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How many pregnancies do French Bulldog dogs have?

Duration of pregnancy, periods

Pregnancy in French Bulldogs can last from 53 to 70 days. Such a spread in dates is associated with a long period of attachment of embryos to the uterus, which cannot be determined accurately for each individual individual. Full-fledged puppies can be expected by approximately 63 days from the moment of the second mating (if mating was carried out in 3 stages with an interval of a day between attempts). In case of indications, childbirth by caesarean section is possible, the date of the operation will be determined by the doctor.

At the end of the fourth. at the beginning of the fifth week, it is necessary to strengthen control over the condition of the pet. At the beginning of the fifth week, the nipples swell, acquire a light pink color, colostrum is released from them, and on palpation, you can determine the number of puppies. From the loop, mucous masses are released in the form of light green or creamy threads. The presence of bloody streaks. a sign of calcium deficiency. is the reason for immediate medical attention. By the sixth week, the dog’s tummy noticeably increases, she begins to look for a secluded place-nest for herself and her future offspring. At the eighth week, the puppies begin to form heads and they begin to wiggle. 7-10 days left before delivery.

Caring for a pregnant dog

It is impossible to radically change the regime of keeping a pregnant dog, as this can cause her stress. Until the fourth week of pregnancy, it is not advised to make any changes at all. It is only necessary to exclude the use of antiparasitic agents, chemicals for cleaning and reduce contact with other animals in order to avoid infection.

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The worms had to be run before mating, 2 weeks in advance, and the vaccination, which occurs at the time of mating or presumptive pregnancy, had to be carried out a month before mating (the estimated date of the start of the emptying).

Important! If these measures coincide, worming must be carried out 2-3 weeks before vaccinations.

By the fourth week, it is worth starting to adjust nutrition and walking. So, dogs on natural food gradually need to increase protein food by the second month, add fresh herbs to the diet. Ready-made feeds can be replaced with special ones. for pregnant dogs or added to the usual feed calcium at the rate of 65 grams. for 1 kg. dog weight and vitamin complex, protein.

Feeding is done three times a day, and from the seventh week. four times a day. It is better to feed often, but in small portions, to monitor the presence of water, since during pregnancy the bitch drinks more often and a lot. Physical activity should not be reduced in time, but high intensity loads should be excluded (jumping, taking obstacles, long runs). It is better if it will be frequent short walks for short distances from home: this way the bitch will not overwork and will be able to urinate more often as the fruit grows and her bladder is squeezed.

Excessive inactivity will not benefit the bitch, since the tendency to obesity of representatives of this breed can worsen the general well-being of the bitch, and untrained muscles will not allow to contract properly, pushing the puppies out, thereby slowing down the process of childbirth and exhausting the bitch or lead to a caesarean section.

False and frozen pregnancies

After 5-6 weeks from the moment of mating, an unfertilized French Bulldog bitch may show signs of pregnancy: the nipples will enlarge, fluid may be released from them, she may begin to equip her place, flooding it with toys, mistaking them for puppies and trying to feed and care for them : lick sniff, it is undesirable to leave them for a long time for a walk.

Important! These are the signs of a false or imaginary pregnancy. The need to consult a veterinarian is mandatory and urgent.

Most likely, the doctor will recommend eliminating dairy products from the diet, prescribing sedatives and sedatives, and also recommends increasing walking time in order to try to distract the bitch to other fun and interests. If at the eighth week there is no movement of the puppies, and the temperature of the dog is high, you should immediately seek advice from a veterinary clinic. a frozen pregnancy or death of fetuses due to illness is possible.

Pregnancy and childbirth in a French Bulldog

Probably the hardest time for French Bulldog bitches and the most disturbing for their owners is the period of pregnancy and childbirth. Very often, representatives of this breed have difficulties in delivery up to a cesarean section. Careful preparation for this event will allow the owners to make the process easier for their pets and make it as safe as possible for both female dogs and her offspring.

