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How often can you bathe your Chihuahua dog

Skin properties

Despite the fact that the dog’s skin does not sweat, it secretes a special sebum. Its function is to protect the skin from moisture. If you bathe your dog frequently, you can wash off the protective fat layer. Especially if the shampoo is incorrectly selected, or it is of poor quality.

As a result, the pet’s skin becomes dry, and the coat is brittle and begins to fall out. If the dog itches, then this may be a sign of a malfunction of the skin glands. It is necessary to reduce the number of water procedures or change the brand of shampoo.

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We start the procedure

Insert cotton swabs into the Chihuahua’s ears just before water treatment to prevent water from entering. Then pour the water into a bowl or tub. The water temperature should be thirty-five to forty degrees. It should not be too hot, rather the opposite. warm or slightly cool. This is to avoid colds.

Place a rubber mat or towel on the bottom of the container to keep the animal’s legs from moving apart. The dog may be scared of this.

Place the dog in water and thoroughly dampen its coat, then apply diluted shampoo and lather. Lather the entire body of the pet, not forgetting about the neck, legs and tail. Beware of getting soap in your puppy’s eyes. You can slightly raise the Chihuahua’s muzzle so that the soapy water flows down.

Now rinse the soap solution quickly and thoroughly so as not to cause any particular damage to the Chihuahua’s skin. Pay attention to each lathery area. Do similar manipulations with the air conditioner.

After bathing, remove the tampons from the dog’s ears, shake it off and wrap it in a towel. Leave the Chihuahua in it for about ten minutes so that the water is well absorbed into the towel. Do not rub the dog’s skin and coat with a towel. When the coat dries a little, you can use a special spray, which is something like a leave-in conditioner.

Dogs with long hair can be dried with a hairdryer, which must be taught to the puppy in advance. Otherwise, the animal may be frightened by the sudden noise. The air at the hair dryer should be warm, the air hotter than sixty degrees can dry out the hair and skin of the dog.

To easily comb your dog’s coat, you do not need to dry it dry. While the coat is still slightly damp, comb it with a suitable brush.

Basics of water treatments

The first bathing of the puppy should take place no earlier than three months. Until this time, the sebaceous glands cope with their protective function.

The best place for water treatments is at home. There is no need to bathe the puppy outside, especially in the cool season. he may catch a cold. Avoid drafts and cold water at home. Ideally, the water should be warm enough to keep the Chihuahua comfortable. A bath or a basin is perfect for bathing.

For the first time, you do not need to immediately put the Chihuahua in the bathtub or basin. Give the dog time to get used to, to sniff. If you put her in water without any preparation, she will get scared and the next bathing will become a problem for you.

Water procedures are usually carried out in the evening, after all walks. If you bathed your dog much earlier, then you can go outside only after two to three hours. Let the Chihuahua dry completely.

How and what to wash a Chihuahua

Before moving on to talking about how to wash Chihuahuas, you need to discuss how many times a year these dogs should be bathed so as not to harm them. Chihuahua owners differ on this issue. Some believe that you need to bathe your pet often, once every ten days. They explain the need for frequent bathing by the influence of the ecological environment: dust, dirt, exhaust gases, etc. Others argue that water procedures should be performed no more than twice a year. In this article, we will tell you how much you can actually bathe a Chihuahua, what shampoos to use, and what to do if your puppy itches.

Dandruff in a dog

If the sebaceous glands are disrupted, the Chihuahua develops dandruff or seborrhea. Sebum begins to mix with pieces of dead skin. The dog itches to get rid of them.

Poor pet care can cause seborrhea. If the dog is bathed only once a year, then the excess sebum closes the pores, thereby cutting off the oxygen supply to the skin. As a result, dandruff is formed, from which the pet itches.

It happens that after seeing dandruff on the skin of a Chihuahua, the owner often begins to bathe the dog using different shampoos. But the pet still itches, and the dandruff does not go away. It is necessary to stop and reduce the frequency of water procedures. It is necessary to consult a doctor for advice, he will advise a suitable remedy for the treatment of seborrhea.

Rinse off the medical shampoo thoroughly, otherwise the sebaceous glands will not cope with the removal of cosmetics from the skin of the dog and the Chihuahua will itch further.

