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How Old Is A Parrot By Human Measure

Calculation errors

In fact, this is not just a simplistic but a flawed approach. For example, you can try to compare the developmental level of a child of one year old and a one year old dog. It is obvious that the child still knows little at this age and is completely dependent on his parents. A one-year-old dog is a completely different matter: it is a young strong animal that has reached puberty. A dog at this age is already ready to carry out the work entrusted to it, to carry out a guard service. By human standards. This is a teenager about 16-17 years old.

Such disproportions are explained by the fact that in animals and humans, developmental processes occur with different intensities and in different periods of life. The most active growing up of a dog occurs in the first year and a half.

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Of course, all biological species go through the same periods of maturation, maturity and old age during their life. And it is quite realistic to correlate a certain age of a dog and a person. Another thing is that the dependence will not be linear, but more complex.

Periods of a dog’s life

Each month of the life of a puppy under one year of age corresponds to several years of human life. The first year of a dog’s life is a period of accelerated physical development.

After the dog turns 1 year old, the animal continues to develop rapidly, but for the most part not physically, but mentally. By the age of two, the dog can be safely compared to a young human being about 25 years old. The animal is independent and very active, but has already gone through a period of childhood illnesses.

The further period of the dog’s life is characterized by a gradual slowdown in development. Starting from the third year, every 12 months lived by a dog corresponds to 6-7 years of human life.

table of correspondence

To understand in more detail with the numbers, the dog age table will help.

The average life span of a dog is 8 to 12 years. Regardless of breed, nutrition, few dogs overcome the bar at 12 years old. And only a few reach the age of 15. Each owner should know the correspondence of the age of the dog and the person. This will allow you to treat your pet correctly.

Examine the pet’s jaw and determine the age

The first step is to examine the teeth of the animal. In most cases, already in the seventh month of life, the dog has a complete change of teeth. In the event that a visual examination showed that the animal can boast of white and clean teeth, then the dog is still very young. she is not more than one year old. A yellow plaque on the teeth will tell you that the dog is a little older. About 1.5-2 years. If tartar is visible, this probably indicates that this is an adult who has lived at least three years. Older dogs often have a misshapen jaw, broken or worn teeth. Some teeth may simply be gone.

How to determine the age of a dog

When a dog lives with its owner since childhood, the problem of determining the age is not worth it. Many pet owners even give their pets annual birthday parties.

Another thing is when the animal is picked up on the street or taken from a shelter. The exact age, of course, cannot be calculated, but it is quite possible to determine how old the dog is by indirect signs. There are several ways to do this, the easiest of which is to show the dog to the veterinarian. But you can try to determine the age yourself.

Matching ratios

To draw up a more accurate relationship, you should also take into account the breed of the dog. Thus, larger breeds develop faster than smaller ones. This is not surprising, given that the lifespan of large dogs such as the Shepherd is significantly shorter than that of small breed dogs such as the Pekingese or lapdog. Well, the age of such giants as St. Bernard is generally short.

In general, the more different correction factors are taken into account, the more accurate the calculation will be.

Averaging, we can say that for young dogs under three years of age, the following relationship between canine and human age will be true:

  • For small breeds. 12: 1;
  • For medium-sized dogs. 10: 1;
  • For giants. 9: 1.

Now you understand the age of dogs by human standards. Calculate yourself how old your pet is.

The age of dogs by human standards. Matching the age of the dog and the person

It is common knowledge that the canine age is shorter than the human age. Owners always try to match the age of the pet and their own. The first thing that comes to mind in such cases is the standard advice: multiply the dog’s age by a factor of seven. That is, supposedly in one year of its life, a dog becomes as much older as a person in seven years. Is the age of dogs calculated by human standards??

Other signs of growing up

The second indicator that will indicate the age of the dog is the state of its musculature. If the muscles are in good shape and well developed, this indicates that the animal is very active and runs a lot, which means that it is full of strength and is still young. Older dogs are not so active, their muscles are felt worse. Old individuals conserve strength and move little, therefore they often become overgrown with fat. Sick animals of advanced age can look very bad: sunken sides and muscle tissue atrophy will tell about this. In this case, the life years of the dogs can be determined especially accurately.