Diagnosis, signs

From the moment of mating to childbirth, an average of 65 days pass. But for each bitch, these terms are individual. For a more accurate diagnosis, you can do an ultrasound examination, somewhere in 3 weeks from the date of mating. This will make it possible to more accurately determine the number of puppies and their condition, as well as the condition of the internal organs of the expectant mother. If the “Frenchwoman” has a small fat layer, then it is possible to carry out an examination for stiffness by palpation, but somewhere in the beginning of the fifth week.

Important! This method is less informative than ultrasound, but it is sufficient to determine the bitch’s pregnancy. Further examinations are necessary and obligatory only with the testimony of doctors.

In the early stages of pregnancy, its signs are poorly expressed and its onset can be judged by the reduced immunity of the bitch, excessive susceptibility to environmental stimuli (household chemicals, foreign strong odors), pickle in food, or even refusal from it. When embryos are attached to the uterus (7-16 days from the moment of fertilization), the dog may vomit in the morning with foam. After 3 weeks from the mating period, the appetite usually improves. But there are still no reliable external signs of pregnancy in French Bulldogs in the early stages, since a bitch with good health (healthy liver, kidneys) may not experience discomfort and toxicosis in general, have the same or even better appetite from the very beginning of the onset of puberty.

Childbirth, advice and recommendations

Preparing for childbirth is necessary not only for the dog, but also for its owner, because without the help of a person, it may not cope. Since French Bulldogs often have trouble giving birth, the owner should stock up on a couple of veterinarian or experienced breeder phone numbers for help at least the first time. Caesarean section is also common.

Childbirth begins with contractions, then the fetus is pushed out as a result of attempts, at the end the postpartum period begins. It is important to remember that the interval between the birth of puppies can be up to 2 hours or more. In between births of babies, mother can be given water to maintain strength, as well as walk for short walks to empty the bladder and intestines, since childbirth in total can last a whole day or more. The approach of childbirth may be indicated by a decrease in rectal temperature to 37 degrees, the dog intensively prepares a place for itself, begins to fuss, can follow the owner and whine. One day before giving birth, she may refuse to eat.

The beginning of labor is indicated by the withdrawal of the “plug”. a clot that clears the passage for babies. This is followed by contractions. the dog breathes frequently, may be thirsty. Attempts look outwardly as wave-like movements of the sides of the dog, in fact it is a contraction of the abdominal muscles. During this time, the dog usually lies on its side. During rhythmic contractions, the fetus exits in the amniotic sac, which the bitch will tear, gnaw through the umbilical cord, lick the puppy and eat the afterbirth. The owner should watch all this process not out of idle curiosity, but to help the bitch if something goes wrong. After all, if you do not break the amniotic sac, the puppy will suffocate.

If the bitch does not gnaw the umbilical cord, it is necessary to clamp it with special clamps or threads at a distance of 2 cm from the umbilical ring and 1 cm in the direction from the puppy, lubricate the clamped area with 5% iodine solution and cut with sharp scissors, then wipe the puppy with a clean cloth for stimulation of the lungs and the release of original feces, blot his mouth with gauze to remove excess fluid, and if the baby does not whine, make a bath of water of contrasting temperatures.

If the cub does not breathe because of the water in the respiratory tract, it is taken in the hands, fixing its head, and with an arched movement lower it upside down (shaking it), abruptly stopping the movement below. The puppy is then given to the mother so that she licks it and pushes it to the nipples.

The afterbirth is necessary for the bitch to produce colostrum and the correct contraction of the uterus, but more than 4 afterbirths can harm her, therefore, the 5th and subsequent afterbirths can not be given to the bitch. It is important to make sure that the afterbirth leaves all without remaining in the body of the bitch. The bitch also eats the original feces, which has a beneficial effect on digestion.

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It is interesting! If the interval between births of puppies allows, then it is necessary to wipe the dog with a warm damp towel and change the litter without disturbing it or turning it.

