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How many times to feed a husky per year

Advantages and disadvantages

Like a natural diet, a diet based on industrial feed has a number of advantages, but it is also not without its disadvantages.

  • balanced composition, enriched with vitamins and minerals;
  • the ability to buy food for future use;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • the presence on the packaging of information about the daily consumption rate;
  • saving time and effort on preparing food and drawing up a diet;
  • assortment that allows you to choose food taking into account the age of the puppy.

In addition, the special composition, which coated the dry food granules, helps to clean the husky’s teeth.

Disadvantages of industrial feed:

  • lack of liquid in food, if we are not talking about wet food;
  • the possibility of using low-quality meat and meat waste for the manufacture of feed;
  • the likelihood of the presence in the composition of chemical flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers, soy and other harmful components;
  • high cost for quality products.

If the puppy is allergic to one of the food components, the entire diet will have to be changed.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this type of feeding are:

  • the absence of chemical additives, flavors and flavor enhancers that can adversely affect the health of the pet;
  • the content of the required amount of fiber and protein;
  • the ability to control the quality of the food consumed by the dog;
  • a variety of diet, eliminating the likelihood that the animal will get bored with food;
  • lower, in comparison with industrial feed, cost.

In addition, if the husky is allergic to one of the products, it can be replaced with an analogue.

Cons of natural food:

  • it takes a lot of time to prepare fresh food for the dog every day;
  • if it becomes necessary to transfer the pet to industrial feed, it will be quite difficult to do this;
  • food cannot be prepared for future use;
  • natural nutrition is not possible until the puppy is 1 month old.

It should also be remembered that it is quite difficult to independently compose a balanced diet that takes into account the puppy’s needs not only for carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fiber, but also for amino acids, micro- and macroelements and vitamins, and improper nutrition can lead to vitamin deficiency or a lack of minerals.

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Natural food

Many, especially beginners, dog breeders believe that feeding a dog with natural products is a priori better for its development and health, but this is not entirely true.

This type of food has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

Feed rating

Food for a puppy of this breed must be at least premium.

When choosing a suitable diet, you must carefully study its composition:

  • in the first place in the list of ingredients should be meat (for puppies, food based on beef, chicken, lamb is suitable) or fish, indicating their type;
  • vitamin E must be used as a preservative;
  • the composition must be free of flavors, dyes and preservatives and contain proteins.

The most suitable food for husky puppies:

  • Acana Puppy and Junior. made from fresh meat and fish, contains grains, vegetables, fruits, oats with a low glycemic index and supplements that contribute to the proper formation of bone tissue;
  • Orijen Puppy. contains no cereals, but contains more than 75% meat components, a small amount of carbohydrates, vegetables, beans, berries, fruits and special minerals and vitamins;
  • Almo Nature Medium Puppy. 53% consists of meat ingredients, contains cereals and plant components, and rosemary extract acts as a natural antioxidant;
  • Nutra Gold. contains meat or fish fillets, grains, legumes, vegetables, algae, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, there are no flavor enhancers, flavors and other artificial additives in the composition;
  • Royal Canin (Medium Puppy). contains at least 30% meat, for puppies of this breed you should choose holistic food with hypoallergenic ingredients;
  • Advance. the feed consists of more than 22 products and contains at least 15% meat, enriched with necessary microelements;
  • Purina Pro Plan. with at least 20% meat and offal, the Medium Puppy Sensetive line is suitable for medium-breed puppies prone to allergies;
  • Happy Dog (Medium Baby). contains about 25% meat, plant extracts, fermented cereals, flaxseed, fatty acids, micro- and macroelements, no dyes, preservatives, soy.

Also suitable for feeding puppies of this breed are 1st Choise (Puppy series), Now Fresh (Puppy Chiot) and Josera Puppy.

Husky dogs cannot be fed with low-quality economy class products.

Natural food or artificial food? What’s better?

When purchasing a puppy, whatever breed it may be, the owner determines the type of his food, choosing between industrial food, natural products or a mixed diet.

In the case of husky puppies, combined feeding is strictly prohibited. the body of these animals produces different enzymes for the processing of feed and “natural”, so mixing them can lead to gastrointestinal diseases and, in general, adversely affect the development of the pet.