Skin diseases

Frequent bathing and an allergic reaction to shampoo are not the only reasons a dog itches. Sources can be different:

  • fleas;
  • lice;
  • ticks;
  • worms;
  • atopic dermatitis.

To find out why a puppy itches, you need to carefully examine its coat and skin for the presence of parasites or allergies. You don’t need to bathe him right away. For examination, it is best to contact a veterinarian who not only diagnoses the cause, but also prescribes treatment.

Cosmetical tools

The first step is to decide on the shampoo. They are divided into economy class and professional shampoos. Dilute the shampoo with water before applying to the dog’s coat. Economy class products are diluted one to three in proportion to water, while professional brands. one to ten.

Shampoos also vary according to the type of coat on the Chihuahua. Be careful when reading the recommendations written on the bottle.

If you notice dandruff in your pet, get a special shampoo. For example, “Doctor” will perfectly cope with this disease.

After bathing with shampoo, use a suitable conditioner. This will give the coat a protective layer that prevents it from deteriorating and becoming covered in dirt.

It is best to select cosmetics of the same brand. For example, Ring5 will do just fine.

If at the moment it is impossible to bathe the dog, for example, it has suffered a serious illness or is too old for such procedures, you can use special dry shampoos. They do not require rinsing with water and have several advantages: they do an excellent job of removing dirt, are absolutely non-toxic, and have antistatic properties.

How often can a Chihuahua be washed

The first bath of a Chihuahua puppy can be safely postponed until the moment when he is 4 or even 5 months old. A protective film from the fat layer reliably protects the baby from aggressive external factors and diseases and there is no need to rush to deprive him of this protection.

How often you need to wash an adult dog depends on many factors and characteristics of the dog itself. Some babies even in dry weather manage to find a puddle and mud, and some remain clean in slush and rain. After a walk, it is often enough just to wash the paws, and in case of heavy pollution, wash the dog under a warm shower without the use of cosmetics.

Full bathing using shampoo, balm and any other cosmetics at home should be done no more than 3-4 times a year. Although, it is believed that you can wash a Chihuahua every 10 days or as the dog gets dirty. However, frequent bathing can lead to excessive leaching of the natural protective layer of fat, dry skin, dullness and hair loss.

Over time, you will learn to identify the need for another bath by the appearance of the coat. But the smell of “dog”, which many owners take for an insufficient level of hygiene, may indicate a malfunction of the sebaceous glands. Among dogs, as well as among people, individuals with increased or insufficient secretion are observed. Therefore, the question of the frequency of bathing remains at the discretion of the owner.

How to bathe a Chihuahua correctly

To make water procedures enjoyable for you and your pet, it is very important to learn how to do everything quickly and clearly. How to properly wash a Chihuahua and what you need to know to make the procedure easy and safe?

  • prepare in advance everything you need: a rubber mat or diaper so that the dog does not slip in the bathtub or basin, cotton swabs for the ears, shampoo, balm or conditioner, terry towel;
  • make sure that the room is warm, so that there are no drafts;
  • adjust the water temperature. it should not be lower than 37 ° С and not higher than 39 ° С.

When the preparations are over, you can proceed directly to the procedure. How to bathe a Chihuahua correctly:

  • Sit down or place the dog on the prepared mat / diaper and start watering it from the shower. Do not wet your head and make sure that water does not get into your ears. Do not push too hard so as not to scare the dog.
  • In the palm of your hand, lather a small amount of shampoo with water and lather your pet with gentle movements, starting from the chest, abdomen and moving to the back. Rinse off the shampoo well and apply the product after bathing in the same way. It also needs to be washed off very thoroughly. Remaining cosmetics on the skin can cause blockage of the sebaceous glands and disruption of their work.
  • Rinse your head with quick, gentle movements;
  • Give the dog a good shake, blot with a waffle towel and wrap in dry terry cloth. If your pet is long-haired, you can use a hair dryer and comb it with a soft brush.
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Walking should be postponed until the coat is completely dry.

Bathing products

For bathing your pet, choose high-quality cosmetics designed for a specific type of coat or for a specific breed. Manufacturers often offer the entire line of hair care products: shampoo, balm, conditioner, talcum powder. Give preference to just such products. This will allow you to avoid allergic reactions in case of “conflict” means of different brands.