By the way, if the interval is more than 2 hours, then it is better to call a doctor. The same must be done if the attempts are weak. An unreleased puppy is also a reason to go to the clinic if, according to the results of an ultrasound scan, its presence was determined. All stages of childbirth, the time of events with their description, the time of birth of puppies and their weight are best recorded in a diary. this way it will be possible to analyze mistakes and shortcomings, trying to avoid them in the future.

In the postpartum period, it is important to observe the hygiene of the animal, measure the temperature and monitor the discharge. Discharge from the loop that does not pass more than 2 weeks, having a dark color, the appearance of green discharge, as well as a sharp unpleasant odor is the reason for an immediate visit to the veterinarian. Hardened or cracked nipples are a reason to seek advice to avoid mastitis. The air temperature should not be lower than 24 C 0 outside the nest and at least 29 C 0 in it.

Another dangerous disease. eclampsia, is caused by a sharp decrease in calcium in the body of the bitch with unhealthy kidneys or liver, expressed in anxiety, photophobia, seizures of the bitch and requires immediate treatment.

A caring bitch will look after her offspring: feed the puppies, monitor their cleanliness, lick them and warm them. The owner’s task is to make sure that at first the mother does not accidentally crush her cub, for which the puppies should be moved from behind the animal’s back to her stomach and nipples.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs??

Normal pregnancy in dogs lasts 60-62 days. However, viable puppies can be born earlier. from 58 days, or later. up to 72 days. This may be due to the individual characteristics of the bitch’s body.

The cause of premature birth before the 58th day may be trauma, latent disease, poor readiness of the bitch for pregnancy: exhaustion, excessive obesity, too young or too old an organism.

If the bitch has not given birth on her own before 72 days, then she will need prompt help (caesarean section).

Dog pregnancy: everything an owner needs to know

Pregnancy of a dog is the period of development of a fertilized egg in a future puppy, right up to the moment of his birth. For the animal’s body, this is always stress and during this period chronic diseases may worsen or new health problems arise.

The load on the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys increases.

Dog pregnancy by day: signs and symptoms

How to tell if a dog is pregnant? The signs of pregnancy depend on the length of time. So until the third week, practically no changes are noticeable, except, perhaps, drowsiness and apathy.

  • By 25-30 days in the area of ​​the mammary glands, the skin swells and the glands themselves become clearly visible or pink in dogs with light skin. Behind the ribs, there may be a noticeable increase in the abdomen.
  • With the help of ultrasound, pregnancy is diagnosed from 21-24 days. It is already possible to see amniotic bubbles with embryos on the screen of the ultrasound machine.
  • Signs of pregnancy become apparent after the 29th day. The mammary glands are greatly enlarged, and 7-10 days before childbirth, experienced mothers have milk. Only a dog with a first pregnancy can produce milk during childbirth or a few hours before.
  • From the 33rd day, the weight of the expectant mother begins to increase dramatically.
  • At the 6-7th week of pregnancy (between 38-45 days), individual fetuses are probed in the uterus, the ribs and bones of the skull of the embryos are different. During this period, using X-rays, you can accurately determine the number of puppies. This is especially important for large litters.

First pregnancy

This is an especially difficult test for a young dog. The first pregnancy may last longer than subsequent pregnancies and may be more difficult.

The owner of a young bitch should not rely on “nature”, since domesticated animals are not at all the same as in natural conditions. And not everyone survives in the forest, but only the healthiest and strongest.

Therefore, you need to plan your first pregnancy for three to four months.

During this time, the animal must have well-developed muscles, drive off excess fat, carefully select a diet, make all vaccinations and destroy fleas and worms in time.

After the first birth, the dog may behave too restlessly: jump up, run around the room or enclosure, as if “not knowing” what to do with the puppies. The owner does not need to worry, it will go away in 7-10 days. It is necessary to put the dog to the puppies and make sure that it does not accidentally injure the kids.

The anxiety of a dog who has given birth for the first time is often associated with the fact that she has a lot of milk, and too small puppies are not able to suck it all off. When they get stronger the dog will calm down.

