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How many puppies does a dog give birth for the first time?

Caring for your dog and puppies after childbirth

During and after childbirth, it is important to be close to the animal, carefully observing the process. This will help you not to miss the moment when the afterbirth begins to come out. Usually he comes out after each puppy or at the very end if the female was carrying 2-3 puppies. If the afterbirth remains and does not come out, contact the veterinarian.

They try not to touch the pet once again, you can wait a little with changing the litter. And so that the puppies do not freeze on wet rags, they put clean things on top of the soiled things, without disturbing the dog. A bowl of clean water and light food (vegetables, a few pieces of rabbit meat) should be placed next to the box. When the bitch gets hungry she will eat herself.

If the animal does not stand up for a long time after giving birth, whines or tries to bite, it is better to call the veterinarian and find out from him how normal this condition is considered, whether recovery can be accelerated. Dogs usually recover from labor very quickly.

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How to tell if a dog has lost water

The main sign of the beginning of the generic process is the flowing away of the water and the onset of contractions. Shortly before the puppies are born, there may be a slight vaginal discharge. But usually the dog licks off all the secreted fluids and its owner does not notice anything. There is a lot of amniotic fluid, therefore it is difficult not to notice that they have departed. And yet, in order not to miss the moment, it is better to lay a light piece of fabric instead of the usual bedding.

The appearance of a large dark spot on a light background will indicate that the waters have left and labor has begun. Water does not necessarily drain just before the puppies appear. Sometimes there is an interval of 24-96 hours between the discharge of amniotic fluid and the first attempts.

Important! If, after 4 days after the water leaves, no contractions are observed, they urgently contact a specialist.

Behavioral and physiological signs of incipient labor

Even at the time of mating, you should ask how you can understand that a dog is giving birth and how puppies are born in different breeds.

Psychological signs of impending labor appear earlier than physiological ones. The first harbinger is panic. The animal becomes restless:

Some dogs react to the approach of labor by refusing food and water. You do not need to touch the animal trying to calm its activity.

About 3-4 days before giving birth, the bitch’s belly sags. It seems as if she has dramatically dropped several kilograms of weight. But this is not the case. Puppies simply move closer to the birth canal, ready to open. At the same time, other physiological signs of the imminent appearance of offspring appear:

  • Mucus is secreted from the vagina. This is due to the relaxation of the ligamentous apparatus of the sacral articulation and the pelvis. There is a cork release, which prevents the birth of puppies before the due date. Worried about the presence of mucus, the dog licks itself vigorously. This should not be discouraged.
  • Colostrum oozes from the nipples. If the dog gives birth for the first time, the nipples often increase only slightly in size. With repeated and subsequent births, milk begins to be released.
  • The body temperature drops. The norm is 39 degrees. Shortly before childbirth, the temperature drops to 37-37.5.

The described physiological and mental changes allow us to conclude that childbirth is approaching and it is necessary to monitor the dog, if necessary, providing it with all possible help.

Caring for young animals in the first minutes of life

The dog takes care of the offspring on its own, licking the puppies and pushing them to the nipples. But if she is weakened or does not know what to do due to the fact that she is giving birth for the first time (she refuses to recognize the puppies, she is afraid of them), a person can temporarily replace her:

  • newborn puppies are taken out of the box;
  • make sure they all breathe freely;
  • wipe the wool with a soft cloth soaked in water;
  • wipe dry with a towel;
  • put on a dog’s nipples.

Important! The pet can behave aggressively, not allowing the puppy to pick it up. In such a situation, they simply install a heater next to the box so that wet puppies do not freeze.

What to look for the first time?

Alabai’s behavior can also change, and in both directions. The dog at the beginning of pregnancy shows both apathy to everything that happens and becomes fussy.

Closely monitor the condition of your pet in order to document the onset of pregnancy in time.

Further on the photo you can see what a pregnant firstborn of the Alabai breed looks like.

Features of feeding and caring for a dog before childbirth

A pregnant bitch should eat a balanced feed rich in vitamins and nutrients. About 1 to 2 weeks before giving birth, limit the amount of food that contains calcium. The animal is denied:

If the dog food contains soy, then you should not use it either. Instead, the animal is given fresh meat. beef, rabbit meat, boiled liver and heart. It is useful to feed your pet with vegetables. This can be pumpkin, zucchini, or carrots.