The remaining feeding options have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is impossible to unequivocally judge which one is better.

So, high-quality industrial food is already enriched with all the necessary micro- and macroelements, which allows you not to give the puppy additional vitamins and minerals.

The advantage of natural food at home is that it does not contain chemical additives, all nutrients are of natural origin.

It is better not to change the selected type of food, and if necessary, do it gradually.

Absolutely forbidden

Not all foods can be eaten by husky puppies.

The list of prohibited ones includes:

  • fatty meats, chicken, veal;
  • milk (for puppies over 2 months old);
  • tubular bones;
  • chicken protein;
  • sweets, pastries, chocolate, sugar substitute;
  • grapes and raisins;
  • legumes;
  • nutmeg;
  • potatoes;
  • smoked meats, pickles, marinades, sausages;
  • fried, spicy foods.

Husky should not be minced.

These dogs do not have chewing teeth, and the digestive system is able to digest only large enough pieces of meat, so feeding the pet with minced meat can provoke digestive upset.

Dry or wet

Wet food contains up to 80% liquid, therefore it is more useful for the pet’s stomach, but less nutritious.

The most optimal way to use wet feed is to mix it with dry feed. At the same time, it is important that they are of the same brand and belong to the same class of feed.


Age Approximate diet Number of feedings per day
Up to 1 month At this age, puppies’ nutrition consists only of mother’s milk (if this is not possible, then from special substitutes, and closer to 4 weeks. from infant formula without sugar and additives), from which they receive substances and vitamins necessary for growth and development. Complementary foods in the form of milk porridge, calcined cottage cheese, whole milk, meat broths and boiled grated carrots should be introduced at 3-4 weeks Every 2-3 hours, including at night
1 month Puppies are showing an increasing interest in adult food. They can be fed with age-appropriate wet or pre-soaked dry industrial feed. If we are talking about natural products, then whole milk, infant formula without additives, calcined cottage cheese and other fermented milk products, boiled yolk, ground beef, low-fat broth are allowed Depends on body size and individual characteristics, on average. 4-6
2 months Puppies already have all milk teeth, so you can add pre-frozen chopped raw meat, cottage cheese, natural yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk to the diet, and when feeding finished products. semi-moist food 5-4
3 months With natural nutrition, the puppy can eat all permitted foods, with industrial products. age-appropriate food 4-3
4-6 months At this age, the change of teeth begins, the diet should be enriched with trace elements and vitamins. their lack can delay the change of milk teeth, and a lack of calcium leads to falling ears. In six months, you need to start accustoming your pet to porridge, 50-75% consisting of meat and offal (beef liver, lung, udder, heart, peeled rumen) 4-3
6 months-1 year This is the time when the husky’s diet can be expanded as much as possible by including vegetables, fruits, herbs, offal and increasing the amount of cereals. 3-2

The daily amount of food depends on the individual characteristics of the animal.

Nutrition for puppies

Nutrition for husky babies is a responsible and very serious matter. Here breeders have to be very careful so as not to harm the health of the little bully.

With mother’s milk, husky puppies receive all the trace elements and vitamins necessary for further growth and development. In the first month of a puppy’s life, you don’t have to worry about what to feed him. It will only be necessary to monitor what the nursing mother eats. During this time, the bitch should consume a sufficient amount of protein.

If the puppy is not very lucky and the bitch does not have milk, then you will need to turn to special hypoallergenic substitutes. In most cases, they are sold as dry mixes. Feeding babies should be from a small bottle about once every 15 minutes. The mixture must be warmed up. Under no circumstances feed small huskies with cow or goat milk.

It is permissible to feed babies from 3-4 weeks. In the third week, puppies need many vitamins and minerals. A growing body will need additional energy sources.

It is advisable to continue feeding babies with mother’s milk until they reach two months of age.

From one and a half to two months, the diet of babies will not undergo major changes. At this time, babies should eat at least 6 times a day. When the puppies are 2 months old, meals should be five times a day. It will be possible to diversify the feed a little later and not abruptly. The diet of two-month-old babies should not be devoid of vegetables (it is too early to give cabbage or tomatoes), cereals. It is allowed to give meat, but first it must be cut into very small pieces. It can be raw or scalded. It is permissible to serve fermented milk products to babies. The ideal solution will be children’s products “Agusha”.

