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How old can a dog be to get pregnant?

When can my dog ​​get pregnant??

A dog does not have the same menstrual cycle as a woman. She has no “period”. So if you notice that she is bleeding from her vagina, it probably means that she is in heat. This means that she is almost ready to start thinking about some kind of action.

From the moment your dog is six months old, he will likely go through this process, known as the estrus cycle, a couple of times a year for the rest of his life. This may be more or less frequent, depending on the breed.

The estrus season can last two to three weeks. Despite being fertile for only a few days in the middle of this cycle, a dog’s sperm can remain in it for a week or more, so it can become pregnant even if it begins intercourse.


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Her heat cycle begins when she has discharge from her vulva. She may begin to lick her, and she may also begin to swell. It takes two to three weeks to bounce back.

In the meantime, she will begin to bleed a little. And from the very beginning she will become super attractive to males. They can smell her hormones and pheromones in her urine and she will begin marking her territory all over the area.

Males can get quite serious when they sense that the dog is in heat. Dogs are known to jump over fences, dig holes, break glass, or even copulate through cage bars to fertilize a bitch during estrus. Therefore, you need to be very careful if you are trying to find the right man for your dog.

Your bitch will probably not let them mate with her for the first few days. But you can definitely help her by keeping her securely away from the males. But here’s what to be aware of when you invite a dog into your family.

Breeding bitches

Your bitch can get pregnant at any point in her heat cycle. However, it will most likely be both fertile and “ready for it” about eleven days after it starts.

However, this period can be different from dog to dog and even from cycle to cycle. Males can mate from four months of age.

Your dog’s veterinarian can do a smear on your bitch to check when she is most likely to get pregnant. He’ll probably do some tests over the course of a few days to see if her cells are changing.

Or he can do a “serum progesterone” test, which measures hormones in your dog’s blood. Again, this can take several days to measure differences and changes in your dog.

Mating can be more successful if it takes place in the “territory” of the dog rather than the bitch. It is normal to have one or two sessions over two to three days.

Pregnancy in a dog. when exactly does it happen?

A dog can only become pregnant at some point in its cycle. However, it is important to be aware of this possibility as both she and the males around her will take it very seriously at this time.!

But not everyone wants to “neuter” their dog. Some believe that this deprives the dog of his natural rights. Others want their bitch to start breeding at some point. If you decide to leave your dog with all its virtues, you will want to know more about its chances of pregnancy.

What age can a dog get pregnant?

How to avoid pregnancy in dogs

Very often a bitch is spayed. This includes the removal of the dog’s ovaries and uterus. This is usually done before the dog is six months old, as this is when the bitch begins her first estrus season.

Other benefits of sterilization include a reduced chance of certain cancers and infections, and less fuss and cleaning associated with her estrus twice a year.

At what age can you get pregnant, and at what it should be done

The birth of a new life is, of course, wonderful. But this event should be desired and planned so that in the future the baby grows up in love, with happy and loving parents. Many girls, having reached adolescence, think about when they can get pregnant.

Experts answer that the possibility of conceiving a new life occurs only in a mature female body. In a woman, this maturation is indicated by the onset of menstruation. The age at which menstruation begins depends on the personality of each individual girl, but on average it is 12-14 years. The duration of the reproductive function of the female body lasts up to 46 years.

Can a teenage girl get pregnant?

Physiologically, the body is ready for pregnancy at the age of 14-15. But we must not forget about the psychological side of the issue. During the first intercourse, the girl may experience discomfort. Unprepared for such an outcome, she can forever abandon intimacy with a man, from family life and children. A nervous shock may occur.

You should also not think that from the first day of menstruation, you can give birth to children. They also need to be educated. Having given birth to a baby, it is still worth raising him to his feet and bringing up a worthy and strong personality from him. And the girl at the age of 13 is still an unformed personality. In order to conceive a child, the body must be formed not only from a physiological point of view, but also from a psychological one. A girl must be mentally prepared for the role of a mother.

