to eat. If you notice a strange discharge. immediately contact your veterinarian.

Sixth. seventh week

It is worth reducing the number of walks, as the shepherd gets very tired while walking. Give up active physical activity.

Add bone meal to the diet. two tablespoons per day will be enough. Be careful. you cannot feed the dog. This will complicate future childbirth.

Before childbirth

The first signs before childbirth in a dog are swelling of the nipples and the appearance of milk. The big belly sinks, the appetite either completely disappears, or the shepherd dog eats selectively. The dog sleeps very soundly, and upon waking it begins to follow you.

The day before giving birth, the shepherd completely refuses to eat, begins to whine and behaves extremely excitable.

The temperature drops by two degrees twelve hours before giving birth, while usually it should be 38.5 degrees.

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The closer the birth, the more fussy the dog walks. May start looking for a place for future delivery, breathing heavily. At the first sign, take your pet to an unprepared place.

Changes in diet

If your pet was overweight, remove the loaf and cereals from the diet. Their absence can easily be replaced by herbs and vegetables.

Continue to feed your dog twice a day. Of the products, give preference to raw meat, boiled liver, cottage cheese, porridge cooked in milk. Vegetables are best grated and mixed with finely chopped herbs and vegetable oil.

Add minerals to the diet of a shepherd dog, which are found in cartilage, chicken breasts, heads and wings.

Know how much calcium and phosphorus your dog needs in the first month of pregnancy. For one kilogram of the dog’s weight, there should be forty grams of calcium and thirty grams of phosphorus. If there is a lack of these substances, add them to the diet in special tablets and powders.

Consult your veterinarian how much and in what quantities to give your shepherd vitamins A, D1, D3, tetravit.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs?

How long does a dog walk on average when pregnant?

The pregnancy itself in these animals is short. only two months. It is important not to miss estrus, dogs can mate only during a strictly defined period of time, called “hunt”. The frequency of estrus depends on the size and breed of the dog. In some dog breeds, estrus usually occurs every six months or every four months, while in others every 10-12 months. Mating is possible only during the “hunting” period, the duration of which is individual and ranges from days to 7-9 days. If the owner did not have time to notice the onset of estrus, he incorrectly determined the day of “hunting”, he will have to wait for the onset of the next estrus.

In dogs, mating does not interrupt the “hunt” of the female, as is typical, for example, of cats. In the first weeks, it is almost impossible to understand whether a dog has become pregnant or not, therefore, after a planned mating, it must be protected from accidental mating. If you let her go for a walk without a leash, do not look after her, it is quite possible to mate with the first oncoming dog. And given that dogs can give birth to more than twenty puppies, it will be a shame to get two dozen unplanned puppies from a thoroughbred dog.

Pregnancy in dogs develops in a very specific way. First, the mating time and the moment of fertilization are completely unrelated. The egg can be fertilized immediately after mating. If, during mating, there were no mature eggs yet, then before fertilization it can take from several days, up to a week. So it is absolutely impossible to find out exactly from what day the beginning of pregnancy is considered. For convenience, the day of the first mating is usually taken on the first day of pregnancy.

The duration of pregnancy in dogs is, on average, two months, the more accurate period depends on the size and breed:

dwarf and medium-sized dogs are pregnant for 56-65 days;

large breed dogs go 57-70 days pregnant.

In the same dog, each pregnancy may last differently. In overweight dogs, pregnancy is delayed. When there are few puppies, the mother carries them for an extremely long time, with a single fetus there is a high probability of overmaturity.

What to think about before knitting your dog

Pregnancy is a process, although completely natural, it is still not the easiest and easiest. Knowing nothing about zootechnics and breeding, it is better for a beginner not to take any action on his own. If the dog is pedigree, with a pedigree, then the dog breeding club will come to the rescue. If there is no pedigree, then think about how and where you will attach the puppies when they grow up and will need food, walks, veterinary care and much more.

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In the course of his history, man has bred several hundred of the most different breeds of dogs, each of which has its own external characteristics and working qualities that are inherited. What conformation and behavior will be possessed by puppies from a mother without a breed, one can only guess. Therefore, it makes no sense to breed outbred puppies. it means spending your time and money on raising puppies, which no one wants to buy later.