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In the period from 3 to 4 months, husky puppies can be served raw meat, if before that you gave them only cooked meat. Such products will contribute to the rapid growth and development of babies. Closer to 4 months, puppies’ nutrition can be supplemented with boiled and mashed fish, thoroughly stoned. The diet should be three times a day.

As for the period from 5 to 6 months. here it will be possible to move on to the use of offal. An unrefined scar is especially helpful. It can be cut into very small pieces (about the size of a little finger) and then sent to the freezer. Serve these in combination with the main food or as a reward treat.

It should be borne in mind that at this age little huskies begin to understand more in the life of these pets, and incentive treats are included. Such a dish can replace one of the meals, but it should not repeat the same dish that the baby eats at home.

Starting from 6 months, a husky puppy can be transferred to three meals a day. Further, the portions of an already grown dog that has reached seven months of age will increase based on its needs.

From 6 months to a year old, young Husky’s milk teeth are replaced by permanent ones. At this time, you can safely switch to a more serious, adult diet. True, until the pet is 8 months old, it still needs to be fed 3 times a day.

Natural food

Each owner must decide in advance on what kind of food he will give his pet. You can feed your husky with natural food, or you can buy ready-made industrial food from well-known brands. Both options have their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you decide to feed your beloved dog with natural products, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the list of permitted positions that you can safely give a husky without fear for his health.

  • Meat. The northern sled dog menu should not be complete without meat. This product contains protein, calcium, magnesium necessary for the body and many useful vitamins. In the daily menu of this component, no more than 50-60% can be present (we are talking about pure meat). As for the sirloin parts and other pieces of the first grade, they do not differ in a large amount of valuable microelements. It is better to give the husky offal and pieces with bones. For example, it can be internal organs, liver, ears, scar.
  • It should be noted that it is better not to give fatty husky meat. Lamb and pork are totally unsuitable for a dog to eat. It is recommended to buy chicken, turkey or rabbit carcasses for the husky. Fresh beef is also fine.
  • Fish. This is another great source of protein. Fish meat is very quickly absorbed by the dog’s body and does not cause all sorts of allergic reactions. In addition, marine fish also contains components such as zinc, magnesium, iodine and calcium. It is recommended to feed the husky with fish that has been thoroughly stoned. In addition, this product must first undergo heat treatment (you can boil or stew the fish). Carcasses will need to be thoroughly cleaned of scales, intestines and gills should be removed.

Note: Oily fish can make your dog vomit and can cause a serious stool disorder.

  • Eggs. This is another great source of animal protein and fat. This product contains a considerable amount of organic acids, vitamins and microelements. All these components are quickly absorbed by the husky’s body. It is advisable to give the eggs to the dogs in a boiled state. Some experts recommend feeding your dogs crushed eggshells added to the main course. This recommendation is relevant, since it is the shells that are the main source of calcium.
  • Dairy products. It is not recommended to give fresh milk to dogs of northern breeds. It is better to indulge the doggie with fresh homemade yogurt or low-fat kefir instead. If we are talking about a young husky, then he should be given cottage cheese, the fat content of which is no more than 10%. It should be borne in mind that fermented milk products have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract of animals. You cannot do without such products if the pet is moving away from any disease and he needs to get stronger as soon as possible.
  • Fats. These components include vitamins C and D, as well as special linoleic acid. The correct percentage of animal fat is present in fresh meat and fish. If you are feeding these foods to your dog, no top-up fat will be necessary. Oils such as olive, soy, corn or sunflower will be much more useful here. It is permissible to pour oil into already prepared food, but you must very carefully monitor the applied dosage of this component.

An excess of vegetable fats can lead to problems with the pet’s stomach, which is why it will begin to quickly lose weight, lose weight, become lethargic and sad.