Important! To Replenish Omega-3 Fatty Acids Deficiencies, Omega-6s Provide Fish Oil.

Shortly before the expected birth, they begin to prepare a place for the dog.

How long does a dog give birth

The duration of labor depends on the weight and size of the dog, the number of puppies, and the strength of its body. In the process of observing the birth of dogs, it was revealed that conditionally generic activity can be divided into 3 periods:

  • Training. Waters drain, attempts begin. Contractions can last from 6 to 30 hours, intermittently.
  • The birth of offspring. Puppies come head first at intervals of 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the dog gives birth on the first day, part of the puppies, while the rest appear only after a few hours or the next day.
  • Postpartum activities. The uterus contracts and returns to normal within 1 to 2 weeks after delivery.

If we take into account the attempts and the very process of giving birth to each puppy with multiple pregnancies, then labor lasts an average of 12 to 30 hours.


The first estrus occurs in Alabai at the age of 6-13 months and is often shorter in length than the subsequent ones. The onset of estrus means that the dog is now ready to conceive and bear a child, however, the mating process should be postponed until the third estrus, when the pet is already fully formed and it will be easier for her to transfer pregnancy and childbirth.

The flow repeats every 7-8 months and has several phases:

  • Proetrus. Lasts 7-10 days. At this time, the bitch becomes attractive to the dog, but still does not let him near her.
  • Estrus. Lasts 9-10 days. During this period, the female is ready for mating, the amount of estrogen in the blood reaches a maximum.
  • Metestrus. This is the period when the dog is already giving up mating. During it, the sexual arousal of the pet subsides.
  • Anestrus is a break between estrus. Lasts until the onset of proestrus.

There are also certain signs by which you can determine the onset of heat:

  • The dog often goes to the toilet.
  • The loop grows in size and swells.
  • Males begin to pay attention to the bitch.
  • Appetite changes: it can be increased or decreased, and the animal can start eating everything indiscriminately.
  • The female often licks herself, often rubs against the floor with her anus.

How long does a dog carry puppies: what determines the duration of puppies. How many puppies can a dog give birth to for the first time?

Since the owner after mating will have to take over the process of childbirth, he needs to know the time of gestation, and what kind of care is needed during this period. You need to be aware of the correct course of pregnancy, so that in the event of a pathology, contact your veterinarian.


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At what age should a dog be bred

Often, inexperienced dog breeders take their dogs together at the first heat. But doing this is wrong, it can harm her health. Recommended age is from 2 years to 8. You should not do this later either.

14-16 days after the onset of estrus are considered favorable for mating.

How long does a dog carry puppies

The duration of pregnancy is affected by:

If the dog is large or primiparous, then the puppies bear longer. In small and multiparous, the gestation period takes less time.

Usually the bitch is knitted three times during the week. Childbirth takes place on days 56-66. Puppies that appear on the 53-71 days can also be viable.

Signs of pregnancy by day

There are several main factors that can be used to determine if a dog will have puppies. They are clearly visible by month.

During this period, external signs are not visible. But pregnancy can be determined by her behavior. The dog becomes passive, refuses to eat, walks less and tries to retire.

If desired, an ultrasound scan can be done in the third week. This will help you see if she’s definitely pregnant. If yes, how many puppies will the dog give birth to?

Already at this period of pregnancy, the belly begins to increase, the body becomes rounded. The nipples swell, their pigmentation may be observed. Sometimes the dog can gnaw the fur around them, freeing up access for the puppies.

On the 50th day, you can already feel it. You just need to do it carefully. After a few more days, you can hear their heartbeat, and when 10 days remain before delivery, you can see how they move.

It is worth noting that in the second half of pregnancy, the dog moves away from strangers, does not want to go for a walk. You can see how she makes food supplies, hiding them in secluded places.

As the birth approaches, the animal begins to rebuild the place where it sleeps. And a few days before them, the bitch may completely lose her appetite.

If you saw that the dog is making a “nest” for itself, running around the house as if looking for something, behaving aggressively towards strangers, you should not scold it. After giving birth, her behavior will return to normal, and she will be the same as before.

How many puppies a large dog gives birth?

Breeds such as the Caucasian and East European Shepherd Dog, Neopolitan Mastiff, Newfoundland, Great Dane, Doberman, Wolfdog, Leonberger give a small number of puppies. Their gestation period is 2 months.