Motherhood is a very serious step, which overshadows my “I” and puts forward the first child. With the advent of the baby, it is worth giving up bad habits and partying until the morning at the bar.

The onset of sexual activity should coincide with the girl’s conscious desire. You can’t give yourself up to your partner, because he is older and said what is needed. First of all, a girl should think about what she wants. The first sexual experience in alcoholic intoxication is generally not acceptable. In this state, it is not you who decide, but the drink that you drank.

Having decided on the first sexual experience, you must be confident in the person with whom you are doing it. You must love him and feel loved. If you have a desire for sexual intimacy, and your man is not around yet, you should not give yourself up to the first person you meet. Your time will come too. Everyone on earth has a soul mate. And life without sexual relations at the age of 14-18 is very beautiful.

An early sex life can be fraught with women’s health in the future. Often there are injuries, infections with sexually transmitted diseases. All this comes from a lack of information regarding contraceptive methods and a general lack of conversations on this topic.

Often the first unprotected sexual experience ends in pregnancy, and Partner, upon hearing such news, simply runs away. He is usually not yet ready for fatherhood. For a girl, such a pregnancy can end badly. And the fact that she alone will raise the baby is still good news. Early pregnancy can be complicated. In some cases, due to the underdevelopment of the body, girls are given a cesarean section, prohibiting natural childbirth.

In most cases, pregnancy in adolescents is determined at a later date, since they did not know at what age it was already possible to become pregnant, and were not attentive to their body and delays in menstruation. Late detection of pregnancy prevents doctors from regularly monitoring the health of mom and baby.

This often leads to impaired fetal development while still in the womb. Therefore, babies born from teenage mothers are often born with developmental pathologies, underweight. In addition, early pregnancies sometimes end in miscarriages. Miscarriages in adolescent girls happen due to the body’s unpreparedness for such loads and such a shock as pregnancy.

Carrying a baby is a huge job for the body. And, if he is not yet strong himself, then he simply rejects the child.

Optimal age for conception

As mentioned above, a woman’s body is ready for the first sexual intercourse at the age of 14. And already at this age you can get pregnant for the first time. But for the bearing and birth of a healthy baby, it is not enough just the puberty of the body. Experts indicate the most reproductive period of a woman’s life. 20-24 years.

However, they immediately clarify that the body is ready from the point of view of physiology only from the age of 22 to 25. At this time, the tissues are elastic and childbirth is successful, not counting individual cases. The birth of a baby at this time almost completely excludes breast and ovarian cancers.

If we talk about the psychological readiness of a woman for childbirth, then it occurs only from 25 to 29 years old. By this time, the girl is fully capable of realizing the concept of motherhood, the degree of responsibility and her role as a mother. At this age, most girls already have a spouse who can provide for her and the child. Many by this time have built a career and are ready to devote themselves to the baby. Postpartum recovery of the body during this period passes quickly and imperceptibly for a woman.

Thus, the age for the onset of pregnancy 18. 35 is considered ideal. The most favorable period for the onset of the first pregnancy is 20. 27 years. This is the time of psychological and physiological maturity. The age of all subsequent pregnancies is not important, the main thing is that before the age of 35. After, there is a high probability of pathologies in the child.

The age at which you can become pregnant is not necessary for conceiving a child. There should be a clearly formed concept of the role of the mother in the head and the maturity of the whole organism for bearing and giving birth to a healthy baby.

Sexual relationships are not just enjoyment and pleasure. This is a serious and responsible step that must be taken consciously and without pressure. We must not forget about the responsibility that you bear for your health, and the danger to which you can expose an unborn child.

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All about knitting. At what age can you knit a dog, how to choose a mating day

When can you mate a dog? Of course, upon reaching physiological maturity. However, the physiological and sexual maturity of a dog is not the same thing.