  • Fruits and vegetables. Do not neglect vegetables and fruits when making up a husky menu. It is these products that are sources of vegetable fiber and vitamin components. Fruits with vegetables can be served to dogs both raw, boiled or stewed. The most useful product is rightfully recognized as ordinary carrots, but it should be given in moderation. If there are too many carrots in the husky’s diet, then the color of the coat may acquire an ugly reddish tint.
  • You can add fresh tomatoes, zucchini and cabbage to the diet (both white and cauliflower are suitable). Of course, these vegetables should be given in limited quantities. Don’t overfeed your husky with tomatoes or cabbage. If you do not follow this rule, then vegetables are more likely to harm than benefit.
  • Porridge. The husky’s diet must include cereals. Most often, these beautiful and energetic pets are given oatmeal, buckwheat and boiled rice. Such dishes are combined with meat and vegetables. The result is a balanced and very satisfying diet that gives your husky even more strength.

Feeding adult dogs

Nutrition for adult huskies is very different from that for small puppies. As soon as the dog turns one year old, it will need to be gradually transferred to the food that corresponds to its age. It is necessary to select high-quality industrial food if you decide to feed your pet, rather than natural products.

Matured dogs can be fed dry pelleted foods, which puppies are usually not served due to weak milk teeth.

If you are looking for food for elderly animals, then it must be borne in mind that they are especially in dire need of vitamins B6, B12, A and E. It is necessary to change the diet for an elderly animal in a timely manner. If an old rude has any problems associated with the musculoskeletal system, then he needs to provide nutrition with high-quality vitamin and mineral complexes, characterized by high levels of Honda and glucosamine.

General recommendations

It is necessary to grow huskies at home according to all the rules. And this applies not only to the strict education of these naughty animals, but also to their feeding.

The menu for these beautiful riders needs to be composed in such a way that it is balanced, filled with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

One of the most important rules for feeding a husky is a mandatory meal after a walk. Many people know that representatives of this world famous breed are distinguished by enviable energy and active behavior. They love to run, jump and play a lot. For this reason, you should not give your pet any treats before a walk (5 hours before going out). this can lead to volvulus. Such problems often lead to the death of the animal. This recommendation should not be neglected if you value the life and health of your pet.

Veterinarians do not recommend giving mixed food to northern dogs (meaning a combination of dry and natural food). This can ultimately lead to the fact that their gastrointestinal tract will not work properly. The animal will suffer because of this.

The main indicator of a balanced diet is the condition of the pet. The physical data of the dog must necessarily correspond to the loads that he receives daily. For this reason, it is recommended that husky food be divided into separate rations. one will be relevant in winter, and the other in summer. The most optimal season for a husky is winter. During this period, the animal should consume more food than on summer days.

You can see that animals that expose themselves to serious physical exertion and eat properly look a little dry from the outside. They have ribs on the sides, as well as well-defined muscles. Dogs with prominent ribs are not participating in exhibitions, but the musculature can still be perfectly visible. Emaciation or obesity is not a problem that Husky dogs suffer from. This distinctive feature takes place due to the appropriate loads and a properly built power supply. An interesting fact: an obese husky will lose weight and lose weight much faster than an emaciated dog will gain weight and get fat.

It must be borne in mind that young individuals must necessarily be quite well-fed. Subcutaneous fat on the ribs should be well palpable.

This is necessary for the animal to grow properly and be healthy. In addition, only in this case will the correct growth of the ligamentous apparatus and a strong bone be ensured.

What can you give to dogs?

Representatives of the famous husky breed belong to the category of unpretentious and undemanding pets. It is not difficult to ensure that these pets eat properly. The main thing is to know what products the husky can eat and what not. Let’s look at what food will be good for these pets, and what will only bring harm.

Dry food and canned food

In addition, high-quality food from well-known manufacturers contains all the necessary components, vitamins, minerals and useful elements that the body of this energetic breed of dog needs. Of course, in this case, we are talking only about high-quality premium or super-premium products. Such feeds are always more expensive, but they do not harm the health of animals and contain only natural and safe ingredients.

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You should not save on ready-made husky food also because in cheap options with a meager m, there is usually a negligible percentage of protein. But it is this component that the dog needs the most.

The main disadvantage of modern industrial feeds is that they are very expensive for the owners, and some options are more difficult to find. In addition, some manufacturers simply distort the composition of the finished product, overestimating the percentage of meat components contained there and incorrectly indicating all the names of ingredients.