Features of the skin

The thermoregulatory system of dogs is completely different from that of humans. Their skin does not have sweat glands, meaning dogs do not sweat. over, their glands produce a special secret that creates a kind of thin protective layer on the skin of the animal. The fat film of puppies is dense enough to protect against external hazards such as germs or skin diseases.

Adult dogs also need natural fat deposits. It helps to maintain the temperature balance, protects the animal from getting wet, high humidity, and reduces the risk of infectious skin diseases.

Skin diseases

There are many reasons for skin problems. The most harmless one, which does not require symptomatic drug treatment, is improperly selected cosmetics or bathing regimen. Using the wrong shampoo, too frequent, or, on the contrary, not frequent enough washing can lead to dry skin, dandruff, oily seborrhea.

The rest of the reasons are more serious and can harm the pet’s health:

  • pathogenic bacteria that are normally present in healthy microflora;
  • viruses, or rather their pathogens;
  • fungi are part of the normal flora present in every organism;
  • parasites. fleas, ticks, worms.

Also, skin diseases can be a symptom of some serious diseases:

  • allergy;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • endocrinological diseases;
  • oncology;
  • hereditary diseases.

In any case, if you notice dandruff or a rash in your pet, if it constantly itches or shows anxiety, you should consult your veterinarian. You should not self-medicate, or listen to the advice of familiar dog owners. Some diseases have similar symptoms, but require very different treatments. Only a doctor, after additional research, will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.

How to bathe a Chihuahua, what to use and how often to do it

Choosing a funny, tiny puppy the size of a kitten as your pet, it is a mistake to believe that it is difficult and troublesome to care for him. Of course, a dog of any breed needs regular hygiene procedures, including bathing, and the Chihuahua is no exception. But they, despite their external fragility and small size, are very fond of water. Many baby owners are wondering: when to start, how to bathe a Chihuahua and how often it should be done.


You can consult your veterinarian or breeder for advice on how to bathe your Chihuahua and how often to do it. It is important to remember that you should accustom your baby to water procedures from an early age. Under no circumstances should you use regular shampoo or soaps that are not intended for animals. You should also not save on cosmetics for your pet. Only in this case he will be healthy, beautiful and will give you a sea of ​​affection and love.

Cleanliness training

Chihuahuas are fairly clean dogs, especially girls. Still, the owner must ensure that the pet is always clean. And there are some simple rules here:

  • Start water procedures from childhood. from about 5-6 months.
  • The water should be warm so as not to cause discomfort.
  • At the first sign of panic, the dog needs to be pulled out of the water.
  • After water procedures, you should dry your pet well using a hairdryer or a soft towel.

With the right approach, the dog will love water procedures, and further questions on how to wash a Chihuahua at home will simply disappear.

How to wash a Chihuahua: how often to bathe, what shampoos to use

Chihuahua is a very popular dog breed. And this is understandable. they are cute, smart, miniature, they are distinguished by their affection for the owners. Of course, like any dog, they need proper care. And one of the most important stages is Chihuahua bathing.

How to wash your puppy’s paws

Every breeder knows how often a puppy has to wash its paws after a walk. at least as much as there were outings. But there are no special difficulties here. If there is slush and dirt in the yard, then it is enough to douse the paws with warm water without soap, cleaning them, and then wipe them with a soft towel. If it is winter or summer outside, then you can even refuse water procedures. you just need to wipe your paws with a damp cloth. This is a quick and comfortable solution.

You need to use only high quality shampoo

After bathing

It is not enough to simply redeem the pet. After that, he also needs to be provided with appropriate care. And there are several important steps here.

After bathing the pet, you need to wrap it up well

First of all, be sure to dry your pet. You can use a hair dryer or a thick soft towel. When working with a hairdryer, it is important to set it to a low power. a warm air flow, which is perceived by a person as pleasant, may well burn a pet.

You need to wipe your pet thoroughly with a towel and you can even leave it wrapped. some people like to sleep in a warm, cozy nest. Of course, you need to exclude drafts. this is a sure way to catch a cold.

When the doggie is washed and dried, you should comb it out well to get rid of the loose hair. For short-haired individuals, it is better to use a glove brush, but for long-haired individuals. a comb with rather long and thick teeth.