Wool also tells a lot about the age of the animal. The soft, clean and shiny coat clearly indicates that the animal is still very young. As the dog matures, the coat becomes stiff and begins to resemble stubble. The wool of an adult begins to shine due to the active work of the sebaceous glands. And it is not difficult to calculate an elderly dog ​​by the coat, since dogs over 5 years old actively lose their coloring pigment, in other words, they turn gray, just like people. Gray hair spreads gradually and unevenly. It is best to look at the face, where the gray hair is usually the most visible. If we consider the age of dogs by human standards, then gray hair in pets becomes more noticeable much earlier than their owners.

The approximate age of the dog is immediately indicated by its eyes. In young individuals, eyes are clear and shiny. At the same time, the eyes are clean, there is no discharge. In older animals, the eyes lose their luster, become dull and faded.

But, no matter how old the animal is, it should be remembered that a good attitude to pets and taking care of them prolongs their life. Now you know how the human age of dogs is measured. Depending on this, the pets are selected for food and even the walking time is regulated. Keep in mind that dogs become less active and playful over the years. Treat the animal with love and it will respond with loyalty and affection.

table of correspondence

Table 1. The ratio of the number of lived years of a pet and a person, taking into account the coefficients.

Dog Coefficient Person
2 months 7 14 months
6 months ten 5-6 years old
8 months 12.5 9-10 years old
1 year fourteen 14 years old
1.5 years 13.3 20 years
2 years 12 24 years
3 years ten 30 years
4 years nine 36 years
5 years eight 40 years
6 years 7 42 years
7 years 7 49 years old
8 years 7 56 years
9 years 7 63 years
10 years 6.5 65 years
11 years 6.5 71 years
12 years 6.3 75 years
13 years old 6.2 80 years
14 years old 6 84 years
15 years 5.8 87 years
16 years 5.6 89 years
21 years 4.8 100 years

A certain coefficient is associated with each indicator. This coefficient reflects the intensity of growth and development of a puppy, young or adult animal. As can be seen from the table, active growth and psychoemotional development is observed in animals from 6 months to one and a half years. Further, the value of the coefficient rapidly decreases and is only 4.8.

Another table that helps to determine how long a four-legged friend lived, but taking into account his body weight. Obviously, representatives of large and medium breeds age faster than their miniature counterparts.

Table 2. Life expectancy of a pet by human standards, taking into account the body weight of the animal

Dog age, year Small breeds Up to 10 kg Medium breeds 10-20 kg Large breeds 20-50 kg Giant breeds Over 50 kg
How many years did a pet live by human standards?
1 fifteen fifteen fourteen fourteen
2 23 24 22 20
3 28 29 29 28
4 32 34 34 35
five 36 37 40 42
6 40 42 45 49
7 44 47 50 56
eight 48 51 55 64
nine 52 56 61 71
ten 56 60 66 78
eleven 60 65 72 86
12 64 69 77 93
13 68 74 82 101
fourteen 72 78 88 108
fifteen 76 83 93 115

The first 2-3 years, the indicators of breed groups do not differ much. However, at the age of 4, representatives of large and giant breeds begin to “pass”.

over, in representatives of small breeds, the aging process is much slower than in large relatives.

Kleiber’s law

When determining the age of a pet, one should not forget about an important breed feature. the size and weight of the animal. In 1930 the Swiss biologist M. Kleiber formulated the 3/4 Metabolic Law. According to this law, the rate of metabolic processes in a living organism directly depends on the size of the animal (the mass of the animal). Thus, the greater the mass of the animal, the longer it will live.

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And how are things really? Yes, the law works for warm-blooded animals from the tiny mouse to the giant elephant. However, in representatives of different breeds, such dependence is not observed, only within the species.

For example, the life expectancy of the Great Dane, whose weight reaches 90 kg, rarely exceeds 7-8 years. But an Italian lapdog weighing 2.5-3 kg will delight the owner for 15 years or more.

