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How many pregnancies do French Bulldog dogs have?

Frozen pregnancy in dogs

This pathology is characterized by the death of embryos (all or partially). An arrest in the development of embryos can occur for various reasons. What to do in this case depends on how the dog’s body reacts to what happened.

  • If all the embryos die, you should wait until the miscarriage occurs. With a long wait, it is stimulated artificially, since frozen embryos can mummify and begin to decompose.
  • If live embryos are preserved (ultrasound is mandatory), the pregnancy is preserved. During childbirth, the dead embryos will hatch with the newborn. After childbirth, a control ultrasound examination of the animal is carried out: if there are dead residues in the uterine cavity, they are disposed of by stimulating the contraction of the walls of the organ. If there is no result, the dog is spayed.

There are other options for the development of events. For example, a partial miscarriage of dead embryos may occur with the preservation of normal or all embryos (both dead and alive), purulent inflammation may begin or there will be no symptoms at all, and so on. The owner must be extremely attentive to the dog, and contact the clinic at the slightest change in the condition of the animal.

Pathology of pregnancy in a dog

The pathological course of pregnancy in dogs can be due to many factors:

  • diseases;
  • helminthiasis;
  • anomalies of internal organs;
  • age characteristics;
  • stress;
  • incompatibility with a dog.

Among such pathologies, one can distinguish false, frozen and ectopic pregnancy.

How to tell if a dog is pregnant or not

The first symptoms of pregnancy in dogs can be noticed approximately 10-14 days after mating. In most cases, you will notice the following symptoms:

  • loss of appetite. The animal may completely refuse food or eat less than usual. This phenomenon is explained by hormonal changes in the body, gradually the appetite will be restored;
  • nausea and / or vomiting. These are signs of toxicosis, which are also due to changes in the endocrine system. No special action is required from the owner; it is enough to provide the dog with access to clean water. The manifestations of toxicosis disappear around the end of the first month of pregnancy. If they continue, and especially. intensify, then you need to consult a specialist to prevent intoxication;
  • changes in behavior. They manifest themselves in different ways: some bitches become more affectionate, others fall into drowsiness and apathy, in others, sensitivity may become aggravated, they do not allow themselves to be touched;
  • nipple changes. Swelling and darkening of the nipples in early gestation in dogs is observed among those who have already whelped. In firstborns, this process usually occurs later.

You can check whether a dog is pregnant or not at a veterinary clinic. If offspring are waiting for you, laboratory blood tests will show an increased level of relaxin. However, this test is valid only after at least two weeks have passed since mating.

An ultrasound scan will also help to determine the presence of embryos. As early as the beginning of the fourth week, the veterinarian will be able to record the heartbeat. At a later date, for example, at the 6th week, the specialist will accurately determine not only the number of puppies, but also the level of their physical development.

When to deworm a pregnant dog

You need to get rid of worms before mating, in 2 weeks. It should be borne in mind that anthelmintic therapy is carried out no more than once every 3 months. Pregnant animals are not given medicine for parasites. As a rule, by the time when the next deworming comes, the puppies have already been transferred to regular food.

Ectopic pregnancy in dogs

Ectopic pregnancies can also occur in dogs. It occurs due to various reasons: the pathological structure of the uterus, trauma, endocrine disorders. The first signs are spotting, pain (the animal may whine). Such a pregnancy, most often, is interrupted with the help of medication, if the period is short, or by an operative method.

Termination of pregnancy in dogs

In some cases, it becomes necessary to terminate pregnancy in dogs. This can happen for medical reasons, for example, due to an ectopic pregnancy, or the mating was not planned. The sooner the interruption is made, the more chances the animal will retain the ability to conceive again. Surgical abortion often results in complete sterilization.

Medical abortion is performed using hormonal drugs such as mesaline. Injections are given twice, and if necessary, three times every other day.

Important: dog owners need to know that such an intervention entails disturbances in the functioning of the endocrine system, dysfunctions of the gonads, inflammatory processes in the uterus, abnormal course of subsequent pregnancies.

House changes

The owner will have to make changes to the interior in the second half of the pet’s pregnancy. By this time, the dog’s body weight increases, it becomes less active, and rests more. To make it comfortable for her, you need to make a new, large in size, bedding.

Closer to childbirth, the animal is looking for a suitable place for this. It is advisable for the owner to choose a secluded corner in advance, equip it accordingly, and then gradually accustom the animal to it. Sometimes the dog itself determines the required territory and does not want to change it to another. In this case, you will have to make concessions (within reason).