Also, before mating, it is imperative to check the health of your dog, because if the expectant mother has health problems, it does not matter, physical or mental, then the chances of giving birth to sick offspring increase. Yes, by nature, a dog is intended for carrying and giving birth to puppies, but no one can guarantee that this particular female will have a pregnancy without complications, and childbirth will be easy. Quite often, the help of a veterinarian is vital. At the first birth, the presence of a veterinarian obstetrician is simply mandatory.

It is necessary to prepare in advance for mating and pregnancy of a purebred dog. It is necessary to raise a healthy dog, get an assessment of the exterior at the exhibition and admission to breeding, choose the future father correctly and agree in advance with its owner about the conditions of mating, and not forget about deworming and vaccination before mating.

First pregnancy

Veterinarians recommend mating a dog only when it is fully grown and mature, that is, not earlier than in the second or third estrus. Dogs, depending on size and breed, are formed in different ways. Small dogs can be ready for their first pregnancy at the age of just over a year, and large breed dogs are fully developed only by one and a half to two years. First pregnancy is usually the longest.

How to alleviate the condition of an animal

False pregnancy is dangerous with complications, especially if it happened more than once, but is repeated periodically. Changes in the mammary glands associated with the onset of milk secretion can eventually cause mastitis, and hormonal disruptions cause inflammation in the uterus, up to pyometra.

Pyometra in dogs is an inflammation of the uterus, in which purulent discharge accumulates in its cavity. Typically, a dog’s pyometra develops shortly after estrus, when levels of the hormone progesterone build up in the body.

To stop imaginary puppyhood, you should:

  • Take measures to reduce lactation, for which to temporarily exclude all dairy products from the dog’s diet.
  • Reduce portions of food.
  • Control the amount of water consumed. It should not significantly exceed the norm.
  • Provide the dog with normal physical activity. She should walk, run, play more. This is good for her health, and in addition, will allow her to escape from the worries of caring for imaginary “puppies”.
  • Do not express milk from the dog’s glands in the hope that milk production will stop. This can only stimulate lactation.
  • Dismantle the den, equipped by the bitch, remove the “false children” from the eyes, make sure that the dog cannot be for some time where there are puppies and pregnant bitches.

As a rule, this is enough for the pet to feel better and return to normal life. If home measures do not work, you will have to show the female to the veterinarian.

It is possible that hormone therapy will be needed to normalize the condition. The list of drugs and treatment regimen will be prescribed by the veterinarian. He will also control the dynamics of the state of the animal.

When signs of mastitis appear, the treatment of the nipples or the imposition of compresses with camphor oil on them is indicated. To prevent the animal from getting rid of the lotions ahead of time, the abdomen is tied with an elastic bandage

many, months, does, pregnant, shepherd, walk

An attentive and caring owner, whose bitch suffers from a “spoon” from time to time, should think about sterilizing it. This will save the animal from unnecessary suffering, preserve its health and life.

Pet pregnancy is not an easy time, albeit a happy one. In order for it to pass without complications, and the offspring were born on time, the dog must be observed by a veterinarian. A competent and responsible owner will certainly take care of this.

How long does it take

Pregnancy in bitches normally lasts from 57 to 62 days. In some cases, it can last up to 72 days, and babies are also born viable. If on 72-73 days labor has not begun, this is an alarming sign and a reason to show the animal to the veterinarian.

The length of pregnancy depends largely on the following factors:

  • Once again, the bitch becomes pregnant. Primiparas carry offspring longer.
  • The age of the female. The elderly often walk around.
  • Animal size, small dogs are born earlier.

The numbers for normal gestation discussed above are not absolute and are not the same for all dogs.

Pregnancy in small breeds

  • Pregnancy in young canines can last up to 2 months. Keep in mind that during this period, the female needs to adjust the nutrition. This must be done because the uterus begins to press on the stomach and intestines of the pet in an interesting position.
  • In this case, food should be made up of high-calorie foods. Keep in mind that you do not need to overfeed the animal. This must be strictly monitored. Otherwise, the dog may have serious problems during childbirth.
  • Make sure your pregnant dog has free access to clean, filtered water. It is allowed to give mineral water without gas. In addition, the animal should be regularly fed with special vitamin complexes. The composition should be selected based on the breed.
  • Small dog breeds are more sensitive to temperature changes than larger breeds. During pregnancy, the pet’s temperature will drop by 1-2 degrees. Therefore, the dog needs a warm, secluded place to rest. If the pet is short-haired, additionally install a heater.