Life expectancy of representatives of popular breeds:

  • Welsh Corgi. 13/68 years old,
  • Chihuahua. 14/72 years old
  • Pomeranian. 15/76 years old,
  • Miniature poodle. 15/76 years old,
  • Boxer. 10.5 / 60 years,
  • King Charles Spaniel. 10/60 years old,
  • Airedale. 10/60 years old
  • Dogue de Bordeaux. 7-8 / 56-64 years,
  • Bernese Mountain Dog. 8/64 years,
  • Irish Wolfhound. 7 years old / 56 years old.

The reason for this discrepancy has not been determined. Veterinarians believe that this is due to the level of a specific hormone that slows down the aging of the animal’s body.

In 1950, a new, more accurate way of converting a dog’s age to a specific human age was proposed.

The author of the method, the French veterinarian LeBeau, studied in detail the stages of growth and development of the animal and human body. The scientist proposed using coefficients that will vary depending on the average life expectancy, puberty and maturity in pets and people.

The number of years lived by a pet by human standards, taking into account the coefficients, is reflected in table 1.

However, LeBeau’s theory does not take into account the characteristics of the growth and development of the animal, taking into account its breed characteristics.

How to calculate the age of a dog? How old is she by human standards? table of correspondence.

The Internet is just teeming with requests from curious owners “how to determine how old my dog ​​is by human standards?” Indeed, every pet owner, no matter whether it is a dog, a cat or a guinea pig, is trying to figure it out.

Calculation formula

The very first and simplest calculation method is still popular among many owners.

Where did this figure come from? Back in the middle of the 20th century, veterinarians compared the average life expectancy of a person equal to 70 years and the average life expectancy of dogs. 10-12 years. Based on these indicators, it was concluded that humans live 7 times longer than dogs.

A significant drawback of the “seven-year theory” is the simplicity, even primitiveness, of calculations without taking into account the stages of physical and mental development of the animal and breed indicators.

There is no owner who would not try to find out how many years a beloved pet has lived by human standards. Pets, just like people are born, learn about the world, grow up and grow old. You can’t argue with nature. Obviously, the duration of a dog’s life is much shorter than a human.

Simplified technique

The easiest way to calculate a dog’s age in relation to a person is to take 1 canine year as 7 human years. This technique spread in the middle of the 20th century with the filing of veterinarians, who proceeded from the simple ratio that a person lives on average 70 years, and a dog 10.

Due to its simplicity, this rule has become very widespread, but it does not take into account social aspects. A person actually a quarter or even a third of his life is dependent on his parents. he does not create a family, studies, learns the norms of morality and behavior in society.

The fauna cannot afford such a luxury. So, a one-year-old age of a pet corresponds approximately to a 15-year-old person.

LeBeau’s theory

In 1953, the French veterinarian A. Lebeau, having considered the stages of growth and development of the body common for humans and animals, developed a theory according to which the accelerated development of a puppy at a young age is taken into account. To do this, he compared:

  • Age of puberty;
  • Age of maturity;
  • Life span.

According to this theory, the first year of a dog’s life is equal to 15 human years, a two-year-old individual corresponds to a 24-year-old person (i.e. the second year of its life is equated to 9 human years), and each subsequent year of life “adds” 4 human years to it.

Relative peer. the age of the dog by human standards

Any dog ​​breeder sooner or later thinks at what stage of development his ward is. Is it possible to correlate the age of a pet with your?

How to calculate the age of a dog by human standards? There are several techniques for this.

Kleiber’s law

An attempt to link the age compliance with the well-known metabolic law of “three-quarters” of Kleiber was untenable. Recall that Kleiber’s law links the basal metabolic rate to body weight and predicts that a larger animal should live longer.

At the same time, the validity of Kleiber’s law is not questioned. the law works for warm-blooded animals ranging in size from a mouse to an elephant, and the dog “on average” occupies on this scale the place determined by its law.

The age ratio of a person and a dog will differ depending on the breed of the pet. So, 78 human years correspond to:

  • 10 years of giant breeds;
  • 12 years of large breeds;
  • 14 years of medium breeds;
  • 15-16 years of small breeds.

This inverse of the general dependence phenomenon within the species is observed in mice, horses and even in humans, it is just that in dogs it is most pronounced.

