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How much aquarium volume is needed for a cockerel

Fluval Chi Aquarium

This is not a special aquarium for a cock, but it is ideal for keeping it. There are 19 and 25 liter options on sale. The kit includes almost everything you need: a light with 11 LEDs, a waterfall filtration system, soil, a water conditioner and good bacteria for a quick start. In this aquarium, the water will be crystal clear, and you can also plant live plants. Great design will help you arrange this cube anywhere in the room.

Similar aquarium sets are on sale from Aquael. Aquael Shrimp with a volume of 10, 20, 30 liters. By the way, they cost an order of magnitude cheaper.

What to choose

But a mini aquarium is also useful, but not for permanent life. They breed fry or place sick fish for the quarantine period.

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A reservoir with a waterfall is not suitable, because this is an unnatural detail for fighting fish. In the natural environment, cockerels do not meet with such streams of water, therefore they feel uncomfortable amid constant noise and splashing.

How to measure your aquarium.

Water heater

Before purchasing a heating device, find out how much it is designed for, because if you choose the wrong one, there will be overheating or excessive cooling of the aquatic environment. A water heater often comes immediately with a thermostat, but when buying separately devices in advance, check their compatibility and performance.

The water heating device is located in different places:

  • Under the substrate (in the form of a heating mat).
  • In the ground (in the form of cables).
  • On the inner wall of the aquarium.
  • In the water column.
  • From the outside.


Males do not need specialized equipment. It is necessary to prepare a siphon for the cock in order to remove food debris and dirt from the substrate. Fish, due to their tropical origin, are sensitive to temperature extremes, so if you cannot establish a constant comfortable temperature in a room with a tank, then buy a heater. Compressor aeration device is not installed, they do well without additional oxygen in the water.

You also need a water thermometer to know if the temperature in your aquarium is lower or higher. Any lighting, it is usually focused on the requirements of vegetation, not pets, the fish feel good in an aquarium with backlight.

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A cover is required, between it and the walls of the aquarium there should be a medium-sized gap for air exchange.

Rules for keeping Betta splendens in a common tank

These fish tolerate temperature extremes well and can do well at temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. But sharp changes should not be allowed, since they are harmful to the health of the pet. Like a labyrinth fish, the cockerel must live in water that corresponds to the ambient temperature in the room: 22-26 degrees. Due to the fact that he knows how to breathe with a labyrinth organ, aeration is not necessary. this should be taken into account when settling other fish to him that cannot live without dissolved oxygen. Change the water once a week, 20% of the total volume of the tank. Remember to clean the bottom of food debris and dirt.

What rules should be followed so that males can live peacefully in an aquarium with other fish? These rules apply to all cockerels, thanks to which a peaceful cohabitation with representatives of different species of fish can be obtained.

  • It is not recommended to keep fish with long fins and brightly colored scales with betta. Although the males themselves are distinguished by their beautiful appearance, they painfully perceive “competitors”, which are for them as external stimuli.
  • You can not settle cockerels with large and predatory fish, for example, African and South American cichlids. By themselves, the latter are peaceful creatures, friendly, but they do not get along with fighting fish.
  • Try to keep your fish in water that is suitable for everyone. It is impossible to settle thermophilic and cold-loving species. For example, a golden fish cannot live in warm water, therefore it is incompatible with betta.
  • Betta splendens fish can be settled with speckled catfish, tetras, gourami, swordtails, mollies. After settling the fish in the aquarium, observe their behavior. You can also keep the fish together from a young age, so they get used to each other better. The fish should not be less than 5 cm in length. If the neighbor fish has died, do not add a new fish to the cockerel, otherwise he will score it.
  • Compatibility with other fish will be successful if the betta lives in a spacious tank of 50-100 liters. You can put a lot of decor, shelters there, which will nullify territorial claims and conflicts.

What Is the Volume of Water in a Fish Tank in Liters?

Take a look at the shared cockerel aquarium.

There are some aquarium fish, the compatibility with which the betta is good, they live peacefully, with periodic fights that do not lead to death. These fish include marble gourami, cardinals, labeo, lalius, macrognatus, scalar. But it should be borne in mind that the first days of settlement need to monitor their reaction, in case of aggression, they are settled separately from each other.