To the peculiarities of large breeds, it is worth noting that the less the female bears, the more they gain weight. For this reason, with prolonged pregnancy, complications are possible during childbirth.

If you pay attention to the statistics, then it is worth noting that the more a dog carries small puppies, the shorter its pregnancy will last. Conversely, the larger the puppies, the longer it will take for them to appear.

For example, German Shepherds raise puppies for 60-62 days, and can give birth to up to 7 puppies. But the older the female, the fewer puppies there will be.

How many puppies a small dog gives birth?

The gestation period for small breeds lasts about 62 days. They can also have problems with a small number of puppies. Since the organism of small breeds is small, the uterus can take up a lot of space and put pressure on the stomach. This leads to gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, it is better to feed the animal during pregnancy with detailed high-calorie food. So the feeling of satiety will come to her much faster, which means she will gorge less. The dog should always have access to clean water. And do not forget about the complex of vitamins.

An interesting fact is that the smaller the breed, the more offspring it has.

How to tell if your dog is about to give birth?

Of course, the first sign that indicates an imminent birth is the correctly calculated gestational age. External factors include a change in body temperature. So in small breeds, if the temperature drops to 37 degrees, then labor will begin in a day. In large breeds, the indicators are slightly different.

Before the contractions begin, the dog begins to look for a place to give birth, may whine, drink a lot of fluids, and show unusual anxiety. When such signs appear, the owner should prepare, that is, find a suitable place where the dog will be calm. It is desirable that there is an average temperature and there are no drafts at all.

Before the birth itself, the animal’s belly drops and the sides fall, the nipples become bright red. The mucous plug also comes off. It manifests itself as a viscous discharge from the vagina. With their onset, the owner himself can help the pet, or turn to a specialist if there is no necessary skill.

Important points

Before giving birth, you need to trim your dog’s belly and around the anus. Dwarf breeds need a special approach. Their childbirth is difficult and painful, so the owner should always be near. If something goes wrong, the dog can completely lose its offspring.

After the dog is less active, walks should be shorter but more frequent. It is unnecessary to let her “lie down” so that she does not gain excess weight. For walking, it is better to choose quiet, calm places.

Due to the large belly, the dog is not always able to lick the crotch area well, so it should be wiped with a damp towel, and then wiped dry. It is not advised to bathe the animal after 4 weeks.

It is necessary to take care of your pet not only before childbirth, but also after them. So you need to monitor her nutrition, take short walks, and massage the abdomen. These manipulations will help her sooner return the necessary tone.

Pregnancy of the West Siberian Laika

According to the rules of the Belarusian Cynological Association, bitches of the West Siberian Laika are allowed for breeding from 18 months, males. from 15 months.

Pregnancy is not a wellness process. This is severe stress and stress on the immune system and internal organs. Therefore, only a perfectly healthy dog ​​should give birth.

Helping My Dog Give Birth To 11 Puppies For The First Time.part1 #Goldenretrievergivebirth #cute

As a rule, the pregnancy of the West Siberian Laika lasts 63 days. The maximum spread is from 53 to 71 days, in this case the puppies are born viable.

At an early stage (first 3 weeks after mating) it is impossible to determine if a bitch is pregnant.

At the 4th week, using ultrasound, you can estimate the approximate number of puppies.

At the 5th week, the sides become more convex (sometimes the sign is absent until the 7th week), the skin of the nipples becomes lighter.

Puppies can be probed at 6 weeks of age. After that, the size of the fruit increases, the nipples become softer and larger.

Lbetter, if a veterinarian conducts palpation, you can damage the fetus yourself.

During pregnancy, the dog should be able to move without overwork. The expectant mother should not be worried unless absolutely necessary, make long trips by car or public transport, or keep in a noisy, cramped room. If during pregnancy the dog’s condition suddenly changed, she began to refuse to eat, the temperature rose, or discharge from the genitals appeared, you should contact your veterinarian.

The second half of pregnancy may be characterized by minor mucous secretions. The discharge becomes abundant, yellowish or greenish, which means that labor is approaching. 1. 2 days before giving birth, the dog begins to worry, whine, lick the genitals, scratch the walls or floor. Pulse, breathing, and urination become more frequent. The dog refuses food and drinks constantly.