Accordingly, the general rule for the animal world, linking life expectancy with the heart rate, does not work, according to which the heart of an animal makes 1 billion contractions during a life period. Small breeds have a higher pulse rate, but they live longer. The weight of a mastiff (80 kg) is 40 times higher than the weight of a Chihuahua (2 kg), and according to Kleiber’s law he should live 2.5 times longer, in fact he lives 1.5 times less.

The reason is, most likely, that the concentration of the insulin-like growth factor IGF-1, which, unlike growth hormone, is released throughout life and slows down programmed cell death, is lower in small breeds than in large ones. As a result, their aging slows down and the risks of age-related diseases are reduced.

comparison table

According to the conclusions of modern scientists-gerontologists, the aging of a dog directly depends on its size: “Eight years for a dachshund is not the same as eight years for a bullmastiff.” In order to objectively assess the age of the dog, the following division of breeds into 4 weight categories is accepted.

Group of dogs Weight, kg Examples of breeds
Small 45 mastiff, great dane

It was found that up to 3-4 years old dogs develop the same way, the age of an animal at 3 years old corresponds to a human age of 28 years, and then the giants continue to age, practically without slowing down (which contradicts the rule observed by LeBeau).

In smaller dogs, the aging rate slows down depending on size: the less it weighs, the less it ages. So, in small breeds, each subsequent year after 3 years of age is equal to 4 years, in medium breeds to 4.5 years, and in large breeds to 5 years.

The biological age of the dog by human standards: the table is compiled taking into account the weight category of pets.

How old is the dog The age of the dog in human terms, depending on the weight category
Small Average Large Giant
1 fifteen fifteen fourteen fourteen
2 23 24 22 20
3 28 29 29 28
4 32 34 34 35
five 36 37 40 42
6 40 42 45 49
7 44 47 50 56
eight 48 51 55 64
nine 52 56 61 71
ten 56 60 66 78
eleven 60 65 72 86
12 64 69 77 93
13 68 74 82 101
fourteen 72 78 88 108
fifteen 76 83 93 115
sixteen 80 87 99 123

There are also exceptions from this table, the reason for which has not yet been clarified. So, the first year of a beagle’s life (weight 8-14 kg) corresponds to 20 years of human life. But, in general, this table can be guided by, it allows you to compare the degree of maturation of dogs of different weight categories.

Note that four-legged pets go through stages of physical development similar to a person:

  • Puppy;
  • Teenager;
  • Adult;
  • Old.

By this age, all character traits, pet skills should be fully formed. And his further fate largely depends on the care that the owner will show in the process of leaving and maintaining.

Additionally, watch the video on how human and dog ages compare:

Big Dog Lives Longer, Does It?

Veterinary medicine, however, did not stop at the very rough system described in the previous chapter.

Attempts to find out how old a dog is by human standards were developed using the 3/4 mathematical method. According to a modified version of this method, the calculation of the correspondence between the age of a dog and a person is influenced not only by the maximum age of the dog, but also by the weight of the breed.

It has long been noticed that smaller pets live significantly longer than dogs of large breeds.

From this we can conclude that it is possible to calculate the dog’s age in human years, taking into account such initial data.

If we take the maximum age of a person at 80 years old, then this corresponds to:

  • Small breeds (dachshund, york, lapdog). 15-16 years old;
  • Medium breeds (spaniels, shelties). 13-14 years old;
  • Higher middle and large breeds (shepherds, greyhounds, Doberman, Rottweiler). 11-12 years old;
  • The largest breeds (wolfhounds, mastiffs, mastiffs). 10 years.

Thus, the approximate system of coefficients, taking into account the size and weight of animals, is as follows. Here is a table with generalized data on how to calculate the age of a dog in accordance with the age of a person.

