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How old can a cat be

All about knitting. At what age can you knit a dog, how to choose a mating day

When can you mate a dog? Of course, upon reaching physiological maturity. However, the physiological and sexual maturity of a dog is not the same thing.

Sexual maturity, or the ability to conceive, occurs fairly early in most dogs. It is generally accepted that a bitch becomes sexually mature from the moment the first estrus begins (depending on the breed, the time of the first estrus varies from 6 to 12 months of age). Males become sexually mature a little later than females, by about 9 months. In a sexually mature male, both testes (testicles) are descended into the scrotum if the testes are in the abdominal cavity, i.e. did not go down after reaching 12 months, such a dog is infertile and is called cryptorchium (by the name of the pathology. “cryptorchia”). Males with one drooping testis can produce offspring, but are not allowed for breeding, since cryptorchia is inherited.

It is important to understand that the achievement of puberty by a male or female does not mean that they are ready to mate and produce offspring. Despite the fact that “technically” the body is already ripe for reproduction, physiologically it is not yet ready for this (especially for bitches, for whom pregnancy and childbirth after the first estrus can become a very heavy load and lead to complications). For small dogs of decorative breeds (Chihuahuas, Toy Terriers), additional restrictions are introduced by the requirements for height and weight: if these indicators are less or more than what the breeding standards require, then the dog cannot be knitted.

Experts recommend to carry out the first mating of a bitch on the third estrus, a dog can be knitted when it reaches the body size of an adult animal at the age of about 2 years. Experts recommend that owners of bitches planning to receive puppies keep a diary with a detailed description of the passage of each estrus, starting with the first. based on these observations, when the dog is ready to bear puppies, it will be possible to choose the optimal mating time.

Up to what age can a male be knitted?

There are no rigid limits on the age up to which a male can be knitted. Restrictions are imposed only by diseases, but in the absence of pathologies and health problems, a stud dog can be used for reproduction of the breed almost throughout his life.

How old can you knit a bitch

The first mating of a bitch should be carried out no later than 4. 5 years. A untied bitch can be knitted up to 7-8 years old. It is considered normal to get 6 litters from one bitch in her entire life. However, there is no definite answer to the question “Is it possible to breed a bitch in the next estrus after pregnancy”. In fact, such a load for the dog’s body is undesirable, however, in some cases, it is possible to carry out two mating in a row, provided that at least 6 months have passed since the birth of the puppies, the dog has no health problems and the previous pregnancy passed without complications.

How to determine a favorable day for mating

For effective mating of dogs, it is first of all necessary to correctly determine the favorable day. If the bitch owner kept a diary, keeping track of the duration and specifics of each estrus, this knowledge will greatly simplify the selection of a suitable date. When choosing a mating day, it is important to know that the traditional scheme is not suitable for every dog, according to which on the 9th and 11th day two mating is carried out, the main and the “control” one. Each bitch has its own individual characteristics, so one will be ready for mating on the 3rd day of estrus, and the second will let the dog in no earlier than the 15th. Thus, it is better to check the readiness for mating not by records, but in each estrus.

There are two ways to determine whether a bitch is ready for mating during estrus:
1) The bitch is stroked on the thighs and pressed on the lower back below the croup. If the dog is ready to let the dog go, it will freeze, tense up and move its tail up or to the side.
2) Gently press the lower part of the hinge, while it should rise and move apart. The dog at this moment freezes or begins to make short movements of the hips, as if pushing something forward.

Having determined the readiness of the dog for mating, it is advisable to bring it to the dog on the same day. Even after 3 days, the favorable moment may pass and you will have to wait until the next heat.

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When the cat is ready

Purring beauties can produce offspring once every 6 months. The time of year, as many owners believe, does not matter. For the first time, cats are in heat from 7 to 9 months of age. However, these are approximate figures. The process can start earlier, and maybe much later.

It is allowed to knit a pet only when it is healthy and in good spirits.

The maximum fertility is observed in the second to fifth year of life. This period is also the most successful, that is, the risk of developing anomalies in kittens is minimal. A cat can bear offspring and give birth up to 10 years. Starting from the 7th year of life, the animal’s cycle is disrupted. Kittens during this period may be born with developmental abnormalities (this happens quite rarely, but this should be taken into account). The same applies to those kittens that are less than a year old. Their sexual development is rather weak. Therefore, the ligament should be carried out in adulthood. The best time is after the third heat. This condition will allow to bear healthy offspring and not harm the mother.

If the cat is too shy (this usually happens when she does not go outside), then it is better to mate her with an experienced partner.

It is worth noting that you will not be able to draw the bundle right away. It is better to introduce the female to the cat gradually. Ideally, the cat will be brought to the “producer” every day for 10-15 minutes. Each time their communication time needs to be increased.

