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How many times a day should you walk your dog

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Disposal of animal excrement and other waste

By law, the owner of the dog must clean up the waste after him. However, when implementing the law, difficulties arise, since this type of waste must be disposed of separately from household.

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Boxes for disposal of animal excrement

This means that it is forbidden to throw faeces into a regular container that is installed outdoors. In this regard, special boxes with appropriate signs appear in large cities, but so far this is a rarity.

What to do with the dog so that she is not bored on a walk

So that during walks the pet does not get bored, it is recommended to come up with active activities for him. Cynologists recommend combining the free movement of the pet with the training of various commands. The most suitable outdoor games include picking up or playing Frisbee with a flying disc.

An interesting and well-developing exercise is the retrieval. The main requirement is to practice on a flat and preferably soft surface. For a small puppy, the distances should be small, it is better to just increase the number of repetitions. The owner’s goal is for the pet to learn to always, without exception, bring and give game items.

Note! Fetching is an integral part of the general training course.

If the pet is aggressive or antisocial, then for a while it is recommended to refrain from walking in the neighborhood with other dogs. If both animals have leadership qualities, then it can be difficult to separate them.

What breeds of dogs should you wear a muzzle

Small dog breeds, such as Yorkies or Spitz dogs, can be walked without a muzzle. This article applies to potentially dangerous dog breeds, which, according to the new law, are treated as breeds that pose a potential threat to human health and life.

A complete list of dog breeds that pose a threat (according to Government Decree 74 of July 29, 2019):

  • akbash;
  • wolfdogs and wolf-dog hybrids;
  • ambuldog;
  • North Caucasian dogs;
  • American bandog;
  • pit bullmastiff;
  • brazilian bulldog;
  • gul-dong;
  • Alapakh purebred bulldog (otto);
  • bandog;
  • bully kuta.

Expansion of the list is expected, since it is planned to add a total of about 70 different breeds to it.

Dog walking law in force

and dog walking in public places is regulated not by one but by several laws. Today in Russia there is a whole set of rules that establish not only responsibilities, but also the rights of dog owners.

The Federal Law is not yet fully operational. Many clauses officially come into force only from January 1, 2020. We are talking about the prohibition of walking a potentially dangerous breed without a leash and a muzzle, regardless of location.

Current laws on keeping and walking

Also, January 1, 2020 will become a kind of frontier for people who have or want to have representatives of prohibited breeds. If the dog was acquired before January 1, then it must be kept until the moment of its natural death.

Note! The new law does not include rules for paying taxes on pets. It does not contain requirements for mandatory chipping.

How many times a day do you need to walk the dog

The optimal frequency of walks per day is two times with an interval of no more than 12 hours. In the course of research, it was found that this break for the administration of natural needs is not capable of causing damage to the health of the animal. Therefore, more frequent walks for healthy adult pets are irrelevant.

But it is important to understand that everything is individual, and each pet is unique. Some owners take their dog out for the first time in the early morning. The second time they go for a walk at lunchtime, so that in the evening they can calmly deal with household issues, and the pet did not get bored in the company with all the household.

Note! If the dog has problems with the genitourinary or nervous system, then the frequency of walks can increase up to 3-4 times a day.

It is recommended to walk with puppies at intervals of no more than 2-3 hours. This is due to the fact that, for physiological reasons, the pet cannot stand for a long time, and it will simply be unfair to scold him. After a few months, small dogs get used to walking at long intervals.

How long does it take to walk the dog per day by time

For mature, calm and decorative dogs, it is enough to spend no more than two hours in the fresh air per day. These breeds include:

  • Yorkshire Terrier,
  • spitz,
  • chihuahua,
  • toy terrier and others.

For young and active dogs, the time increases to 3-4 hours. This rule is relevant for such breeds:

  • husky,
  • English watchdog,
  • Moscow watchdog, etc.

Physical intense exercise should be an integral part of sled dog walking.

As a rule, the duration of the morning walk is somewhat shorter. The average duration is 30-40 minutes. In the evening, the pastime should be more detailed, during the walk, the dog should spend all the energy that has accumulated during the day. This guarantees her, and all household members, a calm healthy sleep.

Walking rules

During a walk, it is necessary that the dog has time to do the following:

  • Work through several commands and, after executing them, get a treat.
  • To relieve natural need.
  • Walk a short distance next to the owner, not paying attention to the surrounding dogs and people.
  • Run at least 2-3 times, the duration of each sprint is approximately 5-10 minutes.

What dogs playing on the court look like

Important! The duration of the dog’s walk and the types of activity directly depend on the breed and age of the pet.

Where and how to walk the dog

The days when domestic animals of any breed and size could be walked anywhere are gone. Now the law on keeping and walking dogs is in force in the country. It regulates all the rights and obligations of owners and animals.