The room in which the newborn puppies and the mother will be kept should not be too cold or excessively hot. Optimum conditions: average air temperature, no drafts, the ability to move. For the first time, the corner must be protected from the rest of the space so that the puppies cannot leave it, and the adult animal freely passes back and forth.

Pregnancy periods in dogs

You can navigate the timing of your pet’s pregnancy using a special calendar. It is made up by days of gestation or by weeks. The last option is presented in the table below.


Puppies are born about 200 grams. A large number of puppies reduces the average litter weight, but after a few days they catch up with the norm.

In the early days of the mother, colostrum is secreted from the nipples. fatty and nutritious. The arrival of milk is accompanied by a little unpleasant sensations. It is important that puppies touch all nipples.

The dog’s udder is periodically washed with a damp and clean cloth. On day 6, puppies have their nails trimmed so that they do not get injured. If there are a lot of them, then you need feeding with milk replacers or special cocktails, a heating pad.


After mating, fertilization does not always occur on the first day, but the term is still counted from it. Pregnancy for French Bulldogs lasts approximately 65 days. From day 58, puppies are considered full-term. Premature birth occurs for various reasons:

  • Infections;
  • Multiplicity;
  • Injury;
  • Stress;
  • Hormonal disbalance.

The first half of pregnancy practically does not change the condition of the dog. An increased appetite appears, but there are cases with short-term toxicosis. The French Bulldog is gaining weight at this moment and resting a little more.

In the second half, the belly appears, gradually increasing in size. Increasingly, the pet sleeps and eats more. 2 weeks before delivery, the nipples swell, the udder increases.

Transparent selection from the loop appears. Bad smell from them, dark or green color. indications for checking with a veterinarian. Urination becomes more frequent. A few days before giving birth, dogs dig holes, dig in the bedding, thus equipping the nest in this way.

Childbirth and feeding

Most French Bulldogs show anxiety a couple of days before giving birth. Immediately before the process itself, the belly drops. There is a jump in temperature to about 36 degrees, and before childbirth it rises again. It will be measured rectally.

If the bitch refuses to eat and behaves extremely restlessly, turns around, looks for a secluded place. the process has begun. For French Bulldogs, it is imperative to be accompanied by an experienced veterinarian during childbirth. Better to take your pet to the clinic with the right equipment.

Puppies walk one after another with an interval of 15 minutes to 2 hours. If the litter is multiple, there are longer breaks. During childbirth, the dog needs movement in the form of a calm walk.

The process lasts from 2-3 hours to a day, a longer period requires the intervention of specialists. On average, a French Bulldog has 4-6 puppies, but not infrequently there are 2 or much more.

Important: French Bulldogs are in most cases unable to give birth on their own. Requires a caesarean section due to the narrow pelvis. After anesthesia, the dog wakes up and is ready to care for the puppies within a few days.

All About French Bulldog Pregnancy

So that the puppies have documents of origin, they knit two parents with pedigrees and diplomas from exhibitions. For more information, see the breeding regulations of the canine organizations. Documents of origin. a guarantee of the purebred dog.

Heat and knit

French Bulldogs are finally formed in 1.5-2 years. Mating before this age is not recommended. Pregnancy occurs on certain days of heat, which lasts approximately 21 days. On average, favorable days for mating (hunting). 12-13 days.

French Bulldogs can begin their first heat between 8 and 13 months of age, but there are exceptions. A later onset indicates the need to go to a veterinary clinic. The leaks in adult dogs pass 2-3 times a year, the interval between them is 4-6 months. Some dogs flow once every 12 months,

This is also considered a variant of the norm. The main thing is that estrus is regular and at regular intervals.

Important: In a pack of dogs, bitches can adapt to each other. Then estrus often begins simultaneously in several individuals at once.

  • Swollen loop;
  • Bloody discharge;
  • The dog removes its tail when pressing the croup with the hand;
  • Behavior changes.

The bitch these days can become overly affectionate, sit on other dogs, or, conversely, be aggressive and not let anyone in. On the 12-13th day she is bred with a suitable male.

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The mating is considered successful if there was a lock. It is advisable to repeat it after 2-3 days to increase the chances of fertilization.

There are special test strips and studies in veterinary laboratories to identify favorable mating days. They show progesterone levels.

French Bulldog pregnancy

How is French Bulldog pregnancy going? When does estrus start and can you breed dogs? Stages of pregnancy, the process of childbirth and the period of feeding the puppies. Taking care of your pet at this time.