Attention! If the first mating in a young male ends unsuccessfully due to the cat’s aggression, then he is unlikely to want to repeat it. Therefore, the choice of the “groom”, like the “bride”, must be treated responsibly.

Non-standard situations and their solutions

There are incompatibilities in the feline family. Some are easily overcome, while others require help or immediate intervention.

  • Size discrepancy: the female is larger than the male. The cat is not able to impregnate the cat, since an important part of the body rests on the back of the partner. In such situations, the cat is guided.
  • The cat falls on its side during coitus: a person must support the pet in the correct posture, although experienced producers themselves manage to cope with the task in such an uncomfortable position.
  • The cat is not given. The case is difficult, and most often you have to retire and look for another love, since it is the female who decides who will be the father of her future children. In case of an urgent need to obtain offspring from this particular union, experts advise inserting a special probe into the vagina, which provokes ovulation and the female has nothing to do but surrender into the clutches of an unloved man. Another way to resolve a similar conflict is to close the couple in a separate room and hope that love will happen.
  • The cat suddenly disappears in a new place signs of estrus. It’s actually stressful. Once the animal is comfortable, everything will resume. You may have to leave the female to live with the owners of the cat for a while so that they become friends and get used to each other.
  • The cat does not flow, but it was brought to the male. There is always the possibility of error when the unusual behavior of the animal is mistaken for signs of sexual heat. But you can’t fool the cat! If he is indifferent to the opposite sex, does not pay attention to the new companion of life, then be sure. the wedding will not take place.

Mating cats: rules

First of all, you should remember that you should not abuse drugs that drown out or stop estrus. Most often, their use for their intended purpose is not effective, but at the same time it can lead to hormonal disruption in the animal’s body or cause serious illness. Therefore, it is best to immediately realize that you will need a mating of a cat and a cat, and you need to prepare for it according to special rules.

So, cat owners should remember that:

    A suitable partner for your pet must be found in advance (those who are engaged in pedigree breeding will need to look for him in the appropriate club, and those who need a regular mating can do this through advertisements or at cat shows; if a suitable partner is not immediately found. consult the cat clubs, where you can help with finding a mate for your cat);

Before mating, the cat should be tested for various diseases. infectious, viral, invasive, fungal, etc. (the cat should be checked in the same way!);

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Two weeks before mating, the cat should undergo preventive deworming. getting rid of worms, if any;

Before the process of mating itself, the cat (and the cat!) Must trim the claws so that the animals cannot injure each other;

  • It should be remembered that preparing a cat for mating does not imply washing it, because this can destroy its natural, attractive smell for the cat.
    • It is they who must control the mating process and help the animals if necessary;

    The owner of the cat will have to make sure that two “not untied” animals do not mate. this can cause them mental and physical trauma;

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  • The owner of the cat accepts the cat on his territory, so he must provide her with the opportunity to independently get out of the carrier and get acquainted with the cat, and if necessary, take refuge in a special enclosure, where a frightened or aggressive cat can “sit out” a little and get used to the changes in her life.
  • Preparation for mating in breeding breeding

    Owners of breeding animals should also remember special rules: before mating a cat, they must agree on the terms of payment (if necessary), as well as on the length of stay of the female in the house of the owner of the cat. It is advisable to do this in writing, and in this case, a cat mating agreement can help, which can be drawn up by professional breeders.

    In addition, serious breeders are sure to collect as much information as possible about the origin of a cat or a cat, selected in a pair with their pet. This implies:

      installation of possible genetic defects in the animal (wrong bite, bad coat, uncharacteristic coloring, etc.),

    examination of kittens from other litters of a cat (if the cat has already had offspring),

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  • checking whether the cat is prepotent. that is, whether it can transmit good qualities and traits to its offspring.
  • If you find any deviations that suit the owners of the cat and the cat, you should definitely enter all the data about them in the cat mating agreement. Only this will save their owners from subsequent proceedings.

    False pregnancy after mating

    In cats, unlike their barking counterparts, deceptive pregnancy is rarely observed, but there is a place to be. The reasons are:

    • lack of motile and healthy sperm in a cat;
    • insignificant mobility of tadpoles;
    • genital diseases at the manufacturer.

    A false pregnancy, like a normal pregnancy, is accompanied by the following symptoms:

    • swelling of the nipples;
    • the cat begins to be careful;
    • milk bags increase in size;
    • pet’s belly is rounded.

    A false pregnancy is very similar to a true one.

    After the required time has elapsed, the cat gives birth, she has milk. False pregnancy causes serious stress in the cat, mental disorders, hormonal disruptions.

    To avoid a false pregnancy, you should ask the owners of the “inseminator” in detail about his health and previous “victories”.

    It is worth asking about the vaccinations given. There were situations when, after a ligament, males infected cats with dangerous infectious diseases. feline herpes, distemper, calcivirus, etc.