Techka at the West Siberian Laika

The first estrus in a West Siberian Laika bitch occurs at 6. 12 months. It takes place twice a year (there are exceptions) and lasts from 7 to 28 days (on average, two weeks). At this time, the bitch can get pregnant.

Males during this period are interested in bitches, but without reciprocity.

The bitch stops letting the dogs. At the beginning of this period, false breeding is possible.

The activity of the ovaries decreases. There are no significant external signs.

How long does a husky’s pregnancy last?

The average duration of pregnancy in Laikas should be 63 days. But here, too, one should not lose sight of the individual characteristics of the bitch and the nuances of the course of this process. Normally, it is considered if a pregnant husky walks for 53. 71 days. Too early childbirth, however, as well as overmaturity, are fraught with negative consequences, both for the future offspring and for the bitch herself. If husky puppies are not born on the 71st day of pregnancy, you must urgently go to the veterinary clinic for examination and consultation with a specialist. Remember, any delay can cost the puppies and the mother!

How many puppies can a husky give birth for the first time?

Your dog is perfect in conformation and working qualities, and you are planning to get offspring from it. What are the basic rules you need to adhere to? According to breeding regulations, dogs can be allowed to mate only for the second estrus. 15-18 months. Optimal for the Karelian-Finnish Laika. mating for 3 estrus, at the age of 2.5-3 years. At the same time, the mother should have a worm sweep performed in advance and vaccinated (no more than 8 months ago). That is, at the time of the birth of the puppies, the bitch must have active immunity. Only in this case, you can be sure that the puppies will receive colostral immunity with colostrum in the first days of life, which will protect them in the first months of life.

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Puppyhood in the Karelian-Finnish Laika, as usual in dogs, lasts about 2 months or 62-65 days. The ability to give birth to healthy offspring is on days 57 and 72. But these are already extremes, rather than the golden mean. Since the Karelian-Finnish Laika belongs to infertile dogs, it is very difficult to identify noticeable signs of puberty even at the very late dates. In a Karelian-Finnish husky dog, fit and graceful in the first month of puberty, almost nothing changes, except that the appetite grows slightly.

Already in the second month, behavior begins to change (the dog becomes less mobile and more capricious) and appetite grows. During this period, attention must be paid to the diet. Do not overfeed or underfeed your dog. You also need to remember that a thin dog gives birth more easily than a beefy one.
As noted, tangible signs may or may not appear from the second month of gestation. Since the Karelian-Finnish Laika brings mainly 2-4 puppies, there are usually no very noticeable thickening of the abdominal cavity.

In the very last weeks, we reduce meat in the diet, since it is a very heavy product and requires huge resources for digestion. Closer to childbirth in the diet, you need to increase the amount of food that causes lactation. tea with milk, honey, etc.

Usually, childbirth is preceded by a number of signs. If active movements of the puppies are observed through the walls of the abdomen, 7-10 days are left before delivery. Colostrum appeared (a more concentrated form of milk with immunoglobulins necessary to protect puppies from infectious diseases). 1-3 days left before delivery. Decrease in temperature to 37 degrees. less than 1 day left before delivery.
Shortly before giving birth, the dog shows anxiety, looks for a secluded place, refuses to eat.

There are some preparations to be made just in case. Here are some of the essentials for childbirth. Clean napkins, diapers (wipe off the puppies), scissors (cut the umbilical cord if the bitch cannot cope on her own), a sterile tourniquet (if there is heavy bleeding from the umbilical cord), syringes, oxytacin, no-shpa (if labor does not start on its own), tea with milk, sweetened with glucose, chocolate bar (to maintain strength and lactation).

You don’t need all of these items, but it’s a good idea to have them handy.
In most cases, childbirth proceeds independently. The bitch gnaws the umbilical cord herself and licks the puppies. However, you need to observe and, in some cases, adjust the process. So, if the bitch has to pull hard on the umbilical cord in order to gnaw it, you better help her, otherwise the puppy may acquire a hernia in the future. If severe bleeding is observed from the umbilical cord, it is necessary to stop it by bandaging the umbilical cord with a tourniquet.
It is also necessary to remember the following. we give the bitch to eat no more than 2 successions. The number of successions should correspond to the number of puppies born. During contractions, be sure to put aside already born puppies so that the mother does not accidentally crush them or break their tails.

