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How many puppies can a dog give birth to at a time

The course of pregnancy, preparation for childbirth

Let’s take a look at exactly how long it takes for a dog to give birth. Pregnancy, in dogs, lasts 56 to 72 days. In the first weeks, you will not notice any changes, but at 22 weeks, if you are not new to this business, you will be able to probe small puppies. On day 50, puppies begin to move, and freeze before giving birth.

Seven days before giving birth, prepare a place where your dog will give birth. Better if it is a box. Show the dog this place. Place a clean, warm, folded sheet on the bottom of the box. The average duration of labor is three to twenty-four hours. Before giving birth, even calm early dogs can lose control of themselves. They become nervous, whine, scrape the bedding, moan, etc. Five days before the onset of labor, the dog’s back sags and the uterus sinks. In the last weeks, the dog has increased sexual characteristics. A few hours before labor pains, the vagina will swell and begin to secrete mucus.

The process of childbirth begins with subtle contractions of the uterus. contractions.

  • The dog starts to show anxiety.
  • The birth canal expands.
  • The interval between the first contractions can be up to several hours.
  • A mucous plug comes out of the dog’s vagina.
  • Contractions are gaining strength, and the intervals between them are noticeably shorter.
  • The abdomen is tight and becomes lumpy.
  • Attempts will join the contractions. The dog tries to find a comfortable position for itself.
  • The walls of the uterus contract and gradually push the puppy towards the exit from the vagina.
  • A puppy is born in a shell. Gently tear off the sheath and wipe the puppy with a clean, dry cloth. Then pull the umbilical cord and help the bitch give birth to the placenta.
  • At a distance of one or two centimeters from the puppy, squeeze the umbilical cord with your fingers and cut with sterile scissors.
  • The dog should lick his puppy, thereby stimulating his circulation and breathing.
  • Place the puppies in a separate box on a dry, clean sheet with a warm heating pad underneath.
  • Make sure all puppies and placenta come out. You see, there is nothing wrong with the way dogs give birth. Video materials on this topic will also be useful to you.

You should know that a bitch is in heat twice a year, but this does not mean at all that you need to knit your pet every time. It is safe for health to give birth once a year. This is necessary for the body to get stronger and recover. If the dog does not walk well after pregnancy or childbirth, then you can serve it food containing vitamins and minerals, as well as walk more often in the fresh air. Now you know exactly how and how much a dog gives birth once a year. In addition, the information will help you recognize pregnancy and labor. Now you can help your beloved pet to give birth to offspring. Despite the fact that animals have well-developed instincts, they need help with childbirth no less than people. And at such a moment they have no one to rely on, except for their beloved master.

The birth of puppies for any owner is a period of anxiety and excitement. It is important to properly prepare for this moment and work out all possible scenarios in advance. Childbirth is a complex physiological process, during which unforeseen complications may arise.

So, what does a breeder need to know who plans to independently provide childbirth assistance to his pet? And even if your plans do not include helping the dog (you prefer to use the services of a veterinarian), then you need to have at least a general idea of ​​how the process will proceed and what signs indicate its beginning.

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Where to place the dog

Of course, the bitch will give birth in any conditions, but decent owners still take timely care of equipping a comfortable and convenient nest. A bed is not the best place for a dog and puppies, as it will not seem too secluded to the animal. Rapidly grown puppies will begin to crawl and fall, causing serious injury to immature babies. In addition, everything, including the mattress, can get dirty with secretions during childbirth. so this option is not the most hygienic.

many, puppies, give, birth

Almost all owners prefer to lodge their pet in a box covered with soft material. The puppies will not be able to get out, which means that they will remain under the careful supervision of the mother. Another plus is that during the birth process, the dog has the opportunity to rest its hind paws on one of the sides, and this will greatly facilitate the contractions.

There are several rules to follow when setting up a birthing house for a dog.

Choose a box based on your dog’s size. A box that is too tight is just as bad as being too spacious. The bitch must fit in it herself, and also leave room for the puppies.

The sides of the box must be no lower than the height of the animal in the lying position.

Cover the bottom with a light-colored cloth. Thanks to this, you can control the discharge before, during and after childbirth. Do not forget to promptly change the soiled diaper to a dry one.