The law was passed back in 2009. And his various articles on the territory of various subjects of the federation have been somewhat modified. As well as the amount of fines for offenses.

Often inexperienced owners wonder if it is possible to walk a dog without a muzzle.

Paired with the word muzzle is usually the combination “big dog” (we are talking about guard, fighting breeds). Or any species whose height at the withers exceeds 45 cm.

Whoever does not walk the dog in a muzzle pays a fine. over, ordinary citizens who violate this rule will pay 1,000 rubles, and state officials are obliged to pay 3,000 for the same offense.

But even having dressed the dog in protection, you cannot appear with him on the playground or the beach, as well as in the cemetery and in the area of ​​the educational (kindergarten, school) or medical institution, this also includes the courtyards of multi-storey buildings and industrial zones. These are the top places where you can’t walk your dogs.

But still there are several places where large dogs can frolic without a muzzle. For these purposes, there are specially equipped areas, fenced, as well as wastelands, if the owner guarantees the safety of everyone around.

specialized sites were built only in the largest cities of the country: Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in some million-plus cities. The rest of the dog breeders need to try very hard to walk the dog in our country according to the law.

It remains to stroll through the squares and parks, but do it very carefully, because they often have playgrounds, and even if not, there are still enough kids in each park.

You will have to pay a fine for the dog even if you do not clean up the feces after it. Such an offense is estimated at 500-1000 rubles.

How many times a day do you need to walk the dog:

The answer to this question depends on the breed and age of your pet. Puppies need to be walked as often as possible to instill this habit in them. At least 3-4 times a day: after feeding and after sleeping, if possible, increase the number up to 7 times a day. It is advisable to walk young dogs (up to 1 year old) about 3 times a day. Adults (from the age of 1 year) are able to relieve themselves only twice a day.

In summer, each walk should be at least 20 minutes so that the pet has time to frolic and chat with other dogs. In winter, the duration of walks should be reduced to 10-15 minutes, this time is enough for the animal to complete its main task and not freeze in the cold.

Many aspiring dog lovers ponder when to walk their dog: before or after meals. There is no consensus on this issue. After all, it all depends on the metabolism of your dog. Some specimens need several hours to digest food, while others take about a day. Gradually, you will be able to navigate your pet’s biological clock and develop a daily routine for him. But at first, most likely, you will have to act by trial and error.

Nevertheless, most dog breeders are inclined to believe that it is correct to walk the dog 3-4 hours after it has eaten. over, the meal should preferably be the only one. The dog should not be fed several times a day, its stomach is arranged differently and full nutrition once a day is enough for it.

If you feed the dog after work in the period from 17.00 to 19.00, then adding 4 hours gives the time of one of the walks (night): at 21.00 or 23.00, respectively. After that, the dog’s body is able to endure the urge to empty during the night. until the morning walk at 7.00 or 8.00. And with a young dog (up to a year), it is advisable to take a walk at lunchtime (from 14.00 to 16.00). Here is the answer to the question: how many times to walk the dog.

If you don’t want to get up early on the weekend, try to walk the dog as late as possible the night before. But no one can guarantee that on Sunday morning he will not begin to whine plaintively at your bedroom door, or even worse: cross himself and run around the apartment.

If you do not have time to walk the dog the required number of times a day, the “walker” will do it for you. Tariffs and rates for representatives of this profession are different. For example, according to the website dog-walk.ru, 45 minutes of walking your dog with a service worker will cost 490 rubles. Someone from a professional team of dog handlers, veterinarians, photographers, etc. will walk with your pet.

How to properly walk your dog and how much?

Often in parks, squares, stadiums and in many other crowded places you can meet a lady with a cute miniature dog (usually a Pomeranian or Chihuahua), a married couple with a stately shepherd dog, a serious athlete with a Rottweiler or Doberman the list goes on and on. What time you don’t come to the park. anyway, someone will walk the dog.

Only a person who is very far from the animal world will not understand why he watches this exhibition of domestic animals every day. Fortunately or unfortunately, walking a dog is a vital necessity, without having accustomed both the dog and yourself to it in time, you can then, for many years, stumble upon “surprises” from a four-legged friend in an apartment.

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In this article we will tell how to walk your dog and at what time, as well as give the basic rules that need to be adhered to along the way. After all, accustoming to walking is one of the main postulates in the upbringing of a young individual.

Tips for novice dog breeders

Unfortunately, it often happens that when buying a dog, family members almost fight for the opportunity to walk with a newly acquired Rex or Jack. And after a while, the enthusiasm diminishes considerably. Not everyone is ready for the sake of a smaller brother to rebuild their daily routine: get up earlier, go to bed later, spend several hours daily on those very walks in parks and squares.