    Feline behavior during mating

    Not all owners of furry pets know how long sexual intercourse lasts in cats. The behavior of animals before intercourse can be very diverse. Some quickly find a common language, while other couples need a lot of getting used to. Owners should be aware that female aggression before and after mating is common.

    Often, cats show excessive aggression towards the male, they can arrange a fight, scratch and bite a partner. In this case, the owner should remove the cat from the room, and leave the cat alone for a while. After she calms down, you can try again. If aggressive behavior is detected again, it may be that the mating timing is wrong. In such a situation, mating should be postponed until a favorable period.

    As a rule, an experienced cat finds an approach to the female, and she takes a posture characteristic of mating: she raises her pelvis up, takes her tail to the side or up, fiddles with her paws. Coming from one side or the other, the cat detects the moment, grabs the female by the scruff with its teeth and crushes it under itself. The cat, turning over with its paws, backs away, lifting the pelvis up, and moves towards the male. Sexual intercourse occurs within 5-15 seconds.

    Very often, owners wonder why cats yell during mating. The fact is that the cat’s penis has roughness and spines that irritate the vagina. This is necessary to stimulate ovulation. When the penis is removed from the vagina, the thorns irritate the mucous membrane, and the cat experiences painful sensations. For this reason, most females scream at the end of mating and show aggression towards the male.

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    How the cat behaves after mating is largely influenced by the animal’s temperament and individual characteristics. Some females can be aggressive and attack the male immediately after mating, paw, bite. Experienced cats, as a rule, after intercourse bounce to the side and try not to contact their partner for a while.

    Cats behave differently after mating. Some females can scream loudly after mating, be aggressive towards the cat. Other cats are calm, indifferent to the male. For some, the question becomes relevant, why does the cat roll on the floor after mating? It is believed that after the pain caused at the time of intercourse subsides, the animal experiences positive emotions and shows them in this way.

    As a rule, a single pairing is not always sufficient for effective mating. That is why it is advisable to leave the cat with the cat for 3. 5 days. During this time, the male can perform up to 15. 20 sexual acts, it depends on the health and temperament of the cat. In this case, ovulation occurs with each act of mating.

    It often happens that pregnancy did not occur after mating. There are many reasons why a cat does not become pregnant after mating:

    • infertile cat;
    • not on time knitting;
    • inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system;
    • hidden viral diseases;
    • violation of hormonal status;
    • obesity;
    • exhaustion;
    • lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet;
    • chronic stress.

    The reasons should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

    Mating in cats

    Techka, main signs

    The entire estrus period can take from 5 to 10 days. On the first and second day, the cat’s behavior changes, she may become agitated, more affectionate or aggressive. She often starts rubbing against her feet, furniture and other things. The gait may change markedly: the hind legs are slightly bent, the tail is raised and the lower back is slightly bent. At this stage, the cat will not let the boyfriend come to him.

    Over the next 3-6 days, the cat begins to meow loudly, calling on the cat, if it is stroked in the region of the sacrum, it assumes a certain posture. The tail moves to the side, lifts the croup and falls on the front legs. During this period of sexual activity, the appetite can also significantly decrease and the amount of urination of the animal can increase.

    As a rule, in order to avoid depletion of the cat’s body, felinology recommends mating cats no more than three times in two years.

    Mating process

    When a cat is in heat, its behavior changes. She demonstrates her readiness for mating in the form of a loud meow, rolling on the floor, lifting her tail to the side, arching her back. She takes the same body position in the process of intercourse. The cat settles down on top, clings to the withers with its teeth. Feet are located on the sides.

    It all starts with preludes. The cat comes up to the female, sniffs at her and purrs gently. Most cats at this moment drive away cats, hiss and waving their paws. The male retreats, but not for long. Then the attempt is turned around again. And so on until the cat agrees to mate.

    Sexual intercourse itself lasts 15-25 seconds. In the process of ejaculation, the cat makes a loud sound. This is due to the presence of thorns on the penis (to stimulate ovulation). The cat pushes her away from him at this time. A pet can show aggression towards her lover. Therefore, he must quickly run and hide.

    Further, the female will begin to actively roll on the floor, then she will lick the genital area. Some cats are not ready for the second intercourse. It is possible to repeat sexual intercourse only after 3-7 attempts. A lot of mating can happen. Therefore, there is no point in doubting that the cat will become a mother in 9 weeks (if everything is fine with the groom’s reproductive organs).

    How to prepare for childbirth of a cat, you can read in our article.

    First of all, the cat will begin to lick itself

    Ideally, it is better to knit on the 3rd day of the cycle. Here the probability that ovulation will occur is almost 100%. Some practice mating within 3 days of estrus, which is also quite effective.