Signs of pregnancy in a dog

The date of the last mating is considered to be the date of the onset of canine pregnancy. The bitch’s new position can be guessed by the changed behavior. She:

  • becomes less active;
  • shows more affection for the owner;
  • looks calmer than usual
  • is kind to people whom she previously perceived indifferently or wary;
  • sleeps a lot.

As the duration of pregnancy increases, other signs appear:

  • In the period from 25 to 30 days, the mammary glands and the skin around them swell, the nipples become pinkish, the stomach is slightly swollen.
  • By the 29th day of the beds (the rows of canine mammary glands) are already noticeably increased, and the animal itself begins to gain weight.
  • On days 38–45, when palpating (probing) the dog’s abdomen, future puppies are felt in the uterus. It is better if this procedure is performed by a veterinarian, since an inexperienced person can cause intrauterine injury to babies by his actions. During this period, you can already get information about how multiple pregnancy is. Better to do it with radiography.
  • On the 45-50th day, colostrum emerges from the enlarged nipples. About a day before the appearance of the puppies, the body temperature of the bitch drops to 36-37 degrees, and within a day after the appearance of the offspring it returns to normal.
  • On the 55-57th day, the bitch begins to lick herself more often, to equip a den for future puppies. Her character is getting worse, outbreaks of aggression are possible.

To find out if a dog is expected to have puppies, in the early stages, you can use a laboratory test, which is based on a study of blood serum. At 2-3 weeks after conception, the level of the hormone relaxin in the animal’s body rises, which is revealed by laboratory analysis. If the test is carried out at 3-4 weeks and it is positive, this is a 100% indicator that the bitch is expecting offspring.

If necessary, the fact of pregnancy can be easily detected using ultrasound. It is better to do this no earlier than 21-24 days after possible conception

False pregnancy

A false pregnancy is very similar to a physiological pregnancy, but it does not lead to offspring. With her, the animal’s belly increases, the female begins to prepare for childbirth, prepares the nest and lays food supplies, the mammary glands increase and even milk appears. There is also aggression towards animals and people. By itself, a false pregnancy is a natural process that 80-90 females out of 100 encounter. The only thing that needs to be done is to carefully look after the animal, because it often becomes the cause of mastitis.

Caring for pregnant dogs

How to care for a pregnant dog? In the first weeks of pregnancy, the dog does not need any special restrictions. The owner needs to walk a lot with his pet and feed her well. Walking should be calm, but you should not lock the house or especially limit the freedom of the pet, because she herself is able to feel what she needs. The owner needs to pay attention to the dog’s hygiene: brush the coat and examine the skin every day. In case of illness, you should definitely contact your veterinarian.

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Do not overuse drugs, do vaccines, and do not fight fleas.

It is best to do all this after childbirth, as recommended by a doctor. Many dogs go 9 weeks pregnant and all this time they are kept in close attention of the owners.

Pregnancy Calendar

You can conditionally describe the pregnancy of a dog by day or week. There are many factors (age, first pregnancy, the health of the pet, breed and size), on which the course of the process and the timing of childbirth depend.

  • The first week of pregnancy in a dog. After ovulation, it may take a little time before the egg is fertilized. Perhaps she must still mature before sperm penetration into her. There is a chance that you will have to re-mate to be sure that the dog is pregnant. There are no special changes in the behavior and appearance of the female. It is not yet necessary to change her diet, feeding regimen and walking schedule.
  • Second week. During this period, fertilized cells develop. They descend through the fallopian tubes into the uterus, covered with embryonic membranes, where they are attached with the help of villi to the mucous membrane. Placenta is formed.
  • Third week. The formation of the spine, organs, central nervous system and fetal head begins by day. It is not recommended to expose the dog to stressful situations, vaccinations and health experiments. During this period, the expectant mother is very vulnerable and there is a danger for small puppies, so you should avoid negative external factors and disruptions in the feeding and walking schedule of your pet.