French Bulldogs have a special body structure. They are very different from wild ancestors, so pregnancy and childbirth are often accompanied by problems. A short nose, a narrow pelvis and a long back relative to the whole body are the reasons for this phenomenon.

Bulldog normally weighs 12-15 kg. Bitches can be smaller, but should be harmonious, excess weight is not welcome in the breed. However, there is a fatty layer on the belly.

The limbs are well muscled and strong to allow the dog to move freely and easily. The head is large, with rounded dark eyes, a black nose. French Bulldog teeth should be complete, while undershot is considered a breed bite.

Care and feeding during pregnancy

The first month for French Bulldogs is a period of full activity. However, it is worth limiting the pet from jumping. Feed is given twice a day, walking is increased up to 2 hours. Washing, painful procedures should be abandoned in order to prevent colds or stress of the dog.

The second half of pregnancy involves a different approach to the care and maintenance of the French Bulldog. Walks become calm, the dog is walked mainly on a leash. Exclude active games with relatives. They walk at this time more often, since the need for sending needs is greater. Enough 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes.

In the same month, the feeding is reviewed. They increase the amount of meat in the diet, add vitamins. Dry food should be suitable for pregnant and lactating small breed bitches.

Then vitamins and trace elements are given only as directed by a veterinarian. Nutrition is left uniform throughout pregnancy and the period of feeding the litter.

Important: Calcium in the second half of pregnancy can be harmful.

2-3 weeks before giving birth, arrange a place for the mother and puppies. The lounger is made from wood planks or other suitable material. The room where the puppies will be given birth and are kept should not be hot or cold.

The optimum temperature in the presence of litter is about 20 degrees. Do not place a dog with droppings near heating radiators, damp corners.

Blankets and mattresses are not used for the lounger. During childbirth, bitches begin to actively dig and move, can harm newborn puppies. It is better to put disposable diapers and thin cotton sheets, which change as they become dirty.


Full body formation in French Bulldog bitches ends by eighteen to twenty-four months, in males. closer to one and a half years. Despite this, puberty in dogs of this breed begins much earlier:

  • in bitches. at six to eight months;
  • in males. at ten to twelve months.

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Upon reaching this age, the behavior of dogs changes dramatically, and usually calm animals begin to pay attention to the opposite sex, mark the territory, run away from the owner in search of a partner. Until the body of the French Bulldog has fully developed, early mating, especially accidental ones, should not be allowed.

Owners of bitches will have to be especially vigilant, as mating too early and subsequent pregnancy and childbirth can undermine the health of the pet. The dog also needs to be monitored. If he untied earlier than the prescribed time, then the dog’s behavior can drastically deteriorate. The dog will get out of your control every time a bitch smells heat.

Puberty in French Bulldog bitches is accompanied by heat, which is repeated every six months. Mainly in spring and autumn. During estrus, the bitch becomes either lethargic and drowsy, or playful and excitable. In addition to the change in behavior, the dog also changes in appearance. The genitals of the animal begin to swell and increase in size, discharge appears in the form of bloody mucus of different consistency. Nipples may enlarge and milk drops appear.

The owner of a French Bulldog bitch needs to create a calendar where the beginning and end of each estrus should be recorded. In general, estrus lasts twenty-one days and consists of several periods:

  • proestrus: lasts ten days, all signs of heat are present, but the bitch is not yet ready to mate;
  • estrus: the dog’s body is ready for fertilization, it allows the males to approach itself;
  • metaestrus: lasts ten days, discharge stops, all processes are restored, behavior stabilizes, males are no longer interesting to the bitch;
  • anestrus: resting period, lasts a maximum of one hundred and fifty days, until the next estrus.

Calendar entries will help determine the optimal day for mating. Also, the owner of the bitch will be able to track how long the process lasts, the interval between estrus. In case of any deviations, you must contact the veterinarian for a timely examination and possible treatment.

Preparation for fertilization

In order for the mating to be successful, it is necessary to prepare the dogs in advance, a place for mating and choose the optimal time. Usually mating is carried out on the tenth to fourteenth day after the onset of estrus in the bitch.

Only healthy animals are suitable for mating. To avoid any inconvenience or complications during pregnancy, the French Bulldog bitch should not be too thin or fat, her diet should have enough vitamins and mineral supplements. The dog should also have no health problems. If he is ill, you need to wait a couple of weeks so that the animal’s body can recover.