At what age can you start bathing your pet

First you need to decide when you can bathe your Chihuahua puppy for the first time. In order for the body to properly tune in to a long and healthy life, it is necessary to wash your pet for the first time at the age of 5-6 months. over, the procedure can be repeated at most once a month. If you do this more often, the grease will be washed off, and the body will produce more of it, which will lead to seborrhea and alopecia.

If the dog just gets dirty, then it is worth rinsing it in the shower without using soap. However, short-haired pets can often even be wiped with a damp cloth.

How to wash your puppy

But there will certainly be a choice. a cheap or professional shampoo. The second option is more expensive, but before use it must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10, and the cheap one. in a ratio of 1: 3. That is, high-quality shampoo is consumed three times slower. And it makes no sense to compare the quality. Therefore, many experienced breeders, after experimenting, come to the conclusion that professional shampoo is indeed the best solution.

Dry cleaning

In some cases, there is simply no way to properly redeem a pet in order to put it in order. The reasons for this can be different. For example, some dogs, frightened in childhood, are simply hysterically afraid of water. It happens that the dog is about to show after a long move, and there is simply nowhere to take a normal bath. In addition, if the apartment is cold and there are drafts, the dog cannot be wetted at all. there is a risk of serious colds.

In any case, dry shampoo will come to the rescue. It is very simple to use it. sprinkle the powder over the entire surface of the dog’s body and massage thoroughly so that it penetrates to the roots of the coat. After waiting a few minutes, the shampoo can be removed. the easiest way is to use a brush glove and comb the pet, removing the powder along with the accumulated dirt.

How to wash your Chihuahua: all about bathing your dog

Chihuahua bathing is essential for maintaining health and beauty. It is necessary to properly prepare the dog for the first procedure, observe precautions, and choose the shampoo wisely. The important question is how often you can wash your Chihuahua. Both lack and excess of water procedures are harmful.


There are special detergents for Chihuahuas. Sparing shampoo for other breeds is cheaper. It must be diluted in 3 parts of water. If the product is professional, dilute it 1:10.

A conditioner is recommended to maintain the beauty of the coat and protect it. Better to choose the same brand as your shampoo.

If the animal cannot be bathed, then you can do with a special dry shampoo. It protects against pathogens and does not require rinsing.

Chihuahua bathing precautions

During water procedures in the bathroom or open water, it is important to remember the following precautions:

After bathing in the bathroom, do not go outside with the dog, do not allow drafts, and other hypothermia options.

Do not wash the Chihuahua immediately after eating, it is better to feed or give a treat after the procedure.

Do not allow the detergent to get inside. the dog can drink water with it, lick it off the coat, swallow the foam.

During and after bathing, avoid temperature extremes.

Do not leave the animal unattended in the water.

Swimming in the open water

Not all dogs like to swim in open water. If your pet is not one of them, you need to remember some points:

How to bathe your Chihuahua

Go to the pond in the morning or evening, or choose cool weather. Wool does not exclude sunburn and heatstroke.

Protect ears from water. Better to use earplugs.

Exclude bodies of water with rapid currents, steep banks.

Avoid noisy places, water activities that can scare the dog.

An animal should only drink clean water.

Do not bathe your dog in a pool of chlorinated water. It irritates the mucous membranes, can cause poisoning.

Do not throw or drag your pet into the body of water. Train gradually, first by walking nearby, then wetting the paws at the edge.

Limit the stay in the water for 3 minutes, then a break is needed.

You can stay close to the dog, but not swim during this time.

Do not bathe your dog in open water if it has a dermatological or infectious disease. The ban also applies to females during estrus.

Harm from frequent washing

Often you can’t bathe your dog, especially with shampoo. The microflora of the epidermis is disrupted, which can lead to unpleasant consequences:

  • dry skin;
  • dandruff;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • brittleness, hair loss, loss of gloss.
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When to start and how often to wash your Chihuahua?

Water treatments are not recommended until 3-4 months of age. Puppies produce more sebum, forming a dense coat. It should not be violated, as it protects against negative factors, including pathogenic microorganisms.