When Do German Shepherd Dogs Stop Growing? Complete Growth Pattern of German Shepherds Explained

Some intimate details

While the male is ready to make puppies all year round, the bitch is not. She will agree to a fruitful date only during a certain period of heat, which is called estus (hunting) and lasts an average of a week. During the hunt, the female is ready to conceive, and ovulation (the release of eggs from the ovaries into the oviducts) occurs every few hours. A tying is considered to have taken place if it ends with a glue (a lock caused by a spasm of the muscles of the vagina). It is in the castle that the probability of conception is highest. At the end of the process, it is better to lay the bitch on its side or let it stand on its front legs, slightly raising the hind legs (10-15 minutes). The next day, knitting can be repeated.

6 week (35. 42 days)

The bitch loses its graceful form, the belly behind the ribs increases, the mammary glands swell. Some dogs bite off the fur around them, forming halos of hairless skin. The animal’s loop seems to be open, the appearance of mucous secretions is not excluded. The four-legged beauty is rapidly gaining weight and radically changing her behavior.

  • it becomes noticeably calmer, it is already clearly “taking care” of itself;
  • shows caution in relation to strangers, trusting the tummy only to the owner;
  • jealous of their place;
  • some begin to make supplies “for a rainy day”, hiding food, trying to bury tasty pieces in secluded corners of the apartment.

These include:

8 week (49. 56 days)

The temperature of the nipples of the bitch rises slightly, when pressed, they release colostrum.

The dog can start “building a nest”: digging a rug, dragging bedspreads and pillows into place. Females with increased excitability show interest in objects that resemble puppies (toys, squeaks). The tailed reinsurer can independently “move” from the usual place, choosing another, where she will feel safe. All this suggests that it is time for the owner to equip a “den” for future offspring.

The embryonic period

How long does it take to care for a pregnant dog

No matter how many days a dog has been walking pregnant, she needs care from the first to the last day of pregnancy. over, it is necessary to take care of her after the birth of puppies, because during this period her body is exhausted and weakened. It is also important to be present during labor to give her proper help and support. This is especially true for the first birth.

How long do pregnant dogs walk (how long the pregnancy lasts, term)

Pregnancy is an important process in the dog’s body, which often becomes a great challenge for her. Experienced breeders know that during this period the bitch needs special care and attention. And in order to understand which one, it is important to know how long a pregnancy lasts in dogs, for how long what kind of help does she need, how to recognize a pregnancy and how to care for it during this period.

How to tell if your dog is pregnant

Since the bitch needs extra care during this special period, her owner needs to be able to recognize her pet’s pregnancy. If the main function of a dog is the birth of puppies, then this skill is a very important factor on which the success of this difficult business directly depends. In order to recognize a pregnancy in a dog and determine what is its gestational age, you need to know and follow a few simple but important rules.

First, it is important to have a separate calendar in which you can mark the mating days. This is the surest way to find out how many days a dog is pregnant, if it has come.

Second, it is important to notice changes in your dog’s behavior. Bitches usually start to behave restlessly as early as the second week. Vomiting, increased appetite, lethargy, and more may also appear. Each dog is unique, so the signs of pregnancy can vary. Thirdly, the most obvious sign of pregnancy is an increase in animal body weight, an increase in the abdomen and swelling of the mammary glands. This means that the gestation period of the dog is about a month.

What kind of care does a dog need during pregnancy?

Regardless of how long a pregnant dog walks, it is important to monitor its condition, weight and diet.

Vitamins can be added to the bitch’s food during this period, which will contribute to the normal development of the puppies and the well-being of their mother.

Weasel is another essential care element. During this period, the dogs behave more friendly and affectionate, often approach the owner, demanding to pet her or scratch her.

It is also important to consider that bitches gain weight and it becomes more difficult for them to move around. Therefore, if before pregnancy the owner took his pet out for an active run every morning, now it is better to refuse it. Even if the dog has not been exposed to active stress before, it will get tired while walking. She needs to be given time to rest. Therefore, the owner must be prepared for the fact that more time will go for a walk. If it is not there, then you can shorten the usual path that the dog passed earlier.