Relatives are starting to complain more and more about how often they need to walk the dog and they are unlikely to be able to do it regularly. Therefore, they do not allow their children to have a pet, knowing that the doggie will not wait for sensible care from them anyway. But, if you still believe that you can become a responsible person, then our tips will help you.

Before going for a walk, put on a collar, leash, muzzle on the dog. Over time, the animal will begin to realize that if you pick up the leash, it’s time to walk. By the way, the use of characteristic phrases also plays a role, so pull the leash over yourself and say loudly and clearly: “Take a walk!”.

Keep talking to your pet throughout the route. Use a stern, commanding voice if your dog is playing around or behaving aggressively. If the dog is obedient and friendly, do not skimp on praises: “well done”, “good”, etc.

Remember that the collar should be tight, but not tight. 1-2 fingers should pass between the product and the dog’s neck.

Determine in advance whether the dog will be on the right or left side of you. It is not recommended to change sides from walk to walk. You must decide on which side it is more comfortable and convenient for you to be, so that if something happens, delay the dog. If the pet is constantly rushing to the side, you need to learn with him the command: “Near!”, While pulling the leash so that the dog is in the specified place.

When you train a young dog to walk on a daily basis, remember to encourage him from time to time. But do it in such a way that the pet understands that he received a treat, because he behaved well, for example, he did not pull the leash strongly on himself and immediately received a treat. If there is nothing tasty with you, then just stroke the dog, so he will feel your love.

Try to change your route regularly. First, you yourself will discover new places. Secondly, the dog will be able to remember as many paths to the house as possible and, if it ever gets lost, it will have more chances to find its home. But do this only after the dog has learned the basic route. Otherwise, she will be nervous and worried that something went wrong.

Do not walk in hot weather. In summer, the asphalt gets very hot and your pet’s feet will be hot. Before you go for a walk: test the asphalt with your palm. This will save your friend from getting burned. Dogs are also susceptible to heatstroke, so be very careful during summer walks.

Owners of very active dogs always carry a spray bottle with them. So that on occasion it is easy to cool the ardor of a pet.

What kind of dogs should not be walked

Yes, you read that correctly. There are dog breeds that do not require daily walks. It is not difficult to guess that these include representatives of small or even dwarf breeds. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Japanese Chin, Shih Tzu, and the pug that is on this list. all of them are able to relieve themselves in the litter box. Well, of course, it’s better to accustom them to this from the very puppy childhood.

Pugs are so lazy that they leave their bed only on two occasions: to eat and to get rid of what they ate. Representatives of dwarf breeds are more active, but they quench their thirst for communication, being in an apartment with the owners. A few laps around the room will exhaust the 5-kilogram spitz and it is not at all necessary to go out with him every day. Walking of these breeds. made at will.

Even the smallest and laziest doggie needs physical activity in nature, in communication with other “tailed” ones, so walk your pet a couple of times a week. over, those around them are very loyal to small dogs, they have rather positive feelings towards them. And the owners of small breeds do not have to worry about the muzzle.

Regardless of the breed and size of the dog, but depending on your mood and mood, daily or weekly walks with your dog can be very bright, fun and positive experiences. Your desire to study with your four-legged friend will bear fruit and you will definitely develop the perfect formula for walking with your pet.

What the law says about walking dogs?

Even having figured out whether it is possible to walk the dog without a muzzle, careless owners refuse to comply with the requirements of the authorities. It is necessary to study what will happen for violation of the rules of walking dogs. According to the new amendments for 2020, any mistakes are punishable by a monetary fine, for example, there is a fine for walking the dog without a muzzle in crowded places. In some cases, if a person is injured, the owner of the dog will face criminal liability. Among the common violations associated with walking a pet:

  • Set a pet on people or animals, provoke its aggression.
  • Walking pets in the wrong places, that is, where they are potentially dangerous to humans.
  • Walk dogs within a radius of 25 meters from the wrong places, if the local act does not contradict this.
  • To walk animals weighing from 15 kilograms to persons under 14 years old or in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

By law, a person must lead a dog only on a leash, the length of which allows you to control its actions. Also, one person cannot walk with more than two individuals. And the size of the animal does not matter here. This last rule is most often ignored by breeders, especially owners of private dog breeding clubs.

What breeds should be muzzled?