It is best to put a mattress or a sheet of dense foam rubber under the diaper. This will allow the mother to sit comfortably inside and reduce her discomfort.

Prepare a second smaller box. Puppies should be put there before giving them to the mother. Put something warm inside the box. a heating pad wrapped in cloth.

Be sure to let your dog familiarize with his box ahead of time. Let her get used to it. If this is not done, the animal will find its own secluded place, which is likely to be difficult for humans to access. And the presence of the owner is mandatory during childbirth in dogs all the time.

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Place the box in a prominent place and place some treats in it. If for a long time the pet still does not climb into it, pay attention to whether you have chosen the right size and bedding.

How dogs give birth?

Possible complications of a dog during childbirth

If a dog’s contractions last more than 12 hours, the animal is taken to a specialist. Attempts can be observed for 30 hours and only after that labor begins, but it is better to play it safe and show the bitch to a veterinarian who can determine if complications have arisen or everything is normal.

  • lack of labor after the release of amniotic fluid;
  • weak, prolonged contractions, insufficient for the exit of all puppies;
  • intense contractions;
  • twisting of the uterus.

If the dog cannot give birth on its own, they give special drugs or perform a cesarean section. All this is done in a veterinary clinic. Obstetrics in dogs at home are carried out by prior agreement with the doctor.

Childbirth is a natural occurrence for a dog. Some animals give birth to offspring twice and thrice a year. The duration of labor depends on the size of the dog and puppies, breed, physical strength and complications that may arise in the process. Most often, dogs give birth unaided, but sometimes consultation and even specialist intervention is needed.

When your dog needs help

Not in every case a woman giving birth needs your help. Of course, it is good if you help clear the babies of blood and mucus, but a healthy animal can do it quite well. An exception can only be when the female gives birth for the first time.

Stay alert. At any time, the bitch may have complications, and then only you can take control of the situation. For example, when a pet has lost water, but the contractions have not begun, she needs to inject oxytocin. It stimulates the uterus, and it begins to contract normally. You cannot do such injections on your own. first call your veterinarian and consult. He will assess the situation and recommend the dosage.

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An urgent need to call a veterinarian if bleeding has opened. you can understand this by the scarlet intensifying discharge from the vulva. Also, green-brown discharge should be alerted when puppies are delayed.

If the female ignores the newborn’s umbilical cord and bladder, your task is to deal with them yourself. In a stressful situation, the dog is simply confused and does not know what to do. Every second counts: it is necessary to cut the umbilical cord with scissors with round edges, having previously disinfected them.

If, after the bladder has been removed, the baby still does not have breathing, take a suction and remove all mucus and liquid from the respiratory tract. Be careful not to injure him. babies are very fragile in the first few days of life.

The bitch may be too tired to take care of her baby’s hygiene. Then you have to take care of this. Soak a towel in warm water and dry all newborns well. There should be no mucus or bladder residues on them.

After everyone is born, licked by the mother, or washed by you, lay them next to the bitch’s nipples. After being born, they need to eat and gain strength.

Birth of puppies and afterbirth

The first sign of an impending puppy birth is the discharge of water. Each baby develops in an individual shell, which is called the fetal bladder. All together the puppies are enclosed in a single bubble (water). It contains a jelly-like mass that provides the necessary lubrication and protection of the birth canal.

This lubricant serves as a kind of “washer” of the birth canal. With increasing intraperitoneal pressure, the bladder wedges into the birth canal and then ruptures. It ruptures during childbirth. Second bubble. filled with amniotic fluid, ruptures after the puppy is born. In the process of labor, contractions become more intense and painful, the interval between them decreases.

It is important! From the moment the waters leave until the birth of the first puppy, no more than 2-2.5 hours should pass. If the puppy does not appear, then you must urgently use the services of a veterinarian. This state of affairs indicates complications that have arisen.

Condition after childbirth

After the end of the process, the bitch will continue to discharge for some time. If everything went well, in the first few hours they will be brown, during the following days (or even weeks). white or yellowish. Bloody or any other discharge with an unpleasant odor is a clear sign of pathology, which means that it is a reason to immediately consult a doctor. This may mean that the pet has some kind of injury or the placenta remains inside.