Owners of both dogs need to visit a veterinarian to examine the animals. After examination and testing, the doctor must issue a health certificate for the French Bulldogs. In addition to a certificate and a medical passport with marks on vaccinations and deworming, other official documents must also be presented: pedigrees, diplomas with exhibition marks, certificates of admission to breeding. Also, the owners of future partners need to agree in advance about the time and place of mating, as well as the method of payment.

French Bulldog Dog Breeds Giving Birth And Playing With Puppies

Worms are passed to dogs a month before mating, routine vaccinations. two to three weeks. Before starting the process, you need to go out with the French Bulldogs for a long walk. You can not feed pets immediately before mating. This must be done either in a few hours or after.

Mating is best done in the dog’s territory, where he can concentrate on the process. If this is not the first experience for partners, then you can arrange free mating. In this case, the dogs are given the opportunity to get to know each other, sniff each other, groom and start the mating process on their own.

If this is the first time for some dog or the bitch reacted aggressively to the dog, then you will have to carry out manual mating, helping partners. The owner of the bitch should put on a muzzle on the pet, hold her by the collar during the whole process and calm down.

The owner of the dog should help him cage, trying to steer the animal in the right direction. You need to act carefully, you can not touch the genitals of the dog, otherwise he may refuse to mate.

If the dog has carried out the cage and, after several intense shocks, froze, it means that ejaculation has occurred. After that, the partners have a glue (lock) due to the rush of blood to the genitals of both dogs. This process can last from a few minutes to an hour. You cannot forcefully tear French Bulldogs apart from each other, you must wait until they disperse on their own.

To fully guarantee fertilization, you can repeat mating in a couple of days. The owner of the bitch needs to mark the dates of breeding in the calendar to determine the approximate date of birth.

Two important months

A French Bulldog bitch’s pregnancy usually lasts two months, give or take a few days. In order for the owner of the dog to be able to monitor the physical changes of his pet and provide the necessary care, we present a calendar of the dog’s pregnancy by day:

1-5 days. The bitch was fertilized. The first twenty to twenty-five days, pregnancy does not show itself especially, so you will not have to change the regime and diet of the animal.

The pet needs daily walks, but without unnecessary physical exertion. It is necessary to monitor the weather conditions. you should not walk with a pregnant dog in hot or cold weather to avoid overheating or hypothermia.

5-14 days. During this period of pregnancy, the French Bulldog bitch must not be vaccinated or deworming, as well as treated her coat with chemicals, for example, from fleas or ticks.

You can not make the dog nervous with a sharp change in the daily routine, everything should remain unchanged. Any stressful situation can negatively affect pregnancy.

14-30 days. The dog can become lethargic, drowsy, toxicosis begins to torment it. At such moments, she may refuse to eat. Therefore, the owner needs to reduce the amount of food, but give it as often as possible, fifty percent more than usual. The French Bulldog bitch needs complete rest, without any physical exertion.

On the twenty-sixth day of pregnancy, an experienced veterinarian will be able to determine the number of fetuses by probing.

30-40 days. Second half of pregnancy. The bitch’s belly begins to increase noticeably in volume. The dog itself becomes calmer, it has an appetite. During this period, you need to change the feeding diet. If the pet ate ready-made feed, it must be transferred to feed for pregnant bitches.

When feeding with natural products, you should give the French Bulldog bitch as much protein as possible: meat or fish. It is necessary to discuss with the veterinarian which vitamin and mineral supplements should be added to the food of a pregnant dog and in what dose. The owner will have to monitor the weight of the pet, because it cannot be overfed.

You can continue walking, but in places where there is no unnecessary fuss. The bitch must not be allowed to run or jump. no physical activity.

40-45 days. At this stage of pregnancy, the fetus can be easily palpated. The bitch’s belly becomes quite large, the uterus occupies two-thirds of the belly. Protein volume needs to be reduced.

45-50 days. The dog may become overly nervous and start looking for a place for future birth. During this period, the owner needs to prepare the birthing box in a convenient place for him. It must be at least fifteen centimeters above the floor. The bitch needs to be introduced in advance to the chosen place of birth so that she gets used to it and does not give birth wherever she wants.

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50-57 days. The stirring of the fruit is clearly noticeable. A French Bulldog bitch may lose her appetite. A week before the expected birth, proteins must be completely removed from the dog’s diet. The pet’s nipples swell strongly, milk droplets may appear.