Dogs that, according to stereotypes, do not need to be walked, do not even need to be accustomed to muzzles. But ideally, all other pets should walk in them. Many factors can provoke aggression or fear: the appearance of strangers, drunk people, cars, bicycles. it is impossible to predict how this will affect the behavior of even a well-mannered individual. In some cities, this is prescribed by local legislation. For example, you cannot walk or simply walk dogs without special accessories in the following places:

It is because of the strict rules that sometimes exist in other localities, teach your pet to muzzle in parallel with the leash. Otherwise, it will not be possible to legally walk a large pet in green areas. But medium breeds, which have an accurate height at the withers below the knee, can be freely outside the house and far from people without a muzzle. In 2019, the Government established a list of breeds that should always be walked in protective ammunition. Animal rights activists argued with this decision for a long time, but it is still in force. It includes:

  • akbash;
  • ambuldog;
  • American bandog;
  • brazilian bulldog;
  • Bully Kutta;
  • bandog;
  • wolfdogs;
  • gul-dong;
  • Caucasian guard or fighting breeds;
  • otto;
  • pit bullmastiff;
  • hybrids included in the list of breeds in the first, second generation.

How long should the walk last?

What is the correct way to walk a dog depending on its age? Yes, and this parameter affects how long walks your pet should take. Veterinarians say that you need to pay attention to the physical condition of the pet. Well, if the animal is completely healthy, the norms are as follows:

  • An adult must walk until it does its job.
  • The puppy should walk for 15-30 minutes at a time, as the pet grows, more minutes should be added.
  • You need to walk an elderly four-legged pet from a quarter of an hour.

Where can you walk your dog?

Places for walking with pets are not as rigidly standardized in Russia as in Europe and the United States of America. The fact is that there are almost no special areas for walking in large cities, let alone in the provinces. But, according to the law, the following are suitable for walking a pet on a leash or without it:

  • green areas and plantings;
  • parks, forest parks;
  • specialized areas for walking dogs.

Walking the dogs on the playground, due to which there are frequent scandals between neighbors, is strictly prohibited. However, there is a subtlety: only an area enclosed by a fence and provided with a special playground for children is considered a playground. So not every yard can be considered a playground, therefore, it is forbidden for dog breeders to appear there. You cannot also appear with animals at children’s educational institutions, health care institutions or at a distance of up to 25 meters from them.

How Often Should You WALK YOUR DOG. Daily Exercise Tips

Disposal of animal secretions

The law on walking dogs in Russia also regulates the cleaning of animals. Leftover faeces near residential or work buildings can poison the environment. So cleaning the waste products of a pet is the responsibility of any owner. According to Russian law, the owner is fined for refusing to remove pet feces. Cleaning is quite simple: just pack the feces in a plastic bag and throw it in a waste collection area. If there is a separate collection, you need to throw it off in “Organic”.

Fortunately for pet owners, there are places where you don’t need to clean up. If you took your pet out into the countryside or are outside the city, village or other official settlement, the bags will not be useful. By the way, protected areas are also among the places where there is no need for cleaning. But if a person considers it necessary, you can collect waste. They also need to be thrown out in a specialized area. That is why most of the owners justify the refusal of cleaning outside settlements by the fact that the dog’s feces are biodegradable.

Dog walking rules

The rules for walking pets within a settlement are standardized by the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. For example, it spelled out what is required for walking fighting dogs without a muzzle, for attacking other animals or people. It is the legislation that helps to understand where it is allowed to walk and what to do with the pet’s organic secretions.

How many times a day should you walk your dog?

Adult pets need to be walked at least twice a day, otherwise walking the dogs will simply not be beneficial. But puppies have less control over their excretory system, so the number of walks for them should be increased to three or four. According to the generally accepted rules for walking dogs in the city or in the countryside, it is permissible for older pets to walk less. Judiciously assess the physical condition, endurance of the dog and the features of his joints, so as not to bring discomfort into his life and not to worsen his health.

Are there breeds that you can not walk?

Most small breeds tire quickly. This is due to their anatomical features and the inability to travel long distances due to the altered respiratory system. Many breeders believe that such pets should not walk. They really quickly get used to trays and calmly perceive being in an apartment.

But dog handlers are against locking the dog in four walls. In order for him to have a stable psyche, he needs to communicate with other animals, get acquainted with people. Stopping walking the dog, you will get a malicious animal with a nervous character, increased anxiety and an inability to adequately respond to all living things.

The list of dogs for walking in a muzzle deserves a separate mention. Despite the fact that you may feel sorry for the dog and not want to put an accessory on it, you cannot refuse a representative of an aggressive breed to walk. It is especially important for such animals to spend at least an hour or two outside. Otherwise, the dog’s health will deteriorate. As a result, the pet will become not resistant to stress, unable to interact with other animals. He is also capable of lazyness and physical inactivity, which will lead to problems with muscles and joints.

How many times a day do you need to walk the dog

How often should you walk your dog? This question is asked by many people who decide to have a puppy for the first time. After all, walking is an important part of a pet’s life.

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Puppies can only be walked after all the necessary vaccinations have been made. Before that, you can walk with the puppy only in the country or in a private house where there is a plot. The main thing is that the pet does not come into contact with other animals.