False pregnancy in dogs: symptoms and treatment

This is a syndrome of physiological and mental disorders in the female’s body, which are caused by abnormalities in the activity of the gonads.

Outwardly, a false pregnancy is very similar to a normal one: the pigmentation of the mammary glands changes, the belly grows, and colostrum appears. However, in reality, there is no pregnancy.

The only sign by which an inexperienced dog breeder can distinguish a false pregnancy is the absence of fetal movement in the dog’s belly. Experienced cinematographers also notice the bitch’s excessive agitation. She’s going crazy. With special enthusiasm, he builds a “nest” for himself, with special care takes care of pseudo-puppies: soft toys, etc.

She goes to the street reluctantly, and upon her return she immediately rushes to look after her “puppies”.

With such manifestations of motherhood, you must contact your veterinarian. However, the owner can also hasten the end of the imaginary pregnancy. To do this, you cannot express milk from the mammary glands, you need to exclude dairy products from the diet, more often distract the bitch from her “maternal concerns”, give sedatives.

You can read more about this in the article: False puppies in dogs.

Termination of pregnancy in a dog

As for the consequences of unplanned mating and the possibility of abortion, veterinarians in this matter are divided into two camps. Some believe that it is better to get rid of unnecessary puppies, others that for a bitch a healthier process is childbirth, and not termination of pregnancy.

For interruption, the drug Mesalin is used. It is an estrogenic drug or a steroid hormone with an active substance. estradiol benzoate. It is administered intramuscularly on the 3rd and 5th day after mating, and if the mating time is unknown, then also on the 7th day.

Contraindications for this drug have not been officially established, but it has long been noted that after its use, inflammation of the uterus, bleeding, frozen pregnancies, prolongation of estrus duration, various hormonal disruptions are possible.

Therefore, many veterinarians still advise giving birth to a dog, and placing puppies in good hands.

French Bulldog pregnancy

From the moment of mating to the onset of childbirth, an average of 9 weeks pass. By writing down the mating date and counting 63 days from it, you will get the estimated due date of your dog. For example, if the mating was on June 1, then childbirth will occur on August 3.

Of course, everything is not as simple and predictable as the breeders would like. Viable bulldogs can be born both on the 53rd day and on the 70th, but the period from 58 to 65 days after mating is considered the optimal timing of childbirth.

French Bulldogs are often cesarean sections, so usually the date of the planned operation is set in advance. On the one hand, it is even convenient, since you can free the day of birth from other plans in advance. Owners of bitches are always concerned with the question of whether or not puberty has actually occurred. The most reliable diagnostic method is ultrasound, which is advisable to do three weeks after mating.

Ultrasound is also useful in that it allows you to accurately determine the number of puppies. This is very important for successful childbirth, since sometimes labor stops, and dead puppies remain in the uterus. The traditional method of palpation is also used, when the fruits are felt with fingers through the abdominal cavity, but in French Bulldogs this method is ineffective due to excess fat and a hard abdominal wall.

Caring for a pregnant bitch: basic rules

  • During pregnancy, you should not drastically change the rules of care and feeding, this can turn out to be additional stress for the body. Continue to feed your Frenchie with the same prepared food as before.
  • If the dog eats natural, then from the second month of pregnancy you need to increase the amount of protein, giving more meat and liver.
  • It is recommended to give fresh herbs, breeders even have a sign that dry raspberry leaves should be added to the dog’s diet in order to facilitate the upcoming birth.
  • For a pregnant bitch, it is better to eat more often, but in smaller portions, in which case the food will be better absorbed and there will be no vomiting.
  • The physical activity of the dog does not need to be limited. Of course, it makes no sense to force her to take barriers and run along the boom, but a pregnant bulldog should walk a lot and breathe fresh air.
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French Bulldogs are prone to obesity, and constant lying on the couch contributes to this. It will be more difficult for a grown-up dog to give birth and subsequently care for the puppies. A month before giving birth, you need to accustom the bitch to the delivery site. Usually, dog owners make a special box that will house a happy family.

