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How many rabbits can you keep in 1 cage

How rabbits breed, how many pregnant women go, especially okrol

No wonder there is a saying: “They reproduce like rabbits.” People begin to breed these animals precisely because of their extraordinary fertility. Every novice rabbit breeder should know everything about how rabbits breed, how much they walk pregnant, what are the features of their okrol.

The rabbit is pregnant: how to prepare for childbirth?

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Ten days have passed since the mating, and if the rabbit does not come back to hunt, then she is pregnant. How long do large rabbits walk pregnant? In both large rabbits and dwarf rabbits, fertility lasts the same.

Pregnancy in rabbits does not last long, on average 30 days. If we say exactly how many days a female rabbit walks pregnant, then it happens from 28 to 34 days. The duration of pregnancy depends on the number of rabbits. The more rabbits in the litter, the shorter the gestation period. If more than 10 rabbits are due to be born, then the female can crawl on the 28th day, and if she is pregnant with 5-6 rabbits, then the pregnancy can last 34 days.

On the 27th day after mating, you need to put a nest in the rabbit’s cage for childbirth. Rabbits. burrowing animals and in the wild give birth deep in the hole. Therefore, optimal conditions for newborn offspring. it is darkness and absence of drafts. Therefore, a nest box is placed in the cage, which can be opened from the side, so that, without interfering with the female, it is possible to check the newborn offspring. You need to put more hay in the feeder, even if it’s summer. The female herself will bring hay into the house and build a nest from it. Then, a day before giving birth, she will begin to pluck the fluff out of her skin and cover the nest with it.

At this time, you cannot disturb the rabbit. It is necessary that there are no harsh sounds and other stimuli that can put the female into a stressful state.

It is important to know

  • If you are late to create favorable conditions for childbirth, the rabbit can give birth directly on the net. She will pinch the fluff and scamper around the cage. Newborn rabbits can be trampled or eaten. As a result, if a rabbit gives birth for the first time, she will develop the habit of eating her offspring and will have to be culled. Therefore, it is very important to create favorable conditions for childbirth. You need to take care of this in advance, during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to know when your rabbits will give birth, how much they walk pregnant.
  • By eye, the pregnancy of a rabbit cannot be determined, but in the last week of this period you can feel the rabbits in the belly, and also, putting your hand on the belly, feel how they move.

Childbirth of a rabbit

Rabbits give birth mainly at night. They always do this on their own, they do not need to help them, so it is not at all necessary to guard at night in the rabbitry. It takes no more than 30 minutes to round a rabbit.

They give birth to naked, blind, helpless rabbits. Rabbits weigh no more than 90 grams. Their weight depends on the number of newborns. The more rabbits in the litter, the smaller they are. The smallest. 40 gram.

Sometimes a rabbit’s okrol can last for an hour. Very rarely, childbirth takes 2 days and takes place in 2 stages. When newborns are born, the rabbit licks them and puts them in the nest, covering them with fluff. If everything went well, the mother feeds the cubs and warms them with her warmth.

  • It is important to know that when a rabbit is in labor, there must be water in her cage. After giving birth, the new mother has a strong thirst. Without water, the rabbit can eat her little bunnies.

Entering puberty, mating rabbits

When creating a breeding herd, you need to take into account that there should be 10 females for one male. It is advisable to keep two males in the breeding herd, because there must always be a backup. At the most crucial moment, the main producer may get sick, or you need to cover several females per day.

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Rabbits enter puberty early, but it is advisable to let them mate no earlier than 5 months, and males can be used as producers from 8 months.

In order not to miss the mating time, you need to periodically check whether the female has come to hunt. To do this, you need to take the rabbit out of the cage, put it on a flat surface and, raising the tail, examine the genital loop. When the rabbit is hunting, the loop is swollen, red. Since the light in the rabbitry is usually low, it is best to use a flashlight. The rabbit in the hunt is only 3 days, during this time you need to have time to fertilize her.

Always for mating, the rabbit is placed next to the male, and not otherwise. While she sniffs at a new place, the male quickly does his job. It is better not to leave them alone, mating occurs quickly, so it is better to observe that the act of reproduction has taken place. When the act has taken place, the male falls from the rabbit on its side and emits a characteristic sound. After mating, the female must be immediately picked up and returned to her cage. You can let the rabbit perform several acts, only on this day it is advisable not to add anyone else to him. Leaving the rabbit with the male for a long time can exhaust him as a breeder, and they can fight.

If the rabbit’s hunting time is missed, it’s okay, in about a week she will come back to hunt.

When to mate a rabbit again

Now there is an answer to how rabbits give birth, how much they walk pregnant, it remains to figure out their uniquely rapid reproduction until the end.

High fertility is explained by their physiological characteristics, of which there are several.