After vaccinations, the puppies walk 4-5 times a day, little by little. Toddlers cannot control urination and pee at home. You need to walk with adult dogs as often as possible and preferably as long as possible.

Puppies can only be walked after all the necessary vaccinations have been made

How Often Should I Walk My Dog? Good Dog Tube

The main thing is to go outside in the mornings and evenings so that the dog will relieve its natural need. For this, 20-30 minutes is enough. With this mode, it is worth going out in the afternoon and walking for 1-1.5 hours.

If morning and evening walks last for an hour, then you can not go out during the day. It is important that the dog gets tired during the walk.

The more often a four-legged friend goes outside, the better for his well-being.

Why Walking Your Dog Is Good

Walking is useful not only for doggies, but also for the owners themselves. If, when it’s warm, you still want to go outside, then with the onset of cold weather this desire becomes less and less. But dog lovers leave the house even in the rain, even in the snow. This, in turn, increases immunity, strengthens the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, and reduces the risk of developing varicose veins. This is especially useful for those people who have a sedentary job and spend a lot of time at the computer.

What else can be the benefit of walking together??

How much do you need to walk the dog. once a day and the duration of the walks

Regardless of the breed, size or nature of the dog, daily walks are vital for the pet. It’s not just that dogs need to relieve themselves, but also that these animals need physical activity and the need to sniff new places.

These animals need physical activity.

How long does it take to walk the dog

The duration of the walks is not limited. Walking can last as long as it takes for the dog to walk up. Young healthy animals can spend several hours outside. Puppies, pregnant and elderly dogs walk less because they get tired faster. Such pets should not overexert themselves, this will not lead to anything good.

Why Owners Don’t Walk Their Dogs Enough

It’s hard to say why some owners don’t walk with their four-legged friends as long as they need to. The reason depends on each individual. Many people have dogs mindlessly because they want to or because it’s a cute little puppy.

But the animal has its own needs, and if a person is not ready to sacrifice personal free time, go outside in rain, snow or frost, get up early before work and go for a walk with the dog after work, then he should not start it.

Without proper physical activity, the pet’s energy will be spent in an unnecessary direction.

Someone may think that walking for 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening will be enough, and then questions arise as to why the dog gnawed all the furniture and shoes in the house. Without proper physical activity, the pet’s energy will splash out just like this. And don’t blame the dog for that. Only the owner is to blame for this.

Depending on the breed

How many times a day you walk your dog also depends on the breed. For example, decorative Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, pugs and other small dogs do not need long walks. over, these breeds do not need to go out on a daily basis. Representatives of these varieties can be trained to walk in the tray at home. True, it is advisable to do this from childhood, as soon as the puppy appeared in the house.

Pugs are lazy in nature and sometimes do not even want to get up from their couch. Miniature dogs have enough activity at home (especially if it is large) and games with the owner. For a small chihuahua, it is enough to run a couple of laps around the house to make her tired and fall asleep.

Hunting dogs such as beagles, jack russell terriers, spaniels, dachshunds need a lot of walking. The longer they are, the better. This also applies to mestizos. If one of the parents was a hunting dog, then the physical activity should be great.

Large dogs such as Labradors, Retrievers, Shepherds, Pit Bulls also need extended outdoor play and active play.

Nevertheless, even if a small breed dog lives in the house, a couple of times a week he needs to be allowed to go out into the fresh air in order to communicate with relatives and smell new smells.

Walking length and age

First of all, in order to understand how much physical activity an animal needs, it is important to pay attention to age.

How much you need to walk the dog, depending on age:

  • With puppies after vaccination, you need to walk for 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day.
  • From 6 months, the duration of the walk increases. 2-3 walks for 30-50 minutes are enough.
  • From 1 year of age, there comes a period when the body is practically formed and physical activity is at its peak. On the street you need to spend at least 2-2.5 hours. This time can be split into several walks.
  • Pregnant dogs are allowed to walk as much as non-pregnant dogs, but without active games, jumping. You can also slightly reduce the duration of the walk. If there are any problems and contraindications, you should consult a veterinarian on this issue.
  • Elderly and sick pets should not walk a lot. Better to go out more often, but not for long. Again, if there are any diseases for which you need to limit physical activity, you do not need to force the dog to walk often.

How long does it take to walk the dog?

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friends. There are few people in the world who would be indifferent to these cheerful and devoted creatures. However, the need for daily walks with a pet, regardless of weather conditions, often makes you abandon the idea of ​​having a four-legged friend. But is it worth thinking so categorically? In our article we will talk about the place that walks take in a dog’s life and how often you need to walk with your pet.

Pets need daily walks for their well-being and good health. It is not enough to take your pet out into the street just for him to do his business, and immediately start him home. This does not provide the dog with physical activity and does not provide any benefit. However, it would also be wrong to say that at least 2 walks of at least an hour are needed every day, because everything in this matter depends on the breed, age and individual characteristics.

