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How often to feed a puppy 1 month old

Genetic features of the health of mongrels

Each potential owner, who decides to have a mongrel dog, agrees to a kind of “lottery”. The main plus in the genetic characteristics of the health of mongrels, but this does not mean that mongrel dogs do not get sick or can do with poor-quality nutrition. Potentially, mongrel dogs are healthier, smarter and more “comfortable” as they instinctively adjust to the owner’s needs.

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The diet for a dog should be made as individually as possible, since mongrel dogs can inherit not very “successful” genes of some ancestors.

The statements below refer to myths and are spread by illiterate people:

  • Mongrels are omnivorous. no, for a mongrel dog you need to select an appropriate diet.
  • Mongrels can be fed with leftovers from the table. absolutely not, since the genetic tendencies of the dog are unknown.
  • You don’t need to bathe mongrels. you need to, but not often. Brushing is also necessary, and wire-haired dogs must be trimmed.
  • Mongrels have strong immunity and they can not be vaccinated. the immunity of mongrel dogs is really stronger than that of mongrel dogs, but it is not a rival to deadly viruses.
  • Worms and fleas in a mongrel can be treated with folk remedies. it is possible, but is it necessary? Folk remedies can be toxic not only to parasites, but also to a pet. Questionable savings can lead to tragic losses.

Statistics allow us to announce a number of facts about the health of mongrel dogs:

  • Short-haired mongrels are more likely to suffer from plant protein allergies.
  • Long-haired dogs are prone to skin problems.
  • Pooch grow old later, but are formed earlier.
  • In older age, mongrel dogs are less likely to have dental problems.
  • At the age of 3 years and older, mongrel dogs are prone to gaining excess weight.

When compiling the diet of a mongrel dog, you need to take into account its past. It is important not only to choose a high-quality diet, but also to correctly calculate the daily food intake. Practice shows that dogs that once starved are prone to overeating, even when they are domesticated and not deprived of anything.

How and what to feed a pooch puppy: menu by age

How to feed a pooch puppy and what type of food to choose. Prepared food or organic food, whichever is better. Do you need vitamins and supplements. You will learn about the dangers of prohibited foods.

Choosing a place and utensils for feeding a puppy

The choice of location and utensils plays an important role, especially in the early days of a puppy in a new home. It is important that the pet can eat calmly, unhurriedly, without feeling competition.

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It is almost impossible to guess what size an adult mongrel will be. Small puppies often grow into a medium sized dog. If the weight of a 2–3 month old puppy does not exceed 4–5 kg, it is most likely a small dog and a bowl holder can be skipped.

For larger dogs, it is best to get a stand right away and adjust it as you grow. For small dogs, it is better to purchase ceramic or glass bowls, as they are heavier and almost non-slip.

The volume of the drinker should be adjusted to the size of the dog. If the pet is going to be large, a good quality plastic bowl or small bucket will work. For medium and small dogs, choose a bowl that is convenient in size.

For the safety of the pet and your convenience, the eating area should be covered with a thick, rubberized mat. The puppy will not slip on the rubber surface, even if it spills water. Plus, the mat is easy to clean.

How to feed a husky puppy

If you have a husky puppy, think about what to feed him beforehand. The body of a thoroughbred baby requires the preparation of a special diet, in which there is no place for most fatty and fried foods. for example, dishes from the table, cooked in butter.

They are liked to offer their pet by those owners who believe that the animal should get used to eating everything that they give from childhood.

You cannot do this. there is a great risk of harming the growing dog. The consequences can be dire, from mild indigestion to a serious eating disorder.

In addition, by teaching your puppy to eat what people have not eaten, you form the habit of begging and taking away everything that is bad. A dog that has already grown up and gained experience of stealing will take away food, by hook or by crook get it and subdue the owner, taking a strong leadership position.

You do not need to indulge, but firmly tell the baby what you can and cannot eat. In addition, pulling an unfamiliar treat from the dining table, the puppy runs the risk of getting an allergy, which will require treatment from the veterinarian and drawing up a diet.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend feeding your fidget correctly, without overloading his stomach and not experimenting with those dishes that are contraindicated for him. We will understand the intricacies of making a menu for a thoroughbred four-footed friend, and at the same time we will find out which foods are contraindicated for wolves in miniature.

How to feed a husky puppy at 3 months

At this age, it is necessary to slowly prepare the growing half-wolf for four meals a day. Don’t forget: a decrease in the number of feedings is adjacent to an increase in portions.