Human Age Chart

Dog’s age, months / years The age of the dog in human dimensions, depending on the weight and size
small middle above-average large
2 m. 12 m. 14 m. 17 m. 20 m.
6 m. 6 6 five five
1 g. fifteen fifteen fourteen fourteen
2 g. 23 24 22 20
3 g. 28 29 29 28
4 g. 32 34 34 35
5 l. 35 37 40 42
6 l. 40 42 45 49
7 l. 44 47 50 56
8 l. 48 51 55 64
9 l. 52 56 61 71
10 l. 56 60 66 78
11 l. 60 65 72 86
12 l. 64 69 77 93
13 l. 68 74 82 101
14 l. 72 78 88 108
15 l. 76 83 93 115
16 l. 80 87 99 123

As we can see, indeed, a big dog cannot live as long as nature sometimes allocates to a small dog. A comparison of the indicators that this table gives us, comparing the age of dogs with the estimated age in a human manner, helps not only to calculate how old a 5-year-old dog is by human standards, but how many a pug is of the same age, for example.

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This calculator allows you to track an interesting trend. Notice how the algorithm for calculating the age of a domestic dog changes according to size after reaching 5 years of age.

Up to this point, compliance with human years is in favor of a larger dog. But after reaching the fifth year, the calculations already show a tendency towards a faster aging of the overall pet when translating canine years into a human manner.

By the way, the age of cats by human standards is calculated without taking into account the size. In the world of cats, there cannot be such a gradation due to the slight difference in weight and dimensions. Of course, a certain difference is present depending on the breed, but it is insignificant, and you can find out the age of the cat in a human manner without taking into account the weight parameters.

However, we are distracted. How to translate canine years into human years, we will find out. Consider less accurate options.

Another example of calculations.

Old age is not a joy

Determination of age by characteristics:

  • Teeth condition;
  • Gloss of wool;
  • Strength of the body and muscular system;
  • Eyes.

How to determine the age of a pet by the teeth? Usually, at the age of six months, a grown puppy changes milk teeth to permanent ones. If the animal has white teeth, clean, the dog easily gnaws any bones, we can conclude that the pet is only one year old. This is a very young, full of strength animal.

If the animal has reached our conditional 20 years, that is, it is 2 years old, and compare the state of its teeth with the “Hollywood smile” of a puppy, you can notice a yellow plaque.

If tartar is visible on the dog’s teeth, then the animal is already 3-5 years old. And if we see a dog’s fallen out or broken canines, there is no doubt about the advanced years of the animal. At what age does a dog’s teeth fall out? Loss of teeth is possible closer to the end of the animal’s life. That is, by the age of 12-15, if we take on average.

Converting a dog’s age to human years

Even as a child, many of us sometimes wondered how old our dog is by human standards. This question, of course, refers not only to the sphere of children’s curiosity, but also fits perfectly into the competence of zoology as a science.

Over the decades, the methods of calculating a dog’s age by human standards have changed several times. Previously, certain coefficients were used, the multiplication of the values ​​of which gave, allegedly, an idea of ​​the ratio of the age of a dog and a person. Today we’ll talk about the current system and give a table.

A year in seven

Yes, if this system worked when recruiting seniority. However, we were distracted. The simplest system of how to find out the age of a dog by human standards, of course, is the method adopted in the middle of the last century.

This method consisted in the conditional acceptance of 1 year of a person for 7 years from a dog. Why is it so? Here, experts proceeded from the ratio of the average life expectancy of a person and a barking pet. That is, a person lives for about 80 years, and a dog lives for 12 years. On average, the number 7 is obtained.

In relation to a 7-year-old child who has just started school and is completely dependent on the care of his parents, a one-year-old dog can easily be an uncle, even if it is a Chihuahua. A dog by the first year matures in all respects, leads an independent life and participates in the mating seasons of his own kind.

So, comparing a one-year-old dog and a young child, we can conclude that this method is very inaccurate in identifying the ratio of the age of a dog and a person.

It should be noted that a dog goes through the same 4 stages during its life path as a person.

We list these stages of a pet’s life, namely:

  • Puppy;
  • Teenager;
  • Mature animal;
  • Old animal.

It is easy to guess that a puppy corresponds to a child’s age, a teenage puppy. to a youth, and an adult and an old animal. to an adult and an old man, respectively.

The table will help you calculate the age of your pet.