During this period, it is necessary to agree in advance with the veterinarian about his possible arrival. Also consult with your doctor about what items and medications you may need for the correct delivery.

Day 57-72. In about four days, the stomach begins to slowly sink, because of this, the back begins to sag. The bitch’s genitals begin to increase in size.

Two to three days before giving birth, the behavior of a French Bulldog bitch begins to change dramatically. She becomes restless, can begin to follow the owner or huddle in a corner, begins to whine and dig the place where the birth will take place.

Before giving birth, the bitch must be prepared: cut the hair around the nipples, genitals. You also need to wash your dog with warm water and soap. You can also wash off the soap with warm water with potassium permanganate powder dissolved in it (one teaspoon per liter of water). The owner also needs to prepare in case his help is needed: cut nails, prepare hand sanitizer.

Labor can begin any day. During this period, it is necessary to begin to measure the temperature of the dog. A temperature of thirty-eight to thirty-nine degrees is considered the norm. Twenty-four hours before the start of the process, it should drop to thirty-seven degrees, and the fruits stop moving. The bitch is losing water, the cervix is ​​opening, as evidenced by the onset of contractions (contraction of the muscles of the uterus), which alternate with attempts (contraction of the abdominal muscles). Labor begins.

Breeding and childbirth of French Bulldogs

Owners of French Bulldog bitches will have to deal with estrus, pregnancy and childbirth with their pet. But the owners of the dogs also need to know the necessary information about the puberty of dogs in order to be ready for a change in behavior in the animal. In this article we will tell you all about puberty in French Bulldogs, when and how they can be knitted, how to care for a dog during pregnancy, how to prepare for childbirth and receive them correctly.

Help needed

Ideally, a French Bulldog bitch should be able to cope with childbirth on her own. After the puppy is born, the dog gnaws through its umbilical cord. Then licks the baby, thereby stimulating his vital activity.

Each puppy must be weighed and all parameters (weight, time of birth, etc.) recorded in the birth calendar. In order not to confuse babies, you can carefully tie silk threads of different colors around their neck.

After each puppy comes the afterbirth. Usually, the pet eats it in order to gain strength for the continuation of childbirth. The dog should not be allowed to eat more than two afterbirths, otherwise the gastrointestinal tract may malfunction.

Sometimes the dog lacks the strength or experience to give birth on its own. In this case, the owner will have to help his pet.

To do this, you need to carefully get the puppy, free it from the natural shell, tearing it in the area of ​​the baby’s muzzle. Then you need to cut the umbilical cord with a sterile instrument, stepping back two centimeters, not forgetting to bandage it with a disinfected silk thread. After all the necessary actions, the puppy must be wiped with a clean cloth and put in a separate box so that it does not interfere with the birth of its fellows. All these manipulations must be repeated with each puppy.

If the puppy was born without movement, then the owner will have to urgently free his respiratory tract from mucus using a pipette. If after that the baby has not shown any signs of life, you need to give him artificial respiration and stimulating massage.

We can assume that labor is over if more than two and a half to three hours have passed since the birth of the last puppy. To restore the strength of the French Bulldog bitch, you can give her a drink of warm tea with a little milk or liquid fermented milk porridge. In about half an hour, you can walk your pet to give it the opportunity to relieve its natural need.

After all the actions, you need to put the puppies next to the bitch, if necessary, pushing them closer to her nipples so that they eat. In the room where the newborns will be with their mother, you need to maintain a temperature of about twenty-eight degrees for the first two weeks. Then it can be reduced to twenty degrees.

During the week after giving birth, the dog needs to be fed with low-fat kefir, cottage cheese or ready-made food for lactating dogs. If the bitch does not have milk, you need to contact the veterinarian who will prescribe medications to increase lactation.

Tell us in the comments how your dog was mated, pregnant and giving birth.?

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How to prepare for childbirth

  • Arrange a separate room. clean, bright, ventilated, without drafts. The temperature in it is raised to 28 ° C with heaters.
  • Prepare a birthing box. a special box or box in which the dog will give birth. It is adjusted to the size of the bitch so that during childbirth she rested with her paws against the walls. this will facilitate the attempts. The bottom is covered with oilcloth, an old bedspread or blanket is placed on top. then they are thrown away. The front wall is made folding. it is easier to clean this way.
  • Regularly measure the temperature of the expectant mother. The day before giving birth, it will fall to 36.5 °. 37 ° C. If the temperature is above 39 ° C, this indicates complications.
  • Observe stool and loop discharge. Constipation in a dog, purulent, green or bloody discharge before childbirth indicates a pathological course of pregnancy.
  • Prepare the bitch. It is washed with warm water and hypoallergenic shampoos, then rinsed with a solution of potassium permanganate. The hair around the vagina and nipples is cut.
  • Prepare for the host. It is worth cutting your nails and picking up old loose clothes.