  • Rabbits reach sexual maturity at 5-8 months.
  • Pregnancy lasts 30 days.
  • The next day after giving birth, the rabbit again enters the hunting state. Feeding some of the rabbits, she can bear a new offspring. At 28 days, the first offspring is taken away from her, and after a couple of days she gives birth to new rabbits. Theoretically, a rabbit can bring 11-12 offspring in a year.
  • Bunnies give birth in one birth 6-15 rabbits.
  • Rabbit meat can be slaughtered at 5 months, the weight will be at least 3 kg.

Rabbit breeding is profitable

With intensive use of females from them, you can get up to 200 kg of meat per year, and per kg. over, the skins from rabbits are used for sewing fur products.

At the same time, the feed consumed is very cheap: grass, hay, branches, compound feed, barley, crackers and root crops.

Think about how quickly they reproduce and how profitable it is to engage in rabbit breeding.

One cage. two rabbits

Also not the most desirable, but a more realistic option. Females are more loyal to each other. This is especially true for lop-eared rabbits (for example, the French sheep breed). Individuals with erect ears behave more aggressively. A fight can arise over a particularly tasty morsel of food and other nonsense. Although, in fairness, it should be said that examples of the peaceful coexistence of two rabbits are not so rare. There are cases of downright sisterly love, and sometimes neighbors simply ignore each other.

Sisters and mother and daughter get along well.

However, during the onset of sexual hunting in females, the aggressiveness of rabbits increases sharply, and here related feelings do not count.

It is best to keep females separately, but you can walk together.

One cage. two males

Many say that keeping two male rabbits in the same cage is okay if they are brothers. Well, until they are two and a half to three months old, this is quite possible. But then. grab some popcorn and get ready to watch real “hand-to-hand” fights.

The male will never concede his territory to the enemy, and will fight for it even with a close relative.

Even small three-month-old rabbits fight very desperately. Often, a bunny comes out of such a fight covered in blood. The long, soft ears of these bully are most often affected. Their rivals very actively flap each other so that the wool flies in tufts. And what will happen if there are two adult males in the same cage. you can imagine yourself.

Another common misconception is that if you put two castrated males together, they will peacefully live together. It’s not like that at all. Even non-reproductive rabbits will still figure out who is more important until one of them is seriously injured.

Is it possible to keep several rabbits in one cage?

Let’s say right away that it is better when each animal has its own separate dwelling.

Of course, this is not easy to provide on large farms, but on a private backyard it is quite possible. If the space of your rabbitry does not allow such a luxury, let’s try to figure out under what conditions several individuals can coexist in one cage.

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The main ways of keeping rabbits

Currently, the main systems for keeping rabbits are:

  • aviary;
  • in pits;
  • shedovaya;
  • cellular.

The first two methods are rarely used, since with such a content it is difficult to control the mating process of rabbits, as well as monitor the individual diet for each individual.

With the pit and open-air cage keeping, all animals are together, reproduce when they want, and eat the same food all together. With such types of keeping, the risk of inbreeding (inbreeding) increases significantly, which leads to the degeneration of the livestock. The advantage of these methods is their simplicity and the fact that animals in free conditions are much healthier than their counterparts kept in cages and sheds.

The shed method is used mainly for farms with a large number of livestock, since it significantly reduces labor costs for caring for animals, and also allows you to mechanize the processes of drinking and distributing feed.

With the shed system, one specialist is able to provide proper care for 130 females and 1,200 heads of unselected young animals without any problems.

Also, the advantage of this method is the ability to mechanize the process of harvesting rabbit excrement.

Keeping Two Rabbits Together (A Complete Guide)

The most popular in personal household plots and on small rabbit farms is the cage of these animals.

Animals in cages are easy to control, random mating is excluded, each individual can choose an individual diet, depending on its physiological state and health. Another advantage of keeping rabbits in cages is that you can keep the animals outdoors year-round (if the climate permits). In regions that are characterized by severe frosts in winter, the combined is most often used. in severe cold. the cells are transferred to the room, the rest of the time they stand outside.

Rabbit cages vary by breed. The larger the animals, the more living space they need.

  • cells should not be on the ground; they are usually placed on wooden supports at a height of at least 80 centimeters from the surface;
  • the volume of free space in the cages must comply with the norms determined for one animal (depending on its size);
  • the cages should be divided into two sections. walking and shelter; the second section should be equipped with a manhole located two centimeters from the floor of the cage;
  • the floor in the cages is made either mesh or slatted, and covered with a layer of straw litter on top;
  • the walls must also be protected from the teeth of these rodents (the same metal mesh is usually used);
  • roofs can be two and one-pitched, but they must be covered with roofing material or other protective coating;
  • the floor must be done with a slope of about 5 degrees (for the natural drainage of liquids;
  • young animals can be planted in two or three individuals in one cage;
  • adult males are best kept alone;
  • cages for pregnant or already given birth rabbits should be larger, the queen should be free to fit in them (nest for offspring); contain lactating and pregnant females also one individual per cage;
  • all cages must be equipped with drinkers and feeders, the design of which does not allow animals to contaminate and scatter feed and water.

Rabbit and rabbit are always together. is it right?