You can also inspect the dog visually. If the dog has lost a tooth, it means that there is already an old man in front of you. If the teeth are white and clean, then you have found a young dog. By counting the years of a pet, you can learn a lot about its current state. Like humans, dogs tend to wear out towards the end of their lives. And this factor should be taken into account. What do you think?

Work (early adulthood)

From 1.5 to 2 years. the time of active growing of the dog. Conflicts begin with equal members of the pack, attempts to subdue the weak. The owner should not panic if his previously absolutely obedient dog starts to “pump the rights”, to question the owner’s status of the leader. Remember that the psyche of a two-year-old dog is still very plastic: the animal is ready to make concessions. By exercising confidence in meeting your demands, you will ultimately establish a leadership position.

How to count is not necessary, and where did the wrong formula come from

Even in the last century, the opinion was formed according to which one year of a dog’s life was equal to seven human years. There is a version that the simple but incorrect formula, which has become a worldwide delusion, is nothing more than a successful marketing ploy by British veterinarians. It was intended to explain to owners the need for regular medical examinations of pets. The ratio 1: 7 is based on the data on the average life expectancy of a person (70 years) and a dog (10 years). At first glance, everything is logical. But for the correct calculation, it is necessary to take into account not only the characteristics of growing up, but also the breed of the animal.

“Golden time

Starting at 3 years old, the dog enters its heyday. He is healthy, full of strength, in the best physical shape. When providing daily grooming to your dog, do not forget about preventive measures. During this period, it is determined how the life of the four-legged friend will develop in the future. Vaccination, timely consultations with a veterinarian, antiparasitic measures, adequate feeding and loads commensurate with the breed will allow the pet to live a long and happy life.

Nursery (early childhood)

The nursery stage in puppies lasts from 3 weeks to 3 months and equates to the interval from 1 to 3 years according to the human calendar. By the age of one month, the formation of the basic sensory systems and motor skills in the tailed baby ends. The puppy actively gets acquainted with the world around him, learns the peculiarities of behavior inherent in a dog. Early childhood is considered one of the fundamental stages in the life of a young dog. It is also called “the period of fear recording.” The level of susceptibility required to form social bonds is very high, so the risk of psychological trauma increases. For example, if at this age a baby is faced with rough treatment from a person, then a distrustful or cowardly attitude towards two-legged ones will remain for the rest of his life. Try to direct the actions of the fluffy fidget as gently as possible, avoid harsh shouts and punishments.

Institute (late adolescence)

How old is a dog by human standards, if it is a year and a half? From 10 months to 1.5 years, it becomes more difficult to give a reliable answer, since dogs mature differently depending on their size. If you focus on a medium-sized animal, then this figure is approximately equal to the age range from 14 to 23 years. The dog begins to believe in his own strength, with a normal upbringing it realizes its purpose, the “idea of ​​the breed” in hunting, in sports disciplines, work. Late adolescence is the age for building a successful canine career. At this stage, it is important to keep the pet’s interest in the owner. then it will be quite difficult to restore contact and control.

How old is a dog by human standards: life stages, table

They say that other people’s children grow quickly. The same can be said for your dogs. It seems that yesterday you observed endless puddles and eaten slippers, and today an adult, full of strength dog is walking nearby, condescendingly looking at the fuss of the walking puppies. Curious owners often ask: “How old is a dog by human standards?” Why do you need this information? Sometimes it is easier for the owner to understand the four-legged friend by translating his age into human years. Our article will help you make accurate calculations, tell you about the main stages of a dog’s life and give useful tips on raising dogs of different ages.

How old is a dog by human standards: from toddler to old man

Depending on the psychological and mental development, hormonal changes occurring in the body as it grows, the life of the tailed friend can be conditionally divided into seven main stages. Knowledge of the characteristics of each age stage will help to properly raise and raise a pet.

School (early adolescence)

At the age of 6. 10 months, the level of development of a puppy can be compared with a schoolboy from 12 years old. The growth rate of the animal slows down, the dog changes greatly both physically and psychologically. With the onset of puberty (the exact timing depends on the breed), the animal begins to take part in the “pack relationship” (the system of interaction of adult dogs). The dog becomes more resilient in training, but retains children’s curiosity and psychological dependence on the owner, which makes this period the most fruitful for training. Early adolescence is a tipping point for the future status of the dog and owner.