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Almost perfect compatibility in fish Betta splendens with platies, irises, black mollies, ornatus, grunting gourami, acanthophthalmus, befortia, ancistrus, minors, ototsinkly, rasbora, thorns, congo, boci, taraccaatums, loris.

Who do the cockerel fish get along with in the common aquarium?

Today, bettas (lat. Betta splendens) are popular aquarium fish. They belong to the Macropod family, suborder Labyrinth fish. The cockerels have a cocky character, for which they were nicknamed “fighting fish”. They do not always tolerate settlement with other fish, it is difficult for them to live with neighbors due to their pugnaciousness. If you put a male cockerel in the same aquarium with another cockerel, then conflicts will arise between them, which will end in bodily injury and plucked fins.

But this does not mean at all that they cannot be settled with fish. On the contrary, a good neighborhood harmonizes life in the aquarium. If your reservoir is spacious, a beautiful aquascape has been created in it, reminiscent of a natural biotope, there are many plants, shelters, a biological balance has been established, then all the inhabitants will be comfortable. An important rule is that it is impossible for more than one male cockerel to live within one aquarium. They cannot be called territorial fish, but it so happened that they will fight. Several females can be settled on one male, so he will be comfortable.

Betta splendens females are smaller in size, their fins are shorter, and their character is calmer. But females can also conflict with each other and with the male. Females can be kept in one nursery for 3-4 individuals. They are less aggressive, but their temperaments are also unpredictable. If you notice that betta fish show constant aggression towards neighbors, and this leads to lethal consequences, then do not spare money for another tank by placing a restless pet in it.

Description of compatibility with specific fish species

Cockerels and guppies. it is believed that guppies and bettas live in water with different parameters, therefore they are only conditionally compatible. There have been examples of successful compatibility, but the risk is not always worth it. Males can chase guppies throughout the aquarium until their fins are ripped off. Guppies can live at a temperature of 18-28 degrees, although 22-25 degrees is more permissible for them. The diet of both fish is the same, so some breeders did not have any difficulties in keeping.

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Scalaria and betta. good compatibility, provided there is a spacious reservoir. These fish practically ignore each other, without attracting attention to themselves. The cockerels are more likely to fight among themselves than to bother the scalar. However, during spawning, scalars become more aggressive, and can drive all neighbors, including labyrinths. Set up lots of shelters and plants in your nursery to protect everyone.

Gourami. all species are close relatives of cockerels, so compatibility can be excellent. Gourami are curious creatures, tenacious and active, they also feed, breathe with gills and atmospheric oxygen. The cockerels do not bother them, sometimes it is the other way around. Set them together in a tank of at least 70 cubic liters. All Macropods have the same enemies: these are large and predatory fish, with which they should not be settled.

See the cockerels with the gourami.

Mollies and cockerels can live in an aquarium, since they tolerate the same water parameters. But there is one fact. mollies prefer slightly brackish water, but bettas do not. A temperature of 24-27 degrees is optimal for keeping. At low temperatures, both fish begin to hurt. Molly are viviparous fish that must breed in a separate, spawning tank so that their fry will not be destroyed.

much, aquarium, volume, needed, cockerel

Botia are aggressive aquatic organisms alone, so they can only be housed in a flock of 4-7 fish. In the aquarium, the battles are small, reaching only 8 cm in length. Peaceful, they can be kept with the same neighbors, provided they have space and cover. Cockerels practically do not conflict with them.

Corridors. Suitable for many fish neighbors. They have a calm disposition, interesting body color, and bring many benefits. If the cock doesn’t finish eating the food, the corridor will pick him up. Catfish swim at the bottom of the aquarium, the cockerels only sleep at the bottom. Compatibility between them is proven, bettas rarely disturb the corridors. Corridors, like labyrinth corridors, can use atmospheric air for breathing. Such a pet can survive under critical conditions. Catfish do not tolerate salt and organic matter, like betta. Changing the water in the general aquarium should take place once a week.