And here are four babies (this is the number of puppies very often in the Karelian-Finnish husky, although there may be from 1 to 6 puppies) were born.

The birth of a husky

Long, painful expectations were left behind, and from day to day the child should begin labor for the husky. Are you all ready? Not? Then write it down quickly, it’s time to start preparing.

If the husky gives birth to puppies for the first time, be sure to agree with the veterinarian about the upcoming event and his presence at it. Best of all, if you entrust this business to a professional who knows his job. If you decide that you will be giving birth to a husky on your own, then you should stock up on:

  • clean diapers;
  • antiseptic-treated scissors;
  • bandages;
  • a heating pad with warm water;
  • in a separate box, where newborn husky puppies will be placed immediately after birth;
  • scales for weighing babies;
  • colored ribbons for marking newborn puppies;
  • notepad and pen for writing.

Since the pregnancy lasts for huskies on average 63 days, but deviations from this date are possible, you should be ready already at the fiftieth. Collect everything at once in a separate package and put it away until the hour X, when labor begins, you had everything at hand.

The bitch herself will tell you that the husky is giving birth. A day or two before the upcoming birth, the dog becomes agitated, begins to bury itself and equip the family nest, flatly refuses food, drink and even walking. A sharp drop in body temperature is also considered a sure sign of an upcoming birth. Therefore, it is important from the fiftieth day to systematically measure the body temperature of the animal in order to clearly trace the dynamics of changes.

If the dog is absolutely healthy, and the bearing of husky puppies proceeded smoothly, there will be no problems with childbirth. Outside participation is not required, and you just have to follow the process and weigh, tie ribbons and make the appropriate marks in the diary.

If, for some reason, after giving birth, the dog does not take up the puppy, does not lick it and does not show interest, it should be taken into our own hands in the literal sense. If necessary:

  • cut the umbilical cord;
  • take the puppy in your hand, covering the other, and shake well. This is required to allow excess fluid and mucus to escape from the airways.
  • then wipe the crumbs and attach to the mother until the next puppy comes out.
  • as soon as labor has resumed, put the previous baby in a box with a warm heating pad. You should not cover with blankets, so that the baby does not get confused and, for example, does not dislocate his paw, catching his claw on a soft blanket.
  • as soon as the husky was whelping, all the puppies were born, and the last afterbirth came out, wash it, give it warm water and be sure to walk it. Laika after giving birth may refuse to walk, fearing to leave the puppies. It’s okay, because a five-minute walk in the fresh air will do her good.

Important! After the walk, wash the animal thoroughly. Not only the paws, but also the belly, genitals and even the muzzle. All this is necessary so that the newly-made mother does not bring any infection to still weak babies.

  • then the kids will stay with their mother, and you can watch the development of the husky puppy!

Childbirth of the West Siberian Laika

Prepare a box for newborns (special loungers are available commercially). You will also need: infrared heating lamp, disposable diapers, heating pad or plastic bottle with warm water, cotton wool, cotton rags, towels (8 pieces), hand wash, thermometer, milk replacer, bottle and nipples, muzzle, collar, leash, glucose solution.

Keep your veterinarian’s phone number in a visible place.

The day before the event, the West Siberian Laika refuses to eat, the body temperature drops. Bitch gets restless, rips bedding. makes a nest.

When labor begins, call your veterinarian. notify him to be in touch just in case. Place the collar on the bitch. Next, your task is to sit calmly and not fuss. You can do yoga or meditate.

The cervix relaxes and expands, mucus comes out, contractions without pushing, the temperature is lowered

The dog is worried, often changes its position, looks back at the stomach, breathing is frequent, vomiting is acceptable

Amniotic fluid departs, the temperature returns to normal, the abdominal walls are tense, contractions are adjacent to attempts, puppies come out of the birth canal

The dog stops worrying, breathes often, lies down in one place, pushes, after the fetus comes out, breaks the afterbirth and licks the puppy

The placenta or place or child part of the placenta comes out. Usually, after the birth of a puppy, after 10-15 minutes the afterbirth comes out. Sometimes a few come out, after 2-3 puppies.

The bitch tends to eat all the afterbirths, do not allow this to be done. One or two is the maximum, otherwise there may be intoxication (diarrhea, vomiting).

Do not allow the bitch to eat the afterbirth if it is greenish-black in color with a putrid odor.