In the question of how often you can bathe a Chihuahua, focus on the age of the dog. Wash puppies no more than 1 time per month. Frequent water procedures in the first year are fraught with hair loss (alopecia), seborrhea. After a walk, dirt can be washed off with plain water without shampoo, rinse the paws every time. For prevention, you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

In the future, bathe the Chihuahua as needed, use the shampoo only once every 3-4 months, otherwise the protective layer of the epidermis will be disturbed. If you wash your dog every six months or less, the coat will stick together, forming icicles. A mixture of greasy secretions and dust changes color, is an excellent breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. There is a risk of baldness, lichen, dermatitis, damage by ectoparasites. fleas, ticks.

It is necessary to adhere to the same frequency of bathing. This is important for the adaptation of the dog’s body, maintaining the fat balance of the skin.

Features of the breed: what you need to know before swimming?

Dogs’ skin secretes fat that forms a shell. It protects against external negative factors. With rare walking, secretion and molting increase, provoking dermatitis. For prevention, proper skin and coat care, including water procedures, is important.

Chihuahuas may develop dandruff. The reasons are often in an unsuitable or low-quality detergent, incorrect bathing frequency.

Puppy washing process

After the walk, the dog must be examined, if the contamination is minimal, you can wipe it off with a damp towel according to the growth of the coat. If the dirt is visible even after shaking off the dog, rinse the sneeze in the shower without using care products. It is also mandatory to wash your feet every day and after each walk, you can add shampoos to the basin.

Basic rules to follow regarding an important procedure:

  • bathe no more than 1 time a month;
  • avoid swimming, hypothermia after vaccinations. After the vaccination, you need to wait 2 weeks, or better buy the dog out before that;
  • bathing is generally prohibited up to 2 months;
  • to bathe less often, wear overalls for a walk;
  • before the procedure, prepare everything you need. a terry towel, detergents, rinse aid, earplugs, put a rubber mat on the bottom of the bathroom;
  • it is important to talk to the puppy while bathing and stroking until he gets used to it and does not get scared;
  • in order to avoid injury, you need to carefully consider the preparation, because both the pet and the bathing person should be comfortable. While you are away for a towel, and the dog is bathing, it can get injured, which, of course, is not wanted by more than one owner.

So, how to bathe a Chihuahua. pour water into the bathroom, its temperature should not exceed 39 degrees, but also be less than 37 degrees. Try so that the pressure of the water does not frighten the little prankster, otherwise she will be huddled in a corner even before you are going to bathe her. Stick cotton plugs in the ears, the dog needs this, because water in the ears can be dangerous.

First, put the dog in the bathroom on a rug and slowly pour water over it, trying to wet the breast, stomach, back, but do not touch the head yet, you cannot pour water there either. Dilute the shampoo in hand with water, and then apply to the coat from the front to the back. If there is a balm, rub and wash it off. Wash your hair and thoroughly rinse off any remaining shampoo from your skin. Wash the dog and you can pull the Chihuahua onto the rug.

Use only dog ​​shampoos and balms! And it is better for a certain breed and for the needs of the dog. You need to know the condition of your pet’s coat in order to choose the right product. Here, act as for a person, as we choose shampoo and balm. from dandruff, brittleness, for thickness and so on.

At what age and where to bathe?

Chihuahua is a small mischievous dog with a moderately calm character. If you got yourself one. congratulations, then you have already learned a lot about caring for this breed. If the bathing procedure has not yet touched you and your Chihuahua, our material will help you.

Take your time to get interested in bathing if your puppy is under 3 months old. Some experienced dog handlers, even at 4 months old, do not recommend washing a dog of this breed. The fact is that small puppies have natural lubrication on their skin. It is necessary to supply the skin with essential vitamins and repel dirt. It is enough for a mother to clean the puppy with her tongue while she feeds the child with milk. So enough mom’s licking. the dogs and the puppy are already clean.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Chihuahua dogs do not have sweat glands, but those fats that the skin secretes for up to 4 months cannot be washed off. Gradually, their number is reduced and enough dust, dirt “sticks” to the puppy, and there is a need for bathing. How often should this be done? Dog breeders are still arguing about this.

Some believe that today’s ecology requires owners to bathe their dogs more often. But still, the coat is uncomfortable and becomes less frequent, thinner, and besides, bathing often can cause dry skin and dandruff.