Some breeds of dogs (huskies, greyhounds, border terriers, etc.) need not only daily long active walks, but also frequent trips to nature. In general, the life of the brightest representatives of hunting breeds cannot be called complete without hunting, and if you are looking for a pet exclusively for the soul, then huskies, greyhounds and other similar breeds should be excluded from the list.

As a rule, walking an active dog (labradors, retrievers, dachshunds, all terriers, setters, Dobermans, German shepherds, etc.) is recommended 2 times a day (morning and evening) for 1 hour. During a walk, you need not only to lead the animal on a leash, but also be sure to play with it, go through obstacles, engage in training. in a word, provoke both mental and physical work. And it’s not just a whim. Physical activity is necessary for active dogs to develop and strengthen their immunity, while their absence can lead to health problems (in particular, to overweight and heart disease) and even behavioral abnormalities.

After a good walk, the pet returns home happy and a little tired. He falls asleep well and, having already splashed out energy on the street, does not seek to create chaos at home.

Dogs with a calm temperament, such as the Napoletano Mastino, French Bulldog, Great Dane, Basset Hound, etc., also need long walks, but with moderate physical activity. Fast running, energetic jumps and a variety of games are useless. They will be happy to play one game with the owner, and the rest of the time they will enjoy a sedate walk in their favorite park. Therefore, if you are a connoisseur of calmness, such a dog will be the best choice for you.

If it is not possible to spend a long time on walks every day, this does not mean that the idea of ​​having a dog will definitely have to be abandoned. Make a choice in favor of decorative breeds that do not need long walks (Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Japanese Chin, Papillon, etc.). Miniature dogs can be taught to use a tray at all, they will be quite enough for 20 minutes in the fresh air a day.

Thus, the duration, quality and quantity of walks depends entirely on the breed and individual characteristics of the dog. When making a four-legged friend, you need to familiarize yourself with information about the breed in detail, talk to the breeder and owners of animals of the same breed. Recommendations for walks based on individual characteristics and health conditions will be provided by a veterinarian.

How many times do you need to walk the dog

Newly made dog owners often get lost when faced with the problem of how many times they need to walk the dog. This is a purely individual matter. you need to take into account the breed and, most importantly, the age of the pet.

The younger the dog, the more often it goes to the toilet and, therefore, the more it needs to be taken out into the yard. 2. 3-month-old puppies should be walked at least 4. 6 times a day, you can hatch up to 7. 8 times. Gradually, the number of walks is gradually reduced, and the duration, respectively, is increased.

Thus, young dogs under the age of one year should be removed at least 3 times a day. From the age of one, the dogs are walked at least 2 times. in the morning and in the evening. Less often it is impossible.

The duration of the walks is different for each dog. The younger the dog, the faster it gets tired and needs to rest. So, small puppies need 15. 20 minutes for each walk, as they grow, you need to increase the duration of the exercise to 1.5. 2 hours.

Representatives of service, hunting and hound breeds are especially demanding for long walks. For some breeds, long walks are not so important, since decorative dogs (small and large) do not need strong physical exertion, and some may even be overworked. But in general, a dog cannot be walked without a walk.

In addition to the question of how many times a day to walk the dog, you need to know when you can take your pet out. before or after meals. Some owners are confused about this, but the correct regime is very important for the well-functioning of the body and, accordingly, for the health and well-being of the dog. You need to walk the dog before eating, or 4-6 hours after eating.

This is due to the fact that exercise with a full stomach is dangerous to the health and even life of the dog. Volvulus of the intestine and stomach may occur, which requires immediate treatment, often surgery.

Each dog takes a different amount of time to digest food, so the owner must follow the pet and understand its biorhythms to ensure a suitable schedule. It is optimal to walk with the dog when he has already digested the food and is ready to go to the toilet. After the walk, you need to feed the dog, but not immediately, but after half an hour. an hour, so that the dog has time to rest.

It is necessary to feed an adult pet 1. 2 times a day. Better in the morning and in the evening, and if the owner prefers one-time feeding, then in the evening.

Over time, the dog’s body will get used to the regime and will independently activate the processes in time, and the owner will be comfortable adhering to the selected schedule.

Walking for sick dogs

As for the exercise of sick and recovering pets, it is imperative to consult a veterinarian. So, for example, with some diseases of the CVS, the musculoskeletal system, it is necessary for the dogs to move, but it is impossible to overwork and do a lot of exercises.

If the pet is tired, feels unwell and lies down, you should not torment him and force him to continue on his way. You need to give the dog a rest and recuperate. You should wait until the pet gets better, praise and encourage him, carefully monitoring and assessing the condition of the dog.