Keep track of the number of successions, there should have been as many as there were puppies. Sometimes the afterbirth can remain inside and come out only at the end of labor.

A West Siberian Laika puppy can be born when the bitch is standing. It falls to the ground, but it is generally harmless. Intervention is only justified if the mother is shocked, ignores or attacks the cubs. In this case, call an experienced breeder. he will tell you what to do.

If the mother tries to attack the puppies, muzzle her and carry each puppy out of earshot. Remove the film, wipe the puppy with a towel, remove mucus from the mouth and nostrils with a syringe. If your puppy isn’t breathing, try rubbing it with a towel. Sometimes artificial respiration is required. gently inhale the air into the puppy’s mouth and nose. The ribcage should rise while doing this. Repeat inhalation every 2-3 seconds until the puppy begins to breathe on its own. Place the puppies in a cardboard box with a heating pad. Make sure the little ones do not get burned.

Remember that the dog is in a state of shock, talk to him affectionately, calm down.

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After the end of labor, when the bitch is resting and drinking milk with glucose, try again to introduce the puppies to her. Lay the mother on her side, hold her head, stroke. The second person can bring the puppy to the nipple. If the bitch has adopted the puppy, you can carefully put the rest. But keep holding her.

Even if all is well, one should not relax. After feeding, clean the puppies, wash their butts. If the dog is calmly licking the puppies, you can choose to take the risk of leaving them in his care, or carry the box and return to the next feed.

Sometimes in the first hours after giving birth, due to shock, the bitch ignores the puppies: she refuses to feed, wash or stay with them. Here you will have to force the bitch to feed the puppies, but you will have to wash the babies yourself. Massage (clockwise) the perineum with a cotton swab dipped in warm water to stimulate the flow of feces and urine.

Sometimes the bitch tries to kill the offspring. But it’s better to get her to feed the puppies anyway. Put a muzzle on it and fix it in a supine position. One person can hold it, and the second can apply the puppies to the nipples. Artificial feeding will not replace breast milk, so use it only as a last resort.

As a rule, sooner or later, the bitch still accepts puppies. It is extremely rare that hate is persistent.

Caution: No matter what happens, even if the bitch eats all the babies, don’t blame her. Having the puppies was your idea and it was you who made the bitch give birth. She does not understand what she is doing, hormonal disruptions and shock force her to behave in a completely unusual way.

Caesarean section is the surgical removal of puppies when they cannot be born naturally. If you leave the puppies within the reach of an anesthetized bitch, she may kill them.

Eclampsia is a milk fever associated with a lack of calcium. Symptoms: anxiety, semi-consciousness, throwing, sometimes convulsions. Calcium injection can work wonders in this case.

Mastitis is a bacterial infection of the mammary glands. Symptoms: fever, lack of appetite. The affected nipple is hot, sore, and swollen. Veterinarian consultation and antibiotics required.

Metritis is an inflammation of the uterus after childbirth. Causes: delayed afterbirth, trauma, or a dead puppy. Symptoms: dark discharge, loss of appetite, high fever. Urgent antibiotic treatment required, possibly smear analysis.

Each owner of a girl’s husky sooner or later thinks about breeding and upcoming offspring. When this is the future first litter of a husky, literally everything scares. When the bitch is ready for mating, how to properly prepare for the upcoming birth and what you need to know about this natural process in dogs, we will tell you today.

When you can reduce the like?

So, your girl’s first heat should be at the age of six months. Depending on the physiological and individual characteristics of the bitch, this period can vary up to nine months.

Important! As soon as you notice the first signs of heat (an increase in the loop, changes in behavior or discharge), immediately write the date in a notebook. So it will be easier for you in the future to track the cyclicity of estrus and properly prepare for pregnancy husky.

Typically, estrus occurs twice a year, every six months. There are also exceptions when the bitch’s body is ready for mating only once a year. But, as mentioned above, estrus is not yet a sign of the readiness of the body, it is a sign of maturation. You can get a bitch at the age of one and a half to two years. That is, approximately on the third. fourth estrus.

How many puppies can a female American Cocker Spaniel give birth??

The thoughts of the owners

Two weeks ago my bitch gave birth to 7 puppies, this is the first time in the kennel.
So far so good, the children are even, their eyes are open, there is enough milk.

In our city of York, she gave birth to 8 puppies. Naturally, not a single girl goes into breeding, due to her low weight, but the mother safely fed all the puppies.