And many also believe that the smell of a dog is the result of a dog’s dirtiness, not at all. Chihuahua begins to emit an odor if it is often bathed with shampoos, because the natural microflora of the skin is disturbed.

Where it is customary to bathe a Chihuahua. most often in the bathroom, there you can swim a lot and the dog will get great pleasure from it. Some people bathe in a bowl for the sake of saving water and speeding up the process itself, but more thoroughly washing a contaminated pet is possible only in a spacious bathroom.

How often you can wash your own favorites. this is an individual question. Because the show dog will wash more often, and the house dog less often. If you keep a Chihuahua at home and do not drive to an exhibition, you should bathe three times a year. Conditioning for a smooth-haired dog is not necessary at all, but the use of balm for a long-haired dog is recommended. There are special sprays that do not wash off and are applied after bathing.

How to properly wash a Chihuahua?

One of the most important procedures in Chihuahua care is bathing. How to wash a Chihuahua correctly? After all, its health and beauty of wool depends on it. In addition, some similarity in the size of the Chihuahua with the feline does not at all negate the pleasure that the dog receives from the water procedure.

You understood correctly. dogs, including chihuahuas, are very fond of swimming, and there is nothing to say about swimming in a spacious bathroom or pool. The main thing is to observe safety measures and know what to wash and when exactly. Let’s talk about it now.

After water procedures

If we figured out the question of how to wash a Chihuahua, then how to proceed after? What can be done, you ask, to harm a dog if the deed has already been done? Still, it is possible, if it is wrong to dry the wool or something else, without waiting for complete drying, to take the dog out into fresh air. It is not recommended to do this even in summer. There are drafts in any alleyway, and this is not the best option for a sensitive Chihuahua.

So, immediately after bathing, leave the dog alone in the bathroom and let it dust off several times. Blot the remaining moisture with a towel (terry cloth absorbs better). Better take two. wrap the baby dry and put it in a warm room for a few minutes. It is important here not to overexpose the dog in a towel, otherwise the coat will then begin to break, and dandruff will appear on the skin. Rubbing is also forbidden, but leaving wet roots is also dangerous. this can threaten eczema, especially in the warm season.

Some people advise using a hair dryer, in this case you need to proceed with caution. The flow of the hair dryer should be warm, and you can scare a dog with a buzz. It is best to use the appliance if the dog has a long coat and you treated the coat with conditioner before drying. Never go outside for about 2 hours after swimming. The best time for this bathing procedure is evening, and you are calmer and healthier for the dog.

How often can you wash your dog and what is the best use for this?

One of the main components of dog care is hygiene. The pet must be clean regardless of size and breed. Bathing your dog is a necessary procedure. But how often a dog can be washed and how to do it correctly, not all owners know. Many of the owners of four-legged still disagree about the frequency and regularity of hygiene procedures, as well as the need to use special means for this.

Which shampoo to choose?

Use only special dog shampoos. Yours will not fit, no matter how expensive and branded it is. Animals and humans have different skin acidity.

Do not use herbal or sweet fruit shampoo. Your pet will not like this smell and he will quickly try to get dirty in order to disguise this fragrant trail.

How to dry your pet?

Dry your four-legged friend with a towel and let go to dry yourself while walking around the house. It is better not to use a hairdryer. First, dogs, especially small breeds, are afraid of him. Secondly, wool deteriorates.

Do not take outside until the coat is dry and make sure that the dog does not lie in a draft.


One of the determining factors in the frequency of washing a dog is the breed, or rather the pet’s coat. All breeds are distinguished by the quality of their wool: short and long, soft and hard. they need different care and frequency of hygiene procedures.

Owners of coarse coats (most terriers, schnauzers, short-haired bulldogs, boxers, shepherd dogs, etc.) are less likely to need bathing. Thick, dense, brush-like wool is less prone to dirt and fine dirt particles do not get stuck in it. You can bathe such a dog as needed or if it is heavily soiled.

Pets with soft and long hair can be bathed with shampoo more often. 1-2 times a month.

Than to bathe a dog

A couple of decades ago, it was believed that bathing a dog more than 2 times a year is impossible, that it is harmful. Indeed, the use of human-made soap and shampoo was of little benefit. Our skin and hair differ in PH levels, and human cosmetics are too aggressive for animals. It dries out the dog’s skin and coat, can cause allergic dermatitis and all sorts of problems. It is absolutely not recommended to wash the dog with such means.!