Adult dogs are allowed to feed combined meals collected from dry and wet food (canned food).

But do not use such feeding for small puppies or teenage dogs.

High-quality feed should not contain preservatives of unknown origin, dyes, flavor enhancers and other similar chemicals. All contents of such food must be natural and absolutely safe.

Prohibited foods

It is not enough to know what is allowed to feed energetic and irrepressible huskies. It is also necessary to figure out what products these pets should not eat in any case.

  • Do not feed your dogs fatty meats. These include lamb and pork.
  • It is not necessary to give milk to thoroughbred dogs. Low-fat kefir and cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat will be quite enough.
  • Dangerous product for dogs. chicken bones, especially tubular. They are small in size and have sharp edges. Very often, chicken bones seriously damage the internal organs of animals. This can lead to very sad consequences.
  • Do not give chocolate, buns or other sweets to dogs of any breed. Sometimes animals beg for these delicacies from the owners. In such cases, one must show composure and not succumb to sad eyes. Remove harmful products away so that the dog cannot get to them for sure.
  • It is not allowed to feed the husky with grapes or raisins.
  • It is better not to give the representatives of this breed nuts and potatoes.
  • Don’t add sugar substitutes to dog food.
  • Don’t give your husky pasta. Usually, such products do not cause any particular harm to health, but they also do not contain the proper amount of nutrients. It is better to give up such useless food in favor of the same cereals.
  • Smoked meats, spices, spicy foods, fried foods. all these are delicacies forbidden for boorish.
  • Foods with seasonings and salt should also not be given to purebred dogs.
  • Dishes with any artificial additives can harm the pet’s health, so there is no need to feed them.
  • It is not recommended to feed the husky with food that is too cold or too hot. It is necessary to ensure that the food is close to room temperature. this is the best indicator.

How and what to feed your husky?

The popularity of the husky today is undeniable. People literally fall in love with these dogs with an unusual appearance at first sight. Many breeders are also attracted by the fact that huskies do not require complex and expensive care. However, they must be properly fed. Only in this case can we talk about good health and longevity of an energetic pet.

What you can’t feed your husky

Here is an approximate list of what the Siberian husky should not be fed with:

  • boiled potatoes, legumes, citrus fruits;
  • sausage, sausages, smoked meats, raw fish;
  • sweet, salty, everything with spices;
  • mayonnaise, ketchups, any sauces, etc.

It is advisable for the dog to cook food separately, since it should be extremely dietary and without the addition of spices.

How to feed a husky puppy

  • Feed the husky at 1 month at this stage, it is advisable to give the puppy more milk or dairy products, meat (beef, rabbit, veal) should be turned into a mushy consistency, only carrots from vegetables, and only crushed cereals. At 1.5 months, you can add meat in pieces to the diet.
  • To feed a husky puppy at 2 months, you can add cauliflower, beets, green onions and other stewed vegetables to the diet.
  • How to feed a husky for 3 months? Fish is added to the previous products, river fish in boiled form, and sea fish can be raw (but better frozen).
  • At 5 months old, you can already feed a husky puppy with anything like an adult dog.

Siberian Husky puppy named Max, 2.5 months.

How Much Should You Feed Your Husky?

How to feed your husky at home

Your pet needs a balanced diet. Many recommend consulting with the breeder about what he fed the puppy, and starting from this, observe the diet or slowly change it. The diet must include meat after the first month of life, at first a little, gradually increasing to 50%. If you are wondering how and how to feed a husky dog ​​at home, then here’s a menu for an adult dog:

  • Meat. 30 to 50% of the diet. Beef, veal, rabbit and chicken are suitable (although they often cause allergies), as well as offal: liver, heart, kidneys, etc. Beef can definitely be given raw, the rest of the meat should be thermally processed at least minimally. Approx. 250 gr. for an adult dog per day.
  • Cereals. from 25 to 35%. The very dietary porridge is rice, buckwheat. You can also give oatmeal and barley. When cooking, you can add a tablespoon of sunflower oil. good for wool.
  • Fermented milk products. from 20% to 30% of the diet. It is not advisable for an adult dog to give milk, as it is poorly absorbed. But you can and even need to give kefir, yogurt (special without additives), cottage cheese, yogurt.
  • Vegetables. 15 to 20% What vegetables can be given to the Siberian Husky? carrots, pumpkins, zucchini, beets, cucumbers, etc. are perfect. Vegetables are simply necessary in a dog’s diet, as they are source of vitamins and microelements. Many dogs do not like them, in such cases it is advisable to be tricky and beat them, and then add along with the meat.
  • Fruits are considered a treat for a dog, they should not be given often and not everything is possible. For example, citrus fruits can cause allergies, so you should be careful.