The box should be in a secluded place, away from radiators, drafts and direct sunlight. You need to gradually accustom your bulldog to the idea that it will give birth there, and not in the closet or in your bed.

About pregnancy and childbirth in French Bulldogs

Childbirth in dogs is a natural process that does not require medical attention and human participation. Many people think so, but not those who are engaged in breeding French Bulldogs.

Bitches of this breed are rarely able to give birth on their own and have difficulty in childbirth.

Childbirth of the French Bulldog

All French owners should be aware of the difficulties of giving birth to this breed. It is widely believed that French Bulldogs have a hard time giving birth due to the fact that puppies have very large heads. There is some truth in this, since truly newborn bulldogs are very different from other puppies in head size.

Can french bulldogs breed naturally ?

But the reason for a difficult birth is not only this. The history of the breed, which was artificially bred, also played a role. This led to the fact that the hormonal system of French Bulldogs is far from perfect. But it is hormones that trigger the process of childbirth and include all the necessary mechanisms: the duration of contractions and attempts, pushing the puppy out, short intervals between the birth of puppies.

There are French Bulldogs who safely give birth to healthy puppies themselves, but this is more an exception to the rule than a general trend. The difficulty is that it is impossible to predict how childbirth will proceed in a particular dog. Even if she has already given birth, and everything went well, the next time there may be a failure in the birth process. In any case, the French Bulldog is not a breed that can be left unassisted during childbirth and go about his business.

When you return, you can find the dead dog. Many owners of pregnant bitches agree in advance with their veterinarian for a caesarean section. True, there is also a minus here: French women, due to their short muzzles and breathing problems, do not tolerate anesthesia well. Therefore, you can choose the following option: agree with a doctor, see how the birth will go, and, if necessary, have an operation.

In French Bulldogs, it often happens that the first puppies are born normally, and then labor stops, and the remaining puppies have to be removed from the uterus during the operation. Inexperienced owners may mistake such a stop for the end of labor, but in fact there will still be fetuses in the uterus. This situation is very dangerous, and if it is not prevented, the dog will inevitably die along with the unborn puppies.

Otherwise, the birth of French Bulldogs proceeds according to general physiological laws, when the preparatory period occurs, that is, contractions, expulsion of the fetus during attempts and the postpartum period. For childbirth, it is necessary to prepare at least a minimum set of medicines and equipment:

  • oxytocin. a medicine to contract the uterus;
  • disinfectant;
  • boiled petroleum jelly;
  • iodine;
  • sharp scissors for cutting the umbilical cord;
  • diapers and rags,
  • sedative.

After giving birth, it is imperative to check the number of successions: it should be equal to the number of puppies born. All puppies should breathe normally and move actively. Otherwise, they need resuscitation help.

The first

Despite the fact that the first estrus, indicating the onset of puberty, in French Bulldogs begins at about 6 months, at this age the dog is not ready for pregnancy and childbirth. The half-year-old bitch is not yet fully formed, her body is too weak and cannot bear healthy offspring, therefore it is recommended to carry out the first mating no earlier than the dog turns 15 months old. There are no distinctive features characteristic of the first pregnancy. The only caveat is possibly a later increase in the abdomen, due to strong and strong abdominal muscles.

How many puppies give birth?

As a rule, French Bulldogs give birth to 6. 7 puppies. The size of litters varies depending on the genetics, age, health and conditions of the dog.

Duration by days, periods

On average, dogs of this breed are pregnant for 53. 70 days. This difference in timing is due to the fact that the attachment of embryos in the uterus for each specific bitch takes a different time, which is impossible to predict in advance.

If mating was carried out three times with a difference of 1 day, then the approximate date of birth of the puppies is 63 days from the second mating.