For a three-month-old husky, the diet is still the same: meat and fish are only low-fat, no sweets, the absence of fatty and fried foods from the table in the menu, the mandatory inclusion of calcium-rich cottage cheese, vegetables and cereals in the diet. You can offer your pet this dish:

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Porridge with chicken. for four you will need 1 kg of thighs, cooked until half cooked (before bleeding when piercing with a knife). Add rice to the chicken, grated carrots, and cook until the rice is cooked.

What and how to feed a husky puppy at 2 months?

Again, the main thing is to avoid skewing towards fats and to give the body everything it needs in the right proportions. A balanced diet is the key to harmonious development and growth, as well as the health of your dog, not complicated by problems such as rickets, food allergies, diarrhea, etc.

The list of prohibited products still remains:

  • table waste (all fatty, fried, sweet);
  • raisins and grapes;
  • lamb and pork.

Do not forget that the husky needs iodine. it is better not in synthetic additives in food, but in its natural form. algae or sea fish.

For a two-month-old puppy, you can make the following menu:

  • breakfast. a light curd, a fruit mixture of one carrot and a grated apple;
  • for lunch, you can give meat (venison, beef, chicken, turkey) or boiled fish with a pre-selected ridge and bones;
  • for an afternoon snack, offer the baby sour milk. kefir or fermented baked milk;
  • porridge with the addition of meat will be an ideal dish for dinner.

If you do not want to get a sick pet, do not overfeed your puppy. For those who like to pamper the dog with a treat, we remind you that a slice of banana or dried apricots will be an ideal option for sweet husky breeds, but chocolates and cakes are canceled.

How to feed a month old husky puppy

At this age, it is necessary to divide the portions into several parts, which should be given 5 times a day. This frequency of feeding is necessary due to the increasing demand for energy source and growth.

At this time, the body is just being formed and it needs a lot of vitamins and useful microelements. And they are found in abundance in:

  • cottage cheese. it is better to take low-fat;
  • fermented milk products (kefir or fermented baked milk);
  • sea ​​fish (it is recommended either to choose bones from it, or to choose fish such as salmon or pink salmon);
  • beef or venison (the meat should be scalded with boiling water and only then given to the puppy);
  • offal (huskies need to be given boiled in order to minimize the risk of helminthic invasion);
  • boiled chicken.


It is strictly forbidden to give the puppy pork and lamb. too fatty meats affect the liver and make it difficult to digest food.

To find out what and how to feed a husky puppy at 1 month old, you need to understand one thing: at this age, feeding should be fractional and frequent, and the products should be easily digestible and do not cause digestive problems.

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HOW TO FEED A DOG OR PUPPY CORRECTLY �� How many times a day you should feed your dog

Anything fat is prohibited. Venison is an ideal source of protein, but dogs that are out of the habit or have never lived in the wild may refuse it outright. Chicken, which can cause allergies in some pets, should be fed with caution. In some cases, replacing it with turkey saves it.

Porridge cannot be ignored. they contain a complex of vitamins and envelop the walls of the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety in the puppy, which is especially important for a growing body that needs everything and even more. Do not forget that meat is digested more slowly than other foods, and it is not recommended to offer it at night.

What and how to feed a husky puppy at 1, 5 months? The diet remains the same while maintaining the natural balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates with calcium, phosphorus, etc.

The menu still contains:

  • lean meat (provided there is no allergy);
  • fish;
  • cottage cheese;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • porridge;
  • offal.

You can give the puppy dried fruits. prunes and dried apricots (in small quantities), after clearing them of seeds. with them the baby will receive fructose.

We must not forget about following the diet. Feed the dog up to 2 months 6-5 times a day, decreasing the number of meals with age (2 times from 7 months). An early breakfast should start at 8-9 am, and the last dressing should be done no later than 9-10 pm. Teach the dog to eat everything from the bowl that was given to it. if after 15-20 minutes the pet has not coped with the portion offered to him, remove it. You should not feed the dog just before playing or training. such a rush is fraught with vomiting and disruption of the stomach.

How to properly feed your husky puppy dry food?

If you decide to give your pet drying, do not forget that you cannot combine it with natural food. When choosing a truly high-quality product, look at the composition. the more soy, the lower the value of the content. It is better to prefer premium and super-premium products to all kinds of “Chappie” and “Pedigri”. so you will be sure that you are buying a truly balanced diet, and not a cheap substitute for it.

Remember: food allergy may not start in the very first days of its consumption, but after 2-3 months. Monitor your dog’s condition and be careful.

Among the priority brands stand out:

  • Eukanuba;
  • Hill’s;
  • Royal Canin;
  • Eagle pack.

Before choosing a food, consult with your veterinarian. a specialist will help you create a diet and give you valuable advice. Feed your baby correctly, and a strong dog will grow out of him. an excellent protector and loyal friend.