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How often you can wash your dog, you can decide for yourself, based on all the conditions listed above. Ideally, taking into account all external factors 2-4 times a month. The main thing is to do it right. use only specially designed products, follow simple rules for bathing and try not to cause discomfort to the dog.

How often should dogs be bathed??

How often can you bathe your dog??

Bathe the dog or not! And if you bathe, how often can you do it??

The dog lives on the street
Under natural conditions, dogs never wash, so there is no special need to wash a dog that lives on the street (in an enclosure or on a leash). Unless a dog on a walk outside the yard finds something odorous and falls out in it.

The dog lives in the apartment
But many dog ​​breeders live in apartments, where it is almost impossible to demarcate and separate the “habitat” of the dog. What to do in such cases? Can I wash my dog ​​in the bathroom and what is the right way to do it? Wash is definitely a must.

Let’s start with the most basic thing. paws after a walk. Some owners wipe them only in case of bad weather, when the dog walks through puddles and mud. In vain. The paws should at least be wiped with a damp cloth after each walk.

In winter, utilities use all kinds of chemicals to melt snow and loosen the ice as quickly as possible. If these substances will regularly remain on the pads of the dog’s paws. dermatitis and other troubles may occur.

A great danger is posed by poison, which, unfortunately, can still be scattered on the street, despite the fact that such actions are punishable by law. There are sad cases when pets died, just licking their paws after a walk.

We are no longer talking about basic hygiene, because many dogs like to climb onto sofas, armchairs or even the bed of their owners, leaving their street prints on them.

But this all concerns the daily hygiene of our pets. What to do if your dog gets completely dirty?

Bathing your dog is often not recommended. The fact is that the dog’s skin is protected by fat, which is destroyed by excessively frequent washing, especially with the use of detergents. This is fraught with dandruff, dry skin, dullness of the coat. A pet dog can be bathed several times a year and, if necessary, when, for example, it found something fragrant and fell out in it.

How and what to wash your dog?
Water for washing your dog should be slightly warm, never hot! For washing it is recommended to use only special products. zoo shampoos. It is not worth using human cosmetics, the properties of the skin of a dog and a person are somewhat different, and for an animal such use threatens an allergic reaction or a skin problem.

When choosing a detergent, give preference to a colorless shampoo, at least there are no dyes in it. possible allergens. Do not chase cheapness. Even a small bottle of shampoo will serve you for a long time, you do not need to save on such things.

If you have a dog with a coat that requires special care, buy products specifically for that coat type. All-purpose products are not so versatile, don’t rely on the excellent effect of all-purpose shampoo washing Yorkshire Terriers or Wire-haired Schnauzers.

In order to make washing comfortable for the dog, take care of the non-slip surface in the bath in advance. lay a special rubber mat or just a large rag.

First wet the dog’s coat, then dilute a small amount of shampoo in a basin and lather the dog with this solution.

Avoid getting water in your eyes and ears. For added confidence, you can use cotton swabs for your ears. Soaped up? Everything, now you can wash off. Do not feel sorry for water. the coat must be absolutely clean. It is unacceptable to leave an incompletely washed wool.

After washing
Take a well-absorbent towel and pat your dog dry. Do not let your dog jump out of the bath after washing. Wet paws and wet floor can play a bad joke. There are cases when an animal was injured during such jumps, not maintaining balance on a slippery floor.

A small dog just needs to be taken out of the bath and put on the floor, a large dog should be helped by supporting it under the front paws.

It is often advised to dry your dog’s coat with a hairdryer when bathing. We do not recommend doing this unnecessarily. Of course, if the room is very cold, or there is no time to wait until the wool is completely dry, you can also use a hairdryer. But it is better to do without exposure to hot air. After bathing, make sure that the dog does not lie down in drafts.

2-3 days after bathing, do not forget to treat the dog from external parasites. fleas, lice, ticks.

At what age can you start bathing?