Pregnancy of a French Bulldog goes through several stages, each of which corresponds to a specific week:

  • 1 week. fertilization, occurs within 5 days after mating, there are no signs of pregnancy;
  • 2 week. you can not carry out deworming and treatment for fleas and ticks, allow stress and change the daily routine of the dog so as not to provoke a miscarriage;
  • 3 and 4 weeks. there are changes in the behavior of the bitch: refusal to eat, drowsiness, fatigue;
  • 5 week. the dog’s belly increases, the appetite returns, the behavior becomes the same;
  • 6 week. the belly becomes even larger, the fruits can be seen with the naked eye;
  • 7. the beginning of 8 weeks. the puppies are noticeably moving, the bitch refuses to eat, the nipples swell, and when they are compressed, colostrum is released.

At the end of pregnancy, signs of an imminent birth become more and more noticeable: 4. 5 days before giving birth, the bitch’s belly drops, her back sags, the loop becomes larger, in 2. 3 days. the pet’s body temperature becomes lower, 1 day before giving birth, the dog refuses food, behaves restlessly, looks for a secluded place or, conversely, tries to constantly be with the owner.

Abnormal discharge

Dark, greenish, or other than normal discharge may indicate that not all puppies or afterbirth came out during labor. It is necessary to immediately contact the veterinary clinic, where the dog is examined, diagnosed and prescribed treatment.

Lack of milk

The veterinarian can stimulate the lactation of the bitch with an injection. If this does not help, the puppies will have to be fed on their own with special milk replacers. In addition, mastitis, eclampsia, postpartum tetany, infection.

Nutrition during pregnancy

For the delivery of the French Bulldog to be successful, you need to take care of the mother’s nutrition during the gestation of the puppies. In the first month, you can not change the dog’s diet. From the second, it is necessary to reduce the daily portion size and increase the volume of the food itself, as well as the number of feedings.

After 4 weeks, the mother is fed 3 times a day. The basis of the diet should be:

  • lean meat;
  • a fish;
  • cottage cheese;
  • milk soups.

Also, the expectant mother can be fed with porridge. From the 6th week of pregnancy, the percentage of carbohydrate foods in the bulldog’s diet should be reduced. All food is best chopped or chopped in a blender. At 8 weeks, you need to feed your pet 4 times a day, but only with those foods that are easily absorbed in the stomach. A few days before giving birth, the female is fed 6 times a day, while the volume of portions is reduced by a quarter.

It is better to prepare for childbirth in advance, namely 10-14 days before the expected date of replenishment. A place should be prepared for a mother with children, just in case, get painkillers and sedatives, since bulldogs often give birth with some complications.

Help with childbirth

Normally, bulldogs give birth to offspring on their own. However, the owners can help the bitch to relieve the condition.

Postpartum care

After giving birth, the female bulldog is left with the puppies in a prepared warm place for 2-3 weeks. Dog owners need to monitor the air temperature in the equipped room. It should keep at a level of 26-28 degrees Celsius.

Walking and physical activity

In the first month, you can not change the regime of the day of the mother dog. This also applies to physical activity. From the second month of pregnancy, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of walking. Activity should be moderate, calm. During this period, bulldogs cannot be trained for competitions, perform complex commands. It is better to go for walks in calm places where there are not a lot of dogs.

Walk with the mother-to-be

For a bitch

After giving birth, special attention should be paid to the nutrition of the dog. During this period, it is best to feed her with liquid cereals, soups, boiled fish. Consult your veterinarian for a detailed diet. From 3 weeks, you can add vegetables, fruits, offal, lean meat to the menu. From 5 weeks, you can return to your usual diet. Active physical activity in the first weeks after giving birth to the dog is prohibited. Return to the usual way of life is possible in 1.5 months.