It is important to keep track of how much time your pregnant dog walks. This is necessary in order to identify complications, if they appear. It is also important to visit your pregnancy veterinarian regularly, especially if your dog:

  • pregnant for the first time;
  • is overweight or underweight;
  • too mature or too young to be pregnant.

These cases require special attention of the doctor, since such individuals are at risk and the doctor will help you find out exactly how long a dog’s pregnancy lasts and how to help in her specific situation.

What is the pregnancy period in dogs?

You need to know that the duration of pregnancy in dogs depends on the size of the dog and, accordingly, on its breed. In order to find out exactly how long the pregnancy of a dog of a particular breed lasts, you need to use specialized literature that fully describes the characteristics of a dog. But in general, the approximate gestation period in dogs is around 58-70 days.

When answering the question of how many months a dog walks pregnant, it is necessary to take into account a number of features. For example, if this is the bitch’s first pregnancy, then it may last a little longer than the prescribed two months. It is normal if she did not have offspring before. But! It is also important to know that if the dog has not given birth after 70 days of pregnancy, then it needs medical attention. And this rule applies not only to the first pregnancies, because if the bitch did not give birth on time, then she may have serious complications. A caesarean section may be needed. Therefore, in order to deliver the pet to the veterinarian on time, you need to monitor how much the dog is carrying during pregnancy.

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How to understand that a dog will give birth soon

The first and most important factor in determining that a pet will soon become a happy mom is the length of the dog’s pregnancy.

You can also understand that the dog will soon give birth by its body temperature. Depending on how many months a dog is pregnant, it can vary. Therefore, if during pregnancy, the body temperature of a bitch is measured twice a day, then you can understand when she will give birth. It works as follows: as soon as the temperature drops to 37 degrees, you can expect replenishment in the next 24 hours. This usually applies to small breed dogs.

A change in behavior is one of the main signs that the hour is coming soon. The dog begins to “bridge”, to look for a place for himself. She also whines, groans, drinks a lot, behaves restlessly. The host must be ready at least a week before the estimated time. It is advisable to prepare a place where the dog can give birth and nurse the puppies. It should not be hot or cold, no drafts, not high, so that the dog can safely go out if necessary, and it should be close to the owner.

Before the birth itself, you can observe abdominal ptosis and sunken sides.

Once the baby is in labor, you can help the animal yourself if you know what to do. If the owner is not confident in his abilities and skills, then it is necessary to call a veterinarian so as not to harm the dog.


In the prenatal period, the owners should surround the expectant mother with care and attention. She needs to be walked more often, since the urge to urinate increases. During the walk, do not under any circumstances allow heavy loads on the animal. The bitch should walk calmly, not run or jump.

When carrying offspring, the diet undergoes changes towards an increase in the proportion of foods containing vitamins (A, B, D, E) and calcium. It is advisable to feed the female with meat (beef, lamb), cottage cheese, eggs. In addition, she needs a large amount of liquid every day, so the drinker must be constantly filled with clean water.

10-14 days before delivery, a special box is built, in the form of a wooden box with removable walls and no bottom. They give an opportunity to examine it and get used to it. The length of the structure corresponds to the size of the dog in the supine position. The bitch paws against the side, which helps her to push during fights.

At the bottom, the floor is covered with disinfected oilcloth and bedding. The woman in labor should be comfortable and warm. Very often labor attempts in thoroughbred animals are sluggish, so it is better to invite a veterinarian in advance. He will help the pet at a crucial moment to produce offspring.

Stages of an interesting situation

The normal course of pregnancy in a German shepherd takes 60-65 days. During this time, intrauterine development of the fetus occurs. It consists of several stages:

  • The heart is formed by day 21.
  • By 27-28 days, the body takes on a full-fledged appearance, but without hair.
  • By day 32, 25% of the required body weight in the fetus is reached. At this time it is recommended to do an ultrasound.
  • By day 34, a stable skeleton is formed.
  • By the 37th day, the formation of the main organs and systems ends.
  • On the 45th day, you can accurately determine the number of cubs (video author Anna Fedorchuk).

Responsible preparation for the upcoming childbirth requires knowing exactly the duration of pregnancy in a German shepherd. There are 2 ways to calculate:

  • by mating date;
  • according to ultrasound data.