List of items to prepare:

  • steamed towels;
  • sterile gauze, cotton wool, syringe, iodine;
  • thermometers. room and medical to control the temperature in the room and in the bitch;
  • scissors with curved blades for cutting the umbilical cord and a strong thread for pulling it;
  • antiseptic or alcohol for disinfecting the palms;
  • scales for weighing puppies and multi-colored ribbons for marking a carouse;
  • diary and pen for records of data on childbirth and puppies;
  • soap or manganese solution for washing the bitch;
  • a bowl of clean water for the mother to satisfy her thirst.

Nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy in French Bulldogs is accompanied by a change in diet. In the first month, it is the same, and starting from the second, the volume of portions is reduced, but the number of feedings and the daily volume of food increase by 50%.

From the 4th week of pregnancy, the dog is fed three times a day. They increase the amount of protein products. meat, fish, cottage cheese, give cereals and soups with milk. From the 6th week, the volume of carbohydrates is reduced, raw vegetables and fruits are chopped in a blender.

From the 7th. 8th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother is fed 4 times a day. Hard-to-digest food is removed from the menu. To avoid late toxicosis, meat is replaced with ocean fish. 150 g of fish in nutritional value are equal to 100 g of meat.

5 days before giving birth, exclude food that provokes allergies or does not like the tailed mother. Reduce the daily amount of food to ¼. They feed their pet 6 times a day. During pregnancy, daily mineral supplements are required.

In the last week before giving birth, the French Bulldog often refuses to eat. So that the dog does not weaken, it is given tidbits. liver, cheese, dried meat, biscuits.

The nutrition of a pregnant French woman should be complete and nutritious. But you can’t overfeed. excess weight will complicate childbirth.

Prepare for the expected date of birth 2 weeks in advance. It is necessary to equip the place, stock up on the necessary medicines and 3. 4 business cards of veterinarians, tk. childbirth in a French bulldog can be complicated. you will need a cesarean section or save the life of a pet.

Preparation for mating

Both the female and the partner are prepared for mating. Need to:

  • give anthelmintic tablets 1.5 months before French Bulldogs are in heat;
  • give more protein foods;
  • introduce vitamin preparations containing calcium, vitamins of group B, A, E;
  • 5. 7 days before mating, add 1 tsp to the daily portion of the dog. vegetable oil, 5. 6 drops of liquid vitamin A;
  • eliminate stressful situations;
  • immediately before knitting, wash the loop with an antiseptic solution.

They knit pets on the territory of a male. males are more confident at home. Dogs are fed 3 hours before the “date”. Then they walk the dogs and introduce them to the neutral zone.

The male for mating and the bitch must be healthy, without signs of exhaustion or obesity, vaccinated according to the schedule.

  • a certificate of the physical condition of the pet;
  • veterinary passport with marks on vaccinations and antiparasitic treatments;
  • documents confirming the breeding value. pedigrees, certificates of prize-winning places at exhibitions, permits for breeding.

Features of puberty

French Bulldogs reach physical maturity in a year. The first estrus in bitches (pushover) begins at 6. 8 months, and males are interested in the opposite sex from 10. 12 months. However, dogs are still forming, mating is prohibited.

An unshakable rule for all breeds of dogs is to mate after the third estrus. It is then that the puberty of the French Bulldog occurs, the dogs are fully developed physically and psychologically.

Early mating is undesirable. At the age of up to 2 years, the female will not be able to bear and give birth to healthy offspring, the risk of her death during childbirth is high. And the early untied males cease to obey the owner as soon as they sense the flowing female.

The leaks in bitches are repeated every six months. You need to track how much heat is going on and the periods of calm between them. Notes about them and about mating are made in the diary, which is later transformed into a pregnancy calendar.

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If the puddle has not started before a year or estrus occurs irregularly, contact your veterinarian.

How long the French Bulldog’s estrus lasts depends on the individual characteristics of the dog, the conditions of keeping and nutrition. On average, they last 21 days and consist of 4 periods:

  • proestrus. lasts up to 10 days, ovulation has not yet occurred, and the French woman is not ready to mate;
  • estrus. lasts 3. 5 days, the optimal time for mating;
  • metaestrus. the final stage, the body returns to normal;
  • anestrus. the rest period until the next estrus and mating, is 24. 28 weeks.