If the birth was successful, it is necessary after a few hours to change the litter of the mother and puppies, offer the bitch a drink. Feeding should be done more often, with small portions so that the dog has time to eat and does not feel hungry. It will be useful to include milk, cottage cheese and kefir in the diet.

No matter how your pet’s whelping proceeds, if you are not confident in yourself, it is better to call a veterinarian at home. He will tell and show how to give birth to a dog and what to do in unforeseen situations, and will also be able to control the onset of labor.

How to tell if a dog has lost water

The main sign of the beginning of the generic process is the flowing away of the water and the onset of contractions. Shortly before the puppies are born, there may be a slight vaginal discharge. But usually the dog licks off all the secreted fluids and its owner does not notice anything. There is a lot of amniotic fluid, therefore it is difficult not to notice that they have departed. And yet, in order not to miss the moment, it is better to lay a light piece of fabric instead of the usual bedding.

The appearance of a large dark spot on a light background will indicate that the waters have left and labor has begun. Water does not necessarily drain just before the puppies appear. Sometimes there is an interval of 24-96 hours between the discharge of amniotic fluid and the first attempts.

Important! If, after 4 days after the water leaves, no contractions are observed, they urgently contact a specialist.

The thoughts of the owners

From Veterinarian practice: average litter of dachshunds from 3 to 5 puppies. The maximum intake was 7. Everyone is alive and well, only they began to feed them earlier than the usual litter of 3-4 puppies.

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When we took our own, there were 9 of them in the litter. One mother crushed herself, the rest are in order. Dachshund standard.

From one to eight (this is from personal experience)

The thoughts of the owners

If we are talking about the purity of the breed, then no more than 6 puppies. I have a German. She is already 10 years old and she only brought 6 puppies once. And all other times 2 or 4. If a dog brings 10 pieces of its puppies no one will buy, for good money and a minus is put in the dog’s passport. And according to show indicators, the number of puppies should be even. No 3 or 5 puppies allowed. Therefore, many breeders, in order not to lose money and image, (drown) the superfluous. Well, if you keep a German shepherd for yourself, then it probably doesn’t matter how many puppies. The more, the more fun.

A German Shepherd can give birth to a maximum of ten puppies. This amount is the limit for maintaining the health of the dog and its offspring. But this is the maximum amount. but in life a shepherd can give birth to one puppy, two, three, etc. There were also known cases when a shepherd had 12 puppies in a litter, but this is a very difficult birth. over, it is believed that it is better to have a shepherd dog no more than once a year in order to ensure healthier offspring and the health of the dog itself.

The number of puppies in a litter is completely individual for dogs. In the German Shepherd, this range ranges from 1 to 10 puppies per birth. The fewer the number of puppies, the more likely large, healthy puppies will be born. And for the dog itself it is better. In order to maintain the dog’s health, it is best to mix no more than once a year.

The thoughts of the owners

Wait from 1 to 13 puppies, and I’m not kidding, the number of puppies does not depend on how many times the bitch gave birth, the number of puppies depends on the mating date

The number of puppies depends on the number of matured and fertilized (as well as normally developed after fertilization) eggs! The number of puppies does not depend not on the number of matings before, not on whether she gave birth or did not give birth, not on the day of estrus (there will either be fertilization or not). And the number can range from 2-3 to 10-13 puppies.

The thoughts of the owners

Friends have a pug, and the first birth, and subsequent ones. stable for 8 puppies.

The number of puppies does not depend on the time. It all depends on heredity and the correctness of the chosen mating day. From 1 to…. 12 puppies

The number of puppies in a litter depends directly on whether you get on the right mating days, as well as on heredity (multiple or infertile female line). Small dogs give birth to 1 to 5 puppies (sneezes, toys, spitz).

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Childbirth in Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire Terrier is not a highly prolific breed of dog. They usually have 1-2 puppies. Less often it happens that 4-5 puppies are born at the same time. There are also known cases of birth in Yorkshire terriers at once 12 puppies. With a large number of puppies in a litter. 8 or more, it is necessary to make sure that all puppies at least alternately receive portions of mother’s milk. Usually, it is possible to feed both 9 and 10 puppies without problems, if the bitch does not have problems with milk.

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