Table: Ages of a cat and a cat by human standards of life.

Conversion table for feline life years to the corresponding human age

Feline Age Human Age
1 month = 1 year 4 months
2 months = 2 years 6 months
3 months = 3 years 9 months
4 months = 5 years
5 months = 6 years 4 months
6 months = 7 years 6 months
Seven months = 8 years 9 months
8 months = 10 years
9 months = 11 years 8 months
10 months = 12 years 6 months
11 months = 13 years 9 months
1 year = 15 years
2 years = 24 years
3 years = 28 years
4 years = 32 years
5 years = 36 years
6 years = 40 years
7 years = 44 years
8 years = 48 years
9 years = 52 years
10 years = 56 years
11 years = 60 years
12 years = 64 years
13 years old = 68 years
14 years old = 72 years
15 years = 74 years old
16 years = 76 years
17 years = 78 years
18 years = 80 years
19 years = 82 years
20 years = 84 years
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All numerical data indicated here are averaged. For representatives of different breeds, the average age threshold can differ significantly. Their lifespan is also influenced by diseases, nutritional quality, heredity.

I discern so, mature cats do not want to play.

The principle is simple, one to seven. 1 of them are equal to 7 of ours.

It’s like in school with arithmetic. You probably get deuces regularly. Then according to your translation method. 20 year old cat 7 = 140 flying old man, How many people do not exist. The oldest of the human race, officially documented, Jeanne Louise Calment, she died in France when she was 122,164 days old. For a young kitten and an elderly period, it is necessary to make small adjustments, reducing the coefficient in the right direction, then our mathematical ratio will acquire signs of a normal equation.

Show them valerian and all the differences will disappear, the basic instinct will rejuvenate everyone at once.

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Controversial individual indicator.

Homeless animals live a couple of years less for the lucky pets. The street is a dangerous place. You have to fight for food every day.

I read that the castrated and sterilized live a little longer than their fellows. Kind of like compensation from nature for the inconvenience.

The whole secret of longevity is to drive to the vet on time

I will add, buy your pet a flea and lice collar. At the same time, include a return address on it in case you get lost. For a couple of rubles you can do a really useful job.

The author is respectful for the lack of photos in the post. Already hesitated.

Old man’s symptoms: Gray hair. Sleeps all day. Inhibited reaction.

And outbreds win a year or two over their pedigree brothers.

The truth of life: 1) The kitten’s milk teeth erupt in about one month. 2) Permanent teeth climb out at 6-7 months. 3) Puberty at 7-9 m.Some experts determine age by the degree of wear of incisors and clicks. Here you need to read.

A cool thing helped me

He hit my tritsatnik, he comes out older than me.

Who kakuli in the sand, and who comments on the network, both cases are a sign of intelligence, it is hardly a coincidence.

My Murka has kidney stones.

It’s a pity for the kitty. Don’t live long

My pet is 7 years old, opatija began?

My 46 years and 3 months.

And my cat is 35 years old! Now she is big! Recently, it seemed only 15 was!

I’ll post my favorite

How proud I am of my cat!

My cat is already 48 years old, while I’m 17!

My cat is 13, but his cat is 68 years old

And my cat is already 82 years old.

My 3 years and 9 months

And so kittens are 3 months old


It turns out that our cat left at 86. True, it was most likely a disease, not a natural one.

My boy is a teenager;) he has harmonica playing pranks;))))))

My kitties in the village: three are 3 years 9 months old, the other is 24 g. Another one is 36 years old. The home is 28 years old and the kitten is 3 years old and 9 months old. Here is such a big family)))

The coolest thing is that my cat and I compared my age with the age of the cat 72 years old cat 15 years old according to the table not in real life))))

My cat Petya left at 80. And now my new kitten Vaselisa is 7 years 6 months old.