Newborn babies Chihuahua has more subcutaneous fat than an adult dog. This is to protect the dog from injury. Bathing rules for puppies:

  • for the first time, the procedure is carried out no earlier than 4-6 months;
  • it is recommended to bathe puppies no more than once a month. Otherwise, there is a great risk of seborrhea and alopecia;
  • whenever possible, use only running water to rid the little chihuahua of pollution;
  • cosmetics are selected strictly according to age and type of coat.

Bathing rules

Correct washing ensures a shiny coat and healthy skin. It is recommended to adhere to the rules of bathing:

  • accustoming to bathing begins from six months;
  • the procedure is best carried out according to the established schedule. In this case, the dog’s skin will get used to the selected rhythm and will be able to maintain the fat balance at the proper level;
  • the water temperature should be comfortable. The dog should not burn or shiver from the cold;
  • it is necessary to protect the dog’s ears from water ingress to avoid otitis media. Earplugs, a special cap or the owner’s hand will help with this;
  • do not use cosmetics for people. Except in emergencies;
  • it is necessary to thoroughly rinse off the remains of the cosmetic product so that the Chihuahua cannot get sucked into the chemistry;
  • the procedure is best done in the evening after a walk;
  • before the procedure, the dog should not be fed, so as not to overload the digestive system. After bathing, the dog is treated to a favorite treat.

Skin specificity

It is a known fact that dogs cannot sweat. Their glands produce fatty secretions, which are the natural defenses of the skin, protecting against high humidity and wetness. Chihuahuas are decorative pets. many owners decide not to take daily walks. Due to the constant presence in a room, the air in which is often dry, the Chihuahua‘s molt intensifies. In addition, there is an increased secretion of secretions, which often leads to skin diseases. dermatitis.

Dermatitis, on the other hand, is promoted by frequent washing with the use of the wrong cosmetics. In particular, ordinary human soap. It dries the skin severely when bathing and leads to flaking. The most common skin problems are:

Important: Dandruff and itching can be caused by parasites. Even if mini dogs are kept exclusively at home and do not visit the street, they need preventive treatments against fleas, ticks and internal parasites.

The presence of dandruff is a reason for reducing the number of baths, as a systematic approach to treatment will be required, including ointments, medicinal cosmetics, tablets.

After bathing

Taking care of your dog after washing is as important as the process itself. Follow-up care, done according to the rules, will ensure the beauty of the coat and help to avoid colds. After washing:

  • if the dog is not afraid of the hair dryer, it is necessary to thoroughly dry the two-layer cover, which remains wet for a long time. In the cold season, it is the unfinished cover that causes hypothermia and colds;
  • for drying, use an average temperature and minimum speed;
  • the hair dryer is kept at a distance of 5-10 cm from the Chihuahua’s body;
  • start drying from the back, then move to the sides and finish with the paws;
  • then the dog is placed on its back or put on its hands and the stomach and places under the limbs are dried.

Chihuahuas do not like to dry their faces. You can use a cloth that absorbs moisture well. During the drying process, the dog is carefully combed out with two types of brushes: a rubber glove, an iron brush with long teeth.

Important: the owner will make his life much easier if he starts accustoming himself to a hairdryer from a very young age. Otherwise, you will have to sit with the dog in your arms, wrapping it in a towel until it dries completely.

How often can you bathe a Chihuahua?

It is believed that dogs of any breed simply love to take a bath or swim in natural reservoirs. This is not entirely true. It all depends on the size, coat, skin characteristics and breed of the pet. Hunting breeds are loyal to water procedures, but decorative dogs tolerate them. From the article you will learn: how and how much you need to wash your Chihuahua. what are the features of the skin of these crumbs and how to care after washing.

How often?

Chihuahua bathing is carried out as soon as it gets dirty or if necessary. It is not recommended to use shampoo more than three times a year.

Important: a dog that does not spend time on the street emits a specific smell not due to pollution.

To fight this phenomenon by washing the dog with shampoo will not work. The opposite result can be achieved. The glands will react to the increased dryness of the skin and begin to secrete more secretions. This will cause the coat to become oily and odorless.

If you wash your Chihuahua less than once every six months, the coat can clump and fumble. This condition of the coat is an excellent breeding ground for pathogenic organisms. Consequence. dermatitis, lichen, alopecia and other diseases.
Dirty felted hair is very attractive to fleas and ticks.