There is no need to restrict a sick dog from the street, if there are no special instructions for that. even resting in the fresh air is more useful than sitting at home all day.

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It is better for young and frisky dogs, injured and undergoing treatment, to walk on a leash. They are often forgotten, being distracted by many interesting distractions on the street, because they strive to create forbidden maneuvers, which can easily harm themselves.

What kind of dogs you can not walk

It should be noted right away that there is no such breed of dog that does not need to be walked at all. However, small dogs. Chihuahua, Japanese Chin, Miniature Pinscher, Toy Terrier, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, as well as lazy pugs quickly get tired during physical exertion, and they themselves often do not burn with the desire to go out into the yard.

Such dogs can be taken out much less often, allowing, if necessary, to sit at home for several days. To avoid unpleasant situations, you need to teach couch potatoes to relieve themselves in a tray, diaper or other special toilet for dogs.

It is worth remembering that having completely stopped taking the pet out into the street, the owner risks getting a malicious, scandalous dog over time, having problems not only with the psyche, but also with physical health. Without socialization and receiving information from the yard, dogs deteriorate in character, phobias and psychoses occur. Therefore, the question of how many times a day to walk the dog is important for the owners of all, even the smallest and laziest dogs.

Do I need to walk small dogs

Small and dwarf canine breeds just need to wind a couple of circles around the dining table to get tired. For this reason, most owners do not bother to walk such dogs, acquiring only toys and trays for them. However, running and frolicking for little pets in the fresh air, jumping on the grass, and in winter. snowballing is very useful.

For hounds, hunting, service dogs, daily active walks are simply vital. You shouldn’t even have such a dog if the owner is always busy or simply does not have the desire to tinker with the pet, take out and train it daily.

How to walk your dog properly

In the first days, weeks after the appearance of a new four-legged family member, the owners are happy to present the dog with care and attention. Everyone tries to make sure that the puppy is not hungry, everyone is in a hurry to walk and redeem. But, unfortunately, in most cases, this enthusiasm quickly fades away, and the owners get tired of playing with their pet.

Not everyone wants to spend time on the same manipulations, adjust their daily routine for a small fluffy lump and just feel responsible to the pet.

For this reason, forward-thinking people often refuse to have a dog, no matter how strong the desire or request of the children may be. But those who nevertheless give an account of their capabilities and understand that they can provide the pet with the necessary care, must understand all the issues of maintenance, in particular, how and how many times to walk the dog.

Before the owner is going to take the dog out, you need to put on the necessary set of ammunition. a collar or harness, a leash, a muzzle. Be sure to praise and encourage your pet at this moment, so that he feels a good mood.

It is useful to reinforce what is happening with sound commands “Walk!” or “Out into the street!” or interpretations. Gradually, the puppy will learn to associate such actions with subsequent walking and will behave correctly on command.

It is important to have constant contact with your dog while walking. It is good to talk with a four-legged friend throughout the entire route. to call his name affably and affectionately, just to tell something so that the dog can hear the master’s voice. In case of disobedience, it is necessary, raising the tone, strictly reprimand the puppy and direct his energy in the right direction.

You need to have a main main route. After confidently mastering it, it is useful to change the walking paths in order to expand the walking area, discover new interesting places and explore the maximum number of paths to the house. There is no need to abruptly change the route so that the dog does not feel confusion and fright from sudden new places.

In the heat, you need to protect the dog from overheating and burns, in the cold. from freezing. For this, clothes save. In summer, it is good to put on a special panama hat or a cap made for dogs on the head of your pet, and in winter. overalls, jackets and other warm things. Also, dog shoes will save paws from hot asphalt in summer and cold snow in winter.

It is only important not to go too far and not wrap up the pet once again. Still, the most natural appearance of the dog is the most useful. Therefore, the characteristics of the breed are taken into account.

How many times a day to walk the dog

Walking the dog is a mandatory aspect of keeping a four-legged friend. A pet needs to do their job, run around to plenty, gain new information in the form of fresh smells and the like. In addition, for the owner, walking the pet is also of great importance. without this, you will have to clean up the pet’s waste products in the house on a daily basis, train the dog in a confined space, which is very inconvenient and impractical and endure pranks in the form of damage to property, which will certainly arise if the pet is not allowed into the yard.

Every day we come across many dog ​​owners walking their four-legged friends. little Pekingese and lapdogs, strong bulldogs and Rottweilers, proud Dobermans and shepherds, cute Labradors and setters.

The variety and number of dogs amazes and pleases, but not everyone understands how to deal with a pet, where, how and how many times a day to walk the dog. Therefore, it is important to understand the rules for walking your pet.