It turns out if I were a cat, then I would be 7 months now

The table displays the approximate state of an organism of a particular species in relation to another species. Your child’s physiological age is comparable to that of kittens. 7 months (cat) = 8 years 9 months (peaple) —————- But there is another opinion. Answering your question literally, you have already lived in this world, plus or minus eight years, and time on our planet moves in the same way for everyone, and if you move your age, then living 7 years in the skin of a cat, you would beat already a very mature animal with a bunch of diseases and your life would be close to old age.

My kitty is about 32, and my cat is about 28

Is it really impossible to accurately express your thoughts ?! I still can’t enter what you wanted to say. What are you painfully abstruse.

My cat is about 75 years old.

Now such veterears that it is better not to drive. My Kysya died at 15.6 years old, which means he was about 75, and my Moses is now 1.7 months old, about 20

My cat is 68 years old, the old lady is already

Mine is 44 this year, but for now 40 years

One cat is 15, another is 74. I am 8 months old.

I thought that my cat is 4 years old and he is 9 years old, kapets he is older than my mom

And My is like 2 months, but she is already 2 years 6 months

@ Yura Zhuravel people

My cat will soon be 82 years old. Well done, (sometimes) still runs around in the country as a young.

Cat 2 years-24 years old cat 8 months-10 years old)

I thought my cat was 6 years old, but it turned out to be a cat.

I have a cat, he is a dad in the yard. But at home, he is my “lyalechka”. Zhuzhik, 2 years old.

My 24 is my age)

And my Thai favorite is scared to think, almost 16 years old, I always try to pay more attention, it’s always scary for some reason that terrible thoughts creep into my head, we simply cannot imagine life without him without tears. But the time is not coming. And he still tries to show us who he is the master in his prime, he yearns for mice, plays, but already gets tired, sleeps with everyone in turn, shows how he loves everyone without separation, always meets, if someone is sad, he understands soothes caresses in the eyes, looks, does not will move away until it puts it down. that’s such a master.

Just lovely, touches. Give him more God’s life to please you. It is happiness to have such an animal in the house)

I have been living with my cat for 7 years. it turns out she is 44 (

Oeeee! Grandfather Timokha! 78 years old! Impressive! And how long do they generally live? Looks pretty good! But the tits on the balcony don’t bother him anymore! Better to lie on the bed.

My cat is 19 years old today had an attack, stuck out his tongue and began to choke

I have 2 cats and one cat, one of them is a kitten, he is 2 months old 2 years old) cat seven. it turns out 44 years old. Koshka 9 months. 11 years old) And another dog. looked at another site for him 11.84 years (old already

Yesterday my 12-year-old cat died after such an attack, I could do nothing to help him (

My cat is 17 years old. The old lady. )). He lives with me since my birth. So she’s 80? )).

I have two cats and my grandmother and sister have one each. My cats are 6 years old and 2 years old, they are 40 and 24 years old, and my grandmother cat is 12 years old and she is 64 years old, and my cousin’s sister is 1 year old, she is 15 years old, they are all older than me

Why yell about the cat and its history??

My cat is already 2 years old and I was already 12 when they brought her it was 3 months really in a year and more than half could overtake me.

I have 4 cats 1 Bullet is the oldest (6 years-40 years old) 2 Margosha’s daughter Puli (3-4 years old, i.e. 28-32 years old) March 3 was taken from the street. (2 years i.e. 24 years) 4 Varvara is Marta’s daughter (1 year i.e. 15 years). And I also have a dog Anji, she is 42 years old. I love animals and it is very hard for me to lose them all.

My cat will be 22 years old in March, lop-eared, in September 2018 problems with the hind paw began

There was a cat, not purebred, they took it from the street. He was 21 years old, that is, in human years it will be 86 years old

My cat was 21 years old, according to our year he is 86 years old, not purebred, was taken from the street

My cat is 84 years old. So cute: 3

What are you. 6 years could not understand the male you live. Or a female? Not bad !)

We want to take a cat with OLX, she is 8 months old and she is already neutered.

My last cat was 17 years and 7 months old. Now I have a new cat. She is 1 year old in April.

My cat is older than me, I’m 10 a (he is 1-15) it’s nice

My old cat, even by human standards, is older than me, I’m 12 and the cat is 13-68