Puberty, that is, the ability to conceive, occurs fairly early in most dogs. It is generally accepted that a bitch becomes sexually mature from the moment the first estrus begins (depending on the breed, the time of the first estrus varies from the age of 6 to 12 months). Males become sexually mature a little later than females, by about 9 months. In a sexually mature male, both testes (testicles) are descended into the scrotum if the testes are in the abdominal cavity, i.e. did not go down after reaching 12 months, such a dog is infertile and is called cryptorchium (by the name of the pathology. “cryptorchia”). Males with one drooping testis can produce offspring, but are not allowed for breeding, since cryptorchia is inherited.

It is important to understand that the achievement of puberty by a male or female does not mean that they are ready to mate and reproduce. Despite the fact that “technically” the body is already ripe for reproduction, physiologically it is not yet ready for this (especially for bitches, for whom pregnancy and childbirth after the first estrus can become a very heavy load and lead to complications). For small dogs of decorative breeds (Chihuahuas, Toy Terriers), additional restrictions are introduced by the requirements for height and weight: if these indicators are less or more than what the breeding standards require, then the dog cannot be knitted.

Experts recommend to carry out the first mating of a bitch on the third estrus, a dog can be knitted when it reaches the body size of an adult animal at the age of about 2 years. Experts recommend that owners of bitches planning to receive puppies keep a diary with a detailed description of the passage of each estrus, starting with the first. based on these observations, when the dog is ready to bear puppies, it will be possible to choose the optimal mating time.

Up to what age can a male be knitted?

There are no rigid limits on the age up to which a dog can be knitted. Restrictions are imposed only by diseases, but in the absence of pathologies and health problems, a stud dog can be used for reproduction of the breed almost throughout his life.

Up to what age can you knit a bitch

The first mating of a bitch should be carried out no later than 4. 5 years. A untied bitch can be knitted up to 7-8 years. It is considered normal to get 6 litters from one bitch in her entire life. However, there is no definite answer to the question “Is it possible to breed a bitch in the next estrus after pregnancy”. In fact, such a load for the dog’s body is undesirable, however, in some cases, it is possible to carry out two mating in a row, provided that at least 6 months have passed since the birth of the puppies, the dog has no health problems and the previous pregnancy passed without complications.

How to determine a favorable day for mating

For effective mating of dogs, it is necessary first of all to correctly determine the favorable day. If the bitch owner kept a diary, keeping track of the duration and specifics of each estrus, this knowledge will greatly simplify the selection of a suitable date. When choosing a mating day, it is important to know that the traditional scheme is not suitable for every dog, according to which on the 9th and 11th day two mating is carried out, the main and the “control” one. Each bitch has its own individual characteristics, so one will be ready for mating on the 3rd day of estrus, and the second will let the dog in no earlier than the 15th. Thus, it is better to check the readiness for mating not by records, but in each estrus.

There are two ways to determine the bitch’s readiness for mating during estrus: 1) The bitch is stroked on the thighs and pressed on the lower back below the croup. If the dog is ready to let the dog go, it will freeze, tense up and move its tail up or to the side. 2) Gently press on the lower part of the hinge, while it should rise and move apart. The dog at this moment freezes or begins to make short movements of the hips, as if pushing something forward.

Having determined the readiness of the dog for mating, it is advisable to bring it with the dog on the same day. Even after 3 days, the favorable moment may pass and you will have to wait until the next heat.

Can a dog fly? Heat, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation. Labrador.ru dogs

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What is estrus

It is important to know that there are “special days” for a dog and how long they last. Having understood this, it will become clear whether the dog can “fly in” during this period or in its absence. Let’s try to define the basic concepts. So, on average, a dog’s estrus lasts 20-25 days. Her first onset ranges from 6 to 12 months old. What are the “subsections” of estrus:

  • Proestrus, or the first stage. Its duration ranges from 1 to 10 days. At this time, you can see pink discharge from the loop.
  • Estrus. The main stage. And it lasts from the 10th to the 20th day. It is at this time that gametes are formed and pregnancy is possible. What are the signs of estrus? The loop becomes soft, the discharge from it is yellowish. The bitch changes her behavior towards the males. Flirts with them, pushes the tail in front of the male canine sex.
  • Metaestrus. Lasts from 20th to 25th day. At this time, the bitch returns to her usual behavior, the loop hardens and the likelihood of pregnancy is extremely reduced. However (if ovulation occurs on these days), pregnancy on the 25th day of estrus may occur.