Walking the dog during estrus or pregnancy

Bitches need walks during estrus as they always do. over, the exercise can even be delayed, because the enlarged genitals during estrus provoke more frequent and more abundant going to the toilet. However, in order to avoid unwanted increased attention of males, and even more so unnecessary mating, it is useful to change the route, choosing a less crowded one, as well as the time of walking in order to meet fewer dogs. You will have to take your pet on a leash, without letting go.

Proper physical activity is very important for pregnant bitches. You need to carefully assess her condition in order to determine how many times a day to walk the dog. You can not chase the pet and allow it to overwork, but measured walking will be useful.

For obese and already lactating dogs, a feasible exercise is useful. It is necessary even more often than usual to take her out into the yard, but the time spent on the street should be reduced to 20. 30 minutes.

Seasonal walking

In the summer heat, it is better to move the dog for a walk to a cooler time: take it out early in the morning, and later in the evening. Even a puppy (especially a black one) should not be taken outside on a sultry afternoon. In winter, on the contrary, you can shift (if possible) walks to a lighter and warmer time. Later in the morning and earlier in the evening. In severe frosts, it is better not to walk with the dog for a long time, short-haired breeds need to be worn.

Nevertheless, it is not worth starting active games in the searing frost so that the dog does not overheat in clothes and does not breathe intensely cold air.

How much to walk with dogs of different breeds

Representatives of small breeds, such as Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, are often taught by the owners to go to the toilet in the house in the tray. But that doesn’t mean these dogs don’t need a walk. They also need to be taken out to fresh air and allowed to run, otherwise the dog is at risk of obesity.

Representatives of active breeds: hunting dogs, service dogs and athletes need not only walks, but also mandatory special exercises on the site, where they can use up enough energy and train.

Walking a sick dog

In case of health problems (chronic or in the moments of recovery) about the peculiarities of walking, you should consult your doctor. Animals suffering from cardiovascular diseases and obesity should not move vigorously. However, movement is necessary for them.

Therefore, such dogs are walked for a long time, but walking slowly in a calm rhythm. An animal with joint and spinal problems can be painful every step and therefore it is better to allow the dog to walk in the rhythm that it chooses. Let it even just lie on fresh grass for half an hour. It will be more useful than lying in an apartment.

During the recovery period after injuries and surgeries, the dog should not be physically loaded and take care of careful dressing and protection of wounds before going outside. If the dog is young and loves to play, it is better to walk it on a leash until complete recovery.

How many times and how long does it take to walk the dog?

How long to walk the dog? This question worries all owners, without exception. Walking is extremely important for the domestic dog. At this time, she not only sends natural needs, but also goes in for sports, makes new acquaintances, communicates, studies the world.

However, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question: “How long does it take to walk the dog.” It depends on many factors:

  • animal age,
  • breed,
  • his state of health,
  • weather and stuff

So that walking does not turn into an unpleasant duty, it is better to learn how to enjoy walks with your dog: go in for sports, explore new territories, play active games.

Walking at different ages

Cynologists advise to walk an adult animal three to four times a day. Although many owners, who have no one in the family to take the dog out for lunch, walk it twice: in the morning and in the evening. The morning walk, as a rule, is shorter. about half an hour, and the evening walk should be at least one and a half hours. In addition, it is advisable to go out with a pet to nature for several hours on weekends.

With puppies up to six months, you need to walk every two to three hours. The more often you take your puppy out, the sooner he learns to go to the toilet outside. After six months, the amount of walking can be reduced by adding time for the dog to frolic properly. If the puppy walks enough, he behaves much calmer at home: he chews less furniture, howls and runs around the house.

The fact is that it is during walks that the puppy’s nervous system develops correctly. Getting to know the world, he socializes faster and more correctly and becomes less fearful.

How much to walk the dog during estrus and pregnancy

Due to the fact that the cables are far away from the flowing bitch and are very worried about this, some owners of the “girls” try to walk less time during this period. Of course, at the first stage of estrus, the dog becomes lethargic, plays less, it may not want to walk for a long time.

But the owner should not restrict the animal in movement, which is so necessary especially for apartment dogs. In addition, the reproductive organs of the dog during this period increase in volume and put pressure on the organs of the genitourinary system, which may require a longer walk than usual.

It is better to change the time of going out for a walk and take the dog out either earlier or later than the period when most of the dogs are walking. It is also worth changing the usual walking routes, trying not to appear on the grounds where dogs walk. In the second week and until the very end of estrus, the bitch needs to be walked only on a leash.

A pregnant dog needs good walks too. The animal should not be physically loaded, you need to cancel sports training, but it should go through quite a lot. This is useful for both the cardiovascular system and future puppies. A bitch who has just had puppies is best taken out into the street not twice a day, but as often as possible: three or four, but not for long. about 20 minutes. It is better to put her in protective clothing so as not to damage the nipples.