Medical diagnostics allows you to determine the date. With multiple pregnancies, whelping occurs earlier than with infertile.

The day before the start of the contractions, the animal is shaved off the pile around the anus, genitals and on the abdomen. Normally, puppies appear within 3 hours to 1 day (video from the channel “MY LIFE and MY DOGS / MY LIFE and MY DOGS”).

Possible difficulties

The generic process can cause a shock state in the bitch, especially the first-borns are predisposed to it. The animal is noticeably nervous, chaotic and senselessly moving around the room. The body and limbs of the dog cramp. She shivers as if from cold. Saliva begins to drip from the mouth, and breathing quickens.

many, months, does, pregnant, shepherd, walk

These signs are characteristic of titania. postpartum shock. In this state, the shepherd dog does not control its behavior and is capable of harming the cubs, even chewing and eating them.

The owners should not lose sight of the woman in labor, it is necessary to closely monitor her during the first day. In case of the appearance of dangerous symptoms, the newly-made mother is isolated from the offspring. They try to calm and warm the dog. If the animal could not be brought back to normal, then it should be shown to the veterinarian.


The first signs of impending whelping appear 5 days before it starts. The female behaves restlessly, runs around the house, whines. Bitches giving birth ooze milk from the nipples. In firstborns, the mammary glands swell and begin to work immediately before contractions.

It is extremely important to observe the appearance of mucous discharge from the genitals. Their color indicates the health status of the animal:

  • transparent and greenish. normal;
  • pink or brown. critical.

On the eve of the onset of contractions, the behavior of the shepherd dog and its appearance change markedly:

  • breathing and heart rate increase;
  • the pupils of the eyes dilate;
  • the sides fall, and the back arches;
  • body temperature drops by one and a half degrees, to 37C.

Timing and signs

German Shepherds do not have a clear schedule for the duration of pregnancy. Each dog bears offspring at an individual time, on average 60-65 days.

The long-term practice of observing pedigree animals has made it possible to establish a number of patterns:

  • Firstborns have a longer pregnancy than females who have given birth.
  • The number of future babies in the litter affects the gestation period: the more puppies, the faster the birth occurs.
  • Cubs born earlier than 53 days do not survive.
  • Delayed labor over 70 days requires surgery (caesarean section).

A pregnant female changes her behavior noticeably. She becomes calmer, spends more time with the owners. During the gestation period, the animal eats and drinks a lot. However, inexperienced bitches who become pregnant for the first time often continue to lead an active lifestyle. Owners need to carefully monitor the behavior of the expectant mother so that she does not harm herself and her offspring.

What you need to know about German Shepherd pregnancy and childbirth?

The German Shepherd is ready to bear and give birth to offspring at the age of three. The ovulation period lasts only 2 days. At this time, dogs are mated. The owner needs to remember the date so that it is easier to calculate the moment of the onset of labor. At the same time, the question often remains: how long does a pregnant German shepherd walk??


Visually, signs of pregnancy become noticeable in an animal 1-1.5 months after fertilization. The body of the female takes on a rounded shape, the abdomen hangs down. The nipples are well felt. They swell and harden from the rush of milk.

However, similar symptoms appear during a false pregnancy. To finally make sure that your pet is in an interesting position, it is better to contact your veterinarian. He will carry out a thorough examination and help to establish the time of delivery.

The main process

In pedigree animals, childbirth lasts from 3 to 15 hours. First, contractions appear, and then the dog begins to push. The waste of water signals the appearance of a baby. Usually the firstborn is the largest puppy.

The mother independently frees the baby from the amniotic membrane and gnaws through the umbilical cord. Licks the newborn thoroughly. Sometimes dogs in the process of licking eat the offspring, so the owners need to control the situation.

The offspring are temporarily separated from the mother and placed in a warm, dry box. The bitch is admitted to the children upon completion of postnatal walking on the street and carrying out sanitary and hygienic procedures.

The interval between the birth of dogs is from a few minutes to an hour. At this time, the shepherd is eating the remaining afterbirth. She needs to replenish the balance of proteins in the body. However, more than 4 consecutives are not allowed. Excessive amounts lead to intoxication.