How many times to feed the husky

The table below will help you figure out how many times a day to feed your husky. The number of feedings depends on age. small puppies should eat much more often than an adult dog.

Age How many times to feed Feeding schedule
Up to 2 months 6 times a day At 7:00, 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00
2 to 3 months 5 times a day At 7:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00
3-4 months 4 times a day At 7:00, 12:00, 17:00, 22:00
4 to 6 months 3-4 times a day At 7:00, 12:00, 17:00, 22:00
6 to 10 months 3 times a day At 7:00, 13:00, 21:00
From 10 months 2 times a day At 7:00, 21:00

It is not necessary to switch to two meals a day if you have the time and opportunity to feed the dog in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening.

How to feed a husky: the diet of a puppy and an adult dog

The Siberian Husky is the oldest sled breed, which has gained its popularity among many dog ​​breeders due to its friendly, clean nature. After buying a dog, the owner is faced with a difficult choice of which food is best to choose natural or dry food. The article below talks about how to feed the Siberian Husky.

What dry food to feed husky

If you plan to feed your pet with dry food, then first of all you need to know what classes of dog food are and how they differ from each other. Let’s try to briefly and clearly explain:

  • Economy class is the cheapest, low-quality and little-useful feed. In their composition there is no meat and even meat by-products there is a minimum, the main ingredients are usually cereals. Also, in the composition, artificial flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives are most often used.
  • Premium dog food is marginally better than economy dog ​​food as it already contains organ meats and sometimes even a little meat. But in general, the composition is still quite poor, and most of the protein is of plant origin.
  • Super-premium food. good nutrition that uses real meat, vegetables, no artificial colors and flavors, the preservative is usually natural.
  • Holistic dog food is the best choice as only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used in their production. A lot of meat, vegetables, fruits, even berries and medicinal herbs. the composition is very rich.

Well, you found out in this article about what you can feed your husky and what not. This list is not much different from feeding other breeds of dogs, so if you have questions about a particular product in the dog’s diet, then you can safely search in the search for information on the query “can I give a dog.”.

How to feed your husky

  • Natural. food prepared by the owner from homemade products. This food definitely has advantages: the owner is always aware of what his four-legged friend is eating, he is sure of the quality of the food, and that it does not contain harmful impurities. In addition, it is always beneficial for dogs to consume natural ingredients, especially protein and fiber. But there are also disadvantages: the owner will spend a lot of time cooking, it is unlikely that it will be possible to perfectly balance the diet. The pet will need additional sources of vitamins and minerals.
  • Industrial feed: dry and canned rations. If the owner prefers this option, then feeding the pet will take less time, and the dog will get everything he needs. However, this only applies to high-quality feed containing a sufficient amount of animal protein, because the husky is a real meat eater. The disadvantages include the high cost of good rations, manufacturers often “dissemble” and do not agree on the exact composition of their product. Also, when feeding with “drying”, there is no need to talk about a variety of food. Of course, physiologically, dogs do not need to change dishes often, but they may not like the monotony.
  • Combined food. On this score, there is still heated debate. is it possible to feed a dog with both dry food and natural food? For adult husky dogs, it is acceptable, but such food is not recommended for puppies.

How to feed your husky

The northern breed of husky is different from other dogs. First of all, these are working pets who are used to traveling long distances, sleeping in the snow and appreciating willpower. Naturally, their characteristics also affect the diet. What can you feed these faithful human friends who will never let you down, even in the harshest conditions??

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What you can’t feed your husky

To keep your pet healthy and in good shape, it is worth making sure that he does not eat the following foods:

  • sweets;
  • salty and seasoned food;
  • raw pork;
  • bones;
  • smoked meats and marinades;
  • grapes.