Breeding, pregnancy and childbirth in a French Bulldog

Mating a French Bulldog, like childbirth, is difficult. Pets often have to be manually “blended” and done by caesarean section. Difficulty due to low, narrow pelvis and brachycephalic skull.

What to do in order for a Frenchman to have a successful pregnancy and the puppies to be born healthy, is described in the article.

  • Features of puberty
  • All about knitting
  • When is it better to knit
  • Preparation for mating
  • Carrying out mating
  • How to care for a Frenchie during pregnancy
  • How is the pregnancy going?
  • Walking and physical activity
  • Nutrition during pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • How to prepare for childbirth
  • The course of labor
  • After childbirth
  • Possible complications
  • Postpartum care
  • For a bitch
  • For puppies

Carrying out mating

Knitting of the French Bulldog is of 2 types, free and manual. In the first case, the dogs mate themselves, in the second, the owners help.

  • the male for mating is shorter or much larger than the female, which is why he cannot complete the cage and get into the loop;
  • the male is inexperienced;
  • the bitch is not interested in a partner, is aggressive.

With the manual type of mating, a muzzle is put on a bitch, held by the throat and her butt is lifted, placing her knee under her belly. The dog is held by the croup and guided.

You can not touch the male member of the dog. he will refuse to mate.

Regardless of the type of mating, both owners are present at the mating. The help of an experienced breeder is desirable, as possible complications with both types of mating.

Mating is considered successful when the dog freezes after several intense thrusts, and his penis is tightly compressed by the vagina. This is a lock or glue. It occurs due to the swelling of the genitals of dogs from the rushing blood during mating. Lasts from 5. 20 minutes to an hour.

If the castle does not form, it is imitated by holding the pets in place. After a day, re-mating is carried out.

During mating, they take breaks so that the pets can rest. The bitch is taken to the next room for 10-15 minutes. Don’t worry even when the mating is stuck. The worries will be passed on to the dogs, making the process more difficult.

how to tell if your dog is pregnant? French bulldog pregnancy journey week by week until labour

The mating date is marked on a calendar to determine the start of pregnancy.

After mating, the dogs are walked for 20. 30 minutes, fed and allowed to rest. If the male’s penis has not decreased, it is washed with cool water or cold lotions are made. Sometimes the edges of the prepuce are bent inward. they need to be gently straightened.

The course of labor

The birth of a French Bulldog begins with the release of a plug. a clot of mucus that closes the birth canal. The dog is worried, lies down, scratches his paws, refuses to eat.

  • Preparatory. Duration 6. 30 hours. Contractions begin, the uterus opens.
  • Directly childbirth. Attempts are added to the contractions. contraction of the abdominal muscles. Fruits pass through the birth canal, and puppies are born. Kittens are born every 10. 20 minutes, sometimes there are delays of up to an hour.

The fetal bladder bursts on its own or is burst by the bitch. If not, you need to pierce it with your finger in the head area. The umbilical cord is pulled with a disinfected thread 2.5. 3 cm from the base, cut and tied 2 cm from the abdomen. Each puppy is wiped dry, weighed, tagged with colored thread, and placed in a clean box lined with a warm blanket. Optionally take a photo to capture newborn puppies.

In the intervals between the appearance of the puppies, the belly of the four-legged mother is washed with a solution of potassium permanganate. The dog may eat postpartum feces or afterbirth. This is normal and healthy. they are full of nutrients. However, more than 2 successions are not given, otherwise digestive upset will occur.

Labor ends when 2. 3 hours have elapsed since the last puppy appears.

Normally, French Bulldogs give birth on their own. But even with a standard course, the help of the owner is needed to accept puppies and cheer up the bitch.

For a bitch

For the first week, the tailed mother is fed with liquid cereals, boiled ocean fish, and fermented milk products. Then chicken and beef are introduced, at the end of the 2nd. the beginning of the 3rd week, by-products are added. How much and how often to give food depends on the bitch’s appetite.

From the 3rd week, bone meal, vegetables, fruits, vitamin C are introduced into the diet. To stimulate milk production, they give strawberry leaves, 2 tsp. walnuts, 1 tsp. honey.

From the 5th week, the Frenchwoman is fed 3-4 times a day. The nipples are treated with camphor and massaged. After 1. 1.5 months, molt will begin and the dog is combed twice a day.