The pug had 8 puppies. Nothing. All are grown. The number of puppies is influenced by the number of eggs ready for fertilization at the time of mating. What prevents the culling of the smallest puppies on the 3rd day?

Dogs of different breeds can have from 1 to 20 puppies. Of course, decorative dogs usually have 2-6 puppies in a litter. But sometimes there are unexpected surprises. The number of puppies depends on the matured eggs. In dogs, it is much more than in humans: simultaneously (but not simultaneously) ovulates up to 10. 15, sometimes more eggs, but usually still 5. 8.

Usually 1-6, but there are exceptions, as in the case you cited.

My friend’s English Bulldog gave birth to 10 puppies. They came running from the club and told 4 to drown. not to feed her so much. Well, tell me, how can you drown them, are they alive? Such cool dogs have grown adorable.

Gender of puppies

The sex of the puppies is determined only by the male. Each sperm is a carrier of the X chromosome. a girl or a Y chromosome. a boy. The egg is always “X”. The sex of the future puppy depends on which sperm is the first to reach the egg. If you manage to be the first, “X” is a girl, “U” is a boy. Spermatozoa “X” are more viable and can “wait”, and “Y” immediately rush to the goal and if there are no eggs ready for fertilization, they die. At this time, the “girls” move slowly, they are in no hurry, their life span is 3-4 days. Having reached the goal, they connect with the eggs that have matured. This is how “bitch droppings” are obtained. If the optimal mating day is chosen correctly and the maximum number of mature eggs has come out, the litter will be “male”, or 50/50.

Childbirth in Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire Terrier is not a highly prolific breed of dog. They usually have 1-2 puppies. Less often it happens that 4-5 puppies are born at the same time. There are also known cases of birth in Yorkshire terriers at once 12 puppies. With a large number of puppies in a litter. 8 or more, it is necessary to make sure that all puppies at least alternately receive portions of mother’s milk. Usually, it is possible to feed both 9 and 10 puppies without problems, if the bitch does not have problems with milk.

The thoughts of the owners

Friends have a pug, and the first birth, and subsequent ones. stable for 8 puppies.

The number of puppies does not depend on the time. It all depends on heredity and the correctness of the chosen mating day. From 1 to…. 12 puppies

The number of puppies in a litter depends directly on whether you get on the right mating days, as well as on heredity (multiple or infertile female line). Small dogs give birth to 1 to 5 puppies (sneezes, toys, spitz).

Features of pregnancy in a dog

Pregnancy and childbirth in dogs, duration and characteristics, depend on the breed and size of the dog. Larger dogs are more likely to bring fewer puppies, while smaller dogs have more puppies in a litter. The number of litters can vary from one to fifteen puppies. Puppies can be quite large. this will complicate the birth process, require more strength from the woman in labor and vigilant attention from the owner.

The owner or breeder should be present at the birth and help in adopting the puppies. Only in this way can he beneficially influence the course of events. Even weak puppies survive if the birthing process is successful, and the babies and the mother are actively helped and provided with proper care. In unfavorable conditions, if the owner is inattentive, negligence is allowed in relation to the woman in labor, the probability of death of both the mother and the offspring is high.

The duration of pregnancy in dogs, the number of puppies in a litter, the course of labor may vary depending on the size, breed, individual characteristics of the animal. Throughout the entire gestation period, the dog needs careful treatment. The dog should not be picked up, disturbed, trying to often feel the fruit, it is worth limiting active walks, jogging and jumping.

Regardless of how long the pregnancy in dogs lasts, the dog should receive a balanced diet throughout the entire time, with the addition of vitamins and mineral supplements. Experts recommend reducing the amount of protein food 10 days before the expected birth, and in the last week to give up protein altogether. The veterinarian supervising the dog must select the appropriate diet for the expectant mother. in the selection of the diet, the general physiological state of the animal is taken into account.

How many puppies a dachshund has??

The thoughts of the owners

From Veterinarian practice: average litter of dachshunds from 3 to 5 puppies. The maximum intake was 7. Everyone is alive and well, only they began to feed them earlier than the usual litter of 3-4 puppies.

When we took our own, there were 9 of them in the litter. One mother crushed herself, the rest are in order. Dachshund standard.

From one to eight (this is from personal experience)