Dishes with various artificial additives will not benefit.

How to feed a husky puppy

When purchasing a puppy of any breed, owners should know how to feed their new family member. If you are not experienced, it is best to consult with the breeder or veterinarian. But there are general guidelines. For example, when feeding dry food, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Better to purchase premium, super-premium or holistic feed.
  • In a good feed, the meat part should be in the first place. meat flour or meat.
  • What Foods Should Not Have: Artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, soy and corn.
  • Puppies should be given only puppy food (up to 8-10 months, and it is important to transfer the pet to a diet for adult dogs in a timely manner, otherwise there is a risk of developing joint dysplasia).
  • It would be nice for the first time to give food the same brand as he ate from the breeder.

With natural feeding, the baby should be fed with milk porridge, cottage cheese diluted in milk, boiled cereals with meat, thick cereal and vegetable soups. You can add a chopped boiled egg, finely chopped greens, a little vegetable oil to food. Vegetables should be included in the diet. they can be boiled and added to meals or given raw.

Grown crumbs can be given a fish, but only sea fish, boiled and peeled. Whichever type of feeding the owner chooses, he must take care that the baby always has access to fresh drinking water.

How to feed adult huskies

The representatives of this breed cannot be called vegetarians: 70% of the diet of an adult dog is meat and offal. In addition, unlike most dogs, huskies can eat any meat, even fatty varieties, while there will be no load on the liver. In general, all northern breeds need food that contains more fat.

The menu can include sea fish. raw or boiled, vegetables. better raw, cereals and offal. Porridge is given to dogs, but in small quantities, rice, buckwheat, millet are best suited. And it is better not to boil the cereal, but pour it in boiling water and give it steamed. Fermented milk products can also be included in the diet.

How many times a day to feed a husky

Like other canine babies, husky puppies up to 2 months of age are fed 6 times a day. Then you need to cancel one feeding and look at the puppy’s reaction. if his changes do not bother him, then 5 times the pet is fed up to 4 months.

From 4 months to six months, the dog eats 4 times, and after. up to 8-10 months. 3 times. By the age of 10 months, the grown up baby is ready to eat only 2 times a day. in the morning and in the evening. From one and a half years old, the pet can be fed only once, but most owners still stop at the 2-time option.

It is important to adhere to the feeding schedule, do not give the pet food from his table, otherwise he will later “treat” himself or sit with begging eyes.

Husky. “snow” dogs, beautiful, proud and freedom-loving. In order for them to retain their activity, outer gloss and luxurious fur coat, you need to monitor what the pets eat. It is worth adhering to the chosen type of feeding and trying to give only what will benefit the four-legged friend. Proper nutrition is the key to a happy and long life for your dog.

Happy dog

Happy Dog belongs to the premium class produced by Germany, although there are lines from the economy.

  • meat about 25%, of which there are several types in one package: lamb, chicken, fish and liver;
  • cereals. 40%;
  • potato;
  • vegetables;
  • mineral complexes.
  • reasonable price;
  • rich composition in comparison with analogues;
  • a large amount of vitamins;
  • the use of only natural preservatives.

Remember that only some Happy Dog lines have a lot of meat, minerals and little potatoes. Therefore, before buying, carefully study the composition.

The main disadvantage of nutrition is the presence of by-products, the proportion of which is often not indicated, and from this there is an allergy. The Maxi baby and Natur croc series are the most suitable for the husky. They are designed for an active, large dog, provide full development, have the most complete composition and do not cause allergies.

Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan food belongs to the premium class, has an average price and manufacturers have developed a line for large breeds of dogs, for allergy sufferers. After all, the husky most often suffers from allergies, skin irritation and rashes.

  • meat is not less than 20%, although this share is not only a natural product, but also bones and skin;
  • corn;
  • chicken protein;
  • beet;
  • vegetables;
  • vitamins and minerals.

There are obvious disadvantages in the diet, such as the presence of additives and by-products, and a poor composition. But the food is suitable for the husky if you additionally give your pet vitamin complexes, a sufficient amount of water and natural meat.

Not sure what dry food to feed your husky? Purina Pro Plan will be a good option, because there are lines for large adult dogs, for puppies from 1 month of age, for expectant mothers and after childbirth, for allergy sufferers.