The course of labor

Before giving birth, the dog has mucus from the vagina. During this period, the female begins to behave restlessly, refuses to eat. The childbirth itself can be conditionally divided into two periods:

  • Preparation. At this time, the mother’s contractions begin, the uterus opens. Preparation can last from 6 to 30 hours.
  • The birth itself. At this stage, the bitch begins to push, that is, the abdominal muscles contract. Further, the puppies pass through the birth canal and are born. The interval between the appearance of puppies varies within 15-20 minutes. In case of complications, delays can be up to 1 hour.
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The offspring are wiped off with clean towels and placed in a bed covered with a blanket. Between the appearance of the puppies, you should wipe the belly of the bitch with antiseptic solutions. You can understand that childbirth is over by a lull, the duration of which varies within 3 hours. If the puppies no longer appear, you can wash the dog and feed it.

Education and training

If you do not demand something complicated from a pet, then even a child can cope with training a bulldog. They perfectly master the basic commands that are required for comfortable interaction. “sit”, “next to”, etc. It is better to raise a puppy from the first days of his appearance in the house.

If the dog got into the family as an adult, then in this case he will be able to learn the basics of training. No special knowledge is required from the owner. it is enough to show persistence, consistency and not give vent to feelings.


Bulldogs very quickly get used to the toilet on the street, they learn that it is impossible to pick up garbage and treat yourself to someone else’s hands. They grow up quickly, and an already one-year-old pet will not be naughty, causing damage to property.

The Frenchman needs some attention and the puppy should be taught to hygienic procedures from the first days. The coat of these dogs is easy to care for, in addition, they almost do not shed and do not have a specific smell. To make the coat shine, it is enough to treat it with a massage brush with soft bristles 2-3 times a week. By the way, the coat is the first indicator of a pet’s health. if it becomes dull, it means that there are disorders in the body.

Bulldogs are washed less often. once every 2-3 months or as needed. You can use both special products and baby soap. It is necessary to regularly examine the ears of the pet and, if there is contamination, treat them with a cotton swab. The eyes are treated with a damp cloth daily.

Teeth can be called a weak point in a dog’s health, they are prone to various diseases and grinding. Therefore, you should not often give your pet bones. As a preventive measure, you need to regularly brush your dog’s teeth and give special treats with a cleansing effect. The claws of the animal are trimmed regularly. more often in winter.

how to tell if your dog is pregnant? French bulldog pregnancy journey week by week until labour

Feeding features

The nutritional value of the diet depends on the pet’s lifestyle. If this is an active dog, then its menu should be more high-calorie than that of a “stay-at-home”. Meat should be the basis, its share in the daily rate is about 70%. Suitable foods for a bulldog are lean beef, lamb, horse meat, and rabbit. It can be given raw, but previously thawed.

You can also give boiled by-products. liver, kidneys, tripe, heart, etc. Usually, the amount of meat is calculated based on the pet’s age. 20 g per 1 kg. The remaining 30% includes cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs, dairy products. Porridge can be cooked from buckwheat, rice, barley and oatmeal. They are cooked in water without salt; meat and vegetable ingredients are added at the end of cooking. It is also useful to season the dish with vegetable oils.

It is not recommended to give milk to adult pets, as their body absorbs it poorly. But they can be treated with kefir, yogurt, yogurt, cottage cheese. Vegetables are given both raw (if the pet eats them) and boiled. For this, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, carrots, etc. are suitable.

Fish can be included in the diet. meat is replaced with it, but not more often 1-2 times a week. River fish is given boiled, but sea fish is best given raw. This food must be cleaned of bones. If your pet loves fruits, then it is recommended to give them as a treat. In some cases, such a treat is a great stimulus for training your puppy.

Trying to diversify the pet’s diet, owners can harm its health. For example, you should not give sour milk and a meat dish at the same time. In addition, there are a number of foods that should not be included in a dog’s diet:

  • potatoes (you can occasionally give boiled tubers, but only young ones, the old vegetable is rich in starch, which is poorly absorbed by the animal’s digestive tract);
  • flour products (loaf, pasta, etc.);
  • sweets (cookies, muffins, candies, ice cream, etc.);
  • smoked meats;
  • pickles and marinades;
  • sausages;
  • bones. tubular, hard;
  • pork, lard.