Despite the fact that rabbits are not such a difficult business, novice rabbit breeders, especially at first, have many questions. How to organize these animals correctly? How many rabbits can you keep in one cage? Do the male and the female get along?

In fact, there are much more such questions, since rabbit breeding, like any other domestic animals, has its own specifics.

One cell is a native of a heterosexual couple

The most interesting question: can a rabbit be constantly kept with a rabbit? Absolutely not!

and the Shvets and the reaper and the igrets on the tune

-skins 0% For no one needs skins in such a small amount, this is the first, and the second. for meat and skins are two completely different businesses! Can be compared to both broilers and laying hens.

-fur breeds I do not know at all examples of the use of rabbit fluff.

I would add to the costs of salary to workers, the cost of selling meat

The sale of young animals can be added to the profit.

Chiktonik instructions for use for birds

Chiktonik has high medicinal properties that affect the development and growth of poultry and contribute to an increase in resistance to infections.

Wet face in rabbits

Infectious stomatitis or “wet face”, a disease that manifests itself in young rabbits during lactation or after weaning from a rabbit.

Rabbit Drinker Sizes

I am a farmer.RU

How long to keep the rabbit before slaughter

Tamara Kurashvili Enlightened 1 year ago

Cut the rabbit into pieces at the joints, then cut the large pieces in half. In olive oil over high heat, fry pieces of rabbit on all sides DO brown crust, add and fry finely chopped onion until soft. Add spices and herbs, mix, after a minute add chopped tomatoes, after 5 minutes pour in wine, bring to a boil, cook covered for 1 hour over low heat. Then add pearl onions, cook for another 15-20 minutes. Serve with a fresh wheat loaf.

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Do-it-yourself rabbit mother’s bed

Rabbits are distinguished by their unpretentiousness, but certain but rather simple conditions are required for their mass breeding, maintenance and proper development. Conscientious owner.


A wonderful way, close to life in freedom. It is convenient to serve food here. Easy to clean. There is no need to be afraid that rabbits will spill water on themselves. There is no need to install automatic drinkers. In one place, they arrange a shed in case of bad weather. It is advisable to build a semblance of a stop for public transport so that those who wish to find protection from strong winds.

This territory is used from snow to snow, with the exception of rare snowless winters with severe frosts.

Good vs Bad Rabbit Cages

When choosing an aviary rabbits, one should not forget about predators. A good fence would be a metal mesh dug half a meter into the ground. Trees should not hang over it. The mesh is installed strictly vertically. Otherwise, there is a high probability of eating rabbits by cats, even their own, and other animals.

How to keep rabbits and how many animals can be kept in one cage

Novice rabbit breeders have many questions. One of the most important is how many rabbits can be safely kept in one cage. The size of the cage depends on this. Thanks to this knowledge, the adaptation period of an inexperienced business executive to these seemingly calm animals is reduced. Rabbits are like that, you just need to be able to handle them.

Main ways of keeping

Rabbits have been raised for meat for a long time, so there are several practices for organizing their life in a farm or household plots.


The first two named methods are rarely used. The most popular method, suitable for small, medium and large farms, is crate rabbits. Different materials are used for their construction:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal grid.

For lighting, in one wall, gaps are left between wooden slats or this side of the cage is made of metal mesh. The floor can be made of plastic mesh to drain urine. Installation of cages in two tiers saves space and time for maintenance.

They are widely used in farms, but they are also practical for small livestock. On both sides along the central aisle, there are even rows of cells in one or two tiers. The sectional arrangement allows for a local water supply for watering rabbits. It is convenient to make a common slide-out tray for quick and accurate manure removal. Other improvements are possible to make servicing rabbits easier and faster. Cell blocks are placed either indoors or under a canopy.


This is, in fact, a real house, only sunk into the ground. For the penetration of light, either gaps are left between the logs in the ground part of the structure, or windows are inserted. In addition to physical labor, the minimum material costs for the device for rolling from logs become a plus.

This is an isolated home for a family of mother and cubs or foster siblings. Light enters through a transparent cover, which can be removed in clear weather. Rabbits dig holes at their own discretion in any quantity. The temperature regime is almost the same as in the dugout. Convenient for rabbits, not very comfortable for human service. Descending into the pit a couple of times a day is not easy for everyone.

How many rabbits can you keep in one cage

The rabbit brings 6-9 babies. Up to 2-2.5 months, they can be kept in the same cage with their mother. For them at this age, 0.2 m 2 is enough for each. Add 0.4 m 2 to the rabbit. In a separate cage, mating is carried out. A pregnant female is kept in a cage alone until the very birth. For fattening, females are placed together separately, males separately. As many rabbits are housed in a cage as its area allows. They try to keep males 2-3.

What problems can you face

Rabbits are showdown lovers. Therefore, it is not always possible to keep several males in one cage. If they are connected when they are over 2 months old, they can fight constantly. In this case, pugnacious individuals are planted alone.

Females sort things out on the first day of acquaintance, usually without injury. Then they coexist quite peacefully. In order to avoid conflicts between rabbits, it is better to keep together either females or males of the same litter.