The following options are recommended for the husky:

  • Sensitive salmon. food for sensitive stomach.
  • Laj robust health. food for large breeds, refers to dietary.
  • Laj robust. for active large breeds.
  • Medium Puppy Sensetive for large breed puppies with allergies, sensitive skin.

It is important that the food contains “human grade” products, which means that they will not harm the human body.

Royal canin

Royal Canin is produced by Poland, Russia and France and belongs to the super premium class feed. Choose from lines for puppies, adult dogs, growing up puppies, seniors, lactating mothers and pregnant women.

Do not forget that for a husky it is better to choose a holistic, dietary or hypoallergenic food.

  • natural meat more than 30%;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • cereals;
  • beet;
  • vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • cellulose;
  • amino acids.

There are lines for active dogs, with increased physical activity, for puppies in adolescence and with a long stay on the street. Also, Royal Canin is distinguished by the presence of wet and dry feed, specific composition.

Husky diseases and food for treatment

Despite their endurance, savvy and kindness, huskies are susceptible to many diseases that you will not have to face if you choose the right food:

  • eye diseases (degeneration, retinal atrophy, glaucoma). special ointments and drops are required;
  • dermatitis. Ekanuba, Artemis;
  • hypertension. Inova evo;
  • tumors. Grandorf, Akana.

Nutra gold

When choosing what else to feed your husky, pay attention to Nutra Gold, which is produced in the USA. It belongs to the super premium class, it contains environmentally friendly products, such as:

  • vegetables;
  • meat;
  • cereals;
  • trace elements;
  • vitamins;
  • fiber;
  • legumes;
  • seaweed.

The main feature of the feed is the absence of chemical additives and flavor enhancers, although the basis of the diet is cereals and vegetables.

  • the presence of natural meat;
  • balanced composition for the care of the coat;
  • rich vitamin composition;
  • the presence of essential nutrients that do not require feeding in large portions.

The most suitable food for husky puppies, as it provides activity, strengthens muscles and bones, makes the coat thick and silky.


If you don’t know what else to feed your husky with, take a look at Advance food, which is produced in Spain. They refer food to premium and super premium class, and as part of more than 22 varieties of products:

  • meat from 15%;
  • corn and other cereals;
  • proteins;
  • rice;
  • animal fats;
  • vegetables;
  • by-products and preservatives;
  • cellulose.

Nutrition promotes full development, improves the condition of the coat, strengthens the immune system and does not require additional purchases of vitamins. Despite the presence of a wide variety of lines and series, Advance is more suitable for adult large breed dogs, large breed puppies and allergy sufferers (there are dietetic foods and holistic).

  • beneficial effect on the heart, digestive and immune systems;
  • the main components are meat and rice;
  • no allergy components;
  • prevention of urolithiasis;
  • the presence of croquettes of different sizes for removing tartar.

It is important that the line for large breeds contains a lot of protein and fat with a minimum level of carbohydrates, which is required for an adult husky.

Ready-made husky food

Most owners are primarily interested in how to feed a husky at home. Breeders recommend dry food, as they are balanced, contain the required amount of vitamins, contain meat and vegetables, they are nutritious and do not require heat treatment.

It is important to immediately opt for super premium and premium feed, since there is little meat in the economy and the likelihood of allergies is high. Make sure your diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

What is the best dry food to feed the husky?

  • Royal Canin;
  • Nutra Gold;
  • Advance;
  • Happy dog;
  • Purina Pro Plan.

It is better to give preference to the super premium class, because the composition includes natural products: meat, cereals, eggs, nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Natural Husky Food

How to feed your husky with natural food? What to give and in what form?

  • meat. the diet should be at least 70%, beef, chicken, turkey should be preferred;
  • offal. liver, lungs are especially useful for the puppy due to the high content of trace elements;
  • fish, but which one? better sea, from which bones are removed and offered boiled;
  • dairy products. cottage cheese, kefir, but low-fat;
  • eggs. no more than twice a week;
  • vegetables. carrots, cabbage, pumpkin are especially useful;
  • vitamins.

Remember that you need to cook all products separately, and then mix and even grind until puree or thick sour cream.