How to teach your puppy to go to the toilet outside?

At the time of the appearance of the baby in the house, you should know how to tame the puppy to the toilet, so that later you do not have to fool yourself and then think about how to wean the dog from writing at home. In general, it is better to do everything on time and gain knowledge. If a puppy appeared in your family suddenly, then do not be discouraged and spend more time on self-education.

    Strong nerves. Be patient, a puppy is not a robot, and you won’t be able to program it straight away to do what you need to do. Be persistent and patient, then the result will be excellent. How much the owner will train the puppy to the toilet depends on:

A) What is the age of the puppy. If the age of the animal is 1-3 months, then it will study longer, since it is still too young and cannot tolerate for a long time. A more adult individual, say, 4-5 months, is already quicker to learn to walk outside due to the fact that it can endure longer. over time it will be easier for him to wait for the owners from work, and therefore the taming process will go smoothly. B) Is the dog breeder teaching the puppy correctly? When the owner teaches the puppy incorrectly, the result will either be very delayed, or it should not be expected at all. Always look for mistakes in yourself, the puppy is never guilty of anything. Find the reason in yourself. solve the problem.

A separate room covered with newspapers. It is very good if you can give the puppy a separate room, covered with newspapers (in the same room there will be a bowl of food and a place for the puppy). A room with newspapers is needed so that you can leave the puppy in it when you leave the house, as well as at night, when it is not possible to take the puppy outside to the toilet.

If there is no way to select a room, then build an arena (not a cage). Spread newspapers in it, make a place and put a bowl of water. The puppy will be in the arena at night and when you leave for work. To quickly train the puppy to the toilet, the first 1-2 weeks (the period depends on the age of the puppy) should be with him and take him outside on time.

  • Remove all carpets and rugs in the house. It is better to remove all the paths and carpets in the house, otherwise you may not keep track, and the puppy decides to try to put on a soft carpet. Therefore, for the time of training, you will have to walk on the bare floor in slippers. Take care of the slippers too, because the puppy may not put them in, but he will definitely decide to sharpen his teeth, especially since the slippers smell like the owner.
  • When and how many times to breed a puppy 1-3 months?

    The puppy should not be taken out on the covered newspapers, but immediately on the street. You will teach it to the street, so you should immediately show the puppy where his toilet is.

    A small puppy (up to 3 months old) will have to be taken outside more often. After each feeding, each time the puppy wakes up and after active games, take it outside. You should also take the puppy outside as soon as you see that he is already spinning and, as it were, looking for a place for the toilet. Consistency is important, and if you are working and cannot be with the animal during toilet training, then the training process will be significantly delayed. A disturbed regimen will have a bad effect on the puppy’s understanding of what the owner wants.

    When he goes to the toilet on the street, praise him: “Okay, smart girl.” Praise violently and generously, you can give goodies. When a puppy crap at home. punish, but not physically, but with a stern voice and a stern look in the eyes: “Fu!” The voice must be strict, unhappy, but there is no need to shout. The animal will show that it heard the owner.

    If on the street the puppy does not want to go to the toilet, then either take a walk longer, or play active games. Puppies of this age never stand for long. Play and see how the baby sits down. It’s time to praise him! Always praise for being outside on the street until the puppy understands what you want from him.

    Leave the puppy in a separate room or playpen overnight. When you leave for work or for a long time from home. also leave the room covered with newspapers. Newspapers are needed until the puppy learns to endure before being taken outside. After training, you can remove all the newspapers and let the puppy into any room.

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    Should the dog endure

    For example, in the first situation, the owner wins more, since two-time walking is the most convenient for him in terms of distributing his time, since not everyone can afford to take his pet to the “toilet” 5-6 times a day.

    In the second case, this alignment is more suitable for the dog than for its owner, since many dogs physically cannot endure the due time for the next walk. Therefore, the owners regularly stumble upon puddles and piles on the floor in the apartment.