You should not give your pet food with spices, sauce, ketchup, fried, fatty foods. If the owner prefers dry rations, then these should be premium and super-premium quality feeds. If the pet suffers from food allergies, then it is worth choosing a hypoallergenic food, which is usually produced in the line of holistic feeds. Proper nutritious nutrition is the key to the health and longevity of your pet.

Wool and colors

The coat of French Bulldogs is short, smooth, close to the skin, has a shine and has no undercoat. There are dogs of the following colors:

  • From light fawn to reddish. with or without brindle, with or without white spots:
  • brindle tone. the coat can be of any shade from light fawn to red with pronounced brindle dark colors; there may be a mask on the face;
  • monochromatic color. from light fawn to reddish; the mask may be absent, but it refers more to the benefits, especially the black one;
  • Color with white spots:
  • tiger hair with white spots, ideal if they are located all over the body;
  • light fawn or red coat with some white spots.

Completely white individuals are found and are allowed by the standard if they have a black lid and nose. However, they are not used for breeding, since there is a high risk of offspring suffering from deafness.

French Bulldog

Frenchy is a miniature bulldog, which is only inferior in size to its larger counterparts. This is a fairly popular breed, and its distribution is due to the unpretentiousness of the dogs, their compact size, and most importantly, their surprisingly friendly character. What future owners should know about French Bulldogs?

The nature and characteristics of behavior

Some of the character traits “French” inherited from their English ancestors, however, they are more mobile, open and good-natured. They are very smart, but owners should take into account that French Bulldogs are difficult to train. No, they are quite quick-witted and immediately understand the owner’s desire, but they do not really want to follow the commands. The dog will repeat the task of moderate difficulty, but for this it will take 30-40 times to repeat his request-command.

The mind of these dogs is directed not at all to the execution of service commands, but to high socialization. These pets know how to build relationships with their family, subtly capturing emotions and mood. The French Bulldog is a versatile dog that is suitable for both a large family and single people, including the elderly and those with disabilities.

The Frenchman is a real defender, he senses when a person is in real danger. And this is despite the seeming decorativeness and modest size. This is due to their original function of exterminating crowds of large and vicious rodents. rats. Pets of this breed are quite peaceful, they are distinguished by their devotion and tenderness towards their family. They are not embarrassed by the crowd, and even appeals to being the center of attention.

Mentally, they are very stable, not prone to panic and are not afraid of anything. Some bulldogs are quite capricious, they may be offended, but they do not remember evil and almost immediately “thaw out”. These dogs are excellent companions and need regular contact with humans. They are very playful, but they are not alien to being alone. But long loneliness is not tolerated well. Owners should take into account that such a pet will constantly require attention, but if the owner cannot deal with the dog at this time, he will not bother.

Dogs love to travel, so if there is an opportunity, you should not leave your pet, but rather take him as a companion. He will not cause trouble and will perfectly endure the trip on any transport. The French Bulldog dislikes his own kind and has an extremely negative attitude towards cats. This is not surprising, since he himself loves affection, attention, and it is difficult for a dog to come to terms with competition. Therefore, it is desirable that he was the only pets in the house. The only exception is if pets grow together. Such a dog is the best companion for playing, so the French adore children and are happy to frolic with them.

History of the origin of the breed

According to history, the name of the breed has nothing to do with its country of origin. In fact, the birthplace of French Bulldogs is England, or rather the city of Nottingham. Initially, small bulldogs were used by workers to control rodents in factories and other industries. The scientific and technological revolution led to the fact that many workers lost their jobs and went to another country, where the hands of workers would not hurt. to France. Naturally, they took their little dogs with them.

And in France, they gained popularity in the working and trading environment. And already closer to the 20th century, little strong men began to appear in noble families and gradually joined the bohemian life. Ranked 71st in prevalence in 2000, French Bulldogs have moved up 50 points today. Is this not a confirmation of their worldwide popularity?