Walk with your pet as needed. After 1.5 months, you can increase the walking time and return to classes. On the street, the bitch is dressed in a jumpsuit that protects the nipples from dirt and cold.

If a cesarean was done to a French bulldog, the seams are treated with brilliant green and antiseptics. Make sure that the puppies do not scratch the sutured wound. They wear a postoperative blanket for a walk.

False and frozen

False pregnancy is a manifestation of all signs of puberty in a bitch that has not been mated. About 2 months after estrus, the dog shows the following symptoms:

  • she equips the “nest”;
  • transfers maternal instinct to inanimate objects;
  • behaves irritably and restlessly;
  • her belly and mammary glands enlarge, milk is produced;
  • some individuals have a simulated parturition.

As a rule, this condition is noted in dogs that are irregularly involved in breeding. If the symptoms do not go away on their own, the veterinarian prescribes sedatives and recommends refusing to feed the dog with dairy products and increasing the number and duration of walks. A missed pregnancy is often called false. Despite similar symptoms, these are different concepts, since in the latter case, signs of pregnancy appear in mated bitches.

A frozen pregnancy can be judged by the lack of movement of the puppies at 8 weeks and the high temperature of the bitch at this time. With these symptoms, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Deworming should be carried out 14 days before mating, and vaccination for 1 month.

The first

Despite the fact that the first estrus, indicating the onset of puberty, in French Bulldogs begins at about 6 months, at this age the dog is not ready for pregnancy and childbirth. The half-year-old bitch is not yet fully formed, her body is too weak and cannot bear healthy offspring, therefore it is recommended to carry out the first mating no earlier than the dog turns 15 months old. There are no distinctive features characteristic of the first pregnancy. The only caveat is possibly a later increase in the abdomen, due to strong and strong abdominal muscles.

Duration by days, periods

On average, dogs of this breed are pregnant for 53. 70 days. This difference in timing is due to the fact that the attachment of embryos in the uterus for each specific bitch takes a different time, which is impossible to predict in advance.

If the mating was carried out three times with a difference of 1 day, then the approximate date of birth of the puppies is 63 days from the second mating.

Pregnancy of a French Bulldog goes through several stages, each of which corresponds to a specific week:

  • 1 week. fertilization, occurs within 5 days after mating, there are no signs of pregnancy;
  • 2 week. do not deworm and treat fleas and ticks, allow stress and change the dog’s daily routine so as not to provoke a miscarriage;
  • 3 and 4 weeks. there are changes in the behavior of the bitch: refusal to eat, drowsiness, fatigue;
  • 5 weeks. the dog’s belly increases, the appetite returns, the behavior becomes the same;
  • 6 week. the belly becomes even larger, the fruits can be seen with the naked eye;
  • 7. beginning of 8 weeks. noticeably stirring of the puppies, the bitch refuses to eat, the nipples swell, and when they are compressed, colostrum is released.

At the end of pregnancy, signs of an imminent birth become more and more noticeable: 4. 5 days before giving birth, the bitch’s belly drops, her back sags, the loop becomes larger, in 2. 3 days. the pet’s body temperature becomes lower, 1 day before giving birth, the dog refuses food, behaves restlessly, looking for a secluded place or, conversely, tries to constantly be with the owner.

Childbirth, advice and recommendations

The process of childbirth begins with the release of the mucous plug in the bitch and is divided into 3 stages:

  • preparatory. lasts on average 6. 24 hours, during which the muscles of the uterus contract, the cervical canal expands, contractions occur;
  • the release of fetuses, childbirth. is characterized by contraction of the muscles of the uterus and abdomen (attempts), due to which, at birth, puppies move along the birth canal one after another and go out together with the afterbirth;
  • postpartum. there is a discharge of green or red, which, if everything goes well, gradually lightens.

The number of puppies and afterbirth should be the same.

The interval between the birth of puppies is, as a rule, 10. 20 minutes, but can increase up to several hours.

After the birth of the puppy, the bitch gnaws the umbilical cord and licks the baby, getting rid of the remnants of mucus and fetal bladder.

A week before the expected birth, you need to prepare a box or box where the dog will give birth and care for the puppies.

During childbirth, you may need: sterile gauze, cotton wool, syringes, iodine, thermometers, scissors, an antiseptic, scales, soap or manganese solution. You also need to prepare the bitch itself: wash it, rinse it with a solution of potassium permanganate, cut the hair around the vagina and nipples.