    As we can see, neither the one nor the other situation is ideal, therefore, in this case, you need to look for an alternative.

    Young dogs generally cannot tolerate 12 hours to go to the toilet. And this is normal, since the genitourinary system of animals of this age is not yet fully formed, so for them frequent urination is not some kind of deviation.

    In this case, willy-nilly, you will have to walk the dog at least four times a day. The walking schedule should be designed so that it is comfortable for both you and the dog. For example, like this:

    7 am. morning walk;

    3 pm. afternoon walk;

    7 pm. evening walk;

    10 pm. night walk.

    Of course, you can vary the time, but in this case you need to look at the behavior of the dog.

    In stressful situations for a dog, you need to walk it often, since a nervous animal cannot tolerate it for a long time. But for puddles, if they suddenly appeared, you should not scold either.

    Older dogs can already tolerate until the next walk, so most dog breeders prefer to train them to walk twice a day. Of course, this only applies to cases when the dog is not sick with anything and mental health is normal.

    But still, in many families where the dog lives, there is such a problem as the inability of the pet to endure a walk, and this occurs even in adult dogs. Therefore, many veterinarians advise first to accustom the animal to a diaper or newspaper, and then to the street. And they are right in many ways, as prolonged urinary retention can lead to serious consequences such as inflammation. And what it can be fraught with, judge for yourself.

    In addition, a newspaper, a diaper or frequent walks are necessary if the dog drank a lot of water during the day.

    There is also a type of dogs that endure for the time being, and as soon as they see their owner, they involuntarily urinate, since their appearance in them is associated with a walk and, therefore, with a “toilet”. In this case, you can do the following: just before the owner arrives, take the dog out into the street. Then you can avoid such surprises.

    But there is also a slightly different situation when the dog makes puddles at the sight of the owner. This most often occurs when the owner starts to get dressed and goes outside (for example, to work). In a dog, this human behavior can be associated with the fact that he dresses for a walk. As a result, it turns out that the person leaves, and the dog, unable to bear it, makes puddles.

    Such a moment can be excluded if the owner dresses in the absence of the animal. In this case, the dog will have no reflex to “walk”.

    Thus, we can conclude that the dog should endure until the next walk, but only when it is healthy and its age allows it to do so. In other cases, it is better to insure yourself with a newspaper or diaper.

    Toilet question. If the dog suffers.

    Hopefully it doesn’t hurt myself.

    Charm, no, the dog will not harm itself!

    Tell me about the special tools “toilet training” do they give something? Is it worth buying them at all, how dogs react to them?

    Alisinya, I already wrote in this thread that they didn’t give me anything personally, I think it’s wasted money and time!)))

    Alisinya, give me lyuley))) cheap and effective, it helped me)))

    The fact is that in the summer we were visiting, and she was used to walking only outside now I suffer, I have to walk twice a day. Once she endured for a day While the weather is good, I still agree to walk, but in the rain and categorically NO in winter. Now I do not know how to accustom her to a diaper, after three months of outdoor walks ((((I already “walked” the diaper to soak up the smell of dogs, but she rested, and only demands the street: mad:

    Alisinya, so this is for you, not in this topic, but here! The problem is not how to accustom to a diaper, but how to accustom, after the street, to do your business, again at home! Read this topic, maybe you will find the advice you need!

    Alisinya, how can I understand you we have the same thing you won’t believe it, but after 4 days of putting my beloved on a diaper I gave up why torture the dog but now we walk 3 times a day but first up to 5 times a day asked to go outside, stood at the door with his tail between his legs I think that mine has already made his choice, by the way it is quite logical for dogs he does not consider himself small)))) I am very glad that he still chose the street because. I heard, read that many people get disorientated. furniture can suffer)))

    Help me please. I do not know what to do. The situation is as follows. Two york guys. About a year. Everyone has their own diaper in the house for the toilet in different rooms. The younger one pissed on the older one and he flatly refuses to go there now. (((tolerates a day and even 1.5. And then he is full where he has to, where he can no longer endure in urine. And by and large, too. Right in the middle of the kitchen. The third day. It’s already evening, and he hasn’t gone to the toilet since the night) I don’t know what to do. And I wear it on a diaper and persuade. It’s useless. I put only his personal ones. He doesn’t want that, that’s all. It’s not normal to endure a day. over, from an early age he chose his place for himself and went there regularly.

    Danyasha, sorry, I did not see your message, I had a problem with the Internet! Here is the topic you need, read it, maybe you will find something similar to your situation! But how, for 1.5 days, the dog endures, and why, did they not try to walk him outside? Quite possibly, it just coincided that the second dog squeaked on his diaper, maybe he, like Sharm, just stopped going to the diaper? In general, read Temka, and then we’ll talk!

    My dog ​​decided that her toilet was outside. We never scolded her for doing the diaper, we walked 2-3 times a day (it was summer) and did not notice how she stopped pooping at home. Sometimes she allowed herself to write on the diaper when we were not at home. And everything suited us until the “surprise” happened. The military husband was transferred to Yakutsk, we moved, and here it was minus 40. In a new apartment, in 2 weeks, the dog peed on the diaper 2 times! The rest of the time she endures and whines under the door. I take her out, for 5 minutes in a pile of sheepskin coats. But locals say that this warmth will also be minus 50-60 in January. I’m afraid she might get sick in this cold (Is it possible to somehow retrain the dog from the street to the diaper?

    olya_dkh, please read this topic! This problem, not only with your dog!

    Hello. I have a question. The problems with the toilet began when they began to take the Yorkie out for a walk every day. At first, the dog went to the diaper, and walked for the soul. But then he got overwhelmed. He just got into a pose and does not walk on the diaper. He just suffers. At first, I was led by him and taken out. But, here it was pouring rain and it was stupid to go out. And the dog did not go to the diaper for the whole day. She ate, drank and did not go. And then I realized, THIS IS ALREADY EXTORTION. What to do? It is not always possible to withdraw. And how to make that would go to the diaper again, and not turn. I’m worried about my bladder. The dog will be 9 years old in the fall. How it got overwhelmed. Before, everything was fine. I’m worried. Tell me

    olgamusic, here is the topic you need, read it! If you have any questions, then write! Especially, pay attention to the message Sharm, Anya wrote here in detail about the same problem with her dog!

    olgamusic, how about extortion ?? He’s not extorting tasty food from you!))) The man decided that he would only shit on the streets, it is quite natural, in my opinion, for a dog! After talking with the dog lovers, I gave in. I take out my Sharma twice a day, the toilet is only on the street. Even in pouring rain and in a blizzard, we go out for 5-10 minutes, then he quickly does his business and runs home))). There were several times that it rained like a bucket and he simply refused to leave the entrance, in the end he endured a day. In the morning we walk for at least 20 minutes, if possible. longer in the evening the walk is full for at least an hour, if the weather does not correct it. For half a year we have a second dog, a diaper, the first days Charm sniffed her diaper, but was not tempted))))

    How Young Can a Dog Get Pregnant? Dog Breeding Timeline

    I will support Sharm, I also have a dog. We walk 2 times a day, in any weather. Only the walking time depends on the weather. The diaper lies just in case, but he uses it extremely rarely, only when I have to be very late at work and the break between walks is very long, and even then not always.

    And I will support the girls. we walk in any weather in winter and summer. in the rain and midges (a kind of gnat bite horror. eat out wounds) in winter a warm overalls and a hat. boots with fur. in the rain, a special overalls made entirely of cellophane (although it does not get wet, not a drop in it, but he does not like the rain) and rubber boots. and in the midges a special suit for midges made of tulle. get up early and go for a walk. I work in shifts and have to walk very early. Yes, in the evening you will come from shift and run for a walk

    Should the dog endure

    Perhaps there is no such owner of a dog in the world who would not dream that his pet would finally learn to go outside 2 times a day without crap in the apartment. But, unfortunately, such a time does not come immediately, especially if the owner himself does not do anything for this.

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    Some dog breeders, especially those who are new to this business, will exclaim: “She also needs to be taught !?” What did you think? As a child, you were taught to eat from a spoon, drink from a mug, go to the pot. So the dog needs the same training, and it can take much longer than training small children.

    If, from early childhood, the dog is not taught that it is necessary to walk 2 times a day, and the rest of the time she will have to endure a little, then this process can drag on for more than one month or even a year. Therefore, everything depends only on you and your patience.

    But there is a certain percentage of people who believe that the dog in no case should endure until the next walk.

    Which of these sides is right? Should the dog endure?

    It can be assumed that both are right, since in both cases there are moments that are convenient for the owners and for the dog itself.


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    How long can a dog take without a toilet??

    Forum about Yorkshire terriers of the kennel “LYUBAVA” General forum about Yorkshire terriers Education of Yorkies The dog suffers and how it threatens?

    View Full Version: What is the risk of a dog??

    Girls, I faced this problem: Dusya lived in the country for 3.5 months and got used to doing all her business on the street, her mother walked with her an unlimited number of times yesterday we returned to the apartment for the winter and already 15 hours Dusya has been suffering the diaper is lying, but she ignores her! before living in the country she always went to the diaper, and I only walked with her in the evenings and now I would like to return to the evening mode of walking my work does not allow me to go out with her every morning: mad: but now my soul is torn, I I see she is patient and worried about what it threatens: `Thank you all in advance for the advice

    Why not go out in the morning? After all, you can do it in 5 minutes, try it (or are you not always at home in the morning?). Get up a little early in the morning and run with the dog.

    Denolca, of course, this is the problem that in the morning there is no way: mad: or occasionally only: red: but now the evening has come and Dusyasha just pissed on the diaper, endured for 16 hours: mad: and I came home from work and we went for a walk, well, of course everything I did my business and marked the territory 100 times: lol: now tomorrow will it really happen again 🙁

    Motya, I think, if I repeat myself, then a few days, and then she will write at home too!

    What a smart girl, she is patient, decent She will get used to your schedule and understand that mommy does not always take a walk. My Tishunya knows that I walk with her clearly 2 times, in the morning before work and in the evening after, so she endures 9 hours, but before going to bed she calmly on a diaper, understands that I will no longer go.

    LYUBAVA, Thank you very much, you reassured me !! I began to worry that suddenly it would have a bad effect on the bladder, because we people, especially girls, cannot be tolerated for a little, some kind of infection may develop, so I got worried. And even during these 3 months while Dusya was not at home, we rearranged and it so happened that there was audio equipment in place of the diaper (though it is 2, but beloved, 1 is in the kitchen.) And I also thought that this was not good for her and she tolerates it. in general, after 3 months of separation, I soothed her and shake over her, that my husband is already laughing. says that I also need to get used to Dusya too: lol :: love :: love: Now she is nowhere from me or I am from her: red:

    Denolca, Thank you for your support, Dusya is really decent !! here is Tishunya you have a smart one, she suffers !! but it’s just all because Yorkies are the best breed in the world!!

    Motya, mine doesn’t go on diapers…. just outside. ZhoPPa when it rains, because she asks to go outside, but on the street in the rain does nothing and runs home. I tried to “endure”, but she doesn’t then she starts to coward and lie under the front door, she’s very afraid to pee at home. Therefore, we go to “gurgle”

    Mine, too, only on the street 2 times a day is stable, more is already possible, and the baby tolerates all this time, does not like to walk in the rain, waits for it to end (

    Katya @ Kasja, And this is how we solve the problem of walking in the rain (we can use the toilet at home) http://ib2.keep4u.ru/b/2013/03/12/07/078523850bd5eb434c829e69c366ab3e.jpg (http: // keep4u.ru) specially photographed))) Very handy thing

    ellasegal, it’s mine that doesn’t like puddles, bypasses each one, and if there are a lot of them, then it doesn’t work at all, but you have a super idea)

    ellasegal, in shoes he also goes around every meadow, and if it’s big, I move it through it, and he helps me by jumping))

    ellasegal, give a link to your umbrella purchase 🙂 to know what for what and with what it is

    http://www.perestroika.com.ua/novosti/zont-dlya-sobak.html found in your Ukraine

    And we only go out into the street, as I was afraid of it, but it turned out that way. It’s just so lazy in the morning, especially on weekends and in rain, snow, but alas, I didn’t get used to the diaper and I suffer myself. Gulem in the morning and in the evening. but if it’s warm and at home I try to take it out during the day. And interestingly, at this age of 2 years there is no way to retrain?

    We seem to have a new problem with the toilet, and in this regard, the question: how long can you tolerate a dog and not go to the toilet? The fact is that initially Sharm was accustomed to going to the toilet and on the diaper, and on the street. and over time it worked out for him: in the morning he does things for the diaper, in the evening. on the street. When I was smaller, I could pee on a diaper late in the evening or at night. But pooping pretty quickly at home completely stopped. In winter, when the foot hurt, and there were frosts, there were even problems with evening pees. he whined and asked to go outside, I had to take it out for at least 5-10 minutes. Then they again entered the usual rhythm. But for the third day already I noticed that she didn’t piss on the diaper in the morning! Sometimes I had such suspicions before, but we also have a cat pissing on her sometimes, and the diaper is reusable. you won’t understand who and how many times “checked in”. On Saturday she made a new bed, the cat wrote in his tray and the diaper is still dry. On Saturday it turns out I endured until 18 o’clock! almost a day! Yesterday we went for a walk for the first time at 12 o’clock, the second. in the evening I come home from work. the diaper is dry I had to grab a bunch and run out into the street, although we are planning a full-fledged walk for the evening. it’s hot now diapers, there are many reasons for this. But I also feel sorry for him. What to do? let him endure a day, eventually pee on a diaper in the morning? or start outputting in the morning (for me the problem is huge!) How much can you endure without harm to your health and not write?

    Charm, if he eats 2 times a day, then he must go to the toilet 2 times a day! I know some owners of large dogs who feed the dog once a day, but it is natural for the dog to go to the toilet only once a day! Now talk to the breeder who has both large dogs and a Yorkie bitch! She said that the dog either walks where you do not see or there may be such a phenomenon that it endures! Her bitch sometimes refuses to go out for a walk in the morning and only walks in the evening and so can continue for several days, then she starts to go out in the morning! And only when she is pregnant and feeding the puppies, then 4-5 times they walk on the street! But, the last 2 weeks before giving birth and a month, while feeding the puppies, she goes to the diaper! Here is such a smart little Yorkie living with her!

    So, I think that the dog, itself, will never harm itself, well, if it suffers for a day, then it’s okay, just in the evening, you will walk longer!

    LYUBAVA, thank you! You have calmed me down. I already thought about another place, looked. I did not find anything. Due to the heat in the house, not a single rug, not a single rag on the floor, and we would have noticed a puddle, and we could smell a smell. Previously, this happened very rarely that he did not write in the morning, and I was not 100% sure. the diapers absorb well. In the evening, now we walk for 2 hours or more, we feed 2 times a day. In winter and spring, we walked from about 17 to 18-19, and now, due to the heat, we leave only at 19 perhaps it is also connected with this. he will be discharged, then he falls asleep, he will eat in the morning and sleep again before we arrive but for a long walk he will squeeze everything out of himself to the point))) I’ll watch him further.

    How to train your puppy to litter the street after 3 months of age?

    Take a puppy older than 3 to the street after sleeping, eating and playing. If the puppy shits more often than you take him out, temporarily increase the number of outings. On the street, praise the puppy that the puppy has recovered.

    For the fact that the animal goes to the toilet at home. it needs to be punished. The only punishment that is really effective is physical punishment, which will soon be replaced by a stern voice. It’s just that every time the puppy shits at home, you give a strict “fu” command and slap your hand into the rump area. After several physical. punishments will not be necessary to punish with a slap, because the